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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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another fire reported a few streets away on 28th and east san fernando. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. those overnight fires are added to four other fires seen here on this map. that means it's been an exhausting 24 hours for san jose firefighters. peggy bunker is live at the scene of the most recent fire on 28th and san antonio streets with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: you think in the recent days they deserve really a slow day, the san jose fire department. there is no rest for the weary. in the past couple of hours we're looking at four different fires set within blocks of each other. we're only about six blocks from the warehouse fire we covered yesterday. first of all, the first fire that happened was about 3:30, at 24th and san fernando. by the time we got throughout was a second fire, that one happened at 34th and peach. the homeowner there awoke to see her porch on fire. look at the damage.
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you can see burn marks all the way up the wall. she was shocked and2ic confuse. why somebody would set something on fire allegedly on the porch. it did look intentional. we're hearing from the fire department. in the middle of that as we were waiting to talk to the firefighters we heard about another one, this one a few blocks away on east san antonio on 28th street so in about 60 minutes, we were up to three fires and one morning. you can see how quickly the fire department jumped into action, dousing this house here. we did see the homeowner briefly. she came out in her pajamas looking scared and tearfully at the damage to her home before going back inside. i talked to the fire department captain about how scary these fires ever for homeowners. >> when you're at home at night and you're asleep and a fire wakes up, that's got to be the most frightening feeling in the world for people that aren't in my industry. so i don't blame them for
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feeling that way. if we have a person going around threatening these people's livelihoods, lives, property, that is not what society is about. >> reporter: so let's give you the break down of how busy the fire department has been and what they are characterizing as suspicious fires and a string of them. we're saying all of these if you can imagine this taking place within blocks of each other. two on wednesday, two yesterday, not including the massive five-plus alarm fire at the warehouse, three fires today started, one looked like it was attempted to start but didn't actually take hold. so four fires. so you can imagine how crazy it has been for the fire department. i hear the sirens yet again in the distance. they ared- saying that you coul walk from one scene to the next. they are mere blocks from each other. we'll see what's going on and bring you the latest. you can imagine we have very tired firefighters on our hands. >> add to the suspicion how
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close they are. >> let's talk about yesterday's fires. the largest of them was this, destroy add warehouse yesterday morning, neighbors are not allowed to go back in their back yards near the scene of that fire. firefighters are still on hand at the warehouse checking for hot spots. so far a cause of the fire has not been made public but it does not appear suspicious. >> the san jose fire department also investigating the cause of a fire that ripped through three condo units in almaden. no one was hurt. it appears the flames started on the second floor and quickly spread. >> this morning in a widespread flu warning. after nine deaths in seven counties. several bay area hospitals put up more tents to deal with the influx of parents with flu symptoms. christie smith live outside regional medical center. >> reporter: good morning. this is the first time they have
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done this here at regional medical center, bring out tents to the parking lot to handle the people coming in with flu symptoms. now a second tent which means they can handle three times as many patients. we're still very early into the flu season. as you said nine people have died in the bay area. men and women of all ages, and seven counties sonoma, marin, san francisco, san mateo, contra costa, alameda and santa clara, many of the victims have been young healthy people. regional medical center in san jose has their tents up and also increased their staff. so has stanford. they put tents out to help treat patients with the flu. in sonoma county one was 23 years old so doctors warn young people that they can develop the flu and complications. because this flu season the h1n1 strain is spreading fast, much like what we saw in 2009.
