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tv   Today  NBC  December 18, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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make the holidays pop! >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday. it's december 17th, a good day around here. >> uh-huh. >> we have broadway people on, very solid television people as well. the very talented megan hilty is with us. just got married. >> love her. >> and giada's in the kitchen. >> it's a good day with finger foods. i would prefer that won't you, hoda? >> what? >> everything is passed around.
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>> i would, too. i'd rather not sit down and have a huge meal. >> you can do your escape anyway. >> houdini. >> yes, hoda houdini. that's right. i know you guys have been checking your mailboxes lately and christmas cards are coming. it's christmastime and the cards are coming and the photos with people and their children are coming. and their animals. >> and the animals. >> and the long newsletters. we have a question because it's that time of year, do you guys like getting those holiday produced cards? >> the mass-produced? >> or do you like the bragging cards, the ones that have the info that the families -- we saw one this one of our producers had that we don't want to reveal, but oh, my god. >> yeah, i don't know.
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nobody has a year like that where everything is just fabulous. >> yeah. >> i wish everybody did, yeah. >> it makes people feel a little crumby, i think. >> plus, this whole facebook world that we live in. i've got to talk about me. everything that's happened to me, everything good. i understand why people like to keep in touch. that's a wonderful thing. here's what i don't understand. if you get 20 of those, no one has time to read all of them. i skim them because i want to see highlights. i'm one of those that put out a card this year, have a blessed christmas, the giffords. it's craziness. i don't want to add more stress to an already stressful situation. if you're thinking of someone, you've gone to the expense. did you send out cards? >> i don't. i will give cards to certain people but i don't send them out. i always feel terrible after christmas when you have all of those beautiful photographs, you they feel like pictures even though they're cards, and i have a lot of trouble tossing them because i feel bad.
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i feel like they're a picture. >> you know what surprised me when she came home from college, she wondered where's the christmas cards? she wanted to look at all of them. you think your kids don't care about things like that. >> go to the website and let us know if you think the bragging cards have gotten out of hands with cards. >> kind of like the parties, the parties for the 2-year-old where you got the pony and the clown and the band. >> i found one that said something like teresa's turning tutu, they had a ballerina performing because she was turning tutu. >> so cute. >> the family from raleigh, north carolina decided to do something different. they did a video card that's getting a lot of buzz. take a look. >> yeah, it's holder 2013 in review video christmas card part
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two now for lola 2013 was supposed to be the head she now has a medal hanging over her bed she looked like she was having fun. she can count to 100 in chinese she can now read books as thick as these ♪ if you want to pay attention to lola's room get ready for a rainbow room ♪ penn charles is turning 4 safe to say he wears superhero shirts every day ♪ is he smart in school kind of hard to tell ♪ ♪ he just bats his eyes and all the teachers melt ♪ ♪ there's room for child number three but i can't i just had a vasectomy ♪ recovery was easier in these christmas jammies. >> that's so good. >> yeah, that's adorable. we all enjoyed it. what about if you got 100 of those and you had to watch 100 of those. >> he's a local anchor at a local affiliate in raleigh.
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>> i can't see my mother doing a christmas video card. that is adorable. miley cyrus is opening up about her breakup. you have been wondering? >> i haven't. >> no. but for those fascinated by it, she's saying i was so scared to be alone. she claims that she loved him. liam hemsworth, but now that she's single she can actually be happy. here's her quote. she said i got engaged at 19. i definitely wouldn't change being engaged. here's her quote. it was so fun wearing a fat rock for a few years. now i can actually be happy. i can wait for a moment of silence when i'm just at my house by myself. nothing makes sense. >> i don't understand what she's saying, do you? >> well, i guess, maybe the fun of being engaged is a moment. >> and not the seriousness about it?
