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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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same conclusion that she's brain dead. when that happens, it is a hospital's right to take the patient off machines. keeping the patient alive in this case is a ventilator. >> this is obviously a tragic situation. a young lady has died. no one takes that in an uncaring manner, but she is dead. >> this child is warm. she is soft to the touch. if you rub her foot, her foot curls in. the mother has yelled in her ear and the daughter has lifted up her arms. >> reporter: the hospital says it will comply with the judge's ruling. the next step is to bring an independent doctor to review the case. the hospital suggested five doctors out of ucs. the judge gave the family until monday to pick one of those five doctors while the hospital will check on each doctor's availability. the judge says he would like her
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examined monday so the family knows whether further treatment is warranted. nbc bay area news. just into our news room, in the last hour we have confirmed that ac transit and its union has reached a tentative labor agreement. there will be no strike. the union will present the tentative agreement to its members in the coming days. new details tonight on a terrible crash in san francisco. a garbage truck hit and killed an elderly man this morning. this is the fourth time a truck with the same company has hit a pedestrian this year. >> reporter: we're here in market street. this is a very busy part of downtown for pedestrians.
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a man decided to walk out into the streets where there was no crosswalk, continuing a very deadly trend. it's happened again. a pedestrian hit and killed by a recycling truck on the streets of san francisco. this time the victim was an elderly man who crossed jones street not on a crosswalk just as the truck was backing up to park. >> we have video that we are reviewing. the driver is cooperating. neither drugs or alcohol seem to play a part in the driver's portion. >> reporter: the truck belongs to a recycling company whose trucks have hit pedestrians in san francisco just this year. in late march, a driver hit a woman and her 7-year-old daughter. both survived. in may a cyclist died when a
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truck hit him. and again on black friday. a woman who was for some reason walking on the off ramp for interstate 80. she is hit and killed. the company issued a statement, we provide a critical service in a challenging urban environment. our drivers are some of the best trained in the business and they exercise caution in all their operations. still it has caught the attention of pedestrian advocacy group walk sf. >> in light of the tragedies in the last couple of days, we're now seeing that fatalities are higher than they were last year for pedestrians. we're at 17 fatalities for this year. it's no lie that our streets are not safe right now for pedestrians. >> reporter: we tried to contact the recycling company to get
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them to answer questions on camera, but they did not respond to us. take note of their statement where they called having to drive in san francisco a challenging urban environment. pedestrian safety in san francisco is a big concern in general. an advocacy group says on average three people are hit by vehicles in the city every day. this year has been more deadly than last year. coming up tonight, the danger to pedestrians and what's being done about it. a san jose man is accused of two violent late night attacks. he attacked women. the two women were assaulted on mckey road near highway 680. both victims did manage to get away. police arrested this 29-year-old man after he was identified through dna evidence.
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he is charged with kidnapping, rape, and assault with the intent to commit rape. new details on the security breach at target. many of the 40 million credit card numbers that were stolen are already on the black markets around the world. thieves created phony credit cards with those numbers and now they're selling those cards for as much as $100 each. target confirmed yesterday that someone hacked into its system. happening now, it is getaway friday on this final weekend before christmas. the commute has been sluggish. a lot of people on the move. take a look outside. let's check in with our live traffic cameras. this is the peninsula. you see it is very heavy southbound. that's on the right side there. this is 101 and university in
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palo alto. interstate 80, traffic sluggish in both directions. bart is busy with commuters and shoppers. some added protection tonight. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of added protection. police officers and volunteers are out here in force tonight at the west oakland bart station and two other east bay bart stations. they're aim is to make sure that bart riders and their holiday packages safely make it home. >> bart is like my main form of transportation. >> reporter: she says she's always a bit on edge while riding bart during the holiday season. she knows shoppers are prime targets for thieves. >> i'm more cautious with my packages and purse.
