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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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house in san francisco. more than 100 firefighters were called to the home on baker street. jean ellie is on the scene. what can you tell us? >> i can tell you that firefighters say this was not an easy fire to fight. they pulled up here and saw smoke and flames pouring out of the back of 618 baker street. that is a four story burgundy victorian that you see. it was not easy to get a hose up to the third floor where the fire started. crews worked on getting them to the fire. they were apparently trying to get out but didn't make it out on their even. firefighters say they were both taken away by ambulance with burns. neighbors say they did not hear an explosion, they did see flames and smoke pouring out of the back of the house. the men who were injured spent the last several years restoring the old victorian. >> christmas very sad. very beautiful house, the couple here that lives here, a lot of
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work and a lot of time. and a lot of love into that house. it's really sad to see this happen, i hope they're okay the fire went to three alarms, 115 firefighters were here shortly after it started at 8:52. they called in so much help because the old wooden homes are right next to each other. the fire spread and did some damage to 620 baker. the red cross is here making sure the two people in that home have somewhere to stay tonight. the top three floors of the house are badly damaged. an in-law unit in the basement appears to be okay. dozens of neighbors here on baker street on christmas night are very concerned about their neighbors two men taken to the hospital with what firefighters call critical burn injury reporting live in san francisco,
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jean ellie, nbc bay area news. >> police in the east bay say presents have been stolen from right under a christmas tree. someone sneaked into a home on the 36,000 block of cherry street christmas eve and stole all the gifts. the family did not realize the gifts were stolen until the family's two children woke up this morning, went down to see what they had under the tree. imagine what that was like when they found the gifts gone. police pulled together 100 dollars. detectives believe the robbery may be related to other recent burglaries in that area. thousands of families around the country are still waiting for their christmas gifts because ups and fedex couldn't come through. kris sanchez has more on the delivery delay that has lots of children and parents unhappy. he brought christmas presents for his family on amazon.
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he spent christmas eve watching the tracking page for gifts that never came. >> where is it? where is it? guaranteed by 8:00 p.m. at 7:30 p.m. it updated for the 26th. >> they got a double whammy of shipping trouble. a gift for the mrs. didn't arrive, and gifts they shipped to the east coast didn't arrive on time either. >> because of a failure in the ups transportation network it would break the promise to deliver by 8:00 p.m. on christmas eve. amazon offered some customers a 20 dollar gift card an apology. a ups spokeswoman issued an explanation. the expectations preceded higher
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expectations and that was compounded by crippling weather in the east. and a shorter shopping versus shorter shipping season. >> we know how important it is to receive your package on time, we're sorry and we're working around the clock to get this resolved. >> fedex opened some centers for customer customers to retrieve their packages. none of those centers were open in the bay area. many packages were delivered on time. >> everything that i ordered that i expected to arrive at a particular time, arrived when i expected it. i was pretty happy with it. >> kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> california highway patrol is cracking down on unsafe drivers.
