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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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who live here popped their head out. in better spirits than they were earlier today. understandably. behind me you have the collateral damage from earlier in the day. the street race. videotape evidence shows there were young drivers, two 16 or 17-year-old drivers swerving out of the lanes on cropley avenue, got tangled up ending up in this house adding another chapter of misfortune to a home that's seen plenty of it. when carollers sing of a white christmas, this is probably not what one san jose family had in mind. whitish chalky debris that only this morning looked more like a wall, protectsing the trove of gifts. this affable gentleman is bill who seems to live on some kind of cursed lot. >> even the house -- >> reporter: this home burned down eight years ago around the time of his daughter's high school graduation and now he's
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been burned again, this time by speed racing in his neighborhood. >> it looks like there was a speed contest between two vehicles. the vehicle in front which was the red vehicle in the house clipped a car that was turning left here from the street on to cropley which sent the car out of control. >> reporter: responders extracted what was left of this red pontiac from the house. fortunately for all parties involved, it struck a parked pickup truck first, blunting the image. no one was seriously injured. is this kind of crash an unusual occurrence in the neighborhood? >> into the house? yes. car crashing? no. >> reporter: this gentleman has seen careening cars end up in his driveway. others have seen worst. >> there was supposed to be a racetrack built to get this off of the street. nobody wants to build it because nobody likes the sound. >> reporter: now, they may not like this sound, but it's probably better than the alternative. san jose police right now are
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conducting an investigation looking at possible charges for reckless driving and speed conduct. i'm told they're still in the process of that right now. it's not clear at this point whether those charges will or will not be filed. live from east san jose, i'm sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> sam, thanks very much. a judge ordered oakland children's hospital to continue life support for 13-year-old jahi mcmath, though not indefinitely. the teenager has been on a ventilator for two weeks and something went wrong during a routine tonsillectomy. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live from oakland on more on what the ruling mean for jahi's future. >> reporter: this is not the exact ruling the family was hoping for but they're grateful that the judge gave them time to be at her bedside during christmas and for the next six days they say they'll be praying for a miracle. >> i don't know where my little bud tdy is going to be. >> reporter: jahi mcmath's family don't know where she'll be in the spring but will be
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with them for christmas. evelio grillo ordered oakland children's hospital to continue life support until monday. the 13-year-old was declared brain dead days after her suffered profuse bleeding and heart attack following a tonsillectomy on december the th. >> i'm sorry for your loss. if i could fix it, i would. but i can't. >> reporter: the judge said because the two doctors determined she was brain dead did so according to the law, he could only order the hospital to continue life support until december 30th at 5:00. >> with the decision, it's heartbreaking to hear that, of course. but our faith is still strong. it's christmas eve. there's still time for a miracle. >> reporter: the judge's six-day stay is intended to give the family time to be together to decide whether they accept that jahi is gone, whether they want to file a legal appeal or move her to another facility. the family attorney says the judge gave the family a say that the hospital did not. >> i think up until this case, this hospital believed that it could make that decision. it could play god. but now hopefully this sends a
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message to every hospital everywhere, you don't have those rights over the parents' rights. the parents' rights come first. >> reporter: the attorney for oakland children's hospital says it respects the judge's limited stay but is gratified to have been found in the right. >> this has to come to closure for the family, for the hospital, community and everybody else at some point in time and absent a court order from a court of appeal, that time will be december 30th at 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: until then the family will gather around jahi's hospital bed with gifts praying for a christmas miracle. >> prayers are more important now than before because now the clock is really ticking. you know, the 30th at 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: the family says it has not decided whether it will appeal the judge's decision. the hospital attorney, though, says that if they don't make some sort of decision on their own before next monday, hospital staff will be prepared to discontinue life support at 5:00 on monday. in oakland, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> kris, thank you. when we're not on the air
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get latest on this story by going to just type "jahi mcmath" into the search bar and find updates and videos with jahi's family. now to a developing weather story. let's look outside right now. downtown san jose. christmas eve and christmas day do have one thing in common this year. both are spare the air days. meteorologist rob mayeda with a look, as far as you can, anyway. >> out across the bay, terry, as you just mentioned the emeryville cam has been something looking from oakland to san francisco. hazy skies. silhouette of the building there. during the afternoon in san jose, foster city, we did have hazy skies and warm temperatures today. close to 70. unfortunately, it prevents any wind from pushing the smoke out of the bay area. what's unusual about tomorrow's spare the air day is that the south bay is going to a new high in terms of smoke particle pollution, enough so that no longer are we talking about just unhealthy for sensitive groups, those with asthma or other
