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tv   Today  NBC  December 28, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PST

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t. from nbc news, this is "today" is kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. it's try day friday, december 27th and we still have the christmas spirit, don't we, hoda? >> we certainly do, and we're going to find out what's on your man's mind. matthew hussey is here. he's got the other view. >> he is a doll. plus, barbara corcoran is dressed like yellow bird today. she's going to brighten up your day. she is in the brightest, yellowest outfit you've ever seen in your life. talk about curb appeal. anyway, you send in your photos and we're going to tell you how
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to make your house more appealing if you're trying to sell it. >> all right, so a lot of you guys are on vacation on the christmas weeks, and here's the big question for a lot of folks -- do you unplug all the way with your cell phone and things like that while you're on vacation? [ ringing ] or are you constantly plugged in? because you know, a lot of companies do expect you to -- [ ringing ] [ laughter ] >> that's how annoying -- >> that's how annoying it is. >> okay, so, a lot of companies do expect you to have your phone at the ready at all times. >> it depends on your job. >> and if you're specifically on vacation? >> well, in the news business, you know -- >> yeah, there is no vacation from the news. >> but what do you -- >> there is for us! >> thankfully. [ ringing ] >> you know what, my mother! tell her stop it. >> i get a little panicky when i hear someone else's phone ring. do you get like that? like is that my phone? whose is that? >> well, now everyone has a
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different ring. i miss "papa can you hear me?" i miss my flip phone, i'll be honest. when barbra streisand sings "papa, can you hear me?" then i knew it was my phone, but that could have been jerry's. >> i know. [ ringing ] >> there's gerard's! >> what about social media, twitter? because now you're on twitter. >> i'm on twitter. >> you're focusing on twitter. so, when you're enjoying time off, do you look at twitter? >> i don't think of that as work. >> no, but it's being disengaged from where you are. >> i don't know. this will be the first vacation coming up in a little bit that i've been a tweeter. >> uh huh. >> and so, we'll see. i thought i would dislike all this social stuff and i'm starting to enjoy twitter, some of the interaction that you don't get to have with your friends and fans out there, so i'm liking it. people who are rude, i just, you know, but the others, i'm really enjoying them. >> i think there is something with twitter. when i'm on vacation, i do check in probably a few times a day. i don't hold it. have you ever seen people on vacation, like they're on the beach and everyone's looking down, honestly, at their phone.
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so, that means whatever's on your phone is more interesting than where you are, you know? >> people come to dinner and put it right there by their plate. >> i've done that before. i try not to, but i catch myself. >> the only calls i will take is from one of my children because they're in california, and you know, it's a long ways and i'm always aware that they might be calling, so whatever. anyway, we did a survey. >> yeah, they do say that people who are constantly on their phones -- [ ringing ] >> that's how annoying it is. >> if you are on your phone, that means you are less happy. >> were they on their phones? >> they were? okay. so, phone addicts have higher anxiety levels -- >> yeah. >> and they feel like they have an obligation to always stay in touch. i've got to check in, social media, facebook, oh, my god, somebody tweeted me, back and forth. >> why? is that insecurity or how much of it is necessity? >> it's not necessity, no. >> most of it is not necessity. i think you're lonely people. honestly, i mean, it's really bad when you would rather look
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at a piece of machinery than -- >> i want to point something out -- >> we've got four women over there. >> let me tell you what they're trying to attempt to manufacture. joanne is trying to get the people outside to get off their phones! >> they were on their phones. >> they were, and now they're not. >> you're busted. you're busted. >> where is she? you're right, she's tweeting! right there! her. you. you. [ ringing ] >> no, honestly, i look forward to getting away -- >> disengaging, yeah. >> when people think, oh, they're on vacation, i'll wait to call them, wait to the new year. you know when i hated the holidays? when i was a young actress and singer starting out in hollywood in the 1800s, because hollywood just goes dark over the holidays. >> yeah. >> and if you're looking to get a job or trying to go on auditions, it's just closed down. those are the two longest weeks of your life at times like that.
