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tv   Today  NBC  December 20, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. we're so glad you're with us today. we're very excited. who's here? >> oh, my gosh, she's another one of those people, the more she speaks, the more you love her.
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>> you love her more and more. >> beautiful humility about her. she was on the earlier hours. we cannot wait until she gets here. >> if you're one of those people complaining because the airlines were talking about allowing cell phones on the plane -- [ cell phone ringing ] >> can you imagine 800 of those -- or 80 of them? delta, southwest and jetblue says they don't care what the fcc says, they're not going to allow cell phone conversations on their flights. >> delta has announced they are going to let you use your phone -- >> delta's a no, delta, jetblue and -- i think it's -- oh, thinks that it was. delta says it will compromise by letting passengers check their e-mail. >> you just can't speak though. >> most people believe the ability to make calls on board would definitely detract from, not enhance, the flying experience, which is not great anymore anyway. >> i can't imagine if someone was on -- >> what if you wanted to sleep? >> a cross country flight? >> when you take the red eye a lot from california back to
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new york, there's always some -- >> yes, there always are. >> people that just decide, wow, what a great time to talk. great time to chat. >> do you talk to people next to you on the plane? >> not on a red eye. i have though. i've been that person on occasion that -- you don't realize how loud you're talking. you know what really bothers me though, and i usually get along beautifully with flight attendants. i really like them. they're really hard working. a flight recently, and i will not say which airline, they were all -- everybody, even -- everybody. everybody was in the galley, yakking the whole time.
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from l.a. to new york. they were so nice, i didn't want to say, can you guys hold it down? they should have held it down. >> talked the whole way? >> a little party. >> all right. so there's a lot of christmas cards going out and holiday cards. prince charles and camilla sent out their holiday card. >> oh, look at this. >> oh, my god, this is not what you would expect. >> it looks like they're happy. looks like they're at some kind of horse event. >> i think they like a little nip or two at a horse event, don't you think? a little nip and a little gallop. royal ascot, races, that's why -- >> he looks loving towards her. >> we remember what he used to say about her so i think the man's in love. there's no other explanation. we asked you the other day to follow up on facebook about how you all feel about the cards that come with the five pages long, you know, updates of how many cavities your kids had and all of that. you voted on our website. >> 68% said bragging has gotten out of control on christmas cards. they think it's too much. >> hit the highlights.
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>> yeah. >> and then 32% said they like to see all that stuff. >> i think what it comes down to is if you have time to sit and really -- when you get them from people you don't remember or you don't know that well at all. or you say, oh, my gosh. i have to ask frank who somebody is is that's bad. that's definitely really bad. >> but we appreciate everybody sending them. >> we do. >> the question also came up about the cards with the photos on it that look like real pictures. our facebook friend jennifer rosen bergen gave us a good idea. she said take a picture of the card, then put it in your phone and have that be like -- when that person calls you, that's the photo that comes up, so you get to be reminded, like, there they are. >> i think that's a great idea. probably not going to do it because i don't know how but i think it would be great. okay. we want to show you -- we don't want to give it away. there are students in texas who decided to play just a little -- have a little fun with their teachers, okay. the teachers were regarding merry christmas video next to a christmas tree. >> here's what happened. >> ahh! >> merry christmas. >> ahhh. >> oh, no! >> ahhh! >> our first christmas that i spent with my -- >> ahh. >> merry christmas, go dogs. >> ahhh.
