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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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mall. next to the bay fair b.a.r.t. station in san leandro. see down below, police officers are stationed outside and keeping people from going into the mall. as for those inside, they are being held inside right now. for now, there are no reports of any injuries. as more details become available, we'll bring them to you. once again, this is the bay fair mall off 880 in san leandro not far from the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. we understand there's another shooting happening now, this one is happening in tracy, this is at the west valley mall. you can see there, there's some police activity in the parking lot. again, a shooting happening there, but very few details at this point. so we are going to continue to monitor the situation there and as soon as we know more, we'll bring it back to you. also, new at 6:00, some downtown san jose businessowners are threatening to fold up shop and leave. the reason, a spike in crime. but san jose police does not a
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agree with what the businessowners are saying. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us. how serious are the threats to leave downtown from the businessowners? >> reporter: things seem to be turning around. now, the good news is the efforts of these merchants, the city and police, are actually working. things are turning around. while some crime still exists, these merchants say it's not the same as it was six months ago. there was a time not long ago when downtown san jose almost lost this as part of its landscape. what was happening outside the app developer's headquarters on south 2nd street had them thinking about making a change. >> there were some dangerous crimes. there was a gang almost that was involved. >> reporter: in fact, because of the violence, pinger's ceo threatened to pull his business and his 60 employees out of the downtown area. >> we thought about not renewing the lease. i think a lot of people said, do we want to be here? and if it's not going to change,
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then i don't think we can risk our employee safety to be downtown. >> reporter: the threat came at a time when the city was trying to lure more merchants downtown with incentives. existing businessowners then met with city leaders. this is one of the results. downtown merchants now pay for off duty police officers to work the local streets. and evennm4 stop in at bay are stores and restaurants to check in. >> dan, how are you doing? >> doing well, sir. good to see you. >> reporter: while crime isn't completely gone, businessowners say things are getting a little better. >> there's a lot of weird things going on in downtown for for them to be here, will be more safety. >> reporter: as police continue to struggle with low staffing levels, the downtown plan taps other police agencies to increase patrols. the plan addresses ideas for the growing homeless population. >> we're always concerned about downtown, a high priority for economic development. there are companies moving into downtown.
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>> things as of late have been good. >> reporter: the turnaround was enough to get greg to renew his lease, but the co-founder of pinger warns he won't hesitate to pull out if things go south again. now, there are several high-rise condominiums going up as we speak right now in the middle of this district. these merchants say that the condominiums should eliminate some of the bad elements from downtown san jose. and they say, or they hope that it might even lure some, let's says, apple stores or a nordstrom to downtown san jose. live in the heart of the city, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. happening now, bay area roads jam packed as people head into the busiest travel season ever. want to give you a live look at emeryville, 80 in emeryville. you can see it is jam packed friday night. lots of lights headed in both directions. lots of lights headed in says a as 94 million americans are expected to hit the roads and
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the skies even before christmas. also want to snhow you 880. similar scene. jam packed. lights in both directions. good news, prices at the pump are the lowest they've been in three years. 101 in palo alto at the university avenue exit, moving pretty good. considering it's a friday night. wherever you go this weekend, you're going to want to take a good look at the weather. winter weather advisory is causing havoc for most of the country. a judge is stepping in. there are late developments in the emotionally-charged case of a teenage girl who is brain dead at children's hospital in oakland. the family's very upset with the hospital, itself. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from alameda county courthouse in oakland to explain the judge's ruling. kimberly? >> reporter: the family has been granted a temporary restraining prevents the hospital from taking the 13-year-old off a ventilator. jahi mcmath's mother cried in
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the courtroom as she waited to hear the judge's decision. >> the hospital is addressing the child as if she's dead already. their position is she's dead, there is no treatment she's entitled to. >> reporter: this all began december 9th when jahi went into children's hospital for surgery. afterwards she began suffering severe complications. three days later, she was declared brain dead. the hospital has said it has a right to turn off life support. the family is fighting to prevent that and that's what led to today's court hearing. this is also the first time we're hearing from children's hospital which has been prevented from talking about the case by federal privacy laws. >> as sad as it is for the family to have to come to grips with the fact that their daughter has passed away, there is no sign of brain activity and there has been no sign. >> reporter: the hospital's attorney also says despite many reports, jahi's tonsillectomy was not a simple simplery. three procedures were being down simultaneously. >> children's hospital continues
