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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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your reaction, people thinking it is remarkable and odd that it could be this warm on december 25th. frankly, nobody is complaining not even about the 18th consecutive spare the air date that put the clamp on the christmas tradition. it's christmas day in san francisco and if you're not careful, it might dip right on by you. that's because unlike our friends in the northeast, snow and ice aren't the weather dejore. here it's sunshine and short sleeves. many christmas goers are stopping to smell the roses, kind of. >> it's 70 degrees today. >> that's why we're out here. what do you think? >> reporter: what do i think? what do you think? >> i love it. >> reporter: one thing she won't smell today is fire wood. at least she shouldn't. to keep the air clean, the bay area issued its 18th consecutive spare the air day. we visited some of san francisco's most traditional custom-laden prestigious
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institutions to see if really no one is cheating. some places respectfully kept their fireplaces bare and others dressed up their hearts. >> you have to look closely. >> reporter: finally, we thought we nabbed one hotel with a century old fireplace only to learn according to employees that it's not actually real, only retrofitted to look real. but if you're buying into the fake fire or not, no one seemed to be too disappointed on this day. >> i don't think so because christmas has a different meaning than just burning the fire. >> if you don't tell me that, i wouldn't know. i would just pretend. >> you think that dampens the spirit at all or no? >> no. not here. maybe somewhere cold. >> reporter: well, many folks weren't bothered by the rules as you heard right there. that doesn't mean many others are going to go ahead and break them. we contacted the bay area
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management district to find where they stand right now with reports, they tell us they're in the process of collecting them and then there are so many different exemptions at play here. as soon as we have more information, we'll bring it your way. i'm sam brock, back to you in the studio. a warning today for anyone planning a walk on the beach, keep an eye on the surf. weather officials say a seasonal swell will hit bay area coastlines bringing strong rip tides today through friday. the coastal hazard is in effect for beaches from sonoma county to monterey. if you go into the beach, you should stay off of rocks in the water and keep a safe distance from the tide. the storm system near alaska is the source of the strong waves. tens of thousands of people are spending christmas in the dark. powerful ice storms swept through the region over the last few days. thick ice is still weighing down trees and pulls down power lines. utility crews from other states are being called in to help restore the power there. this added urgency for crews as
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temperatures are pexected to drop into the single digits in some places. >> a lot of people don't have heat, pipes are going to stop freezing. so, the sooner we can get up there and the sooner we can help, the better for everybody. >> reporter: forecasters say the northeast can expect another two to six inches of snow tomorrow. head to for your latest forecast when we're not on the air, online, find forecasts for your neighborhood along with maps and radar. well, there are lots of unhappy children and parents tonight. thousands of gifts missing from under the tree and it's all because of a shipping delay. nbc bay area kris sanchez live in san jose and, kris, you've been hearing this all day long. >> reporter: yes, well, terry, i ordered a little extra coal because what you got in your stocking would be enough. a shipping problem. so, tomorrow, you're likely to see a lot more delivery trucks on the roadways as those shipping companies try to make good on promises to deliver on christmas eve.
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that were broken. customers of, many of them got letters like this one apologizing for what the retail giant says it was a failure in the u.p.s. transportation network. those packages that were delivered, guaranteed by 8:00 on christmas eve, many of them did not make it. amazon offered some customers a $20 gift card, just to try to do right by the customer. we talked with u.p.s. and their spokesperson says that the problem was the actual volume of holiday packages exceeded even their higher volume that they were expecting and that was compounded by crippling weather in the midwest and the east in the last couple of weeks and a shorter shopping thus shorter shipping season. rob got eight of his nine shipments that he was expecting, just not the gift for his mom and dad. >> totally surprised. everyone is always super oswoman deliveries. i never had a problem with them. i think it's u.p.s. getting overloaded it seems like.
