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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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ended up brain dead. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in oakland at children's hospital, with what the family just said minutes ago. >> reporter: a hard lesson for this family tonight. in fact, jahi's grandmother and uncle are still talking to reporters tonight. they are saying that they just can't believe that they have no rights. they say they want to keep jahi on life support. they're even willing to take her to another hospital or maybe even to a nursing home, but the hospital is saying, no. they say that that's the law. and they say that the decision that the hospital is taking jahi off of life support is something that they just can't deal with. >> she always smiled. she always called me on the weekend. she always wanted to come swimming. all she did was smile and laugh.
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>> reporter: omari coming to fwrips with the news that his niece, jahi mcmath, will be taken off life support tomorrow. >> it's not emup to us to keep r on life support because she's been legally dead, and it's so hard for my family, so hard for me. >> reporter: 13-year-old jahi came to children's hospital last monday to have her tonsils removed. the family said there were complications when she came out of surgery. togeth according to her father, she started bleeding. >> the first thing you see is her coughing in a bucket of blood. >> blood clot. >> you got nurses telling you, oh, it's normal, she got out of surgery. >> i don't want to bury my 13-year-old daughter who came here to get a better quality of life. this is horrible, a mother's worst nightmare. >> reporter: hospital officials don't know why this happened. a statement released in part
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saying whenever we see a medical or surgical complication we're reviewing her case very closely. our hearts go out to her family and we want to support them during this extremely difficult time. the family says jahi jumped from sleep apnea. they say she loved to laugh and swim. they can't believe this happened to their shining star. >> she said, mom, i don't want to have the surgery because i feel like something bad is going to happen to me. that's the guilt i have to deal with every day. >> reporter: jahi's family is still speaking with reporters right now outside of children's hospital. jahi's mother returned to the hospital moments ago after being here for seven days straight. remember, this started last monday, and this whole situation has transpired and come to what is happening today. jahi's mother says that she believes in god and she is waiting for a miracle. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> very difficult story. thank you. we're following developing
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news out of big sur. we're going to show you a map. here it is. it shows where the fire is burning. it's off highway 1 in the los padres national forest. it's heading straight toward the ocean and a lot of homes. we have team coverage on this big sur fire. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the smoke. we begin with marianne favro who's on the front lines today. marianne? >> reporter: well, ridge, the fire is burning right now about 30 miles south of monterey. right now, there are about 300 firefighters out on the front lines, and as of just a few minutes ago, a specialized team of firefighters have arrived to help them with what's being called a very complex fire. the fire has already charred more than 550 acres and it's moving quickly. the steep terrain is so challenging a special forest team of firefighters has now been called in to help battle what's being called a complex fire. to give you an idea of where the
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fire is burning, there are flames behind me and i'm across highway 1 from the big sur lodge. the intense fire forced dozens of people to evacuate. some who lost their home are now staying here at the big sur river inn. >> i talked to a couple people who got out of their homes just in time. they were still, you know, in the area. day were trying to build a fire break around the house. or whatever. and ultimately had to evacuate. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service says at least two homes and possibly as many as 15 were destroyed. including this house belonging to the fire chief for the big sur volunteer fire brigade. a record dry season left the area rich with tinder. the hope now is the winter weather will help slow the fire's pace. right now firefighters say they're keeping a close eye on those onshore winds which they fear can pose a big challenge for them overnight. they're asking that any evacuees head to the big sur grange hall
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where the american red cross has set up a shelter. reporting live in the caramel highlands, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> another look at the fire and the massive plume of smoke it's creating. for that, let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. could the smoke end up here at least in the south bay? >> there's a possibility over the next 24 hours. right now we're getting light winds moving pushing the smoke up toward monterey. current conditions are great here for fire news. this is, you know, some of the best stuff they could have when it comes to fighting a fire. if you're going to look at conditions. temperatures will be cooling off tomorrow. that's where some of the good news is. also, winds expected to be light to variable as we head through the next 24 hours. not gusts that are going to be extremely windy here. we're also looking at humidity increasing as well with this particular fire. the thing we've noticed in monterey, this picture coming from the national weather sk service of the bay area, yes, we have high and mid-level clouds today. don't confuse that with the smoke. the smoke is generally a thinner
