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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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attraction christmas in the park. a lot of people here enjoying their family, friends and christmas night. we found a lot of bay area residents willing to set aside their christmas presents for at least part of the day to help those in the community who don't have as much. >> volunteers left home to spen some quality time giving a boost to others who could use a helping hand. >> well, i could be on the other end of this at any moment. you know, does it matter whether you're good or bat? at some point, somebody is going to need some help. so i'm out here helping. >> both glide and the salvation army brought in volunteers to help distribute food and care packages in san francisco, while in the south bay san jose's sacred heart community center
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did the same to make many holiday seasons a little brighter. >> i'm going to go to the dinner. and i wanted to try something. and that doesn't help me out. >> we also saw volunteers donating their time at city team ministry, where homeless people got a good meal, some companionship, and a little christmas spirit. >> when someone actually touches your hand, gives you a smile, listens to you, it's a really big thing, especially around christmas time. a lot of people get depressed if their' homeless around christmas time. they don't expect much to happen. >> giving their time -- a gift you won't find under the tree. >> and of course, even though christmas will come to an end soon, the need to help others will not. frafrl, here in san jose, second harvest food bank goes back to work tomorrow morning, collecting food for those who need it. scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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delayed gifts have left plenty of parent unhappy tonight around the country and in the bay area. chris sanchez is live in znl zj with more on these shipping delays. chris? >> a lot of folks were expecting to say thank you and you're welcome around the christmas tree today. but instead, we're saying sorry. i know i had a couple of apologies to make today for packages ordered in plenty of time for delivery. and if you look on twitter under the #upsfail, you'll see a lot of folks feeling frustrated that the same thing happened to them. >> this man spent christmas eve watching the tracking page for gifts that never came. >> the tracking page, where is it? where is it? guaranteed by 8:00 p.m. then at 7:30.
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estimate update. 26th. no! >> gifts they shipped to their family on the east coast were late. >> we definitely had gifts that we were expecting that didn't come on time. but they eventually did make it there. >> amazon usually comes through. >> amazon sent apology letters to many customers saying that because of the failure in the ups transportation network, it would break the promise to deliver on christmas eve. amazon offered some customers a $20 gift card in apology. a ups spokesperson offered an explanation. she said the actual volume of holiday packages exceeded even their higher volume projections, and that was compounded by crippling weather in the midwest and in the east in the last couple of weeks and shorter shopping, thus shorter shipping season. >> and we know how important the holidays are to our customers and how important it is to receive your package on time. and we are sorry and we're
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working around the clock to get this resolved. >> customers picked up their own undelivered packages in person, though none of those centers was open in the bay area. >> everything i ordered arrived when i was expecting. so i was pretty happy. >> a lot of the comments on twitter were hey, if you procrastinated and you shopped at the last minute, you get what you get. but a lot of folks were tracking their shipments only to find out they were sitting in the same spot for days on end. ups says it will honor the terms of its spping contract, but because those vary from customer to customer, you'll have to check your receipt and see what you are entitled to. if you haven't received your christmas present, you can expect a flurry of activity
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tomorrow as delivery drivers get back to work. chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> better late than never. >> if you didn't find the deals you wanted before christmas, you might tomorrow. more than half oholiday shoppers are going to be hitting the stores tomorrow. some are scouting deals. retailers are already rolling out the last holiday sales of the 2013. others are getting the most out of those gift cards. target says the day after christmas is the most popular day to use those gift cards. a developing weather story. severe air quality around the bay area is affecting some people this christmas. sam brock is live in san francisco where it's anything but a white christmas. sam? >> good evening. it's almost like we've created some sort of a broerked deal here. we'll put up with poor air quality if in return we get warm weather. the problem with that arrangement is it deprives us of two holiday pra decisions. no snow on christmas but also in
