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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 18, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> the store owner. where is the person that won the mega million lottery ticket. >> a cool front on the bay area. that's great news for air quality, but it's bad news for anyone planning the holiday travels. we have fierce wind on the way. we're going to give you the timeline for the changes right here in the bay area coming up. a smash and grab to the extreme. police use the thieves use their van to ram and steal an atm before leading police on a chase through san francisco. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it is the question everybody in the bay area is asking this
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morning, who won? one winning mega millions ticket sold right here in san jose. >> we have team coverage. chase kane outside lottery headquarters in south san francisco where the big winner could turn up today to claim that prize. >> we start now with christie smith outside the store where that multimillion-dollar ticket was purchased. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. there's so much excitement out here this morning. it's like a rock star is in town. folks lining up at the store seeing if perhaps this lottery luck will rub off on them. the store owner became a millionaire overnight by selling one of the winning tickets from a store he just bought about four months ago. he says his wifeb>y hugged him night. this man can't believe his luck. >> very good kay dave. i'm excited. >> he has an awesome laugh and a lot to smile about this morning.
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$324 million each. this is jenny from the thrift shop. what will he do with his money? he isn't quite sure. he says he will keep working because he is too young to quit. he says he goes to church every week. not sure who bought this ticket, but lottery officials gave him his cut in front of dozens of cameras. sort of a large presentation check. lottery managers say it's the largest one she's given out. the win, he says, well, he was notified last night one of the best phone calls of his life. >> nobody know my name. only the lottery. yeah, has right. that too. >> i'm excited.
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>> i'm xid for the people that have won and how much their life is going to change. the smile on their faces. >> reporter: he can't stop laughing. you certainly can't blame him. a second winning ticket sold in georgia, but right now this may be the most popular lottery retailer in california. i wanted to give you a sense of what it's like with all the cameras we've got. people just lining up. kind of just staifring at the store hoping maybe a little he bit of that lottery luck will rub off on them. we have a couple of lottery pifls standing by. it's a busy scene, and a lot of folks so excited. >> he is right, too. we does have an awesome laugh. >> infectious. >> what's next for the big winner, wherever that person is? nbc's chase kane is in south san francisco with that side of the story.
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chase. >> well, we have not had a winner show up here yet, but they could, of course, claim the prize at any of the offices around the state of california. to give you an idea of just how popular this mega millions drawing has been, the officials here told us that at their busiest store, which is on the nevada border, at one point yesterday that store had a three-hour wait to buy tickets. that's how popular it was. this morning we did find one person who won. just not the whole jackpot. zoom he says it to me every week. >> it's a great christmas present. just a joy. >> if you feel like this, what do you think the big jackpot winner feels like? >> i'm sure you won't see him here today. it will be -- i know i wouldn't. i would be on a plane somewhere. >> and he will be on a plane.
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he is going back home to ireland for christmas with his money, but there were two other people in southern california that also won a little bit of cash. tickets sold in san diego and in chula vista each matched five numbers. those two people will win $2.6 million each. that's not too bad. as for the big jackpot winners, the cash option, if they take that, will be $173 million. about that much money. that's still a lot of money. good news here in california there is no state tax on that. just federal tax. that will cost you nearly 40%, federal tacks, which bring that $173 million cash option down to just about $104 million. still not too bad. >> it's always exciting having them come in and handing them the actual check. it's like you look at that, and it's like, what do you do? it's like you walk into your bank and say i have the check for, whatever, $100 million, and it's like they kind of look at
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you. it's one of those things -- there's a lot of preparation that's actually needed for a winner. lottery officials say no one won last night or friday night, then the next drawing would be on christmas eve. they think that jackpot would have been about $1.2 billion, so here on this -- they only have three digits, and they were sort of wondering they would have to write a b over the million and figure that out. they've never had a jackpot that big. >> sure. >> you know what, $1.2 billion, that's a lot of cash. >> it's almost starting to get absurd. >> the $15 million looks not bad either. >> i would take it. >> take it. >> chashgs thanks. >> the lucky winner is not alone. there was one other mega millions ticket that matched all six of the numbers. now, that one was sold at the gateway newsstand in buckhead. that's an upscale area of atlanta, georgia. so far no word on the name of the winner of that ticket
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either. while theu├║zr san jose stor owner does get $1 million, the georgia store owner who sold this ticket just gets publicity. get this. the 58-year-old korean immigrant gets no bonus for selling a winning ticket. fworj george lottery rules provide no retailer payout. they get a flat 6% commission on all the sales of the tickets. >> the $648 million jackpot may even go up. lottery officials say ticket sales are projected to be $319 million between the previous drawing on friday and this one. $336 million in tickets were more than they thought. the number will be finalized this afternoon. if you have not checked your ticket yet, who knows, maybe you don't know that you have won. here are the life-changing numbers. 8, 14, 17, 39d, and the mega ball is 7. >> all right. last night's jackpot is the second highest in mega millions history. the biggest jackpot was $656 million. pretty close there in march of last we're. the third highest overall was a powerball jackpot that hit $590
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million this past may. normally we don't talk this much about the lottery, but the fact it hit so close to home, it's pretty amazing. of course, we will continue to follow this story all day long on air and on-line. you can go to nbc bay for the very latest news. >> an update on a developing story. fire officials say the wildfire burning in big sur should be contained by the end of the week. the fire burning in the los ph.d. rays national forest near highway 1 has already burned about 770 acres, and nearly two dozen homes, including the home of the chief of the big sur volunteer fire department. fire is only 20% contained. an area west of highway 1 was evacuated last night. a team from the strike area will go to help with the unusually late in the season wildfire. the national weather service says the area usually gets about 45 inches of rain a year, and this year so far the area has only seen about 7 inches. >> boy. that dry spell really isn't helping out matters much. let's get a look at the weather right now. today is yet another spare the air day. the 11th in a row, in fact.