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line here we've been seeing toward monterey. again, we may see some of that get closer to bay area as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. on top of that, our air quality to begin with has been bad the past seven to nine days throughout the bay area. so we have another spare the air alert for tuesday. the south bay, unhealthy levels. also here for the east bay as well. for the peninsula, north bay expected at moderate to poor levels. we'll have details on aeg3÷ coo temperature trend coming up in that forecast. >> all right. jeff, thank you. we continue our coverage on our website, our weather coverage. go to our weather tab at the top of our home page and click on "maps and radar." there you can find our seven-day forecast. that's at new at 6:00, the nra says gun buyback programs are feel-good publicity stunts. they don't do much. the san jose police department disagrees. tonight we're getting an exclusive look inside the evidence room that's packed with hundreds of guns from this week's buyback event. nbc bay area's damian trujillo was behind the scenes now at what police pulled from the
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streets. >> reporter: that's whiright, r. we're at guadeloupe church. police collected 445 gun on saturday. today we did get an exclusive look at the most dangerous of those guns and what police plan to do with them. >> colt ar 15. replica, like a thompson. >> reporter: today we were given access to the$pysñ secret locat where the san jose police department keeps a lot of its evidence from crime scenes. that's where santa clara county deputy d.a. johnny go fwrgo sho us the arsenal officers collected saturday in san jose's gun buyback event. >> take a look at this particular firearm here, there's no reason, no legitimate reason why this barrel should be sawed off. >> reporter: shotguns, hundreds of handguns, and seven assault rifles. >> theserhfx are not hunting d.ñ firearms. these are firearms that are designed to inflict serious damage. >> reporter: san jose's gun buyback was held at guadeloupe
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catholic church in a neighborhood that has seen its share of violence this year. >> the shootings all the time within the past couple months. we've had a number of three or four murders here just up the street and on capital park. >> reporter: hundreds of guns were also turned in on saturday in oakland and san francisco. technicians tagged these guns then will run their serial numbers before destroying them m months. >> a lot of us, a lot of community here feels it's a good thing to get any gun off the street is going to save a life. >> reporter: several gun rights groups criticized the buybacks as pr stunts that don't do much good. deputy d.a. johnny gogo admits there's no hard data linking guns turned in at the events to a drop in crime, but he notes two similar gun buybacks by the sheriffs office this year netted 1,700 guns and some of those came back >> to get a firearm like this off the street is incredible. >> reporter: gogo says the buyback means there's no longer
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a chance an officer or an innocent bystander will have to look down the barrel of one of these guns. and you can add two more guns to that list. guadeloupe church, san jose police specialize units confiscated two more guns from suspected criminals on the streets. we're live in east san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. want to follow up on sa sunnyvale's strict gun ordinance. the nra is going to file a lawsuit in federal court tomorrow to overturn the measure that bans magazine clips from holding more than ten bullets. the nra says thisaéñ restrictio violates gun owners' second amendment rights. the nra filed a similar lawsuit against the city of san francisco last month. it was a gruesome car crash in the streets of san francisco that killed a 16-year-old high school student. and now nearly three months later, the district attorney has ttáy 58-year-old jenny zhu will be charged with felony vehicular manslaughter and two counts of
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witnesses told police they saw her mercedes suv speeding at up to 80 miles per hour before it slammed into a minivan and catering truck at pine and goff in september. a 16-year-old was killed. his mother and sister critically injured. d.a. george gascon says if convicted she could face up to seven years in prison. the search is on for the bad beard bandit, what the fbi is calling a man suspected of terrorizing banks in northern california including the bay area. federal agents say he's robbed five banks spanning from sunnyvale to ripa in the last eight weeks and each time is wearing a fake beard like in these surveillance video pictures. the feds say he's also worn a baseball cap. if you recognize him or know where he is, do not confront him. he's considered dangerous. the fbi wants you to call them instead. well, it's finals week on the cal campus. students are cramming for tests and also concerned about safety.
