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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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weekend forecast. after all you made to the friday and i think you're going to like what we have in store for you. >> a live look outside right now. it is a no burn not a slow burn day. it's friday, december 27th and this is "today in the bay." good friday morning. thks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the family of an oakland teenager who remains on life support following tonsil surgery may have found a place that will take care of her. chase cain joins us live at children's hospital in oakland with reaction from family members. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it looks like we are headed back to the courtroom again, a judge is likely going to have to get involved in this, even the family's request to move jahi mcmath elsewhere is not coming uncontested from the hospital because the hospital continues to lean on the judge's ruling and the finding of doctors that
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jahi is legally dead. the 13-year-old was declared brain dead on december 12 after undergoing a tonsillectomy here at children's hospital. on tuesday a judge declared that she was legally dead after receiving reports from several doctors. the order from the judge to keep jahi on a ventilator expires monday at 5:00. before that the family wants to move her somewhere else to keep her on that ventilator. but to move her that would require surgery to insert a feeding tube. last night the family talked about what this week has been like for them. >> we spent christmas together as a family. and doing a lot of prayers and trying to have some fun, hoping for a miracle. looks like we may have gotten our miracle. we found out that someone is willing to take jahi away from children's hospital to a facility nearby in the bay area. to treat her, give her an ng tube for nutrition and to give her a fighting chance. so right now we're asking
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children's hospital to work with us. >> reporter: but the hospital says they will not perform surgery on jahi. they released a statement that said quote they do not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a dead person is an appropriate medical practice. that statement from the hospital. jahi's family is not releasing the name of the facility they want to move her to because they don't want anyone to interfweer this. the family is going to have to move quickly. the judge's order expires monday at 5:00. thank you for the update. >> new details in a shooting that sent two men to the hospital overnight. these officers say a 22-year-old man and a 20-year-old man were shot near garden street. both of the men are in stable condition no. arrests and so far police have not released a description of the suspect or suspects. >> a man who is reportedly three
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times the legal drinking limit was arrested after crashing his quar his 4-year-old daughter inside. it happened north of shiloh road. investigators say reyes was driving 70 miles per hour when they crashed into a tree. chp says the man got himself and his daughter out of the car and took off running. witnesses managed to stop him and they took the girl from his arms. the girl was not in a child safety seat. they were both take to the hospital with minor injuries. >> turning to weather. today another, another, spare the care day. the fifth in a row t 20th this season. compare that to 10 all of last year. the air quality is expected to be among the worst. >> we're going to want to check in with christina loren. she's got the latest tracking the conditions of the weather.
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let's chin with marianne favro with how this is affecting people all over the bay area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the temperature is now 35 degrees here in san jose, and on this chilly morning you night consider lighting a fire f. you do you could face a hefty fine. it is our fifth straight spare the air day here in the bay area and that means no wood burning. krfr christmas we had 11 in a row t longest stretch in history. you kay remember you could barely see the skyline the air was so absoluted. most of the area had unhealthy air above for particulate matter. the polluted air gets trapped in our valley bowl. >> this year we're not lucky with the weather. it's sitting here. there is no wind and we have a lot of po sengs not near the
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ground. that's where we believe. doctors say we are also in flu season and the unhealthy air can make it more difficult for the kids to discover from the vie lus. the best option, stay indoors and don't exercise outside on these days. you are also encouraged to car tool. if you do light a fire today you could face a $100 fine or forced to take wood burning awareness class or if you are a sect violation you could pay a $500 fine. reporting live in san jose. marianne favro, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. >> over to christina loren and the question of course is when is the air finally expected to get better? >> look likes as we get into the weekend. which is really, really good news. we actually hit a historic record with 11 straight fair the air days earlier. now we're on our fifth