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theory, no wood burning fires. >> this is distinctly san franciscan. the weather pattern, 70 degrees on indianapolis, even by california standards has caught people's attention. >> i love all this. i'm a warm weather person. believe me, i love this. i'm really driving in this. but think. >> yes, let's get philosophical for a moment. >> snow back east is burying whole civilizations of people. but also keeping up with the tradition -- white powder on christmas. here in the bay area, we're left with more moderate expectations. like a nice warm fire or tissue paper posing as fire. our 18th spare the dare day means wood burn on christmas is officially banned. so we went in search of lawbreakers, scouring historic hotels and institutions whoo might put precedence over prudence. what we found were some bare hearts, some imposters and a few
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dead ringers for fire. until a closer look reveals the source is actually gas. has spare the air put a damper on christmas? >> no. we have a fireplace and we don't use it. with the weather and e.g., you don't need a fireplace. who needs it? they need it back east. >> i think it ruins the holiday spirit. i got unone of the fireplaces that burns gas and it's fine. >> you don't need the real thing? >> you don't need the real thing. >> who who needs the fireplace, because tomorrow, the bay area air quality management district has already declared another spare the air day. the holiday heat is on hold for now. reporting live, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> soo thanks very much. with more on the air quality bay area too. how long is it going to last? >> you can see throughout the day today, the skies around the bay area, a brown layer of haze,
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looking down from the mountain today. san jose, hazy skies. but as sam mentioned, warm temperatures all the way up to 77 degrees today in scott's valley. oakland did break a record, up to 69 degrees. again, many of our average temperatures this time of year. the 50s to maybe lower 60s fwr highs. unfortunately, high pressure as strengthened, acting like a bid on top of the bay area. you see the smoke collecting. and this is the reason why the smoke has really nowhere to go. and again tomorrow will now be the 19th spare the air day across the region. so we're looking that the for your thursday. but also now for friday, it does appear, we'll probably get through a 20 days of spare the air day so far from november and december. and then some improvement as we get into saturday and sunday. the weather will bring a lit bit more of an on shore breeze. will that system bring us any chance of rain coming back towards the west coast. we'll have a full look at the forecast a few minutes from now.
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>> thanks a lot. anyone planning a walk on the beach, keep an eye on the surf. a seasonal swell is hitting bay area coastlines. bringing sneaker waves and strong rip tides today through friday. the coastal hazard is in effect from beaches through sonoma county all the way to monterey. you should stay awe of rocks near the water and keep a distance from the tide. a storm system near alaska is the source of the strong waves. >> family members are trying to create something of a normal christmas today for a 13-year-old who's been declared brain dead. the mcmath family put a christmas tree and presents in her hospital room. the tanler has been on a ventilator since december 9 after complications from a tonsillectomy. a judge has ordered the hospital to continue life support until monday night at 5:00. that judge could not force the hospital to keep her on a ventilator indefinitely. the family must now decide whether they want to file a legal appeal or move her to some other facility.
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>> light rail service in san jose has been restored after a deadly accident on the tracks early this morning. a woman was hit and killed by a train on the highway 87 tracks. the out of service train was stopped on the tracks just south of the light rail station. it was heading to rail yard and could not come to a stop. at the time, the woman was out in front of it walking out on the tracks. investigators are trying to figure out why she was out there in the first place. fire crews are trying to figure out what sparked an apartment fire in the mission district that left several people homeless on this christmas day. it started after midnight near san francisco general hospital. fire officials tell us one person was taken to the hospital. crews were able to get control of the fire pretty quickly. but several units were damaged. and ten adults were displaced. still ahead at 6:00, a new online movie trailer promises that sparks will fly. a twist to this holiday tale of
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foir. also -- >> we get christmas lights on houses, but this is a real show. >> it is a real show. and we're going to take you for a trip for that perfect christmas day ride. and you don't have to get out of your seat to go there. coming up.
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a copal tried to climb a russian oil rig in the arctic circle. they were originally charged with piracy. western nations and celebrities criticized russia's treatments of the activists. you see them getting out there. today they say they're ready to go home. well, i just signed my documents that said the skas is dropped due to the amnesty that was recently passed through the duma. so this finally means it's over. it's over. it's done.
