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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2014 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> breaking overnight, deliberate action. the disappearance of malaysia flight 370 was intentional. >> these movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane. >> while searchers are keeping up the hunt for the plane, the focus turns to the crew and the passengers and the question of who was really at the controls. >> cold war on ice. with diplomatic tensions between the two nations high, the u.s. russia sports rivalry heats up at the para-olympics with the
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hockey show down. >> and girl power. how a group of girls selling girl scout cook kiss turn into crime fighters. they help police catch a thief in the act. their remarkable story today, saturday, march 15th, 2014. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to today on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill along side jenna wolf and dylan dreyer. we want to get you to today's top story. that's the breaking news coming in overnight involving the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. that development, this the disappearance was intentional. they made that statement earlier this morning. >> the plane has been missing for 8 days and investigators are finally getting more details about at least the track of the
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airplane. some of the initial movements. they now know for sure that the plane did make a deliberate u-turn and someone disabled the devices that would allow them to see the plane on radar. >> we begin in washington this morning with kerry sanders with the very latest on this investigation. kerry, good morning. >> well, good morning, erica. malaysia's prime minister said it's clear this was an intentional act but he stopped short of calling this a hijacking. but with word that this was a deliberate act also comes new focus on where the plane may have gone down. it's still a vast search area. as we take a look at the map, teams from malaysia, india, and the united states are concentrating their searches here which is in the bay of bengal and here down in the indian ocean. together that would be like searching an area the size of the continental united states. so it's still a huge area. the u.s. has planes both p-3 and
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p-8s designed for antisubmarine warfare but they can see if something is floating on the surface. while their range is limited, each mission can scan about 10,000 square miles. now investigators say those pings coming from the boeing 777's so-called acars system is a big reason they believe this was intentional. had the plane gone down right away, it would have continued for four to five hours. that would mean the plane could have gone down in the indian ocean or may have made it farther. lester. >> thank you. armed with this new information there's an increased police presence outside the home of the plane's pilot today. kier simmons is in kuala lumpur with more on that.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. while this news conference was taking place with the prime minister, shortly afterwards police arrived at the pilots house and there were reports that they were searching the pilot's house. malaysian police arrived at the gated community where the pilot lived this morning. two hours later they left and they'll be looking into who might be involved with the disappearance of flight 370 but the focus is on everyone on board including passengers. there would be an opportunity to break into the cockpit despite security precautions. >> if there were to be a real take over, that would be the time where the crew members would be moving in and out to serve the drinks. >> the flight's captain, in his 50s, highly experienced. he logged 18,000 flight hours. his co-pilot, 27, relatively new
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with 2800 flight hours. the key questions, who else on board could fly a 777. who might have had a motive to commandeer the aircraft and for what purpose? and where was it going? >> there were prayers for flight 370 at the local mosque. friends call him quite, a respectful man. living at this home. >> a very nice man. he goes to work and then when he comes back, he says hello, hi. >> less is known about the pilot seen here in home improvement videos. he has a flight simulator at home. a man dedicated to flying but malays malaysian officials here aren't telling us much more than that. a few hours ago another press conference planned here was dramatically cancelled meaning we were unable to ask our questions and find out more detail about what the prime
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minister has to say. one note of caution, though, lester, this is now a police investigation among many other inquiries. they may be holding back information in order to benefit that inquiry. >> things changing quite rapidly. keir simmons for us this morning. thank you. >> greg fines is an ntsb investigator. good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> this is now a police investigation. some things may be held back. there's still so many questions. when you look at these latest developments, the declaration that this was an intentional act. news of those pings and how long they lasted, what do those things tell you as a former investigator? >> well, with the intentional act, we have been talking about it on our air here all week about the fact that once that turn was made, there had to be human intervention. there wasn't anything preprogrammed in the flight plan that wouldn't have happened if there was an explosive decompression and the piloted
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passed out. so they finally confirmed that this airplane, that u-turn was an intentional event. now the question is who made that intentional event and who conducted it. the other thing they haven't identified who is made the last radio call. that could help them determine who was in control of the airplane right before they lost all of those communication with the aircraft. >> and as we're trying to figure those things out there's obviously not only a number of countries working together on this but a number of different agencies. there's conflicting interpretation of some of the data, specifically when it comes to some of this radar information we have and how high the plane may or may not have climbed and how quickly it descended. can you walk us through that? >> absolutely. one of the things, and people have taken numbers, the radar that the military is using only gives you distance and direction. it doesn't give you altitude. it takes height finding radar to give you that third dimension. and either you use multiple
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sights or you can use a very sophisticated single sight. what they haven't done, the data points where it shows the airplane going up to 43,000 feet and 20,000 feet, you have to be careful with the data because it needs to be smooth. from what i understand, the last valid radar after the transponder was turned off, the last one they had was at 29,500 feet and that was basically some smooth data because you will get these data points and we have to be very careful because if that airplane climbs up and down, the big wild gyrations, you would break that airplane apart trying to recover it. >> there's so many questions and so much speculation. some of that fuelled by the lack of information. there's been a theory that maybe the plane landed somewhere. based on your experience and based on what you have learned, is that a possibility?