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a string of violent attacks forced campus police to increase patrols. four armed robberies and one attempted robbery in less than a week. most of the victims were walking home from the library late at night and talking on cell phones. they've been confronted at gunpoint. campus police is recommending shuttles or students calling officer escorts to walk them home. vallejo, active and retired police officers may have to pay more for their health care in the new year. the city council is meeting tonight to discuss a proposal that would cut their medical benefits by 25% and cut the officers' pay by 5%. if approved, the changes would go into effect january 1st. the police officers union says tonight's decision should be put on hold since two council members are about to leave office in the next few weeks. now, when the new city council takes office january 7th, union leaders say it will be represented by more labor-friendly members. san francisco along with santa clara and alameda counties should be getting some money
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from a billion-dollar lawsuit over lead paint. the verdicts was read today. more than 300,000 bay area homes are believed to have some lead paint in or on them. it's the primary cause of lead contamination in children. ten local cities and counties across the state claim the five companies named in the suit including sherwin williams knew about the dangers of lead paint yet continued to manufacture products containing it. the trial lasted about five weeks. google is expanding even further. the latest business venture for the mountain view-based company. and a washout at the airport. what was behind this messy scene at sjc. &at was behind this messy scene only doing about 20% of road repairs that are necessary, and if that surprises you, you're not the only one. and a holiday holdup. how a security problem could ruin christmas for hundreds of needy bay area children. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking record-setting warmth today with 71 in santa
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rosa. we're also tracking a colder trend this week. i'll let you know when temperatures could go a lot lower, coming up in just a few minutes.
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within the last hour terminal "a" in san jose has been full he re-opened. a big headache throughout the day at sjc. security checkpoints were flooded after an overnight hot water main break. several inches of water flooded the area. travelers had to move to terminal "b" for much of the day to go through security and get their luggage. >> the damage that we are still assessing is to the equipment. so, both in the checkpoint as well as our bag system here. so even if we get the checkpoint open, we may have to still send the bags down to terminal "b." >> once again, within the last 60 minutes, terminal "a" has
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been re-opened. there is work to be done. travelers should not expect any further delays. there's a good chance you've hit a bump in the road. bay area drivers are paying more for tires, realignments and suspension repairs than ever before. blame it on our failing roads. a live look outside in san jose. the roads are fairly crowded and bumpy. in san jose, potholes and cracks are putting a financial strain on drivers and worse, putting them in danger. nbc bay area's kris sanchez a new report finds the roads are now among the worst in the nation. kris? >> reporter: hi there, raj. well, san diego san jose is only fixing major roadways. there's no money for smaller repairs on smaller streets like this one nor for preventative maintenance. that is not going to change unless there is a new revenue source. >> when you hit a pothole, a new pothole or deeper pothole unexpectedly, in a loaded truck, it's an extremely scary
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experience. >> reporter: jeff hall of dick's automotive transport in campbell says bad roads are more than a nuisance, they can put drivers in life-threatening situations and lead to big repair bills and not just for the customers who call him for help. >> drive some business to us, but it also makes it more expensive for us to do business. >> reporter: at a senate subcommittee hearing today, the state of the local roads even surprised a seasoned lawmaker. >> i didn't realize that the city of san jose's new policy is to not maintain the local streets. that was a surprise. >> reporter: but san jose's transportation director says it's a problem that goes back for generations. >> we're facing what i consider really a crisis right now. >> reporter: in san jose, for example, most roads are 40 to 60 years old. the city needs about $100 million in repairs and maintenance every year but only has about $20 million in funding. that's led to a $400 million backlog and the demand for repairs is expected to go up by 200% in the coming years. at that senate subcommittee hearing, a panel of experts talk
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about the possible solutions since the current funding streams are not enough. the gas excise tax does not generate as much revenue as it used to because cars are more efficient and more drivers are going all electric. the group's consensus is it would cost drivers less tojí% c for a new tax than continue to fix the damage done to their cars by the failing roads. >> i think folks in the bay area ought to be commended for the amount of investment they make. the sad fact is they need to make a little bit more now. >> reporter: generating more $jt the solution. the state senator says reforming caltrans and also investing in technology that will allow the repairs and roadways to last longer are also part of the discussion. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a lot of talk about where the oakland a's will call home. how about stay in oakland with a new waterfront ballpark? here are some drawings. the idea is to turn the howard terminal at the port of oakland into a waterfront ballpark.
