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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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hospital after both were hit by a car. tonight, people gathered for a vigil. tonight, a winter storm is hitting much of the country and causing delays from coast-to-coast. good evening. and thanks for joining us. raj and jessica are off tonight. only on nbc, we reported last week about a fire on christmas night that injured two men in san francisco. we've learned that one of those men died. but the other spoke to nbc bay area tonight about his efforts to save his partner and the efforts of the community to help him recover. jean elle's in san francisco where she spoke to the survivor who is still in the hospital tonight. jean? >> reporter: patrick ferry is here at st. francis memorial hospital, recovering from serious burns to his hands. his partner of 29 years did not survive his injuries. but instead of focusing on his loss, is focusing on the magical life they built together.
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>> we helped each other forever. and we built this store that celebrated its 20th year. >> patrick ferry talks about building life with his partner of nearly 30 years. ferry is recovering from severe burns to his hands after their san francisco home caught fire christmas night. >> i raced upstairs. and the flames were coming out of the room. i tried to go in. it was way too hot. and then, he lurched out. >> reporter: sapp did not survive his injuries. friends are shocked. >> had a lot of friends. he's one of my best. >> watched sapp and ferry build a maj cal business. with no website, the store and sapp were known around the world.
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>> he was fielding a call from france. randy was a master of incense and oils. very much beloved in his community. >> reporter: a sign on the door thanks firefighters for their heroic efforts. explains sapp's passing over. and with growing community support, it will reopen. ferry says it will be a new beginning. >> the last thing he would want for me is to be curled up in a ball. refusing to go on because of my grief. >> reporter: ferry is choosing to be thankful for the 29 years they had together. when the time is right, there will be a ceremony for sapp with lots of flowers and stoneware. as for the cause of the fire, the san francisco fire department is investigating. he believes it was a faulty extension cord. >> thank you.
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and new at 11:00, a human skull was discovered in east bay hills today. oakland police found the skull near children regional park this afternoon. police are investigating how the human skull ended up there in the first place. and a 13-year-old boy died this morning after being shot on new year's eve. he was shot near the intersection of 104th avenue and walnut street. he was going home after leaving the boys and girls club. detectives have not released information or suspects or motive. and tonight, a bay area community is remembering a teenage mother who was killed in a bizarre car accident. they're praying for her 3-month-old baby who was hurt in that accident. it started with family members arguing in a car. and some of them getting out and getting hit. george kiriyama is in fremont with more. >> reporter: athink what really strikes a cord, is you have a 19-year-old mother seen here on this poster board right here.
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she had the opportunity to spend 11 weeks with her baby. when the grandmother showed up at tonight's vigil, one person described, heartbreaking. the tears came down when ashley's grandmother arrived at the vigil, crying and kissing one of her posters. her pain, her grief, silenced the crowd. >> i love her so much. >> reporter: fremont police say a 64-year-old pickup driver hit and killed ashley and injured her 3-month-old son and her 17-year-old sister. they were walking west on paseo parkway avenue. and ashley was carrying her 11-week-old baby at the sim he was struck. it caused salvador to fly 30 feet in the air. the family says salvador is in critical condition at children's hospital in oakland.