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>> oh! >> -- was the year that i found out there wasn't a santa claus -- >> ahh! >> great times, go dogs. >> ahh! >> you know, i'm sure somebody some day is going to have a heart attack. >> i get scared on some of those things. that was their media class project. very, very smart. all right. we have to talk about kim basinger for a minute. she signed a modeling contract at age 60. i first met her -- she's my age. she looked darn good. looks great. first met her when we were both about 20 years old. there's a restaurant called moon shadows out in los angeles. you want to get depressed, go into the ladies room and be at the mirror with kim basinger. you know, even when you're at
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your only peak, and i peaked some time in 1942, there you are, thinking you look okay, and there's kim basinger next to you and she's just -- she's flawless. and she is so nice. she's lovely. so the same age as me. her daughter ireland -i think we're going to see some mother/daughter stuff. >> a lot of these different cosmetic companies and modeling agencies are using older models. diane keaton -- >> i love her. >> and andie macdowell, both for l'oreal. i thought that was so genius of l'oreal because she always looks great. >> here's the thing, people her age, our age, we buy things. >> we have more disposable income than we had when we were in our 20s and we need the
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products more. and we like to see people like us so we can go, oh, diane keaton looks so great. >> i could too. >> okay. >> you know what i want to know. >> what? >> i want to know if those life lifts work that debby boone -- how does somebody go in there on your lunch hour and come back like a facelift? >> let's get her on shot to explain. >> i went and saw "anchorman 2." and it's all throwback songs. there was one that came on and in the screening i was singing the song which nobody liked but i didn't care. the song is called -- >> you're going to remember it. >> i'd really love to see you tonight. >> one of my favorite songs! finally. i love this song. ♪ >> we got to crank it. >> we can play the whole thing. ♪ hello yeah ♪ it's been a while not much how about you ♪ ♪ i'm not sure why i called i guess i really just wanted to talk to you ♪ ♪ and i was thinking maybe later on we could get together for a while ♪
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♪ it's been such a long time and i really do miss your smile ♪ >> here it comes. >> everybody! ♪ i'm not talking about moving in ♪ ♪ and i don't want to change your life ♪ ♪ but there's a warm wind blowing the stars around ♪ ♪ and i'd really love to see you tonight ♪ ♪ really love to see you >> that's the part i love. >> is that not a great song? >> you just put me in the best mood, hoda. >> "anchor man 2" has all the best songs. ♪ walking through a windy park ♪ take a drive along the beach ♪ or stay at home and watch tv ♪ it really doesn't matter much to me ♪ >> everybody! ♪ i'm not talking about moving in ♪ ♪ and i don't want to change your mind ♪ ♪ but there's a warm wind blowing the stars around ♪ ♪ and i'd really love to see you tonight ♪ >> all right, kids.
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we have to do okay or not. that's the longest you've ever allowled i-hoda to play. usually you cut it off after three chords. i think you're maturing, i really do, hoda. is it okay or not okay for tv and movie stars to make holiday albums. here's what we said. >> if they're talented, hoda, why not? >> i agree. >> you do? >> yes. here's my answer, yes, it's okay. kathie lee gifford. need i say more. >> aw. i listened to it once. >> all right. coming up, it was so long ago, you can't even get it anymore. i was seven months pregnant when
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i recorded that album. >> you can get it on itunes, can't you? >> i guess so. >> our ambush makeover. >> right after this. and she's got the beauty and the voice! she's here. hello! ♪
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come on.
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oh, my gosh, i don't even want to talk over it. she is the singer taking the country by storm. boy, does this girl have the voice. >> after 13 weeks of intense competition, jamaican powerhouse tessanne chin was crowned champion of season five of the hit "the voice." >> okay, let's hear it. ♪ don't walk away from me >> sorry, honey, i know you're here -- ♪ i have nothing ♪ nothing >> oh, oh! >> we want the -- >> go ahead and finish it for us, tessanne. ♪ if i don't have you >> early on. >> we didn't want to brag, but from way in the beginning, we
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heard your voice. >> because you have the combination of everything. we call it "the voice." it's spectacular. it's also personality. every time we heard you talk, we fell in love with you even more. >> we sure did. >> because the person of you is so beautiful. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. i remember my friends, this is how i knew it was a big deal, they took a picture of you on the phone and they sent me, like, kathie lee and hoda were talking about you. i'm, like, no, they didn't! i couldn't believe it. like, for real? >> we meet talented people all the time. there are some people that just cut through -- we met celine dion when she was 15 -- >> talk about your connection with her.
