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tv   Today  NBC  January 1, 2014 7:00am-8:31am PST

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right after that. the maple leafs and the red wings squaring off in ann arbor, michigan. happy new year. we'll see you back here the a7:25. good morning, and happy new year. hundreds of thousands of party goers celebrate the night away in times square as the calendar flips to 2014. we'll look back at the year that was and what lies ahead today, wednesday, january 1st, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to today on this first day of the new year. i'm matt lauer.
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>> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie morales. happy new year everybody. this year i'm going to be open about my drinking on the set. >> okay. >> we apologize if you're tuning in right now and you can't bare to see another glass of champagne. we'll talk quitely today. did you have a nice night? >> yeah. it was fun. >> i'm not even here. i'm in pasadena getting ready for the rose bowl parade. i'm a hologram. >> coming up we're going to look ahead and gaze into our crystal ball when it comes to politics and the economy. can president obama turn around sagging poll numbers? will stocks keep growing in 2014. we'll get into that with chucked to and jim cramer. >> and we're not quite done with 2013 just yet. you don't want to miss a look back at all the fun we have had. >> it's been a lot. >> remember that fun, savannah? >> how could you forget it?
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>> we will begin with a check of the top stories of the morning with natalie here. we'll
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. >> it will be on nbc later on. i hope people there will be all bundled up to watch the detroit red wings and the toronto maple leafs to play hockey in the outdoor classic. it will be a great day, but very cold for everybody outside. back to you, peter. >> kevin, thanks so much. i appreciate it. former first lady barbara bush is in a texas hospital treated for a respiratory related illness. according to the office of george h.w. bush, she was aded to the hospital on monday and in quote, great spirits.
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addition to be the wife of the 44 4 41st president, she is the mother of the 43rd president. putin met with officials to discuss efforts to fight terrorism for injuries suffered during the bombings. this raises concerns as russia prepares to host the winter olympics next month. and the research ship stuck in antarctica. the helicopter is on stand by to get to the researchers stuck on the ice. the weather is hampering the efforts.
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the researchers and crew have been stuck for a week. they are not letting the issue get them down. they rung in the new year with the song. pope francis welcomed 2014 by celebrating mass at the vatican today. the pope delivered a message of world peace. he is urging catholics to follow an itinerary of faith. for the first time in 12 years new york city has a new mayor. bill deblasio was sworn in after midnight as new york city's 109th mayor. he suceeds michael bloomberg. the ceremony will take place today administered by bill clinton. now taking a look at the forecast and frigid weather continues here in the country. highs are 25 to 35 degrees below normal. wind chills may drop to 10 below or 30 degrees below zero in some areas. a clipper system will bring showers to the midwest. now, here's your forecast.
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good wednesday morning. take a look at this sky. not a bad way to kick off 2014. we're looking really good for temperatures to climb into the 60s and even some 70s in the east bay. 67 in the south bay. san francisco, 66. although it is a spare the air day, you can still hit the beach comfortably. want to remind you, if you want to jump in the water, polar bear starts at 10:00 a.m. it is going to be cold out there at aquatic park.
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it is 7:06. let's send it back to matt. >> all right, peter, thank you very much. now a look at what you can expect in 2014. we're going to cover politics and the olympics in sochi in a moment but why don't we start with the economy and your bottom line. jim cramer is the host of cnbc's "mad money." good morning, happy new year. >> same. >> before we just look at the stock markets back in 2013. the dow, the s&p, nasdaq, all up more than 20%. were you surprised by that? >> wasn't supposed to happen. there was not great job growth. we had lots of worries in washington. around the world it was tepid but our companies made a fortune. >> does that set us up well for 2014? >> yes. it's going to be an even better year. i'll tell you why. last year was all about firing people to make a lot of money for the companies. now it's about hiring to grow the revenues. >> so is this now, are you comfortable looking at me and saying we're in the midst of a real recovery. we talked a lot since the
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we had fits and starts. we move ahead. we backtrack. is this the real deal for people on main street and not just people on wall street. >> that's the difference. i think all the money has been made by the paper pushers. now it's going to be made by the companies that make things and that's who hires. >> let's take a look at another thing that happened in 2013 and take a look at how it will effect us in 2014. 2.5 million jobs were created in this country. the unemployment rate went from 8% to 7% which is good news. what's your employment prediction for 2014. >> we're going to go to 6. >> we're going to drop another percent. >> this is a good economy now. the jobs being created are regional, southeast because of oil and gas. any state that has oil and gas is doing well. aerospace has been very, very good. retail is coming back. there will be jobs created that are decent wage jobs. >> we read headlines that the
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united states entered a nuclear deal with iran. without getting into the specifics of the deal, if it creates stability in the oil markets, what will the impact be on the economy? >> the one thing that's the wildcard that's always threatened this economy is sky high oil prices because gasoline goes to $4. every time it goes to $4, the economy cools. if we can keep gasoline at the national price that will be good for jobs and consumer spending. we are a spending nation. >> so you're bullish on 2014. >> bingo. >> one word says it all. happy new year, jim. good to see you. let's go to savannah. thank you. now to politics in this new year. with the president's number down and republicans fighting each other it could make for an interesting year and the midterm elections are around the corner. chuck todd is our political reporter. happy new year to you.