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>> amnesty was used by many to tamp down human rights olympics before the olympics in soc hi, russia, next year. 500,000 people have been left in the dark this christmas and without presents. power outages from michigan to main into canada, all results of an ice storm that began last weekend. customers in some areas may be without electricity for another couple of days. the extreme wet has also caused shipping problems for ups and fed fedex. we heard about the problems. the two companies say that storm combined with jo loaded systems are delaying the dlirry of some gifts. at least 24 deaths have been linked to that ice storm. anywhere you turn, weather is the bilg story. >> we're seeing 70s here in the bay area. 80s in the central coast. highs in the mid 80s. not too bad, not too cold outside. and the view around the peninsula.
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hazy skies set up again tonight. this is the issue, high pressure, warm temperatures by day. kind of a gorgeous view here. not much wind at all. you get this mirror-like reflection across the bay. looking at the new span of the bay bridge, 53 degrees currently. this allowed some of our coastal community today to soar into the mid 70s around santa cruz and scotts valley today, 77 degrees. the arrow is still pointing offshore, temperatures tend to store or at least rise up. you'll see those numbers again tomorrow near 70 in the warmest places around the bay area. but the pattern here is one that's really showing no signs of breaking. this time of year, typically this high is certained off to the north of hawaii. this large ridge anchored here across the west coast. and underneath, a strong ridge of high pressure. you get the sinking motion in the atmosphere, warm air aloft, cool air at the surface which tends to trap smoke. the same pattern is going to be in place for thursday, into friday. especially around the south bay
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where you've been seeing some of the worst air pollution levels around the santa clara valley. probably about the same tomorrow and then some i want improvement as we get toward the weekend. the wind turn back to a sea breeze. in the meantime, the 19th spare the air day tomorrow and very likely the 20th by the time we get into friday. so the big returns to the mall day tomorrow. highs around the south bay around valley fare, near 71 degrees. 7 oout by stanford. and you can see around union square, if you're headed out to livermore, upper 60s there and a few other things to keep in mind as you head towards the weekend. this dry pattern should hold. temperatures running a little bit cooler as we get into saturday and sunday. but notice, more clouds on the way. and you can see those changes at the bomb of your screen. we're tracking one more weather system that has a slight chance of bringing showers to parts of northern california. and we'll let you know what that means for the bay area in the next half-hour. ter sfli. >> thanks a lot. you can't purn burn a real fire
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today, netflix has got your back. the netflix streaming you'll log. very funny stuff. choice of three options. just a crackling fireplace. crackling fireplace with music. releasing behind the scenes video profiling the director of the fireplace film. next, where people are willing to see fantastic christmas color and display in the south bay. and somebody is spreading holiday cheer and random orn. s.
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bay area photojournalist jim foster takes you on this festive ride. >> it's really fun to just look at all the lites when you're on the train. when you're gong down the track. >> isn't it beautiful? >> it's really awesome. >> we love coming here. we do it every year. >> it's christmas. and this is what christmas is all about. . >> this is my first job working at a concession stand here. and then riding the train on our break. so it means a lot to me. >> we get christmas lights on houses, but this is a real show. >> the lights bring a flavor of the season in a different manner. >> she's a penguin.
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>> my favorite part is always that big tree. >> excitement. excitement. >> i love the color. i love the sound. the nutcracker in the background. just the music, i really love it. >> mommy, do you have time? >> special event to be able to go to where in other places you don't see it. >> i grew new this town and i work in this town. and my kids are now being raised here. it's just a fun thing to come and do. >> word of advice, get there early if you're going. be prepeared to sit in your car if a while. the lights are on throw new year's eve every night from 6:00 until 10:00. >> a holiday mystery unfolding in palm springs. nobody seems to know who's doing it. holiday ornaments have been mysteriously popping up on a pathway near smoke tree stables.
