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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> dozens lifted to safety from a ship stuck in the ice of antarctica. new details about the overnight helicopter rescue. >> and it's another spare the air day, but we do have a lot of improvement headed our way, some rain, we're going to get mixing in our atmosphere. what that means for where you live and when temperatures crash in your full forecast. >> good morning. anthony slaughter in for mike inouye, tracking your traffic conditions. we have accidents to report. we'll let you know where some of the hot spots are stacking up. >> and taking you live out to san francisco, you can see transamerica building there, barely visibility. for this second day of 2014. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. breaking news in east san jose. detectives on the scene of the city's first homicide of the
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year, the shooting happened a few hours ago near the corner of 33rd and east san antonio street and that's north of the highway 101 interstate 680 interchange. bob redell joining us live from the scene with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the victim and the city's first homicide this year is in that driveway there where you can see the white fence lit up by the san jose police department's crime scene unit. detectives are processing the scene. based on what residents tell police they heard this man get shot around 12:30, 12:45. they heard gun shots, heard a car driving off. for whatever reason no one bothers to call 911. now we're talking 45 to 60 minutes later that someone driving by called to report the man lying in the drive way a few
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houses down. not far from where east san antonio crosses over 101. the man, an adult, possibly in his 20s, had been shot at least once, was unresponsive, paramedics tried to revive him. he was pronounced dead on the scene making him the first northwestern use to be murdered in san jose. police tell us they have not touched the body. to see if he has identification on him. people are cooperative, they heard the sounds of gun shots and the car but apparently no one know who is the man lying dead is. as far as the suspect, that is something that police do not have right now. there have been no arrests. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you for the update. >> new details and also new images from china showing the moment when someone set fire the
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chinese consulate in san francisco. officials called the fire a violent attack, we've been following the story this morning with christie smith there in san francisco. we're going to check in with her later but again these images showing you. what we can tell so far she can still smell the gasoline. >> a helicopter has rescued 52 scientists and tourists trapped on a ship. hours ago it landed next to the ship, carried the passengers, a dozen at a time to a free ship nearby. people on board the stuck ship recorded a video as the rescue started. >> the hospital tear take us home. >> thanks everyone. >> the rescue operation took about five hours. now t 22 crew members are going to stay on board the research stip. it's been stuck more than a week in the ice. there are plenty of supplies and
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they are not in any danger. >> air travel could be delayed today because of snow in the forecast for new england and also parts of new york. the snow is supposed to start falling heavily later on today. lots of snow shovels out there. this is the same storm that dropped a half a foot in illinois. we're told at least three to six inches of snow fell in chicago, the city of chicago says its entire fleet are now out in action. let's look at what's called the misery map. most delays and cancellations begin here. hooking at o'hare, newark and jfk. even if your flight does not orng nate maybe the plan is. it can impact to here on the west coast. >> they are about 72 hours ago and oh, got out in time. you've been paying ateengs what
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flights are delayed. so far out of sfo trying to you want to check ahead. we had two delayed out of boston, one out of newark and one out of kennedy. so as we head throughout the morning temperatures are chilly. look at these numbers. it could be much colder. we are at 41 degrees in mountain view, 39 degrees here in san jose. sacramento is at 35. so, it's a cold start across the state, without the day today it's going to be unseasonably warm. we could talk about records. we'll get into those. 70 in the east bay. over all to put things in perspective, 59 is the average in palo alto. you'll hit about 68 degrees for today. warmer than we typically see. the microclimates, palo alto 68 for you, 67 red wood shores, 67
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in san francisco, just about as warm in the city as it will be here in the south bay. >> the upper 60s to low 70s. a mix of sun and clouds, high clouds streaming in throughout second half of the day. so not a lot but changes out there today. we head through the next couple days an area of low pressure as the jet stream jims to the south more mixing. we need that for our air. sparing the air tomorrow. saturday into sunday you can use that fireplace again. shower chance squums in tuesday into tense. your seven-day at the bottom of the screen. let's check your drive. >> things are light but that's not putting a damper on folks still having to drive through some of the accident we're finding like that one, i want to take you out to the bay bridge
