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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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sweet. . right now at 5:00 a new deal for b.a.r.t. and its two largest unions what it took to hammer out an agreement. we'll hear from both sides and from b.a.r.t. riders. new developments in the target security breach. the new rules issued by the nation's largest bank that could affect how much you can spend. beautiful day. >> weekend spacewalk. fixing a key component at the international space station so far so good. good evening. we start with breaking news out of san jose. fire crews are on the scene of an apartment fire on the 800 block of delmoss. the smoke is very visible from
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quite some ways around the area. white smoke, those meaning the firefighters have water on it not black smoke if it was still burning. emergency vehicles at 280/87 interchange. this started in the past half hour or so. we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. now we turn to a developing story, b.a.r.t. and its unions have agreed on a tentative contract. call it an early christmas present for hundreds of thousands of people who depend on b.a.r.t. the previous deal fell apart after b.a.r.t. managers balked at a family leave provision. >> reporter: good evening. all sides have agreed but the board b.a.r.t. of directors have to ratify the agreement and union members have to vote
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interest. but it could finally be at an end. a tentative deal was reached back in october but then there was a dispute over a provision that b.a.r.t. said it never intended to include in the contract. that provision gave employees six weeks of paid family leave to care for a sick child or family member or to bond with a newborn. under the compromise that was announced today that provision is gone, but b.a.r.t. will expand its beravement leave policy for the death of a grandchild, step parent or spouse or domestic partner. now workers already have 12 weeks of unpaid medical leave and the deal gives them some flexibility in using accrued vacation days to pay for that time off. union leaders call the deal a fair resolution. >> this was a compromise, b.a.r.t. got what they wanted and we got some stuff we wanted that was beneficial to everybody even the stuff we wanted would be beneficial for the system.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials would not talk on camera because the deal has not been ratified. but the general manager released a written statement saying after eight moves uncertainty for our riders this deal guarantees every ounce of the agency's focus will be to provide great service to the bay area during the peak holiday period and beyond. i want includes upgrades to employee break rooms. both b.a.r.t. and the union say they plan to ratify the deal as soon as possible but they have not specified a date. we'll hear reaction from b.a.r.t. riders coming up tonight at 6:00. thanks very much. this just into our nbc bay area newsroom. the 17-year-old girl shot inside a colorado high school has passed away. claire davis had been in critical condition after being shot point blank. davis appeared to be just a random target. the shooter killed himself.
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the search continues tonight for suspects in a double shooting at a san jose state university campus. according to police someone fired shots on south 2nd and east fernando streets a little after 10:00 last night. as you can see the shooting drew a heavy police presence which was also near several bars. police found two victims one in critical condition the other suffered minor injuries. police are trying to figure out if the shootings were gang related. police in palo alto arrested a massage therapist attacking four women. he turned himself in on wednesday. police charged him with misdeamnor sexual battery. according to detectives the 35-year-old man attacked a woman last year when he worked at a day spa. that investigation led to three more victims who had appointments with him at the salon stanford shopping center location. police say he did not work at the salon by the time those last three investigations were under
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way. five days behind bars, that's a sentence for a information 49er and raider lineman for beating up his ex-boyfriend. he's scheduled to report to jail on february 8th. according to the san mateo daily journal, the judge order him to go to counseling and pay $700 to a shelter for battered spouses. he was convicted of assaulting his ex-boyfriend last summer during an argument over table manners. his lawyer says he plans on appealing the conviction. new details on the target security breach and the largest bank in the united states, jpmorgan chase is telling customers today that they are limiting transactions on debit cards used at target. the new rules allow customers to withdraw up to $100 in cash, limit them to $300 on daily purchases. the limit on chase debit cards is $500.
