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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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heated seats. >> and we're getting a break from the rain this morning, plenty of clouds to start the day over the bay area. i'm going to tell you how much snow made its way over tahoe and hey, i got your forecast including rain for the all important weekend in moments. >> a much drier approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. i saw flashing lights, a crash as you approach. we'll sort out those details. >> a live look outside as you get ready to cross the bay bridge on this friday, january 31st, this is "today in the bay." last day of the month. >> right. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. let's begin with breaking news. fire crews will remain on the scene of a massive house fire. four people in the home were able to escape. flames erupted around 1:30 near a home -- at a home near as
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theman drive and lafayette not far from levi stadium. damian trujillo joins us live at the scene with an update. >> reporter: good morning, scott. quite a spectacular scene. the ladder truck is pouring hundreds of gallons of it woulder on what's left of the home near levi stadium. no flames at this point but they are dousing some of the hot spots, making sure that whatever ignited earlier this morning does not flare up again in any part of this house. as you mentioned it was 1:20 this morning that emergency crews were called to the scene. by that time firefighters the garage was engulfed. it went to two alarms due to in part because this is a compact neighborhood. the homes are close together. they were able to put it out in about 40 minutes. there were four people in the home when the crews arrived. all got out safely though one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it was neighbors who also jumped
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in to help. one man dialed 911 while others tried their best to alert those inside. >> we were throwing rocks from the street and we were in our neighbor's yard trying to find rocks that were big enough. the fire spread pretty fast that we didn't want to get too close. >> reporter: the crews are still trying to determine what caused this fire. the home actually has a "for sale" sign on the front lawn, so very unfortunate circumstances for those homeowners here in santa clara. looks like crews will be here for a while. still pouring hundreds of gallons of water on this fire per minute i should say. she the will be here a while. we're live in santa clara, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> it's 5:02 and the search is on for a missing patient from a san francisco hospital. for some reason the patient walked away from the hospital shortly after major surgery. christie smith live at sf
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general hospital with the details on the search. unfortunately, this isn't the first time that this hospital lost track of a patient. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. certainly happened before, a high profile that happened in september, but since then the hospital is saying that they made sweeping changes to their security. still this morning, san francisco police are looking for a 34-year-old woman they say just walked away from sf general yesterday afternoon, after having surgery. san francisco police tell us that valerie gates walked away from the hospital around 1:00 in the afternoon, she had a bandage on her neck, she is 5'3", 120 pounds. hospital staff are saying they really want to find her because she needs her most op meds. a spokesperson says they did initiate a search with the sheriff deputies, they provide security here, but when they couldn't find her they contacted police and her family. she was in good condition when she left she was wearing a green
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jacket and burgundy pants. in september lynn spaulding left her bed and was found dead in a stairwell weeks after she disappeared. in that case, though, the grounds were not completely searched. again, though, police are saying that new protocols are in place at the hospital, as for gates, she is homeless and we're told that she frequents the tenderloin so that is an area that police are still searching. live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. >> the man accused of murdering a san francisco college student as he stepped off a train will be back in court today. police say that he shot and killed the student justin valdez aussie got off a muni train in cement. when police arrested him they found two assault rifles and combat knives in his home. the attack appears to be completely unprovoked. he pleaded not guilty. >> an oakland teen has pleaded
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not guiltying a sated mayhem after police say he set another teen on fire apoord an ac transit bus. richard thomas being charged as an adult with a hate crime enhancement. officers say thomas admits to setting sasha fleischman's skirt on fire, claims it was not a hate crime. >> 5:05. toyota is putting the brakes on new car sales for several popular models. it's because of a problem with a needed seat. peggy is live in san jose. this isn't a recall yet. >> it is not a recall yet. we want to make that very clear. you know how it goes, you wake up on a cold morning you hit that seat heater button for the commute in to work. today at many dealerships around the country certain models of toyota will not be sold. all because of a faulty lining in heaters. this is affecting about with 36,000 toyota vehicles sitting
