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tv   Today  NBC  January 10, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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good morning. burning bridges? the first lawsuits filed. hundreds of new documents set to be released today in the investigation into whether chris christie exacted revenge on his political enemies by shutting down the world's busiest bridge while the presidential hopeful does damage control. >> it's a terrible thing, and we're going to work to regain their trust. breaking news out of west virginia, a dangerous chemical spill affects the water supply for hundreds of thousands of people. no drinking, no cooking, no showering, and it could last for days. a fugitive, that's what amanda knox says she will become if her original murder conviction is upheld in italy. her controversial new statement. and going for gold. hollywood gearing up for its
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rowdiest party of the year. and we're so ready we're already here in l.a. today, friday, january 10th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to a special split edition of "today" on a friday morning. i'm savannah guthrie up here in los angeles. >> and i'm willie geist along with al roker and kate snow here in studio 1-a. matt and natalie on assignment. you mentioned chris christie, savannah, i think he was hoping that press conference would put some of this story to bed. not the case here in new york. here are the front pages of the "new york daily news" calling the performance pathetic and the "new york post" saying ignorance is chris. this is a long way from over. >> and that is today's top story this morning. the political payback scandal
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that is raising questions about chris christie's political future. he says he played no role in shutting down traffic as a means of political retribution. but this morning, the new jersey governor is facing a new lawsuit, more evidence to be released today. let's get to nbc's kelly o'donnell at the state house in trenton this morning. hi to you, and good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. more headaches and more problems today for governor christie. about 1,000 pages of documents will be released about the lane closures. just as he is trying to get control of this crisis. governor christie making a road trip seeking forgiveness. a personal visit to visit with the mayor of ft. lee, new jersey. >> i'm here today to also apologize to the people of ft. lee. and, you know, terrible thing. and we're going to work to
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regain their trust. >> reporter: thrust in the spotlight, mayor sokolich took his apology. >> he said he had nothing to do with it. >> reporter: e-mails suggest it was planned as political punishment for the ft. lee mayor who did not support christie's reelection. christie fired his deputy chief of staff and parted ways with his campaign manager. his appointee at the port authority david wildstein resigned and took the fifth. christie says he feels betrayed. >> i'm just stunned. and what does it make me ask about me? it makes me ask about me what did i do wrong to have these folks think it was okay to lie to me? >> reporter: the governor said he skds asked top aides and was told no one on his team caused the traffic mess. christie says he knew nothing
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until a new jersey paper published the e-mails wednesday morning. >> i was standing there in my bedroom with my ipad looking at that. how incredibly sad and betrayed i felt. >> adding, he has yet to reach the anger stage. >> i'm sad. i'm sad, that's the predominant emotion i feel right now. is sadness. >> reporter: this feeds to critics perceptions that christie fosters hardball tactics. he denies that. >> i am who i am, but i am not a bully. >> reporter: part of what he will have to face today is a lawsuit filed by some bergen county residents saying they were treated as trapped rats unable to get work where their pay was docked. also today, the governor does not have public events. he says he will continue to talk
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to employees and work to find out more answers, and he expects as he is seeking more facts to be coming out. savannah. >> all right, kelly o'donnell this morning. let's turn to david gregory. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> if they kept records of such things, 108 minutes for a press conference would have to set one. i guess the strategy was, let reporters knock themselves out, wear themselves out asking every single question and maybe this thing will go away. did it work or backfir and do you think he should've gotten off the stage sooner? >> i talked to republicans and democrats who think he bought himself some space. the bottom line question is was he involved? if he wasn't involved, perhaps he can avoid political death. if he was involved, most professionals think in the business, he couldn't survive if he was involved. but if you take him at his word, he was not involved. the press conference was about being judged. he knows he'll be judged now on crisis management. this is a cultural question. how did this rogue operation if we're to believe what the
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governor's saying, take root in his own office and exact this kind of petty, political revenge without him knowing or without his countenance at some level. that his deputy chief of staff do something she thought would not be supported by the governor? i think that's really the thrust of the question right now. >> yeah. that's the question of whether -- first the question of whether he knew and then there's whether he should've known. and even though this was bubbling up over the last couple of months, did christie do enough and say enough to show he was actually interested in getting to the bottom of it or was he uncurious about it? >> well, first of all, at the time, this thing is going down. it just smells bad. it looks like petty, political retribution at the time it's going down. why didn't he inquire? why didn't he try to stop something that's a big traffic problem on the first day of school impacting ems vehicles and all the rest. it's a former u.s. attorney, what he's telling reporters yesterday, i said when this thing came out, you have an hour
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to tell me if we were involved. how about saying, tell me everything. i want to know everybody who was involved at every level. i think that's going to keep these questions going there. federal investigations and obviously the state house in new jersey's going to keep the pressure on. again, it comes down to do you believe that he had no knowledge of a rogue political operation? or did people think this was something ultimately the governor would want if he was denied an endorsement by a democratic mayor in ft. lee to go ahead and do something like this. >> and you mentioned this federal inquiry going on. that could go on for some time as prosecutors look into whether there was criminal activity here. does that put the brakes on something he would otherwise be doing for 2016 should he seek the presidency. >> well, there's a lot of time until iowa. and the top democrat david axelrod said we have a tendency to look at these moments in the moment when there are very few
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of those. we're too far away to look at that kind of long-term impact. it will certainly fortify critics who think that christie peaked too early in his popularity after a good re-election. and republicans in the party who don't think he's that electable anyway. a northeastern governor, there are comparisons to rudy giuliani. but overall, too early to really judge that impact, i think. >> david gregory in washington, i know you have a lot more on this on sunday on "meet the press." let's go to willie now back in new york. >> savannah, thank you. now to a really alarming situation, west virginia, a chemical spill leading to a state of emergency overnight and serious warning to business owners and residents there. anne thompson is the chief environmental affairs correspondent. good morning. >> good morning, willie. president obama has authorized fema to coordinate emergency rescue efforts. american water has a clear statement to the residents. don't use the water.
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a chemical spill thursday has up to 300,000 people in west virginia putting down their drinking water after concerns over its safety. a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol spilled into west virginia's elk river on thursday and contaminating the water supply and putting 300,000 people at risk. the source, a leak from a nearby coal treatment facility making the water unsafe for drinking, cooking and bathing. the governor declared a state of emergency in nine counties as the health department shut down schools, restaurants and bars. residents are rushing to local stores to stock up on bottled water, but the supply can't keep up. >> they had a limit of one so i wouldn't be so greedy as to steal all the water. >> buys ice to use for drinking water. >> the chemical is a colorless liquid that some say smells like black licorice. and while it's not lethal in the current form, may be harmful if inhaled or ingested.
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>> my hands are swollen and i'm having hard time breathing. >> reporter: there is nothing to be done to clean up the mess. an environmental spokesperson says the chemical floats on the water and will eventually dissipate, but can't actually be removed. so for now, it's bottled water or no water. >> a state of emergency will be in place until the water is safe to use again. officials don't know when that will be. until then, they're asking people to be neighborly. and those who live in unaffected areas fill up bottles with clean water to share with those who are living in areas where the water is no longer clean. willie? >> boy, that's really scary. let's hope everybody heeds the warning and stays safe down there. kate snow is in while natalie is out on assignment. new developments on the amanda knox story. >> amanda knox has told an italian newspaper if she's again convicted of murder, she will become a fugitive rather than return to an italian prison.
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keir simmons is in london with the details. >> good morning. amanda knox made these comments in a newspaper interview from seattle while an italian court is hearing the closing arguments of her retrial for murder. >> reporter: jailed for murder in 2009, amanda knox cried tears of relief when her conviction was finally overturned. >> thank you for being there for me. now, she's suggested she will not leave her home in seattle even if an italian court finds her guilty again. what will you do if they sentence you, an italian newspaper asked her. in that case, i will become, what do you call it, a fugitive, she reportedly replied. last year on "today," matt asked amanda if she would go back if she was convicted. >> i was already in prison as an innocent person in italy. and i can't reconcile the choice to go back with that experience. >> reporter: her co-accused, former boyfriend raffaele sollecito, is in the italian
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court for the retrial convinced they will be acquitted of the murder of british student meredith kercher in 2007. what little dna evidence there was to tie the pair to the killing was later found to be the result of contamination. amanda knox says one day she would like to visit meredith kercher's family. so far, they have made clear they would not welcome that, still believing she was involved in their daughter's murder. now, this morning in a statement, amanda knox clarifies what she said. she says if she was convicted, if she was, legally i will be defined as a fugitive, but i will continue to fight for my innocence, adding i will not willingly submit myself to injustice. >> keir, thanks. we've got new video this morning of a very rare public appearance by former cuban president fidel castro. castro attended the opening of an art studio in havana wednesday night. it's the first time he's been seen in public in nine months.
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the 87-year-old led cuba for 48 years before getting sick in 2006. he handed over power to his brother raul. dash cam video captures a dramatic chase in oregon. fit for a hollywood move. troutdale police chase a woman who refused to pull over a woman on routine traffic stop. turns out the car was stolen. but watch what happens. she gets to the bridge, climbs over the rail and jumps into the river below before the police could get to her. she was eventually fished out of the river and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. she is facing several charges. a houston firefighter is being praised for his six-pack solution. captain was off duty monday when he stopped to help a trucker put out a fire on the rig. the truck was hauling beer, so he started shaking up the cans and spraying them at the flames and it worked. >> no. >> yeah. thank goodness, he says, they
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were all tallboys. i'm not making this up. and they may be big, tall and strong, but that did not stop the nba stars in houston from being scared silly. it was all a prank by the houston rockets inflatable mascot. clutch the bear. players had no idea that somebody was actually in the suit as they walked out of practice and they soon found out the hard way. maybe the best reaction came from dwight howard. tossed his phone in the air. that's a good scare. >> kicked him right in the honeycomb. >> that's good stuff. >> wow. he did go right there, didn't he? al, little good news/bad news with the weather. it's warming up but that brings problems. >> absolutely. we've got an amazing live shot right now. take a look at this video, i should say. this is the niagara river. you can see there's a rainbow there right outside the niagara falls, niagara river now freezing up. and there's -- there are flood watches in effect in and around the buffalo area. all right. let's show you what else we've
7:15 am
got going on. down south, look at this, last 24 hours near boynton beach. up to 12 inches of rain. it is still raining a bit. i-95 closed southbound. it is a mess. you come to the north, we've got freezing rain advisories and flood watches from the virginias all the way into new england. look at all this starting to make its way into the area. it's going to be an icy mess for the morning commute. baltimore, washington, on into philadelphia, look at this, we've got the ice accumulations of up to 1/4 inch from west virginia all the way into new york through later this morning. so we've got a real mess as far as the commute is on hand. and by the way, one more thing really quickly, we've also got severe weather coming in. and that's going to cause big problems tomorrow. we're going to be looking at maybe some flooding and we've got the risk of severe weather coming up. in fact, the risk of tornadoes as we make our way into the southeast tomorrow. we're going to get to your local
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forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. >> happy friday to you. you made it to the end of the work week and temperatures are going to be pretty nice. we have rain for tomorrow. 62 in san francisco to start the day. clear sky, beautiful sunrise. the oranges and the reds, same for san jose. beautiful start to the day here. for san jose. milder start out in san jose than yesterday morning. as we head throughout the day today temperatures are going to climb into the 50s and 60s.
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east bay 67. and we have nbc's joe fryer here with a look ahead. >> good morning, savannah. we've got five movies that are competing for best drama, five more competing for best comedy, and many of them are still considered strong contenders in a year where the field is wide open. >> reporter: it's hollywood's very public a-list party. >> only at the golden globes do the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat face people of television. >> like the movies and shows created by the stars, the globes themselves are famous for comedy, a little drama. >> i already did my coming out about 1,000 years ago back in the stone age. >> and this year more than ever, mystery. >> lots of films with lots of nominations. but there's no film that's
7:18 am
emerged as the big favorite. >> i survived. i will not fall into despair. >> reporter: "12 years a slave" remains a favorite along with "gravity." >> do you copy? >> but other movies on the comedy side are picking up steam. >> i believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated. did you say that? >> "american hustle" which also earned seven globe nominations was named best picture by the new york film critics circle. and two l.a. critics honored "gravity" and "her" were honored. the story of a man who falls in love with his computer operating system. >> it's going to be a big year for us. >> you can say computers are stealing the hearts of tv viewers with netflix shows that weren't even on tv this year. "house of cards," "orange is the new black," and "arrested development" are up for awards. >> you'll start to see more outlets trying to compete in
7:19 am
that game. outlets like amazon, hulu. >> but ultimately, the odds may favor cable shows like "breaking bad" which drew huge ratings with the series finale. >> biggest hollywood party of the year, let's do it. >> no mystery surrounding the hosts, tina fey and amy poehler are back. beyond that, we have to see what shocking plot twists await. >> in addition to the best picture, the acting categories are really all up for grabs this year. now, last year's globes did do a nice job of foreshadowing the oscar winners, but that's not always the case. >> who are you wearing this morning? practicing my red carpet. >> i have my calvin klein along with my grandfather's vintage cuff links. >> lovely. thank you so much. and we're going to hear from nominee bradley cooper. and a reminder to all of you, matt, carson and i will get the night started sunday 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will have the arrival special and then, of course, we will have a full wrap-up monday
7:20 am
morning right here on "today." guys, let's send it back to you in new york. >> savannah, he just won over the fashion police here. savannah, thanks. carson's over in the orange room right now tracking reaction to the story about governor chris christie. >> is it bad when you have to look to see who you're wearing? robert hall. governor chris christie, the press conference yesterday, that was the talk of social media. we have some data to show you thanks to our friends at twitter. it received as a whole the conversation almost 500,000 hits. the #bridgegate caught on later. 80,000 mentions there. it's a serious story, but we did the math, it was a long press conference, an hour and 48 minutes, that seemed to be what everybody was talking about. tweeted governor christie, by the time this press conference ends, will you be too old to seek the presidential nomination? a writer for the online slate, it said, did christie accidentally fire the staffer who tells him when to end a press conference?
7:21 am
comedians got in on the act. one of the top retweeted tweets came from seth macfarlane who wants dibs on the rodman/christie sitcom. and the retweet, conan o'brien, if he had blocked people from entering new jersey, he'd be a hero. he said it. back to you guys. >> i've got to stick up for my home state of jersey. come on, conan. >> that's what happens when you move to cable, you get bitter. >> oh. we love you, conan. carson, thank you. coming up, up in smoke, the problem facing colorado's legal sales of marijuana. savannah? and the former -- the cia's former top attorney on three controversial decades at the spy agency, including the close working relationship with hollywood. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] shop at safeway now through january 14th
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a very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators in san jose are on the lookout for a possible arsonist. at least three fires broke out within an hour of each other. a fourth didn't take. all four were set within five blocks of each other. the overnight fires added to four others seen on this map. that means it's ancazx exhausti4 hours for3a san jose firefighte. the largest of the fire was this one, one that destroyed a warehouse yesterday morning. neighbors are still not allowed to go in their back yards near the scene of that fire for fear of the walls collapsing. the firefighters are still on hand at the warehouse checking for hot spots.
