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tv   Today  NBC  February 28, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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northbound starting to jam up and still soupy. >> check back wisconsin at 7:25. we'll have a live update for you. tamron
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>> as the president and vice president take up the first lady on her call to get moving. and here comes oscar. preparations under way in hollywood with the 86th academy awards just two days away. the race to the top prize is open today, february 28th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. friday here. carson's in for matt this morning. i hope that all those stars in hollywood are waterproof. take a look at the dolby theatre right now where the oscars will be. it's all wrapped up in plastic. >> and if you're in charge of the oscars, you're thinking, we've had no rain in the state of california, and sure enough on the big night, is it going to rain? >> yeah, it will rain, but the big question is will it get out of here in time for the oscars? there's a good chance it may
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not. >> by the way, the rough weather out west is today's top story. the rain is, of course, needed in california, but not exactly like this, right, al? >> that's right. there hasn't been a 1-inch rainfall for a day in southern california in more than two years. now they're going to get more than a year's worth of rain in the next 24 hours. you can see it all now making its way in here. the storm impacts small stream, highway flooding, hazardous driving conditions, airport delays, a lot of winds. we are talking about the possibility of water spouts and tornadoes with this system. and look at the rainfall amounts we're talking about. generally anywhere from 2 to 3 inches, but in the foothills and the mountains, 4 to 8 inches of rain locally, some areas could pick up 10 inches of rain. glendora, california, has hard closure areas where the fires took place last year. in azusa, california, miguel almaguer is there, and those areas under mandatory evacuations, miguel.
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>> reporter: yeah, al, good morning. check this out. we have the hammering rain that is dropping buckets of water and sheets of water down this hill. the concern for police is behind the homes. 1 1000 homes have been evacuated. this mountain side was burned by the colby fire. the concern now is the mud my sheet down from the hills right into the homes below. there is a major concern. they evacuated more than 1,000 homes. it continues to rain and the danger level increases. police have asked everyone in the neighborhood to evacuate. i want to show you pictures taken earlier this morning. it was pounding rain in northern california as well. it is raining up and down the state. we have seen about a year's worth of rain here in southern california over this one storm. we have beaten all kinds of totals here.
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we are expecting that rain to continue today. they began sandbagging and prepping for the storm several days ago. people were out in force prepping the homes to get ready for the big storm. there is only so much they can do. back here in azusa. we have police and fire here all day. they will stay here for the next 24 to 48 hours. the longer it rains, the longer we have the heavy rain, the more dangerous the mountain side will come. folks are asked to evacuate early. their fear, again, mudslides. al, back to you in the studio in new york. >> all right. miguel almaguer, thank you so much. the other side of this system, the weather channel, we're calling it titan. look at this cold air. it feels like 2 degrees in new york city. buffalo, air temperature of 2 below, and this is the big problem. 21 degrees below zero in minneapolis with windchills, st. louis, it's 20.
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this cold air is entrenched. and as this system makes its way across the country, it is going to be causing major problems. as we get into saturday, denver, you're going to be looking at snow and ice and some major accumulations out of this system. then as it continues to the east by sunday, it's in the midwest. we are looking indianapolis. you're going to be looking at heavy snow accumulations coming up. in fact, you're going to see upwards of a foot or more of snow. winter storm watches are in effect. and then sunday night into monday, this system makes its way to the east. and so now the i-95 corridor is under the gun from washington, d.c., new york, on into boston, new york, we're going to be looking at, again, significant snow, cold weather continuing. here's what we're looking for as far as accumulations. saturday into monday, this is the european model. we're looking at generally about 9 to 12 inches. the american model gives a lot more precipitation, look at some
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of these snowfall totals. we're talking up to 2 feet of snow, western p.a., new york up to a foot and a half of snow before this thing is over. and, guys, it stretches all the way to boston. so, again, we're going to have to continue to watch this. but this could be a significant, significant snowstorm for a good portion. over 100 million people will be affected by this. >> isn't tomorrow the first official day of spring? >> not quite. no, the calendar, the winter season. >> meteorologically speaking, it ends. but the groundhog, we have to find him, we have to get him. >> we really do. >> punxsutawney phil. >> yeah. >> blame the groundhog, not you, al. >> natalie's got the other big stories of the morning. the tensions in ukraine getting worse all the time. that's right. and major developments overnight in ukraine where armed men took control of two airports in the crimea region and what the ukraine government described as invasion and occupation by russian forces.
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nbc's bill neely is in simferopol, ukraine with the latest. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ukraine's crisis is far from over and ukraine's president reign is far from over. viktor yanukovych is in russia and he blames the west for the troubles. he says he hasn't been ousted. he calls the new leaders of ukraine illegitimate. he is not calling for military intervention from russia. all of that sounds like a man in denial and all of that as pro-russia gunmen take over the main regional airport here in crimea. they are armed and determined and they're manning ukraine's new frontline. this is crimea's main airport
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and the men are here to stop revolutionaries arriving from the capital and doing in crimea, what they have done in kiev, overthrow pro-kremlin leaders. overhead a flight of military helicopters and a sense that more battle lines are being drawn here. on top of crimea's parliament, russia's flag is flying, put there by armed men who occupy the building and set up barricades. ringed today by police and surrounded by crowds waving russian flags. crimea's russian-speaking majority is making its view crystal clear here. there is no need for russia to stoke pro-moscow loyalty. this place is awash with it. just beyond crimea's borders, russia is continuing its huge military exercises. 150,000 troops involved. russian jets flying along its border with ukraine.
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the message to ukraine's new leaders is loud and clear. majority is flexing its muscles. flying russian flags and patriotic songs. they are taking control here. the tug-of-war in crimea, ukraine's southern most area continues. this sis a power struggle with the west. >> bill neely, thank you. president obama talked about the my brother's keeper program to help young men of color. the president opened up about his own experiences. >> i made bad choices. i got high. without always thinking about the harm it could do. i didn't always take school as
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seriously as i should have. i made excuses. sometimes i sold myself short. >> well, many of the young people there were part of chicago's becoming a man program the president met last year. they were on hand for the event. about 5,000 pages of previously unreleased documents involving former president bill clinton's administration will be released today. the documents are expected to include confidential communications between the former president and his advisers, also may include communications with former first lady hillary rodham clinton. the documents will be released online and through the former president's library in little rock, arkansas. he's already legendary in the world of sports, but lebron james just gained superhero status. lebron broke his nose in a game last week, but back thursday night wearing this. it's a solid black carbon fiber mask. looked a little bit like batman's mask. without the pointy ears.
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didn't seem to bother him much. went on to score 31 points in the win. >> i'm lebron man. >> well, if there is anyone out there who thinks that soccer is boring because there is not enough scoring, then this one is for you. take a look. harrison high school of georgia takes the opening kick, wastes no time and -- >> a field goal. >> yeah. 67 yards into the goal and it was 1-0 just four seconds into play. game didn't end that way, however, as their opponent walton high came back and ended up beating harrison, 3-2. still, though. >> incredible. >> oh, man. >> unbelievable. >> all right. nice shot. mr. roker, i love how the weather channel names the storms, titan. it sounds like it's going to kick your behind. >> it will be titanic. we've got a great crowd outside. it's 10 degrees out. and yet, look at this. we have a huge crowd. >> wow. >> that is amazing.
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>> love the support. >> that's right. and we've got a little surprise later on when we go outside with our newly inaugurated patio. >> space heaters? >> no, not quite. first, we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. ♪ ♪ ben! ♪ [ train whistle blows ] oh, that was close. you ain't lying. let quicken loans help you save your money with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze. >> 7:12 on a friday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a lot of localized flooding out there. you want to take it easy. hydroplaning is likely with areas of ponding even on your local freeway this is morning. a lot of that heavy moisture is starting to pull out of the bay
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area. we're going to see on and off showers throughout the day so keep that in mind. bring that umbrella with you. tonight showers will start to subside. you want to keep in mind now between 9:00 a.m. we have the heaviest rainfall on the way. by 3:00 p.m. showery with the wind will increase. her. >> all right, al. thank you. well, a verdict could come today at the drugged driving trial of kerry kennedy as deliberations enter a second day now. nbc's katy tur is at the courthouse in white plains, new york, this morning. katy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the jury of two women and four men deliberated for about 45 minutes yesterday before returning home without a verdict. they'll resume once again this morning. now, if she is convicted, she faces a fine, a year in jail, and a suspended license. 54-year-old kerry kennedy leaving court after closing arguments, pushing her mother ethel in a wheelchair. the kennedy matriarch supporting her daughter throughout her drugged driving trial this week. kennedy, the seventh of 11 children of robert f. kennedy,
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is charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence. she was arrested in july of 2012 when she allegedly sideswiped a tractor-trailer on a highway in westchester county, new york. kennedy has long maintained her innocence. >> i remember getting on the highway and then i have no memory until i was stopped at a traffic light and a police officer was at my car door. >> reporter: in closing arguments thursday, kennedy's defense argued common sense and the lack of evidence will tell you there's no proof she was aware she ingested the zolpidem, a generic form of ambien. kennedy testified that on the morning of the accident, she mistakenly took a sleeping pill instead of her thyroid medication on her way to the gym. dr. david benjamin, a clinical pharmacologist testified for the defense. >> she drove for a long time without having any problem at all and then it hit her like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: in her closing, prosecutor doreen lloyd insisted that kennedy must have felt
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drowsy or dizzy before the accident. when someone falls asleep, they get tired, they get drowsy. they rest their eyes and fall asleep. lloyd closed by referencing kennedy's own book "speak truth to power" telling the jury, you will speak truth to power and convict kerry kennedy of the crime she committed. kennedy is also the ex-wife of new york governor andrew cuomo. now, to convict her, the jury has to find that, yes, she was driving, yes, she was driving under the influence of a drug, and yes, she knew that she had taken that drug. savannah? >> and that's the last point in contention. katy at the courthouse this morning, thank you so much. meantime, this is the fourth year of michelle obama's let's move initiative and the first lady went on the road this week to promote it and major new proposals. jenna bush hager, you went along with her. >> i did. had great time with her this week and sat down with her and started off by asking her, has
7:16 am
let's move worked? >> really just changing the entire arc of their day and creating healthy environments for kids from morning until night. and i think with those small changes, we're starting to make some progress. >> the first lady of the united states and my best friend, mrs. michelle obama. >> it's been a whirlwind week. mrs. obama's been making big announcements in her own unique way. talking fitness and smart food choices with a bunch of little kids. >> i like to get relaxed, too. >> and one big one. >> also, is diet cola, is that a vegetable? >> grabbing the biggest headlines, a change that will affect us all. >> you also announced today, we're going to change the way food labels look. >> for the first time in two decades, the fda is going to improve those labels to make them easier for consumers to read and figure out, what's healthy, what isn't. >> how active were you in that process? and what impact do you hope to make?
7:17 am
>> well, our offices work closely with the fda. but it's really a team effort. it's going to make it easier. and ease of choices is really what let's move has been about. >> it's all part of her fight against childhood obesity in america. and the numbers are daunting. 1/3 of children and teens are obese or overweight. but this week, the first lady received good news. >> we learned this week a cbc report out that showed really significant declines in childhood obesity rates among 2 to 5-year-olds. huge drops. and we're just thrilled. >> in the last decade, there's been a 43% drop in obesity rates for toddlers. but that dramatic shift doesn't apply to all age groups. >> the numbers for older kids haven't fallen. you said in miami that, you know, big change doesn't happen overnight. >> that's right. >> what do we need to do to make that happen? >> i think we need to keep doing
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what we're doing. it's things like changing how much kids move, adding more fruits and vegetables into their diet, but we know that we are nowhere near solving this problem once and for all. >> for now, mrs. obama says she wants to do her best to get the word out. and it helps if the effort goes viral. just maybe, inspiring kids to get off their computers and get moving. >> what did your girls think about that jimmy fallon move? >> dance party! >> you know, fortunately, they weren't too horrified. i think they're used to me doing really silly things to get people engaged and laughing. and sometimes if you get up and dance and you're silly. maybe your kids get up and dance and they're silly and let their guard down and do that for 30 minutes and before you know it, you've exercised and nobody is the wiser. so i figure the first lady can laugh at herself and be silly,
7:19 am
maybe more moms and dads will do the same thing with their kids. >> and more of my interview with the first lady coming up. we'll talk more about let's move and get her thoughts on body image as part of our "love your selfie," series. plus, yes, words of wisdom on the mom dance and mom jeans. >> were you learning? taking notes? >> yes, maybe. let me just say, i can't dance like the first lady. >> no, you can't. i've seen you both dance. >> you're no michelle obama. >> the russian dance. >> and vodka. >> we'll see you in a little bit. meantime, tamron is here covering for carson in the orange room. good morning to you. >> yes, a continuation of jenna's conversation with the first lady. when she was on the "tonight show," she actually made the pledge that if everyone uploaded videos and pictures of themselves moving around that
7:20 am
perhaps she could have some influence and get the president and vice president to show us how they get moving. well, overnight, developing news, take a look. the v.p., of course, mr. biden said, you ready to move? potus reply let's do this thing. #letsmove. and let's see what they did. >> let's do this thing. let's move. ♪ >> okay. so the dogs don't look impressed, but nevertheless, this is what happens when you have a person in the white house that has influence over the president, the first lady's promise. and there you have it. in their dress shirts, in their dress shoes and their slacks moving. and you know what, we took a look at other people moving. who is this, guys? >> that's you. >> take a look. >> you? >> no, that's the first lady!
7:21 am
michelle obama in ballet class. she put this up with the #letsmove. and mr. roker #letsmove, i walk more and ride my bike to work. four years after @michelleobama got us moving. and i was inspired by al. i bought a similar bike and that's what i do, as well, to keep it moving. >> like it. >> let's move. >> i think she actually stole my bike. i can't find it. >> i did. >> i love they're running in suits. what about lycra? >> biden looked a little winded. >> yeah, lagging behind. they could have loosened the tie. >> maybe he'll do a little more running in 2016. >> oh. >> look at you, al. all right. we move on, and the trial for oscar pistorius gets set to begin. we will hear from the prosecution and reveal the defense's strategy in the case. we will get you ready for
7:22 am
sunday's big academy awards and the biggest categories are too close to call.