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>> happy new year. >> it's fair to say republicans and democrats are happy to see this year in their rear-view mirror. let's talk about the president. in your last poll he had the highest disapproval rating ever. what does he have to do to turn it around and salvage a second term? >> everything with him is through the prism of this. how he has to fix it. it has to work. what's interesting is there's every chance the economy is going to get better and that it should help him. but what's interesting is even as people are feeling better about the economy, they're not attaching it to the president and it's all because right now health care dominates everything. he's not going to be able to get anything else done if he doesn't show the public that he's got his arms around this, it's working and they feel better about it. until that happens, nothing changes. >> let's talk about the republicans. they were widely blamed for the government shutdown. i think they were, in some ways, rescued by the debacle with the obamacare roll out. the heat was off them. do you think they end the year in a better position, though? >> i don't, actually. they haven't fixed their
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structural problems. all they have done is they're not the president when it comes to health care. if they're not careful it's a false sense of security. they may survive this year. you remember the republican party did this whole what happened and they threw out this whole we have to get better with minorities and technology and various issues and not look like we're so antiwoman. they made no accomplishments on that front. none of it. so i think that they're in just as bad of a place if not worse than they were. it just doesn't look like it right now because of health care. >> the first real test will be the congressional midterms. the president's party usually loses seats in an off year. can the republicans take back control of the senate and how does the house look to you? >> the republicans have to deal with the split inside of their own party. more than half of senate republicans running for re-election have a tea party challenger. that's what kept them from getting control of the senate in 2010 and a little bit in 2012.
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this has been an issue for them. so they have to get their intra party stuff behind them but the wildcard is the economy. we know health care is a problem and this idea that the republicans don't want to govern and the democrats can't govern. if the economy improves, what does that do? does it help democrats? whether they're democrats or republicans and that's the wildcard issue. the public can't stand both parties right now. that's why i can't imagine they're going to reward one over the other. >> i'm going to ask for a ten second answer. will we be talking about hillary clinton and chris christie this time next year? >> hillary clinton will have a new republican front runner. the beginning of last year the hot name was a guy named marco rubio. >> i remember that. chuck todd, happy new year. thanks. >> thank. thanks. matt to you. let's wrap up our look ahead with one of the biggest events coming up in 2014.
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coming up in 36 days, the winter olympic games in sochi russia. we'll be there and so will jimmy roberts covering his 15th olympics. >> that makes me sound so old. >> since the ancient olympics. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> just overall thoughts of the olympics, going to sochi, what does it mean? >> first and foremost, it's only the second time in the history of the modern olympic games that the olympics are going to be in the largest country on earth. and remember, the only time previously they had been there was back in 1980 when just about 40% of olympic nations weren't competing. so this is really a landmark event. >> 12 new events coming up in these olympic games and the early word is that the new events may help the u.s. >> why? >> i think so because they're events that traditionally and historically the united states has done well in. there are some snowboarding events and free style skiing. there's also a new event, the team figure skating and the united states has good prospects in that area as well. >> let's talk about alpine
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skiing. names immediately come to mind. you have lindsey vonn, bode miller. ted ligety. first of all, lindsey vonn a question mark. >> i think what this is all about in terms of the american prospects in skiing, it's about question marks and it's about exclamation points. certainly the question marks are lindsey vonn. you know she had the horrible knee injury last year. came back and injured the knee again. it's a little bit early at this point to determine how she will do. bode miller is 36 years old. going to his fifth olympic games. that's going to be a record for an american man at the winter games. those are the question marks. >> and we have a young skier that a lot of people will be talking about. michaela chifferon. what do we need to know? >> well, that's the exclamation point there. i think a lot of people may think of her like they thought of missy franklin. she is just 18 years old.
7:15 am
she did graduate from high school last year but already she has been dominant in some of the technical events. she won world cup gold last year at the season competition and also at the world championships. >> figure skating is one of the glamour sports of any olympic games and we have ashley wagner and gracie gold to talk about. do you think these two will make waves? >> i think there's a lot of expectation for the two of them. first let's talk about ashley wagner. she refers to herself as the almost girl because she has almost gotten it done a couple of times. she's the two time u.s. champion. she's the first-person to win consecutive u.s. championships since michelle kwan. she has been fifth and fourth. there's going to be a lot of expectation on her. but, you never know what's going to happen in figure skating. >> and grracie gold is another name to watch. and then there are some sports where u.s. men can make history in sochi. talk about that. >> all right.