7:27 am
so far a cause has not been made public. it does not appear suspicious. >> nine have died from the flu in the bay area. the latest victim was a 23-year-old man with no underlying health problems. doctors are urging people to get the flu shot. flu season typically peaks in february. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> looking pretty good through today. good morning. temperatures are chilly enough for a coat. leave the umbrella at home. we're headed toward a warm-up next week that's going to bring our numbers back in the 70s. we desperately need the rain. it's on the way. for today, here's what you need to know. 59 iní% san francisco, jacket weather alla&a day long. 67, 3 degrees away from 70 in the east bay for today. mid-60s here in san jose. your seven-day shows you your weekend forecast for the region. it's there at the bottom of the screen. i want to tell you we're going to see major changes between saturday and sunday. the best chance of showers 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
7:28 am
let's check your drive. >> a dramatic situation in two spots. because it's a friday light we don't expect it. look at this jam west 580. this is due to a deadly crash that happened between a car and motorcycle from what i understand. two lanes blocked. heading toward the maze this has traffic jammed out of the oakland hills. the rest of the approaches to the bay bridge and the toll plaza are light. north 101 continues to recover from a series of four earlier crashes. >> thank you. we'll have another update in half an hour.
7:29 am
7:30 am
we're g we're going to do this because you've got no choice, you work for me. >> you keep changing the rules. i'm getting a little bit power drunk. you want to tell me? >> i said we shouldn't do any of those. >> we are back now at 7:30 on this friday morning, january 10th, 2014. and that is one of the movies that just might clean up at the golden globes this weekend. "american hustle" up for seven awards. and willie, you sat down recently with one of the stars, bradley cooper. >> i did. it's a great movie. i caught up with bradley cooper earlier this week to see why he said this is his favorite character he's played. it's quite an interesting interview to say the least. >> i'm surprised you guys were sitting so far apart. apart. >> so am i, al. >> he's a fine actorndt's
7:31 am
grt movie. >> normally he'd be sitting in your lap. >> no, no, no. >> wouldn't you guys b whispering sweetotngs in french? >>ou do one interview in french and you never hearhe end oft with savannah guthr. >> we look fward to that. we'll see that in a little bit. but we want to take a loo at what'saking headles this morning. new documents being released in the invtigati into a traffi nightmare orchestrated byop aid to new jersey, ve chris christie as a possible mns of politic retribution. that's bei investigated. and christie has been named in a class action lawsuitiled by people pacted by the congestion. >> a chemical spilln west virginia has contaminated the local water supply. some 300,000 people being told to avoi using tap waterm everything from drking to bathing and washing their clothes. ana bzzd that dumped more tha 2 feetf snow combinedith rising temperatures leading to weekend ood watches.
7:32 am
meantime, just ten days into th history makin ses of creational marijuana in colorado, some stores are now reporting a major shortage. nbc's be gutierrez is following the ory outside nver. be, good morning to you. >> rorter: good morning. it was only a matter of time. the green revolution is apparently takinghis state by storm. and many sellers by surise thgovernor i calling it one of the greatocial periments of the century. >> reporter: this morng for some, a crisis in colorado the weed i i running low, well, sortof. there's plenty of medical marijuana left but when recreational sales became lega on janua 1st, licensedres were reqred to set aside a certainamount, and that supply is dwindling fast. >>here's bnn enormous demand. >> rn ok runs the clinic in denver. for the last two days, he's so out of his rreational
7:33 am
inventory faster than he can harvest it. the high demand has also driven up prices. medical majuanaan cost around $ for 1/8 of an ounce. the recreatiol kind now running closer to 60 origher in some stores eventually the price will decide itself. >> reporter: most sellers are rationing , b even tha may not benough. >> unlesseptment of revenue marijuana enforcemt division makes somechanges, we'll be out of marijuana in the next ten days. >> reporter: recreational pot clearly a growi industry. washington plans to allow it by this summe alka might vote on it later this year, and by 16, we could seit onhe ballot in oregon, california, maine d massachusetts. >> we that this is all going to level out in a few months as demand lowers or at least eadies. >> industry experts estimate
7:34 am
that legal recational s ses in colorado he alrdy topped $5 million. but really, there'no e figure. so savannah, i said it lt week and ll say it again, this is a lot of weed. >> w said, gabe. and so mucuc weed, wonder if there's a contact high going on. >> yeah. we wondered why he was missi e bagf funions. >> they did report a shortage of 7-elevens th chee-tos. >> wow. >> that might be the bestive shot location. >> and gabe volunteered to stay through the weekend. >> got there through the nigh >> i was at these place last week, and i took matt's aice last week, i did go home and dry clean my clothes immediately. >> gd call, gabe. thank you souch. and let's turn to al and get a check of the weather. >> thank you so much, savannah.
7:35 am
let's show you right now. you don't geto say ts that often. guys, we're going t go to niagara fall slowly i turn. tep by step. is a look at niagara falls. look at the ice build-up. this is crazy. th've got two icereakers out there right now. a chance of flurries this morning, eventually just becomi cloudy and we've got icy conditis in the midwest from arkansasll theay on up into the u.p. of michigan. we're looki at icy conditions this lowressure syem bringingnow, rn and freezin in and ice up into the midwest. look at the amounts we're lookat. ice and snowll the way from kansas up into the u.p. of chigan. th 7:35. happy friday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. look at thesexd temperatures, ty will be4ñ comfortable later on
7:36 am
except for san francisco. onshore throw means the fog will return. 59 there. 67 in the east bay, we need the rain so desperately and we have it in the forecast for your we're going to have to wait until tomorrow morning, showers start in theãnorth bay by about 9:00 a.m. and the whole thing clears out by 5:00. a thas yr latest weather. >> all right, al. thanks a lot. now to a rare and vealing lo intthe controversia history of the cia. the agen's former top attorney john rizzo is out with a new book called "comny man." andrea mitchell got the chance to sit down with him. this is a very intesting guy. >> it is, indeed. he ian interesting guy. good morning, willie. for the first time this is an insider accoun o the cia company ma and the k desions that led to waterboarding and other techniques later outlaw all from thiseran cia lawyer who offers no apologies and fe regrets.
7:37 am
>> reporter: even at thepy musi, john rizzoso james bond. but is the ultimate company man a lead ciaawyer during decades occasionally mred by scandal, and post1 interration practices later ouawed >> extraordinary measures had to betaken. >> you mean what was later decided to torture? no. if it had been torture, we wouldn't have done it. >> reporter: the cia helped hollywood recreate the waterboarding in "zero dark thirty." >> b t origiof therogram rely stat cia? >> oh, absolute. wi you? >> with me and few others. >> do you have a second thgh aut that? >> no. >> rio came to the cia in the
7:38 am
1970s the agency orcrate a ding cape. the ben affleck character was fairly close. >> the were few her in the cia during the iranontr scandal. >> iwas not an exerce in good judgment. >> a illegal c and white house operation revealed bthe attoeyeneral. know of no other resignationsontemplater requested. >> rizzs job was to explain it to an angrycongress. >> i wasearning itthe same time the american people re. >> reporter: he saw it all. from the hun for cia mole aldr ames to/11, the valerie plame case and wmds. >> how close toeality is something like "homeland"? >> the character tt she plays
7:39 am
in the series reminded me of several similar t i met ring the course of my cia caer >> they told youeverythi, didn't they? >>oes he remind you of yourself? >> no. there are n lawye in "homeland." probably would've made for a duller series >> his career was cuthort ove thcontroversy over waterboarding. iold the truth. ank you. >> but hleaves with no regrs. >> what if there'd been a secon attack? w could i live wh mysel if that were the case? >> how can y live th yourself knowing that what you didnd what you got approd by the sticdepartment was to many people, not only morally repugnant, but illegal? >> looking back on the times and what i had to do, my conscience is clear. >> rizzo's memoir often reads like aood spy novel. a c veterans account fro iran
7:40 am
cora to drones. >> a guy at the center of a l of american history for better or for worse. ththks so much. coming up next, will sunday be hisnight? we'll catch up wh bradley cooper as heets ready for the big golden globes. >> and coming up on "trending," is it time t cut back? al that time on tablets and smartphos are doing our eyes (beeping of coff mak.) ♪ save your coee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tastin zero-calorie sweeess from the sa leaf. fr nature,or sweetness.
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back now at7:44, and the golden gbes here in los geles justwo nights away now. and will, you cght up wi bradley cooper, a guy very comfortable with hollywood's ard season. >> the french th bradlecooper is up for a goenlobe for a second yr in a row. and win or lose, his le in "americahustle" is one he lod playing. >> i heard you talk wh a lot ofifferent characters, ion't think i've heard you asxcited as the way you are about this
7:45 am
guy. what is i about this guy? >> i'll tell you. >> sorry. >> repter: i've interviewed bradley cooper seval times over the years, but for some reason this week, we both had a litt trouble getting into character. >> ready? >> yeah. >> here we go. 's a characterou are really excited about. >> battle through, bro. >> we did finally get down to e businessis golden globe nonation for best supportin actor in "american hustle," e fictionalized story of the 1970s. >> you've got to present it. this is based on abscam. >> just growing up onhe east t, i'm sure you did, to that w on the radar when we re kids. it was a bigdeal, taking down congss, and it was the benning of this idea of sort of fbi entrapping these gornment officials. >> he plays fbi agent who recruits a professional conman
7:46 am
played by christian bale. ad amy adams an jennifer lawrence mplicate the scheme. >> it would be very bad for you if you're pling me. >> director david o'russell hustled e vie into the production after his success with coopepe on ilver linings playbook." >> by dog someing crazy yourself. thank you. i love you. you went tohe oscshis time last yea for "silver linings playbook" and went the next day, is t rht? >> yeah. we flew the next day to start prroduction and we were shooting it 2 1/2 weeks later. >> this was a warp speed >> yeah.on? everything was condend. especially tditing process. >> and bradl cooper worng again with the director david o'russell. they become good buddies, jennifer lawrence, amy adams, the cast in the film was --
7:47 am
>> are you jealous of his relationip with o'russell? >> i feel we're overstating my relatiship. but we can see more ofy interview -- >> wn you spoon? >> tonight on "going for gold" star studded specialosted by matt. other interviews include justi tierlake, brad pitt and the entire cast of "12 yea of slave" all starts at8:00/7:00 central. just ahead on "trending" multitasking dad will be here and carson is in the orange room withis pick of appthe we. bere copd... i ok my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd maing it hard to breathe, i thought those ys mighte over. so my doctor prescribed symbirt. it hps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. syicort doesn't replace a rescue inhal for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. andhat means...fh on!
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back at 7:51. carson's over in the orange ro reveal his app for the week. >> i'm in my room. my place. we're really excited about this. come on into the orange om, everybody. what wve decided to do the mecca of socia media is nounce our favorite app of the week. and i'm going to kick off our app of the week with one of my
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7:56 am
a very good friday morning to you. 7:55. i'm laura garcia-cannon. today a judge could decide whether a 16-year-old boy accuse of lighting another teen on fire should be tried as an adult. right now prosecutors are charging richard thomas as an adult with the hate crime enhancement. today thomas' attorney is expected to ask the judge to send the case to juvenile court instead. thomas is accused of setting a skirt on fire. a new hearing is set for the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra la mor. he did not enter a plea. he was arrested more than 18 months ago but his lawyers say they need more time to review all of the evidence. lamar disappeared on the way to high school nearly two years ago. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. a nice weekend ahead. >> we have two different sides
7:57 am
to the weekend, laura. good morning. we're in the 30s and 40s and chilly out there. we have rain on the way for tomorrow. i want to make sure you know about that. you can check your forecast there at the bottom of the screen. today temperatures climb into the upper 60s in the east bay, at about 63 degrees along the peninsula and san jose today. around 64. then saturday we expect showers between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. by sunday the numbers climb back up in the 60s, and full sunshine returns. let's check your drive. >> we'll take you out to chopper shots that we have over the crash at west 580. you see the coroner has arrived to complete the investigation of a deadly crash. the map will show you the area dragged outw72 of the oakland hills, all the way to 880 is your alternate. the peninsula and the east bay, heading south into fremont moves smoothly. there is the south bay. >> thank you very much. thanks for joining us this
7:58 am
morning. i'll be back with a local update buáy i'm detecting increasing levels of happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found!
7:59 am
luscious locks. great glittering galaxies. the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! explore more, and save up to 25% on select nights at a disneyland resort hotel. there's no end in sight. i'm going to need more time.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, politics, payback and presidential aspirations. the latest on chris christie's growing scandal and what it could mean in 2016. plus, new year, new tom. comedian tom arnold opens up about his dramatic weight loss. how he shed 90 pounds in nine months. and the golden globe goes to -- we are in los angeles with a full preview and some predictions ahead of this weekend's big party. "today," friday, january 10th, 2014. >> west virginia! >> go oregon ducks!
