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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the late ert. >> reporter: this is the restraining order restraining the hospital restraining order until next tuesday, january 7th. this allows jahi mcmath to remain on a ventilator. this has been an emotional day for everyone involved in this case. you have a young 13-year-old girl who's now here at children's hospital who has been declared brain dead. and now you have an extension on a restraining order until next week. >> it's not a corpse up there, it is a pretty 13-year-old girl up there that i gave life to. >> reporter: a mother's emotional reaction to a judge's ruling to grant an extension to keep jahi mcmath on the ventilator. >> i just feel like children's hospital is just not being sympathetic to our needs. my daughter since december the 8th. >> reporter: the family attorney has been working ale day to get an alameda county superior court judge to grant family an extension. the family says there's a facility in new york that will take her. >> we have a pediatrician who
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has seen jahi who has sworn she is not dead. the family has located a licensed facility in the state of new york which has agreed to take jahi. we have also contracted with an air ambulance willing to take her from door to door. >> reporter: despite all of this, the family says children's hospital is refusing to allow the family to proceed with their plans. it's been a waiting game all day today. jahi was declared brain dead on december 12th after having her tonsils removed. the hospital admits there were complications following a complicated surgery. hospital spokesperson sam singer reacting to the judge's ruling. >> the hospital is not at all surprised by the extension. it is not unusual for a court given these sorts of circumstances and the chart situation to give more time to a family like this. we're not sure it was the right judgment call, but that was a judgment call of the judge and we'll comply with it. >> reporter: late tonight, sam singer also reacting to claims
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that the family has videotape of jahi moving. he says that hippa laws prevent him from reacting to that. right now, the family attorney, chris dolan, is still speaking to the media. basically he is saying that the family should have every say-so over jahi, not the hospital. we'll have a full report on this coming up at 11:00 tonight.  cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. it's been three weeks since this tragedy unfolded. it all started an december 9th when jahi underwent tonsil surgery and two other procedures at children's hospital oakland. p from the operation, her family says she started bleeding heavily. and went into cardiac arrest. three days later she was declared brain dead. her family served a cease and desis order to the hospital demanding jahi be kept on life support. three days later a judge issued a restraining order that prevented the hospital from
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removing jahi from life support until today. christmas eve, the judge ruled jahi is brain dead after an evaluation from an independent neurologist. today was the day the hospital was allowed to remove jahi from life support but a judge extended his temporary restraining order until january 7th. we have new information tonight. hewlett-packard announced 5,000 more layoffs today. the additional layoffs combined with the layoffs announced in october bring the total to 34,000 jobs that will be eliminated. hp says the cuts will take place over the coming year and ceo meg whitman promised no more layoffs after october of 2014. a deadly year in san jose. we're not talking about homicides. more than half of all san jose's traffic deaths this year involved pedestrians and bicyclists. that's the most in 16 years. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live in san jose with a closer look at this problem and why our roads have become more dangerous. >> reporter: good evening, janelle.
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i'm here in south san jose. sadly, this is where a 17-year-old boy on his bike was hit and killed. now, police say they attribute the increase to pedestrian and bike fatalities to three things. they say people are driving too fast. there aren't enough traffic cops out on the streets. and they say too many people are texting and driving. in november, a 14-year-old girl walking across white road was hit by a car and killed. she is 1 of 21 pedestrians killed this year in san jose. five bicyclists were also killed. >> right now with two days to go until the new year, we have approximately 26 fatalities involving bicyclists or pedestrians. that is quite an increase from what we're used to. i think the last time we saw figures that high were in 1997. >> reporter: the deaths account for more than half of all the traffic fatalities in san jose this year. police say while there is no one factor linking all the deaths,