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to have an extreme amount of sympathy for the family of jahi mcmath and we're empathetic to their reluctance to feel closure here and the difficulties that everybody is having and come to grips with a tragic situation. >> reporter: the hospital says it will comply with the judge's ruling. the next step is to bring in an independent doctor to review jahi's case. the hospital suggested five doctors out of ucsf. the judge gave the family until monday to pick one of the five. while the hospital will check on each doctor's availability. the judge says he would like jahi examined monday so the family knows whether further treatment is warranted. both sides will be back in court on monday at which point the judge will appoint one of those five doctors. those independent doctors to examine the 13-year-old girl. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. police in san jose arrested a man accused in violent late night attacks on women on mckee
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road near highway 680. the first september 7th. the other october 1st. victims managed to get away. police arrested 29-year-old milton me strza, identified thr dna. charged with kidnapping, assault with the attempt rape. good news for commuters in the east bay. we learned there will be no ac transit strike. ac transit and its union reached a tentative labor agreement. the union leaders represent 2,000 operators and mechanics will present the tentative agreement to its members in the next coming days. happening now, we're heading into the last weekend before christmas and we're seeing lots of people out shopping. many relying on b.a.r.t. to get around, though. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station where volunteers are helping officers keep shoppers safe. jodi? >> reporter: jessica, it is a very busy holiday shopping night and that's why police officers
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and volunteers are out here at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station in force. you can see them all lined up here. they've got the information table here. you also see volunteers armed with fliers. they are passing them out filled with holiday safety tips. they also asking folks, offering escorts to their cars if necessary. now, they -- this is all in an effort to make sure that holiday shoppers and their packages get home safely. armed with holiday packages, we spotted janice newland making a beeline from the west oakland b.a.r.t. station to her car. she knows holiday shoppers are prime targets for thieves. >> after it's dark, yes, i have some concerns. i'm always aware of what's going on, though. around me. >> reporter: at night police from three agencies together with citizens police academy volunteers are joining forces to help keep shoppers safe by providing escorts to b.a.r.t.
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riders to their cars. >> we're just hoping for everybody to have a safe and happy holiday season and we're here to provide as much help as we can. >> reporter: police are also sharing safety tips encouraging folks to be aware of their surroundings. and to keep electronics tucked away if possible. shoppers say they're heeding the warning, buthqy feel relieved they've got some added protection tonight. >> i think it's a wonderful idea, especially after the sun goes down. it gives a sense of assurety that you're going to get to your car on time and safety. >> reporter: we are back here live. where you're seeing this information table filled with all kinds of great holiday safety tips. now, folks are hoping that this not only takes a dent out of crime tonight, but throughout the holiday season. again, the aim is to make sure that holiday -- that b.a.r.t. riders do not fall victim to holiday thieves. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi.
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new details tonight on the security breach at target. those stolen credit card numbers are already on the black market. the cyber security news site which first broke the story about the theft says crooks have likely already created phony credit cards with those numbers. it's believed the hackers are selling the cards for as little as $100 each. target confirmed yesterday someone hacked into its system from november 27th to december 15th. the store is now offering a 10% discount to anyone who shops there this weekend. well, still ahead here at 6:00, silicon valley, its own stakes. áráh the legendary tech executive who wants to make it happen. on average, three people are hit by cars every day here in san francisco. many of them are crossing the street outside a crosswalk. i'm chase cain. coming up in a live report, we'll tell you what's being done about it. also the san francisco socialite that's being called a dream maker.
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he wants to connect you to some of the most famous people in the world for a price. good evening, i'm jeff ranie ranieri. we're tracking rain off to the north. we'll let you know what that means for that holiday forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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want to update you on our breaking news. we're following two separate shootings at two separate malls in the area. one in tracy. this one here in san leandro. this is an update on the mall shooting in san leandro at the bare fair mall. down below, a lot of activity, a lot of police activity. a big police presence outside of the bay fair mall. dispatch officers tell us there was a shooting but there are no evacuations or shelter in place due to this incident. they're investigating. there's been a shooting at the bay fair mall. so far no reports of injuries. we'll be following this story throughout this newscast. let's take you to tracy. busy friday shopping.