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coming up on "trending," why this statue is meant to honor one of the most influential men is raising eyebrows all over the world. and a rossen report. if you've ever been drawn in by the dramatic before and afters, in the weight loss ads, wait until you see where they come from after your local news. what 8 grams of protein looks like when you're getting the most out of yourself and out of life. start your day with the power of protein. milk life. for what reality teaches you firsthand.
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going... and getting. one bite at a time. try new chewy sweet & salty. a crave-able combo you gotta eat to believe. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have an nbc microclimate weather alert as we give you a live look in san jose and palo alto this morning. the rain had been coming down quite heavily throughout the morning. let's check in with christina with a look at the forecast. >> here's something you don't hear about often, a flash flood warning in the bay area. it's one of the areas where a lot of people have to travel through to get to work along the peninsula. where we're in green between redwood city and san jose. this is slated to expire in a couple minutes but what's happening we're getting all of this runoff off of the mountains impacting the morning drive. we stop the radar.
7:27 am
the rain from san francisco all the way down the peninsula. we're getting a little break now in san jose. we picked up some of the heaviest accumulations. what made its way through the bay area while you were sleeping. now on the roads travel cautiously. showers will subside a touch throughout the first part of the day. by late morning we're talking about 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts added to the saturated ground. that's a dangerous combination. breezy with pop-up thunderstorms later on this afternoon, then mainly dry for the evening commute. we'll get another round ever rain overnight into tomorrow morning. should be drying out by saturday afternoon. expect a rough drive, mike inouye has been busy this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're looking to palo alto where southbound side with the headlights, on even though the sun light's there because the wipers are on steady. that is the law. you must have both if you have the wipers on. the map will show you the green shows you wet conditions all
7:28 am
around. patches with flooding reported all around the bay as well. northbound 87 all lanes reopened past taylor. slow in the northbound route throughout san jose because of that slow condition. looking 880 as you travel through soupy conditions. our live look there shows you the taillights. low clouds and fog through the area because of all of this moisture in the air. it's continuing to be slick. watch the off ramps where the metering lights are on. >> take it easy out there. another local update coming up in a half hour.
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♪ 7:30 now on this friday the 28th and last day of february, 2014. good-bye, february. the sun comes up in new orleans. a pretty sunrise to get you started. and boy, it's about 38 degrees in new orleans this morning. >> it's chilly all throughout the south. >> it's really chilly on our plaza. >> yeah. they're so happy, they're just trying to stay warm. it's 10 degrees on our plaza, but with the wind it feels colder. >> windchill about zero right now. >> and here is what's making headlines. the second of two powerful back-to-back storms slamming california today. triggering fears of mudslides and flooding. several neighborhoods near los angeles have been evacuated as a precaution in the stretch of the pacific coast highway is closed.
7:31 am
also, deliberations underway at kerry kennedy's drugged driving trial. jurors met for 45 minutes on thursday before breaking for the day without reaching a decision. and looking for work? well, apparently they're hiring in the pilot field. according to a new government survey, the airline industry needs to hire up to 4,500 new pilots annually for the next decade as thousands of pilots are approaching the mandatory retirement age of 65. >> wow, that's something. okay. coming up, the oscar goes to. well, we know it's not us, but at this point, it's anybody's guess. even the experts are kind of stumped this year. we'll head out to hollywood and get a preview. let's begin with the trial of south african track star oscar pistorius accused of killing his model girl. and the trial is set to get underway next week. keith morrison has the latest. >> reporter: the question is, what was in his head?
7:32 am
what was the intent behind a single act that took oscar pistorius from his heroic sprint to a courtroom? what will not be in dispute in the courtroom is what oscar did. he fired four shots through the bathroom door, seen here in leaked crime scene photos killing his girlfriend, the beautiful and brilliant ree reeva steenkamp. so, on monday at the televised trial -- >> what everybody will be watching for is whether or not you can prove he intended to kill her. and you sound you're pretty confident that the prosecution has enough to be able to prove that. >> we would not have charged him if we didn't believe so. >> the attorney told us exclusively, what will the neighbors say? >> and we heard gun shots, scream, gun shots, scream. it's going to be pretty much hard for you to argue that you still didn't know the person screaming was your girlfriend. >> telling will be testimony about what was on her cell phone, what she was wearing, the angle of the bullets through the bathroom door and who oscar called and didn't call for help
7:33 am
after the shooting. this former south african soccer star will testify oscar was an angry man and extremely jealous. >> oscar walked up to him and started swearing and going off on him. >> reporter: but his manager says he was a humble man loved by his fans. >> the support has been overwhelming from all across the world. >> and oscar's defense will focus on his intense fear of crime. his special vulnerability that put him on high alert and resulted, he'll say, in a tragic mistake, an accident. come monday, the nation and much of the world will be watching the trial that determines the fate of the blade runner. for "today," keith morrison, nbc news. >> and you can see more of keith's report tonight on "dateline," 8:00/7:00, and we'll have live reports as the trial gets underway monday morning on "today." let's take a turn now to the weather. al's busy this morning. >> that's right. another look at what's going on right now in california. because this is really a
7:34 am
dangerous situation. we have high wind warnings. we've got winter weather advisories back in the mountains, but also flash flood watches into central and southern california. look at the rainfall coming on in here. especially between san and san luis obisipo, rainfall rates of about an inch an hour. that's going to shift down to southern california, highway flooding, gusty winds, small hail possible, isolated tornadoes and water spouts are going to be a problem, as well. and we haven't seen more than an inch of rainfall in 24-hour period in more than two years. over the next 48 hours, the foothills and mountains, 4 to 8 inches of rain locally talking up to 10 inches of rain. so mudslides will be a big problem. they've closed off parts of the ventura highway. there are mandatory evacuations going on now to the east of los angeles. this is a very volatile
7:35 am
7:34 now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. thanks for waking up with us. we have a flash flood warning for parts of the peninsula that has expired. we have heavy rainfall impacting san francisco south all the way to daly city. take it easy. we're getting hit hard along the east shore into the tri-valley though we're getting a little break at least for the next couple hours. right here in san jose. we continue throughout the morning hours the wind is going to pick up. and then we have a chance for thunderstorms later on. keep that umbrella with you. thanks. the weather will not be keeping the stars from shining in hollywood this weekend. the 86th academy awards are sunday night. and nbc's joe fryer in l.a. with a preview. good morning. >> good morning, carson. from the red carpet, which on sunday will be filled with stars answering that iconic question, who are you wearing? but really this year the biggest question left to be answered
7:36 am
centered around oscar's top prize. >> i will not fall into despair! >> reporter: it's a rarity this late in the oscar race. a three-way battle, the heart wrenching "12 years a slave" against the heart-pounding "gravity," with "american hustle" still in the running. a race so unpredictable, the experts who make predictions -- >> it really does feel like a political campaign. >> guys like dave carger are doing a lot of running, too. in a single day, carger's day jumped from a webcast to a twitter chat to an oscar panel for "vanity fair." >> we're not going to know the winner until right when they open that envelope. >> in the acting categories, there are some clear favorites. >> forced to take a job selling shoes on madison avenue.
7:37 am
>> cate blanchett for lead actress and jared leto for supporting actor. but supporting actress remains anyone's guess with momentum shifting back and forth with newcomer lupita n'yongo and jennifer lawrence. and let's not forget, the leading man. >> some people are saying this is the number one best actor lineup in years or ever. >> welcome to the dallas buyers club. >> matthew mcconaughey is the front runner but being chased by four strong guys including leonardo dicaprio, a five-time nominee who has never won the oscar race. >> one more thing that is unpredictable about the oscars. that is the weather. you can see right now it's raining just outside here. everything is covered in plastic, we have a tarp over us keeping us dry.
7:38 am
fingers are crossed that the rain won't be sticking around until sunday. back to you guys in new york. >> joe fryer, thank you very much. coming up on "trending," we'll reveal our oscar picks. and "today" is the place to be on monday for highlights. >> all right. >> might be a bad hair day with the weather. >> yeah. >> lots of debate here about our picks. coming up next, photo fake out. we'll reveal the sometimes startling truth about some of the most dramatic before and after photos used to sell weight loss products. the story right after this. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪
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back now on a friday morning. this morning on rossen reports, those catchy weight loss ads. they can draw you in with the dramatic before and after photos. but "today" investigative correspondent jeff rossen is revealing the surprising truth behind some of these ads. jeff, good morning. >> hey, savannah, good morning. perfect time for this as we're focusing on body image all week here on "today." if you're anything like me and i'm guessing you are, you're always looking to trim down. so i started looking into those diet ads we see everywhere. they make it look so easy with products that will get you fit quick. the real selling point, those amazing before and after photos of real customers. just how real are they? we're taking you behind the camera to expose the tricks of the trade.
7:43 am
the ads sure grab you. buy our product and you, too, can go from this to this fast. take this ad for a weight loss tee with glowing testimonials from customers like brooke. it says she lost 68 pounds. just look at her photos. >> and it has this quote coming from you, it's the only one i would have used, i'm extremely happy with the results, looks like i'll be drinking tea now. >> completely false. >> have you ever had this tea? >> no, i didn't even drink the tea. i don't know what the tea is. >> that's brooke, a california mother of two. she really did lose the weight, but not from any product. instead, from a year of hard dieting and exercise. proud of herself, she posted these before and after spphotosn her personal blog. >> they took my image from my blog and pulled it to promote their product. i was shocked. that's how i felt initially, very shocked.
7:44 am
>> in fact, our investigation found while many use legit photos, the industry is full of tricks. take this woman. her shrinking figure has appeared in many ads. this one called her jenny conrad. here she's nicole stevenson. in another kathy thomas. she's really a plus-size model from germany whose image is for sale on stock photo sites like this. those after picks? photo shopped to make her look thinner. >> easy to fake those photos. >> just ask personal trainer andrew dixon. >> how long did it take you to go from this to this? >> about five minutes. >> reporter: he's about to show us the art of going from fat to fit in a flash. >> if i can do it, anyone can do it. >> first, the before shot. >> i just let my gut hang out. >> there's the before. now comes the transformation, a
7:45 am
quick shave of his face and chest. giving some definition. >> reporter: some slicked back hair. >> looks like a different day few months from now. >> reporter: change into slimmer shorts and flattering overheadlighting. >> which brings shadows below my pecks and pops the muscles out more. >> reporter: and the aftershot. look at the difference. same body photographed just five minutes apart. >> reporter: that's incredible. you look like a different person. >> exactly. in the fitness magazines and advertisements. >> reporter: as for brooke, the tea company says her accusations are false that she consented and was paid for her photos. brooke says, that was only after she complained. >> there you are. and, look, we found her photos in other diet ads still online today for products she says she never used. >> have you called these
7:46 am
companies and say, take that down now? >> yes, i have tried to contact them and cannot get a response. >> reporter: what is your message to women who are seeing this today and being duped? >> don't buy it. if you see my image, it's false advertising. >> the federal trade commission says weight loss products are the number one most reported fraud in america. we've reached out to the companies still using brooke's photos but never heard back. bottom line here, when you see any of those ads promising fast and easy weight loss, experts say don't be so sure. no matter what the photos look like, guys. >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. anybody shocked by that? not really. they have gotten better over the years. i swear they would be two different people. >> yeah. >> anyway. coming up on "trending," afraid of catching germs from your doctor? well, why it's not their hands you need them to wash. and tamron's in the orange room ready to put your oscar knowledge to the test right after this.
7:47 am
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with limited availability in select markets. ♪ we're back now at 7:51. tamron's got the oscars on her mind over in the orange room. good morning. >> absolutely. good morning, again, guys. up for some trivia? >> yeah. bring it on. >> so, in honor of the oscars on sunday, we thought we'd put you guys to the test. we ask our viewers on our facebook page, as well, to submit questions. here we go. steve sent this one. what was the first animated movie to be nominated for best picture? >> "toy story." no "beauty and the beast." >> you are right, mr. roker. you're good. there, that's the answer. moving on to janet. who was the youngest oscar winner? i knew this one. >> tatum o'neal. >> you're right again. how cute was she?
7:52 am
that is adorable. okay. here we go. and caitlin says, today show, who is the only actor to win an oscar for steven spielberg movie. >> daniel day lewis. >> boom. >> keep them coming. go to our facebook page. see #todayshow, we'll put al to the test. >> he's just getting warmed up. >> he finally got google up. >> i count on al. >> i'll find some more and test you guys on the plaza to warm it up because it's freezing out there. >> here's one for the first african-american to win an oscar. >> hattie mcdaniels for "gone with the wind" 1939. >> all right. thank you, tamron, thank you, al, for joining in on that. up next on "trending," recognize that face? why this statue of a great american is being blasted by critics.
7:53 am
plus, more of jenna's ae r on body image, her daughter and style. and he's known for his overindulgence of cologne in the new movie, but how well does he know the scent? >> well, one of us will be wearing it. we'll put his nose to the test. and we're going to put it in a very special place. right after the ♪ make a change for a better day ♪ [ female announcer ] this nation of go-getters seems to be in the middle of a human energy crisis. ♪ take a chance... [ male announcer ] power up with the good energy of quaker real medleys. ♪ sweet fruit, crunchy nuts and multigrains. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going...and getting. real fruit, real nuts, real medleys. try our apple nut harvest bars. quaker up. play in it. work in it. go wild in it. do everything but wrinkle in it.