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>> isn't that funny? >> yeah. now i can't wait to get away, but -- yeah, a lot of people out there are looking for work. so, we're thinking about you this holiday, guys. >> for those of you guys on the road, a lot of people driving this weekend, some of you will have music in your car. now -- >> hoda will. >> can music be a driving distraction? we know that texting's terrible and all that stuff, but yet another study found out that people who play their favorite music -- >> yes. >> okay, and it was fast paced, received more traffic violations than people who listened to -- >> imagine that. >> -- background music, or better yet, bore snore, no music at all. >> i'm a news junkie, so i always have it on the news. >> in the car, too? >> well, i don't take long car rides, hoda. >> okay, so, the safest kind of driving music was an easy blend of light rock and jazz. >> soft rock and light jazz, yeah. >> okay, here's your song. this is kathie's driving song. ♪ top of the world looking down
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on creation and the only explanation i can find ♪ >> yeah, you guys know what i'm -- ♪ your love put me on the top of the world ♪ >> i do love that song. i love that song. >> okay, now that's music. [ beeping ] >> okay, this is a song that will put you in a good mood. ready? >> yeah. >> crank it up. ♪ baby you're a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise ♪ >> that's a good one. >> florida georgia line. it's not ten seconds. >> because you had ihoda yesterday! ♪ look a hell of a lot better with you up in it, baby you a song ♪ ♪ you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ top of the world looking down on creation ♪ >> all right, all right -- ♪ on top of the world looking down on creation and the only
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explanation i can find ♪ >> oh, i miss the carpenters! >> all right, so, we have something new for you on our tryday friday. thank you. >> this one don't want you to drive and do. guess what this is. >> guess. >> canned wine. >> can you believe it? okay. >> hoda's so happy. >> this is such a great thing. i was just thinking at like festivals and fairs when they sell beer and stuff like that, but you can't get wine. well, now -- >> you can. >> underwood, the union wine company -- >> carrie underwood. no, i'm kidding. >> no, it's not carrie. they released underwood's wine in a can. mine's a pinot. >> pinot gri and hoda has a pinot noir. it matches your dress. it's good. >> okay. >> on sale march 2014. it's around $5 each. >> do we try it out of the can? >> out of the can. >> okay, let's do it like they do. okay. ♪ i'm on the top of the world looking down on creation ♪
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>> no drinking and driving! >> no driving! i'm walking. ♪ and the only explanation i can find ♪ >> i'm on the treadmill! i'm on the elliptical! [ laughter ] i'm doing sit-ups! this is not bad. >> you know what? you'd think out of a can it wouldn't be that tasty -- >> but it's nice and chilled. that's what i like. >> $5 each, some say this is the -- i know. this is the beerification of wine. >> the beerification. nothing's changed. is this going to be your new year's resolution? >> again? >> yeah, should be a little neater? >> probably. >> i made one this year. we'll talk about it later, coming up. >> all right. >> i never make them because nobody can keep them. >> you always say you never make them. >> you know what the key to it is? i've already started it, so by the new year's, i'm already in the groove. >> then it's not a resolution. >> yes, it is! >> what is your "friday funny"? [ laughter ] >> i like it when it's loud.
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>> this is from facebook fan charlotte scott. i want to thank her very, very much. a man was standing behind an older woman at a soda machine. she puts in a dollar, pushes the button and out comes a soda. does it again. again, she puts in a third dollar, pushes the button and out comes a soda. now the drinks are falling out of the machine, so the man behind her finally asks, what are you doing? and she turns and goes, "i'm winning!" [ laughter ] ♪ i'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation ♪ >> good one. >> i like this! >> i like this one a lot. >> thank you, the carpenters. >> it's time for our "johnson's baby of the week," as we celebrate new moms with additions to their families. our first baby of the week is amaya joann mayes, born in colorado springs, colorado. her parents say they love that you can see a dimple in her right cheek when she smiles. >> now to bradley beau lynch from irvin, california, he
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weighs 8 pounds, 8 ounces and his mom says he's already a good sleeper but is always hungry. that's a good thing. >> our final johnson's baby of the week is daniel lor, born in madison, wisconsin, on november 1st. his mom says he's a happy baby and even laughs in his sleep. >> so sweet! congratulations to all of our sweet babies. and if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our "today's johnson's baby of the week," go to our website and hit the "connect" button. >> are you chained to your desk -- >> and do you like it? just kidding. [ laughter ] that's when i should have had the music! but anywhere. ♪ i'm on the top of the world >> i'm going to milk until -- ♪ milk it, baby. we'll help you find the right balance of something so you can enjoy life a little bit more, right after this. we're out of control! ♪ since you've been around ♪
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is work all-consuming that it keeps you up thinking all night thinking of what you need to do? >> women are grappling with the issue like sarah jessica parker. >> i do the list in bed at night. emily's birthday theme, pirates or popstars? things to buy, pork chops, oh, jedda's birthday party. jedda, boy or girl? play date with emily, that kid that doesn't fight. refill washer fluid in the car. wait a minute, shouldn't that be on richard's list? who am i kidding, richard doesn't have a list. >> that is so true.