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>> that was amazing. >> i can't. i just -- this is a dream for me. i can't believe i got to meet her. i'm so happy to see. when you think of someone -- >> you don't want to be disappointed -- >> a sweetheart. one of my favorite parts of watching you sing is watching your coach's reaction to you. he looks at you -- >> like he's in love, right? >> like he's never heard that before. was there ever a point when you felt scared a little? >> all the time because he kept giving me these songs and i'm, like, i don't know about that, and i think, you know, that's -- he pushes you past what he thinks is -- >> was he right every time? >> he was. >> i said, i don't want to do that song. he's like, no. >> because it's so synonymous with that other artist like whitney or sort of thing? >> for example, with whitney, that was terrifying because
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people are very connected to whitney, not just her voice. as a person. it's still very fresh, her loss also. >> can i say -- >> yeah, yeah. >> look at this face. close-up please. really zoom in. >> don't stay back like you do with me and hoda. this face. you are going to be cover girl or noxema. if you could see this skin. >> we want an ad. >> and we want 10% commission. >> what's next for you? >> what's next is i get to do the rose parade. >> i will see you there. >> oh, it's going to be fabulous, with jackie and will. i get to go home tomorrow and have a little bit of downtime. and then i record. >> you have a husband who -- has he been cheering you on? >> i've been saying, it takes a strong man who allows his woman to shine, you know, and he has allowed me to. he just lets me be me. i think his reaction trumped mine. he was really -- >> he's heard you sing in the
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shower. >> well, we'd like to make a toast with your favorite jamaican rum. you asked for this when it was over. >> give our love to those wacky crazy talk show hosts in jamaica, simon and neville. >> we love simon and neville. >> you all were so good to us when we were there. you are going to be one of the biggest musical stars the world's ever seen. >> thank you very much. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> we're going to go out with no talking -- >> when a christmas gift is a good investment. >> we can't talk. ♪ don't walk away from me ♪ i have nothing, nothing, nothing ♪ ♪ if i don't have you sir... i'll get it together i promise...
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all right, it's time we play a fun new game we call stock or stop. >> we're going to find out whether it's better to spend our holiday dollars at the store or we should invest our cash in the
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company itself. >> here is cnbc's personal finance correspondent sharon epperson. you look so pretty in red. >> it's been a record year for stocks and people may want some stocking stuffers so we'll talk about that. now, we're looking at based on the last six months, you're going to tell me whether they should have gotten the stocks or the stuff. we'll start down here with your favorite. a little bit of wine and spirits from constellation brands. what do you think about this company? >> you got it. >> stock. >> you are right. the stock is up. and if you had bought one bottle of vodka, one bottle of wine at the beginning of the year, you would have doubled your money if you just invested instead. >> abercrombie & fitch. >> stock. >> definitely. it's not done really well.
2:27 am
kids love it but investors not so much. >> look at that bag. >> for the new year, exercise gear, you want to get ready and get in shape. dick's sporting goods. dick's sporting goods. >> they're huge out in l.a. i'm going to say stock. >> the stock has gone up over the last six months. it's not done quite as well as the overall market. a lot folks are saying the economy is getting better so maybe the stock will continue to get better. it is definitely stock. >> what's next? >> macy's. >> what do you think? >> i'm going with stock. >> you're going with stock and you're right, it's up over the last six months. good for you, you did well. >> it's 2-2. >> that's my second one. >> i don't think so. you were wrong on abercrombie. >> i was right on abercrombie. >> here's the next one. trip adviser. trying to figure out whether you
2:28 am
want to go to this hotel this restaurant, this location. what do you think? stop and stuff. >> what do you mean, stuff the trip? >> you could buy a trip. >> i say book the trip. >> you say book the trip. well, you're not right, hoda. no, the stock is good. the stock is definitely done very well this year so you might want to think about that again. >> okay. >> now, it's snowy out here. over the holidays, a lot of people want to stay in and rent movies, watch movies, stream movies. netflix. >> that is stock. they've got to be going through the roof. >> absolutely, through the roof this year. >> so all of these companies you could have bought the stock for less than $100. including netflix at the beginning of the year. that stock is now $370. it's nearly quadrupled in value this year. >> you've turned me on to "house of cards." can you buy someone shares? is that a possible christmas
2:29 am
gift? >> you can definitely buy someone shares. there's different ways. best way to do it, online through one of the discount brokers and e-trade, scott trade. a great way. so those are ways you can buy it. and you may not have to have any type of minimum balance in the account. a lot of people think they have to have hundreds of dollars to do it and you don't have to do it. >> what stocks did the very best last year? >> this stock has done, of all of our stocks, this is definitely the winner in our group. >> what did i win? >> nothing. >> a happy holiday season. >> hanukkah's over. did you say happy hanukkah? >> i said happy holiday season. >> they're ready to check out their hot new looks. and a great song. right after this. all right, welcome back, everybody, for more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. it must be time for ambush makeovers. >> two lucky fans were plucked from the plaza outside for head to toe brand-new looks. >> let's do it one more time, shall we?