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respiratory issues but everyone in the south bay for santa clara valley into san jose and points south into morgan hill. this is for wednesday. unhealthy for all groups in the south bay on wednesday. what we need is a storm system to come in and act like a broom and just kind of scoot all the smoke away from the bay area. instead, high pressure is locked in on us here in the west coast. and for tomorrow, yes, it's christmas day but our high temperatures in parts of the bay area will be approaching the mid 70s. we'll show you just how warm it will be in your neighborhood coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. terry? >> rob, strange days. san francisco could end up spending thousands of dollars to repair candlestick park. even before it's torn down. celebrating fans caused widespread damage following last night's 49 erwin over the atlanta falcons. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us the impact of overzealous souvenir hunters. >> reporter: the 49ers' last regular season game in candlestick park ended with a bang. fireworks lit up the sky above the park following the 49ers
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victory over the atlanta falcons. it was a special might for fans like viet le. >> it was my birthday, last game at candlestick. a lot of memories here. >> reporter: the scene inside the park ended with its own kind of bang. people looking for last souvenirs of the stick damaged 120 seats and 25 signs. one man was arrested in parking lot with two stolen seats. >> we saw one guy, he was trying to peel the number off of his seat. >> reporter: still, police described the 81 ejections and 30 arrests mostly for public intoxication as relatively peaceful. le figures fans just felt a connection to the old ballpark. >> i'm sure everyone wanted a piece of the candlestick, and some of them helped themselves yesterday. >> reporter: today some 45 cleanup workers spanned out across the parking lot clearing away everything from leftover couches to abandoned tempts. with the possibility the 49ers still might have to host one more playoff game, the parks department says it now might actually have to repair the
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broken seats. some fans offered their own solutions. >> bring lawn chairs or 49er pads and stuff like that to sit on. >> one guy next to us at our tailgate ended up coming back at 1:00 a.m. and snuck on to the field and ran across the field and took a little piece of grass. >> reporter: after more than 50 years of memories le says it's understandable why people waned to take home a piece of the stick. as for him, he was content with a few photos and a lifetime of memories. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. the team is still celebrating last night's big win including jim harbaugh. he shared how he felt after the big win over atlanta. >> happy. happy. great thrill of winning. wonderful feeling of victory. i was and still am happier than a pig in slop. >> hear more from the coach and the team coming up later in sports. new at 6:00, fremont has been hit with a string of car thefts recently. several cars waiting for service at dealerships were stolen.
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six cars, a pressure washer and car keys reported stolen from fremont toyota, located in the fremont auto mall. police say all the vehicles belong to local residents and say it's likely the keys were in the cars and the vehicles were left unlocked. officers say they spoke to management about securing the gates and not leaving vehicle keys accessible. following up on a violent mall robbery last night, steps away from santa, and a slew of children waiting for a holiday picture. pns witnesses say a man smashed a glass jewelry case at valiani jewelers in the mall. robbery happened next to a line of parents and their children waiting to greet santa. san jose police trying to identify a suspect who reportedly carried out the robbery with a black nylon over his face. now, you're either relaxing while you watch this newscast or you still have shopping to do. and it is christmas eve. don't worry, we know the stores that are still open. our business and tech reporter scott budman knows who is more likely to be shopping tonight.
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scott? >> reporter: yes, many people will be, terry, and if you have some last-minute shopping, we've got some stores in the south bay that will stay open late at night. i tell you, if you hit the malls on christmas eve, we know what you'll find. a lot of bargains and a lot of men. >> okay. ready? one, two, three. >> reporter: on the last day before christmas at the mall, it's not just about this guy. it's also about these guys. last-minute christmas eve shopping and the crowd is a lot more male than usual. >> yeah, i just started today. >> new yoo, i have a lot more t >> reporter: yeah, we tend to put things off. shopping is no exception. >> well, i'm kind of works all the time. i only have one day off and it's sunday and got to watch football. >> reporter: so today you're at the mall. >> i didn't get too much done. >> it's a little bit of a dude shopping day. it is. waking up this morning, oh my gosh, my girlfriend, my wife, my
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mother-in-law, last minute dude shopping for sure. >> reporter: it's rushed and we don't always find the right size, but think of the bargains and how good this guy looks pushing a baby stroller. is this sort of a last-minute -- >> it is. getting last-minute christmas shopping for the wife. the baby. >> reporter: yes. >> got his already. did a lot of it at the beginning of the week. running through while it's less crowded getting things done. >> reporter: we men don't always make it easy, but trust us, the presents will be there on time. and if you need a little more time, you can come here to san jose. we've got a mall where behind me there's a toys r us that's staying open until 9:30 tonight and a target that will be open until 11:00 p.m. in san jose, scott budman, next bay area news. >> and scott, this is dude shopping day now and forever. >> reporter: it really is. they say it's the one day that men dominate the mall, christmas eve. there you go. >> this is our day. it's almost over.
