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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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francisco sidewalk. a live look for suspects next. i feel good, feel good. >> i would feel good too. the man sold the winning megamillions ticket right here in san jose. it was sold. i am going to tell you why the owner of stothe store that sold that ticket says he is too excited to sleep. love kicking off a wednesday with some good bay area news. temperatures are mild to start our next weathermaker. i am going to detail the hour by hour changes right where you live coming up. chp still trying to get to that situation north 880 in downtown oakland. we see the backup starting to form back at the coliseum. it looks like the latest update might have three lanes blocked plus a new crash in the south bay. we'll bring you both of those coming up. we are calling san jose winnersville. big lottery winner here, wednesday, december 18th. this is "today in the bay."
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. a very good morning for you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm terry mcsweeney. we have breaking news out of san francisco where police are on the hunt for two men that used their van to steal an atm before leading officers on a chase. "today in the bay's" christie smith in the pacific heights neighborhood where this all started. you talked to a man who heard what happened. >> good morning to you. you know, this whole thing sounds pretty unreal. it really did happen. neighbors saw it. two men, they say, in a van actually drove up and ripped an atm that was bolted down right in front of the store. this is the mayflower market. neighbors say they heard these guys yelling, be quiet. wake up the neighbors. that's exactly what they did at 3:30 this morning at fiphilmore and jackson street. the bike was circling around and hit a bike rack. they say these guys were in the van and talking to each other
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and then went a couple of times hitting this post where the atm was. they got it to knock down. they say they ended up pulling out a chain. they loaded it into their van. even that didn't go all that smoothly. >> they drove off. it was still kind of hanging out of the van. they drove off down the street. >> you now, that even didn't go that well. the van was spotted on eastbound 80. there was no pursuit at that time. it was spotted there. it came off the bridge going westbound in the eastbound lanes. it exited at fifth and bryant. that's when a pursuit started. the van wasunñ located at 19th missouri. we are told the atm is inside. the question is, where are these two guys. that's what police are working on right now. we do know the van itself was believed to have been stolen out of the south bay.
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christie smith, "today in the bay." thanks very much. talking of money, this morning, at least two people are waking up much, much richer. that is if they managed to sleep at all after winning the megamillions drawing. one of them could be you, someone you know. >> check your ticket. call me. the winning numbers are 8, 14, 17, 20, 39, the meganumber, lucky number 7. >> one winning ticket sold in a newsstand in the upscale buckhead neighborhood of atlanta, georgia and the other at an unassuming gift shop in east jose. >> peggy bunker joins us live. the owner of the store is so excited. >> reporter: that's like one of the great parts of this story. just think, terry and laura, we were all in the newsroom talking about this massive lottery jackpot. we should have come eight miles away from the station down to this store, where one of the two megamillions winning tickets was sold.
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completely excited is the store owner, who will also be taking part in these winnings. this is jenny's gifts. we're here in east san jose. you can take a look at the store here right now, just off of tully road, where one of the winning tickets was sold. the owner could not be more thrilled. >> i feel good. i feel good. it comforts my sold. mostly my customers here is my friends. yeah, that's why. i don't know. somebody win. i feel good. >> he is really one of the betts the parts of this story. just how excited he is. he is really just excited for anybody that picked up the winning ticket. he loved that it came from his store. he really thinks that he probably knows who this person is that has this jackpot that he will be splitting. the other thing is that $336 million in winnings. by the time it closes, it is probably closer to $650 million.