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from the factory to dealership lots across the country. only vehicles made in toyota's u.s. plants and equipped with heaters are going to be covered by this stop sale order. they call at stop sale order. they don't know when the ban will be lifted. these are the models that are affected. 2012-14 models of camry, the best selling car by the way, 2013 and 2014, avalon, sienna and tacoma and the 2014 corolla and tundra. we have a 2013 sienna minivan, this is one that would be affected. this was discovered in korea when they were testing outlining that sits next to the heating component on both the bottom and the backs of the cars. this comes standard in the 2013 sienna. a lot of people like it. so right now toyota saying this
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isn't a recall. they are going to have to plead their case. if you're waking up and you have one of these thinking can i turn on the seat heater. there have been no injuries to report. they discovered that the lining next to the heater, they are going to put a stop sale on these until they get it fixed. >> good for a lot of people to know. thanks a lot. >> let's find out if we need to use our seat heaters. >> every day. >> coolers, i want those. >> it's pretty awesome. i guess you're telling me you would like warm buns on the drive to work. i understand that. we're pretty good in san francisco. winds are starting to pick up a touch. as the area of low pressure high tails it out of here. look what it left behind, good air quality. breathe it in bay area. much lower pollen levels and another chance for rain as we get into this weekend and it could be a great system as it
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makes its way inland. or we could get nothing. i'm going to describe that for you and give you my best scientific look. 56 degrees in san francisco, 61 degrees these are highs today in the east bay. peninsula about 60 degrees and the seven-day forecast, at the tot tom of the screen. and when the rain returns. looking toward the coast line. the system just off shore at that point. as we continue to head throughout sunday afternoon. i think a little action out of this along the south end into the santa cruz mountains. tahoe is going to pick up a flash of snowfall. we had really impressive totals. truckee over a foot. we picked up three feet in the high terrain in the back country so that's great. we still have the avalanche warning for the high terrain back country until 7:00 a.m. so keep that in mind. it's going to be pretty dangerous.
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hey, by about now if you head up to tahoe you'll be at 7:00 a.m. by the time you get there. you still want to take it easy. make sure you have chains. >> if you are heading to tahoe i envy you. i love the bay area 2. we're looking to the bay bridge. we may not have the fullbackup. sometimes we don't see those metering lights but we'll track that. including well, let's look at the maze. our camera off emeryville. the bottom coming from around the wend to right, that's the berkeley curve. off 24 an earlier crash involving a big rig and pickup truck. sounds like no lanes are blocked through the maze around highway 24. good news prom the left side of the screen. on the peninsula we'll show you a smooth flow. the headlights past. no problems for the peninsula, back to you. >> thank you.
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first lady michelle obama will wrap up her visit today. tickets are sold out but went for as much as $32,000 apiece. yesterday mrs. obama attended two private fund-raisers including one at the north beach restaurant katania, here to help raise money for the midterm races. >> festivities for super bowl 48 in full swing. we're learning what to expect on game day. we'll have a live report. >> can you tell if there is anything wrong with this? why there is a major recall around it. >> for me, not enough seats. yahoo! e-mail is hacked. what the company is saying and what you need to do.
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>> we enter super bowl weekend. >> not just football fans that
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are excited but the people who tune in for the spectacle of it all. sarah is live in new york city where we're getting new details about the performances takes place on game day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott and laura. it may not seem like a grammy award winning singer and a worldwide famous opera soprano may have much in common. sunday they will both perform for more than 100 million. super bowl xlviii. a first. the first open air cold weather stadium and the first national anthem by an opera singer. >> probably the peyton manning of the opera world. >> the national anthem is something that everybody feels so strongly about. i feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to our 200th anniversary of the national anthem. >> reverence will transform into -- performances from bruno
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mars, mars began outdoor practice earlier this week. >> there was a lot of things that happened like the microphone turns into a popsicle. all of these things you don't think about but i'm grabbing the mike and it's frozen. >> reporter: halftime sponsor pepsi started marketing the event a month ago. >> we have 30 second commercial running into bruno and 12 1/2 minutes extravaganza. >> reporter: as kickoff approaches excitement is building in the big apple and as the weather improves, tickets are moving. good news for brokers since sales were sluggish. >> people were worried was the game going to be moved, was the weather a huge factor. >> ticket prices average about $2800. not as expensive as other years but quite spendy. the super bowl and everything is bigger. the excitement, the entertainment. >> give it all i got. >> reporter: and the prices.