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>> right now, we're praying because nobody's allowed to be at the hospital except the father. >> reporter: ashley and her sister got into a disagreement and walked on to paseo padre parkway. the driver had not been drinking and is cooperating with detectives. >> we pull closer in times like this. >> reporter: the family, now mourning the loss of a 19-year-old mom taken too soon. and praying for her little baby. >> her son was everything to her. he changed her completely. everything she posted on social media was about him. every picture. it's unfortunate that she's not here to protect him. i know that she will be watching over him. >> even though the vigil ended three hours ago, people are still out here. family and friends still paying their respects. and praying for little salvador in oakland tonight. >> george, thank you. and another car crash in san
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francisco left a 7-year-old girl dead and sent her younger brother and mother to the hospital. police say the family was in the crosswalk at the section of ellis and poke streets about 8:00 last night. they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. the driver was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. firefighters are watching for flare-ups after several fires burned two cabins in southern california. three, separate fires started at 6:00 tonight in cleveland national forest. several people were evacuated from their cabins. but they've been let back into their homes tonight. firefighters have contained the flames and there are no reports of injuries. we're following a developing weather story. hundreds of flights were canceled today because of a winter storm hitting one-third of this country. forecasters are warning that the midwest and the northeast could get a foot of snow over the next few days. and today, chicago set a new year's day snowfall record with
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five inches. >> hopefully this is the only one. this is the only one for 2014. airports across the midwest and northeast are already planning for major delays and flight consolatiancellations. tomorrow could be the worst day to travel because of the massive snowstorm. six flights between chicago and sfo were canceled because of the bad weather. and jeff is keeping a close eye on this one. >> right across the west it may be clear. but you could be facing delays over the next 24 hours. we have a cold wrapped snow hitting portions of chicago. then, off towards the south, heavy, wet rain towards atlanta. those two areas merging together to give us the worst delays tomorrow morning in chicago. heavy snow, temperatures that will feel like minus 4. as we head throughout thursday evening, it's about new york city. four to eight inches of snow. temperatures near 15 degrees. windchills possibly even colder. and then, also for thursday evening, it will be like a
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one-two punch. not only for new york city, but also for boston. upwards of a foot of snow expected. winds that could borderline 30 miles per hour. they may ratchet up to a blizzard warning in portions of boston. a lot of travel headaches, even if you're not heading to any of the cities. we'll have your full forecast coming up. >> thank you, jeff. continuing coverage on a family's fight to keep their 13-year-old daughter on a ventilator. the attorney for jahi mcmath's family says he's working the phone lines to get the girl moved to another facility. but children's hospital says the doctors have not heard from a single person involved in this plan. >> the family attorney has created a hoax. a very sad hoax with jahi mcmath is in some way alive. she's not. she's deceased by every law in the state of california. >> he wants to try to make the
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hospital the victim. and pretend that this is a hoax, and say that my lawyer is perpetuating a myth. >> the terri schiavo live and hope network wants to help the family. terri schiavo was in a vegetative state and kept on life support for 15 years. her family won against her husband. the schiavo organization says that although terri's case is different, it shows a problem with the u.s. health care system. colorado became the first state in the country, today, to legalize marijuana. and on this first day, there was no shortage of buyers. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: under a flurry of flight, they wait for green. >> i want to be first. i've been waiting 34 years for this. >> reporter: shawn was the first customer, an iraq war veteran, who says pot helps relieve his ptsd. what's the biggest misconception
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about marijuana smokers? >> that we're just lazy stoners. >> reporter: darren and his son drove all the way from georgia and slept overnight in their car. >> the world is watching. >> reporter: colorado residents 21 and over can buy an ounce of marijuana. those from out of state, up to a quarter once. colorado estimates $600 million in sales this year. taxes are expected to bring in $67 million in revenue. much of that set aside for building schools. >> it's a whole new world to not be under ground about it. >> there are restrictions. you can't light up in public. no pot at the denver airport or carry it across state lines. and police warn you still can't drive high. >> we're going to give the old impairment. the standard field sobriety test. >> reporter: marijuana opponents worry the sales will attract the wrong type of tourist, and set a bad example.
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>> it is a big experiment. and our kids are sort of the barometer. >> reporter: there are at least 17 recreational marijuana sellers open in denver. more than 100 others have applied for licenses throughout the state. "the denver post" has hired a full-time marijuana editor. >> i'm a proud colorado native. a snowboarder, all the stuff that comes along with being from here. and this is another part of that legacy. >> reporter: tonight, a mile-high experiment is under way. and the world is watching. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. washington state is also planning to start recreational sales in late spring. 52% of californians support legalizing marijuana. coming up, a bay area man under goes an amazing transformation. >> has a heartbeat. there's time to save your life. >> a viral video helped change his life. we'll show you how he's doing two years later.
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plus, first it was target and your credit information. now, hackers have hit social media. how businesses are dealing with the dry weather. and 25 spare the air days across the bay area. we'll let you know how the air quality improves.