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whoever this person is, we certainly hope they show up soon. >> and becomes our best friend soechfriend. it is so exciting. he is our best friend. >> they will have to bring it to the nearest lottery office which, in this case, is this one in san francisco. what is the cash value when it is all said and done? will the winner have to publicly identify himself or herself. chase cain has the answers and more. >> it is in a safe, zip lock bag somewhere. this morning, we are watching the weather. the bay area is heading into another spare the air day. in fact, today marks the 11th spare the air day in a row. as we give you a live look, san jose, san francisco and oakland. >> the skies are apparent as soon as you look out your window and look out from this camera. you can see what it looked like yesterday. a video from our nbc chopper plying in the east bay showing big-time smog yesterday which is a preview of what we can expect today. >> we hit a rough one with so
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many fires in the areas awell. we need a good stiff wind to blow it all out. >> good morning to you. i want to thank you all for waking up with us on a wednesday trying to get you up and out the front door on time. the weather is cooperating with us very nicely this morning. we don't have any thick fog to report. a lot about smog is already clearing out. there is a cold tront on tfront way. i want to take you through your hour by hour changes as we head through lunchtime. temperatures are going to climb in the upper 50s by 4:00 p.m. right around average as we get into this afternoon. not too cold. it was pretty warm. we hit about 75 degrees. in some of your south bay cities earlier this week. definitely nos as warm as itçu was. fierce wind is on the way. you will notice where you are getting warmer colors, pinks,
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red, oranges. at the immediate coastline. throughout all of my reportings. you can check my facebook page. i'm always updating that. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> hey, folks, i want to preface this report by saying, overall, around the bay, a lighter volume of traffic just like we have seen the last couple of days. dramatic changes for these two spots. first, oakland, 880. our shot from the top of the screen. the top is stacking up in all lanes. berry moving in your travel past high street into downtown oakland. we will show you the map. that's where chp says, yes, it looks like the crash is very close to the fifth avenue off ramp, the embarcadero exit in downtown oakland. only one of your middle lanes is
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open. the situation will continue to shift over. they are trying to get over and move some of the vehicles out of the roadway. three out of your four lanes north 880 are blocked. you are going to use west 580 as your alternate. if you don't know the area, stick stto the freeways over there. the south bay, barely any slowing. north past kurtner. somewhere between the icon is and north of the expressway, that's where we see the slowing develop. three vehicles involved. it sounds like only one lane is involved. you are allowed to confirm that situation as well. now, we skipped around. the only real other slowing, the cash lanes as we approach off to the left. again, around the bay, watch for
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that big crash. back to you. fire officials say they hope to have the wild fire burning in big sur contained by the end of the week. near highway 1, it has already burned about 770 acres. it is only 20% contained. an area west of highway 1 was evacuated. a strike team is headed to help with the big sur unusually late wild fire. we have details about a fire at a scrapyard that burned for hours in redwood city. fire officials are saying a large pile of metal parts exploded. people in the area were told to stay indoors as the smell of plastic reached as far south as san jose and in some places in san jose, it was very strong. this is the second fire to happen at the facility in the past five weeks. 6:09. still ahead on "today in the
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bay," a bay area visit from the secretary of state. we are going to tell you what's on john kerry's agenda next. we'll tell you a little about the tech meeting with president obama. ú](zb.a.r.t., back to the bargaining table yet again. is the threat for another strike up for discussion? new details next let's take a live look outside. the city by the bay, san francisco, keeping an eye on the temperatures. halfway through your workweek, a lot more news ahead. 6:10. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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welcome back. a good wednesday morning to you. the time is 6:12. this is san francisco. such a pretty start to the day. we already have better air quality. it is a spare the air day. but, a cold front is coming through tonight.