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good morning everyone. 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. we have an nbc microclimate weather alert. a look at san jose and palo alto and immediately let's check in with anthony. >> good morning. we saw heavy rain over the course of the morning hours, a lot of that activity starting to die down. in a lull but we're not done. you can see heavy rain continues to fall, just east of morgan hill down to watsonville, monterey coast getting hammered. mostly for us it's in the east bay up toward north of hayward near concord, walnut creek and especially toward the north bay. a lot of the heavy stuff has pushed out of the region, everyone across the coastline things are clearing there. again, the heavy rain now focused mostly across the al altamont pass and coming through concord. we'll track this all morning. let's toss it over to mike. >> thank goodness the rain is starting to ease off a tad for
7:57 am
the time being because caltrain gave me a report saying the southbound train 208 broke down south of redwood city so the passengers had to get off. so they are out of the train. that would be an element issue but not so much, waiting for them to single track through the area. we'll look at the san mateo bridge to the peninsula westbound is your commute direction. this look we see the water kicking up behind the cars but we see some of the skies and the peninsula a better view. a slow drive both directions for 230 after earlier crashes on the stretch and slow west to 580. the green painted all over means slick roads so keep that in mind. a stall has cleared but it's slow from capitol expressway. 87 shows a slowdown. that's what you see. under the taylor street bridge all lanes are open at speed t southbound side you still are blocked with two lanes. again they blocked two lanes because of flooding. >> we'll have more local news in a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, wild weather from coast to coast. the powerful storm hitting california right now, closing roads and forcing evacuations, and for the rest of us, same old song, brutal cold blanketing much of the midwest and northeast. al's got the latest. leading the charge. >> we can get them back on track. i know we can. >> first lady michelle obama with jenna bush hager in an exclusive interview. why she's focused on getting kids moving and how she really feels when people focus more on her outfit than her message. and a british invasion here in studio 1a. live "today," friday, february
8:01 am
28th, 2014. ♪ >> good morning, texas! >> good morning, tennessee! >> idaho today! >> trying to stay warm! >> 40 and fabulous! >> she's 70 in the city! >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today" on a chilly friday morning, our crowd is very boisterous and energetic and brave to be out here in this weather. >> well, honoring "love your selfie," they're holding up the signs. >> that's outstanding. >> and interestingly enough, we've got like 200 athletic trainer students lining the plaza. >> we should get them to leave
8:02 am
like a class to keep us all warm. >> should we go down the line and say our weights. >> yeah, i don't care. >> 126. >> well, i always do a range. >> a range? >> i would say it's like -- >> what's your weight? >> like 139 to 145. but i'm 7 feet tall. >> 210. >> 187. >> nice. >> we also should thank our friends at the "tonight show" for providing the hats. jimmy continues to do a great job over there. >> "late night with seth meyers," they need to come up with some. >> hand warmers. >> i like how you are wearing your hat jauntily. >> really quick. selfishly, over here! this is my first week, giving me a lot of love. >> welcome. good to have you guys here. we've got a lot to get to, starting with the check of top stories with natalie.
8:03 am
good morning, once again. homes are being evacuatioed in southern california where a powerful storm threatens to unleash flooding and mud slides. miguel almaguer is in azuza, california, with the latest. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rain continues to hammer across california. we have seen steady rain, and it is getting heavier as the day progresses on. this mountainside burned in the colby fire. the police are investigating it. a thousand homes have been evacuated. the concern is going to be with the heavier rain, the longer and longer we see it, the more saturated that hillside will become. the more it may begin to dip. we have been hammered with rain
8:04 am
up and down the state. a dangerous situation. natal natalie. >> thank you. >> a victory for kerry kennedy. good morning, natalie. between today and yesterday, the jury of two women and four men deliberated for an hour. they came back, not guilty for the charge of driving while ability impaired or drunk driving. outside of the courthouse, kerry kennedy said she was thankful for the jury and her family and thankful for her lawyer. her lawyer not so thankful. angry the case came to trial since the prosecution conceded that she did take the ambien by mistake. no one evaded she accidentally took the sleeping pill. it was whether she should have pulled over once she started feeling the effects.
8:05 am
the jury did not agree and her lawyers say she was only brought to trial because of her name. natalie? >> thank you. the fugitive president of ukraine surfaced today for the first time since he was overthrown last week. speaking from russia, yanukovych denied he ordered the massacre of protesters before he was forced from power. he said he would not ask for military support. tension has increased in ukraine's creregion where gunme ceased control of the airport. the main event at this week's cigar festival in cuba was a big ash-smoking contest. hundreds of cigar lovers puffed away carefully to see who could create the longest, unbroken column of ash. one woman smoked it down to a 1/2 inch stub only to have it as you see there fall there on her face. i don't know what the prize is. 8:05 right now. let's go back outside to savannah, carson and al. >> thank you. i have to say, i gave my hat away. >> you did? >> because somebody wanted it. but my head is cold now. >> oh. >> thank you. live on the air. >> exactly.
8:06 am
mr. roker? >> well, we've got a lot of folks who are cold here. but boy, oh, boy, we are watching that weather. making its way from west to east. show you what we have right now. again, heavy rain, miguel almaguer was showing you that rain in los angeles. the heaviest stuff, l.a.x., you can bet there are going to be airport delays today up and down the west coast. heavy rain some areas picking up 10 inches of rain in the foothills. we're going to be watching that, as well. and then we've got this storm, making its way across the country, and as it does, we are going to be looking at winter storm titan as it's been called on the weather channel pushing its way across. we are going to see that activity. los angeles, makes its way to denver on into indianapolis and then eventually it will continue into the northeast. snowfall amounts generally going to be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow. but in the northeast, we could be looking at up to a foot and a half of snow between boston and
8:07 am
philadelphia. so we're going to continue to track that. that's what's going on aro good morning, 8:07 the time right now. a few thunderstorms outside. the winds are really going to start to gust as we head through the morning hours. we still have a few lingering showers. in the north bay. as we head through the evening hours, more storms roll in, of course we'll be tracking it here. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you. coming up next on "trending," if you want to know, ask the experts. we don't have any experts, so we'll reveal our oscar picks. plus, michelle obama joins the "love your selfie" discussion. she'll open up about being a role model and teaches jenna bush hager how to dance.
8:08 am
>> why does that make me laugh? and we've got two very talented actors. british invasion. but first, these messages. what 8 grams of protein looks like when you're getting the most out of yourself and out of life. start your day with the power of protein. milk life. ... .... peris test pa
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8:11 am
and we're back at 8:11 with "what's trending today." next time you're at the doctors office, might want to ask an important question. when was the last time you cleaned your stethoscope? we see them all the time, but apparently they're really germy.
8:12 am
doctors put them against chests, just like that. well, anyways, apparently they're just as germy as unwashed hands. some were found to contain a potentially deadly super bug. >> they should create a little booty that goes on the outside of it like a thermometer. >> yeah. exactly. >> i'm going to invent that. don't steal that. >> side note, what never gets cleaned is the remote control in the hotel room. wipe that thing down. >> we've been showing you an unusual looking and bizarre statue meant to honor a legendary figure. can you tell who that is? >> you can tell. >> closer. >> it's supposed to be steve jobs. >> oh. >> the statue was one of 10,000 entries in an international art contest. if apple gives the final thumbs up, that's what's going to be in its full version outside the
8:13 am
headquarters in california. >> the apple insider says it likes the unusual design. for someone who had a great eye for excellent, pleasing design, this is uh -- no. others say it's just creepy. some say it would be good as a coat hanger and, yeah. >> interesting. well, we've been talking about the oscars, everybody knows that sunday "daily news" compiling a list of the celebs who almost starred in some of the biggest films. can you imagine robert downy jr. instead of george clooney in "gravity"? sandra bullock almost lost her role to angelina jolie. and brad pitt, not matthew mcconaughey was the original choice. >> he was actually originally have to have sandra bullock's role in "gravity." in fact, in the movie that jared later -- dallas buyers club," he plays a transsexual that ryan
8:14 am
gosling was chosen for. we've been debating who we think will go home with the golden statue. we even asked you at and now we're ready to share the results. we have close calls. first up, best actress, my pick, sandra bullock. >> i'm cate blanchett and blue jasmine. >> judi dench. >> sandra bullock. best actor, my pick from "12 years." >> i'm going with matthew mcconaughey from "dallas buyers club." >> i think he's got it, too. but there's a theory out there that the academy owes leo. and if he had a year, it's going to be this year. i'm going with leo. >> matthew mcconaughey, as well. >> he was amazing in the film. that's the toughest category. and finally, the big prize, best picture, my pick, "12 years of
8:15 am
slave." >> i'm going with "gravity." >> i vote "12 years of slave." >> i went with "12 years of slave." >> and the viewers also went with "12 years a slave." >> monday we'll have the results. >> we are saying what we think we'll win, not what we'll want to win. >> they asked what we think and what we want. and i think they compiled that list to kind of see -- >> we all say the exact same thing, it's not that interesting. >> but also, they'll be reflected of what the people who vote for the awards. >> very hard. tough choices. by the way, we're going to have a big oscars after party on monday morning. al and kathie lee will be up all night in los angeles. >> we're not going to the oscars or anything, we're just going to be up all night. >> all-nighter. all that, fashions and much more on monday morning. that's what's trending today. meantime, time for our final morning of "love your selfie." jenna is back with more of her
8:16 am
interview with michelle obama. >> good morning, guys. that's right. when it comes to truly loving your body, it helps to live a healthy life. the first lady has been a fighter in the battle against childhood obesity. and this week, i joined her on a campaign trail for her "let's move" campaign. this week, i've been with the first lady from miami to maryland. as she gave me a rare opportunity to join her in the air and on the road. >> hello. now we're in the motorcade headed to the airport. >> reporter: to celebrate the fourth anniversary of her let's move campaign. promoting health in ore nation's schools. children's wellness has always been her main focus as first
8:17 am
lady.3 c3 tampoco de la apariencia física, >> you're raising two teenage girls in the spotlight. i speak from experience, it's not -- >> you know a little bit about that. >> not always that easy. how do you talk to them about eating healthy but also give them confidence about their body image? >> i mean, i -- we don't talk about weight, physical appearance. we talk about health.
8:18 am
we talk about what's on the inside. so we keep our messages really simple and practical. this campaign isn't about how kids look. it's about how kids feel. >> you practice what you preach. >> i try. >> you do. i saw you doing yoga. what do you do to keep your family healthy? >> you know, i try to model the behavior that we talk about all the time. i want my girls to grow up to be strong, healthy young women who aren't afraid to exercise. and they see it as fun. >> growing up, did your mom talk to you about eating healthy and body image or something you've learned as an adult? >> when we were growing up, it wasn't an issue because our natural existence was fairly healthy. you know, rarely did you go out to eat in fast food restaurants. we always had dinner at home. my mom always cooked dinner, we always had a vegetable. that's one of the reasons i've been passionate about "let's move," we know how to do this but we've lost our way as a society and as parents. and if we give parents the information, we can get them back on track, i know we can. >> in miami, we've seen them here, parents that want to protect their kids. and i know that now. and i'm sure you feel -- do you feel that way about your girls that you want to protect them? >> oh, gosh. that's all i think about, you know, is whether my kids are happy and safe and growing up and whether they're learning values. you know this. now that you have a child. that's all you ever think about.
8:19 am
>> parents deserve to have the information they need to make healthy choices for their kids. >> reporter: while substance is more her style, sometimes bangs and biceps went out. >> does that bother you about our culture that sometimes the line between substance and style is blurred? >> it's always there. i'm not the first one to go through it. your mom, you know, it was the same thing for her. i still know what dresses she wore at state dinners. my philosophy has been, okay, if you're looking at me for whatever reason, let me make sure i'm standing in front of something really important so that while you're seeing my shoes, you may also see these kids jumping around in this preschool. so as long as the outcome is substantive, i'm okay with the means to the end. >> it's a message she delivers with dance moves, like teaming up with jimmy fallon for some mom dancing. something i could use a lesson in. >> well, since i'm a new mom and haven't yet mastered the mom dance, do you want to show me? >> you want to stay low. just sort of move your shoulders. you can move your shoulders, don't want to go too far, you know.
8:20 am
because if you get out of the pocket, makes things -- >> things get crazy. >> you want to stay close. >> stay in the mom dance. >> stay in the mom dance. >> in the mom zone. you don't wear the mom jeans when you do the mom dance. >> i'm not a mom jeans kind of mom. >> you are not. >> you can do the mom dancing without the mom jeans. let's just be clear for moms out there. you don't have to have -- don't have to go there anymore. >> did you hear that? >> i learned how to mom -- >> what are you doing? >> what is that? >> it's mom fit dance. >> yeah, we didn't want to get up and ruin our look, but you know, she's also filmed a cameo on "parks and recreation." we had a great day in miami. she was with amy poehler, it was quite hilarious. >> how about being back at the white house? >> it was fun. although, i went to the wrong gate. and i blame that on my producer. >> you didn't know your gate? >> and the secret service there were like, you don't know where
8:21 am
to go? >> although, in fairness, you kind of never went through the gates we go through. >> i said to them, you think i go through the press gates? i was hiding from people like you. this is me with the press pass thinking, is this for real? and -- i had my little suitcase. my little suitcase. kind of looked like, hi, y'all got a room for me? i'm going to move back in. i used to live here. this is my friend karen. got a room? it was a lot of fun. it was terrific. >> great there. savannah? >> carson, thank you so much. two-time oscar nominee ray fennes always picks great movies. he stars as an old world concierge. >> who are you? >> i'm the new lobby boy. >> zero you say? >> yes, sir. >> who hired you? >> mr. moeser, sir. >> mr. moser? >> yes. >> am i to understand you hired this young man in the position
8:22 am
of a lobby boy? >> he's been engaged for a trial period pending your ail approval, of course. >> perhaps, yes. thank you. >> your most welcome. >> you're now going to be officially interviewed. >> ray fiennes, good morning. the word that kept popping into my mind was quirky. i mean, it's so odd and interesting and adventurous. it's kind of indescribable. how would you describe it? >> i think for people who know wes anderson's films will be anticipating the quirky starlet you're talking about. wes has an amazing sense of humor. it's an off sense of humor. very clever, very perceptive about people and has a very particular style, which is in the framing, it's in the -- where the camera moves and the performances. >> i read an interview that said he wrote this part of the
8:23 am
concierge with one person in mind, you. >> yeah. >> that's a big compliment. >> and a responsibility because once he told me that, well, i hope i don't disappoint. maybe thinking the line's going to be delivered like this or like that. but he was a great director. very, very helpful and has a musical ear about how the dialogue should be delivered. >> on the other hand i was thinking, well, this character is uptight, he romances rich old ladies at the hotel. why was he thinking for you for that? >> i don't know. >> the irish independence said your performance is basically a master class in comic acting, which is another great compliment. but, i mean, we don't necessarily always think of you as a comic actor. was that intimidating to try >> it was intimidating. i could see it was a great role on the page and i needed wes' guidance. he has a great ear. we did many, many takes and i
8:24 am
got a chance to try different things. and he was -- i always got the sense he could hear when it was landing, sort of the timing felt right. >> apparently you shot in germany in a teeny, tiny town. there are so many amazing co-stars in this movie. and it's actually one of the delights. every other scene you've got -- did you have any fun in germany? did you have to hang out together? >> one of the thing wes likes to do is keep all the actors staying under the same roof. people know each other, they know each other from working with wes before, and i knew edward norton. and till de tilda swinton. >> and a scene stealer, not with you, necessarily. but a young actor, his first big role. >> yeah, he's fantastic. >> one of the things i love about this movie, your character. shall i say he overcolognes? >> he likes to wear a cologne. >> and he created this, right? >> i think he created it
8:25 am
recently. and i wore another scent which -- the scent that's recently being created, i believe i'm wearing now. >> oh, you are? >> yeah. >> well, how interesting, i wanted to do a little experiment. it's not going to be -- it doesn't involve me smelling you, you'll be happy to know. but my co-anchors here, we're all wearing a different perfume. you need to guess who is wearing it. >> okay. >> this is the oddest thing we've ever done. >> oh, no. up here. this gentleman's wearing -- >> oh! >> a discerning nose. >> the nose knows. >> look at what i'm wearing. what did you say? >> no. >> it's horrible. >> the grand budapest hotel
8:26 am
opens next friday. great to have you here. >> thank you so much. coming up, more acting talent. first, your local news. ♪ a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have a weather alert. look at the clouds hanging on. anthony slaughter will have a look at the forecast in a few minutes. first i want to check that morning commute. how is it looking now? >> soupy and sloppy. traction is an issue, it is tough to brake. in oakland you have to ease on the brakes because of the traffic. the camera shaking from time to time as well. watch as you're crossing the bay on those bridges. slick conditions in spots like this. as we look at the maps it's not so bad. lighter volume, slow krooif that's okay so far.
