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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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new this morning, san francisco police shoot and kill a dog, another is on the loose. following a vicious overnight attack, the latest on the victims' conditions coming up in a live report. >> it will be an emotional day, as the bay area comes together to honor a b.a.r.t. officer killed in the line of duty. impromptu slumber party. the dangerous conditions in the south forcing hundreds of studented to hunker down inside their schools overnight. a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is water on the ground. it's a rain, the a mist. we'll check in with weather and track, wednesday, january 29th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning, everyone, it's 4:30. happy, rainy wednesday, i'm scott mcgrew. >> finally. love the smell of it in the morning. meteorologist christina loren. >> it is nice. i want to start with the live picture, just to show you, though the commute is light, we'll check on that with mike if a moment, you can see all of these cars on the highway traveling very slowly. a steady drizzle. as you know, it has not rained for over a month, so we could see dangerous conditions out there. right over to mike inouye and see if there's any problems on the road. >> good morning. i'm going to use the same shot, glowing lights. 880 through fremont, i just drove this. we have slower speeds, especially off-ramps, you need to brake more early and gently, it's misty enough, i had to use the windshield wipers twice because of the glow of the lights, that's an issue.
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it will be on your windshield as well north through oakland, same shot. glow to the lights here, slicker. it hasn't washed all of the grease and oil we've had built up, that's a problem. san mateo bridge moves smoothly. slick roadways in many spots. peninsula moves smoothly but also 101. also show you some sheen on the palo alto camera. a pair of dogs attack two people in san francisco overnight. witnesses say police shot and killed one dog but they're looking for the other this morning. that attack happened near 25th avenue in lincoln way, right on the edge of golden gate park. investigators say two dogs attacked one man, bit another, who stepped in to help. one of the dogs was shot when officers arrived. the other dog took off and has not been found. the initial victim taken to the hospital, in stable condition.
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the person who tried to help was bit once in the leg. "today in the bay's" bob redell in san francisco. he'll have more on that search for that second dog coming up. hundreds of police officers, sheriff deputies and others stand at attention in honor of fallen b.a.r.t. officer tom smith, known by friends and family as tommy. the 20-year b.a.r.t. police veteran will be laid to rest in the east bay. smith's body will be driven from the chapel of the chimes church in hayward where hundreds attended a viewing yesterday to the neighborhood church of castro valley. it's unclear what route the procession will take. the funeral is open to the public, 9:30, bagpipes leading the casket into the church. service from 10:05 to 11:15, followed by a chp flyover at noon. among those who gathered last night, friends, colleagues, strangers, member of the
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massachusetts bay transit authority attend the viewing, they never met smith but said they were among family. it's unclear if michael mays, the b.a.r.t. officer who reportedly shot smith was at the viewing but his brother told nbc bay area mays will be at today's service. >> how can you possibly minimize this tragic event? you can't. how can you forget it? you can't. >> michael mays on administrative leave into the shooting. private security guards will patrol stations today so b.a.r.t. personnel can attend the funeral. police in hillsborough looking for a man who robbed a home after claiming he was a utility worker. take a good look at sketch released by the police department. clean-shaven, white man, early 40s, 6'2", 220 pounds. he told the person living at the home on sheldon way he works
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with the water department and checking for broken pipes. when the person let him in, the suspect say his stole several items. the rules committee expected to discuss a proposal to encourage homeowners to notify police about their home security cameras. proposal was introduced by council member sam lecardo last week. he wants to create a central database people can voluntarily register their security cameras with a pole department. if a crime occurs, officers know the cameras existed and could ask for the video. his plan suggests giving discounts to homeowners who want to install new cameras. hundreds of people trapped in their cars, after a rare sudden storm dumped several inches of snow in places where people worry about hurricanes. video of traffic in atlanta, people trapped in their cars for more than 12 hours, in some cases. 20 miles north of atlanta, hundreds of students had an