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>> i carry purell with me. >> i'm a little bit worried. they told me it takes up to two weeks to take effect. >> reporter: maybe two weeks but doctors say a flu shot still will protect you against the h1n1 flu and other strains, not too late. last year's flu season peaked in february and sometimes it can run all the way through may. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. >> let's take a live look outside this morning. as we prepare for our microclimate forecast. a beautiful bay bridge in the distance. let's check in with christina. >> i don't know if i want to get out of friday ever. good morning to you. yeah, we have a warm-up headed our way. we love fridays around here. we're going to get a beautiful bay area weekend at least on
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sunday. san jose pretty nice and clear to start, what a difference a day makes. we had low clouds, even drizzle at this time. our temperatures are chilly in the 30s and 40s. 41 in the east bay. temperatures climb. let's get into the microclimates. we are expecting big time changes. south bay nice and comfortable. about 66 degrees in morgan hill with plenty of sunshine. a little hazy. along the peninsula a cool day, breezy conditions. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. san francisco, expect the fog at 3:00. keep your temperatures down there. in the upper 50s to low 60s. 59 degrees, that's it for you today in the outer richmond district. in the north bay, we get into our all important friday. 66 degrees for santa rosa, lots of sunshine here. and then look at the difference between the east bay and the tri-valley. as the onshore flow rens increases later on this afternoon into this evening it's going to keep temperatures down but out in the tri-valley you're going to get close to 70 degrees
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in places like pleasanton and livermore. not as warm in danville today. but plenty of sunshine headed your way. a great looking day. temperatures cooler. i'll time out the system to your door step. then on sunday that sun comes back out in full force, a beautiful day. when you're done playing outdoors remember, you got the golden globes here on nbc bay area. and temperatures are comfortable out there for the big show. 69 degrees at 4:00, this is in a., so it's going to be comfortable, that means there shouldn't be any problems with the gorgeous gowns. i know you're excited. tina fey, it's going to be good. >> i love those two. great women. very smart, intelligent humor. i have a lot to learn from them. the south bay, nothing to laugh about here, north 101, a big crash. chp declared this a sigalert.
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four vehicles involved here. some injuries, nothing major just yet but details coming in. this is the same bend slowed by the fire, this is the mckee off ramp, to the top we have two lanes locked. a better idea how far fwhak goes. it's well past heading to tully road on north 101. your alternate through the area. you can take 680 and take tenth through downtown, better yet 280 to 87, well clear of that. a lot of alternates now because the rest of the south bay is friday light as we call it. that is a smoother flow. 101 north all the way up past mckee, very slow and will be for at least a half hour there. a live look to see how things are across the san mateo bridge. they are not slowing, it's the fact they are moving away it
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looks like it's bogging down. the bay bridge toll plaza has a bit of a backup. a few cars and the rest of the lanes clear, that's a lighter flow out of the maze and up the freeway. friday light. back to you. 6:09. a yahoo! employee has not been seen since new year's eve in san francisco. police say a missing person report has been file forward luke. he posted photos online the night of his disappearance, he then took an uber car to his apartment in oakland. no one has heard from him since. a private investigator is on the case. the programmer at yahoo! has tattoos of code and a heart on his arms and chest. he is not considered at risk. >> a warning about a phone scam in the east bay. the sheriff's department says a man is calling residents pretending to absheriff
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lieutenant, authorities say he identifies himself as lieutenant jackson of the warrant unit. the scammer demands money to clear up fake traffic tickets. >> farther of vallejo will be renamed to honor james capoot. it will be known as the james capoot memorial highway. that runs along the neighborhood where capoot was killed in the line of duty. in 2011 he was chasing a man suspected of robbing a bank when a suspect shot him. he left behind a wife and three daughters. >> 6:10. still ahead on tob a teenage plane crash survivor returns to the court.go8 >> there was a lot to cheer about. details about his first shot in his first high school basketball
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in nearly three years. >> the latest unemployment numbers, they are surprisingly bad. we'll break them down coming up. >> we like to give you a live look. there is a peek behind the scene. all the people that put together this newscast. >> and they are waving. >> one of the many -- working with us. >> it is friday, guys. oh wow, you look incredible.