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toll plaza. but you condition see without a problem getting through fast track lains. this is where we're finding just a slow spot in all accounts really the altamont pass, if you have to skip to sunol, take to you the first one. spring town boulevard as i approach almost. it's down to a quarter mile and that tags up again going to the -- this is typical. this is another area on 84. so those two separate accidents are cause for a slow go. peggy, back to you. >> thanks so much. once again details from china's news network, this is the consulate someone set fire to. in fact t the consulate is calling this a violent attack. christie smith has been live. you said you could smell the gas
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0 bean? >> reporter: that's right. the damage extends up the building. i wanted to show you the sidewalk. this is one of the front doors to the chinese consulate. it's metal and just sitting here all charred and i want steve to show you the front of the building. according to a statement from the chinese consulate they say that someone got out and poured two buckets of gasoline outside the compound. we have images of a fireball that was taken about 9:25 when this was first reported to the department. from cctv china central television, this is on laguna and geary streets here in san francisco. police say there were some people inside at the time but fortunately, no one was hurt. took them about 10 minutes to knock it down. police and fire are working with
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the you us state department. the act condemned as violent and arson attack against them and urging the u.s. to provide more protection for the facility. this isn't the first arson here. people allegedly poured gas on a gate. they are asking for more help and to that end when we got here there was all right a san francisco police cruiser stationed out front. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. police identified two people shot on new year's eve as a college student and a boy. the boy 13 is lee weathersby, reportedly walking home from the boys and girls plub when he was shot on 104th street. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead early in the morning new year's day. 21-year-old ashley walker was
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shot while riding in a car. walker and three friends have been hanging out for new year's eve. someone began shooting. the murder marked the 92nd homicide. no one has been arrested in either shooting. >> continuing coverage now on a family's fight to keep their 13-year-old daughter on a ventilator. the attorney for the girl's family says he's working on phone lines to get the girl moved to another facility. children's hospital oakland have not heard from a single person involves in those plans. >> the family attorney created a hoax, a tad theex jahi mcmath is alive. she is not. she's deleased by every law in the state. >> he wants to take the hospital the pim and prethent this is a hoax and that my lawyer is
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perpetuating a mix. >> the terri schiavo organization wants to help, the florida woman who was in a vegetative state opt on life support for 15 years. the family lost the battle in court. the shiavo organization says though terry's case is very different the case shows a problem with the u.s. health quar system. >> still ahead, hud edward snowden be considered a national hero? the new york times piece. >> and explosion and fire at a three-story building in minneapolis over znt. knew details on the search. ♪
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top stories this morning. police in san jose investigating the city's first homicide of the year. a man found shot to death on east san antonio street just north of the highway 101/680 interchange. no arrests have been made. >> arson investigation is under way at the chinese consulate in san francisco. it says a person poured gasoline on the front door before setting it on fire. no one was hurt. >> firefighters in minneapolis say they don't know if anyone is still inside of a building after an explosion and fire yesterday morning. they can't get inside because the roof has partly collapsed. more than a dozen people were hurt. some critically. >> a developing story out of israel. a hospital official says former prime minister ariel sharon's health is declining. he has been in the hospital about eight years but officials say his condition has deteriorated during the past two days. some say his organs including
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his kidneys are malfunctioning. the 85-year-old has been 18 coma since 2006 when a stroke incapacitated him. elected in 2001 sharon as one of israel's most iconic controversial figures. >> pakistan's former prez musharraf was rushed to a hospital for a heart problem. he was hospitalized as he was on his way to court for a hearing in his trial for treason. his lawyer says the 70-year-old fell ill while he was driven from his home in the countryside, this is the third time musharraf missed court in the past two weeks. >> new this morning one person is dead and at least 30 injured after a magnitude 5.5 quake in southern iran. the quake and after shocks struck this morning about 750 miles south of the capital tehran. many buildings are damaged and rescue workers are at the scene.
