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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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bitten. the dogs are being held at the animal control services in east oakland. 11 dogs in all. all of them pit bulls. now, the video you're about to see is of one of the most aggressive dogs. this dog bit two people including the executive director of animal control services. oakland police stumbled upon the alleged dogfighting operation around noon today. they were serving a search warrant on an unrelated investigation. they knew dogs would be inside the home on eldred avenue in east oakland, but they didn't know the dogs were allegedly used for fighting. >> this is, like, a 1,000 square foot or 1,100 square foot house, little house, little tiny backyard. two of the dogs were inside. nine were chained up in the backyard living in unsqualler, no water, no food. the dogs aren't physically really in horrible shape. they are all undersocialized. a couple are demonstrating signs of aggression.
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the others seem to be very sweet. most have fighting scars on their face. >> reporter: now, that was dave, he was bitten by one of the dogs. very experienced no eexperience. now, this is equipment confiscated, a treadmill for dogs and a vest with weights used to get dogs in fighting condition. dog dogfighting, a big business in oakland and all over the country. by the way, no arrests were made in the situation. when they went to the home, no one was inside the home. this story is still under investigation. we'll have an updayttupdate on story at 11:00. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. there are plenty of people on the peninsula this evening upset with pg&e. they fear a gas pipeline in san carlos could rupture like the one a few years ago in san bruno. today pg&e re-opened the san carlos pipeline at maximum pressure. nbc bay area's monty francis
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joins us in san carlos with reaction from all sides involved. >> reporter: raj, that line is known as 147. it runs underneath britton avenue here. this is a residential neighborhood. pg&e says the line was tested two years ago and it is safe, but many people who live here still have their doubts. >> this is a sad christmas present for san carlos. >> reporter: san carlos mayor says he was not surprised, but very disappointed, that the california public utilities commission today voted 5-0 to allow line 147 to operate at its maximum allowable pressure of 330 pounds per square inch. the line, which runs along britton avenue between highway 101 and i-280 has been operating at a lower pressure recently after an engineer expressed concerns there could be the another, quote, san bruno situation. >> we believe that the pipeline has some serious unknowns associated with it. there's about a mile worth of this pipeline that's a mile out
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of four miles, roughly, that nobody knows what's underground. >> i don't think anybody really has their arms around what the truth is. >> reporter: christian rhodes lives with his wife and children on britton avenue. despite reassurances from pg&e and puc, he stillworries. >> they haven't been forthcoming so it waters down the trust with pg&e especially considering what happened in san bruno. >> reporter: eight people died in the explosion and resulting fire in san bruno in 2010. and in an investigation in the wake of that disaster, found pg&e's flawed recordkeeping contributed to the accident. today the puc issued $14.3 million fine to pg&e for not keeping the commission properly informed about flawed records concerning the line in san carlos. a spokesperson for the utility called the fine excessive. >> we're working to rebuild trust since the accident in san bruno in 2010 and have a lot of work to do especially around the
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issue in san carlos. >> reporter: san carlos' mayor says the city is considering legal action to keep that line from resuming maximum pressure. in the meantime, the utility says it wants to return to maximum pressure as soon as possible but won't make that move until city residents and city leaders are informed of that change. there's no word on exactly web that could happen. live in san carlos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new details now in the massive credit card and debit card breach at target. some 40 million customers may have been targeted, themselves. and while the retailer says it has fixed the hacking problem, the problems for shoppers could just be beginning. our business and tech reporter scott budman has advice for potential victims but we begin with nbc bay area's chase cain who joins us live in san francisco. chase? >> reporter: jessica, we talked to target late today and they told us that if you believe you may be a victim, you can call that customer hotline and find out if your card specifically was among those card numbers stolen. but the frustration was widespread on social media
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today, where one person tweeted, "it's the most wonderful time of year where shoppers have become the bull's-eye for thieves." carts fullff( and the parking packed. target shoppers in daly city did not seem deterred by the news 40 million of them could now be the victim of credit card thieves. >> i know things like this will happen, but it's not much i can do, but i'm not going to pay cash for everything. >> i don't think it's safe anywhere anymore, to be honest. this happened to be twice already in gas station. it seems to be a sign of the times, you know? people can hack into anything. >> reporter: and this hack was substantial. potentially grabbing any card number swiped at]. every u.s. store between november 27th and december 15th. >> they obviously should have better security for those types of things. >> reporter: in statement the store's cheryl and ceo did say "target's first priority is preserving the trust of our guest and we have moved swiftly to address this issue so guests can shop with confidence. we regret any inconvenience this
