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tv   Today  NBC  December 21, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, it is try day friday, december 20th. in something called a what? >> a twinsy. >> this is supposed to be good for couples. this is an actual thing. just so you know, it's like being in a potato sack race because we have our legs, one of our legs -- >> don't jump, i can't go with you. >> it's supposed to ensure -- >> it's great in high heels. aren't you going to move in
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there? >> we're going to pivot, we're going to pivot. >> i'm with you, i got you. okay, hody, all right. good girl. 1, 2, 3. this is an xl. >> i just feel a lot closer to you. i understand why this probably works. i would suggest that people go to couples therapy wearing this. >> it's $70. >> yeah, there's a little hole -- >> i'm so glad, because you never know. >> the original factory shop -- okay, i don't know. it's missing an "m." >> what? >> you go that way, i'll go this way. >> i have to go this way, i have to go this way. >> all right, i'm crossing your leg. is someone talking to us? >> i don't know. >> all right, so let's go to our social cues column. because if you're having visitors come for the holiday, it might help, a lot. this is one of the weirdest ones. >> phil got a tricky question. the woman wrote --
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>> what did she write? >> she wrote this. this is kind of surprising to me. she invites friends to her cabin in the mountains for the weekends. she always expects her guests to help a little with expenses like contributing to the cost of meals and gas. she says, this is her quote, she gets resentful when they don't offer to pay. >> they're in the mountains. why do they need gas money? they got there and then they're going to get in their car and go. where are they going that they have to pay for gas? >> grocery store nearby. >> is it appropriate to ask invited guests to pay? >> no, it's a ridiculous statement. >> phil says, we all have our own expectations of houseguests. i'm thrilled if mine don't wreck the place. if you want guests to help with expenses you need to make that clear with the initial invitation. >> if i was invited to someone's house, they lived in a cabin, and they said, would you mind kicking in for food and gas, i would feel guilty that i hadn't -- because i usually offer something, like, let me take you to dinner.
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but i think it's a strange request to expect your guests to pay for the gas in the car. >> i think there are other underlying issues that the lady has. >> why would you ever go back to that cabin? why would you have friends that wouldn't offer? why, oh, why. why are we doing this segment? >> why are we wearing this snuggy? >> it's a twinsy. >> it's hot. >> i've never had any complaints, baby. yet another new study, giving pets for christmas. >> all right, so here's the question. >> what's that we hear at the door? [ doorbell rings ] >> you heard it's a bad idea to give a pet for christmas, turns out it's not. >> you gave cinnamon to the little boy. with riley. look.
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cinnamon lee has grown. >> cinnamon lee is huge. >> adorable. >> according to a study done by the aspca, 86% of pets given to a new family at christmas, they end up keeping it. >> your leg is very bizarre. >> we'll wait to we get a -- >> it's also a hoody. >> this is my leg. >> it's smooth. >> what is your leg -- >> come on, hoda, we're bonding, come on. >> what do you think? >> i don't know what we're doing. >> what most legs do when they get around you. >> all right, i understand, i see the appeal. people surveyed said -- first of all, what -- >> why are we doing this segment? >> people give pets for christmas and you always hear it's a bad idea. you hear the rumor it got sent right back to the pet shop. >> but it's not necessarily so. now they're doing extra packages and things at christmastime. >> i feel like i should -- >> let's go on. you know, we're not into this,
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it's obvious. >> all right, we did ask you guys, we wanted to see your holiday trees, your christmas trees. last year, we showed you -- >> we showed you ours. beautiful. with the white lights and the beautiful bow. mine is pretty too. anyway, you guys have also sent your trees in to us on facebook. we wanted to pick up -- look at this classic tree. it's doing well. tracy greco's white-themed tree. >> that's beautiful. >> i like that. i like white. >> i do too. some unconventional ones. angie bloggette does an upside down tree. she hangs it from the -- >> you know what, i would love her. yeah. >> next is a happy pink tree decorated with shoes. by lisa. nothing says christmas like shoes. >> all right, finally, dora talbot says she -- >> that's hoda's. >> i thought it was mine.