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television is reporting 16 of the injured are still in the hospital, 14 others have been released. >> at least six people were killed when two car bombs exploded outside a hotel in somalia's capital. the chief says two men appeared to be suicide bombers also died during that attack. the men reportedly tried to force their way into a hotel as cars exploded. security forces shot and killed the men. the hotel often used by foreigners and government officials, officials say even though six people died total, they foiled what could have been a much deadlier attack. >> today we'll get our first look at the u.s. ship that will play a role in the destruction of syria's chemical weapons. it will be run through sea trials in the coming days. two machines to reduce chemical weapons have already been bolted to the ship and parts from a third machine loaded on board. toxic chemicals will be loaded
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on cargo ships. >> "the new york times" this morning calling on president obama to make a clemency deal with edward snowden to bring the former nsa contractor home. the paper's editorial board published a piece agreeing that snowden did break the law when he stole and revealed details about the nsa's surveillance tactics, but the article also claims snowden provided an important service in exposing those tactics. it says mr. snowden was clearly justified in believing the only way to blow the whistle on this kind of intelligence gathering was to expose it to the public. >> a cli niece man had to be rescued from waters near islands in the east china sea after his hot air balloon crashed. you don't see this every day. the man was rescued by a patrol trip. he's 35 years old but not identified him. now he reportedly told the coast guard he left china via hot air
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balloon to fly to the disputed islands claimed by japan, china and taiwan. he was handed over to chinese officials. >> let's check the weather as we give you a live look at san jose. another spare the air day. christina loren joins us. >> you know scott and peggy, we're not going to have to wait that long before our next storm system comes through and clears us out. but it is bad out there. really hazy. you can't see it just yet but you will be able to in san francisco as we head through the next half hour. temperatures are chilly to start, but it's not that bad. we're 3 to 5 degrees milder than we were at this time yesterday. 44 degrees in san francisco, north bay at 32 degrees, in the upper 20s at this time yesterday. 39 in the south bay and the degrees, headed toward theday 70s in some cases. east bay at 70 degrees, 66 for san francisco, out in the south bay comfortable, 68 degrees. there's a lot of particulate matter in the atmosphere. high pressure is still in
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control. that's the reason why. so it's a give and take. that's the bad news. the the air quality. the good news, maybe you have the day off and you want to hit the beach. you're going to be able to do so. best beach weather in santa cruz. 3:00 p.m., 70 degrees there. we're talking about 65 degrees in places like pacifica and 66 out in half moon bay so above average. mild, hazy sunshine. then tomorrow the first round of changes come into the mix. we're going to get a building breeze, that means cleaner air as we head through the next couple days, through the weekend temperatures drop off a touch, then by monday into tuesday we're tracking potential for our next round of showers. now the computer models are in agreement. this is good news. a lot of people want to know when is the rain going to arrive. we stop the clock on your future cast. 3:00 on tuesday, expecting a light round of showers for the bay area. and as long as the jet stream stays to the south it's going to be cold here feeling like winter. and also fair game on wednesday
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and thursday as well. so stay tuned. it's going to get interesting around here finally. and we'll keep you updated taking you through all of the subtle changes. let's check your drive. he is always checking your drive this time of the morning. even though you, too, are a meteorologist. excited about the showers. >> yes. everybody asks me when is it going to rain? it's like a broken record. i'm like we're still waiting. all right. now i can tell them next tuesday. let's check the drive. you can see the bay bridge, looking good. we don't have problems to report. no accidents approaching this location. but we do have an accident to bring your attention to, this through the altamont pass. two accidents, the first has been cleared from the roadway. that's at spring town boulevard. you can see that's causing slowdowns as you get through the area. the other slowdown or the accident is at sunol boulevard and 680 through the westbound side. you can see it's not really slowing any traffic there. get to the south bay. lots of green on the map. not seeing a lot of slowdowns, as you head up through 85. things looking good.
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let's take you out and show you what it's looking like on 101. this is the northbound side. lots of traffic coming through. good news, no accidents to report. one final stop, through palo alto farther north on 101, the traffic really starting to build here, but again, the good news here on this thursday, no major accidents to report at least other than the one through the altamont pass. >> thank you. 6: 6:21. still ahead, the renowned news photographer who collapsed and died on the field after a college bowl game we'll show you the final photo he snapped on the sidelines. [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal.