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a group dedicated to saving the a's led by the chairman of oakland-based clorox says this ballpark could be the centerpiece in revamping jack london square. it's still just an idea, though, at this point. >>mtn they're a bay area team. they've got all their support here. fremont, no, san jose, no. scratch it. keep them here. >> i think it's beautiful. it runs right up there with the giants stadium. it's beautiful. >> but here's the problem. a's owner lou wolf said no to the idea of staying in oakland. he's waiting for approval from major league baseball to move to downtown san jose. google's latest purchase has many wondering if they're gearing up to build robots. the mountain view-based internet giant confirmed today it purchased boston dynamics, maker of the big dogs robot. this is video from youtube showing a four-footed machine made by boston dynamics. it's been watched more than 15 million times, by the way, in the last few years. it's not clear exactly what
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google plans to do, though they have purchased eight companies specializing in robotics this year. a lot of smiles on wall street. a huge turnaround today after two weeks of mostly falling numbers. investors focus more on positive economic news and less on the federal reserve and what they will do next. the dow jones industrial average rose 129 points. the nasdaq was also up 28.=v8gm points. well, if you're feeling lucky, go buy a lotto ticket. tomorrow's megamillions jackpot is soaring so high it's expected to be a record [2breaker. the current record $656 billion. lottery executives expect that will be shattered by tomorrow night. ticket sales are running way ahead of projections. of course,cwck if there's no wi tomorrow, friday's drawing is expected to top /,#÷$1 billion. right now, first thing s first, $586 million.
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somebody, in theory, could be having a very, very merry christmas. if it's jeff ranieri, he'll definitely show up to work after he wins. >> of course, and share a bit of the wealth. it may have felt like we won the lottery, today, raj, when it comes to the weather. we had some extremely warm temperatures. in fact, half moon bay, one of 7m degrees. also santa cruz officially 74. keep in mind the average temperatures this time of the year in the upper 50s. why was the coastline so much hotter than some of the interior valleys? let's start with the basics. generally as air warms, it rises. you've got this warmer air just above the surface. if it meets up with just the right amount of elevation, topography at the coastal mountains and also the right winds coming slightly offshore, it takes these parcels of warm air and pushes them right on du down the mountainside and helps to excite the air molecules within the air and get temperatures warming up more. that's why places like half moon bay, all the way down to santa cruz, were in the 70s for today. tomorrow, though.
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on our 24-hour forecast, start with low 40s in the south bay. by the noon hour, low 60s. you'll also find temperatures near 60 tomorrow at the noon hour instead of the upper 60s like we had for parts of the peninsula. san francisco, 47 as you wake up. as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll find low 60s. for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, no 70s in the forecast. we'll also have a slight increase in cloud cover throughout the east bay and also for the tri valley with temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 7 60s. air quality has been a problem for the past ten days. today was near the unhealthy level for a good section of the bay. as we head throughout tuesday's forecast, no real improvement. but by wednesday and also on thursday, it is expected to go to the moderate levels and that definitely is going to be quite a bit of a relief across the bay area. we'll have more on the cooling forecast coming up in a little bit. >> jeff, see you shortly. coming up, protecting transgendered students. the change at an east bay school district. could marijuana use damage the brain? new research linking the drug to serious problems. stay with us.
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the gender preferences debate has come to berkeley. the berkeley school board pass add new set of policies on gender identity. students will now be addressed according to the gender they identify with rather than their biological gender. also, they can use whichever restrooms and locker rooms match their preferred gender. the district says it wants to create a safe and comfortable environment for all students. school districts in san francisco, oakland and los angeles already have similar policies in place. well, you can find just about anything on san francisco's market street. and now including free ÷liú÷wi-. the service switched on today along the three-mile stretch from the castro to they/@$ñ embarcadero. nearly a quarter million people walk this area every day. mayor ed lee says market street is a logical place for this service since it's the city's busiest and economically diverse corridor. the free wi-fi is also advertisement free. ruckus wireless donated the-x[8 hardware and another company
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called layer 42 networks contributed 1 gigabyte of internet access service. from apples to zynga. the reason the biggest names in the silicon valley are meeting with president obama. last year's fire also sent thousands of people to local hospitals. now there's a new plan to regulate refineries in the wake of the chevron explosion. a wildfire is now raging in scenic big sur. i'm marianne favro. i'll have the latest coming up in a live report.