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>> she did a charlie brown tree. don't sit back, it's not comfy for me. >> do everything together. >> all righty. this is a baby sloth that was born. what's cuter than a baby sloth? >> this is the aquarium at baltimore. look at the video of the baby sloth named scout along with mom ivy. >> ivy. >> making the first public appearance. >> aw. >> the baby was born last month. they still don't know if it's a boy or girl. apparently, you don't know the sex for a few years after the birth. >> when they hit puberty, it's obvious. >> they sleep 20 hours a day. i would love that. >> so does frank! >> that would be the best. >> so what's so unusual about that? and sloths can mate and give birth while hanging upside down. i knew you could make a baby that way. i didn't know you could deliver. >> another study. >> yes, it says it is better to be right than give in during an argument. that is a terrible --
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>> i always think that's -- what am i supposed to do with that? >> a lot of times in relationships, someone just agrees with the other's opinion rather than start an argument. the question is, is that a good thing? according to the british report on the -- would you stop with your leg? i'm hot. it just doesn't feel good. >> this is why your last relationship broke up, hoda because -- really is. so if you want me to go, you want to break up with me, then make me stop doing what i'm doing to your leg. >> just move over a little. it's hot. >> see, we're having one of those kinds of -- that's exactly what they're talking about. we're having an argument. one of us has to give in. but the report says we shouldn't because it does not bring long-term happiness. it might make you cooler but -- >> pride and stubbornness actually encourages good mental health. >> i find that strange. >> i think at some point, some partner has to -- >> has to give a little bit, anyone who has ever been in one knows that. >> i'd rather be the person saying i'm sorry. >> it would just be easier.
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you can make your feelings known first and then say. >> yeah, you don't want to be a doormat. >> a doormat, no. >> all right, it is time for -- >> please, my leg, you're hot! >> we have a friday fund, okay. >> please stop it. >> santa claus is in the mall seeing the little children. he saw an older woman standing in line among the little children. santa was' little confused because he doesn't usually get requests from adults but he let the woman come up to see him. what do you want for christmas, santa claus asked. i want something for my mother, please, said the woman. santa smiled and said, well, that is very thoughtful and loving of you. of course. what would you like me to bring your mother for christmas? she thought about it a moment and she said, "a son-in-law." >> move your leg. >> all right. >> thank you. see. doesn't it feel better? >> no, i liked it. >> time for today's johnson's baby announcement.
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>> celebrating new moms and they're adorable new families. samantha grace. she was born october, in la mesa, california. the little girl's mom says baby samantha has already become best friends with the family's two dogs. send a picture of that. we'd love to see it. now to a baby born in mobile, alabama. colin brett. he weighs 8 pounds, 15 ounces at birth and his parents offered this advice to new parents, savor every sleeping moment you can get. >> next up is logan. he was born in virginia. his mom and dad say their son is a real busy bee who can't seem to stay still. >> that's right. our final johnson's baby of the week is sadie fern. oh, my goodness. born on november 4th in waterloo, iowa. her mom says little sadie loves to cuddle and watch hoda and kathie lee. we could get her in here. congratulations.
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go to for details and press connect. >> we have to talk about this shoe. it's $120. >> it's a real shoe? >> it's not, but it's -- >> it's a green grass shoe. >> it's just a festive thing. we thought you might like it. >> all right, we have the preview of all the big movies opening next week, but are they worth the price of the popcorn? jason kennedy is here. get me out of the twinsy! >> right after this. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cold symptoms.
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christmas is always a big day at the box office. >> there are all kinds of fun films. here to give uthe insiders look is e! news correspondent and our good pal jason kennedy. >> a lot of movies happening.
