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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 29, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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what is this? >> it's a joke. my adviser is from texas and he told me he will give me the russian title belt if we win the game. here sit right here. >> michele: you did win the rushing title single season record for the eagles in rushing yards. to do it on this stage, what does it all mean? >> it's amazing. part of the accolades and stats and records, if we don't win today, none of that means nothing. i'm just blessed. i'm blessed with my teammates to go out here and win a big, big game. you know, no we're into the playoffs. >> michele: everyone thinks maybe it's a misperception but that this offense under chip kelly is, you know, full of bells and whistles. yet, today, it was a lot of running. what did you expect coming in? >> we knew we were going to run the ball. we had success last week running the ball and we're a running team. today we didn't play well, like eagle football. myself i didn't play up to my ability. but, hey, it's a tough season. them guys over there are good. without romo they still played well. they have a lot of play makers
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and they showed up today. we knew we had to fight to get it and that's what we did. >> michele: you're the third seed which means you get to host new orleans next week. what kind of a difference does that make? >> it's a difference coming in here and having our fans rooting for us and screaming. philadelphia fans are the best. so they'll be on our side and they have drew brees and a good team. we have to prepare and we'll be ready. >> michele: eagles fans are reluctant to believe match what do you say to them? >> they support us through the good and the bad. we're going to play good and play bad. it's a long season. we're playing for them. they paid their hard-earned money to watch us play and we're doing our best for them. philadelphia, we in the playoffs baby. >> michele: congratulations. thank you, lesean and michele. looking ahead to saints at eagles next week after somehow losing ten-consecutive home games over two seasons the eagles won their last four in a row at home. saints 8-0 at the super bowl, just 3-5 on the road for
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whatever that may be worth. here is the nfc playoff picture. the seahawks and panthers earned the week off. the eagles are the three seed. they host the saints. and quite a turn of events for the packers get rodgers back. they get a late-comeback win in chicago and now with just eight victories they get a home playoff game next week against the 49ers. bring in tony dungy. tony, how far do you think rodgers and the packers can go now? >> bob, they're going to have a tough game next week against san francisco. the 49ers are a defense that can go and win on the road. but i like where green bay is sitting. they got aaron rodgers back. they also got randall cobb back and their offense is energized now. they have some defensive deficiencies. i believe with rodgers and cobb back i they can go on the road and win. >> the play we just saw the play that won it at soldier field for the packers was a fourth and eight near midfield that went
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for the game-winning touchdown. on to the afc. the broncos have home field. the patriots get the other bye. the bengals are the third seed. they host the chargers. but grab the final playoff spot with their overtime win against the chiefs. the chiefs will travel to indianapolis for the other wild card game. tony, the broncos were the number one seed last year and they lost at home to the ravens in overtime. do you see a team in the field that could beat the broncos this year? >> well, i think new england obviously would have the best chance but i really feel like this is denver's year and this is peyton manning's best opportunity to get that second super bowl ring. i was concerned about denver's defense so many injuries, von miller, their pass rusher, champ bailey not being there. but i don't see a dominant defense in the afc. i don't see anybody going into denver to shut them down. this will be denver's year with the number one seed to get peyton manning to the super bowl. >> all right, tony. thanks.
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we turn now to mike florio of pro football talk. chudzinski was fired tonight. who else might lose their job this week? >> bob, the first coach to watch is mike shanahan in washington. he is due to meet on monday with owner daniel schneider. it's widely believed that shanahan will be fired after four seasons on the job. also, in detroit, jim schwartz the head coach of the lions will be meeting with ownership on monday. some mixed opinions on whether or not he will be fired. we'll find out more on monday morning. reports that frazier is out with minnesota. finally, mike munchak has been with the titans organization for more than three decades. he will be meeting this week with ceo tommy smith who has said that he is agonizing over what to do with the team's long-time head coach. meanwhile, couple other names to keep an eye on, greg schiano of the buccaneers, unclear what ownership will do with him and dennis allen of the raiders is believed to be on the hot seat but said after today's
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loss to the broncos he firmly believes he should have an opportunity to return for another season. in pittsburgh, they never make coaching changes, so that's not going to happen this year. especially with the team nearly making it to the post season. and they came closer than most realized to making it to the post season. the end of the day's chiefs/chargers game, when ryan missed a 41 yard field goal won the game for the chiefs, here is what was going on on the field specifically on the line of scrimmage for the san diego chargers. a new rule this year limits teams to having six players on any one side of the ball. the chargers had seven. the league privately acknowledges and may publicly acknowledge on monday that a flag should have been thrown. he would have gotten another opportunity, five yards closer if he made what would have been a 36 yard field goal, chiefs win and steelers go to the playoffs. >> wow. always something to talk about. not just on monday but in this case throughout the post season if you're a steeler fan. our thanks to mike florio.