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one thing is noted in several of the accidents. >> i think some of the things that we can attribute to maybe why the increase is, one, handheld devices. >> reporter: here on bluefield drive where a 7-year-old girl was killed in may, neighbors say new speed bumps have not eliminated the risks. >> any given day when the traffic's somewhat normal, and just before rush hour, you'll see a car every ten minutes or so run the stop1,,ñ signs. they just wiz through them like they weren't there. >> reporter: he notes someone even lost control of the car they were driving and slammed into this house, causing a fire that destroyed it. police also say staffing cutbacks have forced them to slash the number of traffic cops considerably from the 44 who patrolled the streets seven years ago. >> right now, we're down to approximately 14 traffic enforcement officers for the whole city. >> reporter: san jose police plan to use state grants to beef up traffic patrols and the city' marked $40 million for
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pedestrian safety projects. some don't think it will be enough. >> there's a lot of people in a hurry, you know, we're a residential neighborhood. a lot of people are almost home by the time they get here, and they're hurried to make the last few blocks. >> reporter: mourning families fear the changes are coming too late. several of the projects you can educati expect to see in the coming year are more traffic signals, more pedestrian islands and better lighting near crosswalks. reporting life in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. to the weather now. tomorrow is another spare the air day, a ban on burning wood and manufactured fire logs indoors and outdoors. this will be the 23rd alert in the past 2 months, more than double the total amount issued during last year's winter spare the air season. state fire leaders announced a different type of spare the air warning today. it's not a ban on wood fires in the fireplace but is a ban on open fires in parts of the east bay and south bay. the ban took effect today in
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alameda, contra costa, santa kpl clara, san mateo counties because of the dry conditions. it's illegal for anyone to burn anything outdoors, includes fireworks which are illegal in most cities but may be an extra temptation on new year's eve. >> because the fields are as dry as they were back then, it's no different than firing off fireworks in july. the high risk for fire danger is still there as it was back in july. >> reporter: santa cruz county alone has had 31 vegetation fires in the last two months compared to five or seven normally for that time of year. campfires in designated campgrounds are still alived. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri takes a look at what's in the air that's prompting the two bans today. >> it's all the par tick lat matter in the lower level of the atmosphere. pressure is squash it like a big shoe. the light winds is prohibiting any kind of movement in the
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atmosphere. only from about 2 to 5 miles per hour. the other thing you want to note, any time this wind shifts out of the east and off toward the west, it's dragging in dirty air from the sacramento valley and pushing it right across the bay area. it's really a combination of things that will keep that air quality at moderate to also unhealthy levels over the next 24 hours. let's get a quick look at that forecast for tomorrow. spare the air alert in effect for the bay area. the worst of it will be in the south bay going to unhealthy levels. also here for the north bay. unhealthy as well. moderate to poor for the peninsula and east bay. coming up in the full forecast, we're going to have details on the king tides coming back to the bay area and could pause a few risks in a couple particular locations. we'll have that for you. >> thanks, jeff. california braces for a third dry year in a row, the state department of water resources is gearing up for the season's first snow survey. water officials plan to measure the snow pack on january 3rd. electronic readings indicate today's snow pack is at about 20% of normal.
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california's snow pack usually provides about a third of the state's water supply. the fireworks are starting and it's not new year's eve yet. a bay area company getting heat for offering convenience at a higher price. our business and tech reporter, skut b scott budman is live in san jose, a city where uber can give you a lift. >> reporter: uber has been around for four years now. it's convenient, but it can be pricey. the company admits new year's eve will be a big test both of its service and of its pricing policy. they've been rolling through the bay area for years now, but uber cars are getting a whole new wave of attention. because the san francisco company is about to have its busiest and most controversial night. >> this will be our fourth new year's as a company. >> reporter: new year's eve looks to be huge for uber, as partyers look for safe and convenient ways home. but thanks to something called surge pricing, those rides might
