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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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armed and amount run. right now the search is on for five men involved in a violent home invasion robbery in fremont. how the thieves got away, coming up. plus you can not giving up hope. the major step the family of a young oakland teenager is doing today to keep her from being taken off a ventilator. and how b.a.r.t. and local police officers are coming together to protect holiday shoppers today. take a look outside at san francisco, the trans america building and the city of st. francis it is friday, december 20th, this is ""today in the bay."" good morning, everyone, it is 4:30, christmas almost here.
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i'm jerry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you august a lot of people have very high interest in the weather, a lot of people traveling, a lot of people have family coming into town if you are one of those people, going to get spoiled this year, comfortable conditions, not just today, all the way throughout the next five to seven days. here is what we are looking at. you are going to find strong wind in santa rosa, napa, double digits. elsewhere, the single digits to start the day in terms of your wind speed. not as windy for today, nice, clear start, see a nice warming trend that is the weather story i want to tell you coming up in my next report. good morning, friday, probably not going that light with the travelers, mike. >> maybe later on, people don't leave the house until well after 7 a.m. 4:31, the bay bridge, some folks just leaving, i have been keeping my eyes crews to the san francisco side, crews leave the overnight roadwork.
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look at the map, a smooth drive across the bay, see the lower deck into treasure island out of san francisco with crews leaving a little later on today. no problems on the approach out of the maze. we do have one crash in the area, west 24, right at the pleasant hill off-ramp. reports a car went off the roadway, maybe on its side. flat tires -- got to get it backs on the tires. no injuries, nothing major. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. right now, fremont police trying to track down five men wanted in connection with a home invasion. police say a woman was hiding in a bedroom when the thieves stormed inside her home on armor way near the st. james apostle church. it happened wednesday. the woman home alone at the time called her brother for help. police say she is new to the u.s. and didn't know about 911. this surveillance video shows one man running across the yard before hopping into a gray or silver infinity suv. police say the suspects threatened the woman, one man had a gun, another a knife, the suspects ripped a gold chain off the victim's neck and took off
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with other jewelry and electr electron electronic. the woman was rattle bud not hurt. the search is on for the suspects involved in a home burglary in loss als to hills and investigators hope you can help with the search. take a good look look at the surveillance video released by the santa clara sheriff's department. the three men here broke into a home on berryhill lane wednesday afternoon through the sliding glass door. no one was home at the time. i guess that is the silver lining u the suspects ransacked the home and took off with a jewelry box. take a good look at this sketch. police in pleasanton say this is a man who may be responsible for several recent home break-ins, the latest was december 3rd at the civic square apartments on burnle avenue. officers say a tenant came home to find a man inside the victim says the suspect put his hand under his jacket and said add gun and threatened to kill him if he called anyone. the suspect took off with cash and jewelry. investigators say the suspect may have broke noon several other units at the same apartment complex. sentencing schedule today
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for the woman convicted in the gruesome burning death of a homeless woman more than six years ago a. 36-year-old mia sagodi doused jill may with gasoline and burned her alive in a parking lot near candlestick park in november 2007. sagodi killed neigh retaliation for snitching. date before the murder, sagodi robbed may and when she found out may filed a police report, she picked up a victim, drove her to the parking lot and killed her. form 4er 9er and raider player, kwame harris, back in court today on misdemeanor domestic violence and battery charges. the defense filed a motion to dismiss the case, claim the statute of limitations has run out. the decision on that motion and possible sentencing expected today. harris was convicted of assaulting his ex-boyfriend after a fight outside a menlo park restaurant last summer and it was said to be over table manners. the family of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead after having her tonsils removed is headed to court today. the attorney for the family said
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he will file an injunction in alameda county superior court today the injunction would prevent doctors at children's hospital oakland from taking the teenager off a ventilator. attorney says the hospital wants to take the child off lime support soon but not specified a specific time. the family is asking she stay on a ventilator, at least through the holidays. the hospital says it cannot release certain information regarding the case because the family will not give it legal permission to do so. another plan today to demand justice for andy lopez. the march is scheduled for this afternoon t has been almost two months since the teenagers a death. lopez was shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy on october 22nd who said he thought lopez's replica gun was a real assault rifle. today's gathering is at 4:00 at city hall. frustration releasing among card holders across the country who say they can't get through to target to see if they have been a victim of flood.