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>> yeah. >> what did she say about her future? >> on the future. i don't ever want to have to need someone again where you feel like without them you can't be yourself. >> i don't understand that either. >> we don't get it. >> no. i think they were smart to break up, you know. they were too young. >> they were too young. >> and we never hear from him, you know. >> i wonder what he's thinking watching all the twerking and the weird stuff. >> interview is the one that he ultimately gets, maybe he's a classy guy that he doesn't do it. not to kiss and tell. >> sara bareillis. she was nominated for a grammy. she went to orlando to sing and there was a special boy who happened to be at the concert who was a young boy undergoing his last treatment of chemo. he asked sarah if he could sing
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with her. you guys know it, it's called "brave." sara brought him up on the stage. >> guys, this is joshia. and joshua has had some health issues this year. and joshua has been the bravest of brave, aren't you? do you want to say hello. >> hi, everyone! >> hi! >> josh, show them your t-shirt. josh is wearing a t-shirt that says -- what does it say, josh? it says? >> it says, be brave. ♪ say what you want to say and let the words fall out honestly ♪ ♪ i wanna to see you be brave ♪ say what you wanna say and let the words fall out honestly ♪ i wanna see you be brave ♪ >> i'm sorry, but he's in tune.
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>> that's amazing. pretty darn close. 4 years old. that's precious. >> anyway, "brave" was his personal anthem. such a great song. >> she and the pope, persons of the year. she's a great lady. "the voice" was on last night, you guys. they're down for the last three. this is a big day for us because this is the day we choose who will win. all right. so we're going to listen to the three. there's jackie from team christina, will and tess ann from team adam. we'll pick who we like. let's take a watch. ♪ sunday i'm not turn
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♪ it's not worth crying for ♪ love i don't wanna hurt anymore i must tell you ♪ ♪ don't tell me it's not worth fighting for ♪ ♪ >> okay. >> america votes tonight, right? >> it is going to be revealed tonight on the show. >> tonight's the night. >> so each of us have written down who we think should win. >> yes. >> and a very, very trusted person here.
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>> girard. >> okay. girard. >> i'm going to write your name on it. >> was jerry not available? >> we're putting them in a secret -- girard -- where are you going to put them, honey, what are you going to do with them? >> i'm going to sit on them. >> that will work. that will work. >> tomorrow we will reveal. >> i'm off tomorrow. here's a question for you, does your man look at other women? >> well they're hard to miss sometimes. we're going to find out what his behavior really means when our guys tell all, tell all. >> straight from her wedding reception last night. >> i guess another one we weren't invited to. >> the very talented megan hilty is here. >> but first, these messages.
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from broadway's wicked to television's smashed, megan
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hilty knows how to hit the right notes. >> now, she's starring sean hayes in the sitcom "sean saved the world." take a look. >> about what happened last night. >> it was very exciting. >> a bunch of us went for drinks. >> and we saw the neighbor's door had been robbed and the lobby door had been kicked in. >> i was so freaked out. >> and first i grabbed a bottle of champagne. >> then we thought we were in the middle of an attack. whoo, whoo -- >> she's a fungal, that liz. >> great to see you. >> happy holidays. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i knew something was up, hoda. >> when? >> i did a teeny thing on "smashed" with megan, what, a year ago, and she never got off the phone -- >> it was like jekyll and hyde. i was always on the phone. >> you got married a couple
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months ago but just did the reception? >> we did a reception tour because we kind of ran away to vegas and only invited our immediate family. >> i think that's so smart. it takes all the pressure off. >> it's like a wedding cake topper. beautiful. >> did an elvis impersonator marry you? >> i kind of wish, but pastor jack married us. >> your wonderful husband brian is here. >> he is. >> you got to be kind of wacky, we're looking at your holiday card. >> we already have a baby -- >> they got the adorable -- >> this card is it what is it the ugly sweater awkward christmas photos. >> we couldn't pick one, so we put all of them on there. >> no newsletter? >> no news. >> are you loving being in l.a. now? it's a huge cultural change to move from new york city doing "smashed" to a sitcom life in the valley out there? >> it's so great.
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i have my weekends free and my nights free. this whole sitcom thing is awesome. >> why on earth have you not sang a song yet on that show? >> what are we waiting for? >> i'm kind of grateful that we haven't. it's really nice to do something completely different. everybody knows me as the snotty character on "smashed." now i get to be goofy and silly. everybody sings on the show, though. so we think at one point we might do a musical. >> at what point did you know you were wild about brian? we know you love sean, but brian, when did you know? >> it was pretty soon after we met. >> you met at cute? >> yeah, which is where we had our reception last night. we rent t out the door. >> you got a whole pile of gifts here because you asked people to bring toys, is that right? >> yeah, we have everything we need. people were insisting on bringing something.