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be extra expensivexpensive. like hotel rooms, airline flights and commuting on the bay bridge, you'll pay more for an uber ride when demand is high. so to save money, grab your ride early. >> the first thing is if it's before 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve, you're pretty good. like, it starts to heat up around 7:30, sort of starts really getting going around 8:00 p.m. if you can just get to where you're going, that first stop in the evening before 8:00 p.m., you're going to be in a really good spot. >> reporter: but if you wait until everyone else is looking for a ride, you'll pay more. sometimes a lot more. which will have some people saying, no thanks to uber. but others like brianna hague will still check their uber app on new year's eve. >> really just depends on convenience. sometimes convenience outrules anything else. if i need to find a ride home, that's what's going to have to happen. >> reporter: brianna, who works at online event ticketer
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eventbrite is helping to get people to new year's eve events around the bay area. when she goes out, she says it's worth extra money to get where she wants when she wants. >> i always feel safe. i feel like i know i can get a ride home and that's something that's really, really important to me especially on a night like new year's eve. >> reporter: it's not for everyone, and serge pricing will only stay around if people continue to pay it. but uber is catching on. getting lots of new attention as we drive toward the new year. if surge pricing is concerning to you, you can ride along with someone else. uber will let you electronically split the tab. also lots of other options on new year's eve. many other car-sharing services and, of course, taxicabs. reporting live in downtown san nbc bay ara news. >> all right. thank you, scott uber, as scott mentioned isn't the only way to get around on new year's eve. a variety of public transportation as well. b.a.r.t. will run extra trains
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and operate until 3:00 a.m. caltrain is free after 8:00. the last train will leave the city at 2:15 in the morning. muni will have free rides and some lines will open untiling 5 a.m. vta and samtrans will let people ride for free. there will be extended hours on light rail and express bus services. new year's eve celebrations, preparations are on full swing across the bay area. we're going to talk about the waterfront in san francisco. 200,000 people are expected to show up for the yearly fireworks show. today crews are busy on two barges getting all the explos e explosives ready. the three 15-minute firework show kicks off at the stroke of midnight. meanwhile, hotels in downtown san francisco say they've been preparing for months. it's one of their biggest nights of the year. >> it is energizing. especially right here in union square. there's so much energy, yet you feel like the holiday is still
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going strong. and you obviously ring in the new year in a big way. >> most hotels expect to be full on new year's eve so you better book now. if you're still looking for something to do tomorrow night we put together a full list of events and activities on our website, just click on the top left hand corner on new year's eve events. and still ahead at 6:00, are we looking at the future of california? what we're seeing at the coast this week and what it could signify. and they went on strike, not once, but twice this year. why there could still be a bonus in store for some b.a.r.t. employees. plus, google wants to hop in for a ride. what the tech giant is planning for the auto industry.
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b.a.r.t. workers could be getting a bonus this year. under the new contract, b.a.r.t.
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agreed to pay its workers up to $1,000 for exceeding ridership projections. but the two strikes drove down the numbers so b.a.r.t. it only expecting to pay workers a $5 uh-hu$500 bonus this year and will cost around three quarters of a million dollars. the new contract is expected to be approved by management january 2nd. the first of the year, new laws go into effect to help domestic violence victims at work and home. one of the laws protects domestic violence victims from losing jobs or being discriminated against at work. the law also says employers have to make efforts to protect victims from their abuser. that includes changing your work phone number, relocating desks or having a workplace safety plan. >> if they can't get fired, if they're absent a lot, or if they, you know, just can't function at work. they now have some added protections and they can't just get fired for not performing on their, you know, doing their
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job. >> another law gives domestic violence victims the right to terminate their residential leases in order to protect themselves from those who abuse them. a 17-year-old girl was hurt when a muni light rail vehicle hit her in san francisco. it happened just after 3:00 p.m. on sunday. at 3rd street and hollister avenue, police say the girl was walking against a red light when she was hit. she was taken to the san francisco general and is expe expectexpec expected to survive. the muni driver continued on after the collision and may not have known the girl was hit. witnesses reported the incident and the vehicle stopped shortly after. police are searching for the person who stole an ambulance after midnight an sherwin street. emergency crews responded to a call for a diabetic patient and left the ambulance running while they went inside. someone jumped in and took the ambulance on a short joyride. it was found a few blocks away next to the cal palace. the keys and gas card were stolen from the ambulance. a judge will decide by the end of this week whether to dismiss two lawsuits slapped