7:16 am
so shani davis in speed skating. the thousand meters. the history is that no u.s. man has won the same event in three consecutive games. so shani davis has won two consecutive thousand meters in the speed skating and ironically -- i shouldn't say ironically, coincidentally, a woman has done it. bone bonnie blair has done it. but you also have seth wescott. >> shaun white as well. >> he was the poster boy for snowboarding for so long. he's now like the veteran and he has an opportunity to win three consecutive golds. >> it's going to be interesting. the world goes to sochi and we'll both be there. thank you for the preview. i appreciate it. >> good to see you. happy new year. >> and to you. february 6th with the opening ceremony the next day on february 7th. let's head to tamron in the orange room. good morning. happy new year to you.
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>> all right, matt. it's a new year, new you. by the way, 40% of the people out there said they set new year's resolution. it's a new year so why not do it. but here's the down side. only 8% of us say we keep our new year's resolutions. that's not stopping us, though, the #happy2014, what's your new year's resolution? mine is to -- i learned to swim in 2013. i really want to get into swimming in 2014. so we'll see what happens there. but matt, savannah, natalie, and al, you'll reveal your new year's resolutions coming up later. but have you kept any past? >> i think so. >> not many. >> do you know what happens one week from today? tamron looks back at the video and says what was i thinking with that tiara. >> this goes with the outfit. >> oh, okay. >> sorry about that. coming up, 2014 in pop culture including the movies getting the most oscar buzz
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right now. and the person who inspired me the most. this is part of a series that we all really enjoyed doing last year about people that inspire us. mine was and is mohammed ali. we'll share that with you. but first, this is "today" on nbc. you. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up on our first trending of the year, should you be hard at work taking down your holiday decorations? no but you should be getting ready to do that. >> emotionally preparing to take them down. >> and then the fun times here in studio 1-a and beyond in 2013. oh, yeah, turn it up. but first, your local news and weather. >> that's going to leave a mark. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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good morning to you. happy new year. it is 7:26. i'm peggy bunker. a 19-year-old mother who was holding her baby while she was hit by a truck has died. this happened last night just south of mowry avenue. the woman was carrying her three-month-old baby boy and walking with her 17-year-old sister when all three were hit by the truck. the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital but later died. the three-month-old has severe injury and the 17-year-old has minor injuries. the driver of the truck said he did not see the three walking and is cooperating with police. police say no alcohol was involved. a setback for the family trying to keep their brain-dead daughter on life support.
7:27 am
a judge has denied a request to force children's hospital to insert a breathing tube a new york facility has agreed to take her but she must have the procedure before she is removed. a court order requires the hospital to keep jahi on a ventilator until january 7th. a quick check of your weather. good morning to you at home. kind of a murky sky to start the day in emeryville. we have a spare the air alert in place. it is a no-burn day. hopefully, as we head throughout the end of the week into the weekend, we will be able to lift that restrictions. we are looking good for that. temperatures are chilly. look at how light your drive is on the bay bridge. you have to love a holiday. light traffic expected all day long. if anything happens, we'll let you know. beach weather expected. bad air quality. great temperatures if you want to get outdoors for today. 66 at 11:00 a.m. in santa cruz.
7:28 am
you will be at 70 at 3:00 p.m. comfortable conditions out there. that's where you want to head for you family. the best air quality will be right at the immediate coast. then, here is the good news. an area of low pressure starts to move in thursday, friday, and saturday. we are looking to improve your air quality. we will likely be sfparing the air tomorrow. we are now getting into january. it is the time of jeer yyear yo to have a fire. another local news update in half an hour. have a great day!
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:30 on this new year's day morning. ready to go. rockefeller center tree still burning bright. it stays up until january 7th. so come see it. that actually got us thinking, how long should you keep up your tree, your lights and the other decoratio decorations. this is a matter of controversy. >> controversy? >> some people think others keep it up way too long. >> there's been years i looked at the rockefeller center tree and by the end it looks bad. that's a big tree and the branches start to sag and it looks sad. >> you never opened your fake present. >> oh, you shouldn't have.
7:31 am
you didn't. >> i think get it done soon after the first of the year. but not right away. >> a few days. >> if it's may, then you have problems. >> you have a fire hazard. >> also ahead, one of the stories closest to my heart from last year. we each talked about someone who inspired us. al chose willard. natalie chose a man facing als with amazing courage and savannah profiled her uncle pierce. mine was someone i admired from the time i was a kid and was lucky enough to get to know as an adult, mohammed ali. >> tamron is in the orange room with a topic a lot of people will be looking up online today. we're talking about hang over cures. who's guil
7:32 am
all right, we continue our look ahead at 2014 with the world of pop culture. josh, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> let's talk about early 2014, movies, oscar buzz. what do you think is going to take home the statue? >> the oscars are march 7th. they're late because of the winter olympics. you're probably looking at "12 years a slave" versus "gravity." it's got a huge amount of buzz. in terms of best actor, you have tom hanks for captain phillips competing against the star of
7:33 am
"12 years a slave." robert redford is being talked about. it is big. >> can we just give it up for hollywood because there were a lot of really good movies this year. >> this was an excellent year for film. a bit of a change. looking forward to what other films are going to be coming out this year. there's still a lot of bad ones and hollywood is relying on franchises. there's a remake of godzilla and an x-men movie. over the summer, 50 shades of grey. >> some ladies are excited about that. >> one of the other movies is this film called noah about noah's arch. it stars russell crow and anthony hopkins. everybody is going to go see it. that's one of the buzzes in march, april. >> don't you have amazing spiderman 2.