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consecutive round. as we head throughout day you'll notice that haze but by tomorrow a much clearer sky on the way. temperatures mostly in the 30s, and the 40s. so it is chilly out there. grab a coat. everything right now though is looking pretty good. what is what we expect. you can see from futurecast, clouds coming in part after disturbance that means we're going to turn mostly cloudy for the greater bay area. once this moves out of here. much better quality behind it. we'll get the wind that we need. so again, saturday, sunday and monday we should not be sparing the air. there is a slight chance for a spare the air day tomorrow. switching gears, a look at the morning drive. we gave nike day off. i want to show you what it looks like. this is through fremont. 880 no slowdowns to report. watch for construction as you
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approach the airport on 101. we'll let you know if anything happens. back to you. >> thanks so much. pulling double duty. 5:07. you may notice more offers in fron fran cracking down on unsafe drivers. paroles will be staked throughout city until 4:00 a.m. as part of the avoid grip, looking for drunk drivers. officers warn not to brink and stiv and those planning to rick r drink. the check points will continue through the new year. >> happening now, bird watching, dozens of bird watchers making their way for the annual bird count. the audubon society's tradition helps bird watching enthusiasts take stock. it's the perfect time to take count because birds then to be
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more accessible. catching a glimpse of more than 100 bird species. >> i think hard. it's 5:08. still ahead, the holiday season keeps on giving for hundreds at a connecticut starbucks. why the act of paying it forward is showing no signs of slowing down.
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10 minutes after 5:00 on this friday morning. looking out from san bruno mountains toward san francisco. you see the bay bridge, you see pretty well but the air is not well. another spare the air day. >> christmas may be over but the spirit of giving is alive at a
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starbucks in connecticut. >> more than 700 customers continue to pay it forward since christmas eve. the holiday trend is showing no signs of slowing down. >> reporter: just tires turning. instead of santa an upbeat starbucks barista. >> 680 cars in a row. >> reporter: since christmas eve hundreds of customers have rolled up to this drive-through window cash in hand only to find the person ahead of them has bought their coffee for them. >> i think it's cool that total strangers are willing to say hey, i'm going to pay for the car behind me. >> reporter: ands ha s havvisit out of town. >> i think it shows that people do care and in a simple act. >> reporter: a random act of kindness started when one customer paid for the next person in line. now a movement of generosity and
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good cheer. >> it's a nice thing to do. feel goods to get a coffee and help out people as well. >> reporter: it may be a record breaking pay it forward drive through movement as the number of customers participating tops 700. starbucks will keep the chain up as long as customers wish to participate, assuring the holiday spirit will live on past the holidays. >> i think it's a great thaeft a little thing can change someone's day. >> do something nice for somebody. if it's here fine. do something nice. it will come back to you. >> don't want to be the grinch that spoils that. as of closing last night starbucks says a total of 765 customers have paid it forward. >> some travelers got an unexpected gift when they went to book their next trip on delta airline, fares as low as $3. for more on that we turn to hampton pearson live at cnbc's washington, d.c. bureau.
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good morning. >> yes, first of all futures higher after stocks hit record highs again on thursday, following a report showing a bigger than expected drop in the number filing for unemployment last week. the d has a 6 day winning streak since july 2010 and over 4% in that period. there is no major data or earnings reports out today. the dow jumping 122 points to close at 16,479 t nad dak to close at 4167 yesterday. ahead of the national retail federation tells cnbc confident holiday sales will hit the target of an increase of 3.9% despite challenges of weather, shipping and six fewer shopping days. mastercard says sales grew this year about 3.5% versus less than 1% in 2012, thanks to heavy spending in the final days and as stores used higher discounts and promotions to attract more
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customers. delta airlines says it will honor those really cheap fares sold by mistake on thursday, a round trip flight between cincinnati and minneapolis in february for $25, that's usually more than $400. new rules from the department of transportation, aimed at truth in advertising requiring the airlines to honor any mistake fares. have a great weekend and happy new year. >> same to you. good to see you. >> thanks very much. i guess it wasn't $3. it's 20. >> that was for example. >> cincinnati to minneapolis. >> meteorologist christina loren joins us now, what's going on? >> not much. you know, it's nice out there. it's really one of those timeframes in the bay area where you kind of enjoy it. the only thing is we do have the unhealthy air quality but temperaturewise it's nice out there. no need for the heater later on today. save money that way.