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that's the longest stretch in the program's history. >> doctors say the young children are the most affected by the poor air quality, and parents should limit their kid's time outdoors. >> they're very fragile, their lungs. they have very delicate lungs, and they are more prone to wheeze when they get respiratory infections when they have the affect of pollution hitting their lungs. >> doctors say during flu season this unhealthy air can actually make it more difficult to recover from being sick. a major contributor to the 2zair, this fire that burned for several hours at sims metal management in redwood city. investigators are still trying to pinpoint a cause. fire officials say a large pile of metal parts exploded. you can see the large plume of
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black smoke coming up. people in the area were told to stay indoors with the smell of plastic reaching as far south as san jose. this is the second fire to happen at the facility in just five weeks. >> you know, a lot of people were talking about that yesterday. especially the air quality out there. as we heck in with christina right now about the smell. so many people can actually smell that fire in the air. >> yeah. you know, it was very robust smell when i walked out of the studio yesterday. you two probably noticed that as well. i can tell you air quality has dramatically improved already, and it will do so even more throughout the night tonight and into tomorrow. here's where we're headed when it comes to your air quality. because of the winds that are going to pick up, it's going to next out all that haze that's just kind of sitting there suspended in our atmosphere. by thursday into friday we're going to held to good levels and then saturday we'll creep up just a touch, but we're still looking at moderate levels of pollution at that point.
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this should be our final spare the air day, but a historic stretch of 11 days, and we hit that record on the fifth consecutive spare the air day. i'm going to detail that storm system coming up and how it could impact holiday travellers getting to the bay area or get out of here. after all, it is the last weekend, guys, before christmas. hope you have your shopping done. back to you for now. >> thanks. police are on the hunt for two men who use their van to steal an atm before leading sfrdz on a chase. it happened early this morning in the pacific heights neighborhood of san francisco. officers say the men used a chain to pull the atm out of the ground at jackson and philmore. police found their van with the atm inside. the robbers, they're still on the loose right now. a witness says it was a crazy scene. >> they backed up, drove off the curb, did a u-turn, and came around and frontended the machine a couple of times. knocked it over on its side. the van pulled up then on the curb and they threw it in the
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back, and they drove off. >> police say the van was stolen out of the south bay. >>. a package thief in the south bay. what police say you can learn from this video. >> plus, apple tweets out its first pictures of a -- that's coming up in business and tech. >> the offer that's enticing people to finish their christmas shopping today.
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>> the family of onoakland girl declared brain dead after a routine surgery is holding prayer vigil tonight and hoping for a miracle. the family is fighting to keep the girl on a vebt lator at children's hospital in oakland. an attorney filed an injunction yesterday to keep the hospital from taking mcnabb off of the ventilator. the family is asking people around the world for their prayers.