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>> dare i ask who you are rooting for? >> any one who is not seattle. >> the reason i'm wearing this color today. >> the red hot chili peppers normally don't wear shirts. >> a short set. the people charged with making super bowl 2016 happen at levi stadium they are already in new york city. they are there to learn all they can because of the challenges facing this year's super bowl. are similar to those in 2016. not so much the weather but this year the super bowl is in new jersey but the festivities leading up to the game are in new york city. it will be like that in 2016 with the games in santa clara but the parties in san francisco. local super bowl organizers also figuring out how to deal with traffic, security and a combination especially when it comes to public transportation shuttling so many around. >> the question hoof is going to
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win, you have no choice, brent is from colorado. but late night host jimmy fallon thinks he knows who is going to win. >> let's release the puppies. okay. the broncos got a good lead there. they are going back. looks like a clear win there. you got the denver broncos are going to win the super bowl. >> yeah. they take it. look at the ones in back that didn't koum down. they are 49ers fans. >> to business news. zynga announcing earnings a week early. the san francisco company moved up the release of its fourth quarter earnings so it could announce a $527 million acquisition of natural motion. they are the company that makes popular mobile games.
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zynga maker of farmville also said it plans to cut its work force by 15% as it tries to turn itself around. it's about 300 jobs. >> unless the markets really perform january is going to end on a low note. bertha coombs is live at cnbc with the details. good morning. >> low indeed. looking at a 4% decline for the month of january already but right now we are looking at a triple digit decline at the open this morning. so the dow jones industrials down maybe as much as 200 points. very bearish despite the fact we did see a rebound yesterday. the nasdaq and s&p covering all of wednesday's losses. investors yesterday cheered positive earnings, better than expected fourth quarter gdp. today we get more data, see if that manages to change the mood into the open. we're going to get personal income and spending, labor costs, manufacturing, and
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consumer sentiment. the dow rising 109 to 15,848, but as i mentioned the futures now down sharply, we're looking at perhaps as much as a 200-point decline at the open. the nasdaq starts at 4123, the nasdaq not down as much in january as the broader market. and with the zynga earnings and google earnings, see if that's able to give the bull a respite. yahoo! was hit by a cyber attack. it's taken immediate action to protect those users, prompting them to reset their pass words. the company says there is no evidence yahoo! mail was directly hacked and user names and pass words likely obtained from a third party data base. yahoo! mail is the second largest e-mail provider behind gmail. 273 million accounts. you have to change your pass word all of the time. i don't know about you, scott, but i have trouble remembering
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all of them. >> good for you not to use just one for everything. you are better than that. fair enough. >> but i have to go through like five or six. >> that's right. i try to do -- i try to do one that is the money stuff, and one that's the buying stuff, and the web access. so at least i have some hint as to what it is. >> i do too. it's all secret. so don't try to crack the code. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. >> right. >> meteorologist christina loren, what is the secret password of the day? >> the secret password in the weather department is we need the rain bring it on mother nature. we're looking pretty good right now. we have a nice clear start to the day and yeah, that's more of a secret sentence. i'm not going to keep it a secret. more rain in the forecast as we head throughout the day. and we're going to keep the rain chance going for sunday. it's looking better and better every time i check. thanks for waking up with us. happy friday. you made it to the end of the
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work week. and hey, if it was a tough one for you the good news is the weather is on your side today and tomorrow before the next round of rain. san francisco at 49, we're at 48 along the peninsula, headed to a pretty comfortable afternoon, sweater weather has returned. we're going to be out of that unseasonable mild pattern at least for the next week or so. if you want to look at your temperatures for the weekend and as we get into next week at the bottom of the screen, the seven-day forecast always scrolling throughout my weather reports. 56 degrees in the heat of the day in san francisco, it is going to climb out there but not by much. at 62 degrees in the north bay, 60 in the south bay. don't forget tomorrow is fan fest. knbr, at&t park, your favorite giants players, they are all going to be out there. sergio romo, hunter pence and you can get out and meet them. it's a free event. make sure you're ready to be close by. maybe 100,000 fans, i don't know. it could get big. make sure you're ready for that. a lot of people headed out to
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at&t park. 58 degrees at 4:00 p.m. we're going to talk about the rain chance on sunday in my next report. let's check your drive. >> toward the east bay this is the tri-valley, 580 a smooth drive. you do see a lot of lights. if you're not used to this, this is standard and very light as far as the morn flow goes. a smooth drive westbound on our maps as well. no problems and our speeds let's show you the maps as we talk about the speeds through this area. smooth flow of traffic there. all in the green zone. good stuff. 50s and 60s. the 55 -- 52 is livermore traveling 84. there you go. that's a little bit of orange that you see here. coming out of the altamont pass. no other problems. we'll zoom into spots. north 17 had a little slowing off of the santa cruz mountains for a short time. we see slowing for north 280. that speed is down to 55, 58 miles per hour range.