8:27 am
both directions for 238 have been tied up all morning as things ease through the area east and westbound coming into and out of the area. a slower drive as well north 101 that just drags from san mateo and now you're crawling past the interchange at 280, the green shows you where there is wet roadway conditions. a couple lanes blocked but the n northbound side is all clear.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this friday morning. it's the 28th and final day of february, 2014. we have a great and brave crowd in the elements out here on rockefeller plaza. >> warming up. >> it is. yeah. hooray, it's 12 degrees. coming up, we're going to talk to the star of nbc's hit show "hannibal" to get ready for
8:31 am
tonight the season 2 premiere of "hannibal." plus, on this final morning of "love your selfie" series. some of our body image heroes a chance to hit the cat walk with confidence, inspiration to leave you for the weekend. welcome one of the original models in dove's campaign for real beauty shot back in 2004. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> how did you get picked for the campaign? >> i was walking down the street when a woman asked me to audition. i was later chosen and honored to be called one of the original dove girls. >> i changed your life, right? >> completely changed my life. that's safe to say. i travel the country speaking to women motivationally about body image and self-esteem and widening that definition of what beauty is. it's been an amazing ten-year experience. >> still a lot of work to do in
8:32 am
that area. >> we sure do. in 2004 when this launched, we opened a huge conversation to really find that need for that definition. we're committed to getting there. and we want this to be a great source of confidence for women. >> great to have you here. celebrating the tenth anniversary of a great campaign. and we're going to be working with dove in the next few months and try to keep this going about body image. including their latest social experiments. one features moms and daughters and mirrors to boost self-esteem. >> all right. thank you, stacy, good to see you. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> before we do, we've revealed our newer look. and we asked a lot of you go to our website. some of the first to rsvp, come on down. cindy gonzalez and her sister wendy are from california. and it's your birthday. >> it is, yes. >> and you told us that -- you told us that on our website.
8:33 am
are you feeling pretty good about your happy birthday? >> yeah. >> take a look. happy birthday. >> oh, my gosh! >> there you go, getting the v.i.p. treatment there. >> oh, my gosh. thank you so much. >> having a good birthday? >> i am. >> is your sister here with you? >> she is. >> well, happy birthday. you guys all are celebrating cindy's birthday. and you're best friends. fantastic. so remember, if you're planning to come down to our plaza, visit, visit to rsvp to rsvp. happy birthday, cindy. >> thank you. >> let's show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. for saturday, wet weather in the southwest, icy conditions for the central part of the country. sunday, sunday! and a risk of strong storms down through the lower mississippi
8:34 am
river valley, snow making its way across the midwest, heading toward the northeast, and another storm comes onshore in the pacific northwest. that's wha good morning, 8:34 the time. you see towards highway 5 and santa cruz. a lot of the stuff is falling apart. skies clearing just a little bit through the rest of the morning hours, but still gusty along the santa cruz mountains. elsewhere the winds will gust at the coast through the morning hours and another batch of storms going to push through this afternoon. we'll track it. keep it here. and don't forget, get that weather any time you need it. it's very important this weekend with the winter storm titan coming, go to the weather channel on cable, online. carson? >> all right, thank you, al. happy birthday to you, cindy. good to have you here today. there she is. meantime, season two of
8:35 am
"hannibal" begins tonight, hugh dancy plays will gram. he was locked away at the end of season one, framed for murders committed by hannibal lector. he must first prove he's sane. >> investigated your claim about dr. lector thoroughly. we went over every fiber, we took his dna, fingerprints, we found nothing. >> you let the fox into the hen house. >> you stood over the body in that field and described yourself. >> no, i described hannibal lector. >> this is one of my favorite shows. hugh dancy joins us this morning. i love the show so much. so excited for tonight. we see your character will in a predicament there. all of a sudden he's the one incarcerated. how is he taking that? >> he's not that happy about it, you know. but the only good thing that's happened to him in this season is he's realized what he's up against, right? he's playing with a full deck of cards and knows who hannibal is and trying to claw back to the
8:36 am
point he can convince people of that. >> if you guys were a cat and mouse, season one, it's more of a cat in the cat. tell me more about your relationship with hannibal. >> well, brian loves cats, he may have had some cute video thing in mind, i don't know. it's, i guess, like i say, i know who he is. i'm trying to manipulate from within my jail cell, get back to the point where i can win his trust and maybe kind of, you know, get revenge. >> well, the reviews for the second season have been phenomenal. "forbes" magazine said, "hannibal" has taken its place as one of the best series currently airing on television. and those who haven't seen it, hugh, this isn't hannibal the cannibal. this was dr. lector before he was incarcerated for crimes. >> he's out in the world, practicing psychiatrist, very enthusiastic chef. >> connoisseur of art and wine.
8:37 am
>> absolutely. fine living. so that's how we see him. kind of fun to see him out in the world enjoying himself. >> do you think we'll ever get to the "silence of the lambs" territory. >> that's the end game to get to the point we get into those stories that people recognize. but by that time, i think we'll have created our own world and put our own twist on those things. >> hannibal not for the squeamish. but a lot of the scenes, we never see violence, always the aftermath. >> exactly right. not just the physical aftermath, the amazing crime scene kind of tableaus that people would recognize from the movies. but also the emotional aftermath, right? that's kind of what the show is examining. the effect of that violence on all the characters. >> anything gross you out in season 2? >> almost the whole thing. >> tough to show up to work every day. >> no, i love it. >> we've got these fannibles. are you surprised by the enthusiasm? >> yeah. not because i don't love the show, but they've been so supportive and, you know, really
8:38 am
helping us through the first season, spreading the word, amazing fan art that i've never really been exposed to. as you know, there's a lot of symbolism in the show. and they've really incorporated that into these pieces of art, which i see. and they're mostly beautiful and slight lit disturbing. >> it's such a good show. amazon prime has season one out. are you okay with everybody binge watching before tonight's big premiere? >> of course. yeah. watch it, it's great. it's great. >> good to have you here. hugh dancing. catch the premiere tonight on nbc. remember the couple with met that met their adoptive daughter right here on "today." and who's your body image heroes? our cat walk of confidence. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we are back at 8:40. takes a special kind of family to open their home and hearts to adopt a child. during our special look at adoption in november, you may remember the couple that joined us, and we got to meet their new daughter and they did, too. right here in studio 1a live for the first time. so we wondered how are they doing three months later? well, nbc's keir simmons paid them a visit. >> reporter: richard and priscilla prayed for a little girl, a sister to their 3-year-old adopted son. now when they go to church, they take baby sky with them. >> she's doing very well. she's very sweet. only cries when she's hungry. >> are you ready to meet sky? >> yes, we are. >> this was the moment live on "today" last year when the family met sky for the first time. >> priscilla, can you describe how you're feeling? >> like i'm in heaven. >> just tell me about bringing
8:42 am
her home here. >> when we arrived by plane in amsterdam, there was a lot of people their family and friends. flowers and cards. >> it's a very different life in holland. this is what they promised sky before they met her. >> we will do everything to make you very happy here. >> reporter: and that's what they're determined to do, to provide a safe and loving place to grow. they adopted des from the u.s. three years ago and now he's thriving. >> i mean, he's obviously doing really well. >> yeah. >> they prepared des for the becoming of a big brother. >> we said we are going to fly to the united states and i'm getting -- i get my sister. >> and when they finally met -- >> he says, there's my sister, there's my sister and kisses her. >> sky's biological mom and dad
8:43 am
have many troubles. >> sky's birth mother thought you were the perfect family. does that mean a lot to you? >> it's very important. >> it's important they're cared for, too, priscilla says. >> yeah. that they care also about -- >> moved to tears. >> they plan to stay in touch, a system of open adoption only available in the states. >> can i hold her? >> yes. she's gorgeous. >> reporter: and gran and gran dad are a big help. now the family's grown. >> the whole family's completed now. we have a boy, we have a girl. >> can i get a high five? thank you. >> for "today," keir simmons, nbc news, the netherlands. >> happy update. >> yes. >> i know. chorus of oohs and ahh,s. >> we'll keep in touch with
8:44 am
them. coming up next, body image for women everywhere. our "love your selfie" catwalk, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ 8:46 with more of our "love your selfie" series. look who we got up early today. >> people work on fridays. fascinating. >> join the conversation with what we're calling our catwalk of confidence. >> that's right. we have invited some people we've profiled all week to rock what they've got. and you know who else is with us? "today" style editor and's bobbi thomas. she did surprise us when she stripped down. >> she did. i remember. >> with a group of her posse. and they were talking about body
8:47 am
image. we remember that very, very very well. so does carson. >> i watch it often. >> come on. creepy. no, you know, i think a lot of people were surprised when i'm known to talk about fashion, beauty. but the idea is that you really have to love what's under the dress because so many people use clothing to hide behind. and if you don't love what's under the dress, you can't control that second layer. >> we have a lot of people who like what's under it, over it. we're going to start off with jordin sparks, you guys. she was with us earlier in the week. she went make-up free. and she is rocking it. jordin, you know what -- jordin's shy. and then we're going to -- >> hey, jordin. >> and we'll bring in hailey hasselhoff, david hasselhoff's daughter. also a model. these girls know how to work it. come and join us. jordin, you started -- you went this week makeup free. >> i did.
8:48 am
>> and you're young, and people were like, oh, poor baby, wah-wah. but it was something to do. >> it was really crazy, i had invited a couple of my friends and they said can i come with you? and i go, i'm going make-up free, but you can come however you want. they actually came without it. and we had a great conversation about why we wear make-up. and most of us do it to hide something, like you said. so it's amazing because make-up should enhance what you've got, not hide. >> hailey, you're a plus-size model. what do you think of that phrase, plus-size? >> plus just means curvy. in the world, it means curvy. >> why don't we say curvy? >> well, in the industry, it's anything over a size six. >> that's crazy. >> over a size 6? >> well, here's the thing, it's a 10 to a 12, but if you are 5'11", you're a size 8, you're on the plus-size board. >> i want to clarify, i actually said in stores a lot of retailer also cut it off at 12. and we got some mail from viewers saying they didn't feel that was the cutoff. there's a big debate about where that line is and if there should be a line at all. >> we're going to start the catwalk. >> all right.
8:49 am
>> starting off with a group of women that i profiled earlier this week. it was called love your selfie. and these ladies are rocking it. >> gorgeous! gorgeous! >> i think we're going to bring them all on out. come on out. >> whoo! >> i think what was so fun when it comes to work, when i came to work with all of these women. come together. >> come on out. come on out. >> come on, ladies, pile in, diane, eileen. one thing that was really important, you had said that they felt invisible. and they said after a certain age, women feel invisible. and it was really important. >> keep it going. keep it going. >> no, she's never leaving. >> good job. here we have diane.
8:50 am
>> and, by the way, i should point out all these women, they didn't really want to take selfies. they were talking about body parts they couldn't stand. their thighs, remember? come on, eileen. come on, girl. >> yeah! >> kicks off the shoes. >> you'll notice -- when people feel invisible, step out in color. it's the most powerful thing you have in your closet. they are all wearing amy moto. and next, we have -- >> and his young daughter katelyn. looking so nice. kelly recently wrote a touching blog post that when viral about how he hopes his daughter will always value her inner beauty. >> and they're wearing a daddy/daughter combination. dads can go shopping, too. >> yeah. >> whoo! yes. >> we had whitney on earlier. whitney, by the way, has a very
8:51 am
cool dance video. >> yes. >> can we roll just that -- >> who posted that video? >> you posted that video? lastl lastly. >> chastity and marina. cassidy and marina were brave to model in their spanx. >> right there. don't move. >> stay right there, girls. >> okay. >> so now they were my brave girls, they had teamed up with me to kick off loving what's under the dress, they model for us here a lot on the show, but they are gorgeous women who, again, really embrace their curves and were willing to show off what's under the dress. >> can we ask you ladies while you're on the catwalk, if you wouldn't mind one question, how does it feel -- you know, in sort of your bra and spanx on live tv? >> well, for me, it feels amazing. for me, i am a professional plus-size model. and it's incredible to represent the 65% of women in america that are size 16 or larger. i'm a proud plus-size model.
8:52 am
it feels amazing. >> and bobbi, what's the message for all these women? >> we have to love the skin we're in. the most important message is while we kind of already are dealing with our demons, the newer, younger generation, katelyn, look not only to their parents but to the women around them and how we talk to ourselves is so important. we have to love who they are so they will love themselves. >> for sure. shout out to kelly over there. with a young daughter a year and a half, i applaud you for being here. what a great message. >> doesn't have to be just moms. >> a lot of ladies out here, that's what i'm saying. >> i think we should wrap this up with our ladies taking one more stroll down the catwalk, and thank bobbie, haley, jordan, we love you guys so much. all of our models. come on, girls. >> come on, girls. >> step right down. we'd like to see you. thanks again. we'll be back with more. this is "today" on nbc. whoo!