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>> like six. >> i think seven. >> that's unusual. my first one is "wolf of wall street" because it's my favorite actor, leonardo dicaprio. he plays a crooked wall street broker. it's based on a true story. it's a martin scorsese film. jonah hill's in it, matthew mcconaughey. he's just living the life. a lot of debauchery. it's not a kid's movie. running time of about three hour. leo was nominated for a golden globe. >> is it wall streetish, like kind of like that a little bit? >> yeah. >> "the secret life of walter mitty." >> ben stiller, kristen wiig. he's had this anonymous life, just going through the motions. >> the invisible guy. >> not really enjoying work but at work he always is day dreaming. finally, he gives into those daydreams and goes on this wild epic adventure. i've heard good things. it looks interesting.
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>> is this a remake? what was "the secret life of walter mitty," i've heard of it -- >> i believe it was a book or remake of a movie. i got to do my research a little bit better on that. >> i'm sorry. >> somebody's been having a little too much -- >> kate, was it a remake? >> it was a book. >> it was a book, i guess i was right. >> we should explain why you might be nervous. >> his mother's here. >> mom makes him nervous. >> how cute is she? >> look at that top hat. >> all bundled up. because she's from ft. lauderdale, florida. >> just for this, just for my segment. >> to see her boy. >> love mama. >> the next movie, "the invisible woman." >> directed by ralph fiennes. he plays charles dickens, of course, the world's most beloved author. it focuses on his crazy wild affair with a 17-year-old actress at the time. sir charles wallace 45 years old. he was married for 20 years. he had 10 kids. nobody knew this was going on until after his death.
2:21 am
>> this is true? >> this is an accurate portrayal. >> who plays the young -- is that scarlett johansson? who plays the young girl? >> it's not scarlett johansson. >> kate, who's the -- >> kristin -- >> okay, but felicity's in it as well. >> all right, there we go. >> kate winslet is in the next one you like. "labor day." >> she got nominated for a golden globe. she's a divorced mom. she's depressed. she goes to the store with her boy. all of a sudden, josh approaches them, insists they take him home. turns out he's a convict on the run. but kate starts falling for the convict on the run. >> oh, no. >> she's great in this. >> it is josh brolin after all. >> got to help a little bit. i've heard great things about this. we end with "august osage county." they made some changes. >> we loved the play. >> not really to the movie but the release date, it's not december 25th anymore, they moved it to december 27th.
2:22 am
a limited release in new york and l.a. then going wide in january. >> yeah, a lot of oscar nominations. >> absolutely, julia and meryl streep. you can't go wrong in this. they both got a golden globe nomination. it's family dysfunction, a dark movie, but wonderful, wonderful cast, ensemble. >> our crack research team has come up with some information. >> "the secret life of walter mitty" was a film in 1947. >> who starred in it? >> it was danny kay. >> i loved him. >> it was a book, like i said. >> who wrote it? >> i believe james thurboro i believe. >> that's right. >> you're a genius. >> thank you, jason. >> hey, i'll be here all day. >> we love you. okay, gifts that prove it's the thought that counts. >> bobby's all abuzz with presents that will not cost you a thing right after this. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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it is time for bobbie's buzz. >> don't bust your budget
2:27 am
because meaningful always will trump a must have. >> bobbie thomas is here to share some that will have you having good thoughts. >> this is where my inner geek shines. i love this and it's great for the last minute. you can create a memory card box. whether you fill it with old photos or -- i made this for my mom. >> bobbie. that's her mother. that's imelda marcos. >> i like shoes. then you can also create a perpetual memory box where you just separate by month so somebody can record what they did on that day every year. you can also create when you need it notes. so that when somebody's feeling sad or wants a laugh, you open when and you can customize it. >> i love that. >> these are things you can repurchase around the house or
2:28 am
this is $1.40 at staples to get the organizer. next, coupons have been around forever. you can think about the person and personalize them and print them out. you can do anything from promising to clean out a closet, give somebody the chance to flake, no excuses needed. and you can also diy an of the month club. for grandma, art of the month. that comes with a letter. accessory of the month, courtesy of my closet. or cookie of the month for dad. >> these are cute. >> and then last but not least, you can do what i call the ciy for dummies. take an old book and use an exacto knife and simply carve it out so you have a little secret book nook. or simply grab markers and all those mismatched mugs. you can create anything quotable or anything that will inspire. i love this quote that says a woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
2:29 am
>> oh, that's cute. >> way to go bobbie. >> really lovely ideas. >> bobbie, you have a little time what are you doing for the holidays with your hubby? >> i get to go home. >> first time being a married lady. >> we're learning to split the jewish and catholic thing so we're going home for christmas but we spent the holidays, hanukkah, at his parents. >> did you already pick something, a gift? >> no, it's really hard. >> he already got the greatest gift you can get. i've never seen a man so in love. >> aw. >> only bambino looks at somebody like that. that is love. >> i'm very excited for you. >> you had a good year. >> you're always so generous and thank you for opening your home and your heart. >> she had a beautiful wedding. it was great. >> happy holidays, everyone. >> is it okay to regift? >> follow the etiquette just ahead. >> and mary j. blige gets you in the holiday spirit. all of that is coming up after your local news.
