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tv   Today  NBC  December 24, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. we're so glad you're with us today. it's fun day monday. december 23rd. just two days until christmas, which is why we're decorated like this. this is pretty unbelievable. >> these balloons are very, very special. they're by a woman named sandy masorri. >> and she's hard at work making hats for us. and she's a little loopy. we love her. >> we like everything about her. >> look at what an artist she is.
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she puts lights in them. pretty amazing. >> and she's doing it quickly. by the end of the chat, she's going to have our hats prepared. let's hope they fit. by the way, it's so funny to look at people outside. some people are wearing sweatshirts because it's the weirdest weather week. >> it was almost 70 degrees yesterday in greenwich. last week, i had a crazy weekend. >> let's talk about yours. >> right before the weekend, i had gotten a call to go and do a cameo. i'm here, a cameo appearance on michael j. fox's sitcom called the michael j. fox show. and there i am, ready to go. >> what was your role? what were you doing there? >> it's very difficult. i play myself, and that is anne heche and michael j. fox and justin long. i got to do a scene with those incredibly talented people.
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so much fun, and thank you so much. >> i can't wait to see this. >> ann had to make an exit on the scene, and then we follow each other out, and we stood there for five takes watching justin and michael j. fox. just two masters go at it and how comfortable they are and how funny. how funny. so that's going to be on the season finale of the show. thanks for having me. >> if you were up late on saturday night, you got to see one of the epic snls of all time. >> lots of surprises. >> jimmy fallon and justin timberlake, barry gibb, mayor bloomberg. lots of highlights, but one in particular we have chosen to show you. it has nothing to do with them. it has more to do with us, so let's take a look. >> nbc announced this week that kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb will host a primetime special called a toast to 2013 where they recount their top stories from the past year, but shh, it's actually an intervention. >> okay. >> ah.
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>> all righty, some of the most heart warming stories are the ones when we see our soldiers coming back from the front. and being reunited with the people they love. this is nathan qualls. he graduated from arkansas tech university this weekend. while he was receiving his diploma, he got a nice surprise. >> it was his brother. his brother is army sergeant >> can't get close enough. you can tell. >> how beautiful is that. army sergeant qualls served in afghanistan from 2010 to 2011 is on his second tour in kuwait. >> so off, we see the parents and kids reunited. such a beautiful thing.
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you don't usually see ones with the brothers like that. it's something about grown men like that, just makes you cry. >> it is beautiful. >> good news. >> or bad. >> coach seats are going to be getting smaller. >> where's the good news. >> just as we as a nation are battling our obesity problems, some airlines are tightening up. >> you know the goal, so they can put more seats in the plane so you pay your old seat price for a littler seat. >> which is small to begin with. >> less padding. >> and more battles over the arm rests and eliminating the recline. >> here's are the ones already installing these seats. they're calling them slim line. you go, oh, good, slim line. they're southwest. spirit. >> yeah. >> and some other people we don't know. here's the thing. >> i think it's a bad idea. i really do. >> i was on a flight this weekend and in one of those seats you don't know when you book it, it doesn't recline. look, it's an emergency exit.
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but it's also behind you so yours stays up. they pitch forward a little bit. >> they're very uncomfortable. if you have a long flight, you have a bad neck at the end. >> how are they reducing the padding? they're already uncomfortable. >> they're saying they will make extra, not save, make extra $200 million more by doing that. >> for the airlines? >> putting six more seats on each. >> you know what? here's the thing. >> it's enough. think about your customers first. >> and fly from new york to l.a. in that slim line seat. you tell me that that's -- we should have those guys do that. >> the only place that works is the marketplace. people refuse to buy the seats, they'll change it back. >> you're right. you are right. >> i know. >> we have another study out, you guys. it's a little surprising. it's saying we as women spend 12 hours a week worrying about how we look. >> are you surprised it's so little or so much?