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today's top story it is. investigators in san jose on the lookout for a possible arsonist, at least three fires broke out within an hour of each other. a fourth fire was also set this morning. it didn't take, though. all four were set within blocks
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of each other not far from the downtown area. >> nine have died from the flu in the bay area. health officials in sonoma county say the latest victim was a 23-year-old man with no underlying health problems. doctors urge people to get flu shot. flu season typically peaks in february. >> heavy rain is causing serious flooding in palm beach, florida. you see people stranded in the water, several roads shut down. emergency officials are extending a flood warning through this afternoon as more rain is on the way there. not much on the way here. all kinds of important business news as well. >> scott, let's start with the terrible jobs number. >> it is terrible. the worst jobs number since we've had since 2011. the labor department says only 74,000 new jobs were added in the economy in the monthp) of december, economists had been talking about maybe 200,000 jobs. maybe more.
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it is possible this is an odd fluke. maybe somebody did the math wrong. the unemployment rate dropped significantly but our economist at cnbc says that's just because people are bailing out of the job search. i looked it up. the labor participation rate is the worst it's been since 1978. if you're not looking for a job you're not considered unemployed remember. at least when it comes to the jobless rate. the other startling number, target says 70 million people were hit by that data breach at its stores. not 40 million as first reported. target says it will have to set aside money to pay for all of the costs involved and is offering free credit monitoring. the target disaster nearly twice as big as we first thought. >> despite the lousy job number employment here in the bay area continues strong. google has so many employees it's starting to bring them to
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work by boat. these people are going from unemployed or regular jobs to qualified computer programmers in about nine weeks. boot camp claims it can take anybody even with no experience, someone even not very hot at math, turn them into an entry level web developer in nine weeks of intense classes. >> i think i'm terrible at math and i'm a decent developer. some of the people who graduated are not that good at math. >> the "chicago tribune" looked into this, said dead boot camp can place 95% of its students in jobs, starting salaries of $85,000 a year. there is that kind of demand for web developers. >> that is really interesting. intensive. >> very intense. you pay $12,000 in tuition. more sunday. >> thanks. >> new details on the deadly navy helicopter crash off the
6:17 am
coast of virginia. a sail here has not been seen since is from southern california. lieutenant shutdown schneider from santee was among four aboard when it crashed into the ocean on monday. the search for schneider was called off after the coast guard p helicopters and planes to search an area that is about the size of los angeles. >> speaking of los angeles. the los angeles senior who survived two plane crashes was back on the court this week. we're about to show you video of austin hatch taking his first hatch in his first basketball game in nearly three years. try to keep an eye on 33. >> he sinks the shot. they know just how far he's come. and how much he's lost.
6:18 am
in 2003, hatch's mother, 11-year-old sister and 5-year-old brother, were killed when his father crashed a small plane. in 2011 hatch was put into a coma for two months after his father crashed again, his father and step mother died in that crash. hash spent two years relearning how to breathe, eat and walk. the teen is now with his uncle and will play at the university of michigan next year. >> very woo not heard the last of that gentleman. a look at christina. she's got beach weather just for me down the road. >> it's always just for you. we're side shows. the side acts, the extras. 36 degrees in santa rosa, 40 in livermore. he's right on point. we're going to get spoiled. livermore is at 40. this is the warmest part of the bay area. 67 out in the east bay.
6:19 am
temperatures elsewhere all over the place. one of those microclimate days. san francisco the upper 50s as the fog returns at 3:00 p.m. if you're looking for the sunshine you'll find it throughout your inland valleys. not bad even by the water. rain on the way into saturday. let's time this out. it's looking pretty good for us. i think we're going to insure up to a half inch especially in the north bay. stop the clock, our best chance for rain as we head through up in the north play, saturday morning, all that activity starts to push south of the golden gate bridge by about lunch time. we're going to get action por the second half of the afternoon by about 4:00. getting the showers down here so in the south bay you want to make outdoor plans the earlier or better as long as you're in by 4:00 you bypass all of that shower activity. on sunday, beautiful, lots of sunshine.