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against city college of san francisco. his ruling could determine the future of the embattled school. the accreditation commission for community and junior colleges revoked the school's accreditation after finding financial and management issues. the school could shut down in july if it fails to fix this mess. san francisco's city attorney and two teachers unions sued, they claimed the commission did not give city college proper due process before making its decision. the commission, though, argues the courts should not intervene since this case falls under the jurisdiction of the u.s. department of education. now to some developing weather. the bay area experienced some of the highest tides of the year this morning. it's all part of the phenomenon known as king tides. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. checked out some of the places where the tides were the highest. >> reporter: there wasn't a cloud in the sky this morning, not a drop of rain to be seen. yet -- roads in sausalito beneath the 101 underpass looked
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like a creek. with the phenomenon known as king tides. those are higher than normal tides occurring a couple times a year when the sun, moon and earth are aligned to create a particularly strong gravitational pull. christopher has lived with them for 20 years. >> you just have to sort of plan and time your getting to the office. >> reporter: sauce lsalito is susceptible to the tide since it's on the edge of the bay. it's a glimpse into the future when sea levels are expected to rise up to a foot. >> they are the highest tides and we can kind of use the tides to help us visual ice what the average daily tide will look like in 5,200 years. >> reporter: san francisco recently installed a trio of colorful poles on the wharf which rise and fall with the tide. the california king tide initiative says future planning along the bay and coast will need to take rising tides into
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account. >> a new development should have, you know, a clear plan in sight for where the water will be in the future. >> reporter: the higher than normal tides generated big waves and big warnings for people visiting coastal areas like pacifica. for some, it was a good day for wave watching. >> can't -- i mean, you have the white, the blue in the sky, the blue in the ocean. it's fantastic. >> reporter: experts say the lack of rain, or winter storms, has made this year's king tides milder than years past. regardless, nature's high water demonstration is expected to play again tuesday and wednesday morning. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> and speaking of the king tides, we're going to have more tomorrow morning. jeff, what do you have? well, we are tracking two of the spots you will want to watch for with those king tides. and it's going to be up here into bolinas bay where we expect the tide in the morning hours to go up to 5.2 feet of an increase. at 8:51 in the morning.
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also another high tide at 10:51 up to 3.1 feet. folks heading out to san francisco for new year's eve, right up against the embarcadero, pier 22, we'll see a morning high tide of 7.3 feet, an increase there. also for the evening hours at 11:0017 p.m., a 5.2-foot increase in the tide. again, if you're heading out to the embarcadero for new year's eve, let's say, watch out for water that will be getting very close to the embarcadero. okay. let's go ahead and take you into the conditions right now. it's hazy out here. we've seen the cloud cover increase throughout the day. temperatures right now trending in the low to mid 50s. coldest spot in the morning in the north bay. san francisco, now, by all accounts looks relatively clear. a closer look does show just a small sliver of some fog back here toward the marina, also the golden gate bridge. that's a sign of some fog that will be up against the immediate coastline as we head into tomorrow morning. also, relatively clear conditions in the south bay. as we get a broader view, these light winds right now at 7 miles per hour keeping a lot of haze in place.
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you can clearly see it there. and that's all part of that spare the air in effect for tomorrow's forecast. speaking of which, as we wind things up, i do want to give you an average of the temperatures as we head throughout our tuesday forecast. looks pretty good for december. we should have temperatures in the mid 50s but not anywhere close to that in the east bay, temperatures 10 degrees above average with 68 expected there. you'll also average in the north bay, temperatures in the mid 60s. we'll have more on the air quality coming up later in the show. ladies? >> okay, thanks, jeff. still ahead, a look back at the political stories that shaped 2013. and taking it slow and steady may pay off. the shift you might wan to make the next time you sit down to dinner. plus, changes coming for nearly 40 million customers. what netflix subscribers will want to be on the lookout for in the new year.