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>> 12 hours seems like a lot of time in a week. >> yes. mostly it's about our weight or our -- what? makeup? and what we're going to wear, hair, yep, yep. >> they say the average woman spends 627 hours a year worrying about her appearance. that's 12 hours a week. that's how they break it down. the biggest concerns are weight, blotchy or pale skin, and frizzy hair. >> do something about it, put on a little makeup, throw a hat on, put on your spanx and get out of town. >> you know when you try on an outfit and you hate it and you go back. that's 15 minutes right there. >> i don't do that anymore. >> you don't? >> i guess there was a time in my life when i did. >> what do you do? >> i don't know. i see it, all right, and go with it. there's so many things more important to worry about. that's a distressing -- there's enough stress on you. don't put it on yourself. the world puts enough on you. hoda. >> you know what it's time for? >> fan of the week. >> it is. i'm so -- >> oh, it isn't.
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favorite things. wrong again. all right, this is really cute. this is my secret angel and me. look at this, you guys. >> what is that? >> we all heard about the elf on the shelf, which is wonderful. this is your secret angel. can you see it? i would be the worst weather girl. it's a wonderful little book and it basically says -- >> what? >> my secret angel and me, how the gift of christmas came to be. it's adorable. by ashley and rachel, $35. my secret angel and what about you, hoda? i smell it. >> if your skin is crackly and dry and it's the winter and you feel gross and you think i need the right moisturizer, the right cream. who would have thought this would work, but you get it in stores. it's called dr. bronner's magic fresh pressed virgin coconut oil. it's $11.
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you can cook with it, look at it, look at what it is. it's like this. you take a little. and you put it on your hands. >> does it dissolve. >> it smells like the beach. it's buttery. >> it does. >> it dissolves. you smell like the beach. you put it on your face before you go to bed. >> i smell like a peppermint patty. nice, hody. it's lickable. >> you can cook with it, too. >> it's lickable. >> why do you keep saying that? i'm not tasting it. i've been dunking my fingers in it. god knows who else's fingers have been in it. it's gross. >> it is now time for fan of the week, hoda. we were wrong before but we're right now. drum roll, please. >> we're ready. >> while we spin the globe looking for our winner, and it is cheryl mitby. i was so hoping she would get it. she watches us on channel 15. are you shocked? >> yes, oh, thank you so much. >> look at cheryl. we're going to tell you what you
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won, but we love you, too. before we tell you why you won, we're going to tell you what you won, we'll tell you why you won. >> how much you kissed up to us. >> cheryl has been a huge fan of the show since it started. this year, she showed extra special kathie lee and hoda holiday spirit. she decorating her christmas tree with homemade kathie lee and hoda ornaments complete with miniature wine glasses. she said the tree has brought a lot of laughter to her home. even her husband approves of the tree and today marks their 46th wedding anniversary. this must be an extra special day for you. and cheryl, you might want to give him a little anniversary present, if you know what i mean? guess where you're going? you can take him if you still like him. where are they going? >> i love you two guys. >> you and a guest are headed to southern california's coachella valley for four days and three nights at the j.w. marriott desert springs resort and spa. you'll enjoy a daily breakfast
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and you can explore the golf, tennis, and pool areas. >> you'll relax at the spa and enjoy a gondola ride. complete with a dinner for two on the boat dock. hotel furnishes are provided by j.w. marriott, and round trip air trip is provided by the palm springs travel and convention bureau. >> i love you guys. thank you so much. >> that tree is awesome. >> all righty. sandy, are our hats almost done? >> she's been busy. >> happy holidays! >> somebody has been hitting the cheer. >> we got all kinds of fun stuff for you here. >> okay. is that going to fit hoda? >> actually, i did it on head bands so it wouldn't mess up your hair and so it would fit both of you. we have a cute party dot in there, give it sparkle and light. >> have you been doing this since you were a little girl?
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>> i have been doing this for 20 years. i am so lucky. i have the best job in the world because my job is to make everyone happy. >> can i ask you a question on national television? what's happening to these afterward? >> you can keep them. >> can i send them over to cassidy's place in new york. for the children over there that we take care of all year round? >> they woem last all year. >> they'll be here today? >> absolutely. >> thank you. we'll get them over. sandy, you're adorable. you're a sweetheart. my present to you. other there you go. >> thank you so much. >> cheers. >> merry christmas. >> see, i do share. if you were shopping and wrapping this weekend, we'll get you caught up on the hollywood buzz. >> we're about to meet four incredible kids. the kindest kids on the planet who know what the spirit of christmas is all about.