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we're back with more on this try day friday with more on how to handle awkward moments that come along with holiday celebrations no matter who you are. >> gift giving, friend's festivities, we have the answers. >> this time of year brings it all out. >> it's a frenzy. >> let's start with one of the main questions. should you or should you not give your boss a gift. >> that's a big question. the protocol is no. you do not need to feel obligated. let me tell you, if you're sitting at your desk and you see all your co-workers sashaying to the boss's office with a wrapped gift. look at the corporate culture. if you can join a group and give one gift, great. i would suggest something tiny, something small, something not personal because you don't want to look as if you're trying to ask for special favors. >> say you know what kind of cologne or perfume, is that too -- >> not cologne.
2:33 am
how about if you know he or she is a sports fan and you get them something sports related. >> why are you saying him? >> i say he or she. >> i know. >> so just make sure that they -- here's the key, or here's a little, a little something to think about. if they can wear it, if it touches their body, don't get it. unless it's gloves. >> you don't want to be too personal with your boss. getting a guy cologne -- >> you don't want any office gossip. >> a question from south carolina. she's on skype. >> hi, kelly. >> hi, how are you? >> we're good. >> i would love to make new connections. would it be appropriate to pass out business cards at a holiday function? >> ooh. >> the answer to that would be a no. because while the host is passing out hors d'oeuvres on one side of the room, you're passing out business cards at the other, and it looks like you're taking advantage of that party. we all want to make a good impression with new connections. rather than passing out business
2:34 am
cards, just make a good impression. and if they ask, do you have a card, you say -- you know, you say, you know, i didn't bring any with me. can i call you on monday? don't bring them. it's not a lie if you don't have them. we look at it and say, oh, i like that person, and throw them away. >> how can you get in touch with someone then? the hostess -- is that all right to do? >> you can say, may i call you on monday, may i have your number? >> contact info. >> yes, absolutely. >> what about regifting. this is always full of land mines. >> i say yes to regifting but you have to regift with caution. so make sure it's new. make sure it's in the original box. don't switch boxes to a better store, you know, than it came from. make sure when i give it to kathie lee, i've looked -- i've turned it upside down. normally people don't want to mess up the front, you know, the front of the bag or the box. they put the gift tag
2:35 am
underneath. and you don't regift in circles of friends. so you two wouldn't regift each other's gifts. you would go outside that circle. >> hoda did with something jill gave her. >> yeah, i did. i gave it back to her. i gave it back. i didn't even remember. >> i took it from my tree. so be honest and say, listen, this scarf is -- >> i'm always honest, i say, i have six of these but i thought of you when i -- i thought you would love that. most people aren't offended by that. >> honesty is the best policy. >> last, if you have a nosy or rude family member -- >> everybody does. >> they won't stop asking you personal questions, what do you do? >> let's just say uncle joe sees that new car you've saved up for and says, you know, are you sure you can afford that car out there and you just say, you know, i planned and i budgeted just like you taught me growing up. and it's what i have. do you like the color? and then you deflect. kind of change the subject a little bit. >> what about that age old awful thing, when are you going to have kids? or why aren't you two married
2:36 am
yet? >> that is awful. you'll see their face. you know based on what they look like if it's sincere or if it's just nosy. just say, you know, when we decide, you are going to be on the list. >> all right. thanks very much. happy holidays. the store shelves might be empty of christmas decorations -- >> but make your own, right after this. it's time to change the way we clean. and free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it kills 99.9% of germs. that's healthing . powerful cleaning that's family friendly. lysol. start healthing. and for where it matters most, try new lysol power & free pourable. diarrhea, gas, bloating?