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that's going to purify our air quality. that is going to kick up some gusty wind. we'll detail the hour by hour change right where you live coming up. >> a look at oakland coliseum area. look at that. north 880 is where you see the bunch of red lights'7ó stopped m here into downtown oakland by a crash blocking three-quarters of your freeway. a look at today's top stories. check your lotto tickets very closely. two winning megamillion tickets for last night's $636 million jackpot. one right here in the bay area. sold at jenny's gifts on tully road near king road. winning numbers, 8, 14, 17,gl 2 39, and the megaball is 7. negotiations will continue between b.a.r.t. an the two
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biggest unions trying to reach an agreement over the disputed paid family leave provision secretary of state, john kerry, will be passing through the state later today. kerry is expected to fly into sfo this afternoon. he is going to stay overnight before heading back to washington tomorrow morning. we are getting a glimpse inside yesterday's white house meeting between the president and silicon valley ceos. >> scott mcgrew, not a lot of detail on what took place. >> a fairly secret meeting about what is, after all, your data. we do have some pictures, enough to see the yahoo!'s marissa mire with the president there and the head of zinga or the founder, mark pimkus, behind her. she warned of the internet, countries and organizations creating their own private internet in order to keep their data safe from american spying. we do know brazil and iceland talked about plans to do that as
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well. as we see some of the ceos leaving the meeting. the idea of separate internets throughout the world would hurt silicon valley companies like ebay or google who want to work inside the country. san jose's experiment with online loss through u dasty. it would seem as a way of solving one of the state's biggest problems. san jose state has more students than it had reimmediamedial cla. evidence that the classes failed to educate and the kids failed to learn was enough to squash the idea. one of the key reasons behind the whole idea is rather disturbing. they found many california high schoolers came to college so unprepared for college, they had to take remedial high school levels. there were so many of the unprepared students, the classes filled up quickly. so they tried teaching remedial
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classes online but gave up after it didn't seem to help. ben bernanke will give his last conference as fed chairman. we are interested in whether the fed will talk about ending the massive cash injection known as quantitative easing. the next fed chair, janet yellen, is more in favor of those sorts of actions. we will see good-bye to ben bernanke and maybe keep some of the same policies around let's check with christina and see what's coming. >> we have a little bit of rain. >> this is going to be more of a wind event. we aren't going to see much in terms of precipitation. temperatures are going to end up in the 30s and 40s. at least we're not expecting any measurable precip right here in the bay area. some pretty ing; heavy snowfall in tahoe. i bet your kids are pretty
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excited. if you're a big kid like me, you are also pretty excited. temperatures are looking good. 46 degrees along the peninsula. i want to take you through your hour by hour changes. this afternoon, cooler than it was yesterday. quite a bit cooler, in fact. with temperatures only reaching into the upper 60s. most cities are going to register with low to mid-60s. keep that in mind. temperatures will be on the comfortable side. not as nice as earlier this week. it is going to bring about better air quality. that's the great news for us. temperatures are going to be more comfortable for today. we're going to get a little bit better air quality this afternoon, even more so as we head throughout your thursday and your friday. so here is your micro climate forecast for this wednesday. south bay and san francisco all talking about the low to mid-60s. we will see a little bit of a warmer day out in the east bay san ramon, 57. pleasanton and livermore, nice and comfortable later on today.
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as we get into the rest of the day, that's when the changes really start to arrive. this afternoon, the front comes in turning cloudy. by this evening, the wind will crank 20-30 miles an lower. gusting. that could make for dangerous travel. it will stay windy. let's talk about how thiscy stim will impact the rest of the state. tomorrow does look to be the most dangerous. gusty winds, black ice, snow and ice out in tahoe. travel cautiously. here is mike. we're looking to a really bad drive developing for oakland right here just past the coliseum and heading up toward high street. you see these cars stacked up. avoid north 880 to the coliseum. look at the map.
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here is the coliseum. there is the jam. the last update i got from chp involving a big rig and a couple other vehicles. if there are any serious injuries, that could taken longer for them to clear. the big rig and two other small vehicles. use west 580 if you can. if you are trying to cross the bay, you could also use the san mateo bridge to the south. 92, clear right now. a mild slowing, "a" street down to the skecene. very light rain for a wednesday. heading across the flat section and over in the westbound direction where you can drive up 101 back into san francisco. back over to the maps. we will show you the rest of your commute. looking pretty light and gentle build here. you saw the color censors
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change. the south bay, we did have a crash. that caused some slowing. this is north 87. that's the only real slowing for the area. guadalupe parkway was slow. it moves quickly to the shoulder. recovery also continues. here the peninsula move very smoothly. a quick look at 101. the volume holding steady here, up past 92 and into san francisco. 280 very light as well. no problems now, guys. back to you. >> 6:20 is the time. still ahead on "today in the bay." a deadly shooting at a nevada medical center. we will tell you why one witness described the gunman as calm in the moment before he opened fire. >> did carnival cruise line ignore the risk before a ship caught fire out at sea. we are going to tell you what new court documents are revealing. >> let's step outside. you are looking at the eastshore freeway. it is not as bad as it has been at this time on other days. mike inouye has insight into why that is coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. a patient where a gunman opened fire said, he seemed calm but agitated in the moments before the shooting. a woman was standing at a nurse's station at the renowned regional medical center when the man started swinging his gun and yelling at everyone to leave.
