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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today nbc bay area news starts now. good evening and thanks for joining us. just a few days before christmas and a two-alarm fire has left 17 people without a home. some of them children. the fire started about 4:30 this afternoon on the 800 block of dell mont avenue near the 280-87 split. kimberly terry is live with more on the victims and on what happened. >> reporter: right now workers just finished up boarding up and
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securing the building here. but no one was home at the time that the fire started. it started in an apartment on the second story of this building. an arson investigator has been brought in to check things out. tonight, firefighters say they're still looking into the cause. >> i was just getting ready to get into the shower and i heard glass breaking. and i threw on some clothes and looked out the door and it was smoke rolling out of the neighbor's windows. >> reporter: that smoke could be seen for miles. before fire crews got here, they called a second alarm. >> there was heavy flames showing. >> reporter: everyone inside got out safely. and within 20 minutes, firefighters got the flames under control. but the damage is significant. >> the fire damaged one full unit and partial of another. >> reporter: firefighters say there is heavy water damage to the units downstairs. >> it's tough for anybody this time of year, especially the
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kits. >> reporter: the 17 people who live here are now without a home. firefighters say the family who lives in the unit where the fire started as a newborn and 10-year-old. >> that's the sad part about it is i have places i can go. but i don't know where the kids are going to go. >> reporter: tonight, some of the tenants were allowed back in to grab personal belongings and survey the damage for themselves. [ indiscernible ] stepped in to help the families find temporary housing. >> kimberly, thank you very much. a developing story on the oakland teenage girl who was on life support.
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children's hospital is now speaking out about the case. tonight, hospital officials released a physician's declaration filed with the superior court yesterday. in it, three doctors say she is medically brain dead and she cannot recover. the family is fighting to keep her on life support and her mother released a letter today saying her daughter is still alive despite what the doctors might say. also today, the chief of pediatrics released a statement saying, we understand the intense grief of a mother who has lost a child. we are committed to fully investigating what caused this catastrophic outcome from this complicated surgery. she went to children's hospital december 9 to have her tonsils removed. the hospital's lawyer says the girl suffered complicated and declared brain dead. the judge ordered to keep the girl on life support until monday. we go to colorado now where they are mourning the death of a
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17-year-old high school student. claire davis was shot on campus last week by another student. she had been in critical student for eight days. davis' family was at her side this afternoon when the moment came to say goodbye. her classmates didn't know what to do, so they gathered at their school. lindsey watts reports. >> i really felt like i needed to be here. >> i've come every night since the shooting. >> reporter: it's a place they've gathered for days. but now, as fall turns to winter, their hope turns to grief. >> it's one of the only things that all of us here could hope for is for her to make it out of it okay. >> reporter: a night when words are hard to come by. >> it's not fair that it happened to her. i'm just speechless. >> it's still very sad. >> reporter: a night when everything seems to slow down. people grieving quietly, just being together is enough.
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>> we have so much support. like all these posters from different schools. it's brought the community together in a way that like is indescribable. >> reporter: a shoulder to cry on, a warm hug on a cold night. together, they promise to keep claire's memory alive. >> claire will never be forgotten. >> that was lindsay watts reporting. the shooter took his own life. south bay police are looking for the gunman who opened fire near the san jose state university campus. two people were hit. it happened about 10:00 last night. this is just around the corner from christmas in the park. the shooting drew a heavy police presence to the scene, which was also near several bars. police found two victims, one is in critical condition, the other suffered minor injuries. tonight, the hundreds of thousands of people who depend
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on b.a.r.t. to get around the bay area are breathing a collective sigh of relief. the agency and unions have reached a tentative deal averting a third strike. monty? >> reporter: good evening. this deal has to be ratifierati but it appears this long fight is at an end and that is music to the ears of b.a.r.t. riders. for weeks, riders have faced uncertainty. but tonight, relief. >> i feel relooeieverelieved. >> everything has calmed down and working out, because it will make just everything easier for everyone, both the workers and the commuters. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. and the unions first reach a tentative deal for a 15% raise back in october. but then there was a dispute