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62 in san francisco, oakland at 63 degrees. and we'll be at 65 degrees in napa. we'll have the forecast coming up for you. i want to show you the sale of the two different weekend days. let's check your drive. >> good morning. you can do that stwims tej. this is a bad back but i can warn you that 101 nord the curve, the same stretch there was that+bpñ warehouse fire. i'll show you on the maps how we can get around this. it's a lighter volume we have the northbound routes light. north 280 up to 87. but in this area also, possibly right at the interchange as well, i'm hearing about two other incidents. which often happens.
6:21 am
starting right around tully to 680, prepare for that. use 87 oroo280 as our alternate. the rest of the bay light. it is friday. here is the peninsula without delays. the dumbarton and the san mateo. i'll point out the live camera. we have this look, northbound 101 north of university we have had this truck on the shoulder blocking just the shoulder. it's a distraction. you see the light volume on the approach. move over one more lane if you can and give them more crews might arrive. it's then a while and no slowing. oakland, northbound 101 past high street, all the way into downtown. a little more company but no drama as far as flowing 8. proching the bay bridge, at the toll plaza no backup so to the north bay we'll look at the 101,
6:22 am
tracking, suddenly starts to build through central san rafael. in the upper 50s at theirs fers. nice flow. back to you. >> 6:22. still ahead, 49ers playoff fever. which deli is making all of the sandwiches for the niners fight. ♪ in touch with the ground
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in a matter of hours the san francisco 49ers head east for the playoff game. >> before they can get on the team plane they have to make a pit stop in san jose. bob redell shows us the team's new good luck charm. >> reporter: good morning to you. la villa deli has a request to fill this morning. a tremendous order, basically enough sandwiches to feed an nfl football team. shortly the people here at this deli will be creating more than 70 sandwiches to be devoured by the san francisco 49ers players and coaches before they hit the road. this has become a ritual for the team to play an away game. to chow down on a chris combo that is turkey, ham, italian meat and cheese on a roll, you might be able to see what i'm talking about in the pictures posted on the instagram account. it's name affidavit chris who
6:26 am
runs the deli. he must have those this morning before they fly off to take on the panthers on sunday. the last time these teams met it was during a regular season. the panthers beat the 49ers. 49ers, i spoke with hem yesterday, that loss is behind them and they aree confident about their prospects for sunday. >> that's a long time ago. we're going to play a game sunday. we're a different outfid than we were that day. their prospects. >> 10:05 on sunday morning. still ahead, an update on the breaking news, three fires set minutes a-&zq and blocks away from one another. we're live with the overnight search for the arsonist. >> millionaires are the new majority on capitol hill. which california congressional
6:27 am
members are among the richest. >> beautiful bay bridge, friday morning. hope you have plans for the weekend. another live look spanning across the bay area. a lot more news ahead. [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal.
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so we made our own commercial to tell you why.
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first, chex makes lots of gluten free flavors. which is a huge thing for us. and there's seven to choose from. like cinnamon, honey nut, and chocolate. i tell them "you guys are gonna turn into chocolate chex!" i like cinnamon, greg is a honey nut nut. when you find something this good, you want to spread the word. [ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex! >> a search for a serial arsoni. we'll tell you about three overnight fires set within walking distance and minutes apart. >> another tight spot in the traffic scandal involving chris christie. we'll tell you about the thousands of documents that are about to be revealed. >> step outside now and look at the pier along the embarcadero. a gorgeous morning. you can see the lights reflecting off the water, very calm, really nice weather on the way.
6:30 am
>> weather and traffic moments away. we'll take you live in the opening bell. this morning, friday morning, staples doing the honors at the nasdaq. we'll check the numbers, the markets, it's friday, january 10th, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're following breaking news, investigators in san jose are on the lookout for a possible arsonist. at least three fires broke out within an hour of each other. a fourth was also set but didn't take. all four were set within five blocks of each other not far from the downtown area. those fires added to four other fires seen on this map. that means it's an exhayesing 24 hours. peggy bunker is on the scene. she will have a live report coming up.
