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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 31, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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right now at 11:00 new details on the family of four found dead in their southern california home overnight. now we know how they died. officials at children's hospital oakland say they're ready to take their life support and fight involving 13-year-old jahi mcmath to court. plus, on our 23rd spare the air day this month a new fire burning in santa clara county darkening the sky with smoke. this ahead of the new year. ♪ good morning to you on this new year's eve. thank you for joinksz. i'm peggy bunker. the brush fire does top our news this morning. it started in santa clara county sending thick smoke into our already hazy skies. we have team coverage on the story. christina loren has details
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about account impact thaul smoke ut on the bay area. we do begin with nbc bay area's bob riddell. is he live where the fire start on mount hamilton road. the big question, do we know what started it? >> they do believe they know. good morning to you, peggy. cal fire tells us they believe this is definitely suspicious, and that scorched area right there, they believe, is the origin until just moments ago. this is what was there as we take a look at the video we shot not too long ago. you're looking at a burned out honda accord. cal fire brooefz that was the origin of this morning's fire that started around 5:30. if you look behind the accord, you can see the black scorching on the surrounding vegetation. you can he see how once that car started fire, it spread uphill there vomthere. it ended up burninga!ix roughly acres. right now the fire looks like it is out, but cal fire will only say that it is contained, but not yet under control. they don't want to say it's out because there are still small pockets of heat, smoke, and flames that could take off again if the weather conditions were
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to change. now, with regards to that car, no one has seen the driver. they don't know why or how it caught fire, but a resident we spoke with believes it might be stolen. here's why. he told us that in recent weeks he has seen several cars up near mount hamilton road like this that have been abandoned after thieves took them on a destructive ride. >> they crashed them alover the place coming up the mountain, prply, doing tricks and donuts and everything. by the time they're finished with them, they break all the windshields and usually dump them off the edge of the cliff to where they're just barely hanging on and then they must have a ride set township where they jump in the car and get out of here. it'sw4over the past month withot exaggeration i have seen probably ten cars totaled and, like i said, it's the first one that started a fire. rirchlg the sheriff's office does not know if that honda accord was stolen, but they did tell us this morning they did remove a stolen car from this area. different car from that one. it's not clear if both those
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cars were involved in some sort of demolition derby that resulted in that one catching fire. back out here live, you can see some of the firefighters, cal fire has dozens of them out here. they're expected to be out here at least through the evening, hoping not into the new year. that's another tidbit that makes this fire so odd. it's new year's. bat alconchief with cal fire says never in his 15 years with the force has he fought a fire on new year's. usually all this vegetation you're looking at here would be green. it would be too moist to burn, but not this year. not with this winter that's been unusually dry where you've had these brown looking hillsides that have been so easy to catch fire. reporting live here in santa clara county, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> yeah. you said it. it is just so dry out there. that's why we check in now with meteorologist christina loren. we've already had our fair share of spare the air days. we've got smoke contributing to this where are the lack of rain probably contributed to the brush fire. >> yeah, certainly. that's also contributing to our
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poor air quality. we need that rain to purify our atmosphere. at least some wind to mix it up. wanted to show you san jose at this point. the fog has cleared. yeah. you can see we are left with a lot of haze. unfortunately, we're seeing the unhealthiest levels of pollution right here in the south bay for today. as we head throughout the next couple of days, things are going to change. we'll see a little more wind, but we'll likely be sparing the air as we progress throughout the next couple of days because, as you know, as we head throughout tonight, a lot of fireworks going off and all those explosives shooting out into the atmosphere. not great. that's just going to add more particulate matter out there. we're going to get a clear shot of it. i hate to be a big bummer. we have a really fwood-looking new year's eve coming up. we'll get to that forecast. stay tuned. right now back to you, peggy. >> all right. thank you so much, christina. with children's hospital oakland says despite claims that the family of jahi mcmath says they are arranging for her to enter a new facility. hospital officials say they have want heard from anyone.