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there may have been a slower moving truck. a smooth drive across the dumbarton bridge and san mateo bridge. not a problem to the peninsula. northbound 101 at third we had a crash, it was in the middle of the freeway. it sounds like everything moved to the shoulder. stay to your left as you pass by third because there may be partly sticking out into the slow rain lane. the flashing lights clear and you have time to react. smooth approaching the bay bridge. 24 to the caldecott. and down the east shore freeway no major problems and a lighter volume, slowing heading to the san rafael side on the richmond/san rafael bridge. nothing reported as far as incidents, a lighter flow we'll track that. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the approach off the berkeley curve, no backup for the cash lanes. and of course drier roads than yesterday. back to you. >> all of you moms and dads waking up early. a well known stroller company issuing a recall this morning.
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britax recalling its b-agile and the bob motion. the double stroll ares are popular. eight people were injured after pressing the release button and pulling on the release strap. in one case a person lost part of their finger tip. 216,000 strollers are recalled. if you have one call using it and call britax for a free repair kit. >> 5:23. we're under a week from the winter games. one olympian will be sent off in style thanks to her classmates. we'll tell you about that. and a local guy who is headed to his fourth winter olympics.
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hard to believe it's upon us. we're now six days until
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competition actually starts in sochi. the athletes, they are starting to prepare for the long trip to russia if they are not there. >> polina edmunds is still in san jose. her high school archbishop middy is going to give the sophomore a proper send-off. you can see on the school website it is very proud of polina. the sharks ice where she trains also cheering for her. it's created a board where people can write down their well wishes. it's selling team polina merchandise as well. >> going to sochi is steve marrone who works at the sharks as director of events. he's not an athlete but a guy that will make sure every hockey game at the ice dome goes smoothly. the same thing he does for the sharks. he tells the "mercury news" he will monitor 27 games. it will be his fourth time working the winter olympics. keeping everything going. >> i got to go to a hockey game at the salt lake city olympics.
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really exciting. great fun. >> it is 5:26. a deadly crash shutting down traffic on one south bay freeway. what police are now telling us. >> plus, despite being found guilty of murder in italy, amanda knox will have to wait months before finding out if she must return to serve that time. we're going to explain, plus the new overnight developments involving her ex-boyfriend. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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we continue to follow breaking news. firefighters on scene putting out hot spots after an early morning house fire in the south bay. damian trujillo talking to the crews on the scene. he is going to have a live update. >> what the first lady is doing before she wraps up her visit to the bay area today. >> and we're tracking more rain for the weekend and more snow on the way to tahoe. we're going to time the system out, let you know whether or not you're going to get rain from this thing and hey, it's not our only chance for rain. the pattern is changing and i'm going to tell you all about it. >> scrambling to get you more
5:30 am
updates on this crash northbound 101 on the peninsula, shut down all of the northbound direction as you head through san mateo. we'll give you those updates coming up. >> a live look this morning at the sparkles of the bay bridge. it's friday, january 31, this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news in santa clara. fire investigators trying to figure out what sparked a massive house fire. flames erupted 1:30 this morning at a home mere as theman drive and lafayette street not far from levi stadium. damian trujillo joins us live at the scene with an update. looks pretty active behind you. >> reporter: yeah, laura, there is quite a scene. crews are not able to go inside to assess what may have caused this fire. they are looking through the garage where they believe the fire started to see if there is any evidence there.