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2:31 am
all right, welcome back, everybody, for more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. it must be time for ambush makeovers. >> two lucky fans were plucked from the plaza outside for head to toe brand-new looks. >> let's do it one more time, shall we? ♪ lewis lacari ♪ la, la, la >> and author jill morrison. >> hey, guys.
2:32 am
>> you're making these choices quick. >> it's cold, number one, two, we had so many signs. one sign was especially for me. instead of lacari it said bacardi. >> all right, first up, alexandra. she has had that same look for as long as she can remember so she wanted a brand-new look for her fast approaching 50th birthday. >> we notice the sign. luis bacardi. because you thought his name was luis? >> yes. >> so you wanted this for me. you googled the name. this is what you came up with? >> yes, ma'am. >> so why do you want this for your mom? >> because she's been talking about the "today" show and how she really loves it and -- >> aw. so what do you think, we picked you. >> i'm really excited. i'm looking forward to a change. i'm really excited.
2:33 am
>> ready for a different looking wife? >> absolutely, a little adventure. >> oh, a little adventure. >> she's already beautiful. >> she really is. keep your blindfold on. >> he's already cheating. >> here is a picture of alexandria before. let's see the new you. [ applause ] oh, my god. >> oh, my goodness. >> take off your blindfold, and get ready to freak. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> say something. >> whoa! >> alexandria, you've got to see yourself. turn right around, sweetie. >> i love that!
2:34 am
>> oh, my god. >> that haircut is fantastic. >> this is a bob, jagged on the bottom, pushed to the side. it has layers and a new length. everything about this is new. i took away highlights which were a little bit frosty. i made her this soft natural looking warm brown, which is very close to her natural color, by the way. and of course her makeup. >> christy, what do you think? >> i'm speechless. >> you're also adorable. >> you are. >> yes, yes. and you love it too, richard? >> oh, yeah. >> jill, that dress was made for her. >> imagine, major, right? look at this body on her. i mean, winter white is still appropriate. we love that for the winter. >> beautiful. >> a big round of applause. >> oh, my god. >> go join your family right over there. >> richard saying thank you.
2:35 am
>> aw. >> all right, our second lady is robin. she's 46, from hattiesburg, mississippi. when we asked her about her daily beauty routine, she laughled out loud. so she was thrilled for the opportunity to pay it forward for just a few hours. >> mississippi lady needs a makeover. a lot of signs today. someone came to us and said, i want to be a redhead. >> i want to be a redhead, yes, absolutely. >> you're in luck, because luis does that. what are you looking for? >> great, great. just bright red nice hair. >> luis' dream, here we go. >> i'm ready. >> she said bright red. i can't wait. >> all right, she's here with her very handsome husband burt. hello, burt. if that's your real name. >> hello. >> let's bring robin the redhead out. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> hey, now. >> i hope you're on your heart medicine. take your blindfold off. >> wow, that looks great. really great. >> it really does. >> turn around and see. >> get ready. >> that is unbelievable.