7:34 am
>> yes. another sequel. the first one did well. we'll see. probably going to be big. >> 2013 was good. we had justin timberlake, taylor swift. what's the records you're looking at? >> january 14th, the bosses 18th album will drop. jay-z and kanye will go back into collaboration. it's the second version of their collaboration together. that debuted at number one i. was also critically acclaimed. we have stevie wonder. let's see if he can bring back the charm. >> we have classics there. you can't beat that. >> exactly. >> let's talk celebrity weddings. now we don't have any dates set for brangelina. >> they have been saying for years they're not going to get married until gay people can get married. i don't know if they need publicity or money -- >> that's so cynical, josh.
7:35 am
>> i know, i'm sure it's just pure love. but maybe there's other factors. kim and kanye. >> kimye. >> is that what we're calling them? >> maybe for my new year's resolution i'll stop combining names. >> we'll make it a duo. >> one more prediction, 2013 brought us the cronut. thank you 2013. what do you think will be the trendy food item for this year? >> well, this is one of those things that just dropped out of the sky. no one could have predicted that the cronut would be the cronut. i'm just saying, i have an add, it's a twitwinkie full of spam sprinkled with anchovies. you saw it here first. >> you keep that day job just in case it doesn't workout. try it with bean dip. >> what a lovely idea.
7:36 am
>> happy new year. >> you too. >> coming up next, the mass moving tribute to the man that inspired him, mohammed ali. and then from the cronut to gadgets, the crazes that changed your life in 2013. but first, these messages. check it out everybody. our kids are out of their rooms. we actually see their faces. oh my god, he's taller than i remember. because we've got the kfc favorites bucket. everybody gets what they want. we love this new extra crispy boneless. mmm. mmm. now, they still don't talk to us. if somebody's battery runs out then you know maybe we can actually carry on a conversation. 10 pieces, any recipe. twelve ninety-nine. and you know what i want? all of us being together. aw. aw. they don't care but i care. no. aw. ♪
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♪ ooh, la la ♪ sing ooh, la la la la ♪ come on, y'all, ooh, la la [ female announcer ] set your success in motion with the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love and so much more. what will you gain when you lose? welcome back on this new year's day morning. our inspired by series this year was one of the special things we did in 2013 and matt, you chose someone everyone admires. >> this was an honor to do, my choice, mohammed ali perhaps the most famous athlete of all time and what inspires me the most about him is his greatness outside of the ring. >> who's the heavy weight cha
7:41 am
champion of the world. >> i must be the greatest. >> i was 7 years old when ali won the heavyweight championship of the world. i was a huge sports fan, even at that age. he was the biggest thing in the world of sports. >> i'm young, i'm handsome, i'm fast, i'm pretty and can't possibly be beat. >> he was chiselled out of stone and he had that personality and that's what got me. it was magnetic. you couldn't turn away from the guy when you watched him. >> i'm going to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. >> so here i've got this idol and i'm 10 and ali refuses to be inducted into the military in this country. i didn't know the religion reasons. i was too young to understand
7:42 am
the politics of it. what i understood was my idol was doing something that was going to make him no longer the heavyweight champion of the world so i went to my dad one day and i said to him, dad, do you agree with what mohammed ali is doing? and my dad was a world war ii veteran and he fought in the philippines in world war ii and i remember him saying, matt, i don't agree with what he's doing and it was devastating to me. my dad was telling me he didn't agree with what my idol was doing but he paused just a second and i'll never forget it, and then he looked at me and he said i admire him for standing up for what he believes in and it was like double light bulbs went on. a learned a lot about my dad at that moment, that this world war ii veteran could see things in layers. that he could disagree with ali's actions but admire him as
7:43 am
a man. then i really got the bug and started following him because now he had the stamp of approval from the guy that meant the most in my life to me, my dad. the fact of the matter is that when mohammed ali became the most famous man in the world, he didn't just treat it as being a celebrity. he felt a responsibility. >> people look for miracles. people look for surprises of all kinds. yet the greatest miracle, the greatest surprise is to be found in one's heart. >> he helped people who were hungry and poor and depressed and illiterate and he gave them hope and inspiration and he stood for something. it leads to that night in atlanta, the opening ceremony of the atlanta olympic games and i'm sitting in that stadium with bryant gumbel and on to the platform, out of the shadows
7:44 am