8:01 am
>> we came 372 miles to meet al! >> i want to take a shot with hoda! >> three sisters from minnesota -- >> california -- >> and virginia. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." as we say hi to folks on our plaza. i'm savannah guthrie out here in los angeles with matt on assignment. we've got willie, al and carson holding down the fort on the plaza. the five-day forecast in l.a., 72, 73, 81, 82. how's it going in your neck of the woods? >> you're a class act, guthrie. >> nice light snow out here on the plaza. >> very nice. >> while you're by the pool today with brad, angelina and clooney, we'll be here with snow flurries in new york city holding it down for you. >> that's good. i've already had a kale juice and yoga class this morning. >> okay. >> coming up from here, wait until you get a look at the new
8:02 am
tom arnold. he's had a dramatic weight loss 90 pounds in nine months. he's here with me in los angeles. we'll find out how he did it and why. >> he looks great, doesn't he? >> buff. >> looking forward to hearing from tom. >> like bradley cooper in high school. >> he looksgood. we'll talk to him in a minute. but first, natalie on assignment. kate has a check of the top stories inside. new documents being released today in the political payback scandal that could threaten the white house ambitions of new jersey governor chris christie. nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the state capitol where critics and supporters are wondering if christie's apologies are enough. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kate. it begins, of course, with the personal apology to the ft. lee mayor. and he started off with a two-hour news conference, the longest i've ever covered from a government official where christie talked about feeling heartbroken and betrayed that once trusted aides are linked to this scandal. he talked about the e-mails and made apologies. >> the language used and the
8:03 am
conduct displayed in those e-mails is unacceptable to me. and i will not tolerate it. but the best i can do is when i see stuff like that to end it. what they did hurt the people of new jersey and hurt the people of ft. lee. and the person who needs to apologize for that is me. and i have. >> reporter: governor christie now faces potentially more headaches with upon 1,000 pages of documents being released today at the state capitol with a state assembly committee investigating this. there's also been a class action suit filed naming christie and other government officials because of the traffic snarls last september. again, this all linked to traffic used as punishment for a mayor who had not supported christie during the reelection. kate? >> kelly o'donnell following it all in new jersey, thanks. an update now on a story that got widespread attention when prosecutors in missouri
8:04 am
dropped rape charges against a popular high school football player from a politically connected family. the latest this morning from nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: for much of the past two years daisy coleman and her family contend she had been raped by a classmate. an allegation that divided the small martinez town of maryville and triggered outrage far beyond its city limits. but on thursday, matthew barnett pleaded misdemeanor child endangerment for what he says was consensual sex with then 14-year-old coleman before dropping her off barefoot and outside her house on a cold winter night. >> our analysis was after a long trial and after very possibly further dividing a community we were going to end up with a misdemeanor conviction of what we have right now. >> reporter: in a statement, coleman says she's grateful barnette took responsibility and that the incident will not define her.
8:05 am
barnette's whose four-month jail sentence was suspended, was initially charged with sexual assault, but the prosecutor dropped the case. >> mr. barnette truly regrets the actions to which he has pled guilty. he'll now focus on fulfilling the terms of his plea agreement. >> the colemans eventually moved after what they say was persistent bullying. ron mott, nbc news, chicago. a massive chain reaction crash near boise, idaho, sent ten people to the hospital. state troopers blamed fog and icy roads for the pile-up thursday that involved 46 cars, trucks and suvs. they say it all started when one car trying to switch lanes caused another to spin out into the path of a logging truck. nature provided the perfect backdrop for one couple's most romantic moment. an alaskan tour guide snapped this beautiful photo of a marriage proposal under the green glow of the aurora
8:06 am
borealis, or the northern lights. that's tony down on one knee. in case you wondered, his girlfriend teresa said yes. it is 8:05. let's get a check of the weather now with al. >> thanks so much. in fact, there's a shot of us actually seeing the aurora borealis. this weekend here in the northern parts of our country. check it out. there's been a coronal mass ejection, this one is much, much stronger. the solar flair erupts, sending these charged particles heading towards earth. and as they hit the earth's atmosphere near the poles, you get the aurora borealis. this year, that oval will actually enlarge so it actually runs along the canadian/u.s. border. the northern lights if the conditions are right will be visible from montana all the way to new england. sadly, we're going to have a lot of cloud cover so not a lot of folks will be able to see it. but boy, how cool would that be? that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your
8:07 am
that would billion awesome, al. good morning to you. temperatures today are going to be pretty comfortable. seeing more sunshine at this hour than 24 ago. 67 in the east bay today, 59 in san francisco and the low clouds will return by about 3:00. an area of low pressure coming through that will bring us showers tomorrow. and then sunday the sun will be back out. >> we just had a great star sighting in our crowd here on the plaza. remember a.j. clemente. >> how are you doing? >> doing good. i'm here with my class right now. >> what are you doing right now? >> i'm taking a media course right now. we're here from brazil, russia, columbia. >> are you teaching them how to swear in different languages? >> obviously. >> fantastic! that's great! >> a.j. says he's on his way back into the business. good to see you, man. coming up on "trending," a question that must be asked. have we become a nation of weather wimps? >> yes, and i'm one of them.
8:08 am
tom arnold on his amazing weight loss and the good things in his life that inspired him. savannah. >> all right. and the winners are the stars who could walk away with a golden globe on sunday night. we'll get a preview. but first, these messages. ♪ [ malennouncer ] when you feel good, no one is immune. emergenas more vitamin c han oranges pluother antioxants and electrolytes to helpou come down wih a serious case of healthy. emergen-c. making healthy contagious. to helpou come down wih a serious case of healthy.
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8:14 am
>>ou thin >> it's scary when you stop and think about it. althat time is ting its toll on our eyes. so much so tre's aew nam for the discomfort. >> do you know what it's called? >> what? >> dital eytrain. 70of peopleomplain about it. toms include blurryvision, dry eyes, fatigue and cramping in the neck. so whahould you do to prote your eyes? perts y look away >> look away. >> look awayvery 20 mites. >> how about you just talk to people. >> that's a concept. >> can i tell you -- sit down and have a convsation with mebody. >> you know what's harming me, though? >> what? >> candy crush. >> oh. >> on level . >> y are? >> what a you? >> 22, but i thoht that w a milestone. >> what are you guys, 8? >> play ite and -- >> i'm not going there aall. >> i like it. >> all right. one dadad a little fun wh the questionnai his daughter's
8:15 am
day caent home. asked about h strengths and goals. the thing isittle emm i 11 mohs. >> he ote,en herad writes emma's interests food as arclothing. long yells on the beach and expling pares' noses with fingers. her goinclude -- her goals are unplugging all the power cords and inflicting sep deprivation on my parents until such time they may acquiesce to my whim. >>he school, even at a young age, te ito seriously. and 's all you can do as parents not to laugh. >> the parent/teacher conference and it's like 1/2 an hour long. what can you say? an ierview for 3-year-old. >> you havto start like at 6 months old to t into the schools. >> savannah, what you got out in l.a.? >> well, as you know, we've heard a lot of complaining this
8:16 am
week about theold weather across the country. but one television new anchor fod a way to make the most of it. take loo >> stop, collaratend listen, in the bac with a bnd new invention, an ice vest holding me tightly. ice, ice by, this is made by -- >> wow. >> okay. thatats robin our cleveland afliate wkyc. give her a nice slow clap. having all little fun with the lar rtex. not everyone loved it, though. althis moaning and groaning has ledhe "associated press" to declare, guys, we have become weher wimps. climate experts say seeing fer cold spells these days, it's january, it's supposed to be cold. d, you kn, al, at do yo think here? are we a bunch of weenies when it comes to the cold? >> i think it's a comnation of we're n use tot and social media. >> we are weather wimps. one minutes it's 56, the weather
8:17 am
whiplash, the next day it's two. >> and this weekend, in the 50s again. >> it's jaar >> we've lost consistey. and i think th creates this conversation of is it cold is ithot, is it not >> he's right. >> is this the face of weather wimp right here? >> we showed you thi photo, a dad multitasking. i lo this. with his two daughters. he's combing the hair of one while carrying the other in a baby bjorn. it's gone viral for so many reasons. some of them not positive, which i don't get. >> who cares. >> dwayne richards the d. >> how you doing? >> who took that picture? >> so, let me give you the whole story. ally what happened was i was on paternity leave, and my really what happened was i was on paternity leave, and my wife is getting the older one ready and she's running late for work. she's like, the baby's crying, i'm trying to do hair, i don't have time. i'm like, listen, i've got this.
8:18 am
how are you going to get this? so i got this. i put the little one in the carrier. and then i had combing her hair. i thought, there's no way she's going to believe me. i took the ultimate selfie. i got the camera on a timer, took a picture and sent it to my wife. >> were you surprised about this wave of love that you got when this picture came out? >> well, at the time yeah. but now i get it. it's a human interest story. there's race, fatherhood, baby wearing, all types of things that go into it. >> people are going to talk smack. >> you did a terrific thing. between the paternity leave and showing your daughters love. it used to take me hours. willie and i tried to braid hair on the show. . >> i can get you, al. i can get you. >> could do you that another
8:19 am
half hour? >> this is a lot smoother than normal. >> could you work your way down a little on my neck? oh. you saw the guns on that guy in the picture. >> thanks for setting the bar so high. now when we can't do something, our wives go, but dwayne does it. >> you guys are dads. so i have swag. wristbands. >> all right. >> daddy doing work. all right. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> all right. bye-bye. my mom loves you, hoda. >> she's not that crazy about the rest of us. >> no, just hoda. and that's what's "trending" today. savannah? >> all right, thanks, guys. and now to tom arnold who has made big changes in his life. he's a new dad and a new person. we're going to talk to him about his major weight loss in a moment. but first, a look back at what he's been through. >> four, five -- >> reporter: tom arnold is a changed man since the birth of
8:20 am
his son jax last april. >> like getting nominated for an oscar every day. >> at 54 and a father for the first time, arnold knew he had to make profound changes in his life. >> all of a sudden it clicked in my head i've got a kid and you're like, oh, i'm in this forever. >> through much of his life he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. he's now clean and sober, but he also struggled with his weight. >> i've always thought i was fat. >> his very public career as a comedian as arnie thomas on the show "roseanne" and starring with arnold schwarzenegger in "true lies" showcased the ups and downs with his battle of the bulge. at 6'2", he's weighed in at more than 300 pounds. jax and wife ashley changed all that. arnold's focus became losing the weight, getting fit and staying healthy. >> ten minutes, if i could do ten minutes -- >> reporter: for breakfast, arnold has gone from a six-egg
8:21 am
omelet with cheese, six turkey sausage links plus oatmeal to greek yogurt with agave nectar. and chia seeds. arnold lost 90 pounds in nine months. >> i really changed the way i eat. and hence the way i live. there's no other option. >> and tom arnold is with me this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you are a shadow of your former self. and i mean that in the best possible way. >> it's shocking. i had no idea i was that big. and i see clips from a year ago, a show i filmed the other night. and i was like, oh, my gosh, it's like i had an extra padding of me. and you forget. you only look at yourself in the eyes in the mirror if you're big, because you're embarrassed. but man, i was big. i really appreciate my wife for marrying me now. she married that guy. >> well, tell me about this transformation. because it has a lot to do with your wife. >> yeah. >> and your new baby.
8:22 am
that was kind of an a-ha moment for you. >> the moment jax was born, april 6th. people were sending cakes to the room, and i was eating all the frosting off the cake, going back in the other room and doing that. and then i said, wait a minute, this kid, i'm 54, i weigh almost 300 pounds, this isn't going to work out if i want to be around this kid. every day is important when you're my age. from that moment on, i stopped eating like a jerk. i stopped being selfish about what i ate, and i really pay attention to it. and the weight came off. >> and as you mentioned, this is something you've struggled with your whole life. tell me about the bad old days. what kind of changes did you have to make to change your eating habits? >> well, i grew up in ottumwa, iowa, and it was an eating competition at times. when i worked at mcdonald's, i would eat eight big macs. it was always like how much can i eat? what can we do? we work hard, work in the field. but then when you work in my business now and i'm still eating like that and don't have that physical farm job, it's a problem.
8:23 am
my self-esteem so tied up in that. i hated trying on clothes, had to wear the same shirts over and over. had to make sure they were clean if i was performing because only two shirts fit me. and it's just felt really bad about myself. >> so many people can relate to that feeling. i was actually wondering, here you are, you changed so much on the outside, but as we know, so much of weight loss is what's going on up here. >> right. >> do you feel like a thin person? >> well, i feel -- i'm a little surprised when i look and i see what's there now. i don't know if i'll ever feel like a thin person, but a healthy person. this isn't a diet. i'm going to be a father forever. it's the first relationship i've ever had that i go, yeah, this is permanent. you know, everything else in my life, my mother growing up, she left, whatever. but my son is permanent. i've got to do everything i can for him forever. >> give us a glimpse. we saw a little bit of it in the piece. what did you do to do this?
8:24 am
and are chia seeds delicious? >> they're interesting, but i'm told they blow up in your stomach like a chia pet and fill your stomach up. that's what dr. oz says. if he says it, i believe it. no i've done a lot of stuff. i eliminated bread immediately, no sugar. it's about what you put in your mouth, but i also do cardio. that's helps my head. i've always done it. it calms me down. i eat healthy, ashley's helped me a lot. i have somebody cook food every three days and bring it over so i don't have to think about it. i try to go gluten free now. as time goes on, i learn more and more about food. what you put in your baby's mouth, you read every label. i thought, well, maybe i should do that with myself. so a lot less calories, but i've never been hungry this whole time and i don't feel i'm on a diet. >> well, it's amazing what you've accomplished in a short time. congratulations to you on all your successes. >> and congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> great to see you. which figure skaters will represent team usa in sochi? the national championships are underway to decide it.
8:25 am
we're there live with scott hamilton after your local news. hamilton after your cal news.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you, it is 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. a teacher has quit her job among accusations of sexual conduct by teachers at other schools. the school found out about the allegations two months ago, put that teacher on administrative leave while she denied the allegations, she recently resigned. the teacher has not been charged in accusations by students in schools in chattanooga or dallas. unusually low. let's talk about the south bay
8:27 am
first, the 101 has recovered after about four big crashes. that forced slowing toward 87. slower than you might expect past capital. to the east bay, south 880 recovering after a crash, but west 580 has to lanes blocked right by the maze. we'll look at the volume past the coliseum, slowing there, and an investigation continuing at the maze. >> thank you. more local news in half an hour. ♪
8:28 am
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♪ it is 8:30 now on this friday morning, january 10th, 2014. as you can see, we're trying to get our stuff together out here. we've got a great big crowd on the plaza, getting the weekend started with us. now, everyone has -- like the effort. incredible. >> i'll tell you why i have an umbrella. every woman with weather-sensitive hair knows why i have an umbrella. >> there's nothing! nothing!
8:31 am
>> i'm telling you, there's humidity and mist. we know! right? >> there's nothing. >> i'm with you. i'm with you. >> thank you. >> while she nurses her hair, savannah's out in los angeles getting set for a big weekend in hollywood. it is the 71st golden globe awards coming up on sunday. >> that's right. and one guy who is a pro at all these awards shows is rob lowe. he's up for his performance in "behind the candleabra" i got to catch up with rob on thursday. and his hit show "parks and recreation" was nominated. i caught up with him this week and i asked him about that moment when the winner is announced. >> what do you think about those reaction shots they always get? >> oh, my gosh. >> do you have to perfect your neutral face? >> it's the best acting you'll ever do. i mean, really. if you're watching the globes at home, forget who wins the award, it doesn't mean anything. it's all political. we all know that. but whoever looks like they don't care, that's your best actor. >> have you been practicing in the mirror? >> i don't care.