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one of the key leaders in the launch of the obama health care website announced her
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retirement. michelle snyder worked as the chief operating officer at the center for medicare and medicaid services. just yesterday, we learned more than 1 million people are now enrolled for health insurance under the president's new law and website. according to the obama administration, nearly 1 million people signed up in the last month through the improved website. in october, when the website was plagued with glitches, just 27,000 people signed up. the president had hoped to have about 3 million people signed up for health insurance before the end of the year, but enrolling 7 million people by march 31st which is the deadline to avoid a fine still remains the overall goal. okay. just a matter of hours, 2013 will be gone. so what political memories stand out the most? nbc bay area's political analyst, larry gurston, joins us with his thoughts. where do we begin? >> first, janelle, a disclaimer here. so many things have happened this past year it's pretty hard to pick out a few. but these are some of the events
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that were pretty much affecting everyone one way or another this year. let's begin with we left off. covered california. the bay area has led the way in embracing california's portion of the obamacare program. as of last week, more than a half million, half million californians had signed on. compare that with, yeah, 1.1 million americans who have signed on in 35 states using the national site. you can see why california, and the bay area, really have embraced this whole thing and are, in fact,s envy of health care advocates. okay. number two, let's look at high-speed rail. oh, what a bump there. you know, for years the bay area leaders have fought over the best way to come in from southern california. then there was the whole question about the way that we go up the peninsula. the speed and the noise and whatnot. then finally after all that, guess what? high-speed rail is in limbo. why? because it's suffering from endless court suits and certainly uncertain funding. put that together, we've got a
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mess. the third factor, george shirikawa scandal. the supervisor forced to resign his seat as a matter of fact for a lie and misusing county funds. beyond that, the investigation has gone into shirakawa's allies and now threatens the career of san jose city council member javier campos who received a mailer, issued a mailer that was upon s sponsored by shirakawa's campaign. trouble for campos. more on this in 2014. then we have the b.a.r.t. strikes. oh my goodness. not once, but twice. 400,000 commuters felt the rath between the whole thing between the b.a.r.t. management and workers. oh my gosh, the strike raised all kinds of questions over how to best deal with the impasses that really strangle the local economy. for many californians, for many in the bay area, particularly, gosh there's residual anger that
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still there. that gets to related question, the pension debate. that's the top here. what started in san jose is bouncing from one part of california to another. it has to do with the recent court decision that prohibits san jose from reducing retirement payments but allows the city to go ahead and reduce employees' salaries to fund the benefits. now, the question is, what will happen next? we're only in the first inning of this one, and i'll tell you something, a lot of cities and counties will be leaning pitches one way or another over the year to come. look for zingers from all over the state all starting here in the south bay. watch out. >> yes, some memorable headlines. thanks for compiling that list. >> thanks so much, larry. and still ahead at 6:00, increased concerns of a threat during the olympics. what russian leaders are promising. also a scenic highway used by american tourists destroyed in mexico. what may be behind this collapse. plus, the unfolding mystery on the central coast.
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the video that's stirring up some discussion tonight, you might say.
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we're following breaking news out of san jose. where police and the bomb squad are examining a suspicious device. so far, police are notr>ñ offer much information. they will only say that they are investigating at least one suspicious item on kings row at industrial way. and that the bomb squad is on the scene. employees who work near the area tell us they've been sheltering in place for three hours now.
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and that they've been told the devices may be pipe bombs inside a car. the intersection is near where 880 meets 101 in north san jose and has been closed to traffic for hours. witnesses also say police told them the suspicious devices could be protectively blown up by the bomb squad in the next 45 minutes. nbc bay area is at the scene. we'll bring you updates online and on air at as we get them. we'll also have a full report tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. overseas now where people in rush ssia are mourning at the bt sites where dozens have been killed by suicide bombers. a bomb ripped apart a trolley bus today. 14 people were killed there. a day before, a suicide bomber killed 17 people at that city's train station. those bombings are raising fears that terror attacks could threaten the winter olympic games which are set to start in february in the russian city of sochi. nbc's steve handelsman has the
6:33 pm