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a hit and run crash that sent at least two people to the hospital. tonight officers are warning people not to drink and drive. >> you have to know what you're getting yourself into, you have some drinks, have a designated driver, don't try to push, okay, i feel okay to drive, i'm going to try it, or i think i slept it off. that's what we run into a lot people who think they're sober. >> dui checkpoints will continue through the new year. another bad day of air quality today, another on the way, officials have issued a fourth consecutive winter spare the air alert for tomorrow. here's a live look at downtown san francisco. you can't tell from that shot what it looks like. rob mayeda joined us now. >> tomorrow makes 19. can you see earlier in the day when the sun was up, just how
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hazy the skies were in the bay area. boosting temperatures today to 77 degrees in scotts valley, you see oakland, 69 degrees, that was a new record high for the day, 67 in san francisco, that high acting like a lid on top of the bay area, not allowing enough wind to push the smoke away. so during the day tomorrow we will have another spare the air day, now, the 19th in a row, with the winds holding off on friday, it looks like we're going to have our 20th spare the air day for friday, as we move into the weekend we should see some improvement here. we're going to have a system come in that's going to bring a sea breeze, improve air quality just a bit. if we look at that, and changes ahead as we approach the weekend coming up. >> thanks a lot. for more weather information any time, go to for maps, radar and temperatures right where you live. >> we aren't the only ones
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working late tonight. at the century theater in san mateo, the final showing has not started yet. it rolls at 11:10, the theater sold more than 3,000 tickets tonight. a lot of people going out on christmas night, while over at starbucks, barrise tas were busy whipping up seasonal treats. >> leave them a big tip, they're out here on christmas day serving us folks warm drinks. >> families tell us shopping is tomorrow's group activity. some will be returning gifts, others plan to use their gift cards. folks at target, it's the busiest gift card day of the year. many families spent the evening at christmas in the park at downtown san jose. they've attracted people from all over the bay area for more than 30 years now, there are more than 60 animated and musical exhibits that celebrate santa, his eflz and other christmas characters as well. christmas in the park brings in
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about a half a million visitors to downtown san jose during the holiday season. it is open through new year's day. family members say they will wait until tomorrow to discuss whether to appeal a judge's decision allowing a hospital to remove life support from the teenager declared brain dead. the family wanted to give the teen as normal a christmas as possible under the circumstances, so they put a christmas tree and presents in her hospital room. the teenager has been on a ventilator since december 9th, after complications during a tonsillectomy. life support has been ordered by a judge until monday night at 5:00. a homeless center is closing, despite fund-raising erts, the home of youth alliance is shutting its doors, the landlord decided not to renew his lease. officials are looking for a new place to set up a shelter. >> we've been in this building
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for 12 years. it's possibly the most stable and consistent thing of the kids lives that have come through here. >> the shelter provides food, needle exchange, safe place and showers. coming up at 11:00, it's the season of giving. how people across the bay area help the less fortunate this christmas. the holiday message from edward snowden, the warning he has this christmas. and there's still a way to get a roaring fireplace this year. the high-tech yule log you can have burning right now if you like.
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many people were home today with family, some were not as fortunate. nbc bay area's scott bud man shows us how people across the bay area gave back on christmas. >> these volunteers at san jose's sacred heart community center could be relaxing and opening presents all day. instead, they're giving gifts and food to members of the community who don't have as much. >> i definitely appreciate the help i'm getting here. >> i'm invited to a dinner, i'm going to go to the dinner, i'm going to supply something. >> at nearby city team ministries, more volunteers giving up part of their day to help the homeless. >> i was homeless myself.
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for someone to touch your hand, give you a smile, and listen to you is a really big thing, especially around christmastime. a lot of people get depressed if they're homeless around christmastime, they don't expect much to happen. >> in san francisco, volunteers served meals at glide memorial church and packed care pockages at the sal vagsz army, changing their christmas routines to put others first. >> usually christmas morning we open gifts and all that stuff. my family's out of town. today's jesus' birthday, she was just saying, maybe we should do something for his birthday. >> scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> edward snowden who revealed top secret monitoring programs had a special christmas message for us. >> a child born today will have
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no conception of privacy. and that's a problem. because privacy matters. >> the video is believed to have been recorded in moscow where snowden has been granted temporary asylum. britain's channel 4 broadcasted a yearly alternative to queen elizabeth's message. more than 40,000 american troops still in afghanistan are spending christmas far from home and their families, for most it will likely be the last christmas before coming home as the u.s. prepares to withdraw most troops by next summer. at camp phoenix in kabul everyone is doing their best to keep their spirits bright. people back home do care. the troops got a christmas turkey feast. and at a church, they put their weapons aside for carols and prayers. a family that's getting