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this is what it looks like, a photo we got in from that mall. this is the west valley mall in tracy. around 5:00 this evening a store manager says that someone came by shooting the door frame and the glass of that mall. the shooter reportedly left the scene driving away from the mall in a white toyota camry. luckily no one was hurt, but a s.w.a.t. team converged on the location. lots of people really upset and running around. right now the s.w.a.t. team is still there trying to figure out if that person is there or not at this point. again, no one from what we understand right now hurt. the east entrance to the mall, that glass has been shot out. other news now, south bay family got an unexpected visitor today. a driver crashed into the front porch of their home. it happened in san jose near the intersection of blossom avenue and santa teresa boulevard. see down below that car right there in the front door.
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firefighters say it started with the two-car accident. one of the cars ended up screeching across the yard and into the porch. one person was taken to the hospital. san francisco is proving to be a deadly place to walk. a pedestrian advocacy group says the city is the most dangerous in california and second most dangerous in the nation. nbc bay area's chase cain joins us live from san francisco with two ways you can help make yourself and the street safer. >> reporter: jessica, the first thing you can do is pay attention, whether you're driving or whether you're walking because the district attorney told us today one woman died this year because she had her face buried in her smartphone. several other people were her. the exact same way. the other thing you should not do is to walk out into the street outside of a crosswalk because doing that very thing took a man's life just this morning. an elderly man backed over and killed by a recycling truck this morning on jones street, the most recent casualty in what has
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been a very deadly year for those who walk in san francisco. >> it's no lie that our streets are not safe right now for pedestrians. >> reporter: the executive director of walk sf joined the district attorney in a press conference today, both expressing concern about safety on our streets. >> certainly if you're a p pedestrian you cannot assume vehicle is going to follow the rules of the road. we'll deal with bad driving, right? they get cited, prosecuted. some of them go to prison. that still does not bring a life back. >> reporter: plenty of lives have already been lost. walk sf says this year has already been more deadly for pedestrians than last year when 18 people were killed. >> the number of people getting hit by cars outweigh the number of people getting shot or stabbed in our city by 2.5-1. and yet we still oftentimes in the public think of this as accidents. but these aren't accidents. these are crimes. >> reporter: in response, mta
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and the city's planning department launched walk first. an online database to help pedestrians stay safe and to allow them to submit feedback about which road and sidewalk projects are the most critical. >> but we all walk, right? so when we're talking about pedestrian safety, it applies to all of us. >> it doesn't really matter if you're right. if you get hit by a car, you lost. right? >> reporter: and we were talking about people crossing outside of crosswalks. they've just been doing that here behind us. as for walk first, the program that the city has put in place, they are taking public input through the end of january, so you still have five or six weeks to tell the city what you think should happen and then they hope to begin implementing those changes to make the streets safer by july. live in san francisco, chase cain, nbc bay area news. >> chase, thank you. now to the south bay. a company is recalling hundred pounds of sausage. it may be contaminated. usda is ordering lee brothers food service of san jose to
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recall some of its 16 ounce pack onlies of its brand called lee's sandwiches. the items in question are the pork sausages produced on february 11th with the identity code 042p. also the pork and chicken sausages produced on february 12th with the code 043pc. the earthquake stadium going up just a few miles from the 49 rs stadium. today a milestone for the quakes' new home. the steel structure for the 18,000-seat complex is moving along. this will take three months to get the entire structure to take shape. the site near san jose airport. the stadium is set to open at the beginning of the 2015 season. a south bay charity that provides christmas gifts to thousands of needy children put out a desperate call for help and the community answered. as of yesterday, sacred heart community center in san jose was about 7,000 toys short of its goal. now within the last 24 hours, a lot of people chipped in. donating more than 6,000 toys.