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good morning to you. 6:24. if you have to go in to work you're not alone. we're here for you as we look at the bay bridge. we'll have a traffic report in a minute. >> and good morning to you in san francisco as well. as we take you live there looking over the water front there. beautiful pictures. on this thursday morning, your second day of the new year. >> this morning a new clue could help investigators figure out what caused an oil train to detrail in north dakota. federal investigators say they found a broken axle at the scene. they aren't sure if it caused the accident but investigators say they have not found anything wrong with the track itself or with the signals along the track. 18 of the oil train's cars derailed and burned monday afternoon. nobody was hurt but many of the people in the area did have to
6:25 am
evacuate. >> investigators say the weather could be to blame for a bus crash that killed a driver and 15 passengers. the bus was loaded with casino visitors when it collided with a pickup along a northern indiana highway. the bus was knocked off the road. paramedics had to use the jaws of life to remove the truck driver. he later died. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. as you can see, very snowy t flakes were falling and possibly icy roads contributed. >> an associated press photographer is dead after collapsing on the field of the georgia dome. this is one of the last pictures 59-year-old dave martin took after texas a&m. martin had a heart attack after working the sidelines. he covered nearly every major news event in the south for the past three decades including the gulf oil spill and hurricane katrina. he also covered conflicts in
6:26 am
afghanistan, haiti and iraq. >> former first lady barbara bush remains hospitalized being treated for a respiratory issue. her condition has not changed. president obama released a statement sending his best wishes. a bush family spokesperson says the family matriarch is in great spirits and received several visits from family and friends. >> 6:26. rescue in the antarctic. we're live with details about the rescue which plucked dozens of people off after ship stuck in the ice. >> also, two strikes and months of disputes later could this finally be the day that b.a.r.t. and its unions agree on a contract? we'll tell you why there is reason to be opt miss atlantic. >> and you are looking at a live picture of the nasdaq as they get ready to hit the opening buzzer just a few minutes from now. it's been a great year last year. we'll look ahead coming up. >> we know a lot of folks perhaps this is your first day back to work after a holiday
6:27 am
break. welcome back if that's you on the western span of the bay bridge. you are up and at them and here wisconsin. we'll be right back.
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breaking news for you. a man shot to death on a san jose driveway. we'll tell you why it took nearly an hour for anybody to call 911. >> finally heading home after more than a week, stuck out there on the ice. new images of the overnight helicopter rescue in antarctica. >> and temperatures are slated to drop, gradually at first, then they really tumble. we're also talking rain. we'll sort it out in your full forecast. >> a live look at the opening bell this morning. on the new york stock exchange, they had a great year last year, we'll see what they can do now. today is thursday, january 2, this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning everyone. 6:30. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker. breaking news overnight. san jose police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. this happened about 12:30 this morning on east san antonio street. officials have not released the victim's name or information about circumstances surrounding the shooting. neighbors said they heard the shots but didn't call police. a person driving by called 911 an hour later. >> we're learning more about an overnight fire at the chinese consulate in san francisco. the smell of gasoline still r air where officials say someone threw two buckets of the accelerant on the door, then lit it on fire. no injuries reported. the fire of course being investigated as an act of arson. >> a helicopter has evacuated 52
6:31 am
scientists and tourists stuck on a research ship in antarctica. it happened in under five hours but some people on board the ship have decided to stay where they are. tracie potts is monitoring the story from washington, d.c. the crew of that ship is staying put. >> reporter: the captain says the crew stays with the ship. they are apparently not in imminent danger but they are stuck and they have been stuck in that 10 feet of ice since the day before christmas. the captain says they are going to wait for the ice to break up, melt down and try to maneuver out. 52 scientists, researchers, journalists like us and other tourists on board, they have all been rescued, about a dozen at a time early this morning week been following this all morning. it wasn't clear if the helicopter was going to be able to go in because they were watching the weather conditions very carefully and it looked like the weather turned bad. that was not the case. after several failed attempts the last couple weeks they were
6:32 am