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we know the christmas season is all about giving and performing acts of kindness, so sprout network held a contest to find the kindest kid. >> from more than 650 entries, the contest was narrowed down to four finalists. we'll meet the winner and the three runner-ups first, but let's take a look at why they're chosen. >> i'm from san jose, california, and i read to the elderly. when i read to them, they feel happy. and that makes me happy. >> hi, i'm ann from philadelphia, and i give my birthday presents to people in need. i know getting gifts makes me happy, so i want to make others happy. for my next birthday, i'm raising money to send one kid to camp. >> i'm matteo from new york, pennsylvania, and i'm a kind kid because i keep the community clean. i formed a group called the
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litter critters and we meet once a month to clean up litter. >> i'm emma from tucson, arizona, and i'm a kind kid. i give gift boxes to people with sick brothers and sisters. when i see the smiles on people's faces, it makes me feel good. >> yay! >> you guys, you make angels smile. do you know that? all of these kids are winners to us. they're ultra philips over here, and matteo, and the girl voted the chief kindness officer, emma locke. congratulations to all of you guys. and to the parents who raised such great kids. >> tell us why you like reading to the elderly? >> i like reading because reading is my favorite thing to do. >> yeah, and what do you see on their faces when you read them a story? >> i see them smile and clap. >> i'm going to give you a couple books to take home and read to them. >> yay! >> anna, you're giving away your presents to other kids? >> yeah.
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>> why did you decide to do that? >> because i wanted to make other kids happy. >> yeah. and how -- what was the first thing? what made you decide? did you know a kid who needed presents? or did you just decide to do it on your own? >> i just decided to do it. >> and matteo, was it just getting nasty around the neighborhood and you got tired of waiting for someone else to clean it up? >> yeah. >> the adults weren't doing it, so it took a kid. >> you take bag and you and your family run out and pick up everyt to a street with a lot of trash and clean it up. >> and you make it fun, right? i bet lots of people are joining you in the effort now, right? >> yep. >> that's so great. >> hi, emma. >> congratulations. >> how are you? >> your brother was sick, right, and that's how you got involved in this? tell us about him. >> well, it started when he fell off the bed, but it doesn't really end there. >> is he doing better now? >> mm-hmm. >> good.
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>> you do lock boxes of love. tell us about those. >> well, the lock boxes of love, i started them because when chase started being sick, he got a lot of things. and i felt left out because -- because i was never involved in anything. so i felt like, you know, so i felt left out. and that's when i decided -- then when i got a gift, it made me feel really good. so i wanted to do that for other kids. >> that is so sweet. >> you guys are the best kids. i think we have a little something special for you guys for being such great kids. >> i hope you inspire lots of others out there to do kindness, too. >> everyone has a little name tag. >> this is awesome. >> for all the hollywood buzz you missed over the weekend, and a sweet surprise one man will never forget, a sweet christmas story to help you keep the faith during the holidays right after this. [ female announcer ] imagine a match made in skin heaven.
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with venus and olay. olay moisture bars help lock in moisture for less dryness while five blades get venus close. revealing smooth. and goddess skin begins. only from venus and olay.
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the christmas season is all about family and faith, and this is a remarkable story about both. >> it's from our friend, the best selling author of the godwink series described as life changing experiences. >> and ted harris' story is just that. take a look. >> my wife cathy and i were married 40 years. it was a wonderful marriage. christmas was cathy's favorite
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holiday. her policy was, you can't decorate too much. i would string the lights outside. while she turned the inside into a christmas wonderland. every year, she gave the children and me a special ornament. one year, mine was a little picture frame with her smiling face. when you pressed a button, it would say, merry christmas, honey. i love you. have a happy new year. that smile is what characterized cathy. she wore it every day in her battle with ovarian cancer. for five and a half years. christmas eve 2010 was the worst day of my life. that was the day i had to put cathy in the hospice. three days later, she went to heaven. one year later, i arose early on christmas eve morning. i couldn't sleep, missing cathy's sweet smile.