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many joggers and hierks sate's a nice touch to the holiday season, especially for those who taek on those trails. >> who knows. christmas spirit. i don't know. but we lue it. we really do. >> i heard a rumor that it's a band of cancer survivors that come out every day and do it. but i haven't seen anybody yet. >> if you don't know, people who live in the area say this is the first year of the unexpected holiday sights. and they will just enjoy them while they last. they don't care who's putting them up. after feuding through years, three have come together toll repair the church of the nativity in bethlehem. a place revered by yigs krigss as the birthplace of jesus. we have this report from bethlehem as the church repair is a huge project. >> in the city where jesus was born, pilgrims still come from around the globe. >> everybody is out in the streets. and, you know, everybody,
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christians and muslims are very active and joyful. >> but visitors this year are seeing something unexpected. the church of the nativity covered in scaffolding. it's an eyesore that some are calling a christmas miracle, because these much needed renovations almost didn't happen. for more than 150 years, this church has had three joint custodi custodians. greek orthodox, ar meanian and catholic. each fiercely protective of its turf. they even went after each other with brooms. more than 100 clerics caught on tape fighting over who got to wash with which part of the church. >> it's so sad from what you see, the way they do it. who jesus loves more. >> meanwhile, the church was falling apart. who finally stepped in? the palestinian authority, convincing the denominations to
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begin the repairs. >> inside the church, they are not one hand. outside the church, we are all one hand. >> they depend on tourism which has dwindled since israeli-built security walls have blocked off the west bank. so visitors are good for business. the hayek family runs a chocolate store. >> christmas time means busy hour for us. >> they hope the ancient church will stand forever. >> it's for joy. it's for peace, it's everything here in bethlehem. >> and they hope visitors keep coming. nbc news, bethlehem. >>. >> and coming up, new rules for the road. what chp officers will be looking for when new state laws kick in next week. plus -- >> merry christmas. i misyou all so much. >> the servicemen and women who
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are celebrating christmas far from home.
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base in the u.s. bhaes compound in afghanistan was hit by indirect fire before dawn. no americans were hurt. troops were then able to enjoy a special holiday lunch where everyone's thoughts were on
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their loved ones back home. >> can't wait to see them again. >> it's been almost a year. i'll be glad to see them again. >> merry christmas, i miss you all so much.ill home next year christmas. >> and she's right. this is expected to be the 13th and last christmas for u.s. troops in afghanistan. they scheduled to awn from that country next year. >> today, pope francis celebrated christmas as leader of the roman catholic church. the ree man catholic leader prayed for an end to the conflict in syria and peace in what he calls the often forgotten central african republic. he also wished for a favorable outcome from the peace talks between the israelis and palestinians. pilgrims from around the world said he brings a breath of fresh air to the vatican. >> he's a good kparm to all of
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us. we're from queensland, representing australia. >> about 70,000 people showed up to hear his address. >> edward snowden, the former nsa contractor who revealed a monitoring program had a special christmas message today. >> a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. they'll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves. unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. and that's a problem. because privacy matters. >> the video was believed to have been recorded in moscow where snowden has been granted temporary asylum. it was broadcast as part of the yearly and alternative christmas message which mocks queen elizabeth's address to great britain. the u.s. has revoked snowden's passport and demanded he is returned home to face charges for revealing state secrets. today is all about giving and receiving. people are sharing time and giving back to those in need.
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danielle lee has a look at the traditions that make christmas special all around the country. >> for millions of americans, christmas started with the ripping of wrapping paper and the excited reactions from kids and gifts from santa. in pittsburgh, deliveries from an animal shelter made christmas bright, not just for the family dreaming of a furry friend, but also for the little one in need of a home. new yorkers filled st. patrick's cathedral to recognize the reason for the season. >> we need to recognize that this is an actual birth date of jesus. >> in rockville, connecticut, thousands of people in a charity race worked off their tasty treat from the night before. in washington, d.c., volunteers at miriam's kitchen prepared a special meal for the homeless. >> of use what you can, accept what you need. >> president obama is soaking up the son in hawaii.
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but before leaving washington, he recorded this christmas message. >> we wish you all a blessed and safe holiday season. >> happy holidays, everybody. >> southern caliifornians worked on their tans in 70 and 80-degree weather. >> welcome to a socal christmas. >> meanwhile, an ice storm left thousands of people in maine without power. families were shivering, but happy to be together. tomorrow, thousands of people are expect to hit stores early. eager to use all those gift cards on what's expected to be some outstanding post holiday sales. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >> the holidays are often a stark reminder of what we have and what we don't. the community center in znl zj collected food, clothing and more for people in need this holiday season. emergency unemployment benefits will expire this saturday with no extension in sight.