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we were actually watching your show, we're like, they're collecting gifts. why don't we just -- >> that so great. all gone for the toy drive. >> there's a whole lot more you've given away, right? >> tons of stuff. it's really for the theater community. they came out last night and they got excited about doing this. >> people can still give, if they're watching and you're a huge fan of megan hilty, who isn't, come on down to the plaza and bring your toys. >> come on over. we want to welcome you. >> hi. >> thank you. >> cheers. >> everybody gets that when they come here. >> did you guys ever sing together? >> we do sing. >> we sing all the time. >> a couple of bars together, i want to hear it, sing, please? >> please. >> please. ♪ what does the fox say >> we have that stuck in our
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head all day yesterday. >> will you ever do a show together, do you think? >> yeah, a tour. yeah. hopefully. >> congratulations. merry christmas. >> congratulations. "sean saves the world" returns january 2nd right here on nbc. do you need something quick to serve at your next holiday party? giada has all the finger foods. >> i love that. >> find out what your man is really thinking. we'll come back after this. asionaconstipation,
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♪ i know what boys like >> it's time for "guys tell all" where you get to learn everything you need to know about the man in your life. >> we answer questions from a guy's point of view. kyle martino a married sports analyst for thpremiere league. next up is comedian and actor rick younger married with a son. followed by another funny guy, chuck knight.
2:27 am
been married 14 years, has three kids if you can't get enough of him you can catch him on the hallmark channel. >> of course, you are. >> lastly the divorced host of "happy hour" on "playboy" radio -- >> what! >> bob dade. >> let's go to the first question. >> hi, i'm stephanie. and my question is, when a man tells you that he loves you depending on the scenario, does he really mean he loves you? >> oh! >> well, you said depending on the scenario. is the scenario i'm putting $5 in your g-string because the answer is no! he's just being polite. otherwise, to ask, did you say it first, they say, i love you -- i love you, too. >> oh. >> but, if he says it
2:28 am
unprovoked, then he means it. if you ask first -- >> during a passionate moment? >> no he loves something. >> during passion, it does not count. >> it doesn't come right before but. >> yeah. >> i love you, but -- >> let me tell you don't believe anything a man says during the heat of passion. i have given away a house. >> or get him to say meaningful things to you, like i will wash dishes, i will take out the trash. >> here's a question from joy, viewer e-mail. why do some men think they work harder than their wives when all they do is go to work, when the wife goes to work, takes the kids places for fun, cleans the house, et cetera, et cetera? >> has a point, doesn't she? >> well, that can happen if you allow him to feel like he's
2:29 am
doing more than you. but also don't sit up there and do all of those things and never let him know that you want him to do those things. >> if he's going to work, by the way, he's on facebook for three hours of the day -- it's different than having four kids. >> all i'm going to say, we are better p.r. people than you, that's all there is to it. my wife and i had this same conversation the other day. i say i can't help it if you're not smart enough to actually tout what you do. i trumpet what i do. i put it on a business card. look at what i've done. as you can see, i'm here right now. i got the rest of the day until it's time to pick up my son. all the things that the lady does, i'm doing it until my wife gets home from work. >> you see that right there, touted it. >> see? >> guys, stick around. we got more questions. plus, giada cooks up christmas treats.
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finger foods. i love that.