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may cause." but those who think their information was taken have an ongoing inconvenience tonight. getting individual help from target. >> it's busy. busy. >> reporter: the customer hotline is overwhelmed. >> we're sorry. we cannot continue processing your call. please hangñ >> hung up. even if you press the right button to get a person, if they are too busy, can't get one. >> maybe work on better security. i mean, that's the only thing they really can do. >> reporter: does it affect your trust in the company? >> i think it's pretty happened at a number of companies, so, you know, i'm just not going to single them out. >> reporter: of course, target is trying to single out the people responsible for this and they even have the help of the secret service. they, too, have joined this investigation. target spokesperson also told us late today that they are constantly adding people to those call centers to hopefully make it easier for customers to
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get through. live in san francisco, chase cain, nbc bay area news. >> chase, thank you. a lot of people concerned here. if you're one of the millions of pem people who shopped at target recently, there are steps to take. let's bring in business and tech reporter scott budman who continues our coverage. scott? >> reporter: well, good evening, raj. this is a situation, as chase said, to be wary of. there's no need to panic. many of us have been victims of a credit card breach or two. and there are steps you can take to protect yourself. so like many of us, you shop at target and now you're worried. that's legitimate, but there's no need to panic. what was likely a software breach gave hackers access to credit and debit card numbers because all the devices target uses to swipe your cards are networked. the bad news, your card may be used by thieves. >> your information, once it's shared, can be used anywhere globally. >> reporter: that's hightrust
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chief technology officer, and here's where the good news comes in. hightrust, like many security companies, has seen this before. they say if you do even a little research, you'll know if you were a hacking victim. look for fraudulent charges, big and small. >> they might run a transaction, you might not notice it and later they might do a bigger transaction. they're becoming more sophisticated and also when and how they perpetrate these fraudulent transactions. >> reporter: sadly, hackers have gotten better at this and even big companies like target have not gotten much better at defending themselves. >> 19 calendar days for reaction when there's so many cards at risk is troubling. >> reporter: all right. if you're worried about your credit card, here's how you can correct yourself. first, check your credit card accounts. you'll get a statement every month, but you can also call the card company to check sooner. second, check the free credit reports. no cost to you and you'll get
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peace of mind. and third, you can place a fraud alert on your credit report for a little extra security. credit card breaches have become more common lately, and during this busy holiday shopping season, it can pay to be extra vigilant. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> we have more information about this target security breach and new details about how you can protect your credit and debit card info. head over to our website, and search "target." they want to hang on until the holidays. the family of a 13-year-old girl now brain dead after tonsil surgery are awaiting a meeting with children's hospital officials so they can ask them to keep jahi mcmath on life support through december. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live in oakland with more on the family's request. kimber kimberly? >> reporter: just a few minutes ago, we heard from jahi mcmath's uncle who said they're still upstairing waiting for that meeting but the chief of pediatrics, that meeting was supposed to start an hour ago at 5:00.
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according to the family, it was, in fact, at the request of the hospital. today, earlier today, that is, the family's attorney sent a letter to the hospital's attorneys making several requests. including giving the eighth grader a nutrition tube, keeping her on the ventilator until christmas and giving the family 48 hours notice should the doctors decide to ignore the family's wishes and take her off of life support. the family says they continue to hold vigil at her bedside and have hope she will recover. >> to me, it looks like she's at peace and she's resting. you know, when she's done going through the traumatic stuff that her body is going through right now, and she feels well enough, she'll wake up. prayer and the law has been working and it's continuing to work. >> reporter: this all began december 9th when mcmath went into children's hospital for a routine tonsillectomy. after that surgery, she began suffering severe complications. three days later, she was
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declared brain dead. the family says the hospital was pressuring them to take mcmath off of life support until they threatened legal action. a spokesperson for children's hospital said she cannot comment on mcmath's case or even if a meeting was set to take place this afternoon between the two sides. the family has requested the hospital not speak to the media. and, again, we were told just a few minutes before our live shot here that the family is still waiting to speak to the chief of pediatrics. we will be out here waiting to see if that meeting happens this evening and bring you any updates if one does occur and if anything comes out of that meeting. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. still ahead here at 6:00, out with the old. the new area code coming to the bay area. plus, police say they've been pushed to the edge and now they're fighting back. a small group of san jose officers, what they're doing to help a neighborhood take back its streets. i'm jodi hernandez in oakland where the city admits it owes drivers more than $2
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million in overpaid parking tickets. are you one of them? a live report coming up. and, good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we have been tracking gusty winds for today. topping out at 53 in fremont. livermore at 52. details on when we're done with the wind and a look ahead at the weekend forecast, coming up.