8:32 am
i'm happy to be here. this is going to be amazing. this night is fantastic. i love amy poehler, tina fey, and i don't care. >> i believed you. >> was that good? >> i believed you. >> okay, good. >> you can see more rob and brad pitt and others on a special "going for gold" tonight 8:00/7:00 central here on nbc. mr. lauer will host. back to you. >> nice. >> going to be fun. coming up, we'll have the likely winners sunday night, too. >> also, be careful. we have some sharks in the house. two stars from the hit show "shark tank" which airs tuesday night on cnbc. and something cool, we've got two people from the audience yesterday who are going to try to pitch to these guys and see if they can sell something to those two. >> twin sisters. >> twinsies, uh-huh. all right. first, let's go back to savannah. you've got a special guest? >> i do. one person will get more screen time than any other celebrity at the globes this weekend. it's miss golden globe. this honor is traditionally
8:33 am
awarded to the child of a celebrity. it's gone to rumor willis, kevin costner's daughter lily and dakota johnson. daughter of don johnson and melanie griffith. even melanie herself was once a miss golden globe because her of her mom. so this year, drum roll, please, the honor goes to the daughter of actors kevin bacon and keira seddrick. so good morning to you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> what did you think when you got this honor? was it pretty exciting? >> yeah. really exciting. it's kind of strange because i have like seen them all on stage before and haven't really understood what the tradition was and stuff. and then i got a call. it was really exciting. >> what did your parents think? how did they react? >> they were really excited for me. they've always just been so supportive of whatever i want to do. and since i'm going to, you know -- i'm starting to act myself, they're kind of excited for me to come out as my own person. >> what's most nerve wracking about this gig? i mean, is it walking across the stage and being afraid you'll
8:34 am
trip in your heels? that kind of thing. >> absolutely. i could barely walk over here in these heels, but i think i'm going to do okay because i have a couple of days to try out the heels and, you know -- make sure i can stand for so long. >> we'll see you walking all over l.a. at the grocery store. in three-inch heels. >> exactly, yeah. >> we'll be looking for you on sunday night. congratulations. >> thank you. so excited. >> we'll send it back to you in new york. >> thanks a lot. we've got a little star power of our own out here in new york. golden globe and emmy nominated actress christina ricci stars in a new movie on lifetime. thank you for braving the cold. for people who don't know about lizzie bordon. to use the term dark is an understatement. it goes back to an old nursery rhyme. lizsy bordon took an ax and gave her mother 40 whacks. you know this one? when she saw what she'd done, she gave her father 41. yikes. >> that's a great nursery rhyme. >> tell us about the movie and
8:35 am
the role. >> well, it's about lizzie bordon, and she murdered both of her parents with an axe in the 1800s. >> and it's based on a true story. >> yeah, yeah. it was sort of one of the first really sensational kind of crime courtroom stories that happened in this country. it was right at the time when tabloid journalism was born. >> how was swinging the axe? >> it was good. they made me do it a number of times. >> got some guns out of it. >> yeah. >> she was acquitted way back then. right? >> she was. because it was inconceivable to the larger society that a woman would be able to do this. >> do you think she was snent. >> no! >> hello. >> this is like right up your alley. >> it was fun. any time you do something that's such an extreme, something so foreign, it's fun as an actor. and also, i'm kind of on crime. >> she wouldn't even make a headline these days, would she? >> no. >> we can't wait to see it. >> little bit negative. >> lizzie bordon premieres
8:36 am
saturday, january 25th on lifetime. two weeks from tomorrow. christina, good to see you. >> thank you. >> you want to know about the polar vortex, i got your tweet in the orange room. >> the ice bowl. >> the ice bowl. >> can't stop talking about them yesterday. >> oh, my gosh, they're incredible. check it out on our website. that's what's going on around good friday morning to you, i'm christina loren. a few things to point out. the sun will be out in full force later on today, a good looking day shaping up. however that fog will return and you will hand on to the upper 50s and most of the bay will stay in the 60s today. showers on the way tomorrow, and a nice warm sunday headed our way. you're from land o'lakes, florida, but that's not where the butter is from. >> no.
8:37 am
everyone thinks it is but it is not. >> a common misconception. what do you have there in land o'lakes, florida. >> cows and lakes. >> yeah. lots of lakes. >> you could have butter if you have cows. >> 85 degrees, though. >> all right. well, a little better than that. let's head back inside to willie. today's countdown to sochi is brought to you by p&g. proud sponsor of moms. now to today's countdown to sochi, just 27 days to go. the u.s. figure skating championship which helps determine who will represent america at the winter games began last night in boston. 22-year-old ashley wagner, the two-time defending national champion, squarely in the spotlig spotlight. ashley wagner's olympic dreams began more than a decade ago. after just missing out on qualifying for the last olympics, the stage is now set for her to earn her ticket to sochi. >> when you see me at the u.s.
8:38 am
national championships, in my mind i'm going to be freaking out. i'm going to be like, oh, my god, there's so much at stake at this one competition. but i'm going to try and focus mostly on the fact that i'm well-trained, i've been doing this for most of my life, i should get my act together and go out and skate. >> and scott hamilton is nbc's olympics figure skating analyst up in boston for the competition. great to see you. >> hey, scott, how are you? >> good morning. i'm doing great. awesome to be in boston, wicked. >> wicked. okay. you're in the spirit. so ashley wagner's the two-time national champion. a lot of people looking at her to be the leader of this figure skating group for the americans in sochi. last night, she came in fourth in the short program. a lot of people expecting her to do a little better. how does that affect her chances of making the team? >> you know, honestly, i don't see any problem with her making the team at all. she's been the top american lady for the last two years. and she's got, you know, great position to even medal, might be a potential medal winner at the olympics.
8:39 am
i don't see any problem with her making the team. and she's fit. she's healthy. she's ready to go. she may have wanted it a little too bad last night, may have gripped it too tight going into that combination, but did the rest of the program beautifully and intense performance. and a great watch. so i hope people tune in today and watch it. >> hey, scott, it's hoda. i'm liking this 18-year-old gracie gold. i love her last name. she did very well last night. tell us about her chances. >> well, very well is an understatement. she was amazing. she looked like a princess on the ice. the look of her, the way she's packaged herself, the way she's prepared herself. she's got a new coach who coached evan lysacek to a gold medal in vancouver. she came out and owned it last night. she did everything perfectly, beautifully in a spectacular fashion. i think it was a national record for a lady short program. and she's in the lead right now.
8:40 am
and she's got a comfortable lead. she may just win this thing. >> and the big favorites in ice dancing, scott, meryl davis and charlie white. how are they looking heading to sochi? >> spectacular. i watched their practice yesterday and they just -- i mean, they're perfect. they're absolutely perfect. and when you look at their biggest competitors, i mean, they're perfect, as well. so they skate together and have the same coaches. it's an amazing story about how they push each other. and charlie and meryl never looked better. so i anticipate them really competing well for the gold medal in sochi. >> all right, scott. great to get your insights on everything. talk to you soon. >> thanks, scott. >> great. thank you. good to see you guys. >> you got it. you can catch the prudential figure skating championships tomorrow at 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on nbc. >> and you know who else is up in boston? >> who? >> mr. willard scott. >> here we are in boston, massachusetts, where all good things happen. this stadium is fabulous.
8:41 am
when you come to town, you've got to go see it. and we're here celebrating the 100th anniversary of the u.s. figure skating championship. and you will see that on nbc this weekend. and it's sponsored in part by smucker's. the proud organization for a proud skating team. i love birthday parties, cora busby, she loves birthday parties, 107 years old today, and we wish her a happy birthday. she's from aspen, missouri, and she loves to go for rides in the car. gets in that car and jump around and goes everywhere. dorothy mike, bartow, florida. and she is 100 years old today. and she likes to play bingo. that's good for the mind, they tell me. i wouldn't know. i don't have one. they say older folks love bingo. computers, they're now into that. edward kulik, augusta, georgia.
8:42 am
i'll bet he bangs the golf ball around a bit. he is 104 years old today. and he loves a little red wine with his lunch. doesn't really care what he eats, just so he has the red wine. and alfred berger from new york, new york. he is 100 years old today, lived in new york all of his life and loved it. he's a manhattan baby. happy birthday. and we have robert potashnick. vobt another birthday boy today. he loves to read medical journals. he's 100 years old today. and he is from st. louis, missouri. one of our favorite towns. kathryn schlosser is 100 years old. she is from midland, michigan. she loves to knit and crochet and do all kinds of things. that's it. that's all. and now back to new york. >> all right, willard. thanks a lot. coming up next, bold predictions. who will be walking away with the golden globes on sunday night? [ wind howling ]
8:43 am
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8:45 am
we are gearing up for a party here in los angeles. for sunday night's golden globes here on nbc. the stars will be out in force. but who will win the coveted awards? here with his predictions, dave carter. host of "front-runners" on fandango. are you ready to go out on a limb? >> i am. egg on my face maybe on monday, but we'll go for it. >> we won't remind you. wait, yes we will. best drama. what are the contenders? >> a two-way race between "12 years a slave" which got the most nominations and also "gravity." i think "12 years of slave" because it has the big sprawling cast, i would give that the edge, but also that some of the hollywood foreign press don't love the movie so much. and when there's only 85 people, a couple votes can swing it one way or the other. so my pick is "12 years of slave" but i wouldn't be surprised if "gravity" takes it. >> what about best actor in a drama? >> i think the star of "12 years a slave."
8:46 am
not many people knew him or knew how to pronounce his name. i think they will. >> they do now. >> this will position him as a front-runner for the oscar. but also you can't count out matthew mcconaughey for "dallas buyers club." >> best actress, you have a surprise here. >> blue jasmine. >> she is incredible. >> so great. i think she's going to dominate the whole awards season. i think she'll win at the globe and at the oscars. she hasn't been campaigning because she's been in australia working, but i think she's going to make a big appearance and that's going to set her on pace to win everything. >> so the globes are a little odd. they have the best drama category and then the best comedy category, which the movies are kind of comedies in this category? >> in the past, actual comedies have been nominated for best comedies like "the hangover," which won best comedy a couple of years ago. this year, it's kind of like in the middle ground movies. and the foremost one is "american hustle." that got tons of nominations. the whole cast was nominated. it's really coming on strong in the awards season.
8:47 am
i think it will win. >> who do you think takes the awards in comedy section? >> i think for best actor in a comedy, you've got leonardo dicaprio and christian bale, they're the two front runners. my vote is leo. and for best actress, i think it's meryl streep for "august: osage county." it would be her ninth golden globe. if there's an upset, it's amy adams for "american hustle." and what's great is they're friends. they made "doubt" and "julie and julia." whoever wins i think they'll acknowledge the other. >> how wonderful for amy adams to share it with meryl streep. that's incredible. preview to tina and amy. some say they're the real stars of the night. >> they killed last year. i was in the room. i'm hearing their opening is very spectacular this year, and they've been working on it for weeks. i cannot wait to see who they make fun of. i remember all the great jokes at the expense of james cameron. last year. they can get away with stuff no one else can get away with. there's something about the cheshire cat grins that are sharp. >> they're sharp but not unkind.
8:48 am
>> perfect hosts. >> well, i've written down all your predictions, dave. see you back here monday. >> thanks. >> let's see how you do. and you can catch all the excitement right here on nbc starting with our golden globes, the special, and al, carson and i will be here monday morning bright and early. we'll give you a complete wrap of the evening. coming up next, will they bite? stars of "the shark tank" weigh in on an invention we found in our crowd. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ in touch with the ground
8:49 am
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veou everhought about turning your idea into big money in aig moneymaker? well, list up. every week, hundreds of budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas on "shark tank" with the hope of striking it big. and two of the srks wh us now. good mning to y both. >> good morning. >> barbara, this wen to cnbc, thererun on cnbc,he ghest ratings for the network. >> everyby's watching. everybody loves it.
8:51 am
>> wha is it about the show? >> it's barbara. >> that's ere i was headed. >>no, you know, we're making people'sreams come true. an how my shows are tt real you can walk in po, leave rich and have your best dream acally hpen. >> i like that. how much comtition is there between you guysn theshow? >> don't ask that one. i know there is. >> da, it's really our o money. even my friends to thiday don't realize, when we're giving somebody $200,000, it's my own money. it's all fun and games until you see a gat invesent and then u hate the other shows. >> what's the wot one youan thk of? >> well, barbara's invested in all the bad ones. >> that's unfair. can iell you -- the weirdest one. e guy who implted a -- >> the bluetooth. >> in hisar so you don't have to pick up your phone. but if the battery was dead, he says,, oh, you have to surgicay remove it and replace it. and he was serious.
8:52 am
we were afraid about that >> we've seen it all. >> we'veot something special aled up today. we had twins o ourlaza yesterday. they are j.j. and tera olson, and they're here. >> started their own company a couple of yearsgo and they have aroduct they wod like to pitch wh you. ladies, the flo is yours. >> hi, i'm j.j. >> i'm tera >> and we're twinkling. ou products a shiny ideal toilet. it's a replacement product f paper toilet seat covers bauau it works better and costs less. th dispenser is located the wall behdhe toilet and dispensesn alcohol-free, perfume-free antibacterial soap. anto use it, all you do is take a pie ofoile paper, put the foam on the toilet paper, y can wipe the handles, seat, doors, any touchable surface. >> can we have barbara demonstrate it? >> he's crazy, isn't he?
8:53 am
>> i don't like the idea. let me tell you wh i was hoping y were goingo say it's industrial because it's so ugly looking. >> it's for public toilets. >> evenworse. who's going to pull i off the wall and do the wiping >> no, you just -- like soapdispensing. >> this is why our show takes so long. >> b -- >> barbara, let me tel y -- h you sold any? >> yes, we have. >> how much? >> we've been doing r & d for a while we wand to make sure -- it's never good whenou go into a big long answer. >> we have fe clients and two test clients and we actually run through and try new this with. >> what's the number? >> theumber's pretty small. >> see, this is bad. >> i'm going to give you $50,000 -- >> there you go. >> hoda'sn on this. give them a check. >> if you've ever bee in a
8:54 am
toilet with smalchildren -- >> i like the idea. it is industrial. we're going to run. >> hoda's good for $50,00 barbar robert, thas souch. congratulations. continued success. you can check out "shark tank" tudays on cnbc. this is "today" on nbc >> yesit is. [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal. so we made our own commercial to tell you why. first, chex makes lots of gluten free flavors. which is a huge thing for us. and there's seven to choose from. like cinnamon, honey nut, and chocolate. i tell them "you guys are gonna turn into chocolate chex!" i like cinnamon, greg is a honey nut nut. when you find something this good,
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8:56 am
our shine a light. and erica hill with a preview of our weekend team's effor for 2014. >> good morng. ce t s you. for ou effort, we are all four of us bandg toer. it's a big e. we are hoping to a town or city. i'm told i can't give you the full reveal until tomorrow abou what we're hing to do. basically, we want to hel better a community and we'll gi good morning, it is 8:56, i'm terry mcsweeney. the san francisco 49ers are leaving town this morning and headed to charlotte. if the niners win, the nfc championship game. >> we're all winners in this department, terry.