finally able to get the people on an australian vessel. here's the thing. the ordeal is not over because we were told early on it was going to take a couple weeks to get through the conditions down there in antarctica and get back to land, back safely to land in australia so they are not quite there yet. it could be mid january we're told before they actually set foot on land. >> great spirits. pretty remarkable. thanks for the latest. >> happening today after months and two strikes the b.a.r.t. board of directors is meeting woo ratify a contract agreement with its two largest unions. the remaining issue dealt with paid family medical leave, that sticking point accidentally included in the deal that both sides signed off on back in october. in the past month b.a.r.t. returned to the bargaining table and reached a series of concessions with the union. in exchange part's president says the costly provision was
6:33 am
removed from the final contract. >> a man living in the united states illegally may be granted his law license. the california supreme court will make its decision in hours. garcia passed the bar on his first try after graduating from cal northern school of law in 2009. he is challenging a 1996 law that prevents state agencies from issuing professional licenses to people who are not in the country legally, unless state lawmakers vote otherwise. he was born in mexico and brought into the u.s.6 as a bab. >> 6:33. let's check our weather with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. major changes on the horizon. one more warm day, then the cooling trend. 39 degrees in oakland to kick off the day. 39 in san jose. san francisco is waking up not too cold at 44 and a beautiful sunrise here this morning. all that haze does make for a pretty sunrise. the official sunrise around
6:34 am
7:25. look at san jose. you can see a little hazier here and as we head throughout day this is where we expect the worst of the air quality. keep that in mind. our air quality is slated to improve as we head throughout the next couple days. tomorrow the winds will pick up, that will help to purify our air, mix it up a little friday, saturday, sunday, look at the difference of it saturday and sunday finally getting better air quality. and we shouldn't be sparing the air starting saturday. that should continue into sunday, monday to tuesday, area of loops and we're talking about showers. so enjoy the upper 60s and low 70s for today. as of tomorrow these start to drop. 70 in the east bay, 68 in the south bay, and 66 degrees today in san francisco. still a lot of people in town which means probably good idea to travel extra cautiously. a lot of people get lost especially in san francisco. what are you tracking? >> you are so correct. especially all of those one-way streets. all of the downt%>&1ñ what's up with that. come on. redistrict some of these.
6:35 am
let's take a look in oakland. i want to draw your attention to the east bay. one accident not on 880 but i want to bring your attention, we have more cars on the road. it is still holiday light so a lot of folks maybe sleeping in. we haven't had as many accidents. we're looking at lots of green through antioch and pittsburgh on 4. alta lont pass an earlier accident on 580. that has been cleared but you can see a little slowing denoted by the yellow north of livermore. now as we zoom in on 680 southbound at sunol boulevard there is a two-car accident there. it's been cleared off to the shoulder, and you can see the green does denote things are getting through. in the south bay more green on the map as well. not really problems to report or headed up through the peninsula on the 101 or 280 as well. back to you guys. >> not too bad. thank you so much. right now 6:35. still ahead a tight spot during a game of hide and seek.
6:36 am
oh, boy, this is one of those pictures, she doesn't want to share it but it's shared. we're going to tell you what happened to this girl stuck in a washing machine. why no amount of butter was enough to pry her loose. >> we have sun rise. isn't that pretty. over the bay bridge. absolutely gorgeous. good morning sun. ♪
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>> good morning.
6:39 am
twins born just minutes apart have entirely different birthdays, even years. little lorraine came into the world two minutes before midnight on tuesday, at a hospital in washington, d.c. her brother brandon was born at 12:01 a.m. wednesday, so that's the next year. they are about 20 days ahead of schedule. the twins healthy doing just fine this morning. >> and an 11-year-old utah girl had to be rescued from the family washing machine. she got stuck after a game of hide and seek. >> she was giving it her best. she went so far as to try to hide in the washing machine with her cousins. she was trapped for nearly 90 minutes. the family tried everything pulling out butter, ice, then warm water. when she started to get cold they could not get her out so they called 911. firefighters arrived at the the house, carrying an assortment of
6:40 am
tools. >> they got gas power tools outá some big snips, to get people out of cars. they were thinking they were going to have to cut down middle of the washer and open it up to get her out. >> luckily the firefighters were able to remove the drier above, that's how they were able to pull the girl out. family members say the girl is so embarrassed she doesn't want her identity revealed. but she is doing fine. >> her family is posting them. >> yes. she doesn't wasn't anyone to know. >> coming up, update to breaking news, a man shot and killed in a san jose driveway. we'll tell you why nobody called 911 for nearly an hour. >> we enjoy our balmy weather, boy, a severe storm just churning from the midwest headed to the northeast. how this could affect your travel plans even if you are flying on the west coast. we'll have that after the break. >> that's going to be a bad one potentially for the record
6:41 am
books. we're talking record breaking warmth in the bay area. another spare the air day. we'll tell you how long we have to wait before our next storm system cleans out the bad air. might be sooner than you think. [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal.