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here to help you manage it all are alison yarrow, contributor with "cosmopolitan" magazine and a favorite of ours, and psychologist dale atkins. >> hello! alison used to work here, now she's on tv! >> now she's making it in the big world, just like mary tyler moore. so exciting! >> this is one of those things, we're on e-mail 24/7, and we think we're doing the right thing, but in effect, i mean, the essence here is we're really not more plugged in all the time, are we? >> it's true. 24/7 is the new 9:00 to 5:00. and whether you work in a hospital or from your couch or you're raising kids, you're working all the time. and if you're not working, you're on call. >> or you're sleeping. >> or you're sleeping. >> not enough. >> yeah, and not enough. >> what kind of an effect -- >> what impact does that have on women? >> it has a negative impact, because what happens is we always think there's more to do, like the list, and we are not giving ourselves a chance to recover. what we're doing is we're on, on, on, and we're really stressed out.
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we're stressing our brain and our body and there's a negative impact, unless we take a break, and this can be little breaks, but we have to take a break to recover. >> so, what happens? do we end up taking it out on the people around us, right, when we're irritable then or impatient? even young people who have all the energy in the world, at some point lose their energy. >> it's true. and the best thing that you really can do is you can work as a professional athlete as an example, right? so, you can sort of train and train and train and sprint and sprint, and then you get tired and you end up treating people like crap. so, instead of doing that, you should work in recovery and then you should -- and that's just the way to go. >> women, we're always trying hard. we feel like we have to do more. >> always letting somebody down. >> and be more, yeah. and i think sometimes there are things they say women fall into traps, we fall into, and one of them is, especially at work, we overexplain. i find myself doing this. >> yes. >> you're like, i can't come, and here's why and you give 15 reasons, or you give them too much. and guys don't typically do that, do they? >> they don't do that, and what happens is you leave yourself
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open for judgment, because someone else is going to say, oh, well, if you're taking off time to do that, then how come you're doing that? and we feel like we have to defend ourselves, and really we don't. most of the time, we don't need an explanation. we just have to feel comfortable -- >> right. what should we say? >> we should say we're not available. >> not available or i'm free from 5:00 to 8:00 on tuesdays. other times, i'm not available. >> that sometimes doesn't work if you have a boss that expects you to be attached to your blackberry or iphone the whole time. >> you have to manage up. you have to sort of manage those expectations and say this is when i'm available and this is when i'm not available so that they don't freak out when they can't reach you. >> right. >> the other thing is you're much more productive when you really have your limits and you really know when you are the most productive, because other people will see that your work is not as great because you may be dozing off, you may be doing this, but when you're there, you are fully present, and that's what we often, we women don't remind ourselves that we are fully present when we are there. when we're not, we're the only ones who know. >> happy people, it seems to me. >> of course.
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>> and balanced people. >> you have a great article in "cosmo," but thank you both for joining us. >> and congratulations to you. >> thank you. all righty, what's on your man's mind? matthew hussey has the answer. >> and bobbie's here with great products to raise your spirits, right after this. across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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it is time for "bobbie's buzz"! new year's eve is just around the corner, a great time to relax, reflect and party. >> "today's style" editor and author bobbie thomas is here with ways to boost your spirits on the big night. >> hey! >> hey, bobbie. we're very excited about what you've brought us. what have you got? >> well, it's a party, so let's start. spin the shots. this is a replacement for the basement sensation. do you remember spin the bottle? >> yes. we played that here. >> in the caveman days we played that. >> when you spin it, one of you has to drink that. >> we can't drink that! >> really, this is just a fun game.