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oh well. scott, thanks very much. >> reporter: you bet. still ahead at 6:00, looking for clues. why police in the south bay want you to pay close attention to this new video. plus -- >> with all my tattoos, i probably have, like, a lot of job openings. >> changing lives by changing their looks. inside a unique program giving reformed gang members a second chance at life. also, a holiday present for tesla. the safety boost today for the electric car company. and the weather forecast really just completely ignoring the calendar. christmas day. we're looking at highs soaring into the 70s, possibly record-breaking temperatures for tomorrow. we'll talk about how warm it will get in your neighborhood in the forecast when we come right back.
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a new video has been released of a car crashing into an east san jose walmart. police posted this video on youtube hoping to find anyone
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who witnessed the red old mobile cutlass crashing through the front door on march 31st. again, march 31st this happened. four people hurt in that crash. police hope witnesses can help bolster the case against the driver 33-year-old hamid zaed. witnesses say he got out of the car and began attacking customers before being tackled. police say this is his first -- not his first incident. last december, he crashed his car through the front window of a convenience store. no one was hurt in that incident. governor brown pardoned 127 people today. the vast majority of christmas eve pardons were given to people convicted of dwrrug offenses. everyone he pardoned had already served their sentences and not committed any other crimes since being released from prison. it was a short trading day on wall street today. but a few records were set. markets closed three hours early in advance of the holiday, stay closed on christmas, re-open
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thursday. despite the short trading day the dow and s&p 500 closed at all-time highs. tesla had a good day on wall street after a new vehicle safety report. might remember three tesla car fires that happened over the past few months. the battery-related fires occurred in tesla's most popular car, the model "s." national highway safety review board recued the car's safety score of the fires and reaffirmed the car's five-star safety rating and the stock price increased by 5%. reformed gang members ender their new lives marked. their tattoos are not only a reminder of their former life but make it hard for them to get jobs. there's a youth outreach program in san jose that removes ink for free. how and why they do it. >> trying to change myself a little bit. a lot of people stereotype and judge you before they even meet you. i want to get rid of all this. >> the beginning it was, like,
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fun. it was cool. then started getting serious. >> san jose, this represents i'm a northerner from san jose. i have my sleeves, my face, back, next, my hands. >> with all my tattoos, i don't probably have lot of job openings. >> we're using a laser that interacts with the color of the pigment. >> i want to go into the air force like my dad, but with the tattoos, we can't do that. >> they're at their stage of the life, ready to make that change. they've almost gotten killed, hurt, beat up, whatever the case may be, and they're ready to make that change. >> white cells from the body are attracted to that area. they come in and pick up the pigments, carry it off and it comes out in the urine. okay. here we go. >> everybody, wherever i grew up, was doing the same thing i was doing. doing drugs. living a fast life. that's the only way we knew how to live. you know? after generations and generations of it. it becomes -- it feels right. it doesn't feel wrong. >> i see a lot of people start
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really changing as far as when they have the first child, their first baby. they're tired of it, don't want to do it anymore. they want something positive, not only for themselves but for their children. or their family. >> i'm 18. my daughter is 8 months. everything is about a parent. gang-related tattoos, people look at you different and don't give you the respect that you should get, that you deserve. they just go off of your appearance. i'm hoping just to be a good role model for my daughter. like, you don't, like, need a lot of tattoos. >> not as bad as you thought, huh? >> between me and my wife, we have nine kids. i have seven boys, two girls. i want the best for them, don't want them to go through what i've gone through. the only way to do that, many e show them the way people showed me in my neighborhood, where i grew up, i got to totally show them the right way how to do everything now. >> now, the treatment next time. >> well, following up now on the big sur wildfire and the damage it caused.