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so we made our own commercial to tell you why. first, chex makes lots of gluten free flavors. which is a huge thing for us. and there's seven to choose from. like cinnamon, honey nut, and chocolate. i tell them "you guys are gonna turn into chocolate chex!" i like cinnamon, greg is a honey nut nut. when you find something this good, you want to spread the word. [ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex!
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breaking news just in overseas in lebanon. an nbc reporter there says a huge explosion has struck a neighborhood in south beirut. that is a hezbollah stronghold. we're told many have died but we don't have specific numbers so far. again, huge explosion a few minutes ago in south beirut. we're waiting for more information of course. we'll have an update as soon as we have that. >> mok breaking news, from east san jose, detectives are on the scene of the first homicide of the new year. the shooting happened a few hours ago near the corner of
6:44 am
33rd and east san antonio street. that is just north of highway 101 and interstate 680 the interchange there. bob redell joins us at the scene with new details on this investigation. this one has been unfolding. >> reporter: yes. good morning to you. unfortunately the first homicide, 2014 two days into the new year. homicide detectives are there where you see the scene is lit in the driveway where the man is dead. we're waiting for the coroner to come out to move the body to see if he has i.d. on him to try to figure out who this person s. based on what residents told police they heard this man get shot, they heard gun shots, heard a car driving off. for whatever reason no one bothered to call 911. it wasn't until around 1:30 this morning, so 45 to 60 minutes later someone driving by called 911 to report that this man was lying in that driveway a few houses down from where we're at. this is on the 1600 block of
6:45 am
east san antonio. the man, an adult, possibly in his 20s shot at least once, not responsive. paramedics tried to revive him. he ended up being pronounced dead on the scene. police as i mentioned have not touched the body. they are waiting for the coroner. police tell us that people who live here are cooperative, they did go around door to door waking people up to see if they knew anything. again, they heard about this, sounds of gun shot and the car, but apparently nobody knows the man and as far as the suspect they don't have a description and clearly no arrests. reporting live in east san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:45. let's check the weather as we give you a live look out at the sun rise over san jose. meteorologist christina loren tells us we're looking at near record warmth in the bay area. temperatures in the upper 60s. good morning.
6:46 am
>> yes. some isolated 70s on the way, scott. good morning to you. 6:45. you can see pretty clearly from the picture in san jose that our air quality has improved overnight. nonetheless it's a spare the air day. you can see the haze in san francisco as well. pñ on the bay bridge. looks like a lot of people headed back to work. i'll check on the drive. temperatures this morning are cold. make sure you bring that heavy coat with you. something you can peel off later on today as we climb into the 70s. in the south bay it's going to be mild today. we expect plenty of 70s in the tri-valley region. the microclimates work like this. red wood shores along the peninsula you will be above average in the upper 60s. san francisco, same deal for you, offshore flow means nearly uniform temps across our microclimates. the east bay looks good, a little chilly in oakland. you hit about 60 degrees, a little wind throughout this afternoon. and also we are expecting patchy
6:47 am
fog there as we head throughout the evening hours. overall looking good to hit the 70s in pleasanton, livermore and yes, mid-60s in danville. so, changes work like this. mild with hazy sunshine today. that's going to be the case for the first part of tomorrow. then the wind comes in. that means cleaner air. i have to tell you we will likely be sparing the air for your friday as well. better for saturday and sunday. then tuesday into wednesday now it looks really promising for showers in the bay area. a major pattern change. if you want to check your temperatures, your seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen. the storm system your future cast tells the story. tuesday into wednesday we expect showers to start to move in. and really only impacting places in the north bay for tuesday afternoon. then as we head throughout thursday, we're going to keep that jet stream nice and we have another shot for showers late wednesday into thursday. we need this changing pattern. it's about time.