2:28 am
it's only 10 bucks. you can find it -- >> that's cute. cute. >> it's a good way to get the party started. next, i'm obsessed. >> what? >> these wine plate clips don't look like a big deal, however -- >> oh. >> have you ever had to choose between your food or your drink? >> at a cocktail party. >> oh, my goodness. this is the most amazing thing ever. they come in all the colors -- >> then you know you have a problem. >> no, because i want to eat, and i want the cupcake, so, okay. >> funny. >> those are great, by the way. >> next is, if you're going to be outside for new year's or you're tailgating -- >> this is genius! >> these will hold your brewski or your canned wine -- >> that's bad. >> wait, here's the best part, they're mittens -- ♪ we're on the top of the world ♪ never mind! okay. >> they're mittens and cozies. they keep the beverage cool
2:29 am
while you're warm. >> that is amazing. finally something we want for christmas! >> we want them. okay, so, this is tapabunga and they'll reseal your wine liquid-tight. you can store them on the side and also you can personalize these. >> oh. >> because it's so hard to get the cork back in anymore! you know why? they're using cheaper corks. >> is that what's going on? i wondered. >> last but not least, if you're nice, you can carry to your guests the wine badle. >> isn't that cool? >> so much easier than putting them on a tray. >> or at the end if they're naughty, you can spank them. just kidding. >> bad girl. >> wine paddles. >> you should have shown us all this before christmas, hello! >> no, because it's new year's. >> all right, okay. we love you, b.t. happy new year, baby. >> all right. you sent us photos of your house. wait until you see what barbara corcoran has done to boost their curb appeal. >> we'll have a battle or two, a little feisty today. and are you having trouble with your man? matthew hussey is here with some of the answers to your nagging
2:30 am
problems with guys in your life. that's after your local news. >> i like when hussey's here.
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we're back with more of this tryday friday with "today" and the other view with relationship advice just in time for new year's eve. >> and back to answer all your questions is the very wise relationship expert -- >> beyond his years. >> -- and the host of i heart radio, matthew hussey. >> matthew hussey. we like to say that. let's say it again. matthew hussey. >> matthew hussey. okay, now, we have a woman waiting with a question, jessie -- >> with bated breath. >> yes. okay, go ahead, jess. >> hey, hoda, hey, kathie lee, hey, matt. what is the best way to ask a guy if he sees the relationship going anywhere without sounding too pushy? >> okay. good question. >> okay, so, it's not easy, firstly, to ask him if it's going anywhere without sounding pushy. firstly, here's what you say. >> what? >> you say firstly, i would love to give more to this relationship and i know i can, but personally, i don't know if
2:33 am
you're in this the same way i am, i don't know if you see where this is going and ask him that. you make it clear that it's okay if it's not going anywhere. look, if it's not going anywhere, that's fine. >> but you'd like to know. >> i should know so i know at what level i should be investing in this thing. that will raise your level. you're not going to invest just because you like him, you're doing it because there's something mutual there. does that make sense? >> yes, it does. >> all the best. >> and make sure, by the way, that you set your boundaries, that there are certain things you might want to give in a relationship that you don't give outside of a relationship. oh, and one little thing you can throw in. say to him, by the way, one of the reasons i'm asking is because i get offers and other guys ask me out and i want to know what to say to them. >> oh, that's a good one. >> sneaky. all the women love that. >> look at jessie's christmas tree. >> it's beautiful, jesse. merry christmas. >> thanks, jessie. >> it's a little late, but happy, happy holidays. >> all right. >> whatever. >> all right, jamie has a
2:34 am
question and it's this -- every year, we throw a new year's party, which i enjoy more than my husband. the bulk of the work ends up on me. >> of course it does! >> how on earth do i get him to pitch in? >> oh. >> i mean, just from the question, doesn't it sound like what she's really saying -- that's code for i want the party and he doesn't at all. like, he really doesn't want it each year. >> yeah. >> i think, firstly, there's two ways of answering this. one is to say ruthlessly, look, it's kind of your thing that you want, so you do it, right? i'm sure there are things in the year that he wants for him that you don't really pitch in on because you don't really want to do it. >> yes. >> the other way of looking at it is you saying, okay, look, there are lots of things that i help you out in the year with because they're important to you, and that's why i pitch in. it would be important to me for you to pitch in here. i would love if you would help me out with this. >> yeah, that be good. >> not in an accusatory sense. >> right, and it helps if you could do nice favors for him after the party, as well. >> when you're dead tired at night. >> absolutely when you're dead tired. that's when it means something.