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nervous shoppers flooded targets online customer service, tied up phone lines ever since hear, stole credit and debit card information from 40 million customers. the breach covers cards swiped at every u.s. store between november 27th and last sunday that includes credit, debit and target red cards. the company did tell customer it is does not look like pin numbers were stolen. laura, speaking of security, the popular option of an e-mailed receipt could be putting your personal information at risk. the paperless option is event for shoppers but privacy ex-officers at the consumer federation of california say mer charnlts are doing a lot more with the information than just sending you a receipt. >> once they have got it, they will build a database about you and they will market you, and yes, they can spell to third parties who can then use it for their own purposes. >> experts say if you use paperless receipts at several stores, data aggregators compile that information, most likely, even track down your home
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address. happening today, shoppers get special service. oakland and b.a.r.t. police teaming up with volunteers escort b.a.r.t. riders to their cars. it's happening at the west oakland and fruitvale stations as well as a station in san leandro. b.a.r.t. says they offer the service every year to help keep riders safe during the holiday season when property crime increases. the service will be offered from 5 to 8 across tonight. new this morning, a head's up, the center for environmental health says purses and other a is he is source from several popular stores could contain lead. the center says over the past year, more than half of the accessories from wet seal contain more lead than allowed, about 25% of items from forever 21 and charlotte russe failed lead test he is. last month, they received letter from a whistleblower of a boot sold from charlotte russe contains too much lead. the letter showed test results
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and the boot. sacred heart community services said it doesn't have enough donations to follow through on its promise. this weekend, they want to give two toys and a book to 6,000 kids from low-income families f you can help sake cret heart, accepting donations today from 8 to 5. the charity's drive thru donation station, makes it easy, 1381 south first street in san jose. you can also make a financial donation online at sacred heart >> it is the season of giving. dozens of students in the south bay get an early christmas present today. campbell city officials will hand out new bikes, new bikes to 100 element and middle school students in need this afternoon. they will get pick out their perfect ride from the many donated bikes. the bike give away kicks off at 1 this afternoon at the campbell middle school gymnasium. >> all right a lot of people are going to want to ride those around. >> yeah. >> that's fine. check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren.
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>> terrible christmas morning, a brand-new bike what do you new york it's raining. not going to be the case this year. good morning to you, you need to friday, it's the final weekend before christmas. if you're out and about, maybe traveling are, maybe shopping it is mild now, but chilly to start. remember, take peek at that weekend forecast, always right here scrolling at the bottom of the screen. your 7-day forecast always ready to go for you right here on nbc bay area. get nothing this afternoon, temperatures going to climb nicely into the 60s, 64, morgan hill, 60 today in foster city. basically, see uniformed temperatures across your microclimates yet again, mid-60s in san francisco, not a bad day there, plenty of sunshine to go around, deceptive sunshine, look out your window, it looks warm. not quite the case until the heat of the day. and the warmest time of day right now about 2 p.m. 64, mill valley today, comfortable conditions in the north bay, look at the numbers,
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66, in santa rosa. freemont, trivalley, nice warm day shaping up for, temps in the mid-60s, let's get to your shopping forecast this is where a lot of people are gonna be, as we head through the next couple of days, especially the guys out there but, hey, better late than never. saturday looking good. what was that, terry? don't you forget about us. 63 degrees, 65 stanford mall, good, union square, livermore, the 60s the next couple of days. comfortable conditions, warmer on sunday, take you through the warming trend coming up in the next report right now check your drive and say good morning to the man who got his shopping done. >> indoors, good stuff, valley fair. first on the santa clara zbirktd bag and put the stuff from the san jose side in the bag. shopping tip. >> wow. >> east bay, fremont, smooth drive southbound, headlights past the truck scale, no big drama here, show you the map, 880, show you marked with the ar row, northbound 680, the other
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side there, looking at the auto mall -- sorry, auto mall parkway and the off-ramp that has a car crash, car rubbed the wall and off the road into the ditch, sounded like someone drifted a little too far. there are crew thrust. a little slowing, past that and into the crash, should clear up the next few. keep our eyes on that. smooth drive through the area, livermore, the right side of your screen, i moved the arrow a little too far to the right that is traffic flow heading out of the area, a lot of folks heading to the central valley, sierra, christmas in the mountains, get start crowded starting 22:30 this afternoon. toward the palo alto area, peninsula, smooth drive now, 101 and 280. across the bay to the peninsula. >> let's hope it stays that way. thanks. still ahead on today in the bay, one person dead, dozens more hurt 234 in three separate bus crashes on a busy southern california interstate. we are going to tell you about the common factor in all three wrecks, coming up. plus, the ceiling comes crashing down during a packed performance in one of london's most famous theaters.