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the hospital is getting ready to fight in court. nbc bay area's christie smith has been following the story all morning long for us from oakland. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, good morning to you. well, it was an 11th hour extension to go ahead and keep jahi mcmath on a ventilator. it happenedzlj yesterday. that's exactly what the family wanted. a spokesperson for children's hospital said that they've already gone to court opposing the family's attorney's legal motion, and they'll probably be back in court a little later this week after the new year doing the same thing. they say they still have not heard from a long-term care facility that would take the 13-year-old who was declared brain dead on december 12th. that was three days after she had her tonsils and other tissue removed to help her sleep better. she had sleep apnea. the hospital said that conditions would still have to be met to move her. like finding an outside doctor to insert a breathing and gastric tube and a legal way to move her. now, the family's attorney had talked about two locations in
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arizona possibly and new york, but, again, the hospital saying they haven't heard from either of those. outside the hospital yesterday jahi's mother cried as she was surrounded by reporters and family. this case has caught national attention. that order set to expire keeping her on a ventilator was extended until january 7th. a hospital spokesperson said as tragic as all this is, their decision remains. >> children's hospital opposes the motions by the family attorney to keep jahi mcmath's body on a ventilator. very sadly, she's deceased, and there's nothing anyone can do to change that status. we're going to fight in court to see if committee we can get the right thing to be done, which is to finally find peace for the body. >> no matter what i do, somebody is going to always say i'm wrong. like i said before, if i didn't fight for her, they would say the mother is no good. now i'm fighting for her, and they're saying she's doing too much. >> reporter: the family has said that they have seen movement
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from jahi. especially when the mother is speaking. a hospital spokesperson said, without tag about her case specifically, that can happen as an involuntary reflex. we've reached out to the family, and the family's attorney. haven't heard back yet. a hospital spokesperson said they are working on a new statement about this whole thing and claim to release that a little later today. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you for the latest. we have new details this morning about the family that was found dead in fontana east of los angeles. the 16-year-old found the bodies of four of his family members, including two children overnight. police have not identified the bodies, but relatives at the scene say that they were the bodies of a family, including a father, mother, and two children. police said more than one weapon was found inside the home, and the woman and two-#q kids suff from multiple gunshot wounds. the man found at the scene suffered a single gunshot wound the case is a
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murder-suicide. happening right now at 11:07, a train carrying crude oil burns for a second day straight in north dakota, and officials fear the weather could send toxic smoke into a nearby town. the entire town of castleton, north dakota, was evacuated overnight. that's right in the path of this noxious smoke. it was just pouring from the trains after the accident. investigators say a derailed train was hit by another train that was carrying crude. that happened yesterday. the collision caused several fiery explosions and filled the air with black smoke. >> we were taking a nap, and then all of a sudden we heard this big boom, and we ran outside and seen black smoke and then orange smoke. >> just grab whatever and leave because they were, like, outside my house waiting for us to leave. >> the red cross and salvation army have organized the shelter at a middle school in fargo for evacuated residents. the ntsb go team is on the way to investigate the cause of the accident. we continue to follow developing news out of russia where dozens of people have been detained by police after two deadly attacks in less than 24
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hours. new year's eve events in the city have been canceled, and police are asking people to not set off fireworks. seven of the people injured in the bombings were taken to moscow earlier this morning for treatment, and you can see them being wheeled off here on the plane in stretchers. 70 people were hurt in the twin bombings. 34 others were killed. police reinforcements and troops have been sent for increased security. that city is just 400 miles from sochi where the winter olympics are scheduled take place in just over a month. some countries have already responded to the bombings by increasing security pour their olympic completes athletes. australia's athletes say they will not be allowed to travel by plane, car, or bus, and they will not be able to compete outside of the city. well, one athlete who has experienced security at the olympics is jessica stephens from danville. she and her sister, maggie, they helped team usa to a gold medal in water polo in 2012. the london games had a massive security presence.
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13,000 police officers and 17,000 members of the british armed forces. security is expected to be even tighter in sochi. >> it's unfortunate when outside influences try to take that away from these athletes because, you know, we're there to compete. we've trained our entire lives to get to this position. >> stephens says the athletes can only control what they can control, their physical and mental preparation that they need to do well in the olympic games. zirjts an officer opened fire in san francisco overnight after a male suspect reportedly tried to hit a police sergeant with his car. police chased the man throughout the city from the bay view district to 19th avenue to taraval street. that's where the suspect crashed into another car. an officer fired a shot, but missed the man and hit the suspect's vehicle. the suspect crashed into a concrete barrier a couple of blocks away in front of the taraval police station. he was taken into custody without incident. it's unclear if the suspect had a gun. no bystanders were hurt. the man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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customers who have eaten at a popular san francisco sandwich information stolen. according to the chronicle, the sandwich shop witch craft on mission street between fourth and fifth streets in the city's soma neighborhood was hacked. it was credit card information of people who dined there between august 11th and october 2d. the hackers took names, credit card numbers, security codes, and expiration dates. if you might be at risk, officials suggest monitoring your account. morning, some say the new year will bring a whole new world in colorado. the mile high state is about to become the first to allow the sale of recreational marijuana since the 1930s. how the anticipation is growing there, next. plus, what chased a woman from its home in campbell. tell you about that. mom...