comes mohammed ali and he is carrying the torch as he's shaking. imagine the message it sent to people all around the world that the once heavyweight champion of the world, the greatest was comfortable standing there in that world spotlight trembling holding that torch but sending a message that i am still powerful. i wept in that stadium. when you're used to being seen in that incredibly physical state and chiselled body and next thing you know you have parkinson's disease it would be easy to run from the spotlight and say i don't want to be seen this way. this isn't the way i want to be remembered. >> it can't be easy for him to travel around these days. >> do you know this man here? >> oh, yes. >> but the fact that he is still willing to go out and finds it's still important to go out and
7:45 am
inspire other people at his parkinson's center. >> you're a true inspiration. god bless you. >> how many people do you know in your life who began to inspire people when they were 18, 19 years old and have continued to inspire millions of people all around the world past their 70th birthday? it may be unequal. i mean, this is perhaps the most famous man in the world. and he could easily still make it all about himself. and yet he chooses to live his life in a way that makes it all about others. >> i still got the world. >> you know, i just want to say that he and his wife who are both fantastic people have been so kind to me and my family over the years and to all of us
7:46 am
really here at the "today" show. if you'd like to know more about their parkinson's center they do such amazing workout there. we'll put that information up on our website. >> he's still giving back in such a neat way. >> so inspiring. >> incredible man. >> coming up, are you ruining your memories by trying to capture them all every second on your camera? >> that's why you take the picture to remember. >> no. >> okay. all right. and then from the orange room, timely hangover cures on this and then from the orange room, twhen i grow up i want to float around in my big pink bubble. [ laughing ] or use my magic wand to make rainbows fall from the sky. [ female announcer ] remember when you thought anything was possible? [ laughing ] it still is. you can do weight watchers new simple start plan entirely online or on that magic phone of yours. it's a 2-week plan to start losing weight right away. join for free. weight watchers online. log into your new beginning today.
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7:50 am
well, if you're feeling a little worse for the wear, do you know what really cures a hangover? >> tamron hall. >> she does. >> guys, the orange room team, we're calling this hangover fear factor. basically all morning long people have sbn sending us this hashtag with their remedies on how to cure the hangover. my cure all, i believe and not that i ever overdrink. alka seltzer and chase it with ginger ale. that's me. other suggestionsuggestions, a blueberries, coconut water, banana and ice. this is it. okay. i'm going to pass on that.
7:51 am
rebecca's ingredients better. she says to us pickle juice. have you guys ever heard of this. >> yeah. >> the salt in the pickle juice apparently. >> and the sugar. >> it rehydrates you. >> that's tasty to me. and then the old fall back, the one and only hang over cure is the egg mcmuffin with egg cheese and the english muffin. >> i like that one. can i make a point tamron. you have to be careful on that pickle juice. if you wake up after a wild party at your house and you see a glass that looks like that -- >> oh, no. >> you may not want to be sipping that. >> there's children watching. >> i'm sorry. >> oh my gosh. >> i'm just saying. >> we know what you're saying. you didn't have to be saying. >> you just shouldn't be saying. >> tamron, thank you so much. >> hair of the dog.
7:52 am
>> that's more than the hair of the dog. >> let's not even say. coming up, break out your hot pants and grapes. the rituals from across the globe to bring you good luck in 2014. >> then one of our favorite traditions from sing and dancing to sports and a few slip ups. a look back at the fun we had in '2013. >> a special new year's day performance from one of the hottest bands around, one republic. >> but first a check at university of phoenix we know the value of your education is where it can take you. (now arriving city hospital.) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop financial center.) let's get to work.
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good morning. happy new year. i'm peggy bunker. the rose bowl parade will begin in just a few hours. pegly lamont and christian campbell will be a rose bowl float. she was behind a matteo's dream playground. a playground safe to play. her son was wheelchair bound and blind. he has since passed away. you can see the rose parade on nbc bay area. hoda kotb and al roker will cover that parade. our coverage starts at 8:00 a.m. following a special one-hour edition of the "today" show which is just wrapping up now.
7:57 am
christina, we want to check in on the weather. it will be more comfortable to watch the floats from indoors. it is cold out there, specially in los angeles. san jose, 37 degrees. sky overhead, plenty of haze partially due to the fireworks. a very stubborn weather pattern we have had. san rafael, quite a different sky shaping up for you. nice, clear conditions. this extends all the way south to the golden gate bridge. a beautiful start to the day. highs in the 70s. in the east bay. south bay, 67 degrees. 67 in the north bay and if you wanted to hit the beach, that's where you are going to find the best air quality today. it is going to be comfortable out there in santa cruz. happy to report as well, area of low pressure, dip in the jetstream will provide better air quality as we get into the end of the week and the upcoming weekend.