6:31 am
>> happening now a state of emergency in effect for nine counties in west virginia where a chemical spill may have contaminated tap water. restaurants are closed, stores are sold out of bottles water and thousands are getting a day off from school. people are warned not to use the water. industry, there is no word when the water may again be safe to brink. >> this morning officials release thousands of internal documents on the intentional traffic jam orchestrated by one of chris christie's top aides. yesterday christie denied knowing anything about bridget kelly ordering lane closures on the george washington bridge. the move was made for payback for ft. lee's mayor. kelly has since been fired.
6:32 am
>> it's not believable that she's the only one responsible in this administration. >> i am humiliated by the fact that i did not know this and that i was deceived. >> three others were also fired though six people who got stuck in that traffic jam filed a class action lawsuit. >> this new majority in congress. >> tracie potts joins us. plenty california congress members among the richers on capitol hill. >> a few of them in the top 10 and top 20 including darrell issa again at the very top of this list according to the center for responsive politics. he is worth $464 million. last year he wasn't at the top, bummed off by a texas republican. also in the top 10, at the very
6:33 am
bottom. nancy pelosi who according to this report is worth an average of $87 million. dianne feinstein came in at twem, her average net worth, $68 million. what is interestingñ some flexibility. the rules how spousal income has reported and changed a bit. what that means is for some lawmakers nike nancy pelosi they estimate she is either worth about a million minimum or 174 maximum or somewhere in between. kind of interesting. >> not terribly accurate. i want to check in with you, chris tee keen this morning. >> we've got this working. you've got to do your best to get it right. temperatures are going to be right i find this stuff
6:34 am
fascinating. we've got major changes. temperatures are all over. look at 32. we're at 40 degrees. keeping you milder. it's clear. look at san francisco where you have the most clouds, that's why you are in the 50s. we're headed toward the 60s. 67 degrees there, 64 in the north bay. and the south bay 64 degrees. happy friday to you. maybe you're trying to get weekend plans going for the family. two different sides to the weekend. saturday, showers on the way to the bay area. the best chance right now for the north bay starts out on saturday morning. at about 8:00 a.m., getting light activity that will press to the south. by lunch time on saturday. then it all moves into the south bay through about 4:00. your seven-day forecast is here. that shows you where we're headed next week. these showers head out of here.
6:35 am
we head into tund we're sauking about mostly clear and temperatures are nice. if you can get out doors, look what's happening. 200 plus. they have free nail trims. it's great if you have a vet. get into a musical chairs competition. we're going to be cool on saturday, 57. then we jump back up for sunday. i'm going to talk more about that warm up. >> i do not play hue sickle choirs. here is your chance to avoid this. northbound 101 from 680 past this camera all the way past the key. at mckee or flaft is a two-car -- oro4 four-car.
6:36 am
a new crash 101 north bound at 880, causing you more after you clear that season. another at capital expressway. look at this very much for 1 a 1 approaching capital expressway. folks heading over toward 87 up through curtner where we see a lot of slowing. north 28 over from the 110 over to the downtown area as well. we still have the closure there. talked about a lighter flow a. look at treatment, southbound 880, this is what things are like around the bay. you're getting more company. the headlights past. as we look forward on 880. both sides have a good volume but neither has anything lower than a 55 through the area.
6:37 am
580 through oakland and 24 out of the caldecott tunnel. look how light. we have flashing lights moving to the parking lot. there was a crash at 580 attite involving the motorcycle.m&g i'll get you more if there is anything to report. smooth drive. >> 6:37 the time. still ahead a small plane crash on the beach. >> coming up, we'll hear from the pilots who managed to escape with barely a scratch. oh!