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ well, with the new year starting tomorrow, some new laws
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are in store for us here in california. a lot of them, in fact. s everything from transgender students' rights to where you can and can't light up. even changes to tipping in restaurants. minimum wage workers are about to get a little more in their paychecks. companies must now pay their employees at least $9 per hour instead of the current $8 per hour minimum. by 2016 minimum wage will jump to $10 per hour. for restaurant servers they might see less in their paycheck. the new law will require that the state will tax any tip that is are automatically added a bill. that's usually the case when you have a large party of six or more at a table. employers will no longer be allowed to fire an employee because they're the victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault. also, the employer must now change the employees' at work phone number that will help protect that employee from a stalker. for k through 12 students, particularly those that identify as transjerntd, schools must now allow them to join the sports team or use the bathroom that correlates to their orientation. also, tomorrow the state of colorado will make history as
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well with new laws. colorado is about to become the first place in the country to allow marijuana use just for fun. tomorrow people 21 and over with a colorado i.d. will be able to buy one ounce of pot. those froq out of state, they can buy a quarter ounce. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez with more. rirchlt this morning anticipation is growing. >> we brought in a staff of people. we have three people that have been rolling joints for two days straight. >> reporter: colorado about to become the first state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. since the federal government banned it. >> this is one ounce of ak-47. >> reporter: at denver's evergreen apott carry the owner calls it historic. >> i really think the end of prohibition is a3;u phenomenal time. >> reporter: colorado pioneered medical marijuana, but voters went the extra step in 2012 approving pot just for fun.
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no smoking in public. taxes topping 25%, and strict rules for growers. >> we'll be carding every single person that comes in the door. >> reporter: colorado expects to rake in tens of millions of dollars a year in tax revenue. 0 set aside to schools, but technically -- >> every transaction and every one of these dispensaries is still a federal crime. even the federal government has promised at least for now that we're not going to prosecute it. >> reporter: it's a burning controversy. new businesses are popping up like the score 20 school bus selling pot-laced food and drink. denver's airport is refusing to go green, keeping its own marijuana ban. >> i actually think it's safer than alcohol. >> i don't like the whered of people driving while they're high. >> the law is what it is. >> reporter: the catch. stoned drivers believe a breath test won't work, but blood tests will. >> they'll still be looking for the same signs of impamplt.
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>> people argue legalize the drugs will kras trafficking to neighboring states, and the family-friendly ski resorts will have tourists looking for a different type of rocky mountain high. >> i think it's going to be a huge disaster. i think it's something that there will beokñ so much damage done to the children out there that it's going to be very difficult to undo it. >> gabe gutierrez, nbc news, denver. at 11:17[h right now, popul movies will be purged from netflix's streaming library. when the clock strikes midnight tonight, about 80 movies and tv shows will be removed from the couple's streaming service. netflix does this every so often because of licensing contracts. among the titles you might miss, titanic, top gun, yiq1ñ flash dance, do the right thing, and as go ahead as it gets. also, if you have an snl fan, several seasons of "saturday night live" will no locker be available. you will still be able to ortd title, though, through the mail. a well known south bay bar after more than three decades of
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doing business in the prune yard shopping center. boswell says rent is just getting too high. they're going to look for a new place to call home. the restaurant and bar has occupied the same spot in the prune yard for the past 36 years. it will hold a new year's eve bash tonight before they shut down. boswell's is just the latest business to leave that area. the popular restaurant hopy's recently announced it too will soon close. same thing. rent getting too high for that business. checking in now with meteorologist christina loren. we get a look at some big highs in the sky tonight. a lot of fireworks. >> yeah, a lot of fireworks, and, you know what, we're going to be able to see them this year, peggy. we're looking good for your new year's oh plans outdoors. it will be chilly. similar as we get into the evening hours to what we're experiencing out there right now. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. low 50s at that. san jose, straight up 50 degrees. 48, meanwhile, in san francisco. the reason why is we had limited sunshine for most of the day. you can see from the live picture of san francisco, that fog is starting to clear out, but in addition to the low clouds, we also have high and