7:58 am
back to you. looking forward to that. our live coverage gets underway in a few minutes. our next is at 5:00.
7:59 am
8:00 am
you're invited now to an nbc special presentation, the 125th rose parade presented by honda. live from pasadena, california, brought to you in high definition, the national broadcasting company presents the 125th rose parade presented by honda. now let's join your hosts al roker and hoda kotb at nbc rose parade headquarters. >> happy new year. i'm al roker. i am thrilled to start the new year off with hoda kotb. >> who is better than al roker? i am so thrilled to be here. i've always personally loved this parade. al, you can feel the excitement surrounding us on the street. >> i got to tell you, we've got
8:01 am
millions of folks here that will be seeing exceptional floats, bands, equestrians and celebry theies like they never before. >> vin scully totally personifies the dreams come true thing. when he was 8 years old he told his teacher, i'm going to be a sports announcer when i grow up. >> he was absolutely correct. one of the best. the rose parade began earlier this week. a nice ride from the jackson limousine company. >> these beautiful flowers were provided by ftd. they keep our nbc booth in splen or the. >> i know you love rose. >> hey, hey. >> instead we have roses. the festivities begin. take a look right now. here they come. oh my gosh. the united states air force thunderbirds from luke air force base in arizona celebrating their 60th anniversary. amazing. >> that is breathtaking. these guys have performed for millions of people around the world, and witnessing this event right now, takes your breath
8:02 am
away. >> all righty. here we go! getting ready to start it off with the wells fargo presentation for the 2014 rose parade. dreams come true. >> welcome to the opening show presented by wells fargo. to kick off the theme of "dreams come true" and celebrate 125 years of the rose parade, the opening show highlights great american achievements of each quarter century leading up to this momentous day. we begin in the early 1900s an an invention ta transformed the american landscape. in 1908, people were dancing the cakewalk to ragtime music and henry ford began selling the model t, the first affordable car available to the mass public. in 1927, they were dancing the
8:03 am
charleston to jazz and charles lindbergh flew "the spirit of st. louis" across the atlantic ocean in the world's first transatlantic flight. in 1943, there was swing dancing to big band music and rosie the riveter was introduced. rosie encouraged women to enter the workforce as men left for world war ii and helped spark the modern women's movement. in the 1960s, they were dancing the twist to rock 'n' roll and president kennedy launched the moon race. in 1969, neill armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. in the 1980s, break dances turned performances upside down and high-tech inventions from personal computers to smartphones and social media, this marks the dawn of the
8:04 am
information age. for the past 125 years, people around the world have been making dreams come true. >> ladies and gentlemen, you might recognize the voice you've just heard opening the 125th rose parade. he is one of the top sportscasters in history and was recently named as baseball's all-time broadcaster. he is in baseball's hall of fame and has had 64 years of consecutive service with the dodgers, longest of any sports broadcaster with one team. it is my pleasure to introduce to you the 2014 rose parade grand marshal, mr. vin scully! >> hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good day to you. i'm delighted and honored and
8:05 am
humbled to be the grand marshal of the 2014 rose parade. and i'm delighted to have the opportunity to wish everybody here and at home a very, very happy and healthy new year. for the first pitch, let's start the parade! >> all right. it begins. >> it certainly does. >> 125th tournament of roses parade with spectacular weather. >> i cannot believe it's already, what, 60 degrees now. >> 60 degrees. it's been perfect all week. record-setting temperatures here. just really loving this. >> well, i know this is your 17th year. >> yeah, 17th. >> my first year, and i was so surprised by the number of people camping out. >> oh my gosh. >> along the parade route. sleeping bags, chairs, the whole thing. >> by the way, outfit is fantastic.