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they're almost at their goal of 7,000. one woman told us without sacred heart, her three children would not have any gifts under the tree. >> this year it's going to be better than the last year. it's going to be better. it's going to be more exciting. i think they'll be a lot happier than they were last year. >> families had to sign up for these christmas gifts last month. now, in order to receive the toys, they have to be put on a list. sacred heart will collect toys tomorrow. the final distribution scheduled for monday. the charity expects that every child that signed up will receive a toy. >> that is a nice, nice holiday gift. all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. he has another holiday gift for us. nice weather. >> yeah, it's going to be awesome as we continue throughout tonight, also into saturday and sunday. see in our sky camera grid tonight, most areas are clear. temperatures averaging in the low 50s. a lot of brake lights. we're not going to take you to those lights tonight. any closer would give you a big old headache. we'll take you to holiday lights
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in san francisco. winds out of the west at 10 to 13 mile pers hour. a bit of the breeze. with the temperatures in the 50s, you'll need the layers tonight. also in the south bay, our folks in the master control room at nbc bay area have it focused on a festive holiday tree. tomorrow, upper 30s. 1:00 p.m., we're looking at 59 and most importantly, sunny skies. here's how we're going to average for tomorrow. numbers are going to be going up even warmer. so let's two ahead and take a look at what you'll see, the warmest temperatures will actually be the north bay with upper 60s. we'll also find here upper 60s throughout the east bay as well. if you're doing any traveling and you have folks arriving into san francisco, you should not face any delays for those arriving flights. mostly sunny skies and 62. excellent weather for those planes to land on the tarmac. go ahead and strap on that seat belt and hold on. we're going to take you for a wide courtesy of us, absolutely free. no ticket price on this one. across the west. take a look at any kind of delays you may face if you're
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taking off on a plane for tomorrow. rain in seattle. temperatures in the upper 40s. more snow headed their way in salt lake city with 33. back across the midwest, this is where you want to watch out. chicago, looking at an ice storm. temperatures for daytime highs in the low 30s. down toward dallas, severe weather, possibly some thunderstorms and low 70s in the forecast. going to the east coast tomorrow, it will mainly be cloudy ahead of the storm system. temperatures ranging 66s into washington, also new york city. 73 expected in atlanta. also mostly cloudy skies. we'll push ahead in that forecast. while we do have the scrolling seven-day at the bottom of the screen, a look at sunday, monday, tuesday. see sunny skies for the south bay. the peninsula. and also for san francisco. as temperatures will be averaging in the 60s. and take a look at this, you guys. by tuesday, in the north bay, we will be close to 70 degrees the day before christmas. >> very nice. very nice, jeff. >> little toasty. >> going to start calling you santa jeff. >> i like. i have to get my hat.
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still ahead, the president is talking. what he had to say about bay area native brian boitano named to the olympic delegation. plus -- >> i'm scott budman. could silicon valley be its own state? coming up, why one well-known venture capitalist said breaking up shouldn't be that hard to do.
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looking better. california employers added more than 44,000 jobs in november. labor department says the state's unemployment rate dropped to 8.5%. it's even lower than that in the bay area. the jobs came in fields like construction, transportation and manufacturing. as well as retail where jobs increased during the holidays traditionally. california, by the way, is one of the states that had the largest job gains this month. how's this for an idea? break up california into six different states including one called silicon valley. might sound crazy but it's an idea coming from a legendary bay
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area venture capitalist. in a story you'll see only on nbc, business and tech reporter scott budman has the details. >> reporter: with jobs, ipos and sexy startups, silicon valley has become so successful, even the president uses it as an example of things done right. >> give us an opportunity to attract more investment and high-skill workers who are doing great things in places like silicon valley. >> reporter: so how about silicon valley becoming its own state? that's the idea of a group called six californias, a plan to divide our one state into six states. created by valley venture capitalist, tim draper. >> i think it's this frustration that no one feels properly represented. >> reporter: and endorsed by the mayor of silicon valley's biggest city. >> it's very tempting because when i look at states that have a population less than the city
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of san jose, they have a governor and two senators. i want my senator. and this will be a way of getting a senator. >> reporter: senators aside, it's early to be talking splitsville. so far, six californias is an idea and a website. but if you think about it, crazier things have happened around here. >> no one way back when, i mean, i think 20 years ago, no would could have imagined that we'd be walking around with a cell phone that does so many things. >> reporter: he has a point. cell phones, even skype which tim draper invested in back when it was just a crazy idea. reporting from san jose city hall, which may someday be its own state capital, i'm scott budman, nbc bay area news. we're continuing to follow that breaking news at the two  tone is the mall in tracy. the other one at the bay area mall in san leandro. we'll have updates coming up. and also how pg&e moved
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forward today with a controversial san carlos pipeline. i'm janelle wang. president obama faces tough questions in his last news conference of the year. his response to this big his worst year so far in terms of performance. that's coming up. and government waste in san jose. we investigate an audit the faa and the san jose airport and nearly four years later it's still not finished.