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6:40. a pilot, copilot and dozens on a be be alive after a plane crashed after an emergency landing. can you imagine seeing that come in. that is what happened when the plane tried to take off after an emergency landing. the plane had been gliding when the engine stopped. the pilot landed on the beach, did repairs and then tried to take off again but as you can see, the plane's wheels get
6:41 am
caught and it flips. pilots got out fine. they even talked to reporters. >> basically, the engine stopped. something a pilot doesn't want to hear. >> no injuries. only the pride bent. >> several dozen people were on the beach for a sand castle competition and saw that crash. the pilots say the beach was cleared before the emergency landing and then the take-off attempt. >> 6:41. coming up, an update to breaking news. >> three fires minutes apart and blocks away from one another in san jose. we're live with the overnight search for the serial arsonist. >> a terrible number as far as unemployment goes, we'll take a look coming up in business. >> and good morning to you. what a beautiful start to the day in san jose. this weekend we're tracking rain. we're tracking a big warm-up and some big waves. i'm talking triple overhead. your full forecast in moments.
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good morning. this is not a light drive now approaching the bay bridge. you see flashing lights the middle of the screen. crews trying to arrive on what we hear is a deadly crash west 580 what you see backed up approaching the maze, coming out of the oakland and emeryville area toward the bayxmoi bridg plaza. this is a huge mess. a deadly crash. looks like it might involve a motorcycle. we also have the sigalert with backups in san jose. this is not a light friday. more coming up. >> breaking news san jose firefighters making quick work of three back-to-back fireskm6 within blocks of each other.
6:45 am
two reported on 24th street, the other on 28th street and san antonio street. the overnight fires added to four other fires from yesterday, you see them here on the map. it's been an exhausting 24 hours for san jose firefighters. >> peggy is live at the scene of the recent=á+re on 28th and san antonio with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. firefighters tell us that there's four fires that were attempted to be set, three of them ignited. we're at the scene of the last one. you mentioned it terry in light of yesterday's massive warehouse fire the san jose fire department could catch a÷.z bre. they need one. but looks like there is no rest for the weary. let's talk you through what has happened, to the first fire that happened it two 1st and san fernando, we heard that began about 3:30 this morning, and they were only there for a short time when another call rolled in. this one to south 34th and peach street where the homeowner awoke to find her porch on fire. look at the damage, you can see
6:46 am
the flames climbed up the side of the wall of her exterior of her house. we arrived at that scene. we're waiting to talk to investigators and firefighters there. when we got another call about another fire a few blocks away at east san antonio and 28th. we met the san jose fire department here. they doused the flames as well. we saw the homeowner. she came out to see the damage. she was awoken by her neighbor screaming your house is on fire. >> there was a gentleman screaming on the street your house is on fire and he ran to the door withy/6 the flashlight your house is on fire. my husband and i ran outside and the side was on fire. we got buckets of water and started throwing at it. ran back in the house and got my older kids to help. >> so that is martha telling us what her morning is like. she says she is feeling pretty shaky, she says she has young children here in the house with her and her husband and older
6:47 am
kids, breaking down the numbers what the fire department has dealt with since wednesday, they had two fires then, two yesterday, not even including the massive warehouse fire and three today that ignited, one that didn't. so you look at those numbers sand think what is the going on. the people we talked to here believe that there is malicious intent of some kind. they are investigating with abarson crew and the police department is helping. interesting when we talked to marta about what heart the fire outside she said it started in a plastic tool box. that's what was used to ignite the fire. not clear if that was something she owned or that was placed here. that is what she is telling us ignited the fire. we heard another fire engine in the distance so we'll keep you posted if anything breaks. >> a busy morning. firefighters still trying to determine the cause of this massive warehouse fire that
6:48 am
burned for hours yesterday morning near the intersection of 28th and julian streets in san jose. firefighters are still on the scene checking for hot spots. neighbors are not allowed to go into their back yards near the scene of the fire. it does not appear to be suspicious. >> san jose fire investigating the cause of a fire that ripped through three condo units in almaden. it appears the flames started on the second floor and spread. >> a live look outside on this sun rise over the bay bridge. it's a beautiful start. love a bay area morning. let's check with christina. >> happy friday everybody. temperatures right now are a little on the chilly side. you need the coat, leave the umbrella home. san jose is looking pretty good. we have a few high clouds overhead. temperatures across the bay area kind of scattered all over. 39 in the north bay, 50 as you
6:49 am
head down the golden gate bridge into san francisco. 41 for the east bay and 41 degrees in the south bay headed to a comfortable afternoon. reaching into the upper 60s on the east bay. 67 for you, 59 degrees in san francisco w the fog returning by about 3:00 p.m. as we head throughout the weekend, two different sides to tell you b. showers come through in the north bay tomorrow at about 10:00 a.m., they continue into the south bay until about 3:00 p.m. we could measure up to a quarter inch in the north bay. then on sunday that sun comes back out in full fours. it's going to be a nice day for you and the family to get outdoors. the surf is up on sunday. we're going to see big waves. if you want to keep that in mind we're talking about a long period, it's going to start up on sunday and potentially continue into monday. look at this, sunday the big day. 10 to 15 footers out there. and 60 degrees. this is san francisco, san mateo county beaches. they are going to be big.