8:06 am
picked out by? >> my mom. thank you for the coat. but i have to tell you i've heard about this experience, al, but being here today is something really, really magical. >> it really is special. and all these equestrians, all the bands, all these bands who perform car washes and bake sales and everything to get here, they are the pride of their homes. and by the way, if you want to talk with us, we're on twitter @alroker. >> @hodakotb. if you can spell that -- >> #nbcroseparade. >> please tweet us. we'll tell you what we see from our vantage point. we have a hotspot. >> right here at orange grove and colorado. all the parade floats are on orange grove. they make the turn onto colorado, and then begin the 5 1/2-mile trek here. so all in all, it's going to be a fantastic day. >> stick around as nbc's live high-def coverage of the 125th
8:07 am
rose parade presented by honda continues with all the beauty and excitement. we will be right back.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
well, we are back with the 125th tournament of roses coverage here on nbc in high definition. >> loving every minute of it so far. the first float is making its way down the street. i can't wait to see how this whole parade unfolds. >> again, it's live. as you can see, behind us, we're getting ready to see the honda float. it is a massive, massive undertaking. so it takes some time as you can see here getting ready to make its turn. i mean, this thing is 300 feet long. >> it is. that 300-foot entry from honda. it was founded in 1959. now a sponsor of the parade. it conjures up the ultimate feeling of looking into the future and all the possibilities by empowering, inspiring, and overcoming challenges. >> watch this baby make the turn. >> i don't think it can do it. >> 300 feet. that's right. here we go. make sure you turn wide. put your blinkers on. here we go. look at that. got to turn wide. guess what, students from the
8:11 am
exchange initiative investing in jap please american readers are leading the procession. and let's take a look once more at our grand marshal, vin scully. i mean, this guy is broadcasting history personified. >> he certainly is. they said he was just surprised that he was asked to get this honor. humble guy too. >> all right. back to the american honda float. this float shows dreams of the future including the upcoming acura ns xx sports car, the honda jet, and of course everybody's favorite drive there, asimo, the humanoid ro t robot. the train is propelled by a special hybrid engine with low emissions to reduce the carbon footprint. as you see in the back there, there's a giant screen. that's actually -- they've got cameras on board shooting the audience and sending up messages, which is pretty cool. >> that's great. i think what's fascinating about all these floats, if you look
8:12 am
really closely at them, you see flowers. >> that's right. >> thousands and thousands of flowers. >> because the rule is every inch of surface that is visible has to be covered by some sort of organic plant material, whether it's ground-up petals, beans, fruit, seeds. >> i love it. >> whatever. it all has to be some sort of organic material. >> boy, and just, you know, able to step on the streets a little bit before this started. when you watch the crowd, people came from all over around the country, around the world. >> smile, you're on camera. >> i am? hello. >> hanging up. >> but you've got to love that, the number of people who come here and watch this unfold. >> honda, of course, every year seems to outdo itself -- and there's asimo. of course that's not the real one because the real asimo is not covered in beans. not usually the kind of material you use to create a futuristic
8:13 am
robot. >> you know what's great about this parade, too, been to the macy's day parade and seen things, and you see the difference. there's a real sort of hometown feel about pasadena. >> oh, yeah. >> it's my fist time here. you feel like you're in a little town, but when you watch it unfold you see the thousands of people around. >> this is terrific pap great way to kick off the parade as you can see. it's the 125th anniversary. as i said, there have been years when it's been freezing, the threat of rain. this is about the most spectacular weather we have seen in the last i'd say eight years. >> and i have to say it's a real privilege, al, to be sitting next to you because when you look back over the years at the people who have hosted this parade, just incredible. the list is long. they were talking about betty white did it one year. the list is so long. it's really a cool experience. >> and what we're hearing in the background now, this group -- >> come on. >> every year gets the crowd excited and stirred up.
8:14 am
if you don't feel a surge of patriotism as you watch the u.s. marine corps mounted color guard come into view, then there's nothing. >> they've led this rose parade since 1986 astride their wild mustang palominos adopted from the bureau of land management's adoptive horse programs stemming from the logistics base in b barstow, california, they are the last remaining mounted color guard in the marine corps. they continue to travel the country, performing at numerous ceremonies and events. these marines have become honorably known as american heroes astride american living legends. >> and as i can hear, we've got -- just off our booth, all clapping to the music. >> and saluting. yeah. you see it.
8:15 am
>> and of course we're listening to the sounds of the u.s. marine corps west coast composite band. they bring us class and dignity. our hats are off. we salute this group composed of the san diego-based first marine division band. the third marine aircraft wing band. and the marine band of san diego. looking sharp. marching sharp. sounding sharp. >> gets you in the mood, doesn't it. >> yeah, i'm telling you. that is fantastic. for 5 1/2 miles, they will march, they will play, and they will remind us of the sacrifice and the patriotism that are exemplified by our men and women in uniform here and abroad, protecting us across the world. >> yeah. you really get a sense of
8:16 am
nostalgia and patriotism when they narch front of you, al. ♪ >> all right. good news for this float right here. the past president trophy winner is before us, western asset management company, won for most innovative use of floral and nonfloral materials. this is an exciting new group and it's called presented by western asset management company, and it is called "so close yet safari away." >> i get it. safari away! >> i made that up. it is a bedazzling spectacle and a wonder of design, ingenuity, and high-tech creativity. the beauty of the animals is absolutely unbelievable. they look real. i'm sure our viewers are wondering about that, aren't you, al roker? >> you aren't lion. king of the jungle, triggering
8:17 am
dreams for us all to go on safari someday. ah, yes. ♪ born free as free as the wind ♪ i'm sorry. the life like beauty captured in each one of the animated animals awesome, the gazelle, pride and power of the mother hippo. it is great excitement. >> all right, gang. the excitement continues here on nbc's high-definition live coverage of the 125th rose parade. we will be right back with many surprises i
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
oh, that's fantastic. the hawaiian all state marching band called na koa ali'i. 40 different schools representing the beautiful state of hawaii. got to say aloha to each one of them.