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but just not structurely safe for them to go inside right now and get to the bottom of this fire. the flames are out but they are still out here making sure that nothing flares up in the foreseeable future. the call came in about 1:20 this morning. and by the time firefighters arrived the garage was already engulfed. it went to two alarms because of the proximity of these homes to each other. crews jumped on the fire and were able to put it out in about 40 minutes. there were four people in the home at the time, everyone made it out okay. though one woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. neighbors also came to help. one of them dialed 911 while others tried to alert the people inside the burning home that they had to get out. >> we were throwing rocks from the street, and we were in our neighbor's yard trying to find rocks that were big enough. the fire spread pretty fast that we didn't want to get too close. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to determine how this fire started.
5:32 am
there is a "for sale" sign on the front lawn of the home, so very unfortunate circumstances here for the homeowners. looks like this road is going to be closed for quite a while. the large hoses are out, the big ladder truck is out so crews are still mopping up. it's going to be a while. live in santa clara, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you much. >> new this morning crews have cleared the scene of a deadly crash in the south bay. the chp says the two-car crash happened just before midnight on northbound 85 near the camden avenue exit in san jose. one person died, another taken to the hospital. the driver arrested on suspicion of drink driving. >> italian police detained amanda knox's ex-boyfriend near the country's border with austria. police say that raffaele sollecito checked in hours after learning an italian court found him and knox guilty of murdering
5:33 am
knox's room maxt he was shortly detained but we found out he has been released. police picked him up at a hotel and took him to the station prior to releasing him where they took his passport and banned him from leaving the country. this is the third trial for raffaele sollecito and knox. they were found guilty and then innocent and now guilty again. knox is in the u.s. having returned after being found innocent in the second trial. even though the italian court found her guilty, a decision to extradite her to italy months away. the verdict still needs to be finalized by the country's highest court. if it's upheld the u.s. state department will decide whether to turn the case over the to the state department which would arrest her for possible extradition. >> well, a bizarre case again at san francisco general hospital. months after the body of a missing patient was found in a stairwell, another patient is missing. christie smith is live at general hospital with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, scott. since the last time a patient disappeared here from sf general hospital, they are saying they made sweeping changes to their security procedures. here we are and now san francisco police are once again looking for a woman that they say walked away from the hospital yesterday afternoon after having surgery procedure here. they are not saying exactly what it is. that woman is 34-year-old valerie gates, and police say she left the hospital yesterday around 1:00 p.m., she had a bandage on her neck, she is 5'3", 120 pounds and wearing a green jacket and burgundy pants when last seen. she is homeless and frequents the tenderloin neighborhood in the city so that's one of the areas they are looking at. one of the reasons that the hospital staff are so anxious to find her, they say she needs her vital post-op meds but she was in good shape when she left. at sf general they say that staff and the sheriff's department provide security here, they searched, then filed
5:35 am
a missing persons report and contacteded the family. this comes after patient lynn spaulding left her bed in september of last year and then weeks later her body was found in a stairwell. since then a new search procedure has been put in place. i reached out to the hospital this morning and to san francisco police for an update. if i hear anything i'll let you know what they had to say. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you, christie. >> it is 5:35. happening today, first lady michelle obama staying in san francisco for another big ticket fund-raiser. she will be at the fairmont hotel for a luncheon with nancy pelosi starting at 11:30 a.m. tickets for today's event are sold out. they ranged in price from $500 to $32,000 each. the first stop on mrs. obama's two-day trip was a private fund-raiser at the north beach restaurant, it happened yesterday, and tickets for that started at $10,000 apiece.