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>> the u.p.s. spokeswoman says that while the company gave drivers christmas day off, it is all hands on deck behind the scenes in those processing centers so that when the drivers show up for work tomorrow, they can deliver that log jam of holiday gifts and other packages that were missing the target. the spokeswoman said the company would honor the obligations of its own shipping and you have to check your receipt if you shipped via u.p.s. fedex also suffered from some of the same circumstances as u.p.s. the volume, the weather, the shorter shopping season, but they opened up some of their processing centers so some of the packages they were not able to deliver, people could pick them up in person themselves. however, none of those centers were available and open here in the bay area. so, again, expect a greater volume of folks delivering packages tomorrow and hopefully your christmas gifts will get there eventually. in san jose, kris sanchez. >> thanks very much. now to continuing coverage on the fight over an open
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teenager declared brain dead after tonsil surgery. today family members are trying to create a normal christmas for jahi mcmath. the family put christmas tree and presents in her hospital room. she has been on a ventilator since december 9th. a judge has ordered oakland children's hospital to continue life support until monday night at 5:00. they couldn't force the hospital to keep her on a ventilator indefinitely. the family must now decide to file a legal appeal or move her to another facility. police are investigating a murder/suicide in san lorenzo. investigators say a man shot and killed his wife early this morning before turning the gun on himself. happened at a home in the intersection of viva lucas. four children were home at the time and they were not hurt. the couple of 16 years were having problems. >> sometimes they don't want to say nat they have problems. you know, like when i talked to
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my sister, she always say that everything was okay. she wasn't having for problems when she was having problems. >> the man and woman have not been identified. and san jose police are investigating a deadly light rail accident early this morning. about 1:30 a woman was hit and killed by a train on the highway 87 tracks between the capital expressway vta stations. the train was heading to the rail yard and couldn't come to a stop before hitting the woman. she was walking on the tracks, no one was onboard. she was wearing dark clothing and very difficult to see. service was stopped for several hours, but back on schedule now. well, it is christmas day and if you don't feel like cooking, might be wondering where the open restaurants are. well, check this out. restaura applebee's is open so is denny's which is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours and starbucks knew better than to deprive of
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us caffeine. i did see some tweets that a couple starbucks were not open. hours and locations will vary, please, call ahead of time following up on a last-chance toy drive. managed to bring in 10,000 toys for needy kids in san francisco. people dropped off new and unused toys. toy drive organizers say police and firefighters are delivering the toys to kids in neighborhoods throughout san francisco today. it was a wonderful christmas today for an army family. an army captain was reunited with his wife and 4-year-old son in texas after a nearly year-long tour in kuwait. scott gordon has more on the holiday reunion. >> nine months since i've seen my son and my wife. and every minute i was over there, i dreamt of this moment. >> conner.
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>> just being able to pick up my son and hold him in my arms. i miss you, buddy. >> nine months is a long time, especially from a kid going from 3 to 4 and then they grow so much. he was barely talking when i left and now he's a chatterbox. i i'm home, baby. i'm home for good. >> are you going to come home with me? >> i'm coming home with you. >> i can't ask for anything more. god has truly blessed me with a fantastic wife and a wonderful son. >> who is that? >> daddy. >> great story. coming up next, he leaked top secret government information and now edward snowden has a christmas message. what he's warning about. plus thousands pray with the
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pope. what they had to say during his first christmas mass. i guarantee you, that's the wrong video. and i'm scott budman with thetory of bay area residents setting aside the christmas presents to reach out and help those in need. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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on christmas many in our community take some time to recognize that even in good times, people are struggling and need help. nbc bay area scott budman spent the day finding those good deeds. he joins us now from san jose. merry christmas, scott. >> well, thank you very much, terry, merry christmas to you. many people enjoying christmas in the park in san jose. we found a lot of people and a lot of groups willing to step outside of their comfort zone today and lend a helping hand on this christmas day.