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we learned today a total of 34 homes were destroyed by the fire that started back on december 16th and burned through 917 acres. it took more than 1,000 firefighters to put it out. it was fully contained just four days ago. let's check in with rob mayed ax right now. so many story an lgles to pursu. the air quality, high temperatures. rob, take it away. >> technically it's still fire season. we didn't get the onset of winter storms that usually bring inches on rain into the bay area in november and december. unfortunately if the winds get too strong we could be snapping back into red flag warnings. thankly the winds won't be strong over the next couple days. 50s outside right now. a bit cooler in parts of the north bay. speaking of the wind right now, still slightly offshore. you can see those winds pointing in from the northeast. at times still pushing in some smoke from the central valley into some of our inland east bay valleys and our temperatures right now some of the coldest spots we're seeing on the board, around napa in the north bay, again, these will be the locations tomorrow morning. waking up to some 30s for lows.
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low to mid 30s in the valleys in the north bay. very likely hanging on to the 40s elsewhere. the air is starting to warm up thanks to the fact our daytime highs are turning warmer and also with high pressure bringing sinking warming air aloft across the bay area. what this is setting us up for tomorrow is probably adding another degree or two on to the high temperatures. so as this high-pressure system maxes out as we go through the day tomorrow, what we're going to get is high pressure building in. warming up the coast. and our temperatures are really going to start to warm on up. so today, san jose's high was 70 degrees. tomorrow will be close to 72. notice the planner here. midnight forecast there, upper 40s. opening unthe presents in the morning, low 40s in the south bay. 72 for the afternoon. around the peninsula, temperatures climbing into the low 70s as we go through the afternoon there. 3:00 and 4:00 will be the warmest time of the day around the peninsula and the rest of the bay area. san francisco, too, climbing up to 70 degrees as we go through the afternoon tomorrow. and it's the north bay and tri valley, places like pleasanton and sinole, up toward santa
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rosa, you'll see highs tomorrow to the low and mid 70s in the forecast. so the question is, how long will we see these possibly record-breaking temperatures in the forecast? so we'll have a full look at that and the next chance possibly of seeing rain in the full forecast coming up in our next half hour. terry? >> all right, rob. coming up, a new warning from target. also, tracking your tweets. the bay area company that may be paying close attention to your online complaints. plus, a last-minute push to make sure children have something special this christmas. and it is not too late to help out.
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after one of the largest retail breaches in u.s. history, investigators are warning customers of possible scams. target says they're setting up a dedicated resource on their website. they're going to post copies of every official communication they send to the 40 million shoppers whose credit and debit card data stolen by hackers.
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they don't want you responding to any of the scammers. the majority of attorneys general from around the country participated in a conference call with target attorneys today. rather yesterday. the secret service ande apartment of justice are investigating the breach. christmas is hours away, but santa's helpers are out collects toys for children. san francisco's union square is holding its 13th annual toy drive. drawing san francisco big wigs like mayor ed lee, there he is, police chief, and fire chief joanne hayes white. people are able to drive up to the curb, drop off their goods. the restaurant is hoping to collect thousands of toys in time for christmas and the owner says it is getting down to the wire. >> we heard there are about 5,000 kids that are going to wake up without toys. we're not going to have any of that. we contacted santa so we're going to help him out. so san francisco, the spirit of mass is really strong.
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>> the restaurant is handing out toys today and tomorrow. it's still accepting donations as late as 2:00 tomorrow. 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. that means later tonight. no way of saying that. still ahead at 6:00, edward snowden speaks out. there's no christmas eve break for these guys. the high-zstakes mission for a pair of astronauts today. plus dining 2.0. eateries and deiners across the country embracing ipads and tablets. how it's going to affect your next night on the town.