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over a provision that b.a.r.t. said it never intended to include in the contract, which gave employees six weeks of paid family leave to care for a sick child or family member or bond with a newborn. under the compromise, that provision is gone. but b.a.r.t. will expand its bereavement leave policy to allow paid time off in the event of a grand child, stepparent of a spouse or domestic partner. this deal also includes upgrades to employee breakrooms at the daily city, mill bray and west oakland b.a.r.t. stations. union leaders called the deal a fair resolution. >> this was a compromise. b.a.r.t. got what they wanted and we got some of the stuff we wanted. it was beneficial to everybody, even the stuff we wanted will be beneficial for the system. >> reporter: in the meantime, joel keller, who takes over as president of b.a.r.t.'s board of directors next week, wants a measure on the ballot next november, banning future
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strikes. many b.a.r.t. riders we talked to support the idea. >> i don't take b.a.r.t. to work every day, but when i do, i like to know it's there as an option. >> reporter: officials would not go on camera today, but b.a.r.t.'s general manager released a statement saying after months of uncertainty for riders, this deal will guaranty the agency's focus will be directed to providing great service to the bay area during the peak holiday period and beyond. they plan to ratify the deal as soon as possible but have not specified a date. >> thank you, monty. new at 11:00, two women are under arrest and a third under investigation for a string of burglaries in several homes in the north bay. deputies say they happened in santa rosa, windsor and
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heelsberg since november 13, detectives arrested two. deputies say televisions, furniture, dishes and bedding were stolen. severe weather is the big story for much of the nation tonight. ice and heavy snow in the midwest and oklahoma, black ice on the road is making for dangerous driving conditions. there are 68 million people in the path of this storm. more than 400 flights canceled today. half of them flying through chicago and dallas. >> we were going to see family but we'll have to reschedule. >> for more of the travel forecast, we turn now to anthony. >> as you just said, there was a ton of weather happening across the midwest. this is a severe weather report. you heard about the snow, the winter aspect of this storm. but now we're looking at some of the severe weather from the thunderstorms and torn iddic
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activity from louisiana to ohio, over 100 reports of wind damage this average. yeah, we were talking about the snow, and it continues to fall in kansas city, towards chicago and even a rain-snow mix falling from parts of missouri towards the great lakes. you can see a lot of heavy rain continues to fall, not only from ohio but towards louisiana right now. this system is weakening. that's the good news. we're not going to continue to see severe weather overnight. but the worst travel will continue for the next 12 hours as the system moves off to the eastern seaboard. tomorrow, no severe weather expected. just rain from new york city towards florida. >> anthony, thank you. next at 11:00, former nba star dennis rodman is back in north korea tonight. what he's doing to hopefully improve relations between the communist regime and america. and -- >> i'm going to miss it. >> as we head towards the 49ers last regular season game at
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turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. former nba star dennis rodman is holding basketball tryouts in north korea this weekend. the game plan, to have a north korean team play a dozen former nba players. in an exhibition game celebrating the birthday of the nation's leader, kim jong-un, rodman is having trouble talking players into going into north korea. last week, kim jong-un had his up kill put to death. then he notified south korean
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officials by fax he might attack their country at any time. >> don't be afraid, man. it's all love here. this country is pretty cool. >> this week, a state department spokesman insisted that rodman was not representing the united states government on his trip to north korea. this weekend, saying goodbye to a bay area landmark. san francisco 49ers will play what is probably their last game at candle stick on monday. crews may have painted their last logo today. >> i'm going to miss it. i love the famous logos. they can see it all over the word, my work, but they don't know who does it. but now they do. >> again, monday probably the last 49er game at the stick. although there is a chance there could be a playoff game right there.