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if your house still is not decorated for the holidays and you can't find anything left on the store shelves, we've got just the help you need. >> that's right, he's frank fontana. since he's not available to come to your house, he's brought his do it yourself ideas right here. he's the author of frank fontana's dirty little secrets of design. >> you have another little secret. europe going to be a daddy again! >> yes, my wife is pregnant. >> we're so happy for you. >> thank you. >> how old is your first one? >> he's about 2 1/2. he's pictured behind you.
2:41 am
remember that day? i remember that. >> oh, memories. >> this is actually a great time to segue to our projects. reusing everything from the buttons in your home to the race in your yard. our first project here, you're displaying so properly -- >> thank you. >> vana white. >> it's a garden rake turned into a christmas tree with a few simple buttons, a little hot glue. know you have issues trying to find the right place to put your holiday card. i thought that might be one solution. >> that's great. >> there's a lot of wonderful "today" show producer's adorable children. >> we've got sarah who is also preggers. >> there's something going on! >> and this is just one of those simple little wreaths you get like at michael's or something. >> a great way to pay homage to family, friends, those who are no longer with us. i think that this could be another solution for your christmas cards too. >> i like the black and white. think it looks pretty. >> nostalgia. >> all right, girls. >> this looks scary. >> it does. >> everything else is pretty much wine related. >> i wonder where that got
2:42 am
started? it's out of control, that's for sure. >> here's a really creative way to reuse some wine bottles. you're probably wondering how did the lights get in the bottle without being stuffed through the top? >> how did they? >> with this magic tool. a drill bit made specifically for glass. i it won't shatter. you want glove, goggles, a little tape in the back in the area you're drilling. make sure you secure the bottle with maybe somebody holding it. >> that's crazy. >> it's warm. >> you want to keep the top open because -- or use led lights. if that doesn't work for you, stuff them through the top. >> yeah, looks good. >> make it happen. wine glasses, everybody has extra wine glasses laying around. i'm sure you got a couple. >> turn them upside down, ornaments underneath. on top -- i know. shove. >> shove is not a great word.
2:43 am
>> i tried delicately putting them in. it doesn't work. shoving them works better. so this is a little trick i use during the holidays. candles, if you're doing something like this, and you got kids around, they're going to knock them over. these are battery powered. these have wax on the outside so they look real. that's a good use for your old wine glasses. as far as centerpieces go, this is a little something different. i regifted this. somebody gave it to me and i reused it. again, using the moss as a base. took some terra cotta pots. my trusty battery powered candle again. shoved it right in there. >> easy, easy. >> a little fluff. >> we'll do it. >> we'll talk about the corks. you got your wine bottles. the glasses. now the corks. >> isn't that cute? >> how adorable. >> so these are little ornaments you can make with the kids. i suggest you man the glue gun. >> what do you do? >> i'll have you each do one.
2:44 am
>> we're warmed up here and primed. >> the technique, real simple, take your corks, stack them with the body and legs first. then take your glue on the bit. stick it together. be creative. use this as a -- >> you mean a bigger one? >> i don't really know what i'm doing. >> just pretend you know what you're doing. stick them on the legs. the body. then the head over here. >> i don't really -- >> for the ears, you just take pipe cleaner, wrap it around, poke them in the top. i don't know what -- yeah, you probably don't want to get that on your fingers. >> no, no, no. >> keep your children away from this. >> that's why i say you man the gun. >> we got it. >> you are really good, on it. what's next? >> lastly, i like this. this to me brings it all home. it's the urban christmas tree. the reclaimed christmas tree.