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she thought he had a shotgun or a rifle. the man shot three people, one fatally. the shooter reportedly killed himself before police got to him. he has not been identified. >> this morning, a jury is still deadlocked in a cover-up case stemming from the massive oil spill. today marks day three of jury deliberations. a former b.p. engineer is charged with deleting text mess averages to obstruct that investigation. investigators found a string of deleted text messages. the text reportedly said 6:30,0
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gallons were spilled into the ocean every day. they say carnival cruise line knew there was something wrong with the ship. it had to be towed to mobile, alabama, with more than 4,000 on board. part of the lawsuit against carnival cruise line says the company knew about the risk from leaks and recommended taking pres before the cruise. a state senator wants to make it tougher for people to post explicit images of their exes on line. they are issuing another bill that include protection for graphic selfies posted online. another bill makes it illegal to post with the intention to humiliate someone. the state's top fiscal official has taken a side job. the boston-based law firm brown rubnic, llp announced that bill locklear will work in the irvine
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office. the company says he will stay in office until his term ends in two years and work part time at the law firm. earlier this year, the democrat announced he will retire from state service after his term is up. he has held state elected office since 1973. nasa is hoping to fix a broken cooling line at the international space station. two american astronauts are handling the major sttask. they will have to go out as many as three times including a possible walk. they are forcing a six-man crew to turn off all nonessential equipment including some science experiment. 6:26. speeds rip off an atm right off of a san francisco sidewalk. we have new details on the search for the suspect next. a winning megamillions ticket sold in san jose. we're going to tell you how much our local winner will actually walk away with coming up in a live report. taking a live look outside overlooking san francisco. what a beautiful vista to start
6:27 am
your wednesday morning. a nice day ahead. >> a lovely shot from the bay bridge right now. light, please do your thing. it is always so spectacular when we have a moment. it is kind of doing it. it is still a beautiful shot. we'll be back with weather and much more.
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an atm ripped from the street stolen in an overnight grab, up next. are you waking up hundreds of millions of dollars richer. we're going to tell you which san jose store sold one of the big winning tickets this is the reason for your traffic nightmare as you travel up the nimitz into downtown oakland. we will bring you the latest details and the progress on the backup as well as the clearup. >> a live look and listen to the
6:30 am
opening well which should be starting right now there on the dow jones. this is the beginning of the day for wednesday, december 18th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. i am terry mcsweeney. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are looking for two men that yanked an atm right out of the ground and loaded it into their van. this is all that's left at philmore and jackson at pacific heights. the van slammed into the pole knocking the atm down, the thieves got out, loaded up the cash machine. police found the van and recovered the atm but they are still looking for the two guys in it. "today in the bay's" christie smith talking to police. she is going to have a live report in about ten minutes from
6:31 am
right now. this morning, at least two people are waking up much, much richer if they manage to sleep at all after winning the megamillions. check your ticket. the winning numbers are 8, 14-17, 20, 39 and lucky number 7. one sold in the upscale neighborhood of atlanta, georgia, buckhead. the other in an unassuming gift is shop in san jose. the local winner has not come forward but the store owner is thrilled. >> i feel good, feel good, comforts my soul. i feel good. even though i can't sleep tonight. >> i feel good for you. this is a live look outside of jenny's gift store in east san jose. peggy bunker is there right now. she is going to have a live report. >> let's go to chase cain.
6:32 am
>> chase, the winner hasn't come forward there yet. when they do, they might walk through those doors right behind you. >> that is true. they could walk through these doors and claim the ticket anywhere in the state of california depending on where they live. we want to show you one thing. with he kn we know there were two winners there. they have updated the total. the next jackpot will be $15 million. we talked with one of the lottery workers who is here this morning. we were wondering what would happen if this jackpot went over 1 billion dollars. they only have three digits on these signs. that would be a whole new problem for them. for those two people, they probably have no more problems. the winner in san jose and atlanta, georgia, each will split 630, $640 million jackpot. two people in san diego will do pretty will. each will get $2.1 million a piece. not too bad.