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opening and keeping a restaurant alive is not easy. for mom and pop store, and national chains, more and more businesses are going high-tech to boost the bottom line. so how much of a difference is it making? nbc bay area's stephanie chuang has the story. >> reporter: imagine walking into a restaurant. it's packed. but you're not worried. your order is waiting for you already thanks to geolocation technology that knew where you were and when you'd get to the restaurant. now that's the kind of change tech and food service experts say is coming. >> this isn't a bar. it's a diner. we serve food here. >> reporter: from "i love lucy" to the blues brothers, dining out as featured in the old shows was all about service. >> hold it. hold it. >> reporter: but now, technology has revolutionized the
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restaurant experience. >> scroll through that. >> it's visual. it's convenient. >> reporter: from growing sales at early tech adopters like specialties -- >> i'll do a salad. >> it's fast. >> reporter: -- to this month's announcement of the largest rollout of tablet the, 100,000 of them at the country's largest casual dining chain, applebees. >> it puts power in the customers' hands. >> reporter: he says after two years of testing tablets, applebees finally decided on one out of palo alto thanks to large part in intel's decision to year to back the startup. >> we wanted to make sure anyone we partnered up with was very experienced in large-scale deployments. >> reporter: the presto tab let was the first ever specifically designed for restaurants. >> it's has a 20 hour battery life so lasts an entire day in the restaurant. it's ruggedized for spills and drops you see in a restaurant environment. it has built-in credit card
6:30 pm
reader. >> reporter: he says his company's testing showed an average of getti inting custome and out up to eight minutes faster, tips rose to 20% and customers spent about 10% more. >> it allows you to upsell a little bit because it never forgets to subject, you know, if i order a steak, it will suggest a glass of red wine with that. >> reporter: at the specialties in santa kplclara, there are tw registers and seven ipad ordering stations. >> this is a great system. i've never seen it before. >> reporter: specialty founder, craig, says his restaurant was an early adopter of technology. if not one of the earliest in the area ten years ago. >> no one else was doing it. >> reporter: he says 25% of in-store transactions go through the ipads which feature photos of the food and remember all of your past orders. customers also say they feel a lot less rushed. >> while we're, like, debating what to get and stuff, people can go on and order. >> reporter: and save time they can't afford to waste. >> we're able to get to our next
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meeting as soon as possible. >> i like talking to people, too, but sometimes it gets busy and you know you can go in, get it quick. >> reporter: those ordering on ipads take twice as long as those at the register but also tend to spend an average of 50% more. but most of specialty's orders come in online raking in around $55 million this year. >> it's a little more than 50% of our business. >> reporter: that's 10 million online orders in 10 years. the first million took seven years. the last million just five months. saxton says it's thanks to technology that continues to evol evolve daily. >> we sit down with the programmers, say, all right, how can we improve this? >> reporter: there have been hiccups. when you order online, specia y ty staff will place for bag on a rack. at first, up to 3% of the orders went missing so the company went high-tech for security measures including high-definition cameras and moving the bags closer to staff. along with some tricks. >> we do in terms of phony orders that will tell us if
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someone grabs it, you know, there's no way that could be your order because it is nobody's order. >> reporter: now the store says the 3% has gone down to less than a quarter of a percent of bags missing. >> that looks good. let's get that. >> reporter: the trend of tech in restaurants is rising. so what's next? >> i think there's going to be a tablet in every restaurant table within the next three to five years. >> people will vote with their dollars and we'll see. >> reporter: but for restauranteers, entrepreneurs and customers, one thing in dining out remained untouched. >> technology won't replace everything. food is still food. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: food is still the bottom line, but there was one concern we heard from consumers, would this tech cut jobs? those applebees and specialty's told us at their restaurants that would not be the case. the technology enhances the experience, not replacing the hospitality. nbc bay area news. fugitive national security agency leaker edward snowden has given an interview to the
6:33 pm
"washington post," the first he's done in person since he arrived in russia in june. an investigative reporter recently flew to moscow to interview the former nsa contractor. after 14 hours of conversations, his impression of snowden was he acted like his goals had been achieved. >> he's talking a ining about t his whole purpose was to make the information available to the american public so that it could decide what kinds of electronic surveillance it's comfortable with. the public was completely locked out of a secret world, and a secret decision about the boundaries between espionage and democracy. >> after making public top-secret information about the u.s. government surveillance of its citizens and allies, snowden fled the country, now resides in russia where he received temporary asylum four months ago. millions flocked to today to sign up for insurance before tonight's deadline. the deadline was originally set
6:34 pm
for last night, but the obama administration extended it because of heavy website and call center traffic. white house said the main website drew nearly 2 million visitors today with people trying to sign up for coverage. if you miss tonight's deadline but enroll before january 15th, your coverage will begin february 1 st. final deadline to sign up for coverage, march 31st of 2014. ast ro naugronauts complete christmas eve space walk, now safely back inside the international space station after an urgent space walk this morning to repair a faulty cooling system. the station has been conserving power for two weeks, as a result only had half its cooling system left. a newly installed pump will get it back online. nasa is confident all repairs went well today but will wait until this evening before turning on the pump. today was the second christmas eve space walk ever. pope francis celebrated his
6:35 pm
first christmas eve mass as pontiff. the mass was celebrated in a packed st. peters basilica. it was broadcast around the world for all the faithful to see. later tonight, pope francis will deliver his first christmas message and blessing as pope. it will be delivered from the basilica's central balcony overlooking st. peters square. watch that on nbc bay area tonight at 1 11:30. still ahead, a mega refund from a major credit card company. while millions of dollars are headed back to consumers' wallets. art takes us to new heights. up next, she's going to show us what she goes through to make the city a bit more beautiful. our temperatures could be going to new heights here over the next couple days. high pressure locked in over the bay area and this is unfortunately setting us up for some bad air quality, especially around the south bay for tomorrow. we'll talk about our 18th spare the air day ahead, and highs in the 7 0s in the forecast.
