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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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good evening. i'm diane dwyer. two developing stories involving the weather in the bay area. another spare the air alert and a red flag warning for the north and east bay hills for tonight and tomorrow. that means increased fire danger which is unusual for this time of the year. here's what it looks like outside now. pretty. on your left, bay bridge. downtown san francisco. on the right, downtown san jose. meteorologist anthony slaughter
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joins us with a look at the unusual weather situation going on. >> very unusual. high pressure on top of us. that brought up the spare the air alert. a red flag fire warning in effect tonight through 10:00 tomorrow morning. we have seen wind starting to gust, 20, 30 miles an hour. because of that. in the hills above 1,000 feet. the red flag fire warning has been issued. all the way done to the east bay. off to the east of the san jose foothills. this is what we are looking at over night through the early hours tomorrow. the good news, we are heading to an overnight period. not going to have a whole lot of irradiation from the sun to warm us. spark any fires. but all about the gusty wind. saw gusts of 35 miles an hour. mount diablo, 24. look at the valley floor. at the coast. wind are not overly gusty.
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not gusty everywhere. the wind will help improve air quality. not for tomorrow. a spare the air alert sunday. more on when this air quality will start to improve coming up in just a little bit. diane. back over to you. >> can't wait. thank you, anthony. police say hundred of cars took over freemont drag racing. auto mall parkway and 880. they're becoming a bigger problem. received this video from the police department of street racing a couple weeks ago. watch the top left hand corner, you can see the headlights of the cars racing away. on the vetstreets, skid marks. and they're beefing up their presence overnight. the police have not said whether they made any arrests there. and happening right now. live look at dui checkpoint in cuppertino. officers screening drivers, stephens creek boulevard tonight until 3:00 a.m. part of a routine crackdown on
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on drunk driving. there goes my voice. let's check in with the detective. to tell us more about the -- the checkpoint. i'm going to get a sip of water wheel you te while you tell us about the checkpoint. >> good evening. we're here in cuppertino, conducting a dui checkpoint. multiple agencies for the county sheriff's office. the mountain view police department, santa clara police district. so far what we are doing is stopping every fifth vehicle coming through our checkpoint. evaluating drivers, seeing if they have had anything to drink. once they do that we will have them pull over and check sobriety to see if they're okay to drive. we're doing the enforcement and doing the education as well to. want to get the word out. we don't want people to drink and drive. if you do, then you will be
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arrested by multiple agencies. as of right now, the numbers are 338 have been arrested so far in 2013. since the, tcampaign, december 13, 2013. from berz co last year, 334 arrests up to this date in 2012. and the numbers the same with the media blitz. and all of the law enforcement agencies, advise people not to drink and drive. >> thank you, detective. one more question. the next big push is new year's eve? >> this will run through new year's eve. multiple agencies will have more check points throughout santa clara county. detective. my voice is almost back. thank you very much for your time and your information there. >> okay. >> to a developing story. the family of the 13-year-old girl on a ventilator is working
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on a very tight time frame right now. they have until monday afternoon when the hospital says it will remove her from life support. nbc bay area's kimberly terry at the hospital with the latest. kimberly. >> diane, tonight, the family is reaching out on social media looking for pediatrician in the los angeles area to treat the 13-year-old. which might allow her possible transfer to a southern california facility. >> several people gathered in front of children's hospital, oakland today to pray for her. 13-year-old's family says it is this support that gives them strength. >> feeling a lot of pressure. a lot of pressure. optimistic in my faith. god going to make another way for us. >> he went into children's hospital on december 9th to have her tonsils removed. following the procedure there
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were severe complications. and declared brain dead. three days later. the body may be removed from the ventilator. the only thing keeping her heartbeating now. >> her family is working together, and plans to ask the judge for time. in an open letter the family writes, we have our strong religious convictions and set of beliefs. we believe that in this country, a parent has a right to make decisions concerning the existence of their child. the fund has been created to help pay the cost of a transfer on a funding site. the goal to raise $20,000. since last night more than 1/4 of that has been donated. donations continue to grow by the second. as word about it spread through social media. i just, checked a few second
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ago. almost 8,500, that has been raised in just one day. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have more on the story online. head to nbc bay our top story on the home page. and new at 11:00. police have released mug shots of four men charged with stealing christmas from a family we introduced thursday. this mother and her two children left with a bare christmas after thieves broke in, tuesday, cleared out their gifts. investigators say they arrested four adults and two juveniles responsible for the theft at the torres home and two burglaries on christmas eve. officers did not find the gifts but were able to return some property stolen from a family. the police department teamed up with firefighters to deliver donated gifts to the torres family. more than a million americans without unemployment benefits tonight. california is home to 200,000 of those affected.