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these volunteers at san jose sacred heart community center could be relaxing and opening presents all day. instead, they're giving gifts and food to members of the community who don't have as much. >> i definitely appreciate the help that i'm getting here. i'm invited to a dinner. i am going to go to the dinner and that's going ohelp me out right there. >> reporter: at nearby city team ministries, more volunteers giving up part of their day to help the homeless. >> i was homeless myself and for someone to touch your hand, give you a smile, listen to you, it's a really big thing, especially around christmas time. a lot of people get distressed if they're homeless around christmas time. they don't expect much to happen. >> reporter: in san francisco, volunteers served meals at glide memorial church and packed care boxes at the salvation army,
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changing their christmas routines to put earthers first. >> usually we open gifts but my family is out of town and really today is jesus' birthday and she was just telling us maybe we should do something for his birthday. >> reporter: now, i should mention that just because christmas will soon come to an end, the need to help others in our community will not second harvest food bank in san jose gets back to work tomorrow trying to raise money and make food for the hungry. if you're interested to find a place near you to help, we found a happy app called charity navigator. download it for free on your iphone. show you organizations near where you live that need a little help this holiday season. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i knew you would have a tech angle on this story. thanks a lot. >> absolutely, terry. ever thought about putting your christmas shopping off until the day after christmas? the american express spending
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and savings tracker finds more than half of holiday shoppers will hit the stores tomorrow. and retailers will also be rolling out the last holiday sales of 2013, so if you didn't find the deals you wanted before christmas, you might score some tomorrow. if you have gift cards, you might be able to get more with that plastic money. target says the 26 is the most popular day to use gift cards. edward snowden former nsa contractor who revealed top monitoring program husband a speci special christmas message. >> he'll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. and that's a problem because privacy matters. >> the video is believed to have been recorded in moscow, where snowden has been granted temporary asylum. channel 4 broadcast it as an alternative christmas message
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which mocks queen elizabeth's address to great britain. demanded that he be sent home for stealing state secrets. in rome tens of thousands of people gathered in st. peter's square. more on the pontiff's christmas day message. >> reporter: after leading the catholic world in prayer on christmas eve, pope france gave his first message as pope, this time meant for the ears of the whole world and it was very strong. world class live, the faithful still strong to hear the first noneuropean pope in 1,300 years. he called on the prince of peace to turn hearts away from violence. in syria, south sudan, nigeria, the congo and he called for successful peace talks between israel and the palestinians. god, pope francis said, is peace. >> he really seemed humble. he seems like he's different and
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wants to make a change. >> he's very dedicated to the humble origins he has in representing. >> reporter: last night in st. peter's basilica, pope francis underlined his homily by overturning tradition. instead of placing the baby jesus statue in the manger, pope francis did with a kiss of humility and love. god loves us, he said. he gave us his son to be light in our darkness. a traditional christmas blessing from the most untraditional pope. >> he's gotten the catholic church back on message. let's say that. the core business of the church is preaching the gospel. that's what the pope is doing in words and in gestures. >> reporter: reaching out to all, especially children. the poor and the afflicted. but he's also looking inward into the workings of the church, determined to correct corruption and priestley abuse. the new year will see the new
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pope try to put his words into action. martin fletcher, nbc news, rome. a federal appeals court has ruled that same-sex marriages can continue in utah. the tenth u.s. circuit court of appeals has rejected a request from the state considered one of the most conservative in the country to stop same-sex marriages until the appeal process plays out. utah lawyers attempts to block the unions have now been rejected four times in recent days, during which time more than 700 same-sex couples got married in the mormon churches home state. looking to hit the slopes this winter, prepare to drop some dough. a list of ski destinations according to their price. factored in costs like a one-night hotel stay, one day lift ticket, equipment rental and food. the most affordable place, dur ango, colorado, followed by bend, oregon. the expensive place is vail, colorado, then comes aspen and park city, utah.