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midlevel clouds moving into the bay area. take a look at this. mostly cloudy at this point now in sin oel, and this will be the case for today. a little area of low pressure is riding to our north, and that's what ushered in that strong onshore flow. the fog returned this morning. we're not expecting it to continue as we head throughout tonight, though. meanwhile, temperatures are going to end up in the mid 60s. staying above average. mostly seeing temperatures this time of year at about 59, 60 degrees, and that's it. well above average. that will continue as we head into the first couple of days in the new year. this is what we're talking about. mostly cloudy right now. that area of low pressure continues to press to the east. we're going to clear out of here. clouds decrease by about 5:00 p.m. tonight, and then, yeah, looking nice and clear to kick off the new year. peggy, xwrnz for anybody hea'js out and about, and can you see your temperatures are going to be chilly, but nice and clear this year. back to you. >> that's wonderful. should be a beautiful night. thanks, christina. if you have got gift cards for christmas and you don't plan on using them soon, you might want to think twice about that. some gift cards may expire. even though those will be good
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for about five years. inactivity fees can also cost you. retail store cards usually don't have them on those cards, but some bank issued cards do. using them now means you won't have to risk losing them at all. make sure to get up there and spend that money. well, still to come, it may be convenient, but some say uber is milking them for money. riders weigh the pros and cons of using uber coming up next.
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>> preparations for the new year are underway in the bay area. on the waterfront in san francisco, crews are busy on two barges preparing fireworks for the show tonight. 200,000 people are expected to watch the 15 minute show at the stroke of midnight. hotels in downtown san francisco, they are all booked up as well as the restaurants
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that have views of the fireworks display. very fun night downtown. ride sharing companies are a convenient way home. especially on a night like tonight, new year's eve. however, one company is getting a lot of criticism for what it calls surge pricing. san francisco bay's uber's charges depend on demand. when more people want a lift, it costs riders more. while convenient, it can be pricey depending on what time you call for a ride. >> the first thing is if it's before 8:00 p.m. on new year's eve, you're pretty good. like, it starts to heat up around 7:30. it starts really getting going around 8:00 p.m. if you can just get to where you're going that first stop in the evening before 8:00 p.m., you're about to be in a really good spot. >> i know that i can get a ride home, and that's something that's really, really important to me. especially on a night like new year's eve. >> reporter: uber has used surge sprising, and people vblt stopped calling on new year's eve. if you are concerned about the price, the company says it will
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let you split the fair with other riders. you can always, of course, call a taxi and also public transportation is an option. a lot of it free tonight. bart is running until 3:00 a.m. however, bart does have normal fares. cal train is running through 3:00. muni is also offering free rides. some lines will run free until 5:00 a.m. sam trans will also let people ride for free between 8:00 tonight and 5:00 tomorrow morning. vta is offering free rides and will have extended hours on the light rail and express bus service that runs between free throw dumont and san jose. now, for everything you immediate to know about your new year's oh, visit our website, nbc bay search new year's eve, and you will find lots of links with all sorts of event that is are happening tonight around bay area. i will be in bed at 7:30, and i'll be back with you in the morning. i won't be out. see any the morning on that, though. sflifshgts coming up, we're fwog take you out to tokyo for quite a tradition that is two decades old. ♪
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very cool. well, ringing many the new year quite literally, as can you hear there. hours ago japan celebrated their new year's with a traditional bell ringing ceremony. according to buddhist beliefs, a man has 108 sins to wipe away. those sins, a temple bell to cover for them is run 108 times. well, back here in the united states, san francisco's asian art museum hosted its own bell ringing ceremony over the weekend. that has been a tradition at the museum for more than two decades. really cool when you see the different ways the countries ring in the new year with new zealand and australia, of course. >> worldwide celebrations. >> very cool to bring in 2014. clear tonight, right? >> yeah, clear. you'll actually be able to see the fireworks. >> very good news there. thank you so much, everyone, for joining us at 11:00. our next newscast is at 5:00. can you get ut latest information at nbc bay happy new year's eve.
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