6:50 am
big enough for mavericks, right now not great but the chance is there. sunday also you might be indoors watching this game. looking good, a 10% chance for rain in charlotte, north carolina as our niners take on the panthers. let's check that drive. >> we have two alerts. this one here we're looking at west 580 up toward maze. we're cut off from our view here but there is report of a deadly crash. west 580 to the maze and past the split where we have at least one lane blocked. look at all of this backup. a little shady on some of the details. we have reports of this crash backup here, coming off of 580 and 24 and the interchange there and all the way to the bay bridge, a split and the berkeley curve. >> there may be another fender-bender.
6:51 am
so the initial two calls were confused. we have a secondary slowing, emerge off of 880 toward the bay bridge toll plaza. two areas you're going to watch it. now we'll jump down to the south bay. the rest of the east bay is starting to build. a lighter friday but again the two problems will be an issue toward the bay bridge. up in the south bay, the northbound routes continue to jam up. north 101 suffers the most. we have another crash at 8 a 0 causing a backup. another in the backup at tully and possibly a fourth here at capital expressway. all of this causing the slowdown, folks shifting to north 87 as an alternate. that is starting to clog up as the south bay commute kicks in. a similar problem as far as the traffic flow. a live look outside as well to show you how things are shaping up. we're starting to see traffic flow so may have opened that second lane. three crashes have to clear.
6:52 am
the north bay, that's starting to show slowdowns becausepga ofe volume south through san rafael. back to you.2gstr(t&háhp &hc >> thank you, mike. 6:52, new details, agbr19-yeard found dead in santa rosa was murdered. he was found in a home on the 1200 block of marble street shot in the head. he was alive when paramedics got there but later died. police found two male teens in the home. they were questioned and released. the victim is known to have ties to a gang. >> new this morning the san jose mercury reports that the english teacher at a school in palo alto resigned after two students contacted the school and said she had inappropriate relations with them at other schools. she has been there for more than 20 years. it's a private school for girls 6-12. sfans they learned of the allegations they placed the
6:53 am
teacher on administrative leave. her name has not been released. the students claim the teacher engaged in sexual misconduct with them while they were students in tennessee and texas. >> a widespread influence warning for the bay area after nine seths in seven counties. several hospitals put up more tents out of emergency rooms for patients with flu symptoms. in jose. good morning. >> reporter: this is the first time regional medical center has put tents out in the parking lot by the emergency room to handle people who come in with flu symptoms, and this morning they now have two tents set up. they think they can handle about three times the number of patients as you said so far 9 deaths tied to the flu. this is higher than the same time last year. the counties in sonoma, marin,
6:54 am
san francisco, san mateo, contra costa, alameda and santa clara counties. the state department of public health is expected to update the numbers a little later this morning, but the tents are to help treat parents not just as regional medical center where they bumped up staffing but also stafford as well for the exact same thing. the people who died are of various ages but many are young. doctors say even healthy young people who aren't vaccinated are in danger of developing complications. a healthy 23-year-old, this seasonch, the pandemic flu is spreading fast. >> younger to middle-aged. and this was very consistent with what happened during the 2009 h1n1 pandemic. it's the same flu strain. >> reporter: doctors are saying that a flu shot will protect you
6:55 am
against0 h1n1 and other strain and it still is not too late to go ahead and get your flu shot. last year's flu season picked in february. it can due go through may. >> it's gadget friday. before scott gets to the fun stuff we're going to talk about non-fun stuff, job numbers. >> they were lousy. >> i think terrible. all of these things that are around here booming but when we look nationwide the unemployment rate is terrible. we were talking about maybe 200,000 jobs added in the month of december. instead is the number we got this morning is a shocker, 74,000. remember, we need about 45,000 just to cover the 18-year-olds covering the economy. the unemployment rate jobs because people aren't participating in jobs. how many are looking for jobs in the economy or taking part.