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a battle raging in paradise tonight. as firefighters work to prevent a wildfire from burning 34r homes in big sur. one of the most picturesque locations in the country. the blaze is burning out of control in the los padres national forest, sending smoke as far north as monterey. the battle is tougher because of the terrain. it's a story that's really developing by the minute. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us in the caramel highlands with the very latest. >> reporter: raj, i can tell you in the last few minutes a specialized team of firefighters who really have a lot of experience battling+ forest fires, firefighters have just arrived and they're fwoigo to be out there helping the 300 firefighters already out on the front lines. this afternoon, just a few yards from highway 1 and across from big sur lodge, you could see flames crackling down the
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hillside. the u.s. forest service confirms the fire has destroyed at least two homes and as many as 15. including the home of the fire chief for the big sur volunteer fire brigade. >> for the property owners, people who own property and homes on the ridge and in that general area. >> reporter: he says some people who lost their homes are now staying at the big sur river inn along with other evacuees. so far, the fire has scorched more than 550 acres and at this hour is 0% contained. firefighters say the driest season on record is giving the fire plenty of tinder to consume, and once again, the steep terrain is making it very challenging for fire crews. evacuees are being asked to head to the big sur grange hall where the american red cross had set up a shelter for them.
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reporting live in the carmel highlands, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. fallout from the massive refinery fire in richmond last year. the federal agency investigating this fire is now calling for a major overhaul in how all california refineries are regula regulated. this ould hacould have a direct, especially to everyone in contra costa county. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has the new details tonight from richmo richmond. jodi? >> reporter: the refinery fire that happened here last yearbdc could lead to some big changes in light of the richmond incident, the u.s. chemical safety board is recommending statewide sweeping changes. >> we continue to see these accidents, particularly in oil refineries occurring one after the other and it's unacceptable. >> reporter: the u.s. chemical safety board has a plan they believe will make sure incidents like the fire at the chevron refinery never happen again. nearly a year and a half after a pipe ruptured at the richmond
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plant, putting workers lives at work and sending thousands to the hospital. federal investigators released a report recommending a major overhaul of the way refineries are regulated. >> give thezv0p regulators the you are saying that you are going to do, you're doing. >> reporter: the chemical safety board is proposing a new state oversight system similar to one used in other countries. it's an idea community activists say is long overdue. >> if we can successfully implement this kind ofl1y safet regime, then we will be able to protect future generations. and that's what our concern is. >> reporter: chevron responded with a statement saying, "for more than 100 years, safety has been the core of everything we do." the company also pointed out it's already spent millions in expanding air monitoring system and spent countless hours
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repairing and improving the crew unit are the pipe ruptured causing the fire. >> the system is broken. what we're working now, what we're doing now is just not working. >> reporter: richmond city council member jim rogers says more needs to be done and he's not going to wait for state leaders to take action. he's proposing an urgent city resolution to try to force chevron to adopt the new rh)@páions. federal investigators are proposing. >> under our police power, the city of richmond does have the right to protect our residents and i want to move forward with that and the safety process seems like the way to go. >> reporter: now, the proposals are all spelled out in this 113-page report. again, the u.s. chemical safety board cannot mandate the changes. they can only recommend them. it will be up to state and local leaders to make the changes happen. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the family of the 18-year-old accused of shooting a classmate at his colorado high
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school is responding for the first time since friday's attack. investigators say karl pierson was heavily armed when he shot a fellow classmate and then killed himself. today in a written statement, his parents said, "we are shattered by the tragic events ñ arapahoe high school. our thoughts and prayers are with claire davis and her íl' family." davis remains in a coma. police believe pierson was searching for his former debate coach how who disciplined him after a tournament last summer. >> karl had -- >> the school will remain closed after the new year. a federal judge has ruled the nsa's phone spying program is unconstitutional. however, u.s. district judge richard leone stayed his ruling pending a possible appeal by the u.s. government. the judge ruled that the plaintiff's privacy outweighs the government's interest in collecting the domestic telephone call information. the judge expressed skepticism of the value of the program
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stating the government has not been able to cite an instance in which the attack was thwarted as a result of bulk data. the program was leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. ceos from silicon valley's biggest tech companies are led headed to washington tomorrow to meet with president obama. the meeting will focus on repairing the rpinformation techn discussing the nsa's surveillance programs. eric schmidt from google, sheryl sandberg from facebook, and dick costello from twitter are silicon valley executives who are attending. they recently joined other top companies in the bay area in urging the president to curb surveillance programs after they learned the extent of the information the u.s. collects through its systems. thro2imuiy%y three days and tw nights in below freezing temperatures tells us now how close they came to death. rescuers found the family last week in their overturned jeep about four miles away from any type of civilization.