8:57 am
temperatures will climb out of the 40s and 50s. 59 in san francisco with the low clouds returning by 3:00 this afternoon.çó 64 in the east bay. changes this weekend. san francisco is nice right now but showers arrive tomorrow. san francisco is nice right now but showers arrive tomorrow. have a fantastic weekend. shift. ♪ and shift again. through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs will shift your perception. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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from nbc news, this is "today's " w al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist, live from stuo 1a in rockefelr plaza. >> welcome t "today" on this friday it's january 10th, 2014. i'm willie geist with al roker and jenna bush-hager here again. welcome back. the chris christie press conference and apology yesterday headline news everywhere. not just the new york area but across the country. >> no doubt. >> didn't go over so well with the tabs. "the new york daily news" calling it pathetic. >> this one is tough. >> "the new york post" says ignorance is chris. the governor speaking for almost two hours at a press conference. >> hour and 48. >> that is pretty lengthy.
9:01 am
>> it is. he said i'm embarrassed and humiliated by some of the people on my team. i had no knowledge in the planning or execution and stunned by the abject stupidity shown here. ultimately i'm responsible for what happens under my watch, the good and the bad. he fired his aide, brid jet kelly. >> he said he fired her without talking to her. just fired her. if somebody did that, if i was, you know, the governor, i would want an explanation. i would want to know, a, why did you do it. b, who was in on it? was there anybody else. how do you fire somebody with something this momentous and not find out a little bit more? >> maybe that was the first step. the firing. and then the conversations come later. or no? i don't know. >> once you're fired, you have no -- i don't have to talk to you. >> yeah. >> you said it it was based on the e-mails made public. they were disseminated through the media.
9:02 am
i think he did all he could do yesterday. he was overwhelmingly apologetic. >> 24 times he used "i apologize." >> i think he wanted to answer every single question. you know? honorable. >> yeah. >> he wasn't skirting around anything. >> fired some of his closest aides. his campaign manager. he didn't leave himself a lot of space. he said i knew absolutely nothing about this. he said i was blindsided and woke up a couple of mornings ago and heard about this. if kelly says here's an e-mail or order from the governor, he finds himself in deep trouble. no evidence of that. >> you have to assume he's telling the truth because, you know, he is a smart man. he knows that would come back to bite him. >> right, right. >> you know? >> he did say he couldn't guarantee when a reporter asked there aren't more stories of retribution like this. he said i'm smart enough now i don't know. maybe there are more e-mails
9:03 am
throughout. >> even if that's the case, now going forward, if you have other plans, how can you present yourself as a competent executive -- >> that's right. >> -- if all this stuff is going on and you don't know. >> i'm sure there's conversations going on today in his office. >> you think? >> conversations. >> a couple of them. >> bmight be a big meeting righ now. >> interesting to see how long the legs of this story are because he's obviously a guy talked about as a presidential candidate, perhaps nominee. if this comes back to haunt him or if the attention of the span of the american public is such that it goes away. >> it was completely ignored by the late-night comics. completely ignored. >> a dream come true for the guys in late night. >> take a look. >> christie quickly left the news conference to deal with a more personal crisis. the velve eta cheese shortage. >> he said one thing that seemed fishy to me.
9:04 am
>> i was blindsided yesterday morning. i was done with my workout. >> right? he could have said he was on his roof putting ribbons on unico unicorniunicor unicorniunicor unicorns. would have been more likely. >> hillary clinton said, party! ♪ >> bringing in the air sacks. >> that's right. >> see that coming. >> that was amazing. fantastic. those jokes aren't going anywhere. the golden globes are sunday. we are geared up. al, you will be on the red carpet. 8:00/7:00 central. sunday night. going for gold is the special tonight featuring interviews, several nominees. i got a chance to sit down this week with bradley cooper. >> your boyfriend. >> narrative. >> i think you would have to
9:05 am
show you you have a bro-mance. you couldn't even speak to him. he laughed through the interview. >> he is a good man. >> a nervous chuckle. >> you hit a lot of really hard-hitting subjects like this one. >> like his -- >> got to ask you about the hair. >> yeah. curlers. >> your idea? >> unfortunately, yeah. >> really? you volunteered to have that hair? >> i did -- i take it from the question that not a good choice? >> no. it works for you. i don't know if it would work for everyone. >> right. >> you got -- >> the hair. >> this is the hair. >> you did that? i tightened up the curlers. >> i love -- >> it's a great movie and the '70s period stuff. the costumes and the hair and the chains. just -- >> i love david o russell. you interviewed him as well? >> yeah. >> i did last year and he is a terrific guy. >> so smart and thoughtful about movies. >> passionate. >> a clique now.
9:06 am
christian bale and jennifer lawrence. >> you have to meet my girl jennifer. i'm like, jennifer lawrence? i'll meet her. why not? >> loves al roker, as well. >> she is not a bad girl to love you. >> she's a -- >> nothing wrong with that. >> a big fan. >> not as big as you of bradley cooper. >> all right already. come on. go golly. >> you love the man. >> america loves the man. >> what do you have going on vacation next week? >> turks and caicos? >> yes. all right. so buzzfeed has a post up. guys can relate. things that happen -- yes. guys and women. significant -- things that happen when your significant other is out of town. how many can you relate to? you're excited about the extra space in the bed. >> yes. >> all right. >> spread out. i love when i can use his pillow for some -- i don't like it on an every night occasion. it's hard. when he is not there and has to get up early, i got 30 more minutes, i spread over to his side. anybody snels. >> yeah, yeah.
9:07 am
>> you spread. >> yeah. >> that would be an awkward reveal. that would be -- >> this next one, a little odd. >> you let some personal hygiene and grooming fall by the wayside. >> i don't do that. >> i still shower, right? >> wash the hair? >> yes. >> okay. >> yeah. >> al, do you wash the hair? >> really? serious seriously? is that like the christie cheese joke? >> i shave my legs. i do. i don't like to feel the spike on the sheets. >> there you go. >> on the sheets? >> yeah. >> nobody likes that sound. >> you decide with full conviction to look great for them when they come back so you go to the gym once. >> not really. >> discuss and nauseate yourself by the times you say i miss you and i love you. >> i don't know about nauseate. >> i say it in a nice, norm away. >> the way you always do? >> yeah. >> how about this one? apparently not connecting with
9:08 am
these. gone long enough and not already initiated, this is when you make your awkward foray -- no. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> who came up with these? >> buzzfeed -- >> you start sexting. >> not me. >> even if it has -- >> these are young people. >> one of the things it said i do relate with is you save your shows for when your husband gets home. we're a big "breaking bad" like seven years later, i know. we're finishing and last night i was hoping he'd get home and it was 10:00. get home. save your shows because you can't cheat and, you know, and watch it without your husband. >> what about the shows he doesn't want to watch? >> that's true. >> "the bachelor." >> yeah. >> thas just me. my bad. she's out of town. >> you watch your series of bradley cooper films. >> come on. unbelievable. unbelievable. so there's a video making the rounds online this morning.
9:09 am
it is from 2012. picking up steam today. a musical approach to ordering food at a sonic drive through. ♪ george >> wt can i get for you? ♪ can i get a numr eight ♪ with large chili cheese tater tots ♪ >> and what kind of drink? ♪ can get a mellow yellow with that, please ♪ ♪ do you he cheese on those number four tater tots ♪ >> n io not. ♪ please please put cese on them for me tonight ♪ ♪ and i will be so gteful to you ♪ kind of a mark cen vibe.
9:10 am
>> or a james blunt vsi of ordering. >> and she just rolls with it, too. that's what i love. >> she keeps goin >> i like that his nam is georgio. he's coming in smoh with the guitar, ordering cheese tots with the ne georgio. >> you'd shave yegs for that. >> iouldhavey legs for georgio. >> well, this is just ne. al, h about a loo at the weather? >> let's check it out. sh what wve got g on. and, in fact, we'r going t be lookg at some really messy weather in the midsection ofhe country, goingo be a l of t wther here in the east, as . we start on theidwest as low pressu develops, makes its way up throuhe great las. ing to have rai and snow, real m starting to push its way into the west. act, frotopeka, kansas, wee got ice or snow, not a lot, but enoh to cause the ros to be on the sck side. and then friday int satury night, you head along the eastern seaboard. we're loong at 1 to 2 inches om new orleans up to bosto and we he the risk for ser
9:11 am
weather from ocala, all the way up io the delmarva peninsula. sk of strong stms, win sts and isolated tornadoes, as okay, are you ready? we're going to take a close look at your weekend in 30 seconds. temperatures in the upper 60s in the east bay. on shore flow resumed around 3:00 all ahead of an area of low pressure that will bring us showers through saturday. open the windows to tomorrow morning until tomorrow about 5:00 p.m. and a nice warm up on sunday. that means that's your day for outdoor plans getting into this weekend. >> and that's your latt weather. >> all right, , thanks a lot. >> coming up next, hugh jackman rocks a h style that's got everybody talking. and n affck on the cover of a magazine you've got to see th. your ticket to hollywoodight after this. the crmy tas o
9:12 am
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9:15 am
ticket to hollyod is brought to you byrshey's kisses chocolat deliul deliciouone of a kind kisses. >> on you ticket to hollywood car winners, ammy winners and maj stapower at the golden globes ts weekend. >> a st-s magazine cover from ben ale to a hot new duet celebtyingers. >> anntertainment reporter at usa today, one our faves, good to see you. >>hi. good to see you. >>e wanto get to poll results. eaier this week, we made our predictis inartnership with you guys at "usa today" called take yr pi. we ask the audience who ty thout s going to g it right. an the winner is, % ofhe vote and natal with 32% of the vote. willie a i a buried >> like a cgressional appval rating. at's not good. >> wow. we are nowhe.
9:16 am
>> i like to thank theittle pe that made this possle. >> okay. so first up, starpower, w tal about the goldenglobes. and one of the questions we ked "take yourpick," which nominee wl give"12 years of sle" a run f the money. this film could really sweep everything. >> i think it's rely t one to beat. and if it wins all seven, it will make goln globes story. sohere are feoviesn golden globes history that have n ve awards, and that ishe record. the last one to do that was a star iborn in 1977. en if i wins six, iwill make history. 's very possible. >> "gravity," people talk out "american hustle." >> ihink those arehe other two that will give it a sort of run. >> might thowoancel each other out and clear the way for "twelve years"? >> it co happen. anythingan haen. it's my favorite awards show cause it's so fun. there are alys surprises.
9:17 am
>> l's talk about one of my favorite singers. shakira. she has aew duet out with rihanna. tell us about that. >> is calle "c't remember to forget you," someg like that. >> can'temembe the name of the so. >> no, but talk about two of the sexiest womeevero sor of come together. >>he is - >> the both ofem. >> yeah. nd i you think there was any sort of di antics, not . hanna was stagramming about the single it's not her ng, but she's been promoting it all week. and shakira told "glamour" rihanna is, ote, theexiest woma >> they're louingn swimwear on t cover of the sing. >>ah. just like you andradley cooper. >> misd that shot. >> let's move to our photo of the ek, "entertainment ekly's" cover has ben affleck with his -star.
9:18 am
>> love that book. such arazy weird amang ok. i cat wait for this movie. and is photo is amazing. >> but the movie may be different, is that right? than the ok? >> i think is going to haveo be aittle bitfferent. and they shot this "entertainment weekly" cover, he asd ife couldnd ty sai he could. >> new look for hugh jackn. >> he's rockin the mullet. 's onset for his new movie "chappy" and he is required to rock a mullet. >> even a mullet loo good o the man. he can do no wrong. >> let's take a look at our sneak pe mupt fans. les watch a clip. >> i love you. >> critics and audiees across the internet c't stop talking about the upcoming mie uppets most wanted." fuzzyben says i'll probably see
9:19 am
this. it looks cool. poppa eshness claims,f you dot like da muppets, you're lame thas brilliant. >> i le . >> can't wait see the movie. >> what are some of thecameos? >> tina fey, ricke gervs, and lady gaga, everyone is in this movie. it's gng to be amin i've loved the muppets forever. >> w doesn't lovehe muppets? >> coming this sing. ve a greatweekend. >>coming up xt we're going to getou caught up on the news you need a heading io the weekd. >> and how much would you sell out for this product? we're going to crack those tv infomercls wide open. [ bird chirping ] ♪ ♪ ♪
9:20 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at the lis, scouraging ns this morng fob hunters. employers added just 74,0 jobs in december. that ishe fewest in three yes a wlelow what many expertwe forecasting. theunployment rate did fal to 6.7%, down fro7% i novemb target revealed tod that the data breach affting its customers at thetart of t hoday shoppg rush was much worse than they pviously reported. target now says personal infoation s ston fro as many as 70lion credit and debit card users, n the 40 milln itadnnounced last mont ne mortgage lending rules go into effe today. regulators she rules will
9:24 am
guard against the risky practicethat fled the housg bubble. but for most borrowers, they'll have littlimpact on wheer you cet a loan, but you'l like have to sho more proof that you can afford your mortgage. newtudy dispels the myt to researchers ha a gro of men drink equ amountsf coffe or teforhree days, and then they hadhem switch tohe oppositeeverage t same period of time. well, th found no signifint differences in total body wer or hydration status when coffe or water was nsumed. a some nba pyers in houston learn the haray not toetheir grd down even after practice. ke a look at this. the prank was lled off the houston rockets inflatable mascot clutch the ar. the players hado idea somebody s actually in the suit ashey walked by obviousl theyound out. maybe e best reaction was, look at this, dwight howard throws his phone up i the ai >> kicks him in t honeycomb! >> yh.
9:25 am
>> it's a good prank. back over to willie, jenna and al. stylish looks, what to coo [ laughter ] he loves me. he lov me not. he loves me. he loves me not ♪ he lov me! that's right. mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyoneoves plsbury grads! [ grl ] makdinner pop! lactaid® is 100% real milk? rht. realil but it won't cause me discoort. exactly, becau 's milk wihout the lacse.