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one family said their 375 weekly check was a life line. now there is uncertainty. >> folks work too hard. we love what we did. love our families. took care of them. did everything for our families. and it is -- pulled the rug out from underneath us. nothing left. the states with the bigger unemployed. many are sleeping easier tonight. union members, voted to improve a deem with management last night. avoiding a strike. the contract gives bus operators and mechanics 10% raise over three years and calls for employees to contribute $120 a month for health care coverage. >> oh, my god. now, that's -- would -- me off. i need the b.a.r.t. every day. glad they got that situated. >> the board of directors is
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scheduled to vote on the contract on january 8. coming up next at 11:00 is it the end for facebook? >> we are on instagram. we are on snapchat. we are on vine. some of us are on tumblr and twitter. >> thousand of young losers are leaving the social media giant. what could keep facebook going? an american soldier missing over 60 years is laid to rest by his family. we will have his story coming up. we all have our little tricks.
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mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. could facebook be a thing of the fast?
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the conclusion of a researcher in england who goes so far to say facebook is dead. >> when 13-year-old ruby carr post is a picture on facebook. i want my friend to like it. i want my friend to tell me i'm pretty. >> lately. >> what really happens, all my relatives decide to tell me how much i'm looking lick my moth i. >> her facebook circle isn't other teens as it is older family. it is the same conclusionen ein eight country study. teens say facebook just isn't cool. prompting researchers to declare facebook is not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried. the study found teens are instead using other apps. >> we are on instagram. we are on snapchat. we are on vine. we are on, some of us are on tumblr and twitter.
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>> all seeing explosive growth and more mobile than facebook. could the internet juggernaut with more than a billion users be so last year? >> is facebook really dead? >> no. it's the second most popular website in the world. it might not be kconsidered coo. everyone still uses it. >> facebook owns instagram, the company whose stock has doubled in 2013 isn't likely to go away any time soon. just ask ruby who once wrote an op-ed titled i'm 13 and none of my friend use facebook. i don't have anything against facebook and hope that they don't have any anything me in the future. >> seems the book isn't yet closed on what's in the future for facebook. well, the virtual currency big coin is up against profile in the bay area.
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the company, launched a billboard campaign this week, urging people to join the revolution. this is a look at the billboard scheduled to pop up in dozens of locations from south san jose to the east bay. the big coin is an experimental digital currency that allows users to make payments anywhere in the word. not regulated by any governments and earlier this month. china put limits on big coin. >> u.s. soldier captured during the korean war and never heard from since was buried in california today. sergeant joseph gant joined the army in 1942. in 1950, a prisoner of war in korea. what happened next is not clear. after six decade. his remains were returned to his home in englewood, california. his wife never remarried says at least she feels a sense of closure. >> praise the lord. just let me live to receive the closure for my husband. >> technical difficulties there. gant was awarded the bronze star
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medal as well. some 84,000 service members including 8,000 from the korean war remain missing. dangerous deadly week for some drawn to back country skiing. bay area skier killed in an avalanche near jackson hole. and another skier's narrow escape. at first the camera mounted to the helmet shows an easy going glide through colorado back country. then the skier realizes his brother was caught in an avalanche ahead. races downhill to find his brother. see if he we him. with his just his head above ♪ right there. >> help. >> right before it stopped completely. i was worried i would be buried completely. >> the avalanches killed 24 people in the united states last year to. stay alive, back country skiers should carry a beacon, shovel and probe so they can rescue themselves. >> right now, we have
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meteorologist, anthony slaughter checking in on the weather. my voice is back as far as i can tell. i will let you take over for a little bit. >> hope mine doesn't go out. we'll both be in trouble. >> red flag fire warning. earlier this afternoon, diane. and will remain in i feeffect overnight. wind gusting, 20, 30 miles an hour in the locations. couple with low humidity. of course, already ben tellien you, one of the driest years on calendar. elevated fire danger. because dry brush ignites easily. as we head to bed tonight. weak up tomorrow morning. keep our fingers crossed we don't have to report on any fires tomorrow. visibility, coast to inland valleys. now the thing to note here as we head through the day tomorrow. spare the air. area of high pressure starting
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to build in. this will be short-lived. monday, tuesday, move through. start to barareak down, new yea eve, new year's day. what that means. looking at an onshore flow return. more morning fog. eventually, see our temperatures cool just a little bit. not going to cool off a whole lot. do think morning fog will help at least usher out some poor air quality we have been looking at. microclimate forecast. shows temperature thousands, become into the mid, upper 60s. south bay. san jose. morgan hill. pretty much same story. lots of sunshine for the morning hours through the afternoon. san francisco, waking up, fog-free tomorrow. mid 60s across the board. low 60s, richmond, marina district. some of the warmer locations. napa, 67. and the east bay, oakland, 65 degrees. livermore. at 67. cooler down toward sandville. and the set yuchlt the area of high pressure. control right now.