2:45 am
if you don't have space in your home and you want to do something a little different. i call this the wish tree. i brought this special little blessing for kathie lee. you're all about bringing the joy, hoda. as your family comes over, you give them an ornament, you hang them. i got two little hooks for you guys to make a wish. >> that new baby is born safe and happy and healthy. have a great, great new year. >> thank you very much, merry christmas. >> thank you so much, frank. >> mary j. blige gets us in the holiday spirit. >> her first christmas album. you disgust me.
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mary j. blige is called the queen of soul. she's won nine grammy awards, received 30 nominations. she's sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. >> now she's released her very first holiday album. here is mary j. blige singing
2:50 am
"this christmas." off her cd "merry christmas." ♪ ♪ hang all the mistletoe, i'm going to get to know you better ♪ ♪ this christmas ♪ and as we trim the tree ♪ how much fun it's going to be together ♪ ♪ this christmas ♪ fire bright and blazing ♪ we're caroling through the night ♪ ♪ and this christmas ♪ will be a very special christmas for me ♪
2:51 am
♪ my world is filled with cheer ♪ ♪ this christmas ♪ and as i looked around ♪ this christmas ♪ fireside blazing bright ♪ we're caroling through the night ♪ ♪ and this christmas will be ♪ a very special christmas for me ♪
2:52 am
♪ merry christmas all over the land ♪ ♪ it's christmastime ♪ it's christmastime ♪ oh fireside blazing bright ♪ we're caroling through the night ♪ ♪ this christmas will be a very special christmas for me yeah ♪ ♪ merry christmas all over the land ♪ ♪ have a very merry christmas yeah ♪
2:53 am
♪ and a happy new year yeah ♪ i hope that it's full of cheer everybody ♪ ♪ i hope you get everything everything you wanted for christmas ♪ ♪ i hope your families are together ♪ ♪ i hope everyone is safe and sound ♪ ♪ merry christmas everybody ♪ yeah yeah yeah >> mary j.! >> love her. >> very special gift for me that's music to my ears. >> yes, you're going to find out. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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2:57 am
christmas is the season of giving so i presented kathie lee with a gift that was very, very precious to me. >> i already love this because it's me. >> okay. so, is it better to give than to receive? take a look.
2:58 am
>> hey, hoda, woman, what you doing? >> i'm getting ready for the holidays. >> what did you get me? >> you're not supposed to ask but i got you the one thing you have always wanted. >> but i already have everything i've always wanted, hoda, i have you. >> oh, god, okay, not really. okay, but you're never going to guess this in a million years. >> world peace. >> the cure to all disease. >> i know, immortality. >> i'm talking about something really important, hello. >> what could be more important than world peace, ending diseases and achieving immortality? >> this is big. i mean really big. >> really, hoda, bigger than what? >> what till you see. just wait until you see. >> oh, come on. >> all right, i'm going to tell you. i am going to give you -- >> yes. >> my i-hoda song for a day. >> what? >> yeah. >> hoda, i hate i-hoda. >> you don't get it. you get to pick. you get to pick your own song. >> you mean i get to pick like a good song? a real song? >> oh, please.
2:59 am
all right, for the girl who has everything, you now have i-klg. >> you made me so happy. >> i got the greatest, i got the best. wait till you see. >> where you going? >> here you go, oh, hody, are you ready? >> go, kathie, go. ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪ >> merry christmas, everybody, and god bless. >> finally i got something i wanted. >> that was -- >> such a great job. >> that is our very own animator. he is just a doll. >> he is such a sweet guy. >> he's so talented. thank you so much, william. >> all right, next week, we have trisha yearwood, holiday performances by leona lewis. plus, family activities everybody can enjoy over the winter break. and they're all free. >> have a great weekend and get
3:00 am
shopping because you're running out of time. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [cheers and applause]


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