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want to give you an update
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on breaking news we've been following throughout the newscast. two separate mall shootings, one in tracy and the second one a mall shooting in san leandro at the bay fair mall. we want to bring in nbc bay area's cheryl hurd who joins us on the phone in san leandrolean. one person injured. they're still searching for the shooter. what's the scene there? is the mall open at this hour? >> reporter: it's an eerie feeling because people are here. they're still shopping. the parking lot is packed. as you said. police are still looking for the shooter. i arrived here just moments ago. what police are telling me right now is there was a shooting about 4:28 this afternoon. one person was shot. now, police are telling me it looks like preliminarily it was an argument between two people and the person who was shot is suffering from non life threatening injuries. but i'm right in front of the target. there is tape all around a few
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cars. the justice for girls store is closed so i assume it happened right there. right near the wells fargo. but target is open. people are shopping. probably doing their christmas shopping. and the area is packed. but police are also looking for evidence as they walk slowly around trying to look for bullet casings. so, again, this all happened about 4:28, and people are shopping as usual. we'll probably get an update in about a half hour. if we get it before the newscast is over, i'll bring it to you. >> we're looking at nbc chopper footage over the bay fair mall in san leandro. it's kind of eerie, the mall remains open despite the shooting, about two hours ago. let's take you to tracy now. this is the west valley mall in tracy. you're looking at a photo from inside the mall. this also happened right around 4:55 this evening. they say near the jewelry store. you can see jewelry stores there in the background.
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someone drove by, walked up and then shot through the glass of that front part of the mall. this is the east side of the mall. no mall evacuations have taken place. they say the shooter then got into a white car and left. lots of police in the area. they're saying, again, this is near the jewelry store. luckily no one was hurt at all, but there's still police presence at that mall. this is on the east entrance behind the glee road. the shooter shooting into that doorway and then disappearing into the parking lot. several roads are blocked off on the east side near the sears and, again, police are trying to get more information as to who that might be. but happening around 4:55 this afternoon at west valley mall in tracy. at this point we don't know the status of what other parts of the mall are open or not. we'll continue to monitor it. president obama is on vacation en route to hawaii for christmas holiday. before he left the white house this afternoon, he held his last news conference of the year. nbc bay area's janelle wang followed the entire hour-long
6:33 pm
news conference. the president talking about everything from obamacare, nsa, iran's nuclear program. >> yes, a lot of topics. the latest approval ratings show, jessica, 2013 was the president's worst year so far. the president would disagree. >> you know what they say it's the most wonderful press conference of the year. >> reporter: it started on a lighthearted note, but the questions turned serious quickly. >> has this been the worst year of your presidency? >> it's not how i think about it. a lot of our legislative initiatives in congress have not moved forward as rapidly as i'd like. i completely understand that which means that i'm going to keep at it. >> reporter: that includes immigration reform and tighter gun control laws. as for the nsa spying controversy, next month the president will make a decision on whether to change any parts of the program calling it a balancing act. >> are we doing this in the right way? are we making sure that we're keeping the american people safe, number one? are we also being true to our
6:34 pm
civil liberties and our privacies and our values? >> reporter: as for iran, the president, again, urged congress to hold off on pushing for new sanctions. as a tentative deal has been reached on nuclear concerns. >> it is my goal toa.s preventn from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but i sure would rather do it diplomatically. i'm keeping all options on the table. >> reporter: as for his biggest mistake this year, the president says it would be the rollout of his health care reform law and the major glitches with the federal website. >> since i'm in charge, obviously we screwed it up. >> reporter: and even though a deadline for all americans to sign up for health insurance is just three days away, there's now another last-minute change. the president says americans who had their individual coverage canceled will have two new choices. go without insurance, if that's what they want, and be exempt from a federal fine. for now. americans also now have the option of buying bare-bones coverage which did not