latest from washington. >> reporter: today's bombing left the bus a skeleton and killed 14 people. the second suicide attack in two days. yesterday's at a train station killed 17. also in the city of volgelgrad that's gripped by fear. no one, said this man, feels safe. a reported police suspect in the railway attack had posted a video saying he'd joined islamic radicals in dagestan the russian republic where islamic fanatic tamerlan tsarnaev went before the boston bombing. now the sochi olympics are five weeks away. russian expert andrew cuchen says the games are in danger. >> it's pretty bad. >> reporter: a right wing fanatic bombed the atlanta olympics in 2006. palestinian terrorists hit the 1972 games. now russirussia, 2014. >> a successful terrorist attack on sochi, itself, during the
6:34 pm
games is the holy grail. >> reporter: russian olympic officials say they're ready. >> they're taking every precaution to prevent any incidents there. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin rose to power fighting islamic terrorists. he sees sochi as his crowning achievement. >> for his legacy -- >> that could wipe this out. >> this could wipe this out. >> reporter: if it gets to sochi. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. the faa today chose six sites to test commercial drones. california was not one of them. people in alaska, nevada, new york, north dakota, texas and virginia will soon see unmanned aircraft devices in the sky. congress ordered the faa to study the safety of commercial drones. the faa chose the locations based on geography, climate, use of airspace and safety. drones have mainly been used by the military up until now, but if the study goes well, we could see commercial drones in the sky
6:35 pm
by 2015. the devices can be used for everything from filming landscapes to helping farmers monitor fields for disease. and a picturesque toll highway used by many tourists in mexico collapsed this weekend leaving a giant hole. the road connected ensenadas with tijuana. the landslide trapped a truck driver who was able to make it out unhurt. officials say it could take a year to repair the damage there. an earthquake hit that area earlier this month, but officials have not yet blamed that for the collapse at this point. for the sixth year in a row, americans have chosen the same man and woman they admire most. president obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton took top honors according to a gallup poll. the president led the list with 16 % of the votes followed by former president george w. bush and pope francis. and for hillary clinton, as for hillary clinton, she's been the most admired woman for 12 years straight. oprah winfrey, sarah palin and the first lady michelle obama followed her. the wildfire that burned in
6:36 pm
yosemite could cost more than $1 billion. a recent study says damage is estimated as high as $1.8 billion. it took three months to contain the wildfire. 11 homes were destroyed by the flames. a hunter's illegal campfire sparked that fire. a mystery is unfolding in the salinas valley. this crop circle is gaining a lot of attention. no word how it got there. the pictures were taken by an aerial photographer who spotted it as she was flying over the salinas valley this morning. no word on who created it, either. all right. still ahead, how google plans to turn your car into a smartphone. also, why you may start feeling guilty the next time you grab a snack. the change coming to vending machines. plus, the last-minute purchase you might want to make for your favorite 49ers fan. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. record-setting heat in december.
6:37 pm
we're going to talk more about that and what it all means for that new year's eve forecast, coming up in just a few minutes.
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in health matters tonight, more calorie counts are coming. this time on vending machines. starting in 2014, about 5 million vending machines across country will provide calorie counts of their snacks. these new labeling guidelines are part of the affordable care act. the fda says having these labels will help people make healthier choices. vending machine companies have a year to update their products with calorie counts information. new information out tonight finds eating slowly and drinking throughout the meal can help you lose weight. researchers from texas christian
6:40 pm
yu yust looked at eating speed affects calories consumed. taking smaller bites and chewing properly makes us feel fuller than if we eat food quickly and helps us eat less. on average, researchers found people who ate slowly had 88 fewer calories than fast eaters. overweight people ate only 58 fewer calories. workers and volunteers are making final preparations for the tournament of roses parade on new year's day. assembling and decorating the floats at a warehouse near the parade route in pasadena. dreams come true is the theme of the 125th annual parade. more than 40 floats covered in flowers will roll out on wednesday morning. the "today" zshow's al roker a hoda kotb will host nbc's parade coverage. watch it right here on nbc bay area starting at 11:00 a.m. and later in afternoon, of course, the rose bowl. >> oh, yes. >> go, stanford. they'll be taking on michigan state. >> root for stanford since cal isn't playing. >> thanks so much for making that sacrifice.
6:41 pm
>> always rooting for the bay area team. >> there are so many teams, so many choices. >> we do. a lovely place. what's going on? >> well, we do have the poor air quality over the next 24 hours but look at the skies right now. >> it's so pretty. >> i know. it's amazing. if you want a night like this for new year's eve, we'll let you know if that will happen in a few minutes. sports is coming up around the corner. dennis allen sounds off on his future with the raiders. a sharks star rookie sets an unpleasant new year's eve date. but first, with the regular season in the books, the 49ers' quest for 6 is officially under way. we'll preview san francisco's wildcard showdown with the packers, next in sports.