9:26 am
and it stes? t's re mk! come on, would lie out this? [ female aouncer ] ltaid. 0%eal milk. no discomfort. good morning, it's 9:26, i'm terry mcsweeney. firefighters are looking into the possibility of a serial arsonist on the loose. five fires were started within five blocks of each other today. there was four fires yesterday. it has been an exhausting 24 hours for san jose firefighters. the largest was this one. it destroyed a warehouse at 28th and julian. the firefighters are still at the warehouse checking for hot spots. nine people have died from the flu here in the bay area. health officials say the latest
9:27 am
victim was a 23-year-old man with no underlying health problems. doctors are urging people to get the flu shot, flu season typically peaks in february. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley...
9:28 am
delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. welcome wac and good friday morning to you. temperatures right now are chilly still but we will end up pretty middle. places in the east bay is 58 degrees there. onshore flow is resuming and the clouds will be back. showers coming, probably by 3:00 p.m. so the window is 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow for the greater bay area. sunday that sunshine comes out in full force and we're talking about a return to the 60s. here is mike inouye. the bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights on and the
9:29 am
back up is forming. the earlier closure because of a deadly crash at the maze has cleared. everybody from that backup is now heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. before you get to the coliseum, we'll give you a live look to show you that it starts to recover somewhere after high street. for the rest of the bay area it is moving very smoothly. >> all right, another local news update for you in a half hour and a half hour of news at 11:00.
9:30 am
look at this, all of a sudden theterwonderland in new yorkity. moing. is a falli oriday >> afalling? >> yeah. i'm willie geist along with al roker, jna bush hager, natae is on asgnment. ood crowd outside despite the weather. for anybody wi chdr, this is reay something to think out. msn money website has an arcle,5 thing babies bor in may ner know. >> se of theseepress me. >> how abouthe post offi? >> iove a handwritten letter. >> althgh, in fe years it's going to be gone? >> i tnk maybe when they grow up. thes tngs won't exist. >> got , i see. able tv. >> we hope that still exists,
9:31 am
ca tv. >> p checks? ose are will becgone yw. newspapers, hope not. a car y. >> yeah. 's disappearing quickly. >> csive writing. >> i taugh third grade, y know, a we didn't teach cursive writing. weon tt anymore. or didn't. don't want to speak for everyby. >> youere suosed to. o, no! wait a minu you were supposed to teach that. >> that was notn th rriculum. >> okay. >> you want to watch a movie? hat's righ >> and this math thing ieally overted. >> it is. >> are you really er going to find- are you gng to b asked if a train leas chicago at 7:00 - >> al, how often doou wri in cursive? >> aast two or three times a week. >> yeah, i do,oo. >> wn i write letters. >> i print my letters. but, y know, to their
9:32 am
own. mato toe-toe. >> do you teach them that, to >> spelling. >> spelling. duh. >> shall we mo on? >> the weather, in the rest of thcountry. dn't even knoit was gog to snow toy. i wasn't prepared. >>has a lot. >> why watch >> she wants a psonal forecast every mornin >>'m going to call you every rnin >> thank you >> hey, thiss reallol. a lot of folks don't normally get to s theurora borealis, buthe northe lights may be visible for ou friends along the northern tier. we're ing to get this solar erupti, charged particl will be heang toward the earth. now, nonoally, this is keptp rit arou the pole, but these particles hit the atmosere near the pole ts year. the auroral oval will enlarge, it's going to spread down from
9:33 am
montana all the way down into new england. so that'going t beind of cool. but the cloud cer is going t gein the way, sa throughout much of the places where it would be visible. so,unfortunately, even thou it's going to beoi on, you'rerobably no goi to get a chan to seeit thank goodness there is the internet and pictures. look for those early on. temperatures next week are out there. san francisco showing you mostly clear sky but we have high and mid level cloud moving in. temperatures in the mid 60s. upper 50s for san francisco. rain showers saturday morning for the north bay. all of that activity will bless into the south bay for the second half of the day on saturday. it will clear out by about 5:00. >> a that'your latt athe guys >> all right. thanks a lot. you've seenhem in the middle of the nht, infomerci infomercials ttingenius products.
9:34 am
and the debate whether it's a de you should take some of these as seen on tv pructs. good morning. >> good morning, gu. >> you didn't tes ese, you triethem out. >> weanted to see if they worked in real world situations. we aign them a score of 1 to 4, one bngeast experience and four ing the st. >> all rig. let's staith the ov glove. removing ps fro the on n be too hot to handle. ouch. or that dish can sp csing a big me. youee the new ovlove hot surface handl with nonsli silicone grips tha hpou hang o slippery dishe and hot ds easily move fm the oven to the stove without ever getng burned. >> nobodyants a h mess. >> nobody. >> a lot ofeople fd t in, the pot holders y can't use your fingers. the outside ofhe glove is made of the same merials as fireter clothing so it slows the heat transfer to
9:35 am
the center. u should be able to handle the hot pans wh tt glove. not with the one without the glove. be caref read's digest itors, up to 450 grees,andled h food it was great. and they foundha the dexterity with the fingers a hugeelling point. >> you loved these? >> we loved these. >> and y know who led this? al roker. there he is. >> love the ove glove. >> wl it's $19.95. >> well, it does loo -- keep as an accessory. >> heree have ez cracker. th is a hands fe egg cracker with less mess. >> youanra them this wa you can crack tm thatway,nd we've all done this. but no matter how you crack them, y always end up picking out egg shells. not anore. introducinez cracker.
9:36 am
the ingenious new product that helps you crack eggsuickly and easily without the mess. >> mess. that fantasti 's wroith th cracking on the side of the bowl? >> some ppleindhat very mey. they wt t keep tir hands clean. so you go and put it in the cradle. the cradle. >> you want the long end sticking o. you want the end sticking that take it out and put it backn. >> here. >> nope. >> that's th wro way. >> jenn you hold this one. somody go out and get a 5-year-o. >> that's what i'm doing. >> it was the egg.>> it wasn th. >> well, a you d i sply holdt overhe bl aress the handle. tha wasperfect! >> you try yours. >> well it doe- >> youe got to rlly - >> youan see where that bowl would be a prlem. >> t reason ts got o of 4 star it doe misfire occasionally and works best with
9:37 am
jumbo eggs. we had a numbe editors try is and found- >> well. >>nd als there's an egg parator that cates the yolk. >> wre just terrible a it. i'sure it's eat. >> this one is $9.95. >> let's tak a lk at the o >> mops thatan't reach the dirt? do you hate wringing out ms withourare hands? is yr mop a dirty, disgusting mess? well, no more 's timeo meet the incredible rrican spi m syem. the only mop and bucket that spins e dirt ay. >> the hurrine 360 spin mop. how do we feel about this e? >> this one gorave views because it's really annoying to wring outmops. put it in thewater,iftt out, put itn thener, and i'm going t balance because i ha high heels on. you simply holdt with your hand by the grip le let i in andou can see the water
9:38 am
coming out intohe bucket. >> genius. >> and you canse it t wipe up. >> i love the mop. >> a if y needelp wh the handle, step on it. >> step on it? step onthis? >> theandle should bend. >> it bends? >> yeah. >> we, no. >> l me help. if y step on it. >> oh. >>end handle. >>ow you can get it to an angle where you can clean the floors. takes some time. >>nd the best part is, you can use the spinner to can your salad. that's ftastic. >> peopllovehis for every day. >> i lov ts product. >> yes.y le this one? it's got four stars, $39.98lus shippingnd ndling. you do aually wa to straighten the handle. >> oh. >>ore putng it back. >> i still like t product. >> and theringing action does help. >> okay. wegot theeautiful models over here. let's start wit the twist and clip with karlie.
9:39 am
>> clips cw yourscalp, rubber bands p out. and the amang new styliool that'she bes w for y hair to stay up all y. tch, it's so , grab your hair and twist, sli twist and like a giant bobby pin and lockt like a safety pin. >> you did that prettyquickly. tl us about thi prodt. >> sohisoduc what she did, put her hair in here and you literally just twi and clip it like a safety pin. it depen on your hair texture, worked for karlie and self, buseveral women in our office stay in or took long time to use . only got/2 stars. >> i t it yesterday a the office. i have pretty tck ha maybe wa't for me. >> lete read a statement. we reached out. they say the twist n c has been ud by hundredof thousas with vy few colain. we note when it comes t users, it uld taany attempts to achieve t desired
9:40 am
results whether using o tst n clip hair bands or other accessories. now you know. >> tnk you. >> we are not getting t these amazin -- >> these are a compreson garment, keep the area for faster slimming. mixereviews. me said they were motivatedo eat better, butthereople saidtelt like wearing diap. >> they'mazing. thanks. > u next, cool styles for men and men wherer you're ing > u next, cool styles for men [ betna ] my dentt saidng to me that i d acid erosion. htually told me that a t the foods hai thought were really healthyor me cado damage to the enal ony teeth. i am a healthy girl, i love salads, i love frts, and it's notomething i want to gi up. my dentist recommended that i u pronamel twice day as my daily toopaste. pronamel will help protec the enamel from future erosion. it's just so great cause all of those f that i enjoyed so much, i didn't want tgive up, and now i can coue to have them.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
"tay's style" is brought to you by garnier. the weekend's almost here and if all you can think abos curling up on the couch le me watch the golden globes -- r maybe a lite tailgating fothe playoff games, well, we have some great looks. eutr of the "cheap ch style." let's get to t firstategory, girls nit in. >> she's wring updated pajamas. it's not a slumber party for you want to look good. easy sarat that are casual and cool. sweater, soft button dn and m favorite piece is what i like to call skinny sweat pants. if you happen to leave the house for cockil, you won be barrassed. those ar$29,hey have a the same characteristi of yr vote s pants but way mo fashionabl and a slipper, an upted ballet
9:45 am
flat froteve madden, under $60. >> so attractive. >> we've got playoff ges thi weekend. >> yeah. actly. >> let's move to tailgating. >> all right. gls struge with this. not the sportiest gi budesigners e embracing the sporty chi lo. on kimber, we have a great rsity cket from forever 21, striped sweatsrt easy jeans comforble fr dynamitend ol kic on, she'slging and grt hat and sunglasses. >>nd you two have a bromance? >> wedo. >> tt's ntasc. >> guys don'tav to wear a rsey to tailte. supportou team team colors. in ts case, he's suppoing thpatriots, in gre puffy vest from & m, button down from jc penney, easy cool,hic and dot ha to wear a jersey toailgate. how are the kids? how many? >>. >> iremis me of bradley coer and wlie geist.
9:46 am
t'move to de t. >> start with summer. >> date night is the perfect excuse to dress up. fowomen, we always default to our lbd, lite blackdress,ut this seasoou want thelld, the little lac dress. if y want to c up a little bit, do bold, bright co, under $100. notice h it's elegantly draped over her shoulders. that h the editorsre wearing it now. she looks fantastic this dress. >> andf anyborabs you, you n shake off. >> and run. his basic style.out elevating a blazer adds aittle textu th great ja. velvet trser. >> ty're great. >> hot, ght? under $5 great boots and how cute d t look togeth? >> bringverybody in, they look great. >> i'm loving the blue shoes. we didn't get to them. so pretty. >> pop of color. all t it >> thank y so much. > warm dhes for a cold ght after esmessag.
9:47 am
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9:50 am
[ mom ] time for breakfast. [ male announce] mary larsonill never forg the fatefumorning that deliciously sile made her a believer. shcouldn belve sheould prounce everything in it. ♪ d she couldn belve her ughter cse pancakes over her phone. ou're being weird! male aouncer ] new deliciously simple from i can't believe it's not butter! wit100% taste and zer artificial presertives. it's time to...believe. "today's kitchen" is brought to you by i can't believe it's not butter. deliciously simple. 100% taste, 0% artificial preservatives. >> we are always looking for easy ideas for dinner. you've got a great one here. chef michael white has what we're looking for. >> owner here in new york and author of classico moderno. good to see you.
9:51 am
>> this is an original first penne pasta. and we roll them across this comb. this is one way to do it, we close them like this. and we run them across the comb. if it's snowing, you can do it this way. >> or make the kids do it. >> we make all the new cooks in the kitchen. that's part of the punishment. so, we have dry pasta, here they are manufactured, they are very, very good quality. what we're going to do is do cream and prosciutto. a little cream. i know it's just after the holidays. here we go, cream, right? very, very simple. this is a dish. and we reduce this down, we have this going right here. a little bit of cream. we have parmesan, a little pad of butter. >> yeah. >> and then we're going to -- we have just cooked this pasta. now everybody likes pasta.
9:52 am
>> of course. and a little fasili this morning. we're going to go right in here like this. >> all right. >> al and i are just moaning. i hope that's okay. >> yeah. >> you keep talking, we'll just -- >> a little bit of parmesan. >> oh. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> i'm right in the middle here. this is -- of all this moaning. >> right here. >> here we go. >> gorgeous. >> look at this. one, two, three -- >> i love you. >> wow. >> here we go. >> it just got weird. >> now we're going right here right to the plate. just that. prosciutto. i'll go to the back and show you another quick dish. >> don't forget to take that with you. >> you need to put the vegetables on it, al. >> i'm fond of you, too. >> now we had a little fondue here. it was big back in the day. and it's really coming -- making a little bit of a resurgence. >> i love this.
9:53 am
i feel like i'm by myself out here. >> you are. >> we're with you in spirit. >> here we're going to cook this, like a pastry cream, let the egg yolks cook a bit. we have one here. already done. little cubes, bread, right, inside. >> beautiful. >> michael white, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. happy new year. >> you, too. >> recipes at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit
9:54 am
with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. kevin!
9:55 am
toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, toaster strudel. [ female announcer ] now get two bonus box tops for your school. i love your new restaurant. it's a gorgeous look. >> the corrtable, lking u madison avenue. >> beaif. >> last week, the snowomin down, looked amazing. beautiful. >> i'd love tohime in, but i'm very busy. >> i, too. >> coming up next,athie lee and da finut
9:56 am
good morning, it's 9:56, i'm terry mcsweeney. today, a judge could decide if a 16-year-old boy accused of lighting another teenage boy on fire should be tried as an
9:57 am
adult. today, thomas's attorneys are expected to ask the judge to send it to juvenile court instead. a new hearing set for the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. he was arrested more than 18 months ago, but his lawyers say they need more time to review the evidence. let's check weather with christina loren. thank you, terry. good looking day today. you notice the upper 50s in san francisco with onshore flow returning tonight. we're looking good this weekend, two very different sides. if you're trying to make outdoor plans, much better conditions on sunday than what we're expecting on saturday. getting into your sunday, the sunshine returns, temperatures start to creep up, and we're talking about a warm up to bring
9:58 am
our temperatures into the mid 70s. so our one chance for rain, mike, is on saturday, over to you. >> okay, fingers crossed. looking at oakland where traffic is flowing nicely. the last half hour has been a tough drive through oakland. recovering from an earlier crash at the maze. now at the coliseum tonight, watch for post work traffic because we're playing the celtics. we'll win, i'm sure. ter terry, back to you. >> thank you, another news update for you in half an hour. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and it is try day friday. january 10th.everybody, to we're happy you're joining me and hoda woman. >> we start we would start off with a little eye candy because it is friday and why wouldn't we. aiken actman is here. aiken akman is going to show us how to keep our abs tight. >> what is he doing? did somebody -- did joanne lamarkia make him do that? this is sexist. call hr. >> we're sorry, aiken akman.