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for folks like one woman that money is a precious lifeline. >> i eat going to make all the difference. that is what we're living awe of right now. and i'm limited on -- i've been looking for work and interviewing and calling and talking to people. >> congress is set to look at extending unemployment benefits for people out of work six months or longer. california highway patrol are beefing up holiday enforcement through midnight tonight. they're also giving a heads up about a number of new traffic laws that go into effect in 2014. one of those laws prevent any teenager fr you should 18 to us cell phone while driving even with a hands free device. >> they're not letting kids under 18 to use a cell phone in any case of energy, and that includes hands free as well. obviously the focus should be on driving a vehicle and not being distracted.
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>> another interesting new law, starting january 1, expands the amber alert to include child abduction by a parent with custody. in september, a law involving drivers and bicyclists goes into effect. drivers must allow three feet when passing a bicyclist. 2013 has been a year of investigation for nbc bay area. our investigative unit takes us back to see some of the memorable moments. here. >> during the pastee, our investigative unit has shared with you more than 150 investigations. journalism that has changed laws, exposed safety issues and questioned decisions from some of the state's most powerful. now a look back at 2013 through the lens of we investigate. >> this was pork that was in a
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shed for five hours before it came here to this restaurant. >> really? >> did aldon smith get the star treatment on that friday morning? >> yes, he certainly did. >> did aldon smith receive preferential treatment in. >> aldon smith did not receive preferential treatment. >> it doesn't matter. it speaks for itself. it's self-explanatory. you have it. >> so it's okay to change six times to administrative leave? you're okay with that? >> first of all, it's the same thing. >> if everybody in the kounlty did that, our budget would be totally out of control. >> i said to the flight attendant, we need to get my animals off that tarmac. they're not supposed to be on the tarmac they're supposed to be in a air conditioned van. the entire crate was filled with fecs, blood. she was in full on heat stroke. >> how is it possible this truck
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driver ended up in a trauma hospital? >> well, again, there's ongoing litigation in the case. i can't discus why it is that he suffered the injuries to the extent that he did. >> i heard people say all the time that, you know, you don't ever want to experience that. because part of you just dies. >> i apologize to our citizens. i apologize to our politicians, to -- we don't want to hide. >> what's the message you sent by coming here to napa instead of going to speak to the senate? >> you're very antagonistic, you know. you're reading a script. >> i'm not reading a script. i want to give you an opportunity to respond. >> but your questions are the wrong questions. you got a job to do. it's pathetic what you're doing. >> sir, shouldn't you answer to law makers when they want to talk to you?
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>> i was so close to adam when he got pulled in. it was just -- i knew i couldn't do anything. if they dispatched a helicopter right now, it would be too late. >> i am by to see if you could answer a few questions about your guide book. >> does it worry you not enough pilots have those skills anymore or we're not teaching those skills? >> yes, it dpupz it does worry me. or it should worry any responsible pilot that co-pilots are getting into cockpits these days and quite simply they're unprepared. >> people enside know that there is pollution in some of these enstances that can harm people and they do nothing about it. and that is outrageous. >> can you stop and chat be w us. >> i can't stop but you can chat with me if i walk. >> what do you say to those folks who are frustrated and feel like their health is at risk. >> i would say that quite a lot happens and we are always open
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and my door is always open. >> so you will sit down with us at a later date for a proper intersflu. >> you bet. >> 2014 promises to bring even more in depth investigations. if you have something you would like us to look into, call our tip line 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to the unit b at nbc bay i'm investigative reporter tony kovaleski. >> some say it's a much needed break from the holiday stress. where thousands of people showed up for an epic christmas pillow fight. and paid to be there. >> and a holiday-like display in the east bay. of. >> you can see the holiday lites. 40s and 50s right now. but what's not so nice again is another spare the air day again for thursday. and likely one more as we head towards friday. we'll talk about our air quality issues and near record-breaking temperatures coming up.