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meteorologist anthony slaughter is here to talk about the forecast. >> things are going to remain quiet here across the bay area, at least in terms of active weather. we won't be seeing a lot in terms of rain or snow. lots of sunshine expected. clear skies across the board from the south bay to the north bay. and picture perfect conditions right now in san francisco. no doing to talk about. however, tomorrow morning, there will be a little fog over the open waters. but not a whole lot in terms of fog conditions. right now, we'll see clear skies continue into the overnight hours. and through tomorrow, expecting another bright day. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. our warmest locations off towards the north bay, inland valleys back to 70 degrees. south bay, you'll see temperatures tomorrow. we start the day in the 40s. by noon, low 60s. plenty of sun to start the day
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towards the evening hours. san francisco, expected to get close to 60 degrees by noon and we'll see north bay, east bay and try valley locations and plenty of sun, cold jacket weatr and by noon, sunshine and temperatures climbing back into the 60s. now, we have our jet stream that's directly overhead right now. that kept the cool air in place, especially for the morning hours. high pressure continues to build in. this area of high pressure is going to allow for air to sink down to the valley floors. and with that sinking air, stagnant air and not a whole lot to push any activity out. we're going to be looking at air quality. tomorrow, looking at good to moderate levels of air quality. this week, by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday, that's when we will look at air quality back into the unhealthy category. of course, with 12 days of spare the air the past couple of
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weeks, this is not something we need. we haven't seen a whole lot of rain. you can see that continues to fall across parts of the ohio valley, the tennessee valley, and towards the mississippi valley. a lot of this, the good news is the severe weather is coming to an end for the night. if you have to do any traveling across the eastern seaboard, make sure you check ahead. not seeing any airport delays, just light rain in chicago and new york city. back at home, christmas is going to turn out to be very comfortable and bright. san francisco, back into the low 60s. oakland, same there, as well. if you're heading to tahoe, sun and 42 with no problem on the roadways. >> anthony, thanks for that. it's a day off for the 49ers. but not for all the players. vernon davis is in the south bay to do his part to spread holiday cheer. 500 children showed up and checked out the artwork and met the tight end. each got a new toy for
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christmas. this is the second year the vernon davis foundation has been able to do this. in addition to toys, art supplies were being given away. the foundation is big on keeping art in schools and in the lives of children. >> i think it's really awesome. a lot of kids don't get what other kids do, and he knows how that is, because that's why he's doing it. >> the foundation is still taking toy donations. organizers are happy to accept them for next year's toy give away. andrea here now with sports. what's going on? >> looking to earn their fifth straight football championship. could they get it done? the warriors and sharks in action. would both teams take care of action? we have highlights, next. ♪ ho ho ho
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four days away from christmas and most bay area fans would love for the warriors and sharks to get on a winning streak. let's go to oakland first. the warriors facing the lakers. no pau gasol for l.a. that's good news for andrew bogut. first quarter, bogut blocks at the rim. lakers shot under 33% for the game. moving ahead to the third quarter, steffon curry with the
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alley-oop to bogut. fourth quarter, curry, alley-oop to bogut again. bogut with 12 points, 20 rebounds, warriors roll 102-83. >> we really needed, you know, a miracle speech before the game tonight. so we haven't accomplished anything by this win. we won a game we should have won. now a big game in a couple of days for us. >> women's college hoops. tennessee at stanford. looking for their third straight win against the lady vols. second half, miss the layup, but the teammate there to pick up the trash. stanford up two with under 3:00. stanford wins 76-70. fourth quarter, chris williams passes to marquis
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morris deep. that's a 49-yard pass and that puts the star tans within a touchdown. williams is intercepted by morgan. st. john's wins 20-14 for their first state championship. and the sharks top the stars 3-2 in a shootout. that's it for sports. back to you, terry. >> thank you very much. coming up next, mission accomplished. more than 200 miles above the earth, two astronauts made repairs on the international sas station today.
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new details on the target
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security breach and the largest bank in the u.s. jpmorgan is saying it's no longer going to be allowing customers to take out as much money as they have been before. all customers now are going to be able to withdraw up to $100 in cash before it was limits under $300 on daily purchases. the normal limit is $500. let's get to the nasa astronauts. they completed a space walk today to repair the cooling system. >> we powered down things, we tried to preserve a lot of our science and of course, equipment that the life support systems that the crew have to operate of course to keep oxygen in the cabin and pressurization. >> the second space walk is
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scheduled for christmas eve. if needed, astronaut also go back out on christmas day. take a look at your final forecast. here is anthony slaughter. >> tomorrow, we are expecting to see a bright day. temperatures will be back into the mid to upper 60s, close to 70 degrees and you'll find the south bay expecting temperatures back into the mid 60s there. peninsula in san francisco, a little cooler, low to mid 60s. plenty of sunshine everywhere tomorrow. picture perfect seasons. the north bay and east bay, mid 60s with some of the warmest locations, even santa rosa back to 69 for tomorrow. so a good sunday headed our way, terry. >> sounds good. thanks a lot. thanks for watching nbc bay area news. "saturday night live" is next. jimmy fallon and justin timberlake hosting. should be good. have a great night.
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