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take a good look. recognize any of those men? investigators are asking your help as they work to track down three burglary suspects who hit a home in los altos hills yesterday. home was located on berry hill lane. santa clara sheriffs said it took the thieves less than two minutes to break the glass slider and one knocked down a camera. the men ransacked the master bedroom and got away with a jewelry box. city of oakland might owe you money. a total of more than $2 million,
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what oakland owes drivers after failing to give refunds to people who overpaid their parking tickets. the city auditor discovered the oversight. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in oakland this evening. drivers are fuming. jodi, can people still get the refunds here? >> reporter: oh, they most certainly can, raj. everybody knows what happens when you don't pay your parking fee. you just might end up with something you don't want to see on your windshield, a parking tikt ticket. what may surprise you, what's been happening here when you overpay for your violations. tonight the city of oakland admits it owes a lot of refunds. when it comes to collecting for parking tickets, the city of oakland doesn't mess around. >> the collection process is very serious. you get a paperwork in the mail letting you know you have to pay this within a certain amount of time or certain things could happen. >> reporter: now the boot's on the other foot. thanks to a parking ticket odd did, the city of oakland acknowledged it failed to refund people who overpaid on more than
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3,000 tickets. the city says it owes folks a whopping $2.3 million in refunds. >> it shouldn't take an audit telling the administration that this isn't your money and you can't spend it. this is the citizens' money. it's an overpayment and you should be collecting that and setting it aside and notifying the citizens. >> reporter: city auditor courtney ruby says she's stunned by the findings. she says people have every right to get paid back. >> these are very tough times. every dollar counts. >> reporter: the city blames the problem on an outdated system. next month, they'll inform folks how to apply for refunds. >> we apologize for the conveniencethy may cause them and doing our best to resolve this and taking internal controls to make sure we improve that process. >> reporter: while the amount of money owed is staggering, driver darryl pierre says he's not surprised. he says the city has tried to
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double collect from him before. >> i think it's happened to me twice where i've paid, and they've said that i've owed, and actually had receipts. so i've actually gone back and showed them that this has been paid. >> reporter: drivers say they hope the city makes good on what's owed. they're thankful the auditors are looking out for them. >> you took the money, so give it back to people. >> reporter: again, the city of oakland says they'll start issuing public notices next month. they're also going to have information on their website telling people how to go about getting their refund. they estimate that the average refund will be about $12 to $25. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the ntsb issued safety recommendations today in hoping of preventing another fatal b.a.r.t. accident like the one in october. the ntsb urged redundant safety measures like a safety monitoring system and secondary warning devices and wants the federal transit administrator to
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require a review of safety procedures. a b.a.r.t. train killed two b.a.r.t. employees when they were inspecting the tracks in contra costa county. the accident is still under investigation. follow-up on the san jose high school band which had its bingo fund-raiser ripped off. it's a win across the board. the band receiving a big gift. the online bingo company, presented oak grove high with a check for $5,000, the same amount stole when a masked man with a gun robbed the fund-raiser last week. bingo night will continue but with extra security. there's also now video surveillance and an off duty police officer thanks to donations from luckity and also from the community. the band hosted the bingo fund-raiser every wednesday for decades without a problem. sacred hart community services says it does not have the toys and books it needs for its annual holiday giftaway this weekend.