6:48 am
anthony, how are we doing on the drive? >> it is about time. we're looking good this morning. the bay bridge approach wide open. you can see cars flowing through here, not much as far as any need to report about accidents or incidents here. let's switch and show you the traffic maps. we're finding the typical slow spots through antioch and pittsburg. not bad considering we're dealing with the holiday traffic. the alta mont pass, down to pleasanton an accident through 680. that continues to keep things slow. we're going to continue to see the typical slowing, but you can see even with the accident not really slowing traffic. let's show you what's happening in the south bay. in san jose 101 northbound, headlights coming in. heavy traffic but not bad. let's continue this through the peninsula. up into alto and heavy for the thursday, northbound and southbound directions. no accidents to report on the peninsula right now.
6:49 am
>> thank you so much. >> we have new details about an arson investigation at the chinese consulate in san francisco. these pictures from a chinese network showing the moments right after someone set fire to the door of the consulate. christie smith live in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. arson investigators are due back out this morning around 8:30 but i learned that the fbi is the lead agency on this. and they have got a lot to look at. these are the front doors of the chinese consulate here t damage extends all the way up to the top of the building. and over here you can see that actually this is one of the front doors t metal front door laying here burned up. a spokesperson for the chinese consulate says that someone actuallyht poured gas on the building. i wanted to show you pictures of what it looked like, a fire ball in the front of the building. these courtesy of cctv chinese central television about 9:25
6:50 am
last night the front doors here at laguna and geary, it was quite a fire. a person got out of a minivan and poured two buckets of gasoline on the front of the building and lit it on fire. people were inside at the time. no one was hurt. we're told that the state department is now investigating as well and that spokesperson called this arson attack a violent crime and urged more protection for the people who work here and for the building. this isn't the first time something like this happened. in 2008 there was a similar fire, a group allegedly threw gas or some device on a gate on the side of the building, and to that end they were asking for a little bit more protection. i can tell you since we've been here, san francisco police have been outside. we've seen at least four of them coming and going. that's the latest reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> one person is under arrest
6:51 am
after leading police on a car chase. this started last night near 25th and connecticut streets when offers tried to stop a car matching the description after vehicle involved in an armed robbery. the car had no interest in stopping. it lasted several minutes if until the car crashed into a pole. during the pursuit someone reportedly threw a gun out of the car. one suspect was arrested, another on the ññrun. >> also new this morning officers in brentwood responding to reports after home invasion robbery. they caught them trying to get away. robbery in green stone court. police chased the suspects to an area of autumn valley near san jose avenue. two tried to abandon their car but police caught them. turns out the two suspects were welcome guests in the victim's home before they robbed the place allegedly. a third suspect arrested down the street. police looking for a fourth.
6:52 am
>> authorities are trying to figure out how a human skull ended up in a park. they found it near children regional park after several calls. police are not saying much about the discovery but they do say the skull was, coat, out in the open. >> new details about that little girl hit and killed by a car new year's eve. it happened at the intersection of ellis and pole streets. they were hit by a honda suv. the girl died, her mother and brother have been taken to the hospital where her mother reportedly has life threatening injuries. police don't think that drugs or alcohol were involved. the driver was arrested. the driver's name has not been released. there is speculation that he or she is an uber driver. uber released the statement saying in part our policy is to immediately deactivate any uber
6:53 am
partners they call them, involved in serious law enforcement matters. we urge the police to release the information about the driver in question as soon as iññpossi. if the driver is a partner of uber he or she will be deactivated from using the technology. so there is some confusion fusion whether this was an uber driver. they were able to say the vehicle involved went doing a trip for uber on the system at the time. >> now to a story only on nbc bay area. an interview with the lone survivor after deadly house fire. the san francisco man is opening up from his bed about the life that he and his long time partner built together. from his bed patrick ferry told us his partner of nearly 30 years has died at a hospital. ferry is recovering from severe burns to his hands. the pair sent several years restoring the house and had a successful shop in cole valley.