5:36 am
unlike mrs. obama's last visit last year, much of this trip has been under wraps. focusing on fund-raiser for the 2014 midterm races. >> let's check in this morning, christina, you're saying less than half a chance we're going to get rain. >> if i'm a betting woman, if i'm a betting woman, 50%, i like those odds, scott mcgrew. i like those odds. you know what i'm saying. better than what you get at the slot machine. 45 degrees in oakland. 49 degrees in san francisco. here's the deal. that shower activity we are expecting is on super bowl sunday so chances are you're going to be indoors somewhere  huddled around a television set like many of us will be. after all it's an american holiday. temperatures are looking good, a little on the chilly side. 49 in san francisco, 45 degrees in the east bay and 49 degrees in the south bay. so, as we head throughout the afternoon you need to keep that
5:37 am
sweater or jacket with you. touching on seasonal averages, and remember that stretch of warmth, we're going to find out today whether or not it was the warmest january on record for san francisco and san jose and right now i can tell you i do believe it will be for both major cities. so keep that in mind. i should have that information by about 11:00 a.m. today. even before the national weather service. 56 in san francisco, 61 in the east bay, microclimates tell the story of the day. san jose and san francisco, you're going to see a 4-degree temperature difference. keep that in mind. it's going to be warmer in the south bay with more sunshine early. as you head to saturday staying dry, fan fest on saturday. then on sunday you do want to count on showers. i'm going to show you the timeline. it's tricky forecast we have coming our way on sunday. coming up, but keep that in mind. look at this. you'll notice by the cloud cover, tuesday and monday we're going to have that onshore flow. temperatures are going to stay cool, we'll keep the drizzle,
5:38 am
the mist in the atmosphere. and maybe getting another round of rain as we head throughout the end of the week into the upcoming weekend. getting oh, so much closer to ski week. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check your drive. here is mike inouye. >> looking at this high rise in the san mateo bridge. it's a smooth flow building volume a bit as you approach the 6:00 hour. 5:38 now. looking to the map off of the bridge no problem. it's north of there where we're finding slowing past mine 2 up toward third as fire crews and chp on scene we have all but one lane blocked a. crash involving as many as four vehicles. no major injuries but still they are trying to take care of the situation and clear the lanes. we may get more on injuries as it follows, right now slow from northbound 101 from 92 past third. that's the only issue for the peninsula right now. a build through palo alto, a smooth flow across from the san mateo bridge into the slowdown. on the eastbound slowing and
5:39 am
through hayward, dublin, a live shot for 580, moving but you got company. back to you. >> thank you much. 5:38. coming up, we'll go back to new york city for another behind the scenes look at the super bowl. >> and how about this super bowl ad. it won two fans tickets to sunday's game. >> a live look at san francisco home to one of the biggest chinese new year celebrations in the country. today is no the official start of the year of the horse. san francisco's new year parade won't happen until february 15.
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welcome back everyone. 5:41. the actual super bowl two days away but festivities in full swing. >> sarah is live at new york city's time squares, the fun centered there. it's going to be warmer we hear than expected on sunday.
5:42 am
>> reporter: yes, scott and laura. we're counting our lucky stars. we started out in the teens but come game day temperatures are predicted to be in the mid to upper 40s, or even going to be seeing some sun. this is the absolute perfect weather for the first ever open air cold weather super bowl game in nfl history. it's going to be a lot of fun. we've gotten more information on the halftime show. not all of us watch for the game. halftime entertainment is bruno mars and the red hot chili peppers. we'll hear the national anthem from a world famous opera soprano. accompanied by the new jersey sympho symphony. it's going to be a beautiful moment before we kick off the game. of course those who aren't watching for halftime or the game are watching for the commercials. 30 second ad this year is running about $4 million. advertisers of course bringing their very best.
5:43 am
security is tight at the stadium. you have about 100 law enforcement agencies all cooperating to make sure fans not only have a fun time, they also have a safe time. ticket sales are doing well. they were a little slow last week we're told due to the weather. but now that fans are seeing things are improving they are starting to move again. however, they are not as expensive as years past which is unbelievable. they are $2800 apiece on average. the brokers say they are seeing them -- seeing sales pick up as we head officially into super bowl weekend. here in new york, a lot of festivities going on. broadway has been transformed into super bowl boulevard. it's a 13-block stretch of fun and festivities for fans, we're seeing a lot of people on the streets starting to proudly display their team colors and their team jerseys. a little bit of talking going on but just good clean fun now. that could all change when things get more serious and we see the rivalries come out.