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throughout day temperatures will creep up, air quality will improve. 39 in san jose, a weak disturbance on the way and this will provide much better air quality as we get into the next couple daysment i want to show you this look at the embarcadero. a pretty start. thanks for waking up with us especially if you have the day off. it's going to be nice if you want to hit the beach with temperatures ramping up into the 60s and 70s. so i want to take you through your microclimates across the area. subtle differences to show you. 69 in the south bay, one of the warmest areas, also the area that we're focusing on for the worst air quality. you're better off with wind on the peninsula where temperatures are going to range. we're going to see a comfortable weekend as well. north bay 64 degrees in santa rosa 67 fremont and in the tri-valley comfortable, 67 for livermore and 68 degrees today in pleasanton. so friday, maybe shopping, maybe
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holding off on that until the weekend. well, you're going to have better air quality at that point. temperatures saturday and sunday, look at these. mid to upper 60s across the bay area, if you have the luxury of getting up to tahoe, 46 degrees, making snow and the resorts are definitely hopping up there. so, i want to talk about your morning drive. gave mike the day off. you see lots of green, no major slowdowns. we're watching one area of 101 for you. this is southbound, between san bruno avenue and sfo. two lanes closed. that is due to construction. take it live now and show you how the drive is shaping up. this is near ikea, 101 and palo alto. headlights, northbound. nothing to report here. light traffic so far so. good. we'll keep you updated. back to you, terry and laura. >> thank you so much. new this morning, russian cargo plane crashes into warehouses in serbia killing all nine people on board. this is from russian officials showing the wreckage.
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russian news reports say the plane was carrying aircraft parts when it crash landed in one of the largest cities in siberia. the criminal case has been open since possible violations of transport safety rules. >> in thailand, at least 29 are dead after a bus drove off after bridge crashing into a ravine. the ravine is nearly 100 feet deep. media reports say 37 people were on board at the time. the preliminary investigation indicates the driver may have fallen asleep. >> a bizarre attack in argentina. 70 people hurt when they were swarmed by a school of carnivorous fish. seven children were among the victims. an 11-year-old boy bitten on the ankle, others lost parts of fingers or toes. officials say thousands were in the river when a school of piranhas attacked. authorities call the attack a rare and exceptional event.
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>> a chinese ice breaker ship is on the way to antarctica to rescue a russian ship stuck in the ice carrying 74 people on a research expedition including scientists, tourists, and crew. whipping winds pushed sea ice around the ship and froze. the leader on board says the ice ship is getting close. it's going to be tough. >> just over my left shoulder you can hopefully see gray sky. the open waters are reflecting on the clouds above it. that's the likely move the ves sl going to take to get to us. >> experts say the ship is not in danger of sinking and the people have enough supplies. i'm curious about the tourists on board. different strokes for different folks. >> a piece of history lost for more than three decades. >> pictures of the mount st. helen's eruption discovered.
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a look at the photographer who snapped these amazing photos. >> these are the -- >> at the columbia newspaper, this is what decades of history looks like. >> different newspapers and magazines. >> linda is the photo archivist. >> it's like a treasure-trove here. >> it really is. >> about a month ago she was searching for a certain photo when she discovered a surprise instead. >> i said wait, what's that down there? and out i pulled that canister of film. >> are you kidding? really? and i said that's fantastic. we've got to get it processed. and i was thinking like where does one get film processed though? >> when the black and whites came back, there was mount st. helen's like you'll never see it again. still whole but steaming, columbian photographer reed
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blackburn captured the images, it was april 1980. >> knowing what's coming when you see those, incredible. >> five weeks later blackburn returned to mount st. helens. died may 18 when the volcano erupted. >> he felt he was telling stories through his photography. >> blackburn lost her husband that day but part lives on through his works. >> any time any portion of a legacy can come forward it excites me and it elates me. >> she says this wasn't her husband's best work, by a long shot. >> i think he would think oh, my gosh, they are showing those shots? >> but it was good enough for the front page of the columbian, 33 years later. >> there it is. you just see that beautiful curvature still there. and then all of the activity going on around it. >> shot from the sky,
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resurrected from a box. >> magnificent. it's important for us. >> that was nbc's catherine cook. and she thinks the film stayed good because it was stuck in a cool dark box. >> 5:21. coming up historic night at the hunger bowl. we'll tell you why next. >> and a live look outside now. we keep saying this because we need to keep saying this. fifth consecutive spare the air day. we've had so many this year. please, no burning today.