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at this point you're probably familiar with the mantra shop until you drop or until you're out of cash. some major retailers won't close their doors again until christmas eve. we have more on 24 hour a day shopping. >> i want a lego barbie jet pack. an x-box. a wii. i asked for some new jeans. >> reporter: holiday wish lists are long and there are those hard to shop for people. >> my grandmother. >> my husband. >> reporter: dreaming of profits some major retailers like kohl's are making it easier four to shop. they are staying open 24 hours a day until christmas eve. >> that's crazy. people shopping all during the night. >> reporter: with holiday sales sluggish and competition from the internet retailers are using deep discounts and all access to lure shoppers in. >> vacation time, so, you know, if i'm up and about sure why not. >> reporter: adrian gomez is
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buying in to the idea. >> great for us as a consumer. it's unfortunate for the employees because they have to be here instead of be at home with their loved ones enjoying this holiday season. >> reporter: late night shopping sounds risky. >> this is the latest guy with this holidays i don't like -- >> reporter: kohl's employees say they will look over their shoulder. owe shoppers have no intention of meeting. >> you need to spend time with your family and not in stores. >> that was jean reporting. kohl's is not the only retailer keeping the doors open all night. toys "r" us and some macy's stores are doing that. the family of a 13-year-old girl on life support at an oakland hospital could learn more about what led to her condition. her medical records will be
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released by monday. she went to the hospital on december 9th to have her tonsils removed. she suffered complications that toledo her being declared brain dead. she is now on life support until monday. now to an nbc bay area follow up. redwood city officials orders stem's middle management to order fire. the fires filled bay area skies with smoke and triggered a health advisory. he's back and he's holding try outs in north korea. coming up dennis rodman game plan to bring nba players to the communist country. plus -- >> hard to prepare the field for the championship game every time. >> still to come, prepping for
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what may be the last 49er home game at candlestick park. the crews will have worked for decades on 49er games. after a spectacular day across the bay area temperatures will remain mild but we have a lot to talk about across the midwest. rain, snow, freezing rain could cause holiday travel concerns. we'll explain after this.
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there's good news tonight for the astronauts aboard the international space station. they removed a faulty cooling unit went off without a hitch but still more work to do and some potential dangers. brian mooar explains. >> reporter: two american astronauts ventured outside the international space station on an emergency mission to replace a cooling pump that failed ten days ago. that equipment breakdown virtually shutdown the orbiting lab. >> we got three good -- >> great news. round outside for nearly 5 1/2 hours the two astronauts carefully removed the 780 pound ammonia pump. the view 230 miles above earth was breathtaking. but this mission had its share of perils. recent concerns about a
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potentially deadly water buildup inside their space suits forced the spacewalkers to use snorkels like this one. after rest they get back to work to put that replacement pump back in place and get the space station back to full power. brian mooar, nbc news. >> this weekend former basketball star dennis rodman is back in north korea to visit his friend, president kim jong-un. dennis rodman is calling the shots. assembling a basketball team of north korean national hitting against nba veterans next month. >> dennis is my friend. i'm proud to say he's my friend. >> more experts says the state department is monitoring
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rodman's visit. love is in the air. high above union square. the art project that's adding a holiday twist to the drone and it involves kissing.
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♪ >> the hi-tech combo over union square is delivering love. this holiday season san
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francisco artist decked out a drone with some mistletoe, there it is. they flew it over unsuspecting couples. reminding them to observe the holiday smooching tradition. the artist told the website that they wanted to change the scary ominous reputation of drones and it looks like it's working. they uploaded the video on tuesday. it has more than 60,000 hits so far. anthony slaughter told me during the break he's heading to union break immediately after this newscast. what's going on >> lies, lies, i tell you. we're looking at some very warm conditions across the bay area even this afternoon we saw temperatures 10 degrees above average in places like mill valley. santa rosa 68. morgan hill, gynecologist to 65 degrees. more of this is to come as we head through the next couple of days. a mild week as we head through the last full week of december and you can see temperatures have fallen back off to the 50s
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but mild in the north bay. san francisco offering a beautiful sunset here on this saturday. see lots of that clear visibility and the good news today we didn't have a lot of poor air quality. cold front moved through just a couple of days ago and that cold air lingering behind it. stuck in a northwest flow. today in san francisco didn't feel overly warm. got to 60 degrees. high pressure will start told you about in. a lot of that cold air will go off to the rockies. what we're looking at here is high pressure building in, a lot of that sinking air and just past couple of weeks in fact about 12 days we were sparing the air because of high pressure over us. as we head through the upcoming week a similar scenario will unfold. we could be sparing the air as we head to christmas eve and christmas day. so tomorrow temperatures go up a little bit. south bay back in the mid-60s.