5:44 am
back to you. >> sarah, thank you much. super bowl l is two years out. organizers from the bay area are in new york learning about hosting the event. all of the festivities you saw are there in times square, in manhattan in new york city itself. the game is about 25 minutes away in new jersey. in 2016 we'll have a similar situation here because the game will be in santa clara but the celebration will mostly be in san francisco. the ceo of the bay area super bowl host committee says lots to learn from the game. including how to factor in security and traffic and of course accommodations. >> one family will root extra hard for the broncos this weekend, former san jose state star is expected to start at safety for denver. he was signed by the team as an undrafted free agent back in 2012. if the broncos win he will become the seventh former spartan to win a super bowl
5:45 am
title. >> kind of a super bowl surprise in one of those leaked super bowl commercials. >> you may have seen this one from old spice a. woman so impressed by a man's hair she writes down her phone number. most watched and then moved on. some took it upon themselves to call that number. well, most people got a recording. two lucky fans reached a real person who told them they won tickets to the big game. one of them happens to be a producer with yahoo!'s buzz 60. >> never would have occurred to me. >> if it wasn't a 555 number. not that i'm trying to call george clooney. >> let's check in with christina. >> good morning. also slated to quit her job during a super bowl ad. check that one out. i can't wait to see that. going to tell her boss, on super bowl sunday. 45 in oakland. 49 in san jose and 45 degrees in san martin. it's not me. temperature this is morning are chilly out there.
5:46 am
as we head throughout day we're going to climb by about 10 degrees so overall it's cold to start. you need your jacket and probably need it even to finish off the day with temps climbing into the mid-50s in san francisco, low 60s elsewhere. places like the east bay and the tri-valley region, only hitting the low 60s for today so. saturday we're going to stay dry. which is great news for outdoor plans. that's the day to make plans because as we head through sunday we've got changes headed our way. area of low pressure starts to skirt the coastline. i stopped the clock it a 8:00 a.m. on sunday. you can see showers betting close to the marin county coastline. this continues to take place as we head throughout the second half of sunday. 4:00 p.m. that's when we could get showers in the south bay. there's really quite a bit of disagreement in terms of our computer models. i can tell you i think this is going to produce maybe .1 inch to .25 inch of rain in the higher elevations of the coastal mountains. look at this, you stop the clock at 4:00 p.m. more snow on the
5:47 am
way to tahoe. then as the storm track stays to the south as we head throughout next week, we do have a very slight chance for precipitation, 10% or better all the way across the board. you want to check out how all the way across the board looks, your seven-day forecast is right there at the bottom of your screen. the good news is, mostly dry right now. let's find out how we're doing on the roadways. definitely seeing puddles and bonding out there in spots from yesterday's rain. here's mike inouye and your drive. >> yes, most of the freeway mostly dry. but watch, there will be a puddle or a pond or two. because of that rain yesterday. not a big deal at the bay bridge toll plaza. we sometimes see puddling. none this morning. a smooth drive and the approach, i wanted to show you that. before we got to the rest of your commute. the map, overall around the bay green, the yellow for the most part just about 58 or 59 miles per hour. not a concern. right here in the peninsula unusually slow for this portion because of a crash north 101 at
5:48 am
third. crews arrived, you still only have one lane open, the far left lane as you approach third avenue because of the flares that are out and the crews, as many as four vehicles involved. be prepared for that along the peninsula side. the south bay shows no problems, we have spots with slowing. the earlier slowing on 280 that has cleared. now westbound around grant line road a stall that may be in lanes. that will be an issue for altamont. smoother to the bay bridge. we'll give you also the travel speeds through the northbound in the green zone for these and a live look as we have, will is your company through san rafael. >> it's 5:48. toyota has stopped sales on six of its best selling models in the u.s. and canada because of a problem with the heated seats.
5:49 am
peggy bunker live with the latest. a lot of people drive those >> that's true. you listen to mike inouye there give that traffic report you wonder how many people out there commuting this morning are actually driving toyotas and the answer is a lot of them. many of those people have seat warmers on right now. toyota is saying that maintenance issue in terms of the seat component, the heating component and also the lining in the seats, is not up to u.s. standard. therefore they are issuing a stop sale on several different models of toyotas. today if you were in the market to buy an avalon, sienna, a camry, you won'tble able to until the stop salen these models is over. right now the safety administration says they are in contact with toyota. asking them to not issue a recall, they say they don't believe a recall is warranted owe they're this heating component issue. they think this is inconsequential to safety, no problems with anybody getting
5:50 am
burned or anything like that with these seat heaters. let's give you the specifics on what has been a recall right now. 2012-14 models camry, that is the nation's best selling car, also 2013 and 14 avalon, siennas and tacomas and the 2014 corolla and tundras. we're at a dealership in front of a sienna. this is one affected. they are saying until they get this issue repaired they are going to go ahead and hold off on all sales until they figure out what the going on. inwas discovered in korea, they do standard tests for u.s.-made cars, the toyota affected by this are only u.s.-made. the lining under the seat pad that sits on the heating component apparently is the issue. until that gets repaired, toyota issuing the stop sale on these models. if you're in the market to buy one, can't do it today. >> thanks for the update, peggy.