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i'm scared of people taking my stuff. >> reporter: police from three agencies with volunteers are joining forces to help keep shoppers safe by providing escorts to bart riders from the station to their cars. >> we're hoping for everybody to have a safe and happy holiday season. we're here to provide as much help as we can. >> reporter: police are also sharing safety tips, encouraging folks to be aware of their surroundings and to keep electronics tucked away if possible. gomez is taking that advice. >> just like a plain bag so people don't see what i just bought. >> reporter: and we're back here live where you're seeing police officers and volunteers passing out fliers. they're also going to be offering escorts either to their bus, to their car, or even, i'm
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told, home if necessary. this is only happening tonight at three east bay bart stations, but folks are hoping it takes a real dent out of crime. nbc bay area news. in other news tonight, pgne says it is restoring a controversial gas pipeline in san carlos to full capacity tonight. the pipeline has been operating at a lower pressure since an engineer warned there could be another, quote, san bruno type situation on that line. pgne officials say the line is safe. the city manager says they are extremely disappointed in this decision. a south bay family got an unexpected visitor today. a car came crashing in through the front porch of their home. take a look. our chopper was on the scene. firefighters say it started with
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a two-car accident. then you see one of those cars ended up careening away, screeching across the front year, and into the front porch of this home. a silicon valley heavy hitter wants to split up california. plus -- >> i'm live in san jose where a local charity is working to meet the needs of thousands of children this christmas. there was a big shortage of toys yesterday. i'll tell you what happened that turned that around. we'll have details on your holiday travel forecast if you're leaving this weekend.
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good news on the job front. the labor department says california employers added more than 44,000 jobs in november.
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those jobs came in construction, transportation, and manufacturing, and in retail. 2013 may have been the most challenging year yet for president obama. approval ratings are low, even here in california where he has enjoyed significant support. mr. obama was asked if this was his worst year in presidency. he says he doesn't see it that way but says the flawed roll out was the biggest mistake this year. >> we have a couple of million people who are going to have health insurance just in the first three months. and yet, you still have 2
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million people who signed up. >> as for next year, 2014, extending unemployment insurance, tightening gun control laws, and immigration reform are among his priorities. a businessman in the area is proposing that california be split into six different states. could it ever happen? scott, we know him well, but what he's thinking here. >> reporter: this after all is san jose city hall, but it could one day be its own state capital. we already know the tech industry pretty much runs the country. lots of jobs, lots of wealth
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creation, even president obama named -- in his press conference earlier today. but how about this? silicon valley as its own state. that's the idea of tim draper. he started something called six california that would divide the now one state into six states. each state would have its own assets and its own debt. it would take voters to amendment the constitution before any of this happen, but stranger ideas have been made real around here. >> no one way back when -- 20 years ago, no one could have imagined we'd be walking around with a cell phone that does so
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many things. >> reporter: those crazy cell phones. what are you going to do? we spoke to tim draper via skype. it was nothing but a crazy idea. that's what six california is right now. we'll keep you posted on its progress. tonight at 6:00, you'll hear what the mayor of the largest silicon valley city says about breaking california up. south bay company is recalling hundreds of pounds of sausage. the fda is ordering them to recall 16 ounce packages of lees sandwiches. the items in question are the pork sausages produced on february 11. also the pork and chicken sausages produced on february 12th. a south bay charity that
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provides christmas gifts for thousands of children put out a call for help. we have more with how the community responded. >> reporter: there really was a huge community response. in the last 24 hours, people have donated more than 6,000 toys. there are books over here. the charity is very close now to its goal of 18,000 toys. parents are here now. they're selecting toys to wrap and put under the tree. each child gets two toys and one book. it is estimated that the average american spends $700 on christmas gifts. that's not an expense many families can afford.