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during the calendar year end event. trade up to the all-new 2014 silverado all star v6 for a total value of $5,250. see your local chevy dealer today. >> announcer: welcome back to the wendy's post game report. here now, al michaels and cris collinsworth. all right. so the post season schedule is set for a wild card saturday. kansas city against indianapolis at 4:30 eastern time and then we'll be in philadelphia for the primetime game on saturday night as the saints travel to philadelphia. then on sunday, on cbs -- >> cris: there you go. >> there's their music. san diego against cincinnati at 1:00 p.m. eastern time and the fox music of san francisco takes on green bay at 4:30 eastern time next sunday. talk about the games on nbc next week. we have kansas city in indianapolis.
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they met a couple of weeks ago winning. kansas city rested its guys today and still almost beat san diego. how do you see that one stacking up? >> just showed great heart today to play that one the way that they did. kansas city did. but andrew luck and the indianapolis colts right now have been playing as well as anybody. and going into kansas city, i know how tough that is to try to go in there and get a win. the fact they have that under their belt will weigh in their favor. >> we all know the saints are one team when they're playing in the superdome and different on the road. who knows what the weather will be like in philadelphia next week but let's say it's 35 degrees or whatever, how do you see the saints and the eagles stacking up? >> i can't wait to watch it. rob ryan is one of those defensive coordinators that will do anything. chip kelly calling the plays for the philadelphia eagles is one of those guys that will do anything. we're going to get a whole lot of we'll do anything calls in that game. it probably will be as excites
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as anything we've seen all year. >> another manic sunday to wrap up the 2013 regular season. we'll be with you again for that doubleheader, wild card saturday next saturday right here on nbc. until then, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our entire gang headed by fred and drew and company. saying good night from arlington, texas where the saying good night from arlington, texas where the eagles win the nfc east. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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. good evening. i'm diane dwyer, and thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on right now because of sunday night football. and we begin appropriately with football and the 49ers. it is still possible they might play another game at candlestick but at this point it's a long shot. let's get straight to andrea nakano with comcast sports. she has more on the niners, the big win today and what it means for next week. >> good evening, diane. the 49ers didn't need a win to get into the playoffs. they were already in. but the outcome of today's game decided who they would play first in the postseason. for the second straight year they will play the packers, this time in green bay. to lock up the fifth seed the
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49ers needed to beat the arizona cardinals, and they made it interesting after blowing a 17-point lead. the 49ers won on a game-winning field goal in the final seconds to pick up their 12th win of the season. it's their sixth straight win and the team knows it needs to keep the streak alive. >> anytime you get to the playoffs it's a privilege. ask the teams that are going home. i mean, it's what we play for every year. to have a chance to get to the playoffs and eventually compete for a championship. our locker room is excited. >> we're excited for the opportunity. we're just really happy we're in the playoffs, and we're discussing the playoffs right now. now it's time to get to work. >> you know, we know where we're headed. we've known that for a while now. and guys have been through some
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tough ball games. we know there will be more of the same coming. >> we will have much more coming up on xfinity "sports sunday." full coverage of the 49ers and the raiders. will head coach dennis allen be back for his first full season? everything you need to know on xfinity sports sunday at the top of the hour. >> thank you, andrea. the raiders are out of the playoffs, but the fans launched a fund-raising campaign today near the coliseum. they're trying to help a teenage girl from richmond who was hit by a stray bullet in her living room. a non-profit called make oakland better held a tailgating event for 19-year-old dominique romero who, as you can see there, is also a raiders fan. police are still searching for the gunman who shot her on december 14th. a bullet hit her elbow and then ended up lodged in her spinal cord. the injury may leave her paralyzed. her family is grateful for all the support. >> i think they're awesome. you couldn't ask for a better group of men to do this for me.