6:33 am
so what's next for any of these winners? >> well, first of all, their name will be made public. you cannot remain an anonymous winner in the state of california. you have 180 days to come forward and claim your prize. one really good thing about living in beautiful california is that you don't have to pay any state income tax. yes, uncle sam will want his fair share of this. that is about 39% of your winnings. so one of the questions we ask the folks in the lottery office is, what does that all mean? well, you take this 600, maybe $40 million jackpot and divide it between the two winners. if you take the cash option, less money and 39%. if you take that out, south of $100 million. we would all welcome $100 million or so. but they are working on the final numbers for us inside. we'll hopefully have that for you in just a bit. >> i can't wait to see who won or maybe a group of people won if they pooled together. >> i wouldn't mind that $15
6:34 am
million. >> i wouldn't mind my money back at this point. thanks a lot. live coverage of all things megamillions all morning long on air and online at search megamillion. a free look at the forecast this morning. a live look outside san jose and the san mateo bridge. on your right, this morning, the entire bay area. we are heading into an 11th straight spare the air day. that means you cannot burn wood unless it is your only heat source. >> christina loren joins us to tell us about smoke and things like this. >> yes, and the improving air quality, more importantly. good morning, tear arry and lau. not as gold out there. temperatures in the 40s. 46 degrees. we are in santa cruz, a couple of days away from the final weekend before christmastime. a lot of people will be traveling. we have a cold front on the way that could impact your travels. if you are going to be heading
6:35 am
out tonight into tomorrow. at lunchtime in san bruno, 57 degrees. 61, at 4:00 p.m. not a bad day shaping up with temperatures at average for this time of year. highs across the bay are going to end up in the low, maybe a couple of mid-60s out there. 65 in the north bay for today. it will time out this system. then, between 3:00 and 9:00, the front comes through bathe bay area. you see here on your key, the 20, 30, 40-mile-per-hour range, that's where you are seeing yellows, oranges and reds. when you are getting the pinks, 50-mile-per-hour gusts in the bay area. we stop the clock at 9:30. that's when the wind is going to start to crank. as we head through the overnight, meet back here tomorrow morning. mike and i will be here tracking
6:36 am
this for you. it will start to drop off as we head throughout the evening and overnight hours, thursday through friday. looking much better if you are going to be headed out and about on friday. if you want to peek at your seven-day forecast, right here, looks like a traffic alert, huh, mike? >> a big problem for oakland. chopper over the scene of this crash, which caused the backup to slam down and slows you southbound. right at the center of the divide. a flat bed tow truck lining up and pulling up. we have seen one tow truck leaving already. another tow truck should be arriving in the next couple of seconds. they should be pulling another car from the area. two lanes are open. two lanes are closed. chopper was showing the backup going back past the coliseum. let's get a look. this is what we are talking about. look at that, from 98 all the way past 66. that's the overcrossing all the way up to downtown oakland is where that jam is. the map will show you the same thing. your alternates, instead of
6:37 am
north 880, heading up, you are going to use west 580. if you are heading away from the bay bridge, consider using 580 if you can. you should be clear past oak street. they are also allowed to use 880. the traffic volume is so light around the bay, i would suggest you go south. 101, back into san francisco. the other area where we see some red and orange there is in the south bay. north 87, an earlier crash at the expressway has moved to the center divide, relatively quickly but with enough to kick off the slowing north 87 from 85 up to capital expressway. you are clear as you head into downtown san jose. that's a better drive. a dangerous distraction. why a woman's iphone may have prompted her to fall off a pier into the water below.