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♪ macho man we're back more on booze day tuesday where the guys tell all. >> we've got kyle, rick, and chuck, we got the single and lonely guy bob. what's next? >> we're going to across the street. >> hi, i'm brooke, i am just wondering if i should ask my boyfriend what he wants for christmas or if i should surprise him? >> ask him for sure. >> what are you going to surprise him with? >> if you ask for suggestions, you are going to hit it out of the park. >> you say you want a sweater and your girlfriend gives you a sweater? >> first of all, i never want a sweater. >> okay. >> i just say, i think it's a big deal, if you tell people what you want, kind of suggest
2:33 am
hints, they can still surprise you. >> you find out how he feels about it, say, excuse me, do you want a surprise or would you like to tell me? >> what do you think? >> you find out how a person feels about holidays. >> you surprise -- i tried to surprise my wife with shoes one time, i could see it on her face, oh, these are amazing. >> yeah. >> that's how much you think you like that person. i could surprise my wife with shoes because i know where to go to get the shoes she would like, oh, my god, because that's the gay man in me trying desperately to get out. >> i can't believe you're going to say gay man in me. >> oh! >> okay. all right. >> all right. now, next question from a viewer. dina says, my husband is always
2:34 am
commenting on other women and their looks every time someone attractive comes on tv. he constantly has to tell me that he thinks she's hot or, et cetera. am i wrong for being upset? >> next time you see a ryan gosling movie and sit there and fake an orgasm in front of your husband and see if that bothers him. >> always play stupid. my wife will say, she's cute. i will say, i hardly noticed her. >> i wish she was here, he may suffer from something i call dumbettes. it's like tourettes, where you say really stupid stuff. >> as your resident divorce guy,
2:35 am
that's one mistake i never made. remember where your bread is buttered who you're with and love. megan fox likes great after 14 hours of makeup. >> why are you referring to your wife where your bread is buttered? >> question from across the street. go ahead. >> hi, my name is deborah, my question is, leaving a guy a long paragraph text, why did he respond with a short answer like okay. >> you have used up all the words and letters that should have been used. >> a long paragraph, the first thing that happens is the drop in your -- oh, what is this, what did i do? what did i do wrong? >> why did i do that? >> yep. cool. >> you know why? because he did not read it. that is why. >> here's the truth. >> and i'm going to be honest. seven words or less. >> it's been 15 years from me.
2:36 am
i still get these long paragraph texts sometimes. i read it like the newspaper, if i can't get it from the headlines, you're messed up. you done messed up. >> it has nothing to do with this relationship. >> anytime i can fall asleep reading your text, it's too long. >> guys, thank you so much. good to see you. >> this is a good group. >> thanks, everybody, merry christmas, happy everything. >> if you guys have a question for the guys go to hit that "connect" button. a performance by an a cappella group. they're terrific. >> hot in the kitchen and the food looks good, too. >> we'll be right back! [ hosmer ] i kinda knew their reaction would be a little like, you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it.
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we are back and it's time to do a little cooking by giada. just a week until christmas eve, whether you need a quick dish to bring to a holiday party or your own, giada delaurentis has the recipe. >> he has one for everybody on the list, from the picky eat tore the vegetarian. >> and congratulations on the best-seller. she's still on the list. >> hoda asked me yesterday, i have your book, i thought, finally. when i entertain during the holidays, i want people to feel like they can come and go, they don't have to be there at a certain time. the first something a theme cocktail. kathie would say how beautiful this is. i'm looking for something light. >> not as caloric. >> not as caloric. this will make you have fun. it's very festive. >> cheers.
2:42 am
>> that's a lime in there. >> you can drink in you like. i'm going to get started on finger foods. these are dates stuffed with hot sausage wrapped in bacon. all the men earlier where like, oh, my goodness. anyhow, you take a date, you can try it. take a pearing knife and take the pit out. i like the heat with the bacon. why don't you cut this in half for me, hoda? then you take a half a piece of bacon and wrap it like this. >> you can use turkey bacon or anything you wanted.
2:43 am
>> you put it in 400 degrees oven for 15 minutes. look how beautiful they are. >> they are. >> that's a small bite, isn't it? >> i don't know, let me see, it's a two-biter. i guess i'm the only one eating. >> oh, no, i'll try it. >> you don't have to. >> okay. next for the vegetarian in your life -- >> oh, my god. >> i'm sorry, what's better than sweet and savory and smoky from bacon. >> this is unbelievable. >> one next. >> i'm pacing myself. >> small portions. >> a vegetable tower. vegetarian in your life. you take a slice of country bread. you cut a circle like this with a cookie cutter. i brush both sides and grill them for a few minutes to get a nice warm. hoda. >> yep. >> you can put it together. >> okay.