2:28 am
i came down to an empty house, which i had decorated the way she liked. i turned on the tree lights and decided to light the candle that was next to the picture frame ornament that she always placed there on an end table. but when i flicked the candle lighter, the most unbelievable thing happened. the voice on the picture frame spoke. >> merry christmas, honey. i love you very much. happy new year. >> i checked the button. it was still in the off position. now, there's probably a scientific reason for that happening. but in my moment of sadness, hearing her voice gave me comfort, knowing my angel was okay and she was not to be forgotten. i felt god was in the room. a godwink from heaven. >> wow. >> oh, my god.
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that's definitely a godwink. >> yeah. okay, we're going to segue to this, the "duck dynasty" ruffles more feathers. plus, a big surprise at the box office. >> all in today's buzz.
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we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday. >> time for today's buzz. >> a tv news legend gets scooped by a hobbit, while mariah carey shows off her itsy bitsy teeny-weeny red polka dot bikini. >> here to fill us in is josh. >> happy christmas. >> you, too. >> let's start with the box office. was this an upset, a surprise? >> a little bit. bilbo beat burgundy, they're saying. this is one of those most important weekends of the year.
2:32 am
the last two weekends of the year are box office bonanza. there was an expectation that "anchorman 2" would take up the top spot. goes to show. >> how close was it? >> you should never underestimate 3-foot tall australians because $37 million and $26.8 million for "anchorman 2." it's still admirable numbers. still okay. the one i think people should keep an eye on is american hustle, which came in fourth with about $20 million, a little shy of $20 million, but it's building and building. >> it's not in full release, right? >> we got full release just this weekend. it was in new york and l.a. last weekend. it's a fantastic movie and i think it's going to grow. >> it's getting great reviews. >> let's talk mariah carey's bikini shots. >> there was not an inch of cleavage when we were with her. >> wow, fully clothed.
2:33 am
>> in a ball gown. look at her. i walked bambino just like that this morning. >> she's in aspen. >> she's in aspen and she posted these pictures to instagram. walking her dog through the snow wearing that. and she posted -- she said the explanation on this was she said this is a tradition. this is a tradition. i guess, yeah, right? whenever i walk my dog in the snow i'm wearing nothing but a red thong. and nobody at tompkins square dog park bats an eyelid. >> not down there. >> "duck dynasty," there's still waves of controversy coming off of this. >> quieting down a little bit? >> i would hope so. eventually, people have to. yeah, the cracker barrel had pulled all of the "duck dynasty" things from its shelves. >> that had his image on it. >> then they got a huge deluge of complaints. they brought it back in. charlie sheen has vented at him on social media. it still seems to be buzzing
2:34 am
along. i don't understand why anybody thought a bearded old redneck duck hunter from the louisiana bayou would be a progressive civil rights leader in the first place. >> he made his feelings known long before. a&e knew what they were getting into. they had the right to fire him if they want but he has the right to say what he believes. >> he's also still going to be on the show. he's not shooting the show, but they have a season up their sleeve. >> they have nine done of the ten. >> what do you think is going to happen with him and the show? >> i suspect they pick him back up because it's such a high-rating show, so much money in it, or he walks and another network picks up the show. >> i wonder, though, if he's able -- if they can all leave, because you sign -- >> yeah, well, they would have to agree. i'm sure they wouldn't be able to leave without a&e's permission. >> steve carell was on letterman, having a conversation about surgery. >> a hip replacement surgery. he's only 51. normally you might associate with it older people. >> like me. >> 12 years ago, he was in an
2:35 am
ice hockey accident. he had to get something done, but he didn't want to know anything about how the surgery was done. he was like, otherwise i'm going to back out. >> i don't want to hear the gory details. >> if i knew what was going to happen with my feet, i would have never done it, and i'm so glad i did. that was smart of him. >> a nurse named yolanda says, i'm going to shave your groin. he said, if i knew this was going to happen, i would have preshaved my groin. and they ask him, what do you want your hip made out of. he's like i'm 30 minutes away. couldn't you have asked me earlier. i guess i'll take ceramic. >> did it go well? >> went fantastic and apparently he's going to play ice hockey again. >> those guys have it in their blood. boy, they love their hockey. great to see you again. merry christmas, sweetheart. >> say his name again. >> say it again. >> can't remember. okay. some lucky shoppers getting a huge christmas surprise. >> yes, hoda.