8:53 am
8:54 am
and we are back with a few more minutes on a friday morning. have a good weekend, and to look at our "love your selfie" wall. people have been taking selfies and posting them here. and we hope it's gotten a conversation going this week about body image and how we see ourselves. >> you mean like a conversation like a conversation starter.
8:55 am
>> i'm going to hunt for rabbits after this. >> you love your selfie in that. what's coming up at 9:00? >> we have a couple of teenagers here. they're pushing for disney to release, you know, as we talk about body image. but they want a real life -- a real life woman to represent what a disney princess should be. >> oh, okay. >> more diversity. not just in race but also in shapes and sizes. another teenager has a different perspective. it is opening the conversation on body image, how we feel about ourself. we'll keep it going at 9:00. >> and an oscar preview. >> and the latest on the weather out west. >> have a great weekend.
8:56 am
good morning, everyone. it is 8:56, i'm scott mcgrew. we have an nbc microclimate weather alert. >> this just in to the nbc bay area weather team. you see this red down here is just south of monterey. there was a waterspout off of the coast of monterey just about 5:00 ago. with this particular cell as it continues to move to the
8:57 am
northeast is affecting monterey and moving right through the south bay. 101 in gilroy, you could be affected by this later on. south san jose affected by this storm. if it holds together the rotation and cell would produce until like a funnel cloud or tornado. the rain and tomorrows with us today, tapering off for tomorrow.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody, welcome to "today" on friday, the 28th of february. i'm al roker along with natalie morales, tamron hall. willie was off today. matt was off, as well. maybe it was a boys' weekend. >> i think just recovering from sochi still. >> that could be. >> a little family time. everybody needs. well, out west, our friends in california are getting hammered with some wild and some wet weather out there. imagine this, you get now, they have not had -- has not had an inch of rain for two years.
9:01 am
they're about to get an inch of rain in 24 hours. >> thousands of people affected by that alone. concerned about mud slides. >> could be looking at water spouts, tornadoes. in fact, take a look right now, where some of the mandatory evacuations are going on. this is azuza, california. and look at those downpours. just behind those homes, we're talking the san gabriel mountains. this is the colby fire. >> right. >> and where that colby fire took place. there's nothing to hold the mountain up. that's right. and you get that rain coming down and, boom, we're talking mud slides could be a big, big problem. >> which is so crazy. i remember his report on nightly news showing the dramatic video and pictures of the drought and its impact. and now, here we are where they're getting too much rain. >> this is july 2011. >> the reservoir there. >> look at that. >> boom. i mean, that's kind of crazy.
9:02 am
>> the lake reservoir. >> that is very, very dramatic. and they do need about 15 inches of rain to get caught up. they don't need it all at once. >> and you called this earlier volatile weather. >> and we were talking about this last week, that this was going to be a problem. >> obviously, there's a lot of concerns for the red carpet and the oscars, 86th annual academy awards are sunday. >> yeah. >> and they are, of course, tenting the area in preparation. you can see, they've covered everything for the most part, as well. that's still going to be tough for the stars as they arrive on the red carpet. >> it's going to be tough for people who hold the umbrellas for the stars. >> i was going to say. when we were out at the golden globes, there was a water main break. first thought it was a sewer main break, but turned out to be a water main break. you should have seen these celebrities being handled, passed. >> they were passed from person to person. >> from person to person. >> never touched ground. we can't allow our celebrities to possibly -- move it along,
9:03 am
please, here we go. >> seriously, though, we do wish the best for the people out there. >> it's going to be a rough 24 hours and making its way east, and we'll show you the effects of that as it makes its way. >> winter, won't leave. another story grabbing headlines, in california, as you may know, it is illegal to talk or text on a handheld cell phone while you're driving. but questions now surfacing about what about using a map? if you're looking at your phone. >> you mean like google maps? >> actually google maps has the voice function. >> i think they all have the voice function now. >> most of them do. but apparently back in 2012, there was a driver stuck on a freeway in traffic. he pulled out his phone to use a map to find another route. well, that's when the highway patrol officer saw him, pulled him over and the man has now since challenged the ticket that he received because he said he wasn't using the phone to talk or even to text, he was using it to check out his map and to get directions. so, yesterday in the appeals
9:04 am
court, they actually ruled in favor of that man. so there's a lot of questions about what does this mean for the rest of the country? those places that have the same, you know, laws in effect right now. you can all, i guess, say yeah, i was really on my map, officer. >> it's still a distraction. >> it is. >> and we were talking earlier, and the only thing i can think of when you have the old-school paper maps, people literally would be driving with their knee looking at the map. >> yeah. exactly. >> maybe there's something psychological we believe it's different. but what makes it inexcusable, i think, anyway, is you have an audio, so you can hook it up and listen. i think it's a control thing. we want to hold our map, look and drive and it's dangerous. >> at the same time, think about the other distracting driving behaviors we all still do and they're not illegal. >> the radio, putting make-up on in the car, eating. there's so many other things we're all doing every day. >> crossword puzzles, playing words with friends. >> that is illegal.
9:05 am
>> speaking of illegal. speaking of illegal. this guy. he's going to wear a mask while he robbed the knicks. >> like batman. >> i like that. >> on the run. >> lebron james broke his nose, and this was the first game back since that injury. and he came back in in lebron style wearing this mask that has everyone talking. people are saying, it looks like batman or -- and then -- so that inspired us because, of course, we got to get in on the game a la mardi gras meets -- our, my head's too big. >> my head's too big. >> it is. >> these are not exactly. >> lebron's is cool. i think people are going to want to wear his. >> yours is tied too tight here. >> oh. there we go. >> bird ladies. >> anyway, of course, lebron -- i'm not sure why we put these on. it was actually my idea, sorry. >> we've got a double-header
9:06 am
here with the nba. >> natalie's like -- it was my idea, sorry. >> hey, just trying to have a little fun, nat. okay. >> it was a fantastic idea. >> that's right. almost as fantastic as an idea as ginobili's nike sneaker. take a look at the left foot, player number 20 in the white uniform. >> here he goes. and then the shoe, right there. >> his left foot right there. >> so completely ruptures, explodes. >> his shoe exploded. >> on impact. >> he will not be allowed on a plane. we reached out to nike to see what they're saying or how many free sneakers he gets after this. he walks off, puts another shoe on and walked right back in. but no response from nike, but it does remind me. and al, i think you cannot
9:07 am
identify with them. but women, when your heel breaks, that is the most treacherous thing. >> it's happened. >> you're walking and your heel snaps off. >> oh. >> it's brutal. >> do they come with air bags. >> you feel like, down goes -- you look around. but that was crazy. i want to see what nike says about it, though. >> i couldn't imagine the impact of every day. >> they get new sneakers. most of them play in new sneakers every game. >> they do? >> some of them do. >> it's kind of like ballerinas. >> yeah. this is kind of cute. professional photographer angie kaiser and her 4-year-old daughter mayhem, that's her nickname. she's a wrestler. they recreated several celebrity fashions using construction paper, masking tape and aluminum foil. went through the typical toddler dress, got bored of play clothes, asked her mom to create items out of pillow cases, dish towels, paper. >> this is perfect for the red carpet. red carpet fashion. they're making this out of paper.
9:08 am
take a look at how they created jennifer lawrence's golden globe dress. how cute she is there. lupita's red outfit at the golden globes. >> the pose! >> she's so great. >> this only took ten minutes to make. >> she's amazing. >> and katy perry's musical note dress. look at the pose again with the hip. i don't know which i love more. the paper replicas or the kid in this. >> i think it's time for them to do this with needle and thread and real fabric. >> we ought to get them. you know how we always have the knockoff folks. we need to get them here. >> i think we're trying. >> for monday. >> i think we're trying to recreate them live. >> yeah. that would be so cool. >> they're incredibly talented. and it's a great mom for you, spending time crafting with her daughter. >> that's right. >> how about a check of the weather. >> if you're out west, you do not want to be in a paper dress. it is a mess. take a look. you can see right now, the heaviest rain currently was in
9:09 am
northern california, but the energy's being transferred now down to central and southern california, as well. small stream highway flooding, hazardous driving conditions, airport delays, gusty winds, small hail, isolated tornadoes and water spouts, and look at these rainfall amounts. i mean, we are talking a lot of stuff here. anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of rain. but you get into the foothills outside of los angeles, 4 to 8 inches and locally up to 10 inches of rain. here we go, the effects of this system as it makes its way east on saturday. denver, you're going to be looking at an icy mix as this pushes east, it's going to be cooler, rain, snow, sleet. and then as we get into sunday, the system continues to travel east, the midwest is going to get involved. indianapolis, you can expect to see, again, more heavy snow. we've got winter storm watches in effect. and that heavy know could add up to about a foot to a foot and a half. and then we move to the east.
9:10 am
sunday into monday from washington up to boston, we're talking major impacts here. snowfall amounts that could range over a foot, cold weather will continue. here's what we've got as far as accumulations. we've got a couple of models we look at. saturday into sunday, you can see we've got a decent amount of snow. but the american models, much heavier especially from ohio into the northeast. we're talking anywhere from a foot to a foot and a half. but from western new jersey throughout much of central pennsylvania. up to 2 feet of snow before this thing is all over. so we're going to be tracking this and fine-tuning the forecast as we get into the weekend. dylan dreyer will have more for you tomorrow morning right here good morning, 9:10 the time. there was a report about 20 minutes ago of a a waterspout
9:11 am
autoof monterey. this system is continuing to rev up enwe're not done with the showers and thunderstorms even though it is starting to dry out across the bay area. the brunt of the heavy rain has pushed through and we're waiting on heavy thunderstorms that could produce minor flooding, small hail, and a potential for a funnel cloud or two. today stormer, tomorrow the showers move out. coming up next, the first lady pops up on "parks and rec." and could it be wedding bells for ashton kutcher and mila kunis. [ male announcer ] mary larson will never forget the fateful morning that deliciously simple made her a believer. she couldn't believe she could pronounce everything in it. ♪ and she couldn't believe her daughter chose pancakes over her phone. you're being weird! [ male announcer ] new deliciously simple from i can't believe it's not butter! with 100% taste and zero artificial preservatives. it's time to...believe.
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9:15 am
ready to invade the box office. invade the box office. >> here with your ticket to hollywood, andrea. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. >> before we get to what's going on in hollywood. first, we made our oscar predictions through a partnership with "usa today" in a series called "take your pick." and asked which one you thought was going to get them right. votes are in, no envelope, but the winner is -- mr. roker! 31% of the vote. it's close, though, al. i followed at 30% and willie was 17%. edged out by "usa today." enough about us, let's get to the headlines and start off with star power. and the first lady joining the cast of "parks and rec" for a cameo appearance. >> no stranger to politico appearances. the vice president's been on, john mccain's been on, but the first lady is going to appear on the season finale in april. it's a big moment and comes on the heels of a really great year for amy poehler so far. >> yeah. >> the golden globes --
9:16 am
>> yeah. >> took home one. she's writing a book right now, got a romantic comedy coming out this summer. she's on a roll. >> certainly is. >> when do we look for her? >> end of april. >> and news that broke last night, ashton kutcher and mila kunis, are they engaged? >> yesterday, she was photographed with a ring on the telling finger and it was quite a rock. i don't know, but looks like it. >> no tweets or insta grams from either of them confirming? >> no, and their reps aren't comments yet either. i think eventually they will. it seems very new and we're happy for them. >> love isn't official until your rep comments. >> and until it's tweeted out. >> everyone has their ring on instagram. >> it was quite the blinding diamond. i think it's real. >> you think it's real? >> yeah. >> and on the other end of the spectrum, we've been hearing that robin thicke and paula patton have been calling it quits, but tmz reportedly has
9:17 am
exclusive video of robin. >> they caught up with him at the airport yesterday in dulles. he canceled three shows this week after the news. and they asked him about it, and he said, you know -- >> we've got it on tape. let's take a listen. >> how you doing, robin? hey, robin, are you -- >> just trying to get -- >> good to see you working. >> trying to get her back. >> trying to get her back. >> and again at a performance last night in virginia, he reiterated that statement and said i'm going to get my girl back to the audience. >> aww. we can hope. >> yeah. >> now what about jada pinkett smith. we've been talking about body image all week. and she's got something she's saying about her body. >> she said that she gained ten pounds and she's happy with it, proud of her curves. i still think she looks -- >> it's not -- >> we would all like to look like this. but, you know, it's nice to see someone embracing their curves and their body and just being
9:18 am
happy with what they have. >> she said she gained ten pounds? in a leather cat suit. >> i know. she looks fantastic. and look how tall willow is, by the way, she's taller than her mother by far. >> so katy perry gave us a tweet of the week. she's not a baby mama, but she did help some baby and their mom. >> and she's had quite a week. started off by planting a kiss on miley cyrus. little bit of breakup rumors with john mayer. but she tweeted she helped deliver a baby in a living room. and we're not sure whose baby it is. might be her sister's baby. i don't know. but that's a cool way to come into this world. >> katy perry delivered me. >> she could put midwife on her resu resume. >> one of the classic sci-fi movies, godzilla, a sneak peek, let's check out the trailer.
9:19 am
>> wait. couldn't see it! >> a little bit. >> better than the last one. >> exactly. >> the last one got canned, but this was intense. >> the last one won some razzies, this one, brian cranston in it who i would watch almost anything in. and he adds some gravitas to it. and it's a summer blockbuster, the first big thing after "breaking bad." >> and we believe he wouldn't take a bad script. it's got to be good. >> i think so. >> andrea mandel, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. have all the news you need before you head out the door this morning. and do you feel like everyone around you is getting sick? well, we'll have tips on how to avoid catching those germs. but first, these messages. on saturdays, dillon does his own laundry.
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nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. so let's talk about your bum on facebook. that's the bowling alley cleaned up. where will we end up next? taking a look at the headlines, a government watchdog group is urging credit card companies to give free copies of the credit scores. the protection bureau sent a letter on thursday to top executives of the companies asking them to make the scores available in customers' monthly statements or online. credit scores are used, of course, to evaluate qualifications for mortgages, credit cards and housing rentals. orange juice no longer america's main squeeze. o.j. sales have fallen every year for the past 15 years. in fact, sales are down 40% in that time period. and experts blame several factors for its decline. the price of orange juice is on the rise due to the higher cost of growing oranges. and americans' breakfast habits have changed in the last decade.