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they're awesome. they jumped in right away with just a word, and they were there for me. >> so many people are coming through. it's money. it's gifts. it's prayers. it's showing up at the hospital. it's right here at our tailgate with all these people behind me who are signing this beautiful card for her. >> the non-profit found out about romero through her brother, who's a raiders season ticket holder. the richmond police department is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman. well, the family of a 13-year-old girl who has been declared dead and is on a ventilator is running out of options tonight. today her mother said the los angeles facility that had been willing to accept her has backed out and there's just one option left. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is at children's hospital in oakland with the latest on this developing story. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, the family is working against a very tight timeline. a judge has ruled that the hospital can remove jahi mcmath
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from a ventilator as soon as tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. a hospital spokesperson has said that is what will happen unless they get a court order otherwise. he also said the hospital has not heard from the family's torney for more than 24 hours now and does not know about the status of any of the facilities the family has been in contact with. this afternoon a fund-raiser to help pay for jahi's potential transfer to another hospital was called off because the family has not been able to secure a facility. that's according to the family's pastor whoin stead led a prayer service for the 13-year-old and had her family. four doctors including a court-appointed neurologist have all declared jahi legally brain dead. because of this the hospital says the mother no longer has any say in her care. but jahi's family believes she is still abelielive and want to everything they can to keep her on a ventilator. the 13-year-old has been on one for more than two weeks now as the family has looked for a facility to transfer her to. i have reached out to the family's attorney by telephone,
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text, and also by e-mail. i have not heard back from him. and i have no word yet on what will happen with the facility the family is looking at in new york. live in oakland, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you for the update. we have new information tonight on a deadly shooting in san francisco. police say a 36-year-old man was shot and killed outside a night club in japantown just before 2:00 this morning. it happened on post street near webster. the victim was identified as david gillford of modesto. investigators don't have a motive or suspects in the shooting at this time. two firefighters are recovering tonight after a crash in san francisco. it happened just before 11:00 this morning and involved a san francisco fire truck and a car. police closed down the intersection at 5th and howard streets to investigate. the two firefighters were transferred to a hospital for treatment. we're told they suffered mild to moderate injuries. the passenger in the car was also injured. police say the truck had its lights and sirens on at the time of the crash. more than a dozen people had
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to find another place to sleep tonight after a fire burned an abandoned building in east oakland and then damaged an apartment building nearby. fire officials say the fire started at about 8:00 on 46th avenue. the fire threatened as many as six housing units at that nearby building. although 15 people were displaced, fire officials say it could have been a whole lot worse. >> well, this had the potential to run the whole block. again, the professional women and men of the oakland fire department, they respond so quick. it's unprecedented. two-minute response time, to have a full assignment on scene and mitt gaith the fire, it's really good. and that prevented this from spreading the fire any further. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. there were no injuries reported. a fire that destroyed a san jose garage this morning may have been caused by a small marijuana dproeg operation. the fire broke out 9:30 near alum rock. officials say the homeowner had a valid medical marijuana card and was growing five immature plants in the garage. firefighters were able to control the fire in about an hour before it spread to the
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home or neighboring structures. and coming up next, what may be the new hot spot for illegal street racing in the east bay. >> 70, 80 miles an hour on speeds that are not designed for those speeds. >> and we'll show you what it means for nearby businesses as well. >> good evening. looking at clear skies in san francisco right now after a record-setting day. we are talking about improving air quality as we head through the last full week of 2013. we're going to get you up to speed with your full forecast coming up right after this. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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fremont police are working to stop street racing before the trend grows violent. officers say in the past two months groups ranging in size from 10 to 300 cars have been racing and holding side shows on fremont boulevard and auto mall parkway. the races are not only illegal but leave behind litter, marked-up roads, torn-up lawns and put employees of nearby businesses on edge.