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>> their medicine didn't work, so it's time to let god work, and this is where prayer is really important, and this is where we really need to come together as a family and we're asking the community to come together with us and really help us pray this girl back to perfect health. >> she was declared brain dead after she had her tonsils removed last week. officials have not released her actual cause of death. in a statement children's hospital says our hearts go out to the patient and her family. unfortunately, we have not been authorized by the family to share information. we are not able to correct misperceptions created about this sad situation. >> consider this video a warning if you are waiting for a package this holiday season. watch this as this woman walks up to the san jose home as if she's supposed to be there and she's not supposed to there. she has a large empty bag. she takes a package left on the doorstep, puts it into the bag, and you are going to see her walk away. the owners of the house on
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lincoln avenue say the package was only on the pomp for about 20 minutes when she showed up. they say thefts like this are happening often in their area and encouraging neighbors to please keep an eye out. secretary of state john kerry will be passing through the bay area today. he is returning from his trip visiting a typhoon-ravaged city in the philippines. he is pledging $25 million in aid to the country. it's on top of the $62 million already donated by the u.s. mr. kerry is expected to fly into sfo this afternoon. he will stay overnight before heading back to washington tomorrow morning. back at it. negotiations will continue between bart and its two biggest unions. they're trying to reach an agreement over the disputed pay family leave provision. bart management insists the provision was mistakenly put in the final package that they ratified last month. the unions say you signed it, it's a deal. >> it's not an official holiday today, but retailers are calling
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it free shipping day. this is the last day to pay extra cash to get a package by christmas. a full list can be found at free shipping >> perhaps what you need to be shipping today is a brand new computer. >> scott mcgrew, apple is finally ready to sell the super power mac intoshs. >> good morning. tim cook, the ceo of apple, tweeted out a picture. these are the new apple macintoshs. these are the strangely shaped computers announced earlier this year. they'll be available for order starting tomorrow. zirchlg the other thing we're watching just a few minutes ago, the federal open market committee broke from its two-day policy meeting. head of the fed ben bernanke is holding a press krch as we speak. scott budman will have more about what was said tonight at
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6:00. for now the most noteworthy thing. this is his last press conference. it's something he invented. he will then retire as chairman. back to you. >> san francisco salvation army is saying thank you this morning after a major donation they delivered more than $60,000 in toys to the salvation army last night. these target older kids that sometimes get overlooked during the holidays. donors say it's a good time to be thankful for what they have. >> when we decided do this because i think sometimes we all live in a bubble in san francisco, and we don't realize how privileged we are. >> i'm really proud of myself because i really love donating things, and i really like helping people. >> yeah. they say it gives you more than the person that you are giving to. toys will be distributed by the salvation army over the weekend.
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so many things going on. we have showers and wind. what's going on? >> cold front coming through. that i can definitely declare with certainty what's going to happen. gets a little bit gray when we talk about that. 55 degrees right now. we're in the mid 50s. san francisco, santa rosa for 61 degrees. comfortable conditions. already starting to climb out there. headed towards a pretty comfortable afternoon. not as nice as it has been. temperatures are going to drop off by a few degrees from yesterday's highs. look at the peninsula picture. that's actually fog. you can see it moving with the naked eye, and that is what's going to help out our air quality. on shore flow has moisture coming through the bay area. we desperately need it. that wind is going to help to mix things up as well. 62 degrees the forecasted high for today in san francisco. looking good out there. as we head throughout your afternoon, five to ten degrees cooling. especially noticeable right at the immediate coast with an increase of clouds and fog rolling on shore. as we get into tomorrow, we are going to see some really fierce
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wind when we meet back here at this time. just keep that in mind. it's probably a better idea to postpone your holiday travels if you can friday into the weekend because by friday those winds are going to drop off, and we are going to be left with some beautiful air quality. remember, your seven-day forecast right here at the bottom of your screen, if you are going to be sticking around, looking good through the next dpu days. have to get through the wind event first. it's going to impact southern california getting over the grapevine. 101 at the coast. light showers. overall, though, we definitely need that improvement in the air quality department. it is going to be windy. it's a give and take. it's always a give and take in weather. back to you. >> still to come, the president showed defiance to russia's anti-gay laws coming up next.
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>> we are less than two months away from the winter games in sochi, and president obama is sending a strong message regarding russian anti-gay laws. he will not attend the opening ceremony of the upcoming winter olympics. that's the first time since 2000 that a president, vice president, or first lady or former president will not be there. as part of the u.s. delegation, president obama has selected two openly gay athletes, tennis legend billy gene king who will attend the opening ceremony, while two-time women's ice hockey medalist casey will attend the closing ceremony. at the opening ceremony it will be former secretary of homeland security and current president of the uc system janet napolitano. also bay area native and olympic gold medal figure skater brian biotano. he won gold in calgary until 1988. sir paul mccartney could be headed back to san francisco as a big farewell to camels.
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mccartney reportedly told mayor ed lee he wants to performer before it's demolished late next year. park official saz they're trying to work out a date with the former member of the beatles. you'll remember, perhaps, the beatles performed their last concert together at candlestick park back in 1966. the 49ers will play their last regular season game at candlestick on monday, but there are a number of other events on tap at the park through next year. including one you might be interested in. a community day. giving fans a chance to say good-bye. well, the warriors are off today. star seth curry will be busy teaching people about living a happy life. he will talk about the importance of health coverage and also be active. he will also be signing autographs in exchange for a donation of canned or boxed food for food banks in the east bay. the event starts at 5:00 tonight. that will take place at the hilltop mall many richmond. >> seth considerry with 28 points in the warriors win. >> doing well. doing well. >> all right. well, still to come this morning, those of us who have a fear of heights, look away.
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it's the scary way that visitors can get an up close look at the french alps. have a strong stomach it you don't like heights. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round.
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>> visitors in france will soon have an even better view. >> much better. a glass box has been suspended at an altitude of more than 1,000 feet. christina is getting dizzy. the structure can with stand winds of 124 miles per hour. it has glass on the sides and even the -- people wear slippers over their shoes, and when they look outside they saw a dizzy es.6 of a mile of open air. >> i think the trick is you look out but not down. maybe. yeah. >> if you want to do it at all. >> if you want to -- maybe enjoy that view. thank you for joining us. next newscast at 5:00.
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