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the charity is hoping to give presents to 6,000 low-income kids but don't have enough presents. if you can help, sacred heart is accepting donation tomorrow from 8:00 to the morning until 5:00 station at 1381 south first street in san jose. meteorologist jeff ranieri. i walked outside today, i thought it was fall. it was clear and it was warmer. i was confused. >> yes. and, you know, officially winter coming as we head throughout this upcoming saturday. it definitely has been all over the map with our extreme weather shifts throughout the bay area. right now, the thing you want to notice across the sky camera grids, we're mainly dealing with clear skies. also temperatures in the 50s. the one spot i want to bring you to, that is the east bay. that's where we're consistently at this hour finding winds gusting at high as 2 2 miles per hour coming out of the north. the thing you want to know is when are we done with this wind, especially throughout the bay? you're traveling throughout the golden gate bridge, bay bridge tonight. we've got that forecast for you. 7:00 p.m. tonight, the worst
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throughout the bay and north bay. tomorrow morning, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, see the wind map. the colors beginning tod" shift. a lot of yellow and blue starting to filter in. that correlates with winds that could gust anywhere from about 10 to maybe 20. tomorrow looks a lot better in that wind situation. 24-hour forecast. has it starting off in the mid 30s in the south bay. also mid 50s by the noon hour. we'll see pretty much the same here for the peninsula. slightly warmer conditions with upper 30s to start there. san francisco, warmer to start with 42. by the noon hour, temperatures in the upper 50s and sunny skies. and for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, you'll all be beginning with 30s. coldest spot in the north bay. coincidentally, coldest part in the morning hour will be the warmest as we head throughout the noon hour and early afternoon. if you're getting away on friday, headed ow on a plane to holiday travel, clear at san francisco airport. a little bit of cloud cover. the problem comes in where you're landing. across the west, we may have a
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few problems in seattle with the rain/snow mix and clearing out from a storm system in salt lake city. then the last thing here, you guys, in chicago, we're getting ready for possibly an ice storm as we head throughout the next 24 hours. >> that sounds really, really cold. so glad we're here. coming up, the dangers one of the staples of dinnertime that may pose for your health. bullying because of religion. new findings about the tough road some california students face. kids, now there's a sequel. how a girl got her own chance to be a superhero for a day.
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okay. move over, 415. here comes the 628. the california public utilities commission approved a new area code today for san francisco and maren counties. beginning in february of 2015, so you have time here, all new numbers will be assigned 628.
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existing numbers, don't worry, you keep your 415. 415 was one of the state's first area codes created in 1947. okay. batkid took over san francisco. today wonder girl is inspiring the cities of vallejo. nbc bay area's janelle wang has more on a cancer survivor's adventure. >> reporter: 10-year-old monika romo had no idea she'd become wonder girl for the day until city officials showed up at her front door this morning. unlike batkid of san francisco who was saving the city from the riddler and the penguin, this girl was saving vallejo from a different kind of evil. 10-year-old monika romo arrived at her first stop, her school, pennycook elementary in vallejo. she was greeted with fanfare. classmates dressed up as superheroes holding up signs cheering on wonder girl and even performing a dance. >> i couldn't believe it. i think it's really nice that people would do something like this. >> reporter: vallejo together, which organized the event,
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wanted to create something special for the fifth grader who was diagnosed with leukemia in april. monika is now in remission. >> i'm happy, grateful. we've had so much support since day one from everybody. >> reporter: to pull off today's surprise, organizers said monika needed to enter an essay contest on how a superhero could save vallejo, a city recovering from bankruptcy and one that has seen a rash of violent crimes. what they didn't tell her was she was going to be t only entrant. today she read her winning essay. >> cancer the evil villain is attacking my body. it is similar in vallejo when vallejo -- to live their normal life. i choose to have a smile on my face. >> reporter: this is just a little taste of how beautiful vallejo is. despite little things we hear or whatever, i think it matches with other cities. the city comes together like no other city can. you ask and receive and everyone wants to support. >> monika stopped by two other
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schools and read her essay and city hall. she was awarded a key to the city and a laptop. the 10-year-old says she wants to be a teacher someday. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> good for her. a heartwarming story. glad she got her kudos. coming up, cash, credit or bit coin? it's the newest currency out there but does it have any chance to make it into the mainstream? plus -- >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live in san jose. crime fighting with limited resources. and it's working. that's coming up next. plus, panic after a night out at the theater. hundreds trapped inside after the collapse of the ceiling in the middle of a show.