2:36 am
>> it's julianne moore. >> i know. >> gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh. >> that looks great. >> oh, wow. >> notice, i want you really to notice the hair color. the old hair color was very dark, a bit harsh on your facial features. this is softer. you look so glamorous. and it is so much more flattering to your complexion. >> you look like a natural redhead. >> today's redheads do not have to look garish. they don't have to look like a corvette. they can look like -- >> they look smashing. >> look at burt. >> burt, what do you think? >> she looks fantastic,
2:37 am
absolutely. >> so now you're going to live in hottiesburg instead of hattiesburg. >> like a dream. >> just do a turn to show this cutout in the back. look how pretty, how beautiful her body is. >> bring alexandria back out. a round of applause. >> good job. >> we're going shopping. >> we are, for life in the techie lane. for that person in your life. right after this. asionaconstipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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technology moves very fast so whether you're looking for a gift for the techie in your life or you like to stay on top of things for the digital world, this segment is for you. >> digital expert carly is here with some personal presents for under 100 buckaroos. >> it doesn't have to break the bank. >> can be inexpensive. >> we love it when you're here every week.
2:42 am
>> is that an open invitation? >> it is. >> okay, done. this is for the control freak on your list. it is a sensor you can stick on nearly anything in your home and then you can monitor it on your phone. this one's on a door. it's going to sense motion. i'm going to open the door like somebody came in and i'm going to close it. in a matter of seconds, i'm going to get an alert here that says someone came in. >> that would be great when you have holiday parties and people come over and they use your -- they go in your medicine cabinet. >> see who's looking in your medicine cabinet. >> that's a good one. >> it will also monitor light changes so good for inside a cabinet and also vibration. >> okay. >> this is the netflix of books. this is called oyster. $9.95 a month. all you can eat buffet out of 100,000 and more titles. >> how can they do that? >> they just do that. >> volume. oyster. >> name of the game. okay. this is for the germaphobe on your list or maybe the slob whose gadgets look like they have been encrusted in something. these are a range of products from a company called am. you can't just spray your tech with any old household cleaner.
2:43 am
this is a range of products. it's wipes, sponge, all tech friendly. i love this one because it's a little spray. and then the sides are a sponge. >> clever. >> so these little ones you can fit in your purse. they start at $9.95. this is a really cute project for kids. kids are technically inclined but you don't want them in front of a screen the whole holiday. it's from sparkle labs. they make these little lunar module thingies. it's hard to see in this light, but there's a little circuit and they light up. >> oh, cute. >> so put a little light bulb in there, very crafty, 16 for 3. >> why is there cereal here? >> this is for anyone who's busy or anyone who needs groceries. this is for everybody. it's called the haiku. it's the smartest refrigerator magnet you can imagine because it will -- and the bar code is
2:44 am
underneath. okay, yeah, it's glued. so it's going to scan the bar code and talk to this app, which the phone is not on, but if it were, it would show you instantaneously that -- >> anyway, we believe you. >> you also can -- excellent. it says "raisin bran." you can also say bananas. and it would put it on there. my kids love this. they tell me when they finish something. >> i love that. >> that's $79. >> we have a couple seconds. >> okay, it's impossibly affordable, it's under $50. >> what is it? >> more streaming media from the internet. free and paid stuff like netflix and hulu. you don't even need an hd tv to use it. it's incredible. amazon, hulu, music, sports. >> how do they do it? >> carly says it, it's true. >> happy, happy holidays, sweetheart. >> you've heard his voice in hundreds of films, commercials,
2:45 am
tv episodes. >> now the grammy-nominated singer/composer. i think it's a pretty special holiday song. >> first, these messages. >> alaska is a very extreme environment. >> 30 foot seas, hurricane force winds. >> you go in. really bad situations and we always pull it off. >> when we hit the water, game on. >> underwater, go.
2:46 am
>> the reason why we all do this job is to save lives. >> a lot of the time the coast guard comes before the families. >> when he's out flying, i do pray. >> everything they throw at us we do. >> fall is finally here. >> and for every season there's a reason to watch. >> wake up with al. >> it's just right. >> all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top stories. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know
2:47 am
first thing. >> we're kind of like a killer app in the morning. >> so tap into us. >> so wake up with al, weekday mornings at 6:00 and 10:00. >> now [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is! you give them the giggles.