5:51 am
5:50 now. berkeley tam haul will be reopened. a student spilled a bottle of acid mixture. the sixth floor was evacuated and crews tried to clean up the spill. no word how many students were in the building at the time no. one was hurt. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office needs help identifying the man seen in these photos. deputies say the suspect stole more than 10,000 of copper wire from the santa teresa light rail station about 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning. >> time now 5:51. bay area companies about to get big time national commercials in the middle of the super bowl.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will step down at the end of the day, served at the head of the fed for eight years and president obama called him a voice of wisdom and a steady hand. janet yellen, the former head of the federal reserve bank of san francisco and a uc-berkeley professor will take the helm tomorrow. the first woman to lead the fed in its 100-year history. >> another san francisco tech company headed to the stock market, box filed papers this week. levy dropped out of school to create the company. the offering could be worth a half a billion dollars. under new laws companies can file in secret. it makes it harder for us to give you all of the details. oakland-based toy company will get 30 seconds of fame during the super bowl. goldieblox won that national
5:55 am
super bowl contest. as part of the grand prize the company intuit will cover it. goldieblox tries to inspire young girls to think outside the box with math and engineering. it beat out more than 20,000 small businesses from around the country. >> that will be good to see. 5:55. from the super bowl to baseball. spring training weeks away but for many giants fans the season starts tomorrow. >> then thens ever thousands expected to flood the field tomorrow for a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite players, nearly 30 players and coaches will be on hand including buster posey, sergio romo, tim lincecum, it will be the fans' first chance to meet tim hudson and michael mors. >> nice to neat players. say hello, interact. hear some of the things coming
5:56 am
on for the new season, who we signed. learn more what's going to happen. >> this has been wildly popular in the past. gates open at 10:00, it's free to the public. tomorrow will also be the first chance to buy single game tickets for the regular season. >> nice way to kick off the sport. >> good weather we think, right? fan fest? >> the sun will shine down on fan fest this year. scott and laura, and yeah, they had 20,000 people show up for that before. so count on a lot of company. and you do want to bring a sweater with you. it's going to be chilly. similar to what we expect today. starting out in the 40s, headed to the upper 50s to low 60s. we're counting on rain that scott was eleading to. i'm going to show you where and when we might get dumped on or nothing at all. it's a tricky system. i'm going to tell you all b. let's check your drive. here is mike inouye. >> an educated guess.
5:57 am
here this is the westbound direction of the bay bridge span. maybe really slowing significantly into and through that treasure island tunnel. bunching up a bit. that shows that way because of the illusion around the bend. we have reports after crash in that tunnel. blocking your far left lane. i'm warning folks that maybe the slower drive we might see metering lights early. >> sounds good. 5:57. special send-off for one of our bay area olympians. >> a special school district apologizing after dozens of students had their lunches thrown away by cafeteria workers. >> hours after an italian court found amanda knox guilty of killing her roommate, the family of the victim is speaking out. we'll hear from them next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, breakings news. flames rip through a south bay
6:00 am
home. we'll tell you why neighbors had to throw rocks to warn everyone inside. >> plus, new this morning, nabbed near the border. why amanda knox's ex-boyfriend was released from police custody overnight hours after murder charges were reinstated against the pair. >> and the patient now missing from a bay area hospital. we'll tell you how she was able to leave undetected. >> and you made to the friday. breathe in that beautiful air quality courtesy of the showers that rolled through yesterday. we're starting out in the 40s headed to the upper 50s to low 60s and we've got more rain on the way. your full forecast in moments. >> if you are expecting friday light, we might not have that now crossing the bay bridge from oakland to san francisco a crash mid span could cause a complication. >> a live look outside this morning, it is the lunar new year, friday, january 31, this is "today in the bay."


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