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attention today. this family gathering happened to involve her queen and her royal heirs spending christmas at their royal country estate. kate and william and prince harry. the royal family's newest member was nowhere to be seen, but prince george did have a starring role in his great grandmother's traditional christmas message today. we can expect to see more from the youngest heir in 2014, he will join his parents on a tour of australia and new zealand. streaming yule log, since you can't burn a real fire today or tomorrow, we don't know when we'll be able to burn again. netflix has got your back. you have a choice of three delightful crackling fireplace options. netflix had fun with the whole thing, even released behind the scenes video. if you don't have netflix, fear not, you can find streaming yule
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logs on hulu and your on demand menu. it's available until further notice. we need something like that, it's another no burn day. >> that's a safeway to do that when we have air conditioners outside. no signs of change until friday. you can see right now, 40s and 50s around most of the bay area opinion can you see in the north bay, 36 degrees. different story earlier today, as the offshore winds allowed places like santa cruz. 76 degrees, 77 up in scotts valley, when you get a pattern such as this, the winds turnoff shore, the air warms up and dries out all the way to the ocean. around the inner bay, not quite as warm as we saw in santa cruz. our temperatures warming up. the wind direction still offshore. the pattern is going to continue to keep things dry for quite some time. now, the temperatures for the
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morning will be a little chilly, clear skies, no clouds, not much moisture in the air, a lot of the heat from the day before came quickly back out into space. you can see how cool it is in fairfield and concord. tomorrow morning we'll wake up in the mid-30s and add 35 degrees for the temperatures in the afternoon. temperatures climb again close to 70. as we go through the next few days, still no chance of any rain in the forecast the high is taking the pacific jet stream and pulling it off to the north. with this pattern in place, not only will we have spare the air days likely through friday, but even as we get into the weekend there's a weak system that goes by, as we head into monday and tuesday, another system comes in for new year's eve tossing high clouds our way, no chance of rain for the bay area if this
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continues, most locations will be the driest year on record, that is the way things are starting to set up. as we're looking at 7 to 10 more days of dry weather around the bay area aside from the smoke pollution, temperaturewise looking pretty good. close to 71 degrees in san jose. temperatures in the low 70s. morgan hill, 73 degrees, can you see around san francisco, highs in the upper 60s, the north bay highs in the low 70s, sunshine, despite the chilly start to the morning. trivalley temperatures mostly in the upper 60s. the big return day or exchange day at valley fair, we should see those numbers close to 70 degrees, for most spots around the south bay. and a little cooler around the peninsula, we'll see more clouds, but not more raindrops, unfortunately, temperatures cooling saturday into sunday and staying dry still in the sierra. we hope through the first week of january, we start to see things change. for now, good for outdoor plans, the air quality starts to
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improve as we get through the weekend. >> thank you. and coming up at 11:00, it's said that giving is better than receiving, we're going to show you the unusual way school children are learning that lesson.
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we've all heard that it's better to give than receive. that's the lesson an elementary school in georgia is giving its students. as gabe gutierrez reports, it's giving kids a whole new way to look at christmas. >> away from the holiday hustle from the traffic, the malls to credit cards, we found an extraordinary shopping trip. >> i got a football for my brother. >> in this gym, there are tables and tables of donated presents. if these kids couldn't afford to buy on their own. but all year they've been collecting points for good behavior. and now they get to spend them.
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not on themselves. >> how old is your other brother? >> mom, grandma. >> fourth grader, nicholas dorsey is on a mission for jewelry for his mom. and an art kit for his brother. and a purse for grammy. >> organizers call it project gift. an idea they got back in 2009. >> and tonight we have something special. >> when they saw a similar event in florida. on nbc nightly news. >> the program started several years ago with just 50 needy kids, now it's grown to more than 300, and some 2,000 gifts. >> thank you. >> it's a wonderful feeling. it's infectious. >> an added bonus, the point system has brought discipline. after all, santa is always watching. >> the decline of the number of athletes, it's really impacts how children are behaving during the school day. >> most of the kids here come
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from low income family. for many, these are the first presents they've ever been able to give. >> it makes me feel very happy, this year, my mom and grandma can have something under the tree too. >> once they've made their selections, volunteers wrap them and who knew a gift label could mean so much? >> to mom. >> a holiday lesson they'll hopefully carry for a lifetime. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> and coming up, a big night in basketball, the warriors on the national stage. a little basketball, a little wrestling, dave feldman has all your highlights in comcast sportsn sportsnet.
