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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good friday morning, everyone. coming up on "early today," deadly pileup. a mass of mangled cars and trucks on an icy indiana highway kills three people. investigation underway. drug money. america's attorney general about to reverse decades-old bank ls created to prevent money laundering by criminals. driver attacked. a crazed passenger attacks a bus driver while attempting to crash the bus. a camera shooting a 2500 frames per second. that's what it looks like. it's friday, january 24th. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning, everybody. brian shactman here. some whiteout conditions lead to a deadly mass pileup of more than 40 vehicles including a lot of big rigs. take a look at the dramatic pictures from i-94 in michigan city, indiana. it's about 60 miles from chicago where at least three people were killed and more than 20 injured. one critically. officials say it went from sunshine to snow, then absolute zero visibility causing the cars to slam right into each other. the jaws of life had to be brought in to rescue at least five people. some lanes will close overnight as crews cleared the wreckage. a big change for banks. they're about to start handling money from legal marijuana sales despite rules to stop money laundering. new rules will soon make it easier for banks to take money from legal marijuana sellers
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even though tough restrictions exist to prevent proceeds from pot sales. a university of virginia holder indicated it's to help pot dealers in colorado and washington along with medical marijuana dispensaries in other states. cannabis still illegal in federal law. so many have declined accounts for pot dealers because it could open up criminal charges for taking money from drug sales. you've got to believe that things have gotten real for justin bieber. he's out on bail after an appearance with a judge. the pop star faces a dui charge which could mean a license suspension, fine, even possible jail time. nbc's jay gray has the story. >> reporter: a crush of fans and clustered media gathered around this beach front villa hoping for a glimpse of justin bieber just hours after he waved to
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cameras after walking out of the miami-dade jail. miami beach officers stopped the pop star just after 4:00 in the morning when they say he was racing a rented yellow lamborghini through the neighborhood. >> at first he was belligerent questioning, using choice words questioning why he was being stopped. >> reporter: officers said they smelled alcohol and he later admitted to drinking, smoking marijuana, and taking prescription medication before the incident. he faces charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. a friend, singer kalil was also arrested. he was allegedly racing bieber at the time in a red ferrari. >> the first case this afternoon is justin bieber. >> reporter: both were released after posting bail and there are are indications this is not his first time in the fast lane. there have been numerous reports of him driving fast and
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recklessly through his exclusive neighborhood outside of los angeles. police officers were called earlier this month after alleging egging a home. no files have been charged as they now continue to work through what now seems to be a more curious case. jay gray, nbc news. edward snowden. saying in a live chat that mass data collection needs to end and why returning to the sus not in the cards right now. this as the nsa's phone program is deemed illegal. tracy potts live in washington. good morning. he said quite a bit, didn't he? >> reporter: well, he did. and he also talked about what the best solution is here. we've been dealing with this for months now since last summer. he's now in russia. doesn't look like he's coming back any time soon. he said the best solution would be to come back to the u.s., but not under these circumstances. so he's speaking out jot line.
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not all spying is bad, says edward snowden. spying on other countries, that's okay. mass surveillance on americans, not okay, the former nsa contractor said in a live web chat from russia. he said he was not working with russia from the beginning. >> i don't think there is strong evidence indicating he operated with any foreign support. >> reporter: a government task force recommends the data collection snowden exposed be shut down. calling it illegal with minimal impacts on catching terrorists. >> they cannot be regarded as relevant to any investigation of the fbi. >> reporter: the attorney general tells msnbc there's no chance he will get clemency. >> that would be too far. >> he ought to return to the united states and face those charges. >> reporter: but returning involves some challenging issues. snowden says he doesn't think he can get a fair trial here, brian. >> all right, tracy. thank you very much. have a great weekend.
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tracy potts live in d.c. the fbi has indicted the man rolling stone once called the most hated person on the internet. hunter moore also known as the revenge porn king, he and another man are charged with computer crimes and i.d. theft starting with a conspiracy to hack into e-mail and steal nude photos that were later posted on his website. on his site he reportedly encouraged users to post pictures of their former boyfriends and girls along with personal details like addresses and phone numbers and places of work. it led to stalking. let's bring in bill kairns. let's talk about the weather. this weather is bizarre. >> we're talking about one of the coldest winters ever in minnesota while talking about one of the warmest, driest ever in california. i mean, it's just -- the country just is stuck in the weather pattern. we need out of it. yesterday it was 75 in crescent
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city. northern california up towards the coast, that's unheard of. one of the warmest temperatures they've ever had in january. easily a record high for the day. and we have -- this is unheard of this time of year. red flag warnings, high fire danger all the way from the central oregon coastline all the way down to san diego. almost all the mountainous areas that don't have snow on them are going to be windy and dry. this doesn't happen in january. we kind of have a weird weather pattern. a lot of high clouds streaming to the south. when will it rain next? finally for the first time in, like, two weeks there are hints that towards the beginning of february the weather pattern is going to change. we're going to get a little more wet up to oregon. maybe even to the south. hopefully will build up a snow pack that maybe just maybe february will bring us the changes. also still watching that high surf in hawaii. that's your national in the fog.