10:01 am
anyway, so -- >> we'll be with you in a little bit. >> we'll check back in with him. he'll show us moves of the day that somehow will work the abs. he claims even if we're sitting here at the desk working, there is a way to work our abs. what do we do? >> you have to squeeze in your belly button into the spine and we're going to do that for the whole hour. >> we're not, but -- we're definitely not, aiken akman. >> wow, that turned america on. okay. thank you. >> all right. >> big, big sunday night coming up. a lot of our pals out there waiting to cover the golden globes. this sunday night on nbc. >> yeah, they're hosted by tina fey and amy poehler. going to be so good. i can't wait. we're going to play a golden globes trivia game with tim stack and we felt lonely. we didn't want it to be the two of us. >> we have chosen two people from our studio audience. >> how about those two? >> okay. >> you two. you two. they're going to come in and be with us when tim is here.
10:02 am
and we have our votes, right? >> we voted for -- we decided we would pick in four categories. >> i haven't seen most of these movies. i'm at a disadvantage. this is a guess of what we think is going to win, right, hoda, not what we loved. >> what we think is going to love. since we don't trust anyone around here, we'll put them in this velvet case. >> i trust you. >> i do too. you know who is going to take this for us and put it under lock and key? alex. please come out. alex put on a suit today. >> alex looks like the guy from "30 rock," doesn't he? >> he does. >> alex, my dear, keep it under lock and dear. >> i will not take my eyes off of it. >> of course you won't. >> thank you, alex. >> anyway -- >> nothing alex can't do. >> yes, indeed. so there is a new study out, and it claims, now think about this in your own life, people demote old friends when they get new
10:03 am
ones. do you feel like sometimes your new friends -- ♪ you've got to have friends >> no. wasn't a friend to begin with. that's what i think. i've got some friends that i've had for 50 years. and i think what trumps people is time and accessibility. it is not the love of a friend. i got to the point where i thought i have no time for any -- i don't have time for the friends i have. certainly don't have time to make new ones and then i met you, hodi and then i realized there was room in my heart for lots of friends. but i spend more time with you than i do many of my older friends because of accessibility. >> exactly. >> i like you. >> i think i've kept my same core group of friends. >> i wish i liked them. it would be so much easier. >> they're awesome. >> i know my place. >> you're in the group. >> i know. but i'm in the -- i'm in the
10:04 am
pecking order. i'm way back -- >> no, you're not. >> way back. >> no, you're not. >> that's all right. i know my place. there is a great in "the new york time stimes," the social q >> this is the question. she went to a restaurant, she had a reservation, she's standing with the maitre d' and somebody sitting at their table, the bill is on the table, but they haven't left the table yet. >> they are lingering. >> right. >> so the question is -- >> loitering, except you're aloud. >> you're standing there, they have the bill and what are they doing. they're talking. more coffee, your bill is here, our reservation was ten minutes ago and here we stand. the question is, philip said it is the restaurant's responsibility to make both parties happy. >> wow. that's not easy. >> should you say -- as a manager of a restaurant or a waiter, do you think -- should you say, should you rush them along after the bill comes? >> this happened to us the other day. we were in florida where we had a place for years and years and
10:05 am
years and one of the few gorgeous days and we were lingering at a table near the water. we were having a wonderful time and but because they know us and know we would not want people to be waiting, the manager came up and said, would you move to a smaller table because we have a big party. i'm always happy to do that. i think if the staff doesn't know you, and you're new to the restaurant, you have to wait and let somebody finish their meal. >> i think you do too. and i usually don't -- do you hang around often after your bill comes? >> it depends how much -- if we need a nap. we don't go out to dinner that much. sometimes we linger. with regis and joy, we can go on and on and on. but most of the time, i don't like people so much, i'm anxious to get home. >> i hate when you have a reservation and you're standing there and it is time for it, and if you're late, they say, you're late for your reservation, if you show up ten minutes late. >> they say reservations are just approximations. you got to read the fine print,
10:06 am
i guess. >> so who has time to do that? >> i don't know. we would love to hear what you all think. that's why god made facebook so you could tell us and we could vent and put -- and connect and all that. >> london has come up -- there is a new concept in london called the pay per minute cafe. here is the deal. they will give you coffee for free, they will give you, i guess some snacks for free. >> treats. >> all you have to do is pay a nickel for every minute you're sitting at the table. >> it is an interesting concept. i first read it, i thought how in the world can they make any money at all. but there say problem with those kinds of cafes where people plug in their phones, they plug in their computers and it is their office. and then somebody wants to come in and check their e-mails and have a little latte are out of luck. so apparently it is very, very successful. its slogan is everything is free except the time you spend there. >> let's do the math.
10:07 am
>> a clock face in russian. it is a very successful chain in russia. >> it is working in other places. >> it is working in other places, yes. >> an hour is about $3. >> wait, let's make sure that's right. >> 5 cents. 5 times 60 is -- >> is a lot. >> why did we say about $3? it is exactly $3. but, i mean, you have to wonder the snacks, what is it some peanuts? >> can't be good snacks. >> can't be. >> they have a microwave, bring your own food and it sounds a little shady. bring your own stuff. >> more and more like a dorm, you know? and that's where swine flu starts, swine flu and slime flu. it started in cody's dorm, his apartment at usc and went all over the world from there. i've never seen anything like it in my life. time for friday funny. this joke's on me.
10:08 am
this is the first time i've seen it. i know. yes. >> i like it. >> let's see if i can do it. a woman driving -- i can't. a woman driving a car panicked in a snowstorm. she started to get disoriented so she pulled over and tried to just calm down. calm down. she remembered her dad once told her, if you ever find yourself in a blizzard, just wait for a snowplow to come by and follow it back to a safe place. >> smart. >> sure enough, a snowplow came by and she followed it. she drove behind the plow for about 45 minutes, tailing his every move, perfectly, perfectly, finally the driver of the plow got out and asked her what she was doing. i can't wait to find out. she explained her daddy told her, if she ever got scared in a snowstorm to follow a plow. the driver nodded and said, well, i'm done with the walmart parking lot, ma'am, do you want to follow me over to best buy now? i hate to say it, but i was awesome! >> you read cold copy better
10:09 am
than anybody. that was good. >> i never want to see them again. that's fun. >> should we start that? >> it is better. it is like most of the show. it is time for our johnson's baby where we celebrate new moms and new additions to the family. >> the first baby is andrew graham king, born in germantown, tennessee, on december 19th. his mom lauren says his two big sisters love cuddling with him. >> our next little baby of the week is ellie marie fragassi. her parents she say she loves her jungle theme mobile and tries to talk to the animals as they pass. >> talk to the animals. next is a baby born november 19th, in philadelphia, pennsylvania, logan boneesh jackson. he weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and mom jazzmsmine is a calm ba. you're blessed, jasmine. >> our final johnson baby of the week, charlotte elizabeth
10:10 am
gillsdorf, born in richmond, virginia. her parents say their little girl is already very strong. >> god bless them all. congratulations to all our babies. and if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our "today's" johnson baby of the week, all you got to do is go to -- >> for the details. hit the connect button. guess who's here? hussy's here. >> we love him. >> and baby it's cold outside, but cheer up. we'll tell you how to reverse those winter blues and stir up some excitement. >> i can't wait. >> right after this. ♪ my skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as yours does, mom. ♪ that's why you use johnson's baby lotion to keep my skin baby soft. ♪ i love that it's gentle enough to use twice a day, morning and night. ♪
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10:14 am
as stressful as the holiday season might be and i'm still not over it, it gives us something to focus on and celebrate. >> january comes and off all that shopping and cleaning and cooking and partying, there is nothing to plan for. >> between that and long, dark days, dark, and long, it is no wonder many of us aren't fans of this time of the year. here to help turn those winter blues into a season of cheer, really, is psychiatrist mary ann chi. am i pronouncing it right? >> absolutely right. >> new york director for the medical center. >> you hear anecdotally about people who suffer from this. we did this survey and our results said 82% said yes, they are affected by this type of year, only 18% said no. we're talking about a scientific
10:15 am
thing. >> a chemical thing? >> there are a lot of factors that can contribute. you hit the nail on the head, the darker colder days of winter, longer days of winter. record-breaking cold days we're having, and shorter days of sunshine, so there is different phenomenon going on. there is serious depression, some people struggle with, maybe less seasonal, there is seasonal affect disorder. >> which i have in spades. >> and not surprisingly, so many people, particularly now, are saying, yes, i am feeling blue. i'm feeling the post holiday -- >> we started saying you need something to look forward to, you look forward to christmas, new year's and then long lull. >> groundhog's day. >> nothing going on. is that part of it? >> absolutely part of it. there is also more isolation after the holidays. you have this blitzkrieg of holidays from october through early january, and a lot of people are really connected face to face. then they lose that. so it is really important to plan to be around people, to incorporate activities and things you can look forward to,
10:16 am
where you are connecting real time, face to face with people around -- >> like the super bowl. >> super bowl, valentine's day, or even simple things like starting a book club, having dinner parties once a month or even every few weeks, planning little trips, maybe places you wouldn't normally friends, really great ways to stay connected and have something to look forward to. >> i found something as simple as putting fresh flowers in your house can lift your spirits. >> little things. >> this is the other important thing, on a day to day basis, what can you do to brighten that day, to bring the gloom of the outside not into your home. >> what can we do, doctor? you're the psychiatrist. >> i'm the psychiatrist. i think a hot bath is a great thing to do. the warming of the soul, gives you kind of a moment to treat yourself, it doesn't cost a whole lot of money, it is a simple activity, sometimes just making yourself a nice cup of hot tea and giving yourself that moment to step back and say this
10:17 am
is where i am. >> sometimes people need to pay attention to someone who has it worse than they do. whenever i'm in a funk, you can walk by someone on the street and go, oh, my god, it reminds you, kind of stop the whining portion of the program. >> perspective. a whole lot of perspective. we lose that. >> is some of it all wrapped up in all the expectations people have about the holidays. >> absolutely. >> why do we set ourselves up for failure like this? this is going to be the best christmas ever. i can't wait until new year's eve and then it is never what we concoct in our mind it to be. >> anticipation and expectations can save you or kill you. a lot of it is about the attitude and post holidays, just forgive yourself. it's okay. maybe it didn't work out the way you wanted it to, but there is always the next holiday and what can you do to make things a little better right now. >> is there any more room on your couch? i like you. >> i feel better. >> i don't feel the blues
10:18 am
anymore. >> me neither. i feel yellow. >> we'll show you the best ab workout, we'll bring you some more moves today. >> but first, these messages. >> okay. [ male announcer ] you may have heard there's a new rinse that talks about protecting, even after eating and drinking. crest pro-health has always done that. and addresses all these other areas as well. take your oral health to a new level. i am not gonna stop using pro-health. [ male announcer ] with the brand you can trust. go pro with crest pro-health.
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this is really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. and now a new greek lowfat yogurt made just for kids. danimals superstars. your kids will love it! mmmm ♪ dannon. it's the last day of our moves of the day workout, but we're going to finish strong with our abs. >> akin akman, he has his own boot camp class through
10:22 am
exercises like this. >> he promises us for these abs, exercises we don't have to get on the ground. >> we already like it. >> we'll sit down the whole time actually. >> okay. >> we're not even going to stand up. >> can i ask one basic question. they say you can't spot work on things. is it possible? >> can you pound it away? >> how do you really work that area? >> you just work it. you have to squeeze -- you always have to keep it tight. >> keep it tight. okay. all righty. >> why is akin's sweatshirt on? >> take it off, come on. >> here, it is only -- >> we can't tell what you're doing unless we can see it. >> that's an eight pack. >> i think if he drops his drawers, it would be a 12, but just -- stop it, you're all filthy. >> you're terrible. >> go ahead. >> i apologize for them. >> squeeze in your belly button. >> we have been doing that the whole time. >> we're still doing it. >> all right.
10:23 am
>> you'll have your weights in your hand and bring it right beside your body. so your arms are right beside your rib cage. you're going to reach down. all right. side to side. we call this the side to side oblique. >> side to side oblique. >> it doesn't work otherwise if you don't squeeze your belly button. >> squeeze in. to make it tougher, we'll reach up every time we go down. >> now we're talking. >> just reach. >> oh, reach over. >> reach over, yes. >> reach over, hoda. >> i'm reaching. >> okay. >> how many do we do? >> ten reps. >> ten reps? >> yes. >> okay. >> three sets. >> there's more. there's more coming up. >> show us some more, please, akin. >> drop your weights down. drop them. drop your weights. bring your hands right beside you there. we're going to lift up, lower
10:24 am
your core right here. squeeze in your belly button. >> lift yourself off -- >> what? >> lift up and drop down. >> i can't get my hands on the share. >> you can do it. yes. >> i'm up, but i can't -- >> round up your back and bring your knees into your chest and keep going. >> four or five more times. >> and then a little tougher -- next this is the advancement of the same thing we just did. >> okay. >> lift up and then side to side. >> oh, that's fun. >> do it again. do it again. >> oh. >> all right, fine, i'll do it for you. >> okay. here we go. >> go side to side. >> all right, you guys, akin, thank you so much. >> couldn't you just watch him
10:25 am
for hours? >> you can find the entire week's worth of exercises on >> matthew hussey is with us, right after this. ladies, we need to talk... ...about haircolor. it's garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme. since you asked. rich, radiant... ravishing color! the choice is obvious. nutrisse actually nourishes while it colors. plus it has avocado, olive and shea oils. may have heard... "nourished hair..." "...means better color." and grays... 100%...not! talk about vibrant, lasting color! garnier nutrisse. nourished hair, better color. and...foam users? you'll love nutrisse nourishing color foam! garnier.
10:26 am
natural energy from tea packed with real juice from delicious fruits and veggies. it's what you need for that extra boost! oh and did we mention it's only 50 calories? need a lift? could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. good morning, it's 10:26, i'm terry mcsweeney. firefighters are looking into if a serial arsonist is on the loose. there was four fires today in a
10:27 am
five block area and there was four fires yesterday. it has been an exhausting 24 hours for san jose firefighters. the largest was this that destroyed a warehouse at 28th and julian. firefighters are still at the warehouse checking for hot spots. the cause is unknown. ok, it's time to set the record straight. covered california is how californians can take advantage of the affordable care act. we can help you get quality health insurance right now.