6:36 pm
a look at that when we come right back.
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mailing a letter is about to get a little more expensive. regulators approved a three-cent price hike for a first-class stamp. doesn't start right now. it starts january 26th. those stamps are going to cost 49 cents. bulk mail, periodicals and package service rates will rise 6%. regulators say the higher price is a result of severe decreases in mail volume over the past five years. the postal service says it lost $5 billion in the last fiscal year. thousands of american express card holders are getting part of a multimillion dollar refund. american express agreed to pay more than $76 million to end an investigation by regulators into
6:39 pm
some discontinued card products suffered offered by its subsidia subsidiaries. the fdic says amax overstated benefits available to card holders and charged them for benefits they didn't get. it said most of the refunds have been provided to customers. if you use social media to complain about cold and flu symptoms consumer product companies including one in the bay area are baying attention. oakland based clorox is among the many companies tracking tweets that mention coughing, body aches and flulike symptoms. many twitter users disclose their location making it possible for companies to identify areas of outbreak. companies target the marketing to those areas and notify local stores to make sure they're well stocked with the company's products. that's kind of wild. this is the second year clorox mined twitter for information to boost sales. i've never seen you, you tweet a lot but never seen you complaining about coughing. >> i try not to. but we stay healthy over there
6:40 pm
in the weather center. or we watch the tweets to make sure we don't encounter some -- >> don't go over to her desk. she's not feeling well. >> our tweets have been pleasant. temperatures today were in the 7 0s iss. san jose one of the spots that got close to 70 degrees earlier. unfortunately, we're tracking another spare the air day ahead. we'll talk more about that in the forecast, coming up. i'm dave feldman in the comcast sports net studio. merry christmas. jim harbaugh comparing himself to a pig in slop. find out why coming up next. plus, there's drama in raider land. don't tell dennis allen. he's not a fan of that genre. we'll explain next. this is the xfinity sports desk. it's around the corner. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless.
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a san jose sixth grader is getting national attention after lebron james picked him to design his next nike t-shirt. he submitted his design to nike
6:43 pm
weeks ago, but yesterday king james officially announced the 1-year-old was a contest big winner. it took him just 45 minutes to put the design together. there was a lot of thought that went into it beforehand. nike is already selling his t-shirt online now for $30 and will be in local stores soon. he also won new equipment for his school's p.e. program and all-expenses-paid trip for him and his family to go to a miami heat home game. way to go. laila is one of a series of emerging artists making a splash in the vibrant art scene. at the young age of 22 she completed exquisite mural projects around the city, the largest of which targets nine stories into the sky. photojournalist steve fields visited with her recently to gain a little insight into the passion that drives her to paint the town. >> i always loved thinking big and painting big. when i started painting i wanted to keep getting bigger and
6:44 pm
bigger. one of my main inspirations has been whyland, you know, he's the famous marine muralist. maybe someday it would be nice to be at that point where i could be a wildlife muralist. encourage people and our future generation. just remember, you know, all of the other species that live on this planet with us. so i grew up on the beach. little village riviera. when i was graduating high school, a lot of my friends didn't know what they were going to do. i wasn't sure what to do. you know, i figured i should get something practical. everyone else. then i decided to throw that out the window and go to art school. i just want to go to san francisco. the first mural i did was the cafe at eddie and mason. we wanted to create a cafe kind of nightclub atmosphere. the guy in the middle with the violin, the famous hungarian
6:45 pm
violinist there. the most swinging place in san francisco in 1910. we got a lot of very excentric people. a guy came around every day with a feather boa around, this is beautiful, and started singing. the second one was the america's cup mural. and that one got dedicated to the fallen sailor, andrew simpson who died during the artemis racing practice. it's the biggest one we've ever done. 100 x 78 feet. nine levels of scaffolding. not only were you up very high in the freezing cold and wind in san francisco, you had to wear harnesses. because if you fell, if you see the picture of us standing on the scaffolding at the end, you know, you see the people and the figures on the mural, three times the size of a normal person. most challenging part of that was carrying just buckets of paint and water and supplies up and down.