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all right, we have a very special guest with us today. an accomplished singer, producer and two-time grammy nominee who also happens to be klg's good friend. >> yes, that's right, recently i sent him a song that david freeman and i wrote, like, 20 years ago. he recorded it and has agreed to come here and sing it today. it's called "make my heart a manger." >> you have known each other forever. >> since 1970s. >> right. he's been the voice of "moses" in "prince of egypt," 100 episodes of "the simpsons." most sought after singer in hollywood. >> when you saw this song, what did you think? >> loved it immediately. just did a little arranging, we orchestrated it, recorded it -- >> he asked me to change a lyric. i was happy too.
2:50 am
he was right! he was right! >> thank you. >> you're going to sing it for us. >> absolutely. >> here it is. amick byram. ♪ ♪ now that i know the wonder of a child of my own ♪ ♪ i wonder at the love that our father has shown ♪ ♪ sending such a gift in such a simple way ♪ ♪ as a young mother wept ♪ and shepherds knelt to pray ♪ i don't comprehend it can't begin to understand ♪ ♪ but i gratefully accept it as
2:51 am
i touch the tiny hand ♪ ♪ lord make my heart a manger too ♪ ♪ be born in me tonight breath in to me a life brand-new ♪ ♪ and fill me with your light ♪ don't let me long for gifts or praise or angels songs on high ♪ ♪ but help me live my hours and days ♪ ♪ reaching for the sky ♪ and touch again that tiny hand now scarred because he came to bring new life ♪ ♪ to everyone who calls upon his name ♪ ♪ lord make my heart a manger too ♪
2:52 am
♪ be born in me tonight breathe in to me a life brand-new ♪ ♪ and fill me with your light ♪ now the star has faded from a sky that shone so bright ♪ ♪ but the wisest men still seek him in the darkest of the night ♪ ♪ and still the light is burning ♪ ♪ in the hearts of all who call on the prince of peace the son of god the loving lord of all ♪ ♪ oh, lord make my heart a manger too ♪ ♪ be born in me tonight ♪ breathe in to me a life brand-new ♪ ♪ and fill me with your light ♪ the prince of peace ♪ the son of god ♪ the loving lord of all >> oh! yes. oh, it's so great to hear you sing. >> excellent. >> people can download that, right? >> yes.
2:53 am
♪ breathe in to me a life brand-new ♪ e ♪ and fill me with your light ♪ the prince of peace ♪ the son of god ♪ the loving lord of all >> oh! yes. oh, it's so great to hear you sing. >> excellent. >> people can download that, right? >> yes. >> you can download "make my heart a manger" at >> all the downloading sites are
2:54 am
there. >> all right, special guest ahead, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
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2:57 am
we are in the final days of our holiday gift drive. besides toys and books for the kids, we love giving families help with the ness sechts.
2:58 am
necessities. >> since everyone has laundry that needs to be done, our guests are here to make a cuddling contribution. >> dan jackson from nature of pet projects is here to help with that. a double whammy. >> hey, guys. >> hi. >> how are you? >> why did you think it was important to donate this year? >> some products -- we believe that families have a lot of expenses that are unexpected. so to offer some everyday household expenses by getting laundry products, they're able to spend money on other holiday items. >> how much are you giving away? >> $350,000 of laundry products and 35,000 snuggle bears. >> and that's a snuggle bear. >> kind of cool, that one, huh? >> yeah, it's soft. >> we can't forget about pets. >> that's right, blake, i heard. >> yes! >> so how much are you giving away?
2:59 am
>> we're donating $250,000 of california natural dog and cat food which is a natural cat food made with the fewest possible ingredients so ideal for cats and dogs with sensitivities. >> so many people have to give away their animals because they just don't have the money to take -- to care for them the way they should. >> this time of the year, it's great to give back. it caps off our shelter program where we donate throughout the year. it's a great way -- >> most of these companies, you guys give year round. >> we do. we believe in employee gift giving and charitable donations. so we have a lot of our employees at a very local level that give away. one of my favorite ones is hug, across america. which is for children in need at special times. >> did you notice how white -- >> their teeth. >> you guys have blinding -- >> you don't use all on your
3:00 am
teeth, do you? >> all's great for wine stains. >> oh, oh! >> thank you so much. thanks, sweeti >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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