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>> a pair of extreme christmas light celebrations you have to see to believe. ♪ then when you know foggy christmas eve ♪ ♪ >> no fog in livermore. just a long line to see deke and dave's holiday lights. a. >> thank you. we have a great crew. >> dave and his team of volunteers strung more than 370,000 lights at his house on hill crest avenue. this is months in the making. >> then we start dropping cords in december. we start putting the lites up in october. a another magic lites up all of
6:41 pm
december. >> ins we're pretty magical. we got to see elves enat skaus. >> i like to leave with the magic of the lights that bring peace upon people. and so that's the fun of it. >> also singing deer, i don't know why. >> there's more fun to be had in danville. neighbors say this winter wonderland keep expanding. this year, decorations reach new heights. >> he was able to get a lift to get to the top of the tall trees. >> kids of all ages are mesmerized. >> i see santa hanging up there. >> it makes you feel happy. and joyful. >> i can't get enough of it to be honest with you. it's that group. but it's not easy. >> how to share in spirit of this one of a find creation.
6:42 pm
people from near and far are enjoying. it brought everyone together. >> one thing to keep in mind, all those lights will send power bills soaring. >> they're building it as aee yative outlook to relieve stress. there it is. thousands of people showed up for this epic pillow fight. the smackdown went on for ten minutes. the founder of the seventh annual pillow fight said releasing stress is important, especially from young people facing pressures from work or school. tickets cost about $24. that feels high. >> tonight at the movies, holiday is responding, hoping for a blockbuster hit this
6:43 pm
christmas day. >> pen stiller finds a new head space in "the secret life at walter mitty." he works at "life" magazine but doesn't have much of a life of his own. that's where his imagination takes over, creating elaborate fantasies where he's the hero. but when his job is threatened, he takes a ris income real life that tops anything he ever imagined. it's rated pg. >> this is the greatest kpeen in the world! >> leo dicaprio is a party pack animal in "the wolf of wall street." 'he's an ambitious stockbroker who decides the american dreams is just too small. so he starts his own firm uz yoo using any means necessary. the threat of authority is not as strong as the pull of power. >> some people are antagonized by the truth. >> meryl streep antagonized the whole family. she's the venomous matriarch of
6:44 pm
the family who lets no deed go unscold ed unscolded. her daughters including julia roberts just may start firing back. >> if one of you gets knocked out, is it safe to say you've fallen and can't get up. >> sylvester stallone and robert de niro pay boxing legends. 30 years later, they ear getting back in the ring to see who comes out on top, if they can survive the training. "grudge match" is rated pg-13. >> entertaining stuff going on at the theerts patiently. >> intentertaining stuff going weather wise. the air quality, movie theatre would be perfect. and we have clear skies. beautiful view over san jose right now. where we could see temperatures again making a run at 70 degrees. your forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> good evening.
6:45 pm
merry christmas. the warriors getting set to host the clippers. we hear from mark jackson next before the christmas clash. plus, if the sharks holiday video made you laugh, just wait till you see the blooper reels. that's next.
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>> i had the good fortune of spending the morning down at santa cruz on the beach. and it was like spring, maybe even summer. >> that was one of the places that managed m70s for highs. the evening not too bad around the bay area. mid 50s and upper 50s around san jose. and over to san francisco, actually fairly mild. 59 degrees. warmer right now, than close to what should be the average high temperature in many spots. 59 degrees and you can see the lights there. no fog in that picture. and as terry mentioned, it was a gorgeous day out at santa cruz,
6:48 pm
76 degrees out there on the beach. the waves looking pretty good here. kind of a wave protected harbor at least here. other parts of the coast, seeing big surf coming on in. clear skies like this, keep in mind, watch out for some of the surf over the next couple of days. another thing in terms of air quality at the moment, eekd, 69. half moon bay yurkly fogged in, windy and rainy. late december, not the case in year. that's the spare the air dpa the 19th we've seen so far this evening. and we'll see the 20th very likely on friday. we'll start to see some changes out of this very intense spare the air pattern to one that should take us back to moderate level, we suspect. get into saturday and sunday.