6:54 am
>> the last thing he would want for me is to be curled up in a ball refusing to go on because of my grief. >> ferry says he is choosing to celebrate 29 years he had with sapp and said there will abceremony for sapp at the sword and rose. >> police launched a murder investigation into the death of a popular northern california priest. father eric freed's body was found at st. bernard's catholic church in eureka. they have not said how he was killed but it did not happen under, quote, normal circumstances. police say they were looking for his dark gray hybrid but did not release other information about the death. >> details about an explosion and fire at a three-story building in minneapolis that left more than a dozen injured. this morning firefighters are still searching through the wreckage to see if anyone is still trapped. firefighters had a tough time
6:55 am
getting inside, partly because the roof collapsed. there ever several apartments, it's unclear what started the fire. there were no natural gas leaks in the area at the time. >> the developing story out of israel, the former prime minister ariel sharon's condition has -- he has been in the hospital about eight years. his condition got worse recently. the new york time reporting he suffered a seat back about a month ago, spent two weeks in intensive care following emergency surgery. he is in a coma. he was elected prime minister in 2001, one of israel's most iconic and controversial figures. >> new this morning a helicopter has evacuated tourists on a ship. overnight the helicopter landed next to the ship and carried the passengers, 12 at a time, to another ship waiting nearby. the people on board recorded a
6:56 am
video when the rescue began. >> preparing for the helicopters to take us home. >> thanks, everyone. >> got the suntans, look happy. the entire operation took about five hours. 22 crew members are staying. it has been stuck more than a week. there are plenty of supplies and they are not in danger. >> it's not the antarctica but the northeast bracing for a big chill this morning. new video along the long island expressway in near new york city where traffic is moving. there is light snow. the heaviest expected later in the day. preparations under way, in fact, new york city says it was 364 snow plows ready to go. this is the same storm that dropped a foot maybe a half a foot maybe more in illinois yesterday. we're told at least three to six inches of snow fell in chicago.
6:57 am
its entire fleet of plows and salt spreaders are in action. >> let's take a look at what is their misery map, the place where flights are in trouble today. it shows nationwide with the most delays and cancellations. the main ones, chicago-o'hare, also new york city, jfk, and newark which services the tri-state area. that could create residual delays. >> christina loren has been monitoring flight delays. >> it's going to be a rough travel day. good morning to you. we're checking those delays every 15 minutes or so. you have delayed flights out of chicago-o'hare and midway, also getting to baltimore and d.c. you'll find delays, six nights have been canceled out of sfo. one to newark and two to kennedy airport so keep that in rind.
6:58 am
you are trying to george chamberlin a plane. as we head throughout tomorrow this will likely be the case for the northeast as well. for us, what an opposite. we have a beautiful day shaping up. hazy skies but really comfortable temperatures. out of theb8 thirsts into the . aches sit. let's check your drive. it's kicking up. >> we have an 18-wheeler involved accident on 880 northbound at market in oakland. you can see we have lots of heavy traffic headed into that accident. this will be slowing the next half hour to an hour as they try to get that off of the roadway. we have lots of green on our maps. approaching that specific location. not too bad. but things look very good. in the silicon valley. the trouble is 82.
6:59 am
lots of green means things are good to go. >> thank you much. >> time now 6:58. a final check of the top stories starting with san jose police ves gacing the first homicide of the year. it happened about 12:30 this morning on east san antonio street. no word on suspects or possible motive. >> the state department now investigating an arson attack late last night outside the chinese consulate in san francisco. police say someone threw two ont door of the consulate, then hit it on fire. nobody hurt. >> also this just in. we have video in to the newsroom of a massive explosion in a neighborhood in south beirut, this is in the lebanese capital. a big hezbollah stronghold. many have died in this blast, the pictures we're seeing are shocking. you can see mangled metal, people trying to rescue people. that is unfolding as we speak. we'll keep you posted but this is under way at this time in
7:00 am
beirut. >> back at 7:25 with a live local new update. good morning. bracing for a blizzard. that powerful storm takes aim at the northeast and some 70 million people, a snow emergency declared in one of the nation's largest cities. hundreds of flights already canceled. air lifted after more than a week transported in ice, passengers of that stranded ship in antarctica rescued overnight. today exclusive gold medal winning skater brian boy on the no opens up. and from this to this, a banker who was declards dead


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