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we are following some breaking news. a small fire at the chinese consulate. the fire was reported at 9:35 and under control in less than ten minutes. the cause is under investigation. we have a crew heading there. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. the blog and social media
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cast of a prominent internet company were hacked today and a syrian group is claiming responsibility. skype, twitter is claiming that microsoft is selling information to the government. skype issued a tweet to reassure users its data and site are safe. nearly 5 million users of snapchat are the latest victims of a security hack. private account information, including user names and phone numbers were posted last night and taken down this morning. someone behind the leak said the goal was to raise public awareness about online security holes. you can check to see if your account was hacked. we have the link on from chief executive officer at facebook, to chief philanthropist.
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mark zuckerberg showed his charitable side in a very generous way. they gave 18 million shares of facebook to the silicon valley communication last night. that's worth about $1 billion. making him the most generous donor for 2013. nike's co-founder made the second-largest gift. number three, was michael bloomberg, with $350 million to johns hopkins university. while the country is getting pounded by snow, california's run of dry weather is creating concerns for ski businesses. most ski shops in the bay area say while business isn't booming, they see customers heading to the resorts over the holidays. manmade snow is keeping them afloat. however, the owner of snowdrift ski shop said he scaled back the number of employees from ten to three, as a result of the dry year. and some of his customers say, conditions at the resorts are not ideal. but they're skiable.
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>> you have to expect a lot of runs that aren't going to be open. the worst day of skiing is better than the best day in the office. >> excellent point. this friday, the california department of water resources plans to conduct the first snow survey. the snowpack is 20% of normal this time of year. because we're talking about water or the lack of it, we'll check in with jeff. are we going to see rain, jeff? >> there's a good potential here. that's a great point. we have three months left of some very active weather here across the bay area. we're not completely done with everything just yet. hold on if you're a skier. we're probably going to get good sized storms in the next couple of months. looking at the winds. it's so calm out here right now. 0 to 3 miles per hour for a lot of the bay area. that's why the air quality has stayed so poor the past three days. tomorrow, another spare the air alert in effect. worst air quality, south bay and
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the north bay. the east bay, not quite as bad because of the way the air will be funneling down. it will keep a lot of it trapped. the santa clara valley in the north bay. let's take you outside right now. the sky camera network. and per normal this time of year, some of the coolest weather in the north bay. 37. reduced visibility. for the west bay, a light wind. an awesome view across the bay. look at how glassy this water is. a beautiful shot. we'll take you to the south bay. 47. that thick haze in place. and 42 degrees. by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, we'll be above average. partly-cloudy skies and 63. it's a sign of some warmer temperatures by the afternoon. we'll talk about who could have 70 degrees here in a moment. i want to get to the stubborn storm track. more rainfall into seattle. close to us. but it's not going to be good enough. that jet stream.
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there's no way that's going to sink to the south here for tomorrow. another hazy day in the forecast. high pressure going to come press some of the air. i'm expecting some of the poorest air quality to be tomorrow. let's get to when we think it's going to improve. friday's forecast, notice this area of blue. this is our wind cast. you're going to see the area of blue move up into the coast, the peninsula. it's not extremely gusty. but you see it correspond to the winds that should be 15 to 20 miles per hour. that should give us improved air quality. let's look at the air quality as we head throughout the next four days. we're going to find for tomorrow is unhealthy levels here across the bay. as we head throughout friday's forecast, moderate for saturday, going to the moderate levels and for sunday, as well. not to the good levels, but a little bit of improvement is going to do a lot for you. especially if you suffer from allergies. let's get to the forecast.
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partly-cloudy skies. one of the warmest will be morgan hill. san francisco, with a slight offshore wind, should bump up to 67 degrees. we'll take you across the north bay, east bay and the tri valley. 70 in livermore. and napa expecting 68. if you're doing any traveling, expect delays in chicago, new york city, and also boston. snow, wind and some bitterly cold temperatures. in our next chance of rain, we did a rain dance earlier in the evening, trying to get this going. didn't work so well. there's a little green on the map here. a slight chance of showers. there's plenty of time for that to change, too. >> i think we need to do it on camera to make it official and authentic. maybe next week. >> yeah. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, a desperate plea on youtube changed an east bay man's life. that was two years ago when he weighed more than 700 pounds. a look at his progress this new year's day.