6:46 pm
i worked very hard and with a lot of persistence, and with the kindness, you know, to others, and i have already done more than i could have imagined ever doing with these murals. especially the gold dust lounge. what an opportunity. the hardest part about this was it was on the ceiling. so after a while, you know, your neck starts to hurt. your back starts to hurt. the biggest toll is on your hands, of course, the constant wrist movement. i had to do that whole area there on the top of the bar. standing on the bar. because you can't get the scaffolding over it. over on the corner of 5th and jones on that wall there, we've got some three-story scaffolding we're working on. that one is about the history of fisherman's wharf. the seagulls. that one's fun. you know, we're right in front of the "f" line so a lot of people are getting on and off every time. it's mostly the people saying, hey, that's beautiful. just like to be a well-known artist someday, be able to
6:47 pm
contribute environmentalism, to conservation, to help protect our planet for future generations. >> right now let's check in with a man who's an artist in his own right but does all his work standing up, not on his back. >> that would be tough to do the weather laying down. don't think i'd want to try that. right now we're tracking santa in the southern hemisphere over brazil right now. flying toward rio de janeiro. see on the wide view here, santa has, we confirmed, delivered 4.6 billion gifts so far. and in the southern hemisphere, it's summer. that's the way it works. southern hemisphere in summer this time of year. we're in winter. some of that weather they're perhaps seeing around rio, you're going to find it in the bay area. temperatures at bottom of the screen, seven-day forecast warming evwarm ing over the next couple days. track santa on and watching santa moving from the southern hemisphere into the northern hemisphere at 1 1:00. watching the very latest on the travel forecast for santa. right now, temperatures around the bay area in the 50s outside.
6:48 pm
the problem with high pressure is that it, once again, acted like a lid on top of the bay area. now what's different about tomorrow's spare the air alert is notice the south bay kind of going off the charts there. as we're talking about unhealthy for everyone. you don't often see that during the winter. in fact, i can't recall in many years that at least during the winter you get air quality levels as bad as we're going to see in the south bay tomorrow. san jose, santa clara valley, morgan hill. unhealthy for sensitive groups elsewhere. asthma or respiratory issues especially during the morning when the smoke pollution is at its worst, you're going to want to cut back on outdoor activities. hopefully, as we head toward the weekend, we'll get more wind. the breezes slightly offshore, pushing some of that bad air from the central skrvalley intoe east bay valleys. weather pattern offshore, because high pressure has built in right on top of us. and it should reach its strongest point during the day tomorrow. so we're likely going to find will be high temperatures along the coast, and if you're going to head into the central coast
6:49 pm
or southern california, bay area temperatures in the 70s. 80s as you head into los angeles. so quite warm there. and, unfortunately, we don't have any storms to kind of scoop that poor air quality out of the bay area to get us a little more wind or bring us any rain or snow for the sierras. there's the forecast in the beginning of next week. things staying quite dry across the bay area. looks like it may continue through new year's eve and new year's day. high temperatures tomorrow, today we hit 70 in san jose. tomorrow, 72 degrees. see around the peninsula, also fairly warm. christmas day, palo alto, 74 degrees. san francisco, 72. into the north bay, highs near 72 in santo rosa, fremont, 70. pleasanton, 7 0 degrees. livermore, 72. so the temperatures climbing in the 70s here would come close to breaking records. not just a bay area phenomenon. california christmas shows you what to expect heading into los
6:50 pm
angeles, downtown, 86 degrees tomorro tomorrow. lys valleys around l.a. 51 in lake tahoe. does look, unfortunately, like we're going to finish off the year without rain or snow which mean the spare the air days, terry, could continue maybe getting into the next three to four days until the winds pick up come saturday. back to you. >> remarkable, rob. thanks very much. let's check in with dave feldman. all i want for christmas is to see a replay of the interception in the fourth quarter that sent the 49ers into the playoffs. do that for me. >> i'd love to give you that. unbelievable. we'll get to the 49er finale in a sec. terrelle pryor was announced would be the starting quarterback. shortly thereafter, an agent told us, quote, i think they're putting him in there with the hopes he failed. today coach allen, you can now respond. >> i'd say that's the stupidest thing i've ever freaking heard. you know, no coach in their