9:24 am
more people are skipping that first meal. american parents with young children spend an average of $795 a month on each child. this is according to a new survey by the bmo harris bank and includes things like medical care and college funds. the greatest monthly expense is child care. and even though most future parents say it's important to save for their kids' needs, only 21% have actually started doing it. and the new york diamond cutter apparently bit more than he could chew. a rare pink star diamond is headed back to the sotheby's auction house after the buyer defaulted. acquired the rare 60-carat gem for a world record price more than $83 million back in november. well, sotheby's says it's currently in discussions with the buyer while considering other options. and still ahead this morning, how to avoid germs and beat the buzz. plus, move over cinderella, belle and jasmine, the push for a plus-sized princess coming up
9:25 am
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9:26 am
tylenol®. this is a breaking news update. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news at valley medical center in san jose. we give you a life picture. santa clara county ambulances not being allowed into the hospital because of a hazmat situation. a patient came in last night or early this morning with an unknown contamination on his clothes. again, valley medical center closed to incoming ambulances because of a hazmat situation. five san francisco police officers indicted on charges of
9:27 am
conspiracy will face a judge for the first time this morning. the five officers were indicted yesterday following a lengthy investigation. it is tied to raids on hotels in 2011 where some of the officers were reportedly caught on surveillance video forcing their way into hotel rooms without justification stealing money, property, and drugs.
9:28 am
welcome back 9:28 the right now. there was a waterspout reported off the coast of monterey. looking at green there right now. you'll find very heavy rain across the santa cruz mountains. could not be surprised of more reports of funnel clouds today and small hail this afternoon. we'll track that all morning long. keep it here on nbc as this radar continues to stay lit up. anthony, we had a tough,
9:29 am
tough morning. flooding in the south bay, lots of flooding reported on roadways. some have started to open. over here, this bridge, the san mateo bridge shows you the remember innoce remnants of the water on the bridge. eastbound 580 has cleared. we're clearing out of castro valley and into oakland. thank you for joining us.
9:30 am
welcome back to a frigid friday, february 28th, 2014. i'm al along with natalie and tamron. willie is off today. so here's a question. which city do you think has the most generous tippers? >> i think people would automatically think maybe new york. but that's not the case. >> no. in fact, chicago. >> the city you worked in. >> ten years. >> according to the payment app square. >> chicagoans tip more often than any other major city studied, tipping 63% of the time. average tip, 16.7%. >> what, the other 27% don't tip at all? >> i guess so. which seems high. >> i think that does. i was a waitress, which i told you guys before. i think it's the hardest job i've ever had in my life,
9:31 am
easily. >> i agree. >> that doesn't seem high. i would have guessed, if you're the city that tips the most -- >> i'd think 99%. >> in other words, a lot of people -- i mean, a few people are tipping a lot. >> right. >> they said 16.3%, the average, what is it, 15%, they're tipping a little built ovit over, too. >> denver and austin tied for second. >> the question is do you leave a tip even if you've had bad service? >> yes. >> i do, but i say something. >> not any of those mean notes we've done in the news. i just go hey, i want you to know, this is why. i try to explain because i feel guilty if i undertip because i don't want someone to leave and then say tamron hall didn't tip me right. i want you to know. >> in fact, the great sue simmons, our terrific -- our legendary local analyst at wnbc always tells me, al, you have the celebrity tax. >> you do. >> people -- even though you're not a celebrity, they do know you. >> they absolutely do.
9:32 am
>> you'd better overtip. >> err on the side -- >> err on the side of caution. >> our control room is obviously bored with this and said move on. >> they said are you going to give me a tip if. >> i've got a tip for you, stop talking to me. >> you've got a check of the weather, roker. >> let's show you what we've got going on. and for saturday, it's going to be frigid in the plains. that storm system making its way east. we've got snow through the pacific northwest. sunny and cold along the eastern seaboard. then sunday, we've got a mess coming. a risk of strong storms, icy conditions, snowy as you get into the midwest, and that continues to push into the east on into monday. that's what's going on around the good morning, 9:32 the time right now. rain continues to fall but it is very spotty right now. you can see we're still finding showers off of the coast and lightning from time to time. keep that in mind as we head
9:33 am
through the day that we could see more storms pop up. the intensity will be stronger. hail off of the coast and waterspout reported off of the coast of monterey. the next round is going to arrive this evening. overall they taper off by tomorrow. > and that's your latest weather. >> knocked me off my feet. i'm sorry. cold and flu -- >> you don't weigh anything. >> i know, i weigh 126 pounds. cold and flu season are in full swing, and germs are making their way through offices, schools and, of course, our homes. >> that's right. so we've asked our doctor, a "today" contributor, assistant professor of medicine, to give us some unique tips on how to beat the bug. you know, earlier, we had a report that doctors' stethoscopes were the germiest thing going. >> i know, you go to the doctor to get better, but you can actually get sick if they're not cleaning it in between patients. that is twentiy l definitely a
9:34 am
call. >> were you surprised? >> no. because i think about it every time i put it on a patient. i'd better clean this before the next one because we're touching their skin. we don't always wash our hands, but we should. >> make sure to ask your doctor, have you cleaned your stethoscope lately? a couple of studies shed light on germs in the office. the first one found that people in open work spaces have more sick days. >> that's right. and they looked over a 12-month period. they definitely had more sick days if they were in that open layout, which is encouraged a lot. fosters creativity. it also fosters germs. you don't have as many walls. also, what's that cool youtube video? let me see. they might be crouching into your space, touching your keyboard, sharing, exactly. >> i watch people all day go in and in and in. >> absolutely. so, you know, what can you do in your office space? you want to make sure that you do wipe down your desk space every day. and watch out for the communal areas like the break room, you know, the fridge, all of those
9:35 am
things. >> if you're not feeling well, should you just call in sick the first day? >> well, first off, if you have a fever for sure you want to call in sick. and if it's not getting better, you don't want to infect everyone else. once you're feeling better, you can go right back to work. >> let's move on to the home. where are we looking for germs there? >> first of all, the sponge is probably the worst. in your kitchen sink. >> yes. >> is that safe to use sponges? >> you kind need to use them at some point, but replace them every couple weeks. every day zap them in the microwave. that gets rid of 99% of germs. >> every day? >> yep. or once a week, soak it in a bleak a bleach and water solution. >> i like the next one, clean your cleaning supplies. >> your mops and sponges and rags. rags you can throw in the washer, make sure it's not on a high setting. you definitely need to clean those. also, you have to look out for the light switches. no one thinks about that. people are touching them all the time. all the handles, the faucet handles. if there's a knob you can remove
9:36 am
on your stove, remove it, clean it and put it back. >> schools and day cares, the happiest and germiest places. >> in the schools, one of the worst is the water fountain. you can imagine why. especially for little kids. they can barely reach it. their mouth is touching it. you want to advise them, stay away from the water fountain. give them a water bottle instead. use the stainless steel ones. plastic ones tend to get scratches and germs hide in those scratches. you want to do that. if they are going to use the water fountain, instruct them they should definitely let the stream go at least ten seconds before they put their mouth on it because that will flush out germs right on the spigot. >> i did it as a kid, too. put your mouth right on. >> that's why it's just bad. >> before we go, the doctor's office, where you go to get better, we kind of touched on that earlier. >> yeah. but it's not a bad idea to ask your doctor, did you wash your hands before you came in? i know, we have little buttons
9:37 am
that say, "ask me if i washed my hands." we do that at nyu because it is very important. wash your hands frequently. avoid touching your face. this is one habit that you should teach your kids not to do and many adults do it. >> we're a danger to ourselves. >> you touch a doorknob or you're rubbing your eyes or biting your fingers is a no-no. >> i always hate going to the pediatrician's office and keep my kids from playing with the toys. sick kids playing with kids. >> that's where the ipad comes in very handy. i agree. >> doctor, thanks so much. next, you wrote in and told us about your travel nightmares from what to do if your flight gets canceled to a bad hotel stay. >> we'll have some of the answers to those questions right after this. [ male announcer ] it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean. fortunately, you've got listerine®. unlike brushing which misses 75% of your mouth,
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delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. worst morning ever. [ angelic music plays ] ♪ toaster strudel! best morning ever! [ hans ] warm, flaky, gooey. toaster strudel! so we asked you to write in about your travel nightmares. boy did you respond. how do you make sure your next vacation goes off without a hitch? >> here with answers is jackie gifford, a senior editor at travel and leisure magazine. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> it's been a tough winter for travel and a lot of headaches out there for travelers. so let's go first to bridget in florida. she's joining us on skype.
9:42 am
morning to you, bridget. >> good morning. >> there we see you. i understand bridget had a problem, traveling with three small children, plane had an emergency landing due to a mechanical issue. and then tell us what happened next. >> yes, so we landed in a city we weren't supposed to land in. they said we're going to get another plane. and a few minutes later they said they don't have another plane. so we have to call an 800 number to rebook. >> and you're there with your three small kids. >> yes, 11, 7 and 3. >> jackie, what should bridget have done? >> bridget, i'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. but really your rights as a passenger in this situation depends upon whether or not the airline considers this a forced major event. being an act of god, something uncontrollable like the weather. it's actually really hard to get some form of compensation back from the airline. >> did they say it was a mechanical issue?
9:43 am
>> yes, it was mechanical. >> so if it's mechanical. >> yes, actually, you do have a little bit more leeway in terms of getting compensation. the lesson here is that airline rules vary and it depends upon the agent you're talking to. so some airlines might say, look, we can offer you a refund, a credit in the form of a voucher, miles. and some may even say, look, it's just our responsibility to get you to the destination on the next flight out. >> bridget, did you get any of those? compensation or anything? >> no, i didn't. i did talk to the 800 number representative and they told me i had to wait until the next morning when the ticket office opened to deal with it then. >> i guess the lesson to be learned here really is that it isn't -- there isn't a black and white answer, but you have a case to be made. you should call the airlines, be proactive, state your case, and really, you know, and be polite but be assertive. >> thank you so much for sharing. we've got a tweet from brenda.
9:44 am
how to get dollars back. >> oh, my gosh, that's an unfortunate situation, too. what anyone should do is go right downstairs and ask to speak to the front desk manager. they are trained to handle these types of situations. and look, they want happy customers. hotels are in the hospitality business. what you should do is bring out the paperwork. so if you've booked a certain category of rooms, you want a sea-facing room instead of a city view room, make sure it's all spelled out very clearly and bring it to the front desk and say, look, i paid for this, but getting this. maybe even take photos so you can show them. and also -- >> proof. >> exactly. >> and really, it helps to be polite. resorting to threats is tempting, but really not the way you want to go. they want you to be a happy customer. >> at the end of the day, marriott made good on it, breakfast charge taken off. the take away here is do this at the start of your stay. >> right. >> do it right away. next travel issue, a question coming in from travel
9:45 am
and leisure's facebook followers, and she wrote, do ticket agents have a way of telling whether you brought a plane ticket directly from an airline or other sources credit card reward programs. if so, does this affect how airlines handle rebooking passengers when flights are canceled due to the weather or equipment problems? do travelers who purchase directly from airlines get priority when rebooking? >> this was a really interesting question. and we looked to two experts, brian kelly and george from and agents can tell where you booked the ticket through the airline or with an o.t.a, but when it comes down to it, that doesn't make a difference in terms of rebooking passengers on a canceled flight. what does, though, if you have elite status or you're a top tier frequent flyer with that airline or flying first class. >> exactly, al. exactly, they're going to want to rebook those people first. >> thank you so much. coming up next, disney's
9:46 am
princesses are famous around the world. we'll meet two teens trying to get them to create a plus-size princess right after this. ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. so many delicious flavors that taste outta sight.
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and you said no phones.
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which is why he's investing in his heart health by eating kellogg's raisin bran®. not only is kellogg's raisin bran® heart healthy it's a delicious source of potassium. ♪ mom make you eat that? i happen to like raisins. [ male announcer ] invest in your heart health. now that's what i'm talkin' about. with kellogg's raisin bran®. [ female announcer ] now with kellogg's family rewards you can get even more from the products you love. join today at all week long in our love your selfie series, we talk about body image, and how the images we see affect how we feel about ourselves. it's time to hear from young people about what they want to see as their role models. >> yeah, a 17-year-old started a
9:50 am
petition on asking disney for a plus-size princess. and a teen fashion and entertainment blogger for huffington good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> let's launch into this. this petition, you've got over 30,000 people to sign and join with you. why was it so important to push disney to bring in a plus-size princess? >> well, i just think society has very, very few positive plus-size role models, especially in films. in the film industry, a lot of people are given the short end of the stick, not fairly represented in a way that's positive. so when people see those people in the movies acting that way, they sort of accept that as their stereotype. and i definitely think plus-size people have been, you know, one of those people that have been treated unfairly. and so i think that, you know, our perceptions start when we're children. so, you know, i think disney is so influential, especially to
9:51 am
little girls with their disney princesses that a plus-size princess would sort of be adding something new to the variety that plus-size princesses are starting to have nowadays. >> used to be the princesses were damsels in distress, but now empowered women who are saving the world. haven't they come a long way, though? from what they started with? >> definitely. i mean, i love how far disney has come. you know, they now have different races, cultural backgrounds and, you know, they've kind of gotten away from the damsel in distress to the -- to the more, you know, empowered person. >> right. by the way, disney released a statement saying there are many types of princesses just as there are many types of girls who have their own unique history, character and story. we appreciate and celebrate all types of women and girls and their own individual beauty. are you happy with that? >> i'm happy with that. and i think that i'm glad to hear they think that. and i would like for them to, you know -- >> a little more.
9:52 am
>> to do a little more. if they really do feel that all women are beautiful, promote the kind of body image. >> how do you feel about that idea? >> i think they're all amazing in their own way. especially the newer princesses, merida, how she was herself. and i think that's important. and i think disney's starting to recognize and represent that. >> and you represent a group of young women who celebrate barbie while there are some critics who say the image is unrealistic. you celebrate what it brings to the table. why is it important for you to have that voice? >> i think it's important that people understand i personally have never wanted to look like barbie. i think that barbie is just really great because she is exactly who she is. and she's tried everything she loves to do and i think it's important for young women to recognize that. if there's something you really want to learn and something you want to try, you should be able to try that, that's what barbie represents. >> by the way, barbie this week released a special op-ed on
9:53 am
facebook. basically she's beautiful as she is and not apologizing for being skinny or having that image. so thank you both for being here. such smart, beautiful young women. >> thank you. >> and we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. comcast brought millions of people closer
9:54 am
to nbcuniversal's coverage of the biggest olympic winter games ever, with the most coverage of the most events on every device. and the most hours of streaming video on the nbc sports live extra app, including the x1 platform from xfinity. comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal.