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welcome back everyone. it is 5:23. two days before christmas, $300,000 cash dropped into a
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las vegas cab driver's lap. a good samaritan turned it in. the cab driver was more worried than the average looking guy. there was a guy that got in his cab. he was worried the guy wouldn't pay a fare. he left behind six stacks ever $100 bills in a brown paper bag. the question was, why didn't the father of one keep the money and his answer was simple. it wasn't his to keep. the craziest thing he found before this was a cell phone. >> have you seen $300,000 before? >> in a movie. >> after calling police the money did end up with the passenger. a poker player. >> it's going to be a historic fight in the hunger bowl in san francisco today. >> for the first time 18 college bowl game there will be two female referees on the field.
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the washington huskies take on the cougars at at&t park, for every ticket sold one meal will be donated to those in need. this is also the last year the bowl is played at at&t. next year it's going to move to the new levi stadium. kickoff tonight at 6:30, tickets $25 to $85. you can get them on line at >> check the forecast. i imagine pretty nice. >> it's mid-50s for this evening. temperatures do drop rapidly once that sun starts to set. good friday morning to you. you made to the tend of the week. hopefully you had a great holiday, hopefully you're taking care of all of that shopping, maybe returns and the gift cards, use them while you can. 44 in san francisco, 34 in the east bay, 40 along the peninsula. later on today another treat in store for us, temperatures in the upper 60s, about 10 degrees above average. we're looking really good for better air quality this weekend which is the big news. a lot of people will be able to
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breathe easier president i want to take it live now, show you how it's working. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights or on. we gave mike the day off. you know what, it's okay because there is nothing going on. you can see the metering lights are off. that could be the case all morning long. we'll be checking on that for you. otherwise, really nothing to report. we are free and clear. hopefully we'll keep it that way. a check of the weather coming up. back to you, terry and laura. >> it's 5:26. still to come on "today in the bay," another twist in the fight between doctors at children's hospital oakland and the family of a teenager on life support. why the hospital is calling the family's latest request inappropriate. >> poor air quality causing headaches. when things are expected to get better coming up in a live report. >> let's take a live look outside. city by the bay. clear skies. as you mentioned, tough breathing weather out there. we're going to keep checking in
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with christina loren. a lot more news ahead.
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>> reporter: i'm chase cain outside children's hospital where the family of jahi mcmath wants to move her elsewhere. the hospital so far is not cooperating. >> reporter: good morning. i'm marianne favro, we are headed for our fifth straight spare the air day here in the bay area. coming up, find out why children are so vulnerable. >> that's the bad news in the weather department. the good news, temperatures are going to be comfortable yet again for your outdoor plans. if you suffer from asthma, respiratory issues, we have better air quality in the forecast. we'll talk all about that coming up. >> let's take a live look outside this morning, we've got to take our word for it because you can't tell from these pictures. a beautiful vista overlooking san francisco's bay bridge. it's friday, december 27th, this is "today in the bay."