2:35 am
[ laughter ] >> okay. >> okay, here's marissa. i've been in a relationship for four years. we discuss marriage, but it always ends up in an argument. i see a red flag right there. so, i have really given up on the idea, which makes me unhappy. how can i talk to my boyfriend without him starting an argument, especially since he's caused me to be afraid of any future plans together, but we're currently looking to buy a home. >> oh, good grief! >> yeah, i know, right? i don't think she wants the answer to this. >> no. how many red flags went up for you there? >> well, because she's talking -- she doesn't say we just argue, she says we discuss it and we argue. so, she already knows. she's already asking him his views on marriage. >> right. >> but she's still going down this road with the guy. clearly -- i would ask her, is it more important for you to get married or be with this guy? given that she said she's unhappy with the situation -- >> right, yeah. >> -- it seems to me that marriage is more important for her. >> right. >> so, i would not sit there hoping that this guy's going to change.
2:36 am
>> no. >> i certainly wouldn't be buying a house with him. >> no. >> i'd go, i'd say to him, look, i need to rethink things. take power back, right? i need to rethink this whole situation. and then i'd be going and looking elsewhere. she should go and flirt with the guy at the office who just got a promotion. >> people who have never been married before sometimes don't realize how miserable you can be if you're married to the wrong person. >> and look, marriage isn't going to fix the situation for them. >> no, it's not going to fix a bad relationship. thank you, matt. >> thank you. >> you're so welcome. >> happy new year. >> to submit a question, hoda? >> they should go to, hit the connect button to fire away. now, you want to know how to make better food choices on new year's eve? play our "beat it or eat it" with madelyn fernstrom to find out. plus, we'll show you what changes we made to these homes to give them curb appeal. we didn't make them, barbara corcoran did, coming up right after this. you walk into your laundry room and...boom! it just hits you! that nasty odor coming from your washer. you've tried different ways to get rid of it... but they all just hit a dead end.
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time to say farewell to the smell with tide washing machine cleaner. it goes straight to the source of the stink to lift odor-causing residues off your washer's drum so your washer will smell clean and fresh. there's no room for a stinky washer. tide washing machine cleaner. visit to find out more. >> with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take more trips this year. hit the beach in florida... >> and a reunion in seattle. when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. >> so we got our four-star hotels for half price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪
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is your home in need of a little curb appeal? >> "today real estate"
2:41 am
contributor barbara corcoran has simple ways to make it the envy of your block. >> well, here you are again. you are dressed in yellow, as promised. >> i told you she'd wake you up. >> let's start off with alison's home, one of the viewers who sent in her picture. it's kind of plain. tell us what was wrong and what you did to it. >> well, this looks like a house that is dried up and lonely, to my way of thinking, okay? >> yeah. >> it says keep away, don't come in. the first thing that's needed is the grass. the grass has got to be green. what a difference that makes. >> yeah. >> clean up the driveway. of course, we opened the shades and windows so it looks like it beckoned you in, and that huge cactus looks enormous and expensive, but it's about 350 bucks installed. [ everyone talking at once ] >> i love that. you've got to live in a place where it grows, obviously. this is for arizona. >> it is an arizona home and it looks beautiful. >> all right. much better. >> okay. let's go to south florida. this is sue's home and she needs to freshen this up, obviously. >> whenever i see in a warm climate a pale blue house with palm trees, i say an old lady
2:42 am
lives there, and that's always bad for a look of a house. we had to totally change the color to make it more modern, make it pop a little bit more. we freshened up the shutters, the doorway. then we put in some bushes at the base and we moved the mailbox off to the left. there's no rule in america that says the mailbox needs to be smack in the middle of the lawn, yet people do it all the time. what a difference with that already pretty house. it got prettier. >> how much did it cost? >> that was the easiest redo. a fresh can of paint is the easiest. the whole deal was about $350 to $400, depending on how cheap you are when you get the estimates. >> she does say it like it is. >> no bs. all right, so, jordan in kansas city, missouri. this is her house with the pumpkins. >> this is a house that to me looks like it may be falling on hard times, but one thing for sure is they have a pumpkin sale on. all the clutter on the stairs is never a good idea. we simply cleaned it up. this probably wouldn't be my first choice for color, almost looks dreary, but what it needs
2:43 am