6:49 pm
the sea breeze will try to make its return to the bay area. you had ten spare the air days in a four-month period. you' had spare the air alerts and that's the reason why. high pressure not going anywhere. we will see one more system try to come in. now you're watching your new year's eve forecast. most of the action off to the north. so high clouds, things looking dry for your new year's eve plan. the only change you see there towards the bottom of your screen and seven h of day forecast. temperatures are going to start to cool down a lit built as we head toward the weekend. no major impact. tomorrow znl zj near 71 degrees. palo alto at 70. 65, cooler around the inner bay,
6:50 pm
including san mateo. temperatures mainly in the 60s. warmest temperatures down towards santa cruz. around towards san francisco, we should see highs in the upper 60s. 73 in santa rosa. even though our mornings are going to start out chilly, you'll basically add another 35 degrees to your temperature by the final you get into the afternoon. very nice day in the north bay. trivalley, a little cooler. upper 60s in the forecast tomorrow. as we take a look at the forecast here, move into the weekend, san jose temperatures starting to drop down saturday into sunday. walnut creek in the mid 60s. especially if for lake tahoe, not bringing any new snow. in termses of fresh powder, might have to wait at this point until the fifth or sixth of january. that is the next time we see a storm system might have enough punch to drop rain and snow across southern california. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. let's turn it over to dave, comcast sports. here we are on this christmas
6:51 pm
day. a lot of people relaxing and watching basketball. >> yeah. and it's a pretty, pretty big deal when they ask you to play on christmas. and then they put you in the clean-up spot? that's even bigger. warriors and clippers are coming up at 7:30. and mark jackson knows this is not just another game. >> i played in some christmas games. i watched plenty. i've covered some. there's nothing like, you know, being the only show when people are watching. you know they're waping. gives you a great platform, a great stage. i'm coaching a bunch of guys that i care a lot about and i think they deserve this moment. for me myself, understanding what christmas is all about, it's truly a blessing to be working and koechling on this day. >> all right, some early
6:52 pm
christmas with that. outside the barclays center, second quarter, joaquim noah, bulls down two. augustine for three. bulls close the third on this 23-6 run. that's called cleaning up the glass. thunder and knicks. russell westbrook still trying to get on santa's good list. he is sweeping up popcorn. that's very nice. second quarter, westbrook drives. this is nice, too. westbrook with the rebound. takes it himself. that's hard to defend. next thunder trip down, westrook nails the three. thunder win 123-94. heat and lakers. lebron james has new christmas shoes.
6:53 pm
they're very green. first quarter, dwyane wade. second quarter, wade off the glass to james. and then part three of the trilogy. wade to james for the easy dunk. heat when 101-95. miami is now 5-0 versus the lakers on christmas. college hoops, st. mary's taking on george mason. trying to avoid their third straight loss. second half, carter hits the three. and up by eight. under three to go. patriots down one. bri brian alan hits the floor. george mason has the lead. the next possession, patrick holiday. jorm mason wins 65-63. they capture seventh police in the diamond head classic. >> the sharks released their christmas video, but today, something really special. the blooper special. because nothing says christmas
6:54 pm
like embarrassing people you love on tv. >> they actually vicinitied electricity. >> go i think to sigh my favorite player's turtle. okay? after he says that. >> turtle. >> that's the way you hurdle. >> i'm not a cat person. >> hopefully somebody else will defeat it. >> with the nation watching them. >> thanks a lot, dave. we'll be right back.
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>> coming up tonight, the christmas presents are all opened up. so what's open that's also family friendly? look how people are spending this holiday night. that's tonight at 11:00. >> temperatures in the 50s. and tomorrow's high pretty close to what we have today. records began for tomorrow. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. merry christmas.
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7:00 pm
merry christmas, now on "extra." oprah for clinton, howard for christie, the stars take sides on the next president. >> we love you. you can do it. then, julia roberts revealing the one thing she won't be doing this christmas. >> i do look stupid? i do look insane? couples news forecast, kim and kanye, brittany and brangelina who will be the first to tie the knot in 2014? >> made the tape, you can air it. britney and mario in vegas, dishing secrets from her new show and dropping a bomb about her ex, justin


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