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a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. breaking news out of lebanon. a powerful car bomb rocked a business district in killing five people including one american. lebanese tv says also among the dead is the former lebanese ambassador to the united states. 70 others are hurt. coming up we'll have a live report on this breaking news with the latest details. >> it's 5:30. the legal battle continues over the oakland teen who remains on life support following tonsil surgery. chase cain joins us live in oakland with reaction from family members. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it appears a judge will have to get involved in this dispute one more time because the family of jahi mcmath wants to move her to another facility and 3 have a facility that will accept her but the hospital continues to lean on the judge's ruling that
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the girl is legally dead. the 13-year-old was declared brain dead after undergo requesting a tonsillectomy here at children's hospital in oakland. on tuesday, a judge declared that jahi was legally dead after he reviewed the findings of several doctor who is examined the girl. the judge's order to keep her on a ventilator expires monday at 5:00. before that the family wants to move her to another facility to keep her on a ventilator. that will require surgery to insert a feeding tube. >> children's will not assist in this, then we will seek to have a physician come in and do it. if children's tries to block that we'll be back in court seeking to have what we call a writ of mandate to make them do that. >> the judge did not authorize or order surgical procedures for transfer to another facility. children's hospital does not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice.
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>> reporter: again, you hear the hospital taking a strong stance against performing surgery. surgery that would be required to move jahi somewhere else. the family of jahi mcmath is not releasing the name of the fa swrilt they want to move her to because they don't want anyone else to interfere with what is a difficult process. again, that judge's order expires monday at 5:00 so the family and their attorney will have to move quickly. kmas cane, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, chase. it's 5:32. police say a man arrested in a shooting also linked to several armed robberies in that city. police say 20-year-old james brisker allegedly shot a 22-year-old man several times on december 8. the victim was in a medically induced coma until a few weeks ago. brisker was arrested monday along with 19-year-old jaymon matthews. police say they searched the suspect cars and found stolen
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property. matthews is facing armed robbery charges. >> a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday morning. a suspect wanted in connection with a homicide in gilroy is in jail this morning. police arrested the 21-year-old yesterday morning. police found him at the crime scene. the female victim was found dead in his family's apartment christmas day. the victim had a restraining order against rodriguez. >> busy intersection in fremont back open following a crash involving a fire department suv. fremont police say the fire department suv had its emergency lights and siren on when it collided with a toyota. both drivers were treated and released. the crash happened near dakota road last night. the intersection was closed more than six hours as crews worked to clean up the crash. the cause of the crash under investigation. >> turning to the weather and here we go again. yet another spare the air day, laura.
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the 20th this winter season. and compare that to ten winter spare the air days all of last year. a live look over san francisco. and you mentioned earlier it looks clear but it's not. >> we have team coverage. christina is tracking the conditions but let's start with marianne favro in san jose where the air quality is expected to be among the worst. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. i can tell you the temperature has dropped a degree in the last half hour, it is now 34 degrees this morning. on this chilly morning you might consider lighting a fire in your fireplace but you can't. because this is our fifth consecutive spare the air day. and that means no wood burning. before christmas we had 11 spare the air days 18 row, the longest stretch in history. you may remember seeing the brown murky air in san jose. it was so bad you could barely see the skyline. it's often worse because the polluted air gets draped in our
5:35 am
valley bowl. people with asthma are impacted. kids are very sensitive to the bad air too. >> young children are so vulnerable because their lungs are fragile, they are very delicate lungs and they are more prone to wheeze when they get respiratory infections, when they have the effect of pollution hitting their lungs. >> reporter: she says during flu season the polluted air can make it much more difficult for kids to recover from the virus. the best option on spare the air day, minimize exposure, you are encouraged to carpool f. you do decide you're going to light a fire you could face $100 fine f. it's your second violation that could jump up to $500. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro. >> let's turn it over to meteorologist christina loren, you were saying earlier things getting a little bit better this
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weekend. >> yes. this weekend. i don't think we're going to see a stretch like earlier this month where we hit 11 consecutive days. a lot of people reporting headaches and other ailments with sinuses and other things that could be associated with the air quality. we don't know for sure f. you are someone who does have respiratory issues or a child with those, keep them indoor, especially in the south bay. the temperatures are chilly to start is the day. and the story of the day the fact there is a week disturbance that will come through and bring about much better air quality. i want to show you live pictures. san francisco, mostly clear start to the day, looking good in the city by the bay. you can see our flag, it's the calm wind that allows the stagnant air mass to settle in. this is what's going to change everything though. i stop the clock at high noon. you can see across the bay area at that point plenty of clouds coming through, and this is part of that area of low pressure.