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>> wait until you see it. you'll love it. >> plus, the motivation you love to help you to keep the pounds from piling up over the holiday.
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we're down to the wire in our holiday challenge to help you cut the creep. and with christmas just two days away, this may be the toughest week yet to resist temptation and try to maintain your weight. >> two of our viewers have been successful at it so far, but what did the last week bring?
2:41 am
>> we're about to find out. nbc's health and diet editor weighed them a little while ago. how did we do? >> they look great, feeling great? let's take a look, look at melvina. how do you think you did? over the past week, you lost two pounds. >> what? i don't even see it. >> for a total -- >> you lost two this week? >> you're down -- >> for a total of 3.8 pounds. she started slow, but she picked up. fabulous. now cathy, let's take a look at cathy. >> do you feel like you have lost? >> no. >> let's take a look. cathy dropped a half a pound. and her total is 4.3 pounds. >> yay! >> i want to cut the creep. they're actually on their way down. >> tell us what we're doing now. >> today, we're going to take your activity knowledge, because we're busy at the holidays doing lots of stuff to burn calories. what we're going to do is five different activities starting with decorating the tree.
2:42 am
>> you're going to figure the calories we're burning. >> they're wearing little activity bands. >> ten seconds to do each one? >> over time. this is two minutes, but if you multiply it by 30 minutes or an hour, you're going to see how much you're burning. ten seconds. >> what are we starting with? >> we're going to start at the christmas tree. >> go. >> ready? >> go, go. come on, melvina. come on. dance around. >> shake it. shake it don't break it. shake it. >> arms up. >> shake it, shake it. >> okay. drop it. drop it. >> wrap it. shake it while you wrap it. shake it while you wrap it. >> here, i'll hold it. >> keep shaking. keep shaking. and wrap. come on, we love to wrap. we know how to wrap. >> now. >> okay, bake something. bake it. dump it in. bake it. >> get some elbow grease in there.
2:43 am
>> break it in. really, put your back into it. >> what? >> that's it. brush your hair. brush your hair. brush your hair. >> here. brush your hair. >> brush your hair. brush it. brush it. jump, jump, jump, jump. >> okay. drink. >> shake it, make it, shake it. keep shaking it while you make it. shake it while you make it. >> shake, shake, shake, shake. >> put it on top. >> okay. >> keep going. keep shaking. >> all right. >> okay. >> time's up. >> what was that? >> okay, put this down. >> i'm going to take a look and see what you did. >> okay. and -- >> don't look. i didn't look. did you? the thing is, you got a total of 14 calories in these little things. you got a total of 12. it doesn't sound like a lot, but if you multiply by 30 minutes.
2:44 am
>> madeleine, she burned a lime. you get a half of a lime. >> enjoy. >> we get it. exponentially. >> over time, it's 200 calories, and we have a -- >> take a break over the holidays. >> all that. >> we have a prize for you guys. they're champagne truffles. you like champagne and you like truffles. you get a little treat. >> all right, thank you. if you have questions for madeleine about cutting the creep, send them to our facebook page and she'll stick around to answer them for you. >> the big retail spreading christmas cheer to lucky shoppers. and you're not the only one getting decked out for that holiday party. festive outfits for your pets. >> cutest. >> dog gone adorable, right after this.
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all right, most of you may already have your christmas and new year's eve outfits ready to
2:49 am
go for yourself and your kids, but what about the other family members? >> you can't forget your four-legged friends. here with looks to have people wagging is dara foster. oh, my gosh. these are too cute. >> you have to keep them comfortable, too, and stylish. >> yes, the idea is to keep them comfortable and stylish. you never want to force your dog to wear something they don't want to wear. >> they'll let you know. >> come on. strut your stuff. >> he didn't need that boot. >> he's like cinderella, he left a shoe behind. his prince charming will come. >> what is he wearing? >> he's ready to dash through the snow in a pet life jacket from pet smart. it's around $30. >> we want to see his face. >> of course, it's important to protect your dog's eyes. he's wearing uv protected doggals. the idea is to accessorize and make the complete look. you have the coat, the doggals.