6:56 am
62.8%. worse than 1978 when jimmy carter was president and debby boone's y"you light up my life" was tops. this is a high tech pooper scooper, the augie dog, the inventor says you kaert around the yard an pick up the dog's mess and place it over you know. we have what we ha had to substitute for dog stuff which i think we can see. we can have the -- lully with my hand. the idea is put it over the dog thing and pick it up with the auger itself. then you dump them out in the trash by reversing the auger. $150 from amazon -- >> reverse it. >> there it went. better than teenagers. they don't do anything. >> interesting. >> 150 bucks.
6:57 am
>> 150 bucks. >> thanks, scott. >> it is 6:56 now. in a matter of hours san francisco 49ers head east for the big playoff game. as the team makes a super bowl run excitement is building especially at local sports store. >> all of the popular merchandise flying off the shelves. get me one, bob. >> reporter: here at the sports authority in sunnyvale, beginning to see how much of this merchandise is left by the end of today or tomorrow before the big game. in the past weeks you saw a surge. more than you would see normally? >> absolutely. we've gone through so much mrds almost in an overnight situation. >> people excited about us getting to the championship. >> of course. that's right. >> looking at the wall of jerseys there, which one is the most popular?
6:58 am
>> it's the kaepernick jersey. >> what is he on the team? >> the quarterback. >> okay. the quarterback. oh, collin. you have his on. do youi-i expect things busy to or tomorrow? based on your experience? >> i do. i expect it to get busy starting at noon today and all the way through tomorrow until the game starts. >> thank you, appreciate it. they are going to take on the carolina panthers sunday morning. last time the 49ers met was during the regular season at the stick. they lost by a point. 10-9. people with the team yesterday, they said they put that loss behind them and are confident about sunday morning. >> that's a long time ago. we're going to be playing a game sunday, we're a different outfit than we were that day.úpñ >> a lot of people, we got a group of guys around here and
6:59 am
have been around here. it's a buff game, last game. i'm looking fort to it. >> of course they win on sunday they are off to the nfc championship game. terry, i believe you are a large and this is definitely your style. >> totally. >> could we get another one? >> reporter: do not pretend it isn't. >> bob, thanks. >> don't forget me. >> you can have mine. believe me. we'll wash it in hot water. >> laura, there is a kid size here. >> thanks. well, discount deals. that's the good thing. and before the team heads out they have to fuel up. >> baking to feed the hungry 9ers. whipping up 70 sandwiches to take on the road. >> i might head there today.
7:00 am
good morning. burning bridges? the first lawsuits filed. hundreds of new documents set to be released today in the investigation into whether chris christie exacted revenge on his political enemies by shutting down the world's busiest bridge while the presidential hopeful does damage control. >> it's a terrible thing, and we're going to work to regain their trust. breaking news out of west virginia, a dangerous chemical spill affects the water supply for hundreds of thousands of people. no drinking, no cooking, no showering, and it could last for days. a fugitive, that's what amanda knox says she will become if her original murder conviction is upheld in italy. her controversial new statement. and going for gold. hollywoo


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