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if you plan on streaming "top gun" or "titanic" from netflix, do it by tomorrow night. as of wednesday, those and 8 o other tv shows will not be available. several seasons of "saturday night live" will be gone. netflix retunely adds and deletes titles due to licensing contracts. all kinds of people use facebook, even your grandfather. that's according to a new study from the pew research center. facebook still leads social media but it's not growing as fast among young people. 75% of people who use the internet are on social media, with many using more than one social network. for example, young people and african-americans use instagram the most. women are four times more likely to be on pinterest and linkedin is popular among older people who also have a college degree. infotainment is the word google and german automaker awedy are using to describe their new in-car technology system and say it's the wave of
6:45 pm
the system. the infotainment system can bring up navigation the minute you get lost and send e-mails, play music all through voice commands. the "wall street journal" reports the news will be announced next week at the consumer electronic show in las vegas. analysts say there's such a big demand for the systems they'll soon move from luxury cars to mass-market cars. tomorrow will be another spare the air day. we have a lot of dirty air and need rain to clean this out. >> we certainly do. the frustrating thing for all meteorologists in the bay area is the fact that rainfall was so close right up to oregon and also into washington but nothing for us. we're seeing high clouds stream in. overall, it's been about warmer air moving from from the south. we had record heat in oakland today hitting 64. besting the old at 63 set back in 1997. not only that, in san jose, it was good enough to tie a record with 66 degrees. that old record set back in 1958. so let's go ahead and fast forward things as we get a look right now at the current
6:46 pm
conditions. what you'll notice is that cloud cover is increasing out there. we still have all of that haze. right now already dropping to 46 in the north bay. that is going to signal some 30s as we head throughout tomorrow morning. and for the eastss bay, right n 51 degrees. some relatively light winds. some, you know, smooth sailing there if you're out on the bridges, don't have to worry about too many gusty conditions. that is the thing right now. those light winds that is creating all of this haze across san jose. it's visible in sky camera network with winds at 7 miles per hour primarily out of the north. let's take you into the weather pattern. what's happening right now. as we mentioned we had rainfall off to north. we definitely need that rain. but there is no sign, no hope of any rain at least in the first week of 2014. blame it on my pressure. with this setting up shop, it's like a july in august pattern across the bay area. that's going to keep us above average, also pretty hazy in the forecast. the other thing it's going to do is keep the temperatures down. the morning hours, 32 in napa,
6:47 pm
walnut creek, 35. morgan hill expecting 37. when it comes to the air quality, this is what you're going to be feeling over the next couple of days even if you do not suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, when you inhale the next couple days you'll feel it in your chest across the south bay, especially where some of the worst air quality is going to be and throughout the north bay. moderate to poor levels expected for the peninsula and east bay. what i want to take you to next, though, is the forecast as we head throughout the next four days. we are expected to improve. you're going to have to wait for it. see by thursday, slight improvement in the forecast and wind here as we head throughout friday. should help to stir up the atmosphere and give us much improved air across the bay area. some good news coming our way. just got to wait another two, three days in the forecast. our microclimate forecast tomorrow, see plenty of sunshine. we have a little bit of cloud cover mixed in as well. san jose expecting 63. morgan hill, 66. palo alto, 63. redwood city, 64. north bay, east bay and the tri
6:48 pm
valley, notice the north bay after starting with temperatures that will likely be in the low 30s throughout santa rosa, by the afternoon, 66 degrees. lot of sunshine. 65 in napa. take a look at the tri valley. not only 66 here expected in danville, but over toward livermore, pleasanton, temperatures close to 70 degrees. near record-setting heat expected for tomorrow. new year's eve, we'll have the haze in the forecast. mainly clear skies. cool in san francisco at 52. san jose, 48. he tah tahoe, 29 degrees. you'll need the light jacket in the bay area. multiple layers in lake tahoe for sure. >> bundle up. thanks, jeff. if you want to be part of the new 49ers stadium tomorrow is your last chance to buy a brick if you want it installed in time for the first game. the commemorative bricks will line the plaza at levi stadium. they cost from $195 up to $545. the bricks are engraved with your personalized message. the stadium is set to open for the 2014 football season and
6:49 pm
will also play host to super bowl l in february 2016. speaking of football, the 49ers. news coming up. what's happening? hey, diane, janelle. there's a lot going on with the san francisco 49ers. wrapped up the season in dramatic fashion, their sixth consecutive win with a last-second field goal. now their attention shifts to the boast season and next sunday's date with the green bay packers at lambeau field. mindi bach has more from santa clara. >> reporter: for the second year in a row, the 49ers opened their regular season and their post season against the packers. jim harbaugh is currently 3-0 against green bay, but in his monday press conference, the head coach made it clear he is not giving his first-round opponent any bulletin board material. >> guys know what the challenge is. i mean, it's being in the playoffs is a chance, the ultimate chance, and our guys have been in that position