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still at 4:30, mostly cloudy, once this gets out of here it's going to leave gusty winds and moisture. as a result of that much better air quality. that's a welcome sign for a lot of people complaining about the fact we haven't had much rain and our air quality is suffering. friday, saturday, sunday, it works like this. sparing the air today. into the weekend looking better, as we continue into sunday and monday, temperatures will stay nice and steady but our air quality will improve a. look at your drive now. things are looking pretty good request. no major delays to tell you about about. a little construction but not causing major backup. live to the golden gate bridge. traffic is light. we expect more to wake up late in the morning. we'll keep you updated. that looks good. might be a good idea to get started on that shopping while the traffic is still light. >> all right. thanks for the advice.
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over the next few week as good chance many of us looking for a way to get rid of that old christmas tree. and laura garcia-cannon said to me this morning there is no better way to say holiday season to her than the sound of a wood chipper. this is an option. san francisco announced its tree recycling program, running trees through a giant wood chipper, january 2-15. put trees at the curb and they will pick it up for shredding. a reminder, trees cannot be composted. the chips are taken to a plant, they are burned for steam that propels the turbine. people are asked it new burn. don't burn anything. >> we also continue to follow breaking news. a deadly explosion in beirut kills at least one american.
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welcome back everyone. what a beautiful live look outside. city by the bay, san francisco this morning. christmas lights illuminated on some of the buildings making for a beautiful vista. 5:41 now. we do have breaking news overnight in lebanon where a powerful bomb in beirut this morning killing five. lebanon has seen a wave of bombings as tensions rise over syria's civil war. danielle leigh joins us live. we understand among the dead in today's blast is a senior political aide. >> reporter: that is true. a top aide to the former prime minister, and also a former ambassador here in the u.s., mohammed fati. he was the target of the attack. this happened in a busy business
5:42 am
district in downtown beirut, lebanon. it sent people running for cover. video from after the attack you can see smoke billowing into the air. you can also see a car completely destroyed. as you mentioned at least 70 people were injured. also at least five were killed. that includes the driver. he is a member of the western backed coalition siding against the militant group hezbollah. hezbollah is allied with the syrian regime. they have not taken responsibility, however, for this attack. back to you. >> thank you, danielle. >> police will release the full sandy hook report today a few weeks after the first anniversary of the elementary school massacre. prosecutors put out a summary of the investigation last month portraying adam lanza as obsessed with mass murders but concluded his motive may never be known. the lengthy report on the investigation into last year's shootings that killed 20
5:43 am
students and six educators will be released later this afternoon. >> the emergency benefits in response to the recession five years ago about to disappear. the benefits averaging $300 a week have given millions of americans who were unable to work the extra cushion they needed. an extension of long term benefits failed to make its way in the budget. in january, senators will vote on a bill that would extend the benefits for three months. many republicans have promised to oppose. >> people think we need two years of unemployment insurance, they should come forward and say we want to raise the taxes and the contributions of employees and employers. >> according to a poll 55% of americans want congress to extend the benefits, only 33 do not. >> happening now, power in the northeast united states and canada is slowly being turned back on after last week's ice storm. the utility officials say they expect more power outages as tree bran weres being weighed down by ice snap and damage more lines. people who have been without
5:44 am
electricity since saturday are relying on generators to supply light and heat. about 79,000 people in michigan still don't have power along with more than 100,000 homes and businesses in canada. >> want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. a lot of folks having a tough go. it's pretty nice in our neck of the woods. >> makes you want to get outdoors. the only thing keeping you indoors is the air quality. by this weekend you will be able to get on out there and enjoy. 41 degrees in oakland to start the day. 40 degrees in mountain view. 43 in santa cruz so we're looking pretty good. we're going to climb out of the 40s into the 60s and 70s in the warmest cities across the bay area. then changes. i'm going to tell you about those coming up in my next report so stay tuned. back to you, terry and laura. >> thanks, christina. >> an east bay community is coming together to bring holiday cheer to one unlucky family. >> the family woke up on