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can can 6:40 on wednesday morning. the harvard professor sent fake e-mails saying bombs were inside four buildings minutes before he
6:41 am
was scheduled to take a final. it happened monday morning and several buildings were evacuated. no explosives were found. a woman had to be rescued off a coast of australia. investigators say she could not take her eyes off her phone and walked right off a pier. it happened at saint kilda's pier. the woman was a tourist. the bbc reports she was from taiwan. she had been browsing facebook on her phone and walked off the pier into the cold water. police said she was floating on her back when they got to the scene. she said she could not swim but she still had the cell phone in her hand. she was not hurt. 6:41. coming up, breaking news, a sidewalk smash and grab. coming up, we are going to tell you how thieves hoisted an entire atm off the ground leading police on a choice through san francisco. i feel good! i feel good down to my soul. a south bay store owner
6:42 am
elated after selling a megamillion ticket. we are going to help you find out if you or someone you know became a new millionaire. we will tell you what folks thing. >> even though it is our 11th straight spare the air day air quality improved overnight. temperatures are going to tumble. we have some fierce wind on the way. i'll give you the timeline changes coming up. -those other store cards... -...preferred shopper...
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an update to breaking news in san francisco. police are on the lookout for men that stole an atm.
6:45 am
>> christie smith is there with details. >> reporter: this is so bold you wouldn't believe it would happen. two men actually rammed an atm that was bolted down outside of the may flower market right in front of the post there. they rammed it with their van and stole it in a neighborhood where people were sleeping at the time. that was the first thing that woke them up. two men yelling, don't wake the neighbors. that's what they did. this was outside of a corner store called the mayflower market at 3:30 a.m. one neighbor tells us the men plowed into a bike rack and right in the machine. >> they backed up, drove off the curb and did a u-turn and came around and front-ended the machine a couple of times and knocked it over on its side. the van then pulled up on the curb and they threw it in the back and drove off.
6:46 am
>> he actually tells us they couldn't get that machine all the way in. the van doors were open when they took off with it. police say these men were spotted a little later on treasure island. turned around and went the wrong way back over the bridge into san francisco. that van was found later this morning at 19th and missouri. we are told it is likely stolen out of the south bay. the machine itself was likely recovered. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> this morning, we are watching the weather as the bay area heads into another spare the air day. in fact, today marks the 11th spare the air day in a row as we give you a live look outside. san ho sxwjose on the left. san mateo on the right. >> you can't miss them or see them. as look out your window, all you can see is smoke. you can barely see san jose
6:47 am
skyline there as well. we want to check in with meteorologist, christina loren. we would love for this to clear out. >> it actually is. look at these live pictures. san francisco, look at how beautiful blue it is. we are going to notice that improving air quality right off the bat this morning. between today and tomorrow, we are going to drop from unhealthy levels of pollution right back down to good air quality. that's going to hold up for your friday as well. by saturday, moderate levels. temperatures mostly it the 40s as we head throughout the da i today. we have some changes headed our way. a cold front is moving into the bay area. this is going to bring about cooler temperatures and produce fiercer wind. overall, temperatures are looking pretty mild for today, specially compared to the mid-70s we hit earlier this week. 60 on the way to foster city, pacific heights. 61 for you today. take you up into the north bay where temperatures will be comfortable in places like nowel valley.
6:48 am
we love a local boy around here. temperatures are looking pretty good as we head throughout the day today. as we head throughout the next couple of days, they will drop off and they are going to climb right back up for the weekend. it is time-out, with the changes for this cold front. it will come through between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. behind it is where we are going to see the really gusty winds. high pressure is going to build in really fast behind it. the two systems work against each other. we get the wind out of that. 20-30-mile-per-hour sustained speeds. gusting to 50 miles an hour through the mountain passes. if you want to travel cautiously. as we meet back here tomorrow morning, much cleaner air quality. really pretty skies as we head through tomorrow. that will hold up for friday as well. good news. we'll check your drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> good morning for many parts of the bay but not for oakland. we are over here. this is our chopper showing you the backup, tendiextending from coliseum. fifth avenue is where the crash continues to clear. we have a big rig that the chopper just showed. the other vehicles look like
6:49 am
they had cleared. the big rig still blocking the fast lane or actually the left two lanes as you approach the area. they are trying to hook that up. the tow truck is going to be able to handle this. they should be able to clear that in the next few minutes. with he don't have any updates on when they can get that rig out of the roadway. they did not call a sig alert. they think they can clear that relatively quickly, west 580 as we look at another shop from the coliseum. the backup is your alternate. as we look at the maps, we will tell you, if you do need to use the bay bridge toll plaza. you just need to get over to 92. an easier drive. a clear drive up the peninsula. 101 north into san francisco. that would be a great alternate. you can get a look at the live
6:50 am
news. headed over the bridge, a smooth flow of traffic. the peninsula move smoother. back to the maps, a smooth flow around the rest of the bay. we have the south bay with one other issue. gentle slowing for north 101. it is a little bit lighter there as well as 280. north 87, earlier slowing. the crash cleared quickly to the center divide. still, some distraction and slowing headed up to capital expressway. clearing by the time we get into downtown. better news. no problems in the north bay. >> thank you very much, mike. at 6:50, a developing story in monterrey county. fire officials say the wild fire burning in big sur should be contained by the end of the week. right now, a strike team from the bay area is heading to big sur to help with that wild fire. the fire is now 20% contained. the flames are stubborn. the terrain is tough. nbc bay area's katy tur is in big sur this morning with new details.