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warmer in higher evaluations today. it's almost like we've given up on january and we're just waiting for the rain in february. >> in california, the agriculture -- i mean, it's one of the top ten biggest economies in the world. >> if you look at california reservoirs, the pictures are unbelievable. >> all right. have a good weekend. straight ahead, the story behind this exploding melon. even gallagher's hammer couldn't do damage like that. and the outcome thof that craze greyhound bus passenger. you're watching "early today." e. it's a little frustrating. look. e. [ zach ] i can't help out as much as i used to.
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driver of a greyhound bus in arizona on thursday. running the vehicle off the road. the suspect reportedly yelled, i'm going to flip this bus, before repeatedly hitting the driver in the face. that caused the bus to head toward oncoming traffic. thankfully other passengers wrestled the man down and stopped the bus. none injured seriously. mark herring has decided to join a lawsuit against the state's ban on gay marriage. >> as attorney general, i cannot and will not defend a law that violating virginians' fundamental constitutional rights. it's time for the commonwealth to be on the right side of history and the right side of the law. conservative writer de susa has been accused of reimbursing people for donating to a friend's senate campaign. a rocket blasted off thursday carrying a new nasa
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communications satellite. the $350 million mission will help support the international space station. and if you've never seen a water melon blown up in slow motion, today is your lucky day. they filmed it at 2500 frames her second. why? because it's cool. fun to look at. now for all things business, we turn to courtney reagan. >> good morning. apple plans to introduce two phones are larger screens this year. also apple will scrap the iphone 5c. and the fbi is warning retailers to expect more credit card breaches. involving the same type of software used against target. detailing risk pose bid malware.
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a shortage is hitting millions of americans. prices have topped $5 a gallon in parts of the midwest. supplies were already low before a pipeline outage in december made that situation even worse. brian, back to you. >> thank you very much, courtney reagan. how about this? nabisco rolling out two new cookie flavors to oreo. cookie doe and marshmallow crispy. there's like 17 kinds of oreos now. and now the regular thin, the double stuff is like the regular thin from this youth. they refuse to comply with california's microstamping law that was passed in 2007 and enacted in may. the law requires new or redesigned semiautomatic with eps to carry a microstamping.
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today marks the 30th anniversary of apple's steve jobs unveiling the first mcintosh. i still have mine from 1990 in my basement. but i haven't turned it on in about 15 years. i'm wondering if it still works. all right. sports just ahead including arizona's amazing winning streak. and it's nhl bieber backlash. plus check out this adrenaline pumping sport. basically you're parachuting on a snow mobile. incredible. stay tuned. man on p.a.: and remember to stop by the bake sale today. i know, it's a lot to take in. that's why i've conducted this comprehensive analysis, comparing my prices to my competitors', so you know you're getting a good deal, even if it's not with me! pretty rad, right? what is she talking about? i have no idea. [ bell rings ] i'll take everything.
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this morning on "today," bieber gone bad. more on the teen pop star's alleged drag racing dui. asking the question is his behavior getting out of control. let's hit some sports. australian open. world number one, rafael nadal beating roger federer with their 33rd meeting. 11th in a grand slam. with that victory nadal boasts his 23rd win over federer. this will be his third trip to the finals at the aussie open. college hoops, can't stop number one arizona still unbeaten. arizona freshman aaron gordon getting the steal.