5:45 am
christmas day to find their house had been robbed and the christmas presents gone. here is sam brock. >> reporter: as one newark police officer put weet all have children and we could put ourselves in those shoes and they did. first by raising $100 which was matched by the police association. then alameda fire station stepped in rounding up presents from their holiday drive and soon the whole community was on board. the sheer excitement of unwrapping presents is arguably the best part about christmas. reverse this scene 24 hours and jonathan didn't have gifts. >> to see a child suffering for something more than you are. >> your heart broke. >> yes, it did. >> reporter: but this year santa wore navy blue alameda county fire suits and a newark police badge, collecting money and presents that shocked this family into thinking maybe their
5:46 am
christmas wasn't taken from them after all. >> the other officers on the shift and myself felt sorry for the children, pretty bad timing on the crime. most of us have children and we can put ourselves in that place. >> reporter: the officer estimates thieves nabbed about $3,000 of items from this home on christmas eve no less, including the christmas gifts. material things can be replaced but as explained it's the thought behind them like mementos, decades, from her father that can leave a gash. >> i think it's more -- that's memories for me when i was little. that was going to be my present for my daughter when she was going to turn 15. >> reporter: for that reason all of the presents in the world can't provide to the family what one community's generosity has already done for their hearts. >> the only thing i can tell them is thank you very much for everything that you guys did for them. you brought their smiles back and my kids were really happy
5:47 am
about it. >> not just smiles. the children were ecstatic riding new scooters and testing out the toys, on a sadder note, the thieves managed to grab jewelry given by her dad which she planned on giving to her daughter. obviously that's not going to happen. but everybody is still grateful on this day. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> ups and fedex are working overtime to finish delivering thousands of holiday gifts that didn't make fort christmas. ups is going to make good by offering a refund on shipping charges. fedex hasn't offered refunds but will work with customers. the shipping companies say many problems happened because of bad weather back east and blame a rush of on a line purchases. >> we had a shortened holiday season, six fewer days, then a surge in online demand, particularly accelerated by mobile devices. i think mobile contributed about 40% of all internet sales.
5:48 am
>> fedex says it handled more than 275 million shipments and point out 99% of ground deliveries did get there on time. some headed to the ups service center to get their holiday gift. >> it's from florida. we haven't seen him in i don't know, how long? three years. and i don't know what's in the package, actually. >> ups is not saying how many packages were delayed but most are expected to be delivered by the end of the day. >> amazon is trying to help out as well, offering refunds to customers affected by the delayed deliveries. amazon will refund shipping charges and give customers $20 toward a future purchase. for some perspective on just how many packages amazon shipped, the company says it told 426
5:49 am
items every second on cyber mont. n nbc, had one of the gifts delayed. she was impacted. >> she bought some for the kids. thank you, chris. 5:49. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> presents are always good request any time of year. temperatures are really looking comfortable. it's not too cold even in the north bay. 37 degree, not bad. san jose at 39, and san francisco at 44. you made it to friday. and yeah t weekend looking pretty good for outdoor plans. 44 degrees in san francisco. you can see all of the city lights, no fog to report at this point. you might encounter patchy frost, otherwise pretty good. to jump out of the 30s and 40s. tonight once that sun goes down, washington versus byu, 6:30 the
5:50 am
fighthung ear bowl, at&t park. looking forward to football at at&t park. this is going to be cool. and temperatures pretty cool. we're cold tonight, in the 30s and 40s again but look at the overall trend. temperatures in the upper 60s for friday, saturday and sunday we're going to hold on to that but the good news is temperatures are going to drop because a weak disturbance. as a result better air quality so. you can get out and breathe it in. as we head throughout day today, temperatures looking good. the drive also not expected to be too heavy. mostly green across the greater bay area. one incident to tell you with, this is in lafayette. pleasant hill road, a crash there without injuries, this is on the surface streets, travel cautiously. a crew on the way to get that cleared out. we'll take you live, show you how traffic is moving. this is san jose, 28 looking