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fighting back with limited resources. a small group of san jose police officers are trying to take back the streets in one area of town that's being plagued by gangs and drugs. it's just south of the san jose state campus. that's where nbc bay area's damian trujillo spent the day walking the beat with the commander. >> reporter: in the fall of this year, that's only three months ago, gang members didn't even wait for nightfall. in they attacked in broad daylight. that's when operation william street kicked into gear. >> he's working on his skills how to talk to mentally ill people down here. >> reporter: captain tony used to walk these streets south of san jose state university as a beat cop. now he's commander of central
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division, one of the city's tougher areas. >> that little kid needs a sticker. >> reporter: over the summer, things began spiraling out of come in this neighborhood. it peaked with a daytime gang-related murder in late september. >> in this case, decide enough is enough when we had someone shooting somebody on broad daylight on the sidewalk, 4:30 in the afternoon. they decided that was unacceptable and were going to come out here an make a difference. >> reporter: that was the beginning of operation williams street. five cops and a sergeant who took it upon themselves to take back the streets. since that september homicide, they made 50 arrests and made contact with more than 100 suspected gang members. all while patrolling their normal beat. >> it's not an order that i gave them. it's not an order that the lieutenant gave them. it's something they decided they were going to take the initiative and embrace this area and really take a look at the problem and make an impact on it. >> reporter: an impact being noticed by the local neighborhood association. >> the police department has been very good for the last month they've been coming out
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here and they did some arrests. >> reporter: part of the trick, he says, is making sure the neighbors know you're there as a friend doing the little things like making sure this child got a police sticker when he asked for one. >> that's good. shows they care art the community and we can trust them more now, you know? sometimes hard feelings within the community and police a lot. >> reporter: he and his men, the operation william street force, are building those relationships. crime still exists and gang members haven't gone away. the captain vows his cops won't either. and an interesting footnote. there has not been one major violent crime in this neighborhood since the initiation of operation williams street. live in san jose, damian t trujillo. a san francisco woman charged in connection with a horrific crash that killed a 16-year-old pled not guilty in court today to felony vehicle mar manslaughter and reckless
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driving. jenny shu will remain free on bail but only on the condition she not be allowed to drive. the crash happened very early in the morning at pine and gulph in september. witnesses say they saw shu's mercedes suv speeding up to 80 miles an hour before it slammed into a minivan and catering truck. 16-year-old kevin was killed. his mother and sister critically injured. shu's next court date is february 5th. a rainy and dangerous mess in southern california. two tour buses crashed in separate accidents after leaving the same casino. one person died. and 2 2 others were injured. when the first pala casino bus overturned on i-15 in fallbrook an hour north of san francisco. 30 people were injured in the other accident leaving the is co. the chp says in all 30 people were hurt. now developing news out of london.
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the ceiling of the historic apollo theater collapsed during a performance tonight. right now nbc news says 88 people have been hurt, at least 7 injured seriously. it happened on which is equivalent to our broadway. a packed house. nearly 800 people inside. theatergoers at first heard a crack then saw the ceiling crease then suddenly a collapse. a blanket of dust and wood trapped people in their seats. police say everyone has been evacuated from the building. luckily no deaths have been reported. there's a good chance you've heard of bit coins but there's also a good chance you have no idea how the currency actually works. well, this digital currency was initially used in many illegal circles. but it's becoming a lot more mainstream. here's nbc bay area's stephanie chuang. >> we were the first cafe to accept it in palo alto. >> reporter: want a cup of coffee at cupa cafe? leave your cash and plastic at
6:34 pm
home. >> .023 bit coins. >> reporter: owner j.p. says the palo alto cafe has accepted about $4,000 worth of the coins since summer. >> one transaction a week, and two transactions a week. now we're about two to three a day. >> reporter: ocean blue sushi in sunnyvale is also expanding what it accepts. >> visa, master, discover, american express and bit pay. >> reporter: that bit coin excitement is spreading week by week as more businesses adopt it. from an inn in this ski resort town of red lodge, montana, to a florida man buying a tesla out of a southern california dealership using all bit coins. but how do they work? you can think of bit coin as a digital coin people send directly to each other online globally. when you transfer them, there's an electronic signature, a string of characters. countless networks around the world work to solve complex math problems to verify each transaction.