6:35 pm
previously qualify under obamacare. the president and his family are currently flying to his home state of hawaii where they'll be spending christmas and new year's there. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the president also mentioned sunnyvale product brian boitano, the gold medal figure skater made international headlines this week. mr. obama was asked about the delegation he chose to represent the united states at the upcoming winter olympics in sochi, russia. the delegation features several openly fwrgay athletes. president would not directly say if the white house was sending a message to russia about what it thinks of russia's anti-gay laws, but he did say this. >> the fact that we've got folks like billy gene king or brian boitano who themselves have been world class athletes that everybody acknowledges for their excellence but also for their character, who also happen to be members of the lgbt community,
6:36 pm
should take that for what it's worth. >> just yesterday, the 50-year-old boitano publicly announced that he's gay. president obama will not attend the olympics which begin on february 7th. now to a bay area follow-up. pg&e says that controversial gas pipeline in san carlos is back to being fully pressurized. california public utilities commission voted unanimously yesterday to allow that move. the pipeline has operated at a lower pressure since an engineer warned there could be another, quote, san bruno situation on a line that runs along britton avenue. officials say the line is safe. san carlos' city manager says they're extremely disappointed in the decision and feel that it was rushed. still ahead, one-shot solution for the flu? it could be. what stanford researches are doing to bring that closers to reality. and brought together by tragedy. why one man says the boston bombings changed his life for the better.
6:37 pm
and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. a lot of blue sky for today across the bay area. will it continue for the weekend? we've got the latest on your holiday forecast coming up. right now a live look on palo alto on highway 101.
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in health matters tonight, a universal vaccine that could potentially help protect you against every strain of the flu. it may one day be a reality thanks in large part to a group of researchers at stanford. the scientists say they've taken important steps toward creating that type of a vaccine. the team warns that many steps
6:40 pm
remain before it's known whether their approach will actually come up with a better, more comprehensive vaccine. however, the lead researcher says he and his colleagues are committed to the effort because it is important for global health. it was one of the worst moments of his life, but it ended up where he found the love of his life. james costello wases seriously injured when those two bombs exploded near the boston marathon finish line, but he met a special nurse during his recan coverry in the hospital. yep, wouldn't you know, the 31-year-old massachusetts resident then proposed to that nurse, christa. popping the question during a ten-day trip to france. the two spoke about their courtship this morning on the "today" show. >> i'm actually glad i got blown up. i wish everyone else didn't have to, but i don't think i would have ever met her if i didn't. so, yeah, i'm pretty happy. >> pretty amazing. the couple hasn't yet announced the date for their upcoming wedding. >> very optimistic story. gives hope to lots of folks.
6:41 pm
jeff is spreading good cheer, too. >> bouncing around the newsroom. >> i'm doing what i can. you know, you feel -- you just push through and feel great and sometimes it helps a little bit. i don't know. >> it helps a lot. >> okay. let's get a live look outside of our san jose sky camera. the folks in the master control room found this awesome looking tree. we're going to talk more about that christmas holiday forecast coming up in just a few minutes. ahmed fareed. coming up in sports, perhaps the best tight end in nfl history went to cal. this weekend, tony gonzalez will play in the candlestick farewell. and the latest on rookie sensation, 20-year-old tomas hertl. he's hurt. how long will he be out? that's coming up on the xfinity sports desks.