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dave feldman, comcast sports. i have to tell you, the national audience got everything they could have asked for tonight for christmas. >> good hoops and some fighting. right?
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sometimes fighting happens on christmas. >> it does happen, clippers and warriors, there was no holiday spirit. rather a healthy disdain that hoops fans will get to see two more times. festive fans at oracle. it was a whiteout, and santa was there. end of the third quarter, blake griffin. in the face. in the face, double teams issued, andrew bogut, grabbed griffin's jersey, they get locked up. double teamed again, griffin's second, he's gone. under three minutes left, warriors down one. warriors up two, next clippers possession, chris paul drives for the layup. game tied. next warriors possession, curry splits the defenders and makes the layup. warriors up two. paul's shot. and it's a pretty good look, blocked by thompson from behind. great defense, they get the ball, one second left.
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paul gets it to jamal crawford. warriors win 105-103, after the final shots, more pushing and shoving, and here's the post game analysis. >> i still believe it's not a rivalry, because neither one of us has done anything. two teams playing with an edge, competing against each other. hard fought games. >> why did these two teams not like each other? >> we like them. >> merry christmas. >> we're kicking their butt and they went to something else to be honest. that's fine, we have to have better commission and just keep playing, there's no doubt about that. but i thought the basketball part of it, we were showing them pretty well. all the other stuff, it worked
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in their favor. it's a smart them for them to do. >> i think that's a compliment and an insult all at once. heat/lakers, lebron james, first quarter, dwyane wade, finds james for the alley-oop. evidently can you jump higher. wade off the glass to james. shoes still look good. part three of the trilogy, wade is going to find james for another easy dunk, the heat win 101-95. miami's fifth straight christmas day win. st. mary's taking on george mason trying to avoid the third straight loss. kerry carter hits a three, st. mary's up by 8. ryan allen with a little floater, george mason takes the lead. patriots next possession gets the three, and george mason a winner. 65-63 in the diamond head classic. last week the sharks released their christmas video.
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today, something really special. the never before seen bloopers, nothing says christmas like embarrassing people you like publicly and on tv. >> they actually invented electricity. >> my favorite player's turtle. okay? >> a turtle. >> yeah, a turtle. >>. >> someone wrapped their cat. >> i'm not a cat person. >> someone hopefully unwraps it soon and feeds it. >> that was a great one for the outtake reel. merry christmas, we'll be right back after the break.
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hundreds of customers at a connecticut starbucks may have
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started a whole new christmas tradition. since early tuesday, every customer found their starbucks order was paid by the customer ahead of them in line. customers say it felt great to do a favor for a stranger. >> there's nothing like the christmastime to spread some christmas cheer, you never know if someone could be having a horrible day, come and get coffee, that little bit of something they didn't have to worry about, something nice that made their day that much better. >> starbucks employees, said $45 was left over at the end of the day. so the first several orders tomorrow will also be free. >> always free, right here, right now. >> free something for all. >> free something. >> we're going to look at temperatures, right now chilly, in the north bay 30, 68 san francisco, close to 70 in the peninsula, another spare the air day tomorrow, it looks like for the weekend the sea breeze will
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pick up enough. spare the air day tomorrow, and likely one more comfrey. >> temperatures are moving so much. the 40s, the 70s, it's like we're having two, maybe three seasons in there. >> winter coat and morning t-shirts. >> thanks for joining us, the tonight show with jaly leno is next. one more time, merry christmas.
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