6:35 pm
done in a matter of minutes then permanently and anonymously logged into a public ledger. this process is called mining. each successful mine produces another bit coin. the specific number of them out there, 21 million. a system designed to prevent inflation. a system many believe is revolutionizing the way people will look at money. for the guy who used to work at google -- >> i believe that bit coin would do to money what the internet did to your information. >> the guy who left wall street -- >> i think it's a radical shift in thought. >> reporter: and the investor. >> it's going to slow. >> reporter: mickey founded venture capital firm out of downtown palo alto. he's calling it the vc investment that will yield the biggest benefit and impact in his lifetime. >> a year ago i would have said this is a nice experiment, i'll give it a 5% chance of success. six months ago probably 7.5%. now i give it over 25%. >> reporter: he sits on the board of the bit down foundation with the mission of standardizing, protecting and
6:36 pm
promoting bit coins. he believes the digital math-base ed currency will chan how people move around money cutting out the fees, paperwork and the red tape. he says what's been lacking is a solid infrastructure that makes using bit coins easy for both consumers and merchants. that's exactly what san francisco-based startup coin base has been trying to do. >> go on to coin base, link your bank account in a similar flow you might see on paypal and hit the buy bit coin button. it's kind of that simple. >> reporter: while dominant, bit coin isn't the only option. >> two years ago when i told people if you'd follow it -- >> reporter: m.i.t. grad, google foll follower, decided to try his own currency. as bit coins have surged, so have the alternatives. pure coins, name coins, a non this coin map shows more than 1,800 businesses worldwide
6:37 pm
accepting bit coins and more than 70 accepting light coins. almost 40 places in the ebay ara accepting one or both. >> at first i thought it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: economist and professor at stanford's graduate school of business isn't so sure about bit coins. >> it could be an interesting bet but it's not something i would recommend most people add to their portfolio. >> reporter: she does agree the future of how money moves is changes with the new system. >> the core of the innovation is the fact we have a secure, public ledger where i can move value from me to you. >> reporter: for bit coin believers, the numbers have mostly been on their side. >> eight months ago there were probably 200,000 people and now there's only 5 million people. >> reporter: and bit coin success is exactly what the owner of cupa cafe, an early adopter, is hoping for. not just for his business but as an investment. >> now the value has gone up so much, i'll probably just hang on to the bit coins. >> reporter: stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. coming up here at 6:00, is there bias in the classroom?
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what a first-of-its-kind report reveals about growing up muslim in california. also a stress solution? the pill that's likely already in your home that may help you control your anger. and plenty of wind across the bay area. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we've got one of the best forecasts in weeks coming our way for tomorrow. we'll also have a sneak peek at the holiday forecast coming up in just a few.
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in health matters, could aspirin help your temper? a new study by university of chicago shows uncontrollable anger is linked systemic inflammation. that means potentially chronic anger and irritability could be treated with anti-inflammatory
6:41 pm
drugs ike aspirin and ibuprofen. the research does not explicitly link aspirin with reduced anger but the implication is there and that opens the door for further studies on the topic. not as safe as it should be, the gist of the new report about the food we eat. the study shows that food inspectors failed to adequately notify people of the possible hazards from the salmonella outbreak in foster farms chicken this year. researchers discovered also inspectors didn't demand recalls and allowed meat to be shipped to stores. mark schiller of san jose fell violently ill for three weeks in september, ended up in the e.r. twice. schiller says three months later h he still has pain on the right side of his body. food inspectors say they are working on making improvements to the way they monitor salmonella contamination in chicken and, again, that the food inspection needs to be more closely watched. all right. turn things over to chief
6:42 pm
meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're heading toward the weekend now. >> and the hloliday weekend. some people don't have work next week. >> seemed like it was taking so long and here it is. live look outside at san jose. clear skies now leads to a better forecast for friday. you're not going to want to miss what we have coming our way in just a few minutes.