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he will cruise in for the dunk. the wildcats improve to 19-0. they beat colorado 69-57. all right. before peyton manning leads the broncos in the super bowl, eli may have tips about his home field metlife stadium. he's going to talk about the areas to avoid throwing to in the end zone if it's a windy game. think it's cheating? i think it's fine. still have to execute the passes. hockey. dallas stars having fun with the maple leafs. mocking with this photo of justin bieber's mug shot from his thursday arrest. underneath it, maple leafs fan. they beat toronto 7-1 snapping their winning streak. the x-games. emotional victory for colton moore. he won the gold with this incredible run in memory of his brother caleb who died from injuries during last year's
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competition. here he is afterwards. >> this is the greatest moment ever to be able to come back here and ride for my brother. not just for him but with him. because i know he was out here with me all night. check this out. the latest video from eric aww dee who created parasledding. snow mobiling combined with paragliding. just a beautiful background over the glaciers. i don't know if i would dry it. you have to land perfectly. ahead, a busted bieber becomes the butt of late night jokesters. plus is the novelty of "duck dynasty" dying out? we'll have the details coming up. [ male announcer ] walgreens understands being at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i should've looked some more." ♪ that's why walgreens makes it easy to save even more on your medicare part d prescriptions. ♪
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every mom is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms. and new luvs with nightlock offer our largest absorbent area ever. they lock away wetness better than huggies, even overnight. live, learn, and get luvs. the weather pattern in the west hasn't changed. that means in alaska it hasn't changed. they continue to have an unusually warm and wet winter. another continues to surge to the north. these temperatures, fairbanks average high this time of year is 1. they're at 36 degrees right now in the middle of the night. that's unheard of. that's towards record highs in interior alaska. shows you how upside all the weather is. >> the justin bieber story happened early enough for all the talented writers to -- >> all day. >> they had all day to prepare. let's get right to it. what did jimmy fallon have to
4:23 am
say? have a listen. >> miami police have released bieber's mug shot. take a look at this. i don't know if i'm looking at a mugshot or a proactive commercial. i've seen that before. >> all right. "snl" head writer collin jost will be taking on weekend update co-host. i didn't know about the guy. >> me neither. >> seth meyers is taking over late night for fallon. recent controversy over anti-gay comments. or maybe it's getting old. either way, "duck dynasty" ratings continue to drop. 2 million viewers dropped in the last two weeks. i want to see what they look like without their beards. >> they didn't have it before the show. >> i've only watched ten minutes. singer nicki minaj not happy with her picture on the cover of espn magazine. >> she looks great. >> she would have preferred if they didn't retouch her face.
4:24 am
she then posted her own photo from the shoot saying my forehead doesn't grow in length here. i don't know. in reddit, ask me anything, schwarzenegger revealed -- this blows my mind. director james cameron got a look at arnie. talked him into playing the villain even though at the time oj terminator was set to -- >> with the crazy eye. >> the movie wouldn't have been the same. >> i want to see it now to know what it was like. >> who is the hero in the terminator? >> it was that guy. that guy. all right. i'm brian shactman. this is "early today." hope it's just the first stop of the day on nbc. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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[ sigh of relief ] york times," as seen in goodfellas, an arrest is made in '78 robbery. picking up five alleged mobsters including vincent asaro thought to be a high ranking mobster. and offered $120 million to a man who will marry his lesbian daughter and make her straight. some stories you might have missed on a serious note in egypt, two deadly explosions overnight in cairo. and a third in a nearby city of giza. at least five people confirmed killed and dozens more injured. it targeted the police headquarters. police cars and a police
4:27 am
station. of course we'll stay on top of this developing story. unrest in ukraine as protesters storm several government buildings. protesters angry the president of that country siding with russia instead of the european union. controversial comments from mike huckabee. he suggested democrats use the promise of contraception to try to win over female voters. >> if the democrats want to insult the women of america by making them believe that they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they can the control their libido without the help of the government, then so be it. >> the one-time presidential candidate making those comments at the republican national committee's winter meeting. also house speaker john boehner on "the tonight show with jay leno." the republican third in line to
4:28 am
the presidency. leno had one pointed question. >> you ever think of running for president? >> no. >> no? >> listen, i like to play golf. i like to cut my own grass. you know, i do drink red wine. i smoke cigarettes. and i'm not giving that up to be president of the united states. >> that's right. that's not worth it. that's right. >> play a lot of golf as president though. time now for a look ahead and a look back. surfs up in california today. waves may reach 40 feet during the mavericks surfing competition on half-moon bay of san francisco. that is incredible. and on this day in 1989 the execution of ted bundy as reported by "nbc nightly news." >> ted bundy is dead. electrocuted early this morning in a florida prison. but what drove this complex man to his murderous ways remains a mystery. he was a once bright, articulate, and monster. >> i'm brian shactman along with
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bill kairns. thanks for
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>> a house goes up in flames in the east bay. what investigators found inside that could lead them to a cause. >> and a developing story in oakland this morning as police are on the lookout for a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his own sister. >> three armed men storm into a peninsula home in the middle of the day. we'll tell what you they stole and what people in the normally quiet neighborhood are saying. >> as we get things going here at 4:30 on this friday morning a look at oakland. glad you're with us. this is "today in the bay." good morning it's 4:30. happy friday. i'm scott mcgrew. >> friday indeed. i'm peggy bunker. laura is


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