5:51 am
good. absolutely no delays. we'll let you know once that changes, people getting up later. back to you. >> 5:51. coming up after 11 years a familiar face for football fans on both sides of the bay stepping away from the game. >> a live look outside this morning, this from the south bay as we await the dawn's arrival. the sun coming up.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:53. friday has arrived. that is what it looks like in san francisco. again, spare the air day. don't be burning. could get fined. then you would get burned for $100. >> he was one of the most sought after free agents in the nfl a few years ago, he started for the 49ers earlier this season now 32-year-old is leaving the game. the former raider and defensive back retiring from pro football. he will retire as an oakland raider, expected to make it official later today. the former cal star played 11 years in the nfl, after being selected 31st overall by oakland back in 2003. >> right when everyone learned how to say the name. >> now he's gone. >> i want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. how are we looking? >> what a day. what a december day. we're talking about near 70s later on, it's cold throughout but not too frigid. the only places we're watching for frost your outlying inland
5:55 am
valleys. santa rosa, 34, livermore at 34, same but at 39 degrees not too concerned about black ice or frost in san jose. we gave mike the day off. maybe you as well have the day off. your drive is looking really light. we are noticing some backups, though. watch out northbound 280 as you approach 92, we have reports after traffic hazard on the highway. we're not sure what it is. we're waiting on chp to give us more details. you want to take it easy through there and count on delays. we're looking pretty good, emeryville,ite, a little bit of slowing toward the bay bridge. no real problems to tell you about as we head throughout morning we'll let you know if anything happens. we want you to get to work on time. hey, we're in the boat with you. back to you. >> there are celebrations coming, the new year around the corner. today we get a look at the giant ball that will drop on times
5:56 am
square on new year's eve. >> they are putting it together, this waterford crystal ball, 12 feet in diameter, it's going to weigh nearly 12,000 pounds when it's finished. i don't know why they don't leave it assembled and put it in a room. >> i think they make new waterford candles as well. >> the first ball way back when, made out of iron and wood, weighed 700 pounds covered in 100 light bulbs back in 1907. >> the latest installment of a tradition. the macy's window displays with adoptable animals. >> i want to see it but i think i'll be bringing home pup es and kittens. people can stop by until january 5 to maybe bring home a pennsylvania you can see the cats and dogs on line. more than 280 animals have been adopted. and the display raised about $60,000 for the spca. the window always attracts a
5:57 am
crowd. >> everybody has a different one you know. everybody loves cats so they get so excited. just the smiles on people's faces. it's wonderful. >> adoption fees range from $125 for a kitten to $250 for puppies. discounts are available for those adopting more than one animal. >> still ahead t family of a 13-year-old girl, jahi mcmath, wants her moved to a facility for care. we'll tell you why officials at children's hospital in oakland say they won't do a critical procedure necessary for the move to take place.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news as an explosion rips through a crowded business district in beirut. new details about the political aide among the dead. >> plus a tragic twist in the jahi mcmath life support fight. we'll tell you why the teenager may not be allowed to leave the hospital for a long term care
6:00 am
facility. >> and another spare the air day for the fifth in a row. why you won't be allowed to burn a fire in your fireplace for the holidays. >> good thing they are running the yule logs. christmas may be over but hey, the weekend has arrived. the temperatures are going to be comfortable and we've got one more holiday, i've got the new year's eve and new year's day forecast coming up. >> for those ever you wondering what it looks like in san francisco, that is what it looks like right now. on this friday, december 27th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news in lebanon, a powerful bomb rocked a central business district in beirut kill be five people. lebanese television says among the dell


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