6:51 am
2013 has been the driest on record here in california. you can see the results of that right behind me. these flames have been burning since sunday. the ash has been falling out here since sunday as well. already, 15 homes have been destroyed up in this ridge. 40 more or still being threatened. among those destroyed, the town fire chief's home. she says she tried to stop it. it burned too hot, too fast and she couldn't do anything about it. other people say they only had minutes to get out of their homes before the fire completely engulfed them and destroyed everything they own. we are on big sur, the iconic highway 1 where the terrain is ace beautiful as it is rugged making it somewhat of a firefighters nightmare. what's fueling this fire? all of the dry vegetation, the dry and warm weather and offshore winds. so far, this fire is 20% contained. they hope to have it fully contained friday. if the winds start to cooperate and if the weather starts to cooperate. in big sur, california, katy
6:52 am
tur, nbc news. this morning, at least two people are waking up much, much richer. that is if they have managed to sleep at all after winning last night's megamillions drawing. one could be you or someone you know. here are the winning numbers for you. 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and the megaball is 7. one winning ticket sold at a newsstand in the upscale buckhead neighborhood of atlanta, georgia. the other winning ticket sold here in the bay area at a gift shop in east san jose. that is where "today in the bay's" peggy bunker joins us live. peggy, i guess we haven't heard from the ticket holder. you would be jumping up and down saying you have a new friend. >> i would. i would be making close friends with them in a big hurry. this is on tully road at king where the shopping center is hire. this is where one of the two megamillion winning tickets are
6:53 am
sold. so close and oh so far away except for the one person that walked in and bought the ticket. if you are the seller, you as well are a winner. the winner here, his name is twi wen. he is so excited. he is already talking about what he is going to do with the money. >> i am going to make the money grow. that's all i can know. i am a lucky person. >> he certainly is a lucky rson and also very smart thinking about how he is going to invest it and make that money grow. we are hoping to see him a little bit later. he says he will stay away until about 8:30 this morning and perhaps he will pop by and check in with a lot of different shop owners. everybody waiting to see who the big, lucky winner is. they are saying the jackpot could have grown to $650 million. if all is said and done, a very exciting day for those that play the megamillions. >> a very lucky day, no doubt. >> thank you, peggy. let's go live to chase cain.