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san jose 65. peninsula will be cooler by a few degrees low 60s, even san francisco not going to warm too much close to 60. a different story in the north bay. that's where we'll see temperatures closer to 70 degrees. santa rosa up to 69. tri-valley not to bad. let's switch gears and talk about what's happening across the midwest. we have winter weather advisories posted from chicago all the way down towards oklahoma city and even a freezing rain advisory in effect for st. louis. what we'll be looking at over the next 24 hours not only the snow aspect to this storm but a lot of severe weather even happening right now. they have numerous tornado watches posted not only for kentucky but down towards eastern tennessee, also all the way down towards louisiana and this is what we're looking at for really the next 12 hours. the worst traveling delays will come from the tennessee valley to the lower mississippi valley but the good news is tomorrow this system is expected to weaken so we're not looking at
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any severe weather tomorrow across the eastern seaboard. it will just be plain old rain and that's good news as we head towards christmas. lots of folks trying to do some traveling. we're not looking at too many delays tomorrow and that's good news as we head towards your holiday forecast. back here at home your christmas forecast looks spectacular. we're talking about temperatures in the low 60s in san francisco. mid-60s across the east and north bay. heading to tahoe, no snow, good traveling conditions but of course they got plenty much that hanging around, 42 for that high on christmas day. back over to you. >> looks like this may be the final countdown for the san francisco 49ers at candlestick park. today city crews worked at prepping stadium chairs and the field for monday night's home game against the atlanta falcons. they have been painting the 49ers logo on the field for decades. may have painted their last logo at candlestick today. >> i'm going to miss it. i love the logos. >> always surprised at the
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appearance of it. tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game. every time. >> likely the 49ers will play their final home football game this monday night although there's a chance there could be a playoff game there. san francisco will celebrate the stadium with farewell events leading up to its implosion next year. >> the 49ers still in urgency with playoffs in sight. hear from the san francisco squad gearing up for monday night showdown against the atlanta falcons. and sharks rookie won't be in a uniform for a while. san jose's gm gives the latest on the phenom. that's next from the xfinity sports desk.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the nfl post-season is right around the corner and the 49ers control their own destiny. if they beat the falcons monday night they are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. jim harbaugh is counting on a big playoff. >> it's the most important thing. it feels good twoin. nothing that makes you feel like winning, you know. and it's that simple. >> i think we're pretty good. still can improve, but, you know, compared to last year
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we're on the right track. we're getting better and we'll be on the right path. >> should be a good game. let's slide over to the sharks, sensational rookie is expected to be side lined for a mop. thursday night the 20-year-old was involved in a knee or knee hit during a game against the kings. hurdle collided with brown. he leads all rookies with 15 goals and 25 points this season. >> still some swelling in the knee. we're going to -- preliminary report is he's out for a month and more tests that's ongoing and see what the extent is and go from there. that will take a little bit of time for that evaluation to take place. >> as a team wild miss him. as young as he is he's a very important part of our team. we'll miss him. but any time a player goes down it's tough for the surrounding
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players. somebody will get extra minute of ice time and guys need to take advantage of that. when a guy goes down, we talk about players needing to step up and we all have to do that. >> back to the gridiron for state championship high school game. sacred heart prep against delmar, first quarter, got a touchdown. capping off a 75 yard drive. making his uncle very happy who is the coach for the team. still in the first 14-0. mason randall picks off by barrett. takes it 57 yards to the house. puts more points on the board. they win 27-15. they wrapped up the season 16-0. remarkable season for them. number three tennessee at number 6 stanford. stanford looking for their third straight win. first half, she can do a little
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bit of everything. gets the steal. coast to coast for the lay-up. stanford up by eight at the break. second half, roof. raise the roof for her. stanford up nine. next possession. roof will miss the lay-up. a rebound. puts it back. she has everyone back. 32 points and 20 rebounds. stanford wins 76-70. speaking of basketball the cows win basketball tame plaque uconn at madison square garden. look who they ran into rapper 50 cent took a minute to snap a quick picture. why can't i be that lucky? terry you have a picture with 50 cent, don't you? >> i have a wall of them. maybe not. if i do see him i'll ask for one. >> you deserve one. >> i'll get you and autographed one. >> please do. >> we'll be right back.
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a special day today for thousands of kids in need is in san francisco. the memorial church gave away 8,000 new holiday toys today. the need is so great kids and their families started lining up at 6:00 last night and kids say it was worth the wait. >> very helpful for people who can't afford toys and they have been very generous. >> it makes me happy because i see these kids getting toys and waiting in line for something special. >> although today's giveaway is over the church is still asking the public to donate new unwrapped toys and gift cards. you can bet they are going to find the youngster that will appreciate it. >> more local news at 6:00. hope to see you then.
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on this saturday night, high drama as two astronauts take a walk in space on an urgent mission to fix a vital piece of the international space station. extreme weather. a huge and dangerous storm brings everything from snow and ice to severe flooding and tornado risks while some bass being in record high temperatures on this first day of winter. downhill struggle. a bad day and a new setback for lindsey vonn less than seven weeks before the start of the winter olympics. and he'll shoot your eye out, kid. 30 years after the making of a holiday comedy classic, we'll take you inside the house where "a christmas story" still comes alive. >> announcer: from nbc news


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