6:36 pm
the family was stranded after their car rolled over in the nevada snowy mountains with their four children. they talked about their ordeal this morning on the "today" show. >> maybe one more day, if not? i don't think -- i don't think we would have lasted another two days. >> it was harrowing. the family has been praised for survival tactics they used to stay warm. the temperature dropped to as low as 21 degrees below zero before their rescue. the family says they'll be forever grateful to the rescuers. still ahead here at 6:00, could a measure you take to keep yourself healthy actually be making you sick? what the fda wants to know about anti-bacterial soaps. i'm scott budman. hundreds of christmas presents for bay area kids held up because of homeland security. we'll try to unravel the mystery, just ahead. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. near record-setting heat today.
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it's going to take a drastic shift. we're going to talk more about much colder temperatures and the possibility of showers coming up in fat full forecast.
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in health matters, does that anti-bacterial soap you use actually work? the fda is questioning many of these soaps. in fact, some anti-bacterial soaps may have health risks. so the fda has proposed a new rule. going to require manufacturers to conduct clinical trials to prove their products are safe and effective for humans to use long term. soap makers will have a year to comply. marijuana use may harm the brains of teenagers. northwestern university researchers found structural
6:40 pm
changes related to memory and those who smoke pot during their teenage years. scientists say the changes resemble what zits frschizophres to the brain. the younger the subjects when they started regularly smoking pot, the more abnormallies seemed, and seemed to persist for years even after users stopped smoking. the american academy of pediatrics is joining the host of medical group who say you shouldn't drink raw milk. in fact, the lead author of the statement is aen en tstanford professor. she says it can cause bacterial infections that pose significant risk to young children and pregnant women. raw milk productsv,x< have bec popular due to the claims of health benefits. pediatricians say those claims are not backed by science. jeff ranieri is with us to talk about our workweek forecast. it's really nice and warm. >> i know. >> so to speak. >> we had the warmest weather at the coastline today with 73 throughout parts of half moon bay and also 74 in santa cruz. it's not going to last long.
6:41 pm
details on our temperatures dropping and the possibility of showers, coming up in just a few minutes. hey, jim. >> all right, jeff. here's what we got coming up in sports. bad news for the 49ers offense. find out who jim harbaugh expects to miss the remainder of the season. plus, it's time to say farewell to candlestick park. the regular season finale just one week away. that's all coming up from the xfinity sports desk.
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not even santa claus can solve this problem. hundreds of toys for needy kids won't be delivered in time for christmas. they're stuck at the port of oakland because of a security issue. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us in menlo park now with the details. scott? >> reporter: yeah, raj. this is really a stroke of bad luck. i've been a warehouse otherwise packed full of toys on their way to the christmas trees of needy
6:44 pm
but like you say, hundreds of sought after presents will not make it here on time because they're detained at a security checkpoint. >> everybody's got a gift. >> reporter: it's been a good year for the family giving tree. and the warehouse is almost full. almost. >> here's our scooter and our skateboard boxes. >> reporter: and that's it? >> that's it. >> reporter: among all the elmos, art supplies and dolls, a gaping hole where 900 scooters and skateboards should be. because just a little to the north, the scooters and skateboards are being held up because of security. >> customs are doing their job. they're checking all the containers that come in. ours was chosen as a random search they wanted to check it a second time. >> reporter: now the giving tree is being told there's no telling when the presents will alive, but likely too late for christmas. >> because these are kids that are active and want to be out,
6:45 pm
outdoors and healthy and moving around. and you can't give them legos. yeah, i have a lot of legos. >> reporter: but they cant scooters. >> they want scooters. >> reporter: in an otherwise good year for collecting toys for needy kids, this is a stroke of bad luck that even inspired an e-mail to president obama. >> we're looking for our christmas miracle. yours very truly. >> reporter: reaching out to help the kids get around. and we tried to reach out to the department of homeland security, to the port of oakland, even the white house for any help in trying to unravel this mystery. didn't hear anything back. if you want to help the organization, you can online. it's called reporting live in menlo park, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. we'll write that down. if you're sending christmas cards and gifts in the mail today, you're not alone. today is the busiest mailing day of the year. across the nation, about 600 million pieces of mail was sent