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officers with the department's traffic division say it's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. >> they're basically doing 70, 80 miles an hour on streets not designed for those speeds. they're driving in areas where the general public who does happen to be i do down there at that time of night are not expecting cars to be doing 80, 90 miles an hour on the wrong side of the road. they see two sets of headlights coming toward them, no place to go. a crash is going to happen. >> fremont hasn't had any dangerous crashes this year as a result of sideshows, but several people were killed six or seven years ago when racing in the area was at its worst. police say even watching a street race can result in an arrest. a popular outdoor music festival opens today with increased security following the death of a petaluma teenager last year. this year three-day snow globe music festival in south lake tahoe will include double the number of buses compared to last year. it will also have extended hours for a heated tent for those waiting for a ride. authorities believe 19-year-old
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melissa byrne tried to walk to the hotel to avoid the shuttle bus lines. her body was found two days later on a route back to her hotel. authorities say she died of hypothermia. right now we're going to check in with meteorologist anthony slaughter on the weather situation around the bay area. what's up, anthony? >> good evening, diane. we saw very bad air quality over the past seven days. we were finally looking at improving air quality. as we head through the day tomorrow. we are not having to spare the air. here's what we're looking at. good to moderate levels across the bay area for tomorrow. you'll also find as we head through this upcoming week by wednesday, thursday, that air quality will really start to improve. even today saw some very picturesque scenes across the bay area with our sunset. you'll notice right now we've got clear skies for the most part. no fog to speak of even in san francisco. but here's the thing. improving air quality. that fog will start to return as we head through this upcoming week. i do think by tomorrow night we will be looking at that fog and that will start off our new year's eve. here's what we're looking at, though, to set up.
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high pressure in control. you can see the clouds kind of drifting in through that high pressure. those clouds aren't going to really impede us a whole lot tomorrow. in fact, what we're going to be looking at is bright sunshine once again, but by tuesday this area of high pressure will push off to the south. that will allow for that ocean breeze to kick back in. so tomorrow night fall definitely does return and that means a foggy start for tuesday and even some fog as we head through new year's eve and new year's day. for your daytime highs tomorrow pick out your microclimate zone. in the south bay mid 60s is what we're expecting. same in the peninsula. san mateo 66. palo alto 65. san francisco not as warm as it was today. back into the upper 60s for today. low and mid 60s across the board from inner richmond over toward the embark darro. north bay, that's where some of our warmest air across santa rosa, 68 degrees. east bay and tri-valley a good mix of mid to upper 60s. we talked about improving air quality and it's all because our winds now have begun to shift from offshore to onshore. so tomorrow we're going to see that onshore wind continue to
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breeze on through. we'll see a few high thin passing clouds for the most part but i don't think we're going to be looking at any precipitation. but again, tomorrow night that fog does return. and if you are making plans for new year's eve, well, it's going to be a pretty good new year's eve across the bay area. we're looking at temperatures that will be back into the 50s for the most part. if you're already going to be making plans to see some of the fireworks at the embarcadero. winds will be light. that's good news. but again the fog will start to roll on in. especially around 10:00, 11:00. so it does look like we'll see poor visibility. but at least we're not talking about having to spare the air. some good news there. overall you'll notice on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen, no rain as we found out 2013. so overall one of the driest years on record, going down in history. but let's hope for better luck in the weather department as we head through 2014. diane, back to you. >> looking for some rain. all right. thank you very much, anthony. stanford is of course going for its second straight win at the rose bowl on new year's day. before the game a same-sex couple from santa monica will exchange vows as part of the
8:57 pm
125th tournament of roses parade. they will also be on top of a float with a giant wedding cake, we're told, sponsored by the aids healthcare foundation. joining them on the float, another same-sex couple who had been together for 42 years and were legally married in cal back in 2008. and dave feldman is up next with xfinity "sports sunday." we'll have more news on nbc bay area news at 11:00. until then have a good night. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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throws to the far side. and it is caught by boldin! touchdown 49ers. >> the 49ers end their season on a six-game winning streak. and now their attention shifts to the postseason. >> you have to win. that's the biggest thing. >> you want to be remembered. >> meanwhile, in oakland, it's a divot story. >> got it. touchdown denver. and that will be the record breaker. they have scored more points now than any team in the history of the nfl. >> as peyton manning rewrites the record books, the raiders'


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