2:44 am
>> what i do, i take these japanese eggplants -- have you guys worked with these before? >> not those. >> you cut them. >> look at the size. >> they're perfect, you're right. >> you brush them with olive oil and grill them like three minutes. >> goat cheese with lemon zest. you make towers and put a little toothpick. and look how pretty those are. >> adorable. >> now, is that a one-biter. >> this might be a little -- you got to press them down. two bites. >> be careful of the toothpick, though. >> last but not least, for the person in your life who's looking to be a little bit -- you know, watching their diet for the holidays, sweet potato chips and kale chips in the oven. 450 degrees for about ten minutes. >> it's crazy. >> for people who are vegans or have dietary restrictions.
2:45 am
>> unbelievable. >> hoda, you've got to try this. >> i will. do you need a little music to get you in the spirit? a holiday performance like you've never heard before. pentatonix. a holiday performance after this. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus presents the cold truth. [ coughs, sneezes ]
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they burst on to the scene just two years ago winning the first season of the nbc competition "the singoff." >> now fans can't get enough. they sold out their tour. nearly 250 million youtube views. and the album pt billboard's top ten.
2:50 am
>> scott hoying, kirstie maldonado. mitch grass, avi kaplan and kevin olusola. >> wow. >> you know what's great about you guys, you weren't even a group, you guys formed because of the show "the singoff." how did you get together? >> the three of us grew up together, so we were going to try out for the show as a trio. but my friend was like, you should have a bass and a b-boxer. >> kevin we found on youtube. he was a cello beat boxing video. >> are you guys surprised at the fame, sold out concerts? >> yeah. >> it's been great. >> are you guys watching the show now? >> it's crazy. >> there's some good groups there. >> and is pitch perfect your favorite movie? >> anyway, you guys are going to sing angels we have heard on high, right?
2:51 am
>> yeah. >> here they are. ♪ ah ah ah ah ♪ angels we have heard on high singing sweetly o 'er the plains in reply echoing their joyous name ♪ gloria gloria gloria in excelsis deo ♪ gloria gloria gloria in excelsis deo ♪
2:52 am
♪ da da da da da da da da da da da da da da ♪ ♪ shepherds with your joyous strength ♪ ♪ gloria gloria gloria in excelsis deo ♪ gloria gloria gloria ♪ excelsis deo ♪ ♪ come adore on bended knee,
2:53 am
christ the lord the newborn king ♪ ♪ gloria gloria gloria ♪ gloria gloria gloria ♪ la da da da da da da ♪ in excelsis deo oh da da da da ♪ ♪ in excelsis deo angels we have heard on high angels we have heard on high oh da da da da ♪ angels we have heard on high angels we have heard on high angels we have heard on high ♪
2:54 am
♪ in excelsis deo >> yeah, oh! >> that was awesome. pentatonix. that was so great. >> merry christmas to you. >> we'll be back with a special guest. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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here at the "today" show, we're so lucky to have the opportunity to give those to less fortunate for the annual toy drive going or for 20 years now. >> that's so right. helping us today is jose pereyra. he's here with donation from your generous company. >> hello. >> this is the power brush. it removes plaque up to 100% more than a manual toothbrush. it helps to put the wow in your smile.
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what better time with the holidays. i just saw the spot with the awesome food. >> giada. >> this is the absolutely best time to invest. >> what are you guys giving away, how much? >> this year, we're donating $25,000 to the toy drive and we're also sending the message about a healthy smile. >> that kind of stuff gets overlooked. usually kids want toys. they want other things. >> it's the little things. >> my kids are getting this. don't watch, kids. really, it's more the parents notice the difference. the kids and the parents. >> start saving on your dental checkups, too. >> exactly. and the dentists are going to notice the difference. >> thank you so much. >> it wraps up this friday, if you'd like to donation go to and hit the connect. >> tomorrow, justin long stops by. >> and gifts for theuy in your life. >> we have a performance by straight. >> we'll have a great tomorrow. >> guess what tomorrow is? >> wines day wednesday.
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>> yes. >> like i didn't know. have a great day. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together.


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