9:55 am
lester and jenna. nice to see you. what do you got coming up? >> oh. >> get right into it. >> don't want to waste time. >> you got it. we're live in l.a. for hollywood's big night. the oscars, jenna has a challenge for our viewers to get healthy in 30 days. >> two separate stories. does not take much to get started with this. all throughout the month of march. i'm going to show you small things you can do, inc
9:56 am
this is a breaking news update. good friday morning to you. it's 9:56, i'm peggy bunker. breaking news in san jose. looking at valley medical center where they're not accepting patients at this time because of a hazmat incident.
9:57 am
a patient apparently came in this morning contaminated with an unknown substance on his clothing. he is contained to one room in the er. no new patients are being accepted into the hospital as a precaution. no word yet on when operations will return to normal. right now checking on that weather forecast, we'll see what anthony slaughter has to say about the rest of the day. >> coming into the news room this morning from behind the scenes, flooding on the roads. as you head out this morning, keep in mind you may encounter ponding on roads and major flooding on 80 southbound. that will continue with so much rain. storms still popping up off the coast. we had a waterspout detected off of monterey's coast. that has dissipated. more rain continues to fall in
9:58 am
san jose mountain view, palo alto, and the santa cruz mountains really getting hammers right now. more storms are in the forecast for this morning and potential for lightning, thunder, funnel clouds expected for today. we'll keep you posted. tomorrow things calm down and tomorrow sunshine returns, temperatures back into the 60s. a little something for everybody here as we head into the next seven days. >> if you don't like the weather, you don't have to wait too long and it will change.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. thanks for being with us. it is try day friday. hodi is to excited. it is february 28th, last day, the last day of the month. if you're living in florida or you're off in arizona or -- you don't care. >> we care. >> we so care it is the last. thank the lord it is the shortest. >> yes. and we have a great show for you on this last day. we have anthony mackey. he is here with us. >> and mary mary, the grammy winning gospel sisters. >> remember that song shackles,
10:01 am
that's their song. a good one. >> we agree for once. >> if you have not seen any of the best picture nominees movies for the oscars, you are not alone. >> yeah this is surprising. and yet people tune into the oscars and don't no he whknow w being honored. >> they say most people haven't even seen one. >> most of them? >> that's what i read. haven't seen one of the movies. >> the one that's been seen the most, because of the appeal, i think of tom hanks and we all fall in love with that story, is "captain philips," right? >> they say just specific, two-thirds of the people have yet to see one. i don't want to brag or anything, but i saw "wolf of wall street" and "american hustle ." so i have seen two. >> wow. >> i am ahead of all those other people. >> wow. >> up until yesterday, the day before yesterday, i had seen three because i was just going to watch the oscars at home in my jammies.
10:02 am
then i was brought into service to work with al roker on the red carpet this sunday. so i have been doing a marathon watching movies. >> you have a couple left to go. >> i have a couple left to go. i'll be getting on a plane after this to go and hopefully a couple of them i can watch on the fla the plane. otherwise i have screeners from the academy. you have to -- i'm terrified of being able to pronounce everybody's name. >> chiwetel ejiofor. chiwetel. >> i'm going to call him chewy. that's his nickname. >> that's what anthony mackey told us earlier. we're going to fill out our oscar ballots right now. so here's yours, here's mine. >> thank you, hodi. >> here's your pen. >> okay. we're going to pick -- are we saying who we're picking? >> no. >> why not? >> then it is a boring quiet moment. i'm pickinging leonardo dicapri. i'm going with meryl streep.
10:03 am
>> i'm going with cate blanchett. >> oscar best picture i'm of course going with "filomena" which i have not seen. >> and i'm going with "12 years a slave" which i saw yesterday. >> we're going to -- put your three cards in. >> three cards? >> we're going to put them in here and hand them off to alex. >> here's the problem with that, i don't trust alex, all right? not since the day i set my eyes on this guy. would you trust this face? look at him. >> no. >> okay. alex, take these. >> you going to sleep with that box? >> not leaving the studio. see you when you return. >> see what i'm saying about him? not going to end well. >> monday while in l.a. and while we're doing our live report back and forth, we're going to reveal, we'll open the box and find out -- >> well, i have a real solid
10:04 am
choice on everything because i haven't seen all the movies. i follow the buzz buzz. when i saw -- and the people winning all the awards, the trend going on. when i saw "blue jazzmsmine" wh it originally came out, blown away by cate blanchett. she's a great actress and lovely woman. but then two days ago i saw meryl streep -- >> and you said -- >> i can't remember everything. it's fresh. >> the last movie that comes out, know what i mean? >> that's what i mean. i thought matthew mcconaughey was unbelievable, how could anybody be better. then i saw leonardo dicaprio, and i went, oh, what a -- then i saw my best friend chewy in "12 years a slave." and that was apparently -- his official nickname. i'll try to get his name right. >> you will. >> this is the official oscar
10:05 am
drink. it is a coconut martini. >> okay. >> i'll let you taste test for me. >> coconut water, pineapple juice, lime and vodka. >> you know what? that takes you down to the keys, doesn't it? >> okay, you saw -- not often you see something on youtube you go crazy for. >> i know. my sister sent me this. she sent me this video and i think it is -- my favorite ever. >> okay. >> my favorite ever. we have seen children who felt music before, like the babies who brought to tears when the mother sang. but this little was destined to be a conductor. her name is larrea. her dad sings in the choir. this is in a baptist church in kyrgyzstan. >> kyrgyzstan? >> yeah. ♪
10:06 am
♪ ♪ >> oh, my god. >> is that the sweetest -- >> that was awesome. >> i'm in awe of that. >> how old? >> she looks 3 years old, 3 or 4 years old. >> that was awesome. kyrgyzstan. >> you think you know a country. >> i think it is so cool we can get video from kyrgyzstan and play it on our show. >> did you know women put more effort into looking good for their friends than their partners. do you think that's true? >> i think if you've been with
10:07 am
your partner for a long time, they stop complimenting you and your friends always go, oh, girl, i like that dress or those earrings, so you spend more time. >> bad though in a way, don't you think? >> well -- guys often don't notice. you get your haircut and you walk in and they're like, hi, they're, like, hey. i colored it, i did everything, i was in the salon for four hours and your friend goes, oh, my gosh, did you get a trim. >> it is lighter. much more detail. >> the average woman spends 50 minutes getting ready for a girl's night out but a lot less spend time getting ready for a date or with, you know. >> it is deductible for them. >> we asked our facebook friends to send pictures of what they look like on a girl's night out. so brioni -- >> sent us a picture of her mom's night out. >> and here is yolanda and patricia with some friends.
10:08 am
they say women like to look good for their girlfriends, they get dressed and get their hair done and everything. >> we're not going to talk about how long men last in bed, huh? we ran out of time. so sad. >> they're not living in the right state. maybe we'll bring that to you on monday. >> all right. we can do it. okay. we can do it. all right, so here's the deal. if you're wondering -- >> sacrifice friday funny one more time. >> if you're wondering how long men last in bed, there was a survey -- >> not talking about sleeping. >> this is what scientists say, on average, it is between three and 13 minutes. they surveyed ten -- they surveyed 10,000 men in the app called spread sheets. >> i don't like the sound of that. >> here are the results by state. the shortest endurance times are -- >> you know who you are. vermont. >> south dakota and alaska. all under two minutes.
10:09 am
okay. you do the ones with the longest. >> top three states with the longest endurance time, idaho. oh, yeah. potato pickers. they know what they're doing. west virginia. >> wild, wonderful, west virginia. >> and new mexico. >> i like that. new york, by the way, was ranked number 23, with three minutes and one second. >> that's what kills me. the one second. >> how do they even -- >> who puts a clock on it for goodness sake. all right. >> you know what it's time for? >> friday funny. >> you've been waiting for this. >> a man was walking through the supermarket -- a man was walking through the supermarket with his wife. he got distracted for just a second and his wife vanished. so he wandered a bit, searched up and down the aisles and saw a gorgeous woman shopping. he slowly approached her and said, excuse me, miss, you know, i've lost my wife somewhere here in the supermarket, would you
10:10 am
mind talking to me? the woman was a little confused and asked him, why? he said, because every time i talk it a beautiful woman, my wife just appears out of thin air. >> that was pretty good. that was pretty good. >> johnson's baby of the week time, hodi. >> that time where we announce and celebrate new moms and the adorable new additions to their families. first is daveerre ari daveerre arie ware-sanner born on january 17th in minneapolis, minnesota. his mom says her son is bright and alert and gorgeous baby. >> the next babies are twins. greer patterson and collier wood ragone. born in atlanta, georgia, on january 8th. and their busy mom offered this advice to new parents, don't sweat the small stuff. she's right. >> our next johnson's baby born here in manhattan on january 6th, it is anthony james sabat. his parents say their son loves
10:11 am
to snuggle. >> and our final johnson's baby of the week is kenzie elaine eakins, born in harpersburg, west virginia, on february 9th. this little girl was so excited to come into the world that she came three weeks early. her mom says she was the loudest one in the nursery. >> congrats to all the babies. submit your baby to be a johnson's baby of the week, go to we'll show you how to throw an oscar winning party. >> and our friend and actor anthony mackey has something thrilling to tell us about. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom.
10:12 am
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10:13 am
10:14 am
hunkie hollywood heartthrob and hoda's secret boyfriend anthony mackie needs no introduction, he lives at our studio, but we love him, so it is okay. >> anthony is here with a new movie called "repentance." he plays an author and spiritual adviser trying to help a man played by forest whitaker who can't seem to get over the death of his mother. take a look. >> feel the bones of the tree.
10:15 am
good. listen to the earth. feel the pulse of the tree. good. what was that? >> it you see anything? >> no. >> it was mama. >> oh, my god. mama was there. >> if you were going to describe this movie, what would be the perfect way? >> i think it is two great movies in different genres. i think it is "eve's bayou" meets "misery" and slam them together. a psychological thriller. a lot of different plot points and turns and differences between the two characters that combine. >> forest whitaker -- you have almost every scene together but it gets brutal. >> yeah. >> i saw the trailer. >> yeah. >> the trailer.
10:16 am
>> forest whitaker -- >> isn't that all you need? >> you got to check it out. go on a date. take the hubby, go on the date. >> i have three movies to see for the oscars. >> that's so 2008. >> this was shot in your home -- >> in new orleans, yes, yes. shot on the north shore, right outside of slidell and coventon and had the opportunity for first time to go home every day after work. i'm, like, man, that is huge. one we to get fat you go home every day after work. >> what did they cook for you? >> i had the opportunity to cook everything i wanted. like, i have a big family. so i would go from house to house to house every night. >> and they fed you. >> oh, man. >> like what? >> you know, stuffed crabs or gumbo or just, you know, my family, we do games, so, you know. >> game? >> like fowl. in our community, rabbit, squirrels, stuff like that.
10:17 am
>> you eat thumper. >> all day. >> and bambi. >> some oil, some flour and some onion, i'll saute anything. >> you're not going to the oscars. you say you're going to be at grand isle fishing. >> i have a if cafishing camp oe of new orleans. >> is that what you do most of the time? is that the perfect way to come off a film -- >> yeah. >> get real again. >> go out in the swamp and chill out, catch some fish, walk inside and cook them. >> as an oscar veteran as you are, when you look at the films that are out there, what strikes you? what do you like? >> i have to say i thought cate blanchett's performance was dynamic because she took -- she took a character that none of us should like and endeared her to all of us. and i thought that was -- that is something as an actor that is really hard to do. >> what did you think of matthew mcconaughey in "dallas buyers club". >> what matthew did as an actor
10:18 am
i felt is kind of underappreciated because of the amount of weight he lost. i think his performance is great. he's reminding us of who he actually is and that's a great actor. he can leave his shirt on and make us want to see the movie. i think we got lost in that for a while. and "dallas buyers club" is the beginning of the resurgence. >> he's great in that one scene in "wolf of wall street". >> you watch the tv show, "great detectives," he's great on that too. >> you have a show coming out? >> american el captaino. >> you're the falcon. >> i am a flying -- check this o out. that's not me. no. wait, no. that was -- that's sam jackson. you might think that's me. that's sam jackson. that was not me. but, yes. >> we're excited for you. >> we adore you. >> thank you so much.
10:19 am
don't let them push you around on the carpet. let them know who's boss. >> who? al roker? >> take him down. >> you need one of those little light kiosk things, those big rooms. what are those called? the room thing. >> the kiosk thing. >> yeah, the kiosk thing. lights, actors are like moths, we go to lights. >> whitney and her no body shame campaign willmake y make you wa get up and dance. >> and get ready to whip your hair back and forth. bobbie has all the hair buzz after this. [ male announcer ] applebee's is out to prove the real value of lunch.
10:20 am
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10:22 am
that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. it is time for "bobbie's buzz." >> from streamlining your routine to coloring at home, "today" style editor and's bobbie thomas is here. >> what do you think about bangs? >> rita hazan, my go-to girl and juan-carlos convinced me to cut them. i think they're good when they're perfectly styled but they're hard to kind of manage.