6:51 pm
right mind -- this isn't -- this isn't "the real housewives of beverly hills." this isn't made for tv drama. okay? this is football. and we make our football decisions based solely on that. nothing other than that. so i don't really give it a lot of thought. you know, i can't control, you know, the ignorance that might come out of somebody else's mouth. but i've talked to terrelle pryor about it. it's in situations like that that you have to separate the player from the agent. he doesn't have control. i don't have control over those things that get said. it's really -- in my book, it's really nothing. it's one person's opinion. i've moved on from it, ready to focus on the broncos. different emotions on the other side of the bay. 49ers on cloud nine after clinching a playoff berth, in likely the final game played at
6:52 pm
candlestick park. more from santa clara. >> reporter: bowman ice pick six will fit in the history of great plays at candlestick will be debated for years to come. jim harbaugh knows where it ranks in his career. >> i don't know how many kind of plays like that a coach has in his career. probably so few that you're just going to remember them your entire coaching career. but that was one of those memorable plays. >> reporter: it's a play harbaugh can't stop talking about. >> i was and still am happier than a pig in slop. >> left side. intercepted. and navarro bowman, reception. >> i'm sure there were high fives, different grills across the country when that on-sidekion-side kick sneaked through and hit a couple passes and all of a sudden they make that play. [ laughter ] yeah, i got to get back, i know we got to get back on the --
6:53 pm
>> onward. onward. moving onward to the cardinals. >> reporter: it's a cardinals team that is still fighting for its playoff life and coming off a win in seattle handing the seahawks their first home loss since the 49ers did so during the 2011 season. >> very aggressive defense. very stingy defense. attacking defense. >> reporter: the 49ers will not have the advantage of knowing their playoff position before they play the cardinals as two of the games that will determine their seed in the post season kick off at the exact same time. though harbaugh says he will not be scoreboard watching and the results of the games will not change his approach to arizona anyway. as he put it, there's to much as stake. in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> mindi, good stuff. that will do it from the comcast sportsnet newsroom.
6:54 pm
49ers could have a bye, play at home again. we won't know until next sunday. >> with one game to go in the season, it's amazing. >> good news is we know they're in the playoffs. >> dave, thank you, have a great christmas. >> you, too. >> for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. we'll be right back.
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volunteers at san francisco's st. anthony's dining room on the curb collecting last minute donations, curious donations, socks and hands. the legendary tenderloin soup kitchen needs the happens to cook and sock s to give out as
6:57 pm
gifts. the center will be accepting socks through christmas day. tonight, the answer to competing with those homeowners who put up those crazy over the top christmas decorations, don't even try. that seems to be the message some southern california roommates are sending this holiday season. they live next door to a home with elaborate holiday lights and decorations. elaborate is an understatement. the roommates love the display but could never compete. that's what their solution is. they put up a few strings of light that spell out the word ditto with an arrow pointing to the neighbor's home. the ditto decorations have also been seen at homes from arizona to tennessee, to mississippi. >> it's a time saver. >> it is a time saver. i'm thinking that's maybe three strands could do that. >> very nice. >> $1.50 each. my kind of price. >> some people really do go over the top. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. see you at 11:00.
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christmas couples news, sophia shoots down the broken engagement rumors, now on "extra." new pics, sophia's sexy christmas on a yacht, shirtless brad on vacation with angie and the kids. we're around the globe with hollywood's hottest couples. why jessica was m.i.a. at "snl," and justin brought down the house. plus, who's flashing this new 8 1/2-karat million-dollar engagement ring? kim and kanye's second and first christmas with baby norry. >> you want to wake up and have, like, 50 toys. >> wait until you see the designer baby gifts


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