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today. lines were long in san francisco's evans street post office. the city's distribution center will handle about 1.4 million pieces of mail. and 147,000dçr1z packages tonig. >> we haven't really had any deadlines to meet. we kind of just been going with the flow and kind of just sending presents as we get them. yeah, it's been easy. relatively easy. >> relatively easy. december 20th marks the last day to send first-class male in time for christmas. for all of you superprocrastinators out there, you have until december 23rd to send items priority mail express. well, it's the middle of december but feels like summer at the beach. take a look. temperatures reaching a high of 74 degrees. 74 degrees. this was in santa cruz today. after the recent cold snap, it feels warmer. near the santa cruz wharf, families in shorts and babies out. surfers crashing through the waves. this video, by the way, sent into us by our very own morning
6:47 pm
anchor, terry mcsweeney. how about that? terry doing photography for us. >> looks great. >> doesn't it? >> tomorrow terry will be sending us him actually surfing in the water. >> that would be good to see. my favorite from that video was the guy in shorts. it's unreal and how warm the temperatures are. in december, certainly it's a contrast for us. officially, again, 74 in santa cr cruz. 72 in half moon bay. santa rosa, 71. south san jose, 7 0 degrees. for many of us, this was a degree or two shy of getting new records here across the bay area. otherwise, right now, now that the sun has set, cooler air aloft is slowly starting to move in. we're starting to see numbers drop into the 40s in the north bay. we'll have widespread 40s throughout the north bay as we continue throughout next hour or so. let'sing a ing also take you iny part. san rafael, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, temperatures will go down to the mid 30s. we'll have haze in the atmosphere. also the moderate air quality you're going to have to watch out for and also high clouds streaming across. by 1:00 p.m., not quite as warm
6:48 pm
as it was today. just expecting 60 degrees. you'll also see in the south bay, you'll need the light jacket but not expecting it near the freezing mark. tomorrow morning, 42 degrees. by 1:00 p.m., expecting 64. let's get the rest of your microclimate forecast in here and see throughout san jose, we'll see temperatures warm up to 67 for that daytime high. and across the peninsula, little bit of that increased cloud cover. we'll still have sun breaks in there and temperatures riding the mid 60s. and throughout san francisco, upper 50s to 60 there in richmond. north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley, we will see the warmest weather across danville, pleasanton, also livermore, temperatures in the upper 60s but not expecting 70s. the overall trend, a cooling one. the thing about the north bay and good section of the bay area will be that air quality. see tomorrow, another spare the air day in effect with the worst expected in the south bay. also for the east bay. moderate to poor levels for the peninsula and also the north bay. so it does look like we are eventually going to see this
6:49 pm
clear out and get better for us in the forecast as we head91bb throughoutd0ñ wednesday and als thursday. again, marked relief coming in the midweek forecast. let's get a look at the overall trend. the storm track does have this area of low pressure offshore that's going to mainly move to the south but it's going to increase the cloud cover for tomorrow. also increase humidity just a touch. again, you'll feel a little bit of humidity in the atmosphere. as we head throughout wednesday, we'll get the cold front approaching. a lot is going to break up by the time it gets here. again, very minimal chances here. scattered showers by wednesday night, also into thursday. then as we look at those temperature s overall from the record-setting heat today to a little cooler by tuesday, then by thursday, you'll feel it here. santa rosa, 67 on tuesday to 58. palo alto from 67 to 57. walnut creek from 66 to 57 degrees. overall possibility of showers as we mentioned is not looking too great at this point. storm system is off to the north wednesday afternoon. as it gets closer, the land's going to steal a lot of moisture
6:50 pm
off to the north. by the time tit gets here wednesday night, a few chances of isolated showers. models aren't picking it up right now. i know better than that and we'll keep the slight chance in the forecast. we're going to end you with this rare jerusalem snowstorm. not only covering the ground, but this is actually a car back here. we should point out it's extremely rare to get any kind of major snow in jerusalem. they had 1 to 3 this past weekend. most snow in decades. average temperature in december is 57. a lot of their temperature profile, raj, lines up right with san jose. almost as rare as getting this much snow in san jose, to put it in perspective. >> pretty amazing, in time for christmas. thank you, jeff. from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. a lot going on in bay area sports including the almost playoff bound 49ers? can we say that? >> there you go. you're pretty close to that. i like the way you're looking at things, raj. let's get it started with the 49ers. they're on a roll. they beat up tampa bay on sunday, 33-14. they won four straight games. there was bad news today about