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we're doing a winter skiing story because it's december. has nothing to do with the weather we are having. rob, what's going on with that weather? >> 60s and 70s across most of the bay area and right now looking at the post-sunset view looking back to san francisco and you have clear skies. no clouds, no fog. obviously, no rain and, unfortunately, still that orange tint to the sky due to the smoke particle pollution that continues to filter around the bay area. gorgeous day out on the coast. as you can see weather watcher terry mcsweeney giving us great video. 76 degrees right there on the water. december 25th. you show this to your friends and family on the east coast, they'll become extremely jealous. great weather on the coast and 70 not too far away from half moon bay and we had the sunshine and the reason why we're getting these warm temperatures is high pressure which has been locked in on us. you can see these temperatures and the air quality being a bit of an issue for tomorrow and also into friday. but some improvement by the time we get into the weekend now and we may see our last of the spare
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the air days for friday. right now, it does look like we'll see our 20th spare the air day as we approach friday. right now the wind pattern is still off shore, that is the reason why. of course, we're staying dry and also bringing in a little bit of smoke from the central valley and some of those east bay valleys will see that through friday. but before the winds turn back to a sea breeze, moving into the weekend. the blocking pattern that we're seeing right now more common to july or august. taking the storm tracker off to the north. any chances of seeing rain here over the next few days don't look all that good. as you can see, clouds moving towards the bay area and nothing in terms of raindrops. seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. look at this heading towards new year's eve. tuesday clouds and still no rain. seems highly likely we'll finish the year without any rain drops and start the first few days of january and, unfortunately, also dry. in the meantime, enjoy mild temperatures continuing again tomorrow. 71 degrees in san jose and around the peninsula close to 70
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in palo alto and 60s around los apalto. close to 70 degrees for tomorrow and into the north bay the highs in the low 70s. and start off the morning in the low 30s. like in napa, 33 for the morning and then turning over to 70 heading into the afternoon. around the east bay, oakland close to 70 degrees and same story in fremont and around the trivalley, cooler air coming in from the east will keep temperatures mostly in the upper 60s, maybe closer to 70 around pleasa pleasanton. as we take a look now at the last weekend here of 2013. we're going to be looking at temperatures cooling a little bit for saturday. san francisco still hanging on to the mid-60s lake tahoe 46 degrees and as we change over to sunday, you can see temperatures holding ground and just a few clouds coming our way and a dry finish to 2013 and we hope things change-up, but it doesn't look like we can see rain until the beginning perhaps of next year. no rain or snow, but in the
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meantime, tough not to like those mid-70s like we saw outside today. still to come, a look at the christmas festivities celebrated around the world.
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those were some of the thousands of people who fulfilled a wish for a terminally ill pennsylvania girl. she asked for carollers to sing outside her home this last weekend and today 8-year-old laney brown of west redding passed away. she died early this morning surrounded by her loving family. she was diagnosed in may with a rare form of leukemia. but she did get her last wish,
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thanks to those people. christmas celebrations took place around the world today. thousands of syrian refugees celebrated christmas with a morning mass in jordan's capital. more than 1.3 mill yb syrian refugees fled to jordan since the beginning of the syrian civil war. in russia, father frost known as santa claus else where and his granddaughter snow maiden arrived at the moscow zoo to kick off seasonal celebrations outside moscow's cathedral of immacuate conception. in greece, hundreds of homeless people enjoyed christmas lunch in the capital athens. meal was organized by the city and the homeless shelter there with support from private sponsors levels of poverty have risen sharply since greece's financial meltdown. iin iran, busy preparing for christmas celebrations. unlike most christians who
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celebrate christmas today, december 25th, christians in iran celebrate the holiday on january 6th. coming up, some spent christmas indoors where it was warm, others took a different approach to the holiday. we'll show you.
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if you spend christmas nice and cozy inside, you may not be as hard core as the berlin seals club. wearing various assortments of
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santa costumes plunge under to 41 degree water. the tradition nearly 30 years old. it's hoping for even colder weather and ice when they do the same thing on new year's day. well, they're billing as a creative outlet for creating stress this holiday season. bring a pillow. thousands of people showed up for this epic pillow fight in shanghai. the fluffy smackdown went for ten minutes. the founder said releasing stress is important, especially for young people who are facing pressures about work and school and that kind of thing. a ticket to a pillow fight night in shanghai costs about $24. and you can do it at home for free, folks. you might want to do it at home to get in shape for the shanghai deal. >> stressful to be packed in a crowded pummeled by a pillow. >> and this weather we're having is a big story. >> temperatures are pretty nice. temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside. clear skies around and 70s in
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reach tomorrow. thank you for joining us. "nightly news" is up next. . on the broadcast tonight, still waiting for the presents to show up and the power to come on. families are upset after crest mass packages aren't delivered. and tonight, hundreds of thousands of homes are still in the dark. the celebration. tonight, around the world, at the vatican the pope's christmas mess we're with the troops in afghanistan, and a country retreat for the royal family. and making a difference for a lot of good dogs this christmas. up in the air with a brand new ticket to a brand new life. nightly news begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. good


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