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in tonight's class action education headlines, growing up muslim in california schools. a new survey of puz limuslim st show while many feel accepted in school, cases o 6 bias and bullying do persist. a study shows 80% of muslim students surveyed in california say they do have a positive school experience, but nearly half say they have been the subject of some form of bullying including one in five young women who say they've been
6:45 pm
harassed for wearing their islamic head scarf to school. >> these kinds of issues do have a dell teers effect on a student's performance, not only socially, but academically. >> uc comes in on top, university of california got more pa temtents last year than other university in the world. according to new ranking by the national academy of inventors, 357 utility patents were granted to uc. stanford came in third with 182 patents. well, tonight we're getting our first look at a new movie by bay area director jennifer newsom. >> we created an idea of masculinity in the united states that doesn't give young bays a way to feel secure in their masculinity so we make them prove it all the time. >> it is powerful. it's a documentary that examines societal pressure on boys.
6:46 pm
remember we first talked to newsom back many 2012 when she made a splash with her documentary about girls. she visited bay area schools back then to talk about misrepresentation. a movie about women and popular culture. now, her new movie "the masc" is insightful and it is amazing to watch. we're going to look forward to what she has to say about boys and the culture. it comes out next year. well, did the white house prompt a well-known olympian to come out of the closet? gold medal figure skater brian boitano publicly announced he was gay, two days after he was named to the u.s. delegation for the upcoming winter olympics. also named to the delegation are openly athletes billy jay king. having them represent the united states is seen as a message from the white house to russia, the host city, about its anti-gay laws. the 50-year-old san francisco resident told me last night over
6:47 pm
the phone, "i am many things, a son, a brother, an athlete, a cook, an author, and being gay is just one part of who i am." all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. let's talk about the next coming days and it's safe to talk about the weekend now. we're so close. >> i know. i know. i felt like i needed it on monday to be here already. for a lot of you, yes, you're ready for it, we have an incredible forecast. especially if you're starting maybe a long weekend into friday. we're going to have a look at that coming up. let's get a look at the wind that was the top story today. it's starting to decrease. 10 to 20 miles an hour sustained inland. wind gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. overall, the trend is beginning to go down. i want to show you on the sky camera network right now. this one thing. we're starting to find already 40s in the north bay now with clear skies. a frosty morning for you. temperatures dropping near the freezing mark. also for the east bay, our camera is shaking around quite a bit. sustained wind out of the nor at 10 mile the per hour. see gusting to 22. we'll likely see that scenario
6:48 pm
for about the next three to four hours. then for tomorrow, we're going to find marked differe ee eed d. the wind forecast, what you're going to be able to see, as we head throughout tomorrow, we're going to see things go down rapidly. in fact, in half for the wind. friday, 15 miles per hour. saturday and sunday, winds from 5 to 10 miles per hour. much better here. we're pretty much done with the wind story the at this point. what are we going to be left with here as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast? the future cast, the storm track is going to be off to the north. any sign of any kind of rainfall is going to be deflected by this area of high pressure. so rainfall stays up in oregon. we stay sunny and we also stay rain-free at this point. so those clear skies will mean this. radiational cooling. that will allow any kind of heating we had for today to escape up into the upper atmosphere and leave our temperatures here in napa, 32. redwood city, 36. south san jose, 37. how about that microclimate forecast?
6:49 pm
as we head throughout friday? i said it was going to get better. here it is. sunny skies across the sky camera grids in the south bay, peninsula, also for san francisco. temperatures going up by a few degrees. f 63 in san jose. going to feel awesome. 64 in morgan hill. could be one of the warmest. throughout the peninsula, numbers in the low 60s. for san francisco, upper 50s to 62 there expected right along mid market throughout downtown. for the north bay, east bay and tri valley, the largest thing will be in the north bay where you're going to start off with low 30s in napa, also santa rosa. by the afternoon, you'll have the warmest temperatures expected across the bay. the same thing that helps you to get so cold in the morning hours being trapped in the valleys will help you to heat up in the afternoon. you're going to be really away from any kind of innuance fluen the bay. saturday's friday, winter will officially arrive at 9:11 in the morning. wint winter solstice.