8:21 am
fine musicians, dancers, and performers in the colorful attire. dedicated young folks, did a lot of fund-raisers. one they called a jogathon entitled "run for the roses." let's listen and enjoy as we book 'em, dano. ♪ all right. we have another award winner here. sweepstakes winner goes to dole packaged food, tieasing the tastes. depicts the beauty of nature and dole's mission to protect the environment while providing healthy, natural, tasty packaged fruit and veggies. >> their high-tech computerized
8:22 am
system is used to capture the life like beauty of camels, elephants, and tigers. cascade waterfalls feature over 10,000 gallons of recycled water adding to the emotional impact and the elegantly clad street performers add an entertaining touch. this is just spectacular. makes you want to pack a bag and go on vacation. >> it certainly does. by the way, that music is beautiful. i'm into that. all right. riding in style, these lady, don't you think? >> i'm telling you. >> uh-huh. >> those camels, you have to wonder, one hump or two? >> stop. boy, when you think about the work that went into one of those, al. >> all by volunteers. >> that's amazing when you think about it. belly dancers. those are my people! >> that's right. for 5 1/2 miles. >> my people! >> for 5 1/2 miles they will be belly dancers.
8:23 am
>> that's great. >> wow. this is a great float. >> you know what, al want us to slow down. okay? >> that's right. just stay on this as long as we can. >> all right. we have to go on, al. sorry. riding in style and grandeur is r. scott jenkins, who i met in the lobby of our hotel, nice guy, and his wife, cindy, and their family. this is what making an entrance is all about. president jenkins was born and raised in pasadena, so a whole lot of community pride riding along with the jenkins family today. this is the classic budweiser clydesdales' 58th appearance in the rose parade, and the first year they will not be pulling a float. the budweiser clydesdales have been a symbol of anheuser-busch and americana for more than 75 years. it's any wonder these beautiful champions that must weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 pounds are so respected and honored. what a great, great family. >> and tradition. what tradition. those horses. i see them, i can't help but think about ed mcmahon. i love them.
8:24 am
hey, we've got another trophy winner. this is the theme trophy for donate life for best presentation of the rose parade theme. celebrating their 12th year with us, donate life has created a compassionate and thought-provoking float through its theme "light up the world." those beautiful lanterns are decorated with 81 memorial florographs of deceased donors while 30 grateful recipients are seated in the dedication garden of roses with thousands of personal messages attached. >> donate life is a national award to motivate the public to join together to register as organ, eye, and tissue donors. the walkers are kidney donors, showing their lives continue to shine as they have liven light and life to others. it's beautiful. i think love and hope and remembrance pretty much covers it all. and by the way, that float has been decorated by family members and friends who have all been donors or recipients to honor
8:25 am
loved ones. beautiful. >> here's another award winner. this is the mayor's trophy. the sierra madre rose float association for the most outstanding sitting entry. looks like three sierra madre princesses are expecting fun and fishing. they'll be in for quite a surprise. you can imagine the one that got away. the theme of this entry is "catching the big one." this gigantic 26-foot-tall highly animated colorful creature of the deep is the big one. can you imagine how much sushi that would make? >> designed, built, and decorated again by volunteers. these folks are to be congratulated upon their concept, technology, and of course the hard work and love that's been put into this project. 10,000 roses, you guys, 15,000 carnations, 6,000 irises, plus grapefruit, oranges, and kumquats are some of the organics used in order to create this. what a beautiful entry. >> all right.
8:26 am
we've got a special surprise from "the voice"! more fun and entertainment await you as our high definition coverage of the 125th rose parade presented by honda continues right here. >> it's a party.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
another award winner before us. the extraordinaire trophy goes to the singpoli group, floats that cannot retract to 55 feet in length. it's presented again by leaders in trans-pacific real estate and development. this delicately exquisite tableau is a masterpiece design. it captures the antiquity and culture of the chinese as it creatively bridges the gap between east and west. the mythical heavenly steeds known in china that are mesmerizing are the equivalent of the ancient winged horse here known as pegasus. this float portrays their bewitching theme, connecting culture, delivering dreams with beauty and grace. >> the float also features graceful chinese symbols of longevity. the petals depict golden-tile
8:30 am
rooftops. it is one beautiful float. ♪ we welcome all of our nbc stations joining us for the 125th rose parade here on nbc. >> we missed you. >> where have you been? we've been waiting for you because we've got the rose queen and her royal court from the pasadena city college herald trumpets. >> that's maria acosta. beautiful six are princesses. as the saying goes, they're not just pretty faces. they're chosen for a lot of different reasons. >> the wave is spectacular. >> actually perfect. also they're chosen for public speaking, their poise. they're all very smart, by the way, al. academic achievement. and also community involvement. >>


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