6:51 pm
an important offensive piece. 49ers fullback bruce miller sustaining an injury to his shoulder blade and doesn't look good according to head coach jim harbaugh. widely speculated miller may miss the rest of the season. miller had x-rays done today after the team arrived back from florida. candlestick park. it's been the host of some of the most memorable sports moments in history. catch two, catch three. monday night most likely going to be the sticks's final curtain call. 49ers hosting the falcons. for jim harbaugh, the last game at the stick is big for more than one reason. >> forward, you know, wanting to win this game for many reasons. you know, the most being that we got to win it. and, you know, to accomplish our goals this season. and it's the next game which makes it the biggest game of the
6:52 pm
season. and then also it's the last game in candlestick, and, you know, we don't want to be the guys that screw up the last game in candlestick. you know, these players will come back 20, 25 years from now and, you know, they want to have a good memory of winning at candlestick. i think that will be very important. it'd be an honor to be on that sideline for the last game at candlestick. and we want to win it. >> and those 70,000 would like to walk out of there with a win as well. according to our giants insider, andrew, left fielder michael morse has passed his physical and his one year $6 million contract has been finalized. i caught up with morse on the latest edition of yahoo! sports talk live. here's why he picked the giants. >> you know, they're a winning ball club, and if you go to position to position, each player has done something special in their career. and, you know, a lot of these guys have two rings. two world series rings.
6:53 pm
like, that's incredible. you know, playing against a team, this was always a team that you come into town and it's tough to beat the giants at home. you know, that's how i always felt. and, you know, i love coming here. i love the city. and i'm just so happy and so glad to get this opportunity. let's go to hoops. warriors are pretty tough to g figure out. lost nine of the last 14 games despite the star power. can't get on the same page. dubbs returned to practice last night after the loss in phoenix and discussed their struggles earlier today. >> too often now we continue to make the same mistakes. but we understand where we are, and we'll be just fine. there's no question about that. but you got to state the obvious. >> nobody'sfen@ panicking. nobody's jumping off the mission. it's a tough time right now. we have to battle through it. all right. real estate, people.
6:54 pm
+ '90s everyone want to be like mike. for $29 million they're hoping you can. michael jordan's suburban chicago home up for auction today. 56,000 square feet. the number 23 front gate. if you need nine bedrooms, 15 full bathroom, aweñ pavilion wia pool and full-sized basketball court, this is the place for you. how about a separate men's retreat? they've got it. plus, the original doors from the playboy mansion in chicago where it all got started. remember, jordan's new wife just had a baby. maybe he needs the cash. up for auction today. did not sell. raj, you and i still in the running. we could live there. we'd never see one another. 56,000 square feet. >> very nice. i don't know if that's gregg popovich behind you. >> it's mini gregg. happy birthday, mini papa. happy birthday. merry christmas. i give up. it is a birthday, isn't it?
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, firefighters will work through the night to contain the wildfire in big sur. wooil have the latest tonight at 11:00 after the "sing off." have you heard of crnuts? a croissant/doughnut combination. a local company is jumping in on the action. you can get cronuts sent to your front door, special delivery thanks to san francisco based gold belly. it struck a deal with the cronut creator. they started shipping on friday night and the demand so far has been so high they're already sold out. now, we cannot speak with authority on the subject matter. >> not had them. >> we have yet to try them. >> send them our way. >> have a great evening. hope to see you at 11:00.
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khloe kardashian's quick rebound. is she dating rihanna's ex? now on "extra!"oe any pics, khloe hours after filing for i did veers sneaking away with dodgers' star matt kemp. was she already seeing the star before her split from lamar? >> miley dropping new clues about her break-up from liam hemsworth. a sneak peek for her barbara walters special. >> paul walker laid to rest. how his heart broken parents said good-bye, surrounded by his "fast and furious" family. >> who is spying on ashley judd?


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