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like many high-tech executives he's made millions of dollars, but in his case, he had big money before he even graduated from elementary
6:44 pm
school. one of san francisco's most well-known socialites also has a day job. what he's selling is catching the eye of everyday people and celebrities. tonight, the exclusive interview with trevor trena. a meeting with justin bieber. a private meal cooked by tyler florence. maybe a football lesson from joe montana. your wildest dreams are just a click away. >> hi, there. it's trevor. >> reporter: trevor trena is a modern daydream ma dream maker. his newest startup, called if only is an online marketplace that connects you to some of the most famous people in the world. >> give me an example. i'm on your website and want to do something. give me a low-end example for someone who's not a millionaire. >> pick a band you've always loved. if you have 30 bucks, we get them to sign a guitar pick for you. $is00, sign the set list. a few hundred dollars, meet them after the concert.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: how did this 45-year-old become a great connector? he's connected, himself. he's from one of san francisco's most prominent old money families. the son of deede woolsy and late john trena and stepson of novelist danielle steele. he's a serial entrepreneur with degrees from princeton, oxford and cal. how did you put pen to paper and get it going? >> if only is my fifth company, all based here in san francisco. i sold my last company. i was looking for something interesting and meaningful to do. i do a lot of philanthropy and live experience chully. create a store, if only, where i can offer incredible experiences with the world's top talents and meaningful percentage of every transaction would go to charity. that was the idea. >> this is a for-profit business. >> it's a for-profit business. >> definitely taking a cut for you as well. >> that's right. on average, about 70 cents on the dollar goes directly to
6:46 pm
charity. >> reporter: when you start this, who do you go to? do you think right away, let me pool my own money together because you're successful in the past or go to other investors? >> we started in only with what we call angel investments. a lot of note able locals. people who started businesses and understand what the impetus is for if only. >> reporter: your response, some say, okay, trevor trena, silver spoon, never worked a hard day in his life. what would you say? >> well, you know, there might be a few photos of me at black tie dinners floating around, but the reality is i've founded five companies now, sold four companies. created literally hundreds of jobs and that's my day job. i've always had a day job. >> reporter: you're a perfect person to ask this, being an established old money family here in the city. compared to the new money that's coming in. there's been a lot of criticism that san francisco is losing some of its flavor and its charm. do you agree?
6:47 pm
>> there's a lot of talk about it. often people ask me as sort of a folkram between older san francisco and friends doing new incredible things. and, you know, there's always pain when there's change, but these people are brilliant and they're creating these empires that are changing the world and i think they add so much to the life and vibrancy of san francisco. >> trena is married to alexis swanson whose father started swanson food. they have an active role in the swanson winery in napa. we'll be posting this segment on our website. also see our other high-profile interviews like john mcafee, leon panetta or randi zuckerberg. jeff ranieri joins us, friday night forecast. >> we had a lot of blue skies today. some of the clearest conditions over the past few weeks. best air quality in 12 days. the clear skies we had for today setting us up with cold temperatures already in the north bay. we're dropping to the low 40s.
6:48 pm
that will be the number one coldest spot tomorrow morning. san francisco right now 54. light breeze. a lot of lights here on interstate 80. approaching that berkeley exit. it's going to be just a mess out here over the next couple of hours. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, mid 40s if you're getting out on a commute toward your holiday plans. tomorrow afternoon, 51 degrees and sunny skies. more on the overall forecast coming up. what i want to get to are some of the specifics keeping us, well, very close to getting some rainfall. but it looks like it's not going to happen. we have the jet stream just to the north of the bay area and it's going to keep this cold storm across seattle at bay at this point. and with that jet stream, again, just a few hundred miles off to the north, it's going to allow this area of high pressure to move in and what you should know is as long as this high pressure stays put, across northern california, we are going to find sunny skies. looks like that's going to stay in the forecast not only for saturday but sunday, monday, tuesday, even into christmas of next week. so let's go ahead and take a
6:49 pm
look. it is going to be officially winter saturday, 9:11 arriving tomorrow morning. winter solstice. after that occurs we'll start to feel the days being longer as the amount of daylight will be i creasing gradually. winter officially arriving through saturday's friday. if you're traveling on the first weekend of winter getting ready for the holidays, interstate 5 we will find gusty winds south to los angeles. interstate 80 toward tahoe, possibly patchy black ice and also find the same scenario on highway 50 toward south lake tahoe. if you're going on u.s. 101 near the coastline, it will be breezy as times. the overall microclimate forecast for tomorrow does have temperatures going up just a little bit more. high pressure overhead. we're looking for 65 in morgan hill. 63, sunny in san jose. also san francisco possibly warmer than some of the interior valleys with a slight offshore wind. 64 across mid market. north bay, east bay and tri valley, you're going to love this forecast on saturday. close to 70 in napa.