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we talked to one woman. her husband works and she's a stay-at-home mom. last year, there were no gifts under their tree. this year is different thanks to sacred heart. >> this year is going to be better than the last year. it's going better. it's going to be more exciting. >> we just wanted to help out as much as we could. >> reporter: sacred heart says parents signed up a record 6,000 children to receive gifts this year. many of the families it serves have been left behind. there's been no decrease in the needs of the working poor. families have to sign up back in november in order to receive
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toys. they'll be here tomorrow collecting toys. the last distribution is scheduled for monday. you can come back here live and see there are plenty of folks here lining up. this is the last scheduled appointment for distribution today. it is pretty packed. parents are here with volunteers selecting toys for their children. the charity expects every child who has signed up to receive a toy will receive one at that last distribution schedule for monday. nbc bay area news. such great news. the community really came together. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. do we feel a little guilty here across the country? it's beautiful here. >> the weather is so gorgeous. today, some major blue skies. some mid to high level cirrus clouds passing on by. some of the best air quality we've had in the last 12 days. a live look at that sky camera
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network right now. the number one coldest location tomorrow will be the north bay, averaging upper 40s. right now 55. winds a lot calmer. coming out of the west at nine miles per hour. patchy fog at the coastline tonight. interstate 80 lit up like a christmas tree tonight. this is right near berkeley. light winds as well there five miles per hour. let's take you into the forecast patte pattern. we are oh so close to a storm system. there's the jet stream, that conveyor belt of storm activity. we're going to be saved as we head throughout this weekend. if you want that sunny weather for some last-minute shopping, high pressure is moving in. as that sits across california, it is going to act as a shield.
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any kind of storm activity that tries to get close will get deflected off the north. what you should know is after winter sol -- what you're going to find here, some gusty winds on interstate 5, especially towards l.a. interstate 80 up towards lake tahoe, some patchy black ice. morning hours, similar situation. if you're going on 101 from the bay area to southern california, it will be breezy at times. as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, we are expecting temperatures in the low to mid 60s. also sunny skies. san jose 63. palo alto 64.
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san francisco low to mid 60s coming our way. morgan hill expecting 65. out of richmond with 63. north bay and east bay, trivalley, numbers going up a few degrees. 66 in livermore and 66 expected in lexington. shopping forecast. if you have last-minute shopping to do, temperatures in the low to mid 60s. cold morning. maybe you can get a good deal on a jacket. sunny afternoon coming your way. that may get you into that shopping mood a little bit more. i gave you this present yesterday. the forecast for christmas, but i guess it is regifting. i'm going to give it to you again. looks pretty awesome. >> the shopping forecast. this has to be ground breaking.
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>> i love that background shot. >> that was at neiman marcus. why one group says it violates the privacy of others.
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a conservative group is fighting a new law that would protect transgender students. students would be allowed to go to the bathroom of their choice and play on the sports team in which they feel comfortable. but a group oppose this because it believes it violates the privacy of other students.
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organizers claim two counties in central and northern california rejected those signatures because the state said they were submitted to late. >> under california constitution, the people have 90 days to bring a referendum. we believe those votes should count. >> the counties are still reviewing those signatures. today president obama complained his appointment of three openly gay athletes as the delegation going to the olympics. >> the fact that we have folks like billie jean king or brian who have been world-class
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athletes that people acknowledge for their accomplishments, you should take that for what it's worth. >> russia's anti-gay laws have been criticized by many of the western countries. neither the president, first lady, or vice president will attend the olympic games. it's not the 49ers stadium. we'll be right back.
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there are two new stadiums in the south bay being built just a few miles apart from each other. >> one for the 49ers and the other for the earthquakes. a milestone for that stadium. the super structure starting to take shape for the soccer only stadium. it will take about three months to get this whole structure up. it is at coleman avenue right near the san jose airport. >> we're very excited. this is a huge day for the team and the club and the soccer community here in the bay area. >> you know he's serious when he has the hard hat on. it is set to open for the beginning of the 2015 season for the earthquakes. >> i don't know how we're going to get to work with all that
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construction around here. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. 68 million americans in the path. a massive system on the move tonight from west to east and a wild weekend ahead during one of the busiest travel times of the year. deadline surprise. with just days to go, the white house makes a big change to the health care law and it affects a lot of americans. damage control. late word from target tonight. what the company is doing after a massive data breach that has millions of customers on edge. and making a difference. the image of a young boy that moved so many people. now a young man inspiring others and paying it forward. "nightly news" begins now.


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