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impromptu slumber party at their schools then couldn't go home because of the heavy snowfall. many of the children were on buses going home when the buses decided to turn back because it was considered so dangerous. officials in georgia responded to at least 940 crashes throughout the state. >> i hit black ice. these roads are horrible. absolutely horrible. black ice, you can't even see. i come over the hill and it pulled me down the hill. >> similar stories across the region. in birmingham, 600 students and staff spent the night at their schools. they had access to meals, snacks, drinks, blankets. >> closer to home, a mump different story. water officials are now urging 2 million people in the south bay to cut back their usage by 10%. that recommendation was approved by the santa clara valley water district last night. the district says there will be financial incentives and it will continue to offer rebates to neighbors who buy water efficient appliances and replace
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lawns with drought tolerant plants. parts of the bay area woke up to wet roads. more rain on the way. a live look outside. a mist out there. it's wet out there. let's join christina with the good news. >> 'tis slick out there this morning. make sure you're ready for that because, as you know, it's been dry as a bone for quite some time. as we head throughout morning, this is the dangerous drive to work. by tomorrow, at this time, heavier rainfall will are already come through. and so this morning it's more dangerous as highways are starting to get slick. 60 in san francisco. current temperatures. starting out at 60 degrees in san francisco as we head throughout the afternoon. temperatures going to stay steady. how far, it's going to take some time to make it to the east bay. you'll hit highs in the upper 60s. part of the reerng itreason, it. plenty of clouds coming in.
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on the warm side of the front. this will drop into the bay area in hours. so let's take it to your futurecast, show you what we're expecting. we stop the clock for you. throughout 4:00, look at this. the front stays organized, starts to push into sonoma county that will mv move to the south. 11:00 p.m. tonight, take it easy. tomorrow morning, stop that clock at 2:00 a.m., see the rich moisture through the south bay. how much snow are we going to get in tahoe? looks like maybe 1 1/2 to 2 feet. a closer look at that in my next report. first your drive. could be a rough one. >> measuring snow in feet. but that means we'll have wet roadways here as well likely. because of the mist that's hitting the road, and the rain that's coming in this is or view of what we can see from the east shore freeway. i've turns the emeryville camera down to the bottom, the sign, denny's, i smooth flow.
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cameras disappear a block, two blocks away. smooth drive through the area but the mist an issue. use windshield wipers from time to time. smooth flow of traffic across the carquinez and benecia bridges. we'll track that as well. live look out to palo alto, shows you how things are along 101. the sheen on the roadway, damp roadways. we have not had rains in a long time. that will mean grease and oil settle on the to roadways, makes it rise up. san jose, smooth drive. 280. i wanted to show you there are not a lot of cars on the roadway, mist hovering above, cars hitting off-ramps, especially cloverleaf, 28/17, watch it, could be spinouts. ahead "today in the bay," president obama hits the road, hours after delivering his fifth state of the union address. >> the caribbean cruise carrying
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more than 600 sick passengers.
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breaking news we are following. take a look at live pictures. flames just billowing out of the
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house this morning in san antonio, texas. it has been a lot -- a tough fight for firefighters. the shot froze there. no word about injuries so far. something we're keeping an eye on, as they've had a lot of problems there. just into the newsroom, edward snowden will be one of the people up for this year's nobel peace prize. two norwegian lawmakers jointly nominated the confessed nsa worker. the policy changes in the wake of snowden's whistle blowing contributed to, a quote, more stable and peaceful world order. the five-member panel won't confirm who's been nominated but those who submit names sometimes make them public. today, president obama begins a four-state tour to promote jobs and manufacturing, hours after telling congress he's ready to work with or without them. >> i'm eager to work with all of you, but america does not stand still and neither will i.
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so wherever and whenever i can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more american families, that's what i'm going to do. >> the president said he will ease regulations to bring jobs back from overseas, build more -- six more manufacturing hubs, create retirement savings for workers whose employers do not offer them, and raise the minimum wage to $10.10 for new federal contractors. in their response, republicans promise more jobs, less red tape, and less government. >> we hope the president will join us in a year of real action by empowering people, not making their lives harder with unprecedented spending, higher taxes and fewer jobs. >> the president also asked members of congress to restore emergency unemployment benefits which started expiring last month. the latest check will arrive next week, she hopes lawmakers were listening to the president.