6:50 pm
before. so they understand the magnitude of the challenge. >> is it an advantage you've beaten these guys three times in a row? >> i don't know i can say that it is. this game will be played on its merits. >> hasn't played a playoff game in super cold weather under you. >> i think once your body gets running around, whether it's playing in zero-degree weather game, didn't feel any different than 30, 40 degree weather game. >> already a good rivalry with green bay? >> i think they're an excellent football team, and we have great respect for them as a team. >> do you see yourself playing the best football? >> it's very much how you play at the moment, and that will, you know, that will be judged this week. and i like our team very much in the regard that they're a very
6:51 pm
competitive group. >> reporter: the packers are hampered by injuries and could be without several key players sunday against the 49ers including linebacker clay matthews who's one of green bay's top run stoppers. after a seven-game hiatus with a broken collarbone, aaron rodgers is back and on his starting quarterback, a.j. hawk was quoted as saying he can make up for a lot of stuff. in santa clara, mindi bach, nbc bay area. today is known as black monday in the nf ll. many head coaches are fired after disappointing seasons. five teams have fired their coaches. browns, bucks, lions, redskins and vikings. is dennis allen's job in jeopardy? raiders owner mark davis will meet with coach allen next monday to discuss that topic. here's what allen had to say today. . >> well, i've been given indication that i'll be back,
6:52 pm
but i think -- i think it will be important for, you know, again, for me and mark to be able to sit down and communicate and talk about the things we need to talk about. but i have every intention of being back. >> dennis allen seems comfortable about his future with the silver and black. how about the future of the quarterback position? the head coach addressed the hot-button topic today in his press conference and his answer might surprise some fans. >> i think that's a position that we've got to make sure that we address. you know, i'm -- i'm not sure that we have the quarterback of the future in the building right now. i do think that we have a better idea of what we have at the quarterback position. you know, but, again, i think -- listen, that's the most important position on the football field. that's obviously a very important position. let's get to ice. before we get out of here. sharks rookie forward tomas
6:53 pm
hertl will undergo knee surgery tomorrow in cleveland, ohio. the 20-year-old suffered the injury on december 19th against the kings. his presence will certainly be missed. hertl was leading all nhl rookies with 25 points at the time of his injury. diane, janelle, you know they said they're going to address the quarterback situation? i'm almost in playing shape. i think i'm going to stretch out the arm a little bit, see if i can get a job with the raiders. >> i think that is a brilliant idea. >> maybe as an offensive lineman, but i don't think as a quarterback. >> can we get video of the tryouts? >> no, it's too embarrassing. my kids would kill me. >> that would be great to see you in action. >> thanks. >> you got it. >> watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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an update on breaking news we're following in san jose. a bomb scare is over. the one we told you about earlier in this newscast near 880 and 101 in north san jose. about 3:30 this afternoon someone called police from a tow yard near the location to report a suspicious device. police called in bomb squad. in just the past 20 minutes, though, the bomb squad removed the device from the car. it turned out to be some type of device that extracts chemicals from marijuana. the shelter in place has been lifted. we'll have a full report tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. finally, tonight, it was the thr throwback monday on the "today" show. former anchors joined matt lauer in anchoring the show. gumbel and paulie, it was the first time they anchored in 25 years. it didn't stop there. it was matt lauer's birthday.
6:57 pm
to help him celebrate, vieira called in to wish him a happy birthday. >> i have to say t drops you back into the 1980s there. >> maybe they'll take on two more permanent full-time anchors. wouldn't that be a good show? >> it would be fun to watch. >> for sure. >> we're going into the future now. 2013 is almost behind us. >> yes. i wish i had rainfall to offer us in the first week of 2014. not going to happen. we to have clear skies on most of our sky camera networks and a little bit of haze. we'll continue with that throughout tomorrow with those temperatures. you can see the new year's eve forecast primarily in the mid to upper 40s. san francisco, low 50s. you need the light jacket there. lake tahoe for any kind of celebrations, temperatures in the 20s. unfortunately, no snow. not in the sky or on the hills. have a good time. >> manmade snow. >> yes, there is that. >> lots of that, actually. thanks much for joining us. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. good night.
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and catherine jones back together since their split now on extra. michael and catherine new york reunion with their kids, are they back together for good? >> nice to see you back together as a family. >> or just for the holidays? >> then robin roberts revelation. why she came out of the closet now and what we uncovered about the long time girlfriend that stood by her during her health crisis. >> now trending, rumors of the $100 million divorce. >> is that the way you're coming out together for the rumors. >> plus


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