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welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful live look outside, you don't you think, terry? >> the light reflectsing on the bail. >> i love the bay bridge, so pretty, a nice, nice start to our friday morning it is friday, 4:45 now. four members of the coast guard will receive medals today for saving several hikers in the north bail. four-member team, including a helicopter pilot, a co-pilot, rescue swimmer and flight mechanic will receive an air medal and three coast guard commendation medals today. the steam credited with saving six hypothermic hikers from a remote cove near port reyes this past summer. a bay area development company has pulled its plans for a massive project, one of palo al tease busiest areas. the site is on page mill road in between el camino real and alves street. j paul company, a san francisco developer, wanted to build a new 300,000-square-foot office complex. the plans included a new earthquake public safe di building across the street. the company though says the political climate in palo alto, that's the reason they are
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pulling you the plug. the city council had expressed concerns over increased traffic lining one of the city's most congested areas. from political climate to weather climate. >> seamless, folks, seamless. >> hopefully, we have cloudy control out there this morning it is cold out there temperatures in the 30s and 40s, 39 to kick off your day in san hose city, that's right, you need to friday, you need to the weekend. want to show what you is going on in santa rosa and napa, i think we will fall into the 20s here, we head to the next couple of hours what is happen, straight wind right out of the north, nice and mild out there once they lose the wind and starting to drop off now, we are going to lose that warmth. probably fall to 26 degrees before all is said and done in napa this morning. elsewhere, temperatures weren't going to be too bad, all end up in the 60s later on today no major microclimate separation, san francisco, 60 later on this afternoon, 62, peninsula, south bay looking good, 61 degrees, you want warmer weather, oh, boy, did we have that in store for august steady warmup headed
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our way, going to be traveling, want to on point out a couple i'm a yea of concern, trying to get to chicago could be problematic. the weather system headed through there, going to produce a little bit of a delay due to de-icing, st. louis, watch out for three to five inches of rain headed to cleveland, two to three inches of rain. elsewhere, looking pretty good across the nation in terms of weather for travel today. going to be staying local, look at these temperatures for christmas year, 65 degrees in san jose, 64, walnut creek, tahoe 40 degrees, no snowfall, but they are still making it up there of course course, the results are open and hopping. if you want your 7-day forecast, always down here at the bottom of your screen, i'll be back in just a little bit to take a closer look that the shopping forecast because after all, that's what the people really want this time of year. back to you for now, terry and laura. bench time i started my shopping. thank you, christina. facebook showing its holiday spirit this morning. ceo mark zuckerberg plans to donate $1 billion in company stock to charity by the end of
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the month. for that and the rest of your news before the bell we turn to seema mody live at cnbc headquarters in new jersey. good morning. >> terry, good morning. let's start with those markets futures right now, pointing to a slightly higher open, falling a fresh record hint dow, a ten-year treasury yield continued to gain momentum following wednesday's fed meeting, the dow climbing 11 points, s & p down and nasdaq 11 points. here is the story on our radar, facebook founder mark zuckerberg is cashing in on some stock, he is selling over 41 million shares of the social network, worth around $2.3 billion. facebook has said most of the net pleased go to uncle sam, which means over a two-year period, zuckerberg may end up paying between 2 to 3 billion in federal and state taxes. the tech entrepreneur plans to donate around $1 billion of facebook stock to charity. other news, verizon wireless will publish reports on the number of government requests it received from customer data to early next year it sets a precedent forth telecom industry
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which has always kept that information private. they have been under a pressure to disclose this information after leaks by former nsa contractor, edward snowden. back over to you, terry. >> thank you so much, seema. we have got new details to tell you about this morning out of london, where the ceiling of the historical public theater collapsed during a packed performance. right now, norths say 76 people are hurt. at least seven seriously injured. it happened in london's west end, which is equivalent to broadway in new york city. it was a full house, with more than 700 people inside. theatergoers say they heard a crack, then the ceiling creased in the middle and just collapsed a blanket of dust and wood trapped people in their seats. police say everyone had been freed. no deaths have been reported. one person was killed and dozens injured in three separate bus crashes, all in southern california, all on rain-slicked freeways. the fatality occurred when a tour bus heading to a san diego casino from l.a. on southbound
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i-15 flipped near fall brook yesterday. one passenger was pro-numbers onned dead at the scene, 19 others hurt, six of them seriously. >> there were so many victims, it overwhelmed us, so you we go into like a military-type setting, where we go and do a triage situation, we do a quick assessment of everybody. >> apparently, speed he was not the problem. the bus driver says he was going 55 miles an hour when he began to fish tail and apparently, overkrerktd. and at almost the same time, 30 people were hurt when a bus coming from a casino in san diego county flipped on northbound interstate 15. that crash happened in the corona area east of los angeles in riverside county. about 50 miles from the crash scene, crews had to call in heavy equipment to right that bus. a third bus also crashed earlier, also in riverside county, on state route 74 near paris. 14 people were taken to the hospital in that crash. all three crashes under investigation, but the highway patrol says it was raining and you the roads were wet when those crashes happened.