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>> more time to search for a job, to look for work, you know? as of now, what do i do? i'm at a roadblock. >> he asked congress, strikingly, please, go ahead, return unemployment benefits to those of extended delays, it's not fair to them. all part of that great american dream that he was talking about. >> the white house says, approving a three-month extension of emergency benefits help 2 million americans out of work. the president also challenged republicans to stop fighting health care saying the 40-plus times they tried to repeal the affordable health care act probably enough. interestingly, after a decade of war, foreign policy was near the end of the president's address, but in some ways the highlight of the speech. the night's most emotional moment came when the president singled out sergeant first class corey remsburg, army ranger. he was injured by a roadside
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bomb in afghanistan during his tenth deployment. he was in a coma for three months, partially paralyzed and now blind in one eye. >> day by day, he's learned to speak again, stand again, walk again. he's working toward the day when he can serve his country again. >> the soldier also got a standing ovation that lasted nearly two minutes. president obama proposed a creation of a new type of retirement savings account geared towards millions of americans just starting out. for that and the rest 0 the news before the morgan brennan. good morning. >> good morning, scott. futures are higher, that's after stocks snapped back on tuesday as investors reacted to positive economic data on home prices and consumer confidence. dow breaking its five-day losing streak and the s&p 500 and nasdaq, three-day losing streak. the fed wraps up two-day policy
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meeting and expected to continue cutting back on its stimulus efforts. the dow rising 91 points to 15, 9 929. president obama using his state of the union address to propose the creation of a new retirement savings plan. it's called myra, aim at employees whose companies don't offer such plans, similar to roth i.r.a. or savings bonds, employees contribute part of paychecks to the plan backed by the federal government. about two-thirds of workers put some money away for retirement last year. and the senate can vote to delay flood insurance rate increases that would impact thousands of people. that bill would delay premium hikes up to four years. those were set to be phased out next year on home owners under new flood maps. 4:47. >> anxious to check in with meteorologist christina loren. busy week for you.
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>> yeah, busy week, but we want the work. we really want it. so dry and here. 59 degrees to start in livermore. it's mile out there. you want to pull out a jacket. temperatures going to stay put in san francisco. you're not going to climb by more than a degree or two, as we head throughout the day today. showers still to our north. moving in as we head throughout the afternoon. for the second half of the afternoon, temperatures will climb, especially tri-valley, 66. peninsula slated to hit 65 degrees, above average. part of the reason why is the mild start to the day. let's talk about those showers. i want to show you how this front is going to maintain organization once it drops into the bay area. as of midnight, what we're working with. all of this green here, this is a subtropical moisture tap. this dictates how much rain we're going to get. as long as we're tapping into it we could be measuring anywhere between 3/4 of an inch to an inch once this front comes through. right now that is what the
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models are projecting. however, we lose that subtropical tap, we're expecting .05 to a .1 of an inch. most of the models are agreeing with me at this point. as of thursday, 6:00 a.m., mostly clear, meet back here at this time tomorrow morning. heavy rainfall will come through as you're sleeping. fair game for showers. as we progress throughout thursday that will continue. by friday, midnight, clearing out of the bay area. it's still snowing up in tahoe. we need that snow expecting maybe two feet of fresh powder here before all said and done. notice on the seven-day forecast, we are going to drop off. done with mild days after today. we'll talk more about the cooldown and next chance for rain, another system on this one's heels. >> exactly what we need. a cruise ship full of sick people will arrive in new jersey port this afternoon. royal caribbean's "explorer of
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the seas" left january 21st for a continue-day cruise but the cruise sut shocut short with mo 600 passengers getting sick. the medical team says symptoms are consistent with the norovirus. state lawmakers approved a bill that would change the way toy guns and replica guns are made. if it passes the assembly, the imitation firearms safety act require toy guns, bb guns, air soft guns manufactured to look different than the guns that five actual bullets. no more replicas. voting on the bill was moved up, after the deadly shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez in santa rosa. a deputy mistook the replica rifle for a real one back in october. 4:50. still ahead on "today in the bay," could save their lives but many major league pitchers will not wear this new type of
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baseball cap. we'll explain, coming up. live look outside, how things are traing. bay bridge, you can't see the impact of the mist on the road. we'll show you a clearer view or not so clearer view, depending how you look at it.