to do is marry its roof line. this is an illustration of painting up siding edging so the roof lines marry, when here before they looked all disjointed. >> by the way, the red door changed the whole look. >> it says, hey, come on in, we're happy here. and we're not selling pumpkins. >> okay, and also inexpensive, too, that redo, yeah? >> of course it is. we don't spend a lot on the redos, because people don't want to put a lot money in, but they want it looking fine. >> they want to get it out, for sure. >> nancy is in new york state. this one looks cluttery on the sides there. >> when i looked at this, i thought the house itself was screaming "help me, help me! i'm getting swallowed by the driveway!" because it's all driveway. great for basketball, but not for the look. i would have actually made the driveway as thin as the garage door. we clean up, get rid of the clutter. >> almost like the stuff to the right was clutter. >> this is a cleanliness project. this is the cheapest thing in the world to do. i would have made that coloration a little bit softer than that blue -- >> yeah, it's a little bright.
2:44 am
>> it's a little too bright and doesn't transfer well on the screen so much, but what that does is at least it looks neat and welcoming and it's a cheap do. and that fence on the right-hand side makes all that clutter go away. >> i think that's -- >> wait, come on, no response? >> well, you were so rude! you thought i was rude last time, so i'm just letting -- >> did you like these? >> no! >> she didn't like any of them. >> i liked a couple of them, i didn't like them all. if you'd like my opinion, i'll give it back. >> honesty back, this is terrible! >> all right, barbara. get ready to play "eat it or beat it." >> things are going to get messy, i have a feeling, after this.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well, did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter, now half, 24 and a half and .75! 25! now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter - sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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all righty, it's time for a special sort of new year's eve version of "beat it or eat it." >> here to quiz us on which foods are healthier while we pound the ones that are not is diet and nutrition editor madelyn fernstrom.
2:49 am
hey, madelyn. >> hey! >> what are the rules of the game again? >> i'm going to explain these foods and then you're going to beat the one that has higher calories -- >> okay. >> the one you want to limit. >> okay. >> let's start with some appetizers. which one of these do you need to beat because it has more calories? is it four pigs in blankets or three boneless fried chicken wings? >> oh, i love those. >> no, you need to beat the chicken. that's wrong. >> that looks good. >> that trumps everything. 370 for the chicken and 240 for the pigs in blankets. >> these are great. >> it is. good choice. >> and you can eat it with mustard. >> condiments too. now we're going to compare -- >> protect the eggs. >> don't beat the eggs. >> one whole deviled eggs and six shrimp. beat the one with the highest calories. >> it's got to be this. it's got to be this. i'm sorry. >> oh! >> i had to. >> i knew it, because one whole deviled egg, 75 each, 150, and six shrimp only 60 calories, so stick with the shrimp.
2:50 am
>> that's all i can eat when i go to alabama, shrimp with cocktail sauce. >> all right some hot appetizers. how about three stuffed mushrooms -- >> i love them! >> -- or three bacon wrapped daits. which one should you beat because it has more calories? the stuffed mushrooms or the bacon-wrapped dates? >> they're stuffed with cheese? >> cheese and spinach. which one has more calories? >> i'll take that one. >> and you would be right! >> yay! >> love these. >> these are great. these are actually about 100 calories for one of these. >> 100? >> okay, and about 60 for one of these. so, you're really doing well. >> most the mushroom. >> that's good. >> so, we're going to go to the favorites, crackers and cheese or some spinach and artichoke dip. which should you beat because the fat and calories are higher? >> i would bet a lot it's that. >> i would say this one, but i'm going to save it because i'm really hungry today. >> well, kathie lee and her
2:51 am
pretend beating would be right. >> really? >> because -- >> that dip has a lot of mayonnaise -- >> mayonnaise and cheese -- >> what about the crackers? >> they're okay, but just a little bit of cheese, but watch these creamy dips. these are really big. >> save that for you, hoda. >> okay. >> let's move on to some dessert. >> careful what you do here. >> which one do you beat because it has the highest calories per serving? is it three mini cream puffs or a brownie? which one do you beat because it's got more calories? >> oh, wait -- >> three cream puffs or a brownie? >> i'm going to go with the brownie! >> and you would be right! you would beat the brownie. these are really great things, about 135 calories for three and this is about 350 calories. >> wow! >> 350 for that? >> yes. and so, because you're both good sports and we're just a little past christmas on the 27th, look what we have here. >> what is it? >> we have one for each. >> oh, thank you! >> thank you! >> you're welcome. >> happy new years. >> love our madelyn.