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to sign up, call 800-787-9159 or go to you can also use our website to find local, in-person help. one of the biggest questions we get here is, "does covered california offer financial assistance?" yes. covered california is the only place that gives you financial help with your coverage. millions of californians will qualify. find out if you do. all plans include free preventive care. now, you might have a question about what that means. it means free mammograms, immunizations, cancer screenings, and more. it's a big list, and it's all free. so don't wait. without insurance, even a small medical issue can cost you big. call 800-787-9159, or go to, and get covered. welcome back now. temperatures today going to climb into the 60s for many
10:29 am
cities. east bay looking at 67. low pressure on the way and low clouds will return by about 3:00 and showers out of this as we head through your saturday. so the best chance arrived at about 9:00 a.m. for the north bay. that will go to the south baby about 10:00 p.m. and whole thing out of here by 5:00 p.m. here is mike inouye. we'll show you a few of the slower spots. first the bay bridge toll plaza. the fast track lanes and the lanes to the right. after an earlier crash tied things up at the maze clears. this will mix with the midday slowing we see folks starteding to head into the city about 11:00 each friday. oakland we still have a little slowing. tonight there is a game for the warriors. the 101 no problem, look at that, beautiful sunshine and an
10:30 am
easy drive. more local news in half an hour at 11:00. hope you can join us. we're back on this try day friday with more of "today." it is time to get the other view on dating and relationships. >> here to get inside your man's head and tell you what he's really thinking is relationship expert and host of i heart radio matthew hussey. >> who else would it be? that's the name of the show. we love him, though. >> we do. donna has a question. >> i'm ready. >> when a guy crush pronounces you to others as the nicest person he's ever met and loves you from the bottom of his heart, have you been placed in the nonromantic friend zone? >> you're like deep in the friend zone. >> how would a man -- >> like drowning in the friend zone. >> no way out after that? >> no guy, if he's comfortable enough to say that, if he liked you, he would be certainly
10:31 am
comfortable to say that, you know, say i'm into you or i find you sexy or something. but to say that really indicates you're in the friend zone. here is her biggest problem is when he says that, if she's a nice person, which i suspect she is, that's kind of part of her identity, when he says she's the nicest person i've ever met, she'll take that as validation to keep being nice. but she needs to stop being so nice. spend a day being bossy. spend a day teasing him. spend a day peppering your everyday language with more sexual language instead of saying he looks nice tonight, say you look sexy tonight. as soon as she starts doing that, he won't put her in that role anymore. >> maybe he just isn't attracted to her. >> maybe. or maybe she's not with everyone and everyone thinks she's just nice. that's the big danger when you're too nice, everyone can think you're too nice. >> you're nice, hodi. >> you can be nice and tease someone. >> right. we call that a unique pairing. you find two qualities that seem opposing in the same person. but what i say to her, we create
10:32 am
a guide that helps people break their normal patterns in the new year. if she has a pattern of being too nice, we can fix that, we have a guide called the six short cuts to love in 2014. you can find out on your website, actually. >> i like the way he says pattern. >> you skip a lot of letters. >> debbie in her 50s asks this. there is a guy at my gym i've been conversing with over the past two months. do you think it is okay to ask him if he would like to get together. i'm a bit old school and would prefer for him to ask me out. i'm also not sure about how to go about doing it. what would you suggest? >> you got to start taking action. if you keep being old school, you're going to be really old school by the time you find someone. yeah. if she wants to ask him out, there is a way to do it. she says, go for a hike or something like that with him. you're at the gym anyway, do something sporty, something he'll be part of and say, you know what, i'm going hiking this wednesday, you should come. if you have time, you should
10:33 am
come. she's not putting a question mark on the end of it, question marks people less sexy. you put a question mark on something, it is like you're inviting doubt. you're asking them do you want to come. if you say, i'm going hiking on wednesday, you should come, the only question i have to ask is whether they can, not whether they want to. that way if he doesn't like her, he won't take her up on it. if he does, he will. no risk of rejection because she never asked in the first place. it won't be awkward the next week at the gym. >> i did that, there was a guy in the gym probably whenever it was a year or so ago and i thought he was cute and i walked up to him and didn't know what to do and i wanted to have a drink after the thing or something. and i said, oh, do you work around here, maybe we can get a drink after and he was with someone and i was humiliated. after that, i never spoke to him, hardly looked at him because i was so embarrassed. >> rightly so. if he said i'm getting a drink late, if you're around, come. there is no possibility of rejection. >> but she goes to the gym at 5k
10:34 am
5:00 in the morning. where do you go for a drink? >> after. i like i'm sharing my insecurities on this program. vicki asked this. if i catch my husband lying about small things, does that mean he's likely lying about important things like cheating? >> i look at this one of two ways. either she's crazy or he is. i think he's the type of person that is lying about everything, he's too spineless to want to just say certain things that might get him in trouble or she's the type of nightmare woman who makes it difficult to tell the truth ever because she reacts in a dramatic way to everything. that exists too. sometimes people start lying about little things because they go every time i tell some truth about something you overreact. it is easier for me to lie. there is two things. firstly, tell him that he's in danger of you taking his words less seriously if he keeps lying about those little things. i know they're not the biggest things in the world, but if you keep doing it, i won't take your word for things anymore. but make it easy for him to tell the truth. when he does tell the truth, react in a way that makes it
10:35 am
easier for him to tell the truth next time, not harder for him to tell the truth. >> that's good. >> by the way, she jumps straight to cheating as well which is an insecurity there. >> we got to go, but have you ever had your heart completely broken. >> i had my heart broken, yes. why? why do you ask? >> because you have such wisdom for a young man and you seem to have seen something coming and it just -- it is nice to know you're human too. >> i absolutely am. >> thank you for telling us. >> we have to go. this is great. >> next time. >> next time he'll tell us about his heart break. >> if you have a relationship question for matthew, go to, hit the connect button. >> and we'll tell you how to get you on the road to success. >> how does he know about the golden globes? >> not much. >> "entertainment weekly" tim stack puts us to the test right after this. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom.
10:36 am
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10:40 am
hi, kids. >> i haven't seen a lot of the movies. >> they're not really movies. they're more like general questions. >> tell me what the buzz is this year. >> the buzz is amy and tina returning to host. they hosted last year. they're hosting next year too. people love them. and then also just, i mean, it is -- the show is about booze. much like this hour, it is a lot of booze. >> we're ready. >> we know we love wine. >> we're ready. let's do it. >> okay. as we just mentioned, tina fey and amy poehler are hosting for the second time this year, and will host again in 2015. where did the comedic duo meet, on the set of "snl" -- hoda? >> keep reading them so the people at home can see. >> acting class at uva, or summer camp. >> i think b. >> b, at the improv. >> you're correct. >> supposed tbe aggressive. >> so this year there are three nominees nominated for both
10:41 am
television and movie awards. who out of the following is not nominated? a, julia louis-dreyfus, b, idris elba, c, kevin spacey, or d, chiwetel -- kathie? >> i think they're all nominated. >> kevin spacey. >> you're correct. >> he was not nominated. he's nominated, but not more than one. >> way to go, brooke. >> thanks a lot. so actress meryl streep is nominated this year for her role in "august osage county." she holds the record. which accurately shows her record, a, 50 nominations, 20 nods. hoda? >> b. >> you're good. yes. >> i can't see it. >> she's been nominated 28 times and eight wins.
10:42 am
>> that's amazing. >> she's a very talented gal. all right, so the each year the cecil b. demille award goes for outstanding contributions in the world of entertainment. this year the award will go to a, woody allen, b, woody harrelson, c, woody guthrie, or d, woody woodpecker. >> you got it. >> it is all you. >> woody allen. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> what is going on? i have been useless to you. i apologize. >> that's all right. that's all right. that's all right. all right. the hollywood foreign press association has stleelected a m golden globe, responsible for assisting and handing out the awards. who is this year's miss golden globe, kylie jenner -- >> miss bacon. >> yes, correct. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes. >> do you have another question? >> no, there is five questions. >> i don't know. >> you won.
10:43 am
you won. >> you won. >> what did you get? >> for winning, you get kathie lee's cd and hoda's book. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, tim. >> a lot of props to you, by the way. >> if your biggest obstacle to reach your goal is you, we have words of wisdom for finally achieving your success. >> that's right after this. i'm so sorry, baby. before you settle for another ordinary mattress, isn't it time you discovered the sleep number bed? the bed clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. and right now, it's our lowest prices of the season. save $300 to $800 on our newest innovations. plus, 18-month special financing on all sleep number beds. only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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if you're one of the more than 80% who will give up on your new year's resolutions by the end of the month, you're not alone. listen up. >> there is often some kind of obstacle in the way of helping you get disciplined. elizabeth lombardo is here with smart strategies to help you overcome that roadblock and reach your goals. >> because we want you to, right? >> yes. you can do it. >> we always plan so well, but somehow it seems like we go back to our old ways, the ways we
10:48 am
have always done things, right? >> we're in a rut. >> we try to bite off too much. take a simple step. start small. we have so much going on in our lives. figure out one thing you can do today or this week, even if it is five minutes of deep breathing or walking around the block, one thing for yourself to get right on track. >> we were asking our viewers, to ask them what they thought their biggest obstacles were. and a lot of them said their biggest obstacle was themselves. here is kelly key via skype, a nurse. kelly, tell us what you want to do to be happy. >> hi, guys. well, i wanted to get healthy in 2014. i have a big family, i have a lot of responsibilities. i just wanted to be more healthy for my children and for my husband and my life. i'm going to school to be a nurse practitioner and i want to be a good example to my patients and to live a healthy and happy life. you need to be a good example of that. so -- >> what should she do?
10:49 am
>> life gets in the way, doesn't it? we all have a lot of obstacles, a lot of buts, i want to be healthier but, the key is to kick your but and get a bigger why. why you want to do it is bigger than your but, you'll make the change. with kelly, she wants to be a good example for her kids, for her paretients, think how it affects her physical health and her emotional health. >> concentrate on that. >> concentrate on your why, it makes your but smaller. >> i like that. we often do say that, what i would do, i want to balance everything, except for one thing, i have my kids and i have to take care of them, i would work out but i can't. i this i that does -- the problem gets in the way. >> it does. it is not that the problem isn't there, but you focus on your why, make that bigger and focus on what is this going to do for me, that will get you back on track. >> okay. >> a comment on our facebook page was interesting. one woman said her biggest obstacle was i'm never able to
10:50 am
make decisions for myself, even little stuff. >> so here's the thing. when we have that label of i'm indecisive, guess what, she's indecisive. first thing i would do is change her label. change your label. what do you say to yourself, if you could stick a microphone in your brain, what would you hear yourself saying to yourself? >> what makes you indecisive? >> fear. fear, should it be this, should it be that. fear of making a mistake. just go with it. >> how do you tell yourself just to go with it. fear is a very real thing to people. >> the best way to overcome fear, face it, yeah. you don't have to be perfect. i think we're such a perfectionistic society, it has to be the perfect decision. make a decision, go with it, if it doesn't work out for you, make a change later. >> i think baby steps are the best way. it is easy to get discouraged, you tried something, it didn't work, you don't want to do it again. >> so many of our joy fit people who come on after they lost 100 pounds, it started with one step. one day. and then -- yeah. be merciful to yourself.
10:51 am
>> forgive yourself, absolutely. >> we forgive ourselves. >> the best book to read for changing your life, thank you so much. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
if you made a commitment to change your life in 2014, but you're just not sure where to begin, there are a lot of books out on the market right now. which one is right for you? >> psychologist and author of "your next big thing" ben michaels recently blogged about some of his favorites for "the huffington post". >> you have your greatest hits on the table. start with the first one and tell us why you like it. >> absolutely "the element" is a fabulous book. it gets at what is that passion that you have, that one thing that when you're doing it, time seems to flow and you don't even notice it. it is such a wonderful thing and it can encourages you to spend a little time every day doing that one thing that gives you joy.
10:55 am
>> i like that. >> so smart. >> "the drive" is the next one. >> daniel pink talks about the fact that money is not a great motivator. things like purpose, and passion, these are the things that truly motivate us. and in fact, sometimes you pay people for a task, they become less motivated to do it. finding that one core thing allows you to push forward when days are tough. >> and many people with the most money have the least happy people that i've ever met sometimes. people should understand that doesn't automatically give you happiness. what is number three? >> "four hour workweek," i like it. >> only one hour a day, so sort of like four hours. >> what i love about this book, tim ferris breaks things down into the simple components, things you can do to make time more efficient. for example, using e-mail to like a game, trying to get your e-mails done really, really quickly, or trying to use hoot
10:56 am
suite to get your social media done at the same time. tools he gives you in the book to make your time more effective. >> and then what do you do with the time you have left? >> relax. have a drink, like you guys. >> i think there is something about having a deadline and knowing it has to be done by -- sometimes i play that game with myself. like, it might sound stupid, we'll order dinner in, it will be here in 40 minutes n 40 minutes, i'll see if i can get this done, this done, this done by the time the person comes. >> who is we? >> anyway, so -- >> sorry, everybody. trying to get some tidbits. last one is -- >> "return to love". >> this is my favorite. in this book, marion williamson takes faith and puts it front and center in your life. your life is defined by what you believe in and what gives you meaning and in this book, she really takes faith and shows you that if you define what that is, define what your values are, you can live a really rich life full of love. >> i don't think it is possible
10:57 am
to be truly, truly at peace in your life without examining that one aspect of your existence, which is your spirit as well. >> without faith, there is no life. >> i like him. >> me too. >> your last one? >> the last one is a classic "the 7 habits of highly effective people." this one, steven covey breaks things down to what you should be doing with your time, to give you meaning, and purpose with your life. it is not about how much money you make, but how much meaning you make in your life. >> thanks. those are all good. >> i like him. he's a beautiful spirit, hodi. >> thanks. >> thanks very much. next week, the hits and misses of the golden globes, all of that. and bella rossalini, and ice cube. hank azaria. country music star jennifer nettles. >> have an awesome weekend. >> bye-bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00 concern over the deadly flu bug fwrous. why experts say it will get worse before it gets better. and the 49ers secret weapon. what makes these sandwich is special. and the goden globe goes to -- why the winners may not get all of the attention on sunday. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney, peggy bunker has the day off. we're learning new details about the deadly flu bug going around. it has claimed nine lives so far. people are listening to health officials and getting their flu shots and


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