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welcome back. 4:53. it's wet out there. be careful on your drive in. it's a mist, it's a rain.
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we'll check in with weather and traffic coming up. jonathan martin speaking out for the first time since leaving the team. martin tells "football night in america" tony dungy the persistence of vulgar language in the locker room made him feel trapped. martin, who played at stanford, felt it was best to remove himself from the situation. he left the team in october, claiming bullied and harassed by teammates including richie incognito. incognito was suspended. i report into the allegation is expected to be released after the super bowl. watch the interview on the "today" show this morning. temperatures in the teens and light snow likely won't keep tens of thousands of football fans from enjoying super bowl boulevard. >> a live look at times square in new york where broadway's transformed into the entertainment hub for super bowl week. the boulevard officially opens this morning at 9:00 new york
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time. most events are free, including photo op with vince lombardi trophy, autographs with players. fanfare leads up to big showdown between the broncos and seahawks sunday at metlife stadium in new jersey. around the corner, baseball. major league baseball taking a major step forward to protect pitchers. approving a padded cap for pitchers to wear on the mound. the optional caps are meant to protect players from line drives to the head. they're a half inch thicker in the front and inch thicker near the temples. also heavier than regular hats. and for that reason, former ace pitcher brandon mccarthy says he won't wear it. recall, mccarthy was hit in the head by a line drive in 2012. he had to undergo emergency brain surgery. the current pitcher says the new cap is just too big. giants pitcher sergio romo
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weighed in saying they won't wear it unless the league makes it mandatory. >> i wonder if it's one of the things like hockey, players wouldn't wear helmets at all. >> right. >> look. >> now it looks silly without it. check the morning commute. talking about slick roadways out there, something we haven't seen for a while. >> definitely. the grease and the oil has built up on the roadway, just happens when cars drive over it, slicker conditions until it can wash away with a good rain. mist here, glowing lights illustrate that in oakland. southbound 880 past the coliseum. glow to the lights. patches through oakland, fremont, east bay, you have slicker roadways. here, dublin westbound 580 not bad. smooth drive here out of the altamont pass. the arrow's marked where we show you that live drive. slowing at dublin interchange, that will clear up. that's a few more cars starting to hit the roads, changing averages. construction for 680 and 880,
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usual suspects through san jose. traffic and weather maps are tied together. systems working together to show you this. orange highlighting through morgan hill, san martin, spots where moisture might be so much there might be fog and tougher visibles. lower the speeds. >> thank you. san francisco police shoot and kill a dog, another on the loose. we'll take a look following the vicious overnight attack. we'll have the latest in a live report. gunfire erupts in front of a popular casino in the south bay. what police are saying about the search for the suspect this morning.
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the search continues after a pair of dogs reportedly attacked someone in golden gate park. bob redell talking to police. what he's just learned, coming up in a live report. possible changes after a bay area body border is killed by high surf off the coast of santa cruz. a word i haven't told you
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more much some time to bring with you, umbrella. the main event arrives now. steady drizzle. later, heavy rainfall. whos going to get the most and when drops will fall on your doorstep. >> seeing slicker roadways april crash on highway 1, the car hanging off the road. oakland, two vehicles in the middle of the road. a live look outside. san mateo bridge, yep, misty out there, slick roadways, take it easy. allow extra time if you're head out the door wednesday, january 29th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. 5:00, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> new this morning, a pair of dogs attacked two people in san francisco. one of the dogs still on the loose. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in san francisco on the edge of golden gate


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