2:52 am
all right, jenny levinson is here with super foods to keep you warm and healthy. we love her. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ mix it once, mix it twice all right, it is time for "today's kitchen," and there's nothing like hot soup to keep you warm in the wintertime. >> jenny levinson, aka, super jenny! >> super jenny. >> is here with quick and simple recipes that don't only taste good, but could also help boost your immune system as the winter germs try to get the best of you, and this is the time. >> hi! >> this is the time. hi, jenny. >> this is absolutely the time. >> chicken noodle is the go-to. >> penicillin. >> absolutely. there is no better communal soup to boost your immune system than chicken soup. it's easy to digest, full of vitamins and minerals and homemade you want. >> what is is about the homemade? >> you want to make your broth because you don't want sodium, liquid from the bone, everything in that. we'll add a little bite if you're feeling under the
2:57 am
weather. >> sure. >> the next soup one of my favorites. this is a shitake meso broth. >> god bless you. >> so, first you start with your aromatics and saute ginger and scallions, high in antibacterial, antifungal. and this is a really cool thing. this is called cambu, and it's a seaweed. so, we're going to put it in our broth, and this has tons of vitamins and minerals in it. >> where would you get that? >> at any grocery store. you leave it in there for about ten minutes -- >> take it out. >> you take it out. then if you want to help me throw everything else in there, kathie lee. we've got meso. it's a little salty smelling. >> oh, wow. >> we have meso, shitake mushrooms, high in vitamin "k," vitamin "c." >> what is this? >> these bonito flakes, which is shaved tuna. so high in protein. you can get this in the chinese, japanese grocery stores is the best place to get them. you simmer that up and you have
2:58 am
this immunity booster broth that is delicious. and you're going to have to taste this. then i added tofu at the end. >> of course you did. >> and a little scallions. of course, because you want that little bit of protein. you want to taste that one. >> thank you. >> okay. >> it's going to make you shed any ailment. let me get out of way so you can taste it. >> you like that. it does have its own salt, doesn't it? you didn't add any salt at all. >> didn't add any salt, you can taste the mushrooms. >> it's got everything you need if you're not feeling so well. let's try one more, a moroccan-based soup. we'll start with our onions sauteed. we've got onions, garlic, ginger and preserved lemon. >> okay. >> this is a great moroccan-style broth. and you saute that up, and then you're going to add to it. we've got tomatoes full of vitamin "c," chick peas and lentils. >> i love chick peas. >> very high in protein. i was like, are those both --
2:59 am
>> we'll find out soon. >> some lentils. >> raw lentils? you throw them in? >> yep. >> then the broth -- sort of cover. >> pinch of salt, might want a little pepper. >> okay. >> and how about putting that vegetable broth over it? >> oh. >> and that brings up to a boil, then simmer it for about 45 minutes. >> okay. >> then i added two secret ingredients. we've got harisa, which is a great condiment with peppers and lemon, and then a cinnamon stick, which is great. >> that's crazy! >> it's an anti-inflammatory. >> let's try it. >> shall we? >> dig in. >> and a little garnish. >> okay. >> then you put a little vermicelli in it, you zhuszh it with your blender. >> we love you. go to for all of the recipes. >> next week, actor john leguizamo and a performance by michelle chamuel of "the voice." >> all right, we'll see you. >> bye. enjoy your celebrations and such. bye, everybody. ♪ and the only explanation i can find ♪ ♪
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>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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