6:50 pm
9 hours and 33 minutes of daylight. once we hit sol stas and beyond that, we're going to have increasing amount of daylight in that forecast. and we're going to give you an early christmas preview as we head throughout next week. temperatures in the low6 66s. unfortunately, not a white christmas. as i said before, i don't know why you'd want to regift this. it's perfect for bay area standards. >> we're going to keep it. >> beautiful wrapping on the gift behind you, also. >> he did it himself. >> thanks, jeff. let's get to jim kozimor from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. all the talk about the 49ers and jim harbaugh. >> when rascally jim harbaugh comes to the microphone, bring your sense of humor because it was playful jim today who invoked the wisdom of one judge judy to fend off questions about his future and whether he would try to redo his deal with the 49ers or maybe he would be a candidate for another job. let's listen. >> time to talk about -- talking
6:51 pm
about contracts and i've always felt that it's in nobody's best interest to publicly discuss those. always been another principle of mine. as i've stated many times, i speak only -- rumors? do you have any evidence? do you have any evidence, clark? or tim? or eric? any evidence? what are we talking, hearsay here? hearsay. judge judy's court. hearsay is not admissible evidence. i think we can all agree that an unnamed source is hearsay. will we not? i see unnamed sources related to many of these -- in of these topics. and it's my point that unnamed source -- an unnamed source is hearsay. and in the court of public opinion, why would you give any
6:52 pm
of that credibility? beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed sources. they speak with thwarted tongue. watch a lot of judge judy. >> when they're winning that guy sounds like gold. 49ers, let's talk football, they won four in a row. last sunday's win against tampa bay. two games to go before the playoffs begin, the team believes they are peaking at the right time. ouch. >> i think it's all timing. i think we're hitting the right spot at the right time. you know, getting better. running. anquan doing a great job. me, kaep running and throwing. and even, like, you know, ke kendall making plays. that's big for this team, especially at this time.
6:53 pm
>> yeah, i think we're playing, you know, our best football right now. >> for the most part, we're healthy, man. i think that's the big thing, you know? we know we can play. we know we can stop offenses and running backs and things like that. my big thing now is we're healthy. let's get to the hardwood now. warriors in action tonight. they take on the san antonio spurs. spurs going to be without the big three tonight. tony parker out with a shin injury or shinjury as i call it. tim duncan resting. tonight at 11:00, the highlights for you. and giants news. they have an agreement in place to sell brett hill's contract to the tigers of the korean professional league. the deal will not be finalized unless he agrees to terms with the club. there you have it. the sharks get at it tonight in l.a. against the kings. i promise highlights tonight at 11:00 as well. that twil will do it from the xt
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
an update, what's been unfolding in oakland in the last 15 minutes on the critical meeting twameet ing of the 13-year-old girl who's brain dead after tonsil surgery and officials at children's hospital in oakland. moments ago the family told us the meeting, quote, did not go well. they requested that doctors keep jahi mcmath on life support at least through the holidays. the family, though, say the doctors they feel were dismissive of their request. the family attorney says now he'll file a motion tomorrow morning to prevent the hospital from removing jahi from a ventila ventila ventilator. children's hospital is prevented by law from talking to the media about the medical case. tonight, the nbc bay area investigative unit is raising
6:57 pm
questions about delays, excuses and government waste in san jose. chief investigative reporter joins us in the newsroom with a look at what's ahead in tonight's investigation. >> jess, what we're talking about here is millions of dollars. it's in play between the federal government, the city of san jose, and san jose's airport. nearly four years ago, the faa accused the city of san jose of violating the law and illegally diverting funds from the airport. tonight our investigation uncovers yet another delay, raising more questions about government fishts syefficiency money. >> this is an audit that started almost four years ago. as we sit here today, it's not finished. >> there's a lot of complicated issues. >> it's not acceptable to not finalize an audit after three years. >> reporter: we investigate. invite you to join us tonight at 11:00. see you on the other side of the lends. jess, raj? >> see you at 11:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
bieber backlash, late again to his own premiere. where was he? now on "extra"? hundreds of fans lined up for hours to see their idol, and he is m.i.a. >> justin's manager, scooter, is here today to set the record straight. >> what was bieber doing at ihop? >> went to ihop instead of his premiere? >> well, let's discuss that. the "duck dynasty" dad's goose is cooked. phil robertson yanked off his hit tv show after his shocking anti-gay rant. who's publicly defending phil today? new couple alert, miley caught sharing a private jet with kellen lutz. >> are you dating mile


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