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today marks the beginning of a new era in health care in the united states. the government says more than 2 million people signed up after a rough start to the website problems. after people were able to sign up, there were issues with i.d. cards not showing up, information not in computer systems. and confusion over premiums and benefits. that proves to be why numbers are low in some states, including michigan. >> this cannot succeed without adjustments. everybody was hopeful without adjustments. and i think the adjustments were critical, to be successful. the white house hopes millions more will enroll in the coming months, leading to the deadline in march when everyone is required to have health insurance. on this day when so many people make a resolution to lose weight, one man from livermore
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has a story to tell. nearly two years ago, robert gibbs weighed 764 pounds. it led him to post on youtube and plea for help. he was on the dr. phil show and attending a wellness camp. he is now 254 pounds lighter. and he's not at all embarrassed about the youtube video. >> i stand here talking to you now if i hadn't gotten help and my video hadn't gone viral. and if everybody didn't reach out. >> gibbs says it's simple. he works out at the gym and walks up and down the stairs at home several times a day. and he's working to achieve his next goal, losing another 200 pounds. stanford in the rose bowl. postgame and highlights next.
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andrea, i'm guessing a
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little stanford action you may be talking about. >> stanford, the rose bowl. the first rose bowl game took place on this exact day on 1902. of 99 editions, the stanford cardinal were hoping to win the contest against the spartans from michigan state. let's go to the game. michigan state and fifth ranked stanford. vin scully with the coin toss before the game. first drive of the game, tyler gaffney runs in for a touchdown. the stanford cardinal up quickly, 7-0. a few minutes left in the half, 10-7 now. kevin anderson from palo alto takes it back for a pick six. stanford up by ten. but fourth quarter, game is all-tied up. over the middle, 25 yards for the touchdown. cook with 332 yards. a career-high for him. stanford loses 24-20. >> they made a few more plays
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than we could afford to give them. a downfield pass. and one that we got the hand up to catch the ball. and he breaks out. those are part of the strength of our defense is not giving up those big plays. and we gave up too many today. >> they played well. they made adjustments after the first couple runs. the first couple drives in the series. we didn't respond. like we needed to. >> you play the game to get the opportunities and have these games. to lose is incredibly difficult. and the win is exhilarating. there's no greater high than achieving that kind of level as a team. so, it's difficult. we were happy with the way we played. it hurts. not easy to lose. four days away between the wild card game between the 49ers and the green bay packers. these two squared off in last season's division at round with the 49ers coming out on top. to do that again, san francisco needs to slow down aaron
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rodgers. >> the offense wants to aaron rogers. he gets those guys lined up. and he throws the ball. throws it quick. >> win or go home. we'll put ourselves in the best possible chance we have to win in this game with our preparation. and how we play on sunday. turning to the nhl, our sharks insider is reporting that thomas hirte will more than likely be out for the reminder of the season. good news for team teal. joe pavelski will go for gold in sochi, as the san jose star got the call to rejoin the team. usa in the 2014 olympics. the americans begin their chase for the gold on february 13th against slovakia. you can watch the winter olympics right here on nbc bay
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area. final note for you. lovie smith has been named the next head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers. and it's rumored he's bringing jeff tedford with him as his offensive coordinator. >> thanks for throwing in cal stuff for me. >> just for you. we'll be right back with the first baby of 2014.
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a baby girl born in the south bay is the first to be born in the bay area this year. she was born two seconds past midnight at kaiser in san jose. she weighed eight pounds, seven ounces and measured 21 inches long. >> to have a new year's baby at 12:00. >> she is the family's third daughter. there's the other one, one of them going in to say hello and
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being gentle, as well. congratulations and a happy birthday. we're going to check in with jeff one more time. saturday, things might change a tiny bit. >> air quality should be at moderate levels opinion and 60s with sunshine. great for the first day of the weekend. >> thanks for joining us. "the tonight show" with jay leno is next. have a good night.
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