10:23 am
so don't cut them too short. but leave them long, they're sexy, but they hurt. i don't know. >> what do you got here? >> when it comes to taking care of your hair, i, for years ago, wen is a product by chaz dean. he started this trend where you don't use shampoo essentially. you use conditioner. >> oh. >> and what happens is when you get your hair colored and it is stripped, it is really hard when you do the -- and you strip it more. there is a big new trend at the drugstore that has followed suit and you'll find from herbal essences to pantene, this whole cleansing and conditioning trend. >> all in one? >> it is a little sometimes strange because you don't see the suds, but it is cleaning, like when you use oil or cream to wipe your makeup off. it doesn't -- if you have oily hair, don't go this route. if you need hair to be manageable, weak or softer -- >> 75% of women color their hair. and that means we're all chasing
10:24 am
the roots. this is a new online offering for hair color, professional grade by madison reed. and what i like is that this is actually invested by a pet company, so they really invested in not only the crew online they can call you, add service, they put it together on a box with almost full proof with the steps. if you're in san fran or new york, they'll send somebody to your house to help you and they'll try to roll that out across the country. $25 a month. >> what is last with this iron? >> this is really cool. when it launched, the agave healing vapor iron sold out in a few days. you add the oil into the chamber, the cartridge, and it will vaporize and get into the hair. so if you have kinky, frizzy hair, this is a hair treatment tool. >> does it work well? >> it does. it is an investment so use this if you want to get the manageability. >> you can also -- it is $149, but something you use every day, but you can put your own oil in it too, which i like, you can
10:25 am
put another -- >> girls from mary mary are into it. >> they are. they are. >> we're going it also meet whitney way thorn who takes aim at body shape. >> quite the dancer. and the winner is your oscar party. we'll show you how to throw the perfect bash for next sunday's big event coming up, all after your local news. ♪ make a change for a better day ♪ [ female announcer ] this nation of go-getters seems to be in the middle of a human energy crisis. ♪ take a chance... [ male announcer ] power up with the good energy of quaker real medleys. ♪ sweet fruit, crunchy nuts and multigrains. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going...and getting. real fruit, real nuts, real medleys. try our apple nut harvest bars. quaker up. try our apple nut harvest bars. l'oreal's revitalift anti-agitriple power. mine triple power! for the three dimensions of aging. one, repair wrinkles.
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10:27 am
yesterday following a lengthy investigation. the civil rights and charges are based on them being caught on video showing them forcing their way into hotel rooms without justification stealing money, property, and drugs.
10:28 am
welcome back, 10:28 the time. we have a few thunderstorms off the coast of cal.
10:29 am
they're expected to move through half moon bay and santa cruz. light thing being detected with some of these storms. if you live along the peninsula in the next hour or so showers and thunderstorms are expected to roll through. even in fran a few celling running through and in the east bay we have showers. you can check the north bay and see for yourself, things more quiet there. things remaining active today. more thunderstorms push back through noon and the afternoon hours. strong hail, strong winds, and a funnel cloud or two expected today. tomorrow we'll see improving conditions, a few more showers and the skies will clear towards the weekend. by monday and tuesday we're back to seeing tranquil bay area weather. >> thank you, anthony, we have more local news in about half an hour at 11:00.
10:30 am
we'll see you then. throwing an award winning oscar party is brought to you by chex mix. satisfy your snack cravings with 19 delicious chex mix flavors, from savory, to spicy, to sweet, with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting. >> we're back on the try day friday with more of "today" and this sunday is the 86th academy awards. why should the stars have all the fun. >> here to help you throw an award winning oscar party, bringing some of the hollywood glitz and glamour into your own home is better homes and garden magazine's contributing design editor elaine griffin. >> soon going to be part of a new television show. >> yes, "american dream builders," sunday march 23rd, at 8:00 on nbc.
10:31 am
>> i keep seeing the promos. >> okay. >> right now we're getting ready for the oscars, most glamorous night of the year. set a dress code. greet them when they get there, one of best parts as an act is loaning out jewelry. set up your bling trays with stuff you already own. >> not real stuff depending on your friends. >> they might have gone with it. don't forget red carpet moments, right? say you have -- you have to have a -- >> save the wine. >> paparazzi. >> that's the best picture because you're both -- >> i'll hold on to that and shake it. like a polaroid picture. >> or upload pictures from your phone. upload pictures from your phone to postergram. you upload the pictures, they do post cards, messages are there. >> they will print the addresses and send them out for you, for 99 cents.
10:32 am
what a deal? >> that includes postage. >> that's unbelievable. >> that's fabulous. >> a great invite. >> so now it is time for -- we're excited. that's the americana hustle. that's the americana hustle and these are star struck -- >> what is it? >> these are fantastic. >> drink it. >> star struck sparklers. >> serving them on a tray that is very glamorous, world market, 30 bucks, much more extensive. and then we have these gorgeous coasters, very sorry, from kate spade. >> and you want people to fill them out, you put them in envelopes and do the unveiling later on. >> if yours is the most accurate, you take home the cast. we're going to make this easy. we have the runner that is made
10:33 am
out of black paper we have drawn you know, ticket outlines on with a gold market. how genius is this? >> what is it? >> it is a hurricane. >> a hurricane. a candle. >> meaning -- nobody told me. okay. >> we have a little gold statue we cut out. we're bringing the concession stand home with the popcorn bar and do you not love these? >> where do you get those? >> $5 each, individual servings. >> that's such a clever -- thank you. >> you're welcome, hodi. >> i love that. >> what other snacks should you have? >> you have to have the candy sand. that's the best part goffing to the movies. these are in and out boxes, line them with gorgeous paper so it is super glammy. isn't that gorgeous? it is easy. we're using stuff you already have for the oscars for sunday night. >> what are you doing for the oscars? >> i am -- i'm eating a lot of
10:34 am
popcorn and hoping "12 years a slave" wins. >> thank you. >> you can find all the recipes and print your own ballot at >> there is nothing like sisterly love, gospel singing duo known as mary mary is here. >> and viral video star whitney way thorn and her no body shame campaign will help you to love your selfie. ♪ [ ding! ] losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the boring-popcorn decoy bucket. then no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures only chex mix is a bag of interesting. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing.
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10:38 am
all right, we're back with the last day of our special series called "love yourself" with the young woman whose quest to find the perfect body began years ago. >> she was a talented dancer who wasn't afraid to perform for whoever would watch. but her self-esteem seemed to disappear. >> now she's not afraid to show it, most recently in this viral video that made her an internet sensation with more than 2 million hits. >> whitney has the moves. >> and shaking it. >> shaking it. >> how are you? >> so nice to meet you guys. >> are you surprised at the success of this? >> yes. i'm very surprised because i've been making the videos for about a year and this is the first one that has gone this viral for sure. >> wow. you were obviously very athletic. we saw the pictures of you when you were younger. >> yeah. >> you gained weight over the years. was it a hard thing to deal with, embrace, cope with? >> the hardest thing ever in life. i mean, i actually gained 100 pounds in one year when i went
10:39 am
to college. it was, like, literally putting on a fat suit and walking out in public. it was so fast. and i remember i used to bump into things all the time because my body was changing so fast, i didn't even understand, you know, can i fit through these two cars or can i not? you don't know. >> there was a physical reason for it as well that you had -- you think, right? >> i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, linked with insulin resistance, the cause of the initial weight gain. i gained 200 pounds so i take personal responsibility. that's not all because of a medical condition. but definitely i felt ashamed once i started gaining weight, but i was too embarrassed to go to a doctor and say what's happening to me? >> you're a dancer, obviously, you called this video fat girl dancing. you picked that title. it is a little controversial. did you -- why did you pick it? the f word. >> it is the f word. actually my co-worker jared picked it and he said, you know what, whitney, fat girls are popular on the internet and dancing is popular and good music is popular. put that all together and go do
10:40 am
your thing. then i started to embrace it and i think it is really important for me. i like being called fat. i don't like it when people say, oh, you're just curvy or fluffy. let's call fake fake. there is a lot going on here and it is fat. i like to juxtapose that word with these videos because i think i'm breaking down some stereotypes and the stigma that is placed on fat people because i'm being active and happy and i'm dancing and i think i'm talented. and i'm fat too. >> you're all those things. do you think you're healthy? are you convinced that at this weight you're still as healthy as you should be? >> no. luckily for me, i've never had high blood pressure, not high cholesterol, nothing like that. i'm very active. but if i stay this weight, for sure, i'm going to develop health problems. >> what's your plan? >> my plan is to lose 100 pounds, which i already did once, but i gained it back. >> you can do it. >> so the goal is to definitely lose 100 pounds and just keep being active and letting my lifestyle determine my weight. >> what are you hoping people
10:41 am
will take away when they watch that video? >> i hope people understand if you're not the weight you want to be or if you're fat or if you're thin, whatever, it doesn't matter, if you're embarrassed or ashamed about your body, you don't have to be. you got to start living now and the body you have today and from that you will gain confidence. >> you'll work your way. >> you said you're embracing it. you're adorable. >> you'll be back. >> great seeing you, sweetie. thank you so much. if you would like whitney to answer your questions about the body positive movement, go to her live chat at she's written an essay on and we'll have a dance tutorial on the "today" instagram account. >> she's busy. >> taking over. february is the month of romance and we have a god wink story of ever lasting love. >> and grammy winning due o mary mary sisters erica and tina campbell hit all the right notes for us after this. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cold symptoms.
10:42 am
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10:45 am
10:46 am
the sisters are back. erica and tina campbell are known by their stage name mary mary and their song "shackles" launched their career. >> now the gospel duo is returning to tv for their third season of their hit reality show. in last night's explosive episode, the sisters begin to deal with the painful reality of infidelity. take a look. >> the magazine comes out, how are you going to feel? how are you going to deal with it? >> it is my personal life. i need to heal. if i feel like that will help me heal, and teddy was okay with it, it is my decision. >> my heart is so broken for my sister. and all i can do is pray for her and teddy. >> well, it's painful. here you are. >> here you are. >> you chose forgiveness. >> i chose forgiveness because the other way was misery. let's just be honest about it. i did unforgiveness.
10:47 am
i did crazy. i did revenge. >> did you take a knife to him? something to him? >> we don't want to elaborate on the things i did. >> details, details. >> a few things that could have landed me behind bars but thank god i'm free and safe and happy and i did choose to forgive because the other way kept making me miserable. and i wanted to forgive, then i changed my mind and wanted to and changed my mind. i realized living in an unforgiving, angry, bitter state made me miserable every day. >> it is painful to go through it. it is also painful to love someone who is going through it. difficult for you too. >> oh, my god. we were both -- yeah -- incredibly mad at him. you're trying to go, oh, you'll be okay and i'm crumbling inside. she's crying, i'm crying. we did everything like this our whole lives. >> somebody you trusted, it was a friend. >> it was definitely a friend,
10:48 am
somebody close to me. somebody in my house seven days before i actually found out. but, you know what, i'll forgive her too because if i'm going to forgive my husband, who actually made the commitment to me, well, then i can definitely forgive the person involved with him because he's the one that said, i won't hurt you, i won't do you harm and all that kind of stuff. and it is just holding on to it makes me miserable. makes me continue to live in a horrible place and i don't want to live like that. >> does it help, dealing with the things in private is difficult enough. >> absolutely. >> dealing with them in public -- >> it is. i love that she took the sting out of it. she took -- she took people's ability to go, what's happening, my gosh, this is what happened. this is what i did. this is what he did, and this is where we are now. now what? and luckily for her she's not on social media, she's not hearing comments. i am. so sometimes i have to read because i'm very protective of my sister. but to be who she is, as public as she is, and go through this and tell it and say i'm going to
10:49 am
make an attempt to forgive -- >> the truth is, it wasn't found out. i told it. it was my choice. i'm the one that went public with it. i didn't want to be like what if somebody finds out, i'll be embarrassed. let's tell everybody. let's be embarrassed and shamed and do it real hard. and get over it. >> that's the appeal of you two, that attitude. >> and also the musical appeal of you two together. how is the music going? >> the music -- we have to say this, we have, on this third season, you'll see us touring, see us performing. >> album already, right? >> my solo album. >> mary mary still mary, but erica campbell is now at the forefront a little bit and -- >> that's fun. >> this is my biggest cheerleader. >> you want to concentrate on other things. >> family and a book came out of this too, for me. it was literally my journal, my conversations, talking to god about how i didn't want to be crazy and i was acting crazy. i told my lawyer about it, he said it should be a book. >> you sing a little bit for us, so you can remind us of the
10:50 am
singing that you do? ♪ and i'm filled with so much gratitude ♪ ♪ it wasn't enough to explain the magnitude ♪ ♪ the passion of my love you took everything i was ♪ ♪ and made me what i am ♪ ♪ and with all i am i worship you ♪ >> yes! >> i love that! >> thank you so much. >> glad you're doing well. all the best. >> you can catch mary mary thursday nights on we tv. >> unforgettable god wink story that proves love is ever lasting. but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
and now for this month's skreer extraordinary story from squire rushnell. >> a god wink is a live changing coincidence or unexpected experience and as we come to the end of february, known as the month of love, randy yeager shares the story of the ever lasting love between his grandparents, gordon and norma yeager. >> i grew up a few blocks away from my grandmother and grandfather. they were a big part of my childhood. grandma and grandpa were very much in love. they got married the night grandma graduated from high school. and for the next 72 years, they were practically inseparable. my dad would worry, what would life be like if one survived and the other didn't? grandpa had an answer for that. he would say, i'll have to wait for her, she would do the same for me. my grandparents drove out to breakfast every day. but one day, there was a
10:55 am
terrible accident. grandma and grandpa were rushed to the hospital, clinging to life. the nurses placed their beds side by side. when my dad got to the hospital, he saw that they were holding hands. at 3:38 in the afternoon, grandpa passed away. then my dad saw something astonishing. grandpa had just died, but his heart monitor was still beeping. he asked the nurse how could that be? she looked puzzled. and then pointed to my grandparents. they're still holding hands, she said. her heart is beating through his and being picked up on his heart monitor. one hour later, to the minute, grandma caught up with grandpa on the way to heaven. the nurse quietly said he is such a gentleman. he is standing there, holding the gate for her. that's a god wink i'll never forget.
10:56 am
>> okay. these are getting harder and harder. >> oh, my god. by the way -- i can't -- the heart beat through -- oh, my gosh. so -- >> okay. >> next week, patrick duffy. >> he'll make us laugh. >> and the legendary sicily tyson is here. >> performances by the ten ten tenors. >> and our red carpet review of the oscars, because, you know what, guess who is going to be there? you are. >> who knows what else will happen? have an awesome weekend, everybody. god bless. >> yeah. we'll see you on monday. bye-bye. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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right now at 11:00, scattered showers across the bay area. we give you a live look at the second of two big storms to slam the region. >> here is what it looks like outside, we're recovering from an onslaught of rain and windy weather. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. >> we have our microclimate weather team in place, bob redell shows us the problems caused by the heavy rain. christie smith has cancellations at the airport. let's start with anthony slaughter talking about the fact that we're not done for the day if. >> no, i want to set the stage with the numerous storm we ports we saw overnight. a lot of this had


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