2:50 am
>> that's important to protect the dog's eyes? >> it can be. it's uv-protective. especially for debris for a dog low to the ground. you think about salt and dirt. it actually does protect them at the same time. >> and the puffer jacket isn't that expensive? >> no, under $30. >> excellent. good-bye. oh, those boots. we have gracie. >> is this gracie? >> what a difference. >> go guy. >> this is go guy, and this is definitely a case of opposites attract. we have go guy. big dogs are really hard to dress. people say how do i dress my big dog? you can have a great time with accessories. we have a tartan bow tie. tartan is a big trend. >> he's wearing a dickey. >> a hat from barking babies. a he's got a complete look. this is a way to dress a big dog without clothes. >> what is he? >> i haven't heard of that. >> what about gracie?
2:51 am
>> and little gracie. she's wearing a beautiful tartan tutu dress. it's a harness dress. you can hook your leash onto that. she's so festive, styled with a pearl collar. >> of course. >> she's holiday ready. a gorgeous jeweled leash. absolutely fabulous. >> thank you so much. >> so cute. >> ready for new year's. >> let's bring out miyuki. >> she's got pajamas on. >> oh, my god. >> mom in her kerchief and dog in her hat. here we go. toshi is in her pre-christmas eve pjs. parker, pull her hat back. there we go. she's wearing her cute hat under $6, with the leash and collar and also wearing little santa socks. >> oh, stop it. look at this. >> the little santa socks. >> oh, my god. >> to die for. so she's ready for christmas and
2:52 am
ready for santa. >> we have to bring out howard. howard is going to kill you. look at howard. >> howard. >> howard. howard, santa claus is coming to town. i know, i'm not sure who is fatter, santa or howard. so what's really cool about this outfit is it's made for a big dog. and this hat actually has a beard attached to it. it's $12, so you can't beat that. he's wearing a great coat from doggy couture. >> we have to bring out this little guy. >> here comes snarf. >> oh, my god. i can't, i cannot handle this. >> cute attack. >> i can't take it. >> total cute attack. he's ready -- this is his winter casual look. >> of course. >> we get it. >> the boots have thinsulate in there and will protect your dog's paws from salt. it's not only a fashion statement.
2:53 am
>> thank you for going to so much trouble to bring them all. merry christmas to everybody. >> were you one of the lucky shoppers? >> the big retailer embracing the spirit of giving this christmas. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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there have been so many good deeds done around the country this season from a mystery person leaving extra large tips to secret santas paying off layaways. >> we sent jenna to the checkout line at kohl's to find out their entire purchase was on the house. >> christmas is almost here, and in the spirit of giving, we're rprising some deserving families. what have you been saving up for this year for your kids? >> toys that are really hard to find that hopefully santa can find in his workshop. >> what is this? >> a gift for you, sweetheart. >> oh, my gosh.
2:58 am
>> gifts for you. merry christmas. >> wow. we just came here for slippers. >> who are you shopping for? >> our whole family, daughters, grandchildren, in-laws. >> and your entire purchase is on us tonight. >> no way. >> thank you, santa. thank you, merry christmas. >> what are you shopping for? >> he has a ton of cousins. huge family. nieces and nephews. >> oh, my god. i cannot look. i can't. i can't. i got to give you a hug. i'm sorry, i know you're working. >> who are you shopping for? >> primarily for my kids and hoping to find something extra while i'm looking for nieces, nephews, friends' kids. it's fun to watch them open and the excitement. it makes it worth it.
2:59 am
>> thank you so much. thank you. bye, thank you. >> who are you here shopping for? >> just family. and then i'm getting a grab bag gift for my job. i did say i wanted a new coat. praise god. thank you so much. >> oh, my goodness. >> these are for you. >> i don't know if i should scream, jump up and down. thank you, god bless. >> okay, talk now. it's great to see smiles this time of year, and everything the shoppers received was furnished by kohl's. these are the hard working crew members pausing to hear kathie lee sing. we love you. you do everything for us. hoda's on her way to wish somebody a merry christmas. we send you our love. we thank you for your hard work and your friendship every day. love these guys. merry christmas to everybody. we'll see you tomorrow.
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