6:50 pm
68 in santa rose rosa. tri valley, the best forecast. livermore, expecting 66. shoppers, we have not forgot you. if you have last-minute shopping to do, you're headed to valley fair, stanford, union square, livermore, cordamadera as well, temperatures in the low to mid 60s. cold mornings and sunny afternoons. by sunday, that's the day you want to be at the outside malls where numbers will be going a little bit warmer. i think the stanford shopping center could be the place to go as we head throughout sunday's forecast. >> okay. if you're still shopping on a sunday, the very least it could be is a nice day. >> i'll be shopping on monday as well. >> oh, wow. pushing it. i got a good forecast for you, too, raj. >> thanks, jeff. >> i'm going to give you a list. let's get to sports, ahmed fare fareed from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. it's a lousy period for the sharks. >> last night a night to forget for the san jose sharks. lost for the eighth straight time in l.a. last night.
6:51 pm
they also lost their second leading goal scorer, tomas hurdle, thurt hertl after taking the knee-on-knee hit from kings captain brown. how long is he going to be out? according to reports hertl's father thinks it's going to be about a month. other reports indicate it could be longer than that. >> tomas talks to his dad. that's great. we talk to doctors. we talk to trainers. we're evaluating things today. he's not playing tomorrow. probably not play before christmas. and, you know, right now i don't expect him back for a little while. let's let the doctors make that decision and let's let the trainers make that call. >> it's a tough question. tomas has been a very impactful player for our team. we're going to have to find a way as a group to, you know, find that goal scoring that he's going to be out of the lineup with. but, you know, we've got the guys in the locker room who can do it, guys who can elevate the
6:52 pm
game and produce more offensively. prognosis, cloudy. every sport trying to figure out a way to keep their athletes safe. baseball no exception. first home-plate collisions. now this. mlb will give pitchers the option of wearing protective headgear while it pitches this season. it will look similar to a hat and protect them from injuries. the orioles say the former a's closer had a problem with his physical and the o's backed out of the two-year $15 million deal. balfour's agent not pleased and is considering filing a grievance against the baltimore orioles. go to football now. the 49ers. we're just three days away from the most likely finale at candlestick park. still a small chance the 49ers host a playoff game there but that is unlikely. that means former cal bear tony gonzalez will be part of history. the atlanta falcon tight end ending his 17-year career after the season. the 49ers know his hall of fame
6:53 pm
resume. he could be the best ever tight end that ever suited up. >> fabulous, fabulous player. future hall of fame player. does not look like a guy that's playing his final year. >> he understands defensive guys, leverage. he understands what the defensive guys are taught and what they're trying to take away from him. he goes out there and he does what he's supposed to do. you know, as far as route running and, you know, taking angles away from guys and using his body to shield you off. pushing off sometimes. and, you know, not -- refs not being able to see it because he's a veteran guy. very crafty. so that would make some, you know, feel good. rematch from the nfc championship just last year, raj and jessica, but the atlanta falcons not looking anything like that team. they only have four wins on the year. 4-10. >> big ticket at candlestick next monday night. thank, ahmed. >> that's going to do it for sports. we'll be back in a moment.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
our breaking news before we leave you, we have updates on the two mall shootings we've been following. we'll start with the one in san leandro. nbc chopper is on the scene. right now police are on the hunt for a suspect who shot someone just outside of the bay fair mall. once again, that's in san leandro off 880. it happened about two hours ago. and investigators believe it started as an argument between two people. police have blocked off part of the parking lot, but the mall remains open for business at this hour. let's take you to tracy. investigators are still on the scene of another mall shooting. this happened at the west valley mall in tracy. happens same time around 5:00 this afternoon. witnesses say they saw a man by the east entrance of the mall
6:57 pm
fire two shots at least into the glass door right by the jewelry section of the mall. then that person allegedly got into the car, a white car and took off. police are now going literally car to car in the mall parking lot looking to see if there could be another person hiding out there or if there's anything else going on. but, again, no one injured in this shooting, just that door the casualty of that shooting. very scary moments tonight at the mall in tracy on a friday night. one final note before we go, our breaking news prevented us from bringing our investigative unit's work, an audit involving the faa and san jose airport. find that story on our website, >> okay. see you tonight at 11:00 here. >> have a great evening.
6:58 pm
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