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computer modeling starting to hint at this thing breaking down. monday, tuesday. denoted by the cloud cover you. can see, more widespread. a cold front will move to our north. going to bring in the morning fog. head to monday, tuesday. and the good news, with that onshore breeze, that will start to clear out our air just a little bit. for tomorrow, still remaining healthy. head through monday. categories, that level goes down just a bit. even for tuesday. wednesday. things will really start to improve. wednesday looking to be the best day. head through the upcoming week. contin jen. don't see fires break out. >> back to you. >> must be air quality that caused me coughing. >> yeah. >> got inside the studio somehow. all right. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> we are joined from comcast sports net. henry, how are you today? i'm, struggling a touch. >> you're not struggling, come on. >> i was gagging near the beginning of the newscast, i'm doing better. >> not pay problem.
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see my face, you want to gag all over again. >> never. never, never, never. >> diane. a lot coming up. much on the 49ers. you know their fate is out of their control for the most part. but we'll tell you how gem harbaugh and his team are focused in on things they can control. plus -- the cal bears try to stay perfect on home court. final nonconference game of the season. we have highlights next. from xfinity sports desk.
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>> welcome back. there is a lot to be determined. mindy bach checks in, on where the niners are headed as they head into sunday's game. >> 49ers don't take much stock in the fact that they won nine of ten games against arizona including the last three. they understand sunday they will face an improved cardinals team than the one they beat by 12 points in october. this game will have a big impact on their playoff seeding. >> yeah, it does. at the same time we aren't in full control of what we will be seeded. we have to win to keep our momentum. >> you have no control. who you play. no control where you play. when you play. the thing you control its how uh
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you play. >> want to go into the playoffs with, some, hard, tough winds. and you want to peak at the right time. we are doing that. we have some, some bumps in the road early on throughout the football season. when you look at it, the whole scheme of things. 12 and 4. >> cardinals have 10 wins on the season which is something that it has done once before, since moving to arizona in 1988. bruce aryans says a nice foundation. the goal is to when championships. and after the big win in seattle last week. he said this team has a confidence of knowing it can compete with any team anywhere. in glendale, arizona, mindy bach, nbc bay area. >> thank you, mindy. jump to the basketball court. the bears 8-0 at home this season. cal up three. drains the jumper. bears up five early.
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moments later. transition. takes it to the rim. he had 1 points in this game. second half, cal up by 13 eventually. even in the first half they had a lead look that. tyrone wallace. glide to the rim for the jam. cal wins, 90-60. pacifica. san jose state. spartans, mohamed, nails the three. gets the foul. complete the four-point play. less than a minute later. brandon mitchell with a nice block. then ball movement. and williams with the bucket. and san jose state up 20. mohamed hits the three. puts the icing on the cake. spartans, five total. double digits. they win big. 87-59. diane will be right back after the break.
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>> the start of the 2014 olympics in russia about month away. speed skaters on the ice in utah. among the hopeful, brother and sister from chicago, hoping to keep a family tradition alive. she raced in the 2010 games in vancouver. jeffrey taking his shot at trying to make the olympic teams. their coach, guess who? their mom. she is the first u.s. woman to compete in four olympic games. doing her best to prepare them for the games and for life. >> of i think if you do the very best that you can and your goals are set, whatever happens, it has made you who you are. >> between mom and daughter,
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combined five olympics. pretty incredible. see you tomorrow. good night.
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