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law enforcement's responses to last year's deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary will be scrutinize $at a meeting in connecticut this morning. the sandy hook advisory commission will meet in hartford with the connecticut police chiefs association delivering presentation. commission members will also discuss discuss the state attorney's report on the shooting. the commission was formed to recommend state policy changes in the aftermath of the shooting that killed 26 people, including 20 young stud students. it's 4:51. in colorado, students returning to school for the first time since an 18-year-old opened fire last week. they are getting some canine companionship thanks to a colorado man there are no classes at arapaho high school this week but some students were allowed to return yesterday and they will, today to collect belongings left behind during the chaos of friday's shooting. they were met by teachers, counselors and comfort dogs brought in by daniel see better. see better's dogs golden retrievers, james and emcertain,
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provided companionship as she stopped by a memorial for 17-year-old claire davis snail a coma after being shot in the head tragically on friday. still ahead on "told in the bay", a major announcement at the san francisco zoo today involving one of its newest additions. plus, looking to bounce back tomorrow night, but they may have to do it without one of their stars. we are going to explain, coming up. as we look at the san mateo bridge, we have a nice, easy drive, westbound, the taillight that is your commute direction, we should have a light commute, friday and just before christmas, we will see how that shakes out. right now, i will give you an update on the east bay crash, coming up.
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the time is 4:55 on this friday morning, looking out from san bruno out toward san francisco and the east bay and the bridge and it's twinkling and it's clear, we have got a gorgeous, not only a day, but a gorgeous several days coming up, we are going to hear from christina loren all about that shortly. the sharks might have to take on the dallas stars tomorrow night minus their rookie sensation. sharks forward tomas hurdle left last night's game with the kings with an apparent knee injury, late in the first period, you saw it he took a knee-to-knee hit from dustin brown, immediately skated very gingerly off the ice. and ow that hurts, straight to the dressing room. brown was thrown out of the game for doing what he did. after the injury after the game, head coach tom mcclellan said he had no update and the shark lost that game, 4-1.
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check the morning commute now, still early. it is a friday. let's check in with mike. it is early. >> and is a friday. >> thank you, mike. we appreciate that report. >> looking out here, the bay bridge. we are looking at the beautiful lights reflecting off of that water, a smooth drive as crews still go in the east bound direction, up a couple of lanes as you travel past that treasure island area not having realism. pact on the speeds, arrow mark in the commute direction oakland into san francisco but probably see, as tradition is on a friday, build happening later on in the day 11:00 in toward the city. a smooth drive down the ooefs shore freeway to the top of your screen. here on the right side, zoom in here to west downed 24 pleasant hill road off-ramp, still reports of chp activity, an earlier morning crash, a car over on its side, a fire crew arrived, blocking one lane, sounds very dramatic and probably distraction but nothing dramatic as far as the slowing and smooth drive through the area, guys. back to you. >> thanks a lot.
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just a few hours from right now, we are gonna know what to call the latest addition to the san francisco zoo. >> right now, call duct infant western lowland gorilla. >> which doesn't work. >> look that the little face. she is gonna make her zoo debut this morning, at 10 arm, officials will announce her name. the public has been voting for their favorite name for the baby. each vote cost $1 to help fight care of the gorillas at the zoo. a little poser. little girl born on july 17th to parents nanika and oscar jonesy. she will join the zoo's six-member troupe. >> we will be back right after this.
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the teenager accused of setting a skirt on fire is headed back to court. what his lawyer is scag judge to do. a south bay company issuing a new recall this morning after dangerous toxins are found in one of its products. and temperatures are cold to start. it's going to be a mild finish,
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reaching into the 60s here, but we do have some travel concerns for you and your family, if you're headed out and b we will have your full forecast in just a few moments. we will cover that local traffic as well, 'cause even though it's fry dade and expected to be lighter, we will talk about those shifts that you will see in the commute today. take a live look outside over san francisco this morning. can you make out the trans america pyramid? >> i can. >> blinking light at the top? >> yes. >> you need to friday, it's december 20th this is "today in the bay". thanks for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a family praying for a miracle is headed to court today, their fight keep 13-year-old jahi mcmath on life support may be decide by an alameda superior court judge. christie smith live in oakland, she joins


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