6:54 am
the winner will seventually hav to check in. >> reporter: they could come here to san francisco and claim that prize. we are hoping they won't. we hope we are going to make a new friend here. so far, i've just been disappointed. they will share the jackpot with the lucky winner in san jose. two people in southern california, in san francisco and chula vista, she each matched five numbers, $2.1 billion for each of them. the winner will not be able to stay anonymous. their name will be made public. that is a california law. they will also only have 180 days to claim their prize. if i had that much, i wouldn't wait to claim the prize. and, they are also fortunate that they don't have to pay california taxes. no state taxes, just federal
6:55 am
taxes. that will get them. 39% taxes that they will likely have to pay on earnings that big. i split the jackpot in half. you decide to take the cash option. you take out the taxes. i have been telling you this morning, you are probably looking at maybe 100 million or maybe a little less. we are waiting on official figures from here inside the lottery office. either way, it is still a very exciting morning. that is a lot of money, terry and laura. >> it sure is. the odds of winning, it's amazing. we are going to have live coverage of all things megamillions on scoot tt mcgrew, who, in ca you were wondering, matched number of the numbers. most of you love that new apple hat. >> this is the one with the young man on the phone during the family's christmas celebration. >> earlier, we showed it to you. we asked you what you thought, in case you haven't seen it. here is a quicker look at it. the idea is that the young man
6:56 am
in this ad spends all of the time during his family visit on christmas on his phone instead of building a snowman or decorating the tree. the end of the ad gives the family a video for christmas. all the things they had been doing. it turns out he wasn't ignoring them. he was painting them. some people find this ad kind of disturbing, because he doesn't participate. we asked you. most of you love it. robert said he paid more attention to what was going on than anyone else. hope it will inspire other kids to do something similar. merry christmas and merry christmas to you. riccardo, how much did p ale pay you to share this? i like your attitude, ricardo. riccardo is a marine stationed in japan. he went to willow glen high school but wrote in to say, hey, the answer is nothing. we thought you would like to see the ad and weigh in on it. >> i thought that money might
6:57 am
take the place of what you didn't win. >> i didn't. i bought the ticket. not a single number. >> we knew when you showed up for work this morning, not scott mcgrew. >> sadly, not christina loren here. we are glad you are here. >> i am one of those people kicking themselves in the bay area knowing a big winner is going to be waking up this morning. i wish i would have bought a ticket. we are all going to win in the air quality department today. it is already looking a lot better. temperatures mostly in the 40s right now. let me show you what i'm talking about when it comes to that air quality. take a look at san bruno. temperatures are going to climb out of the mid-40s. by 4:00 p.m., about 61 degrees. you can see from this picture, it is already clearing up out there with the cold front on the way tonight. that situation will continue to improve. 60s across the bay area for today. 62 in fremont. let's check your drive. kind of a rough one, huh, mike? >> a very rough one for oakland. better situation.
6:58 am
choppers over the scene. all vehicles, including that big rig, have been cleared from the northbound 880. you see traffic starting to recover. as they pan up, you will see the snake on the roadway. you are jammed solid from the coliseum. starting to clear in downtown oakland. that entire stretch is backed up. there, you see the traffic continuing. westbound is your alternate to avoid all of this. if you need to go across the bay about you you don't care about the bay bridge, go to the san mateo bridge. we are showing a smoother drive. still, slow heading north from the coliseum. san mateo brindge, a little slowing as you approach. the dumbarton and peninsula move smoothly. northbound 101, gentle build. same for 280 and 85. 87, a slow recovery after an earlier crash has moved to the center divide. they have have all cleared the roadway. we send it back to you. thanks very much. time right now is 6:58. one final check of today's top stories.
6:59 am
the family of an oakland girl declared brain dead is holding a prayer meeting hoping for a miracle. the family has filed an injunction to keep doctors at children's hospital open from taking her off a ventilator. san jose police are looking for a woman caught stealing a package off someone else's front porch. she walked up to a home with an exty bag and puts the baggage inside and walks away. >> talk about a rip-off. police looking for two men that stole an atm from the corner of philmore and jackson in pacific heights. they slammed their van into the pole knocking the atm down. both the van and atm were recovered nearby. secretary of state, john kerry, will be passing through the bay area today. >> he is returned from his trip to the philippines. the secretary of state pledged nearly $25 million in more aid to the country. that's on top of the $62 million already donated by the u.s.
7:00 am
mr. kerry expected to fly into sfo this afternoon. >> he is going to stay overnight and headed back to washington tomorrow morning. that's it for "today." take care. good morning, mega winners. two very lucky ticket holders in that massive mega millions jackpot set to split $636 million and perhaps even more. progress, firefighters starting to get a handle on that raging wildfire in california's big sur but will the weather cooperate long enough to get it fully contained. lifesaver, a blind man falls off a subway platform and his trusty guide dog leaping to the rescue. >> we kept saying stay down because the train was already coming. >> this morning, the incredible story of friendship and loyalty. >> and she is "the voice." >> tessanne chin.


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