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>> no, erica. it is not. i believe as you look at that map, they finally figured out based on the satellite arc from the five or six pings they received from the unit that this airplane either went on a northerly track or southerly track. they didn't want to be tracked by radar. they turned the transponders off. if you're trying to stay out of radar view then the best direction to go is to the south because you'll be out over open ocean. there is no radar coverage. there is no tracking in that direction. if you go north, you're going to be going into a radar environment. so they're going to concentrate their efforts south and i wouldn't be surprised if australia done eventually join this search process to assist. >> greg, quickly, is it possible that we never know what happened? >> that's always a possibility erica because we may never know the absolute background of what was the fuelling fire, if you
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will, for this person to take or commandeer the aircraft and do something with it. we may find that where the airplane crashed with floating debris. we may never find the wreckage and we definitely may never find all the answers if we don't have a cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. >> we do know that the search will continue as long as possible. always appreciate your insight. thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> let's get a look at the mornings other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. a man suspected of drunken driving is charged with capital murder in the deaths of two people at the south by southwest conference in austin texas. he smashed through a street barricade and accelerated as he approached crowds. officials continue looking for clues this morning at the site of the new york city explosion that killed 8 people. you're looking at dramatic new surveillance video of wednesday's blast. emergency workers are expected
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to reach the basement today of the two apartment buildings that collapsed. they've launched an investigation into the explosion. the first of what could lead to a slew of cross action claims against general motors is now on the table. even though gm recalled nearly 2 million cars in february it knew about a deadly ignition switch and defect for years. they're seeking compensation for not being able to use their vehicles for repairs and diminished resale value. >> it's so bad people are getting rides on buses in an effort to keep cars off the roads. air pollution reached an unusually high level and is expected to stay that way through the weekend. they issued health warning for the elderly, pregnant women, young children, and people with respiratory problems. >> and finally, so if i told you there was a woman that had a c-section and everyone is doing fine, you'd say thank you queen of nonnews. but if i told you it was a
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gorilla that had a c-section. officials at san diego zoo sz safari park welcomed an infant gorilla this week. she was delivered via emergency c-section. don't worry gorilla insurance does cover that. the baby is in intensive care getting oxygen and fluids. mom is doing just fine and when she is up and running again i can give her tips on how to tighten the core after the c-section. just in this area. >> it's amazing. >> it is amazing. the good news, the baby is doing great. >> glad to hear it. >> dylan is here with a check of the forecast. >> good morning, guys, now the queen of real news. >> oh -- >> whoa. >> dodging flying pins here. a pretty descent storm system is going to develop down across the southeast. there's a couple of spotty showers elsewhere across the
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country but down here we could see a break out of severe storms later on today. in red here from central texas into new orleans we could see strong storms with very gusty winds and we have to watch out for possible tornadoes as well. that's something we'll keep an eye on along with the threat of heavy rain. we'll see inches of rain move through parts of arkansas, mississippi and into parts of alabama. even actually it works into colder air as we go into the sunday night and monday morning time frame. before that happens we're looking at the chance of three to four inches of rainfall in the southeast. now, there is the possibility that we could see a little bit of accumulating snow back through parts of missouri by monday morning and also stretching through roanoke. this is an elevation type event. the whole storm system is pushed further to the south. the northeast not looking like we're going to get in on that snowstorm but the big story today will be the chance of severe storms down across we're seeing clear skies and
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kind of a chilly start to the morning. 43 in the north bay around santa rosa and 49 in san jose with mostly clear skies and the afternoon a hint of low clouds coming down the coast late in the day and our temperatures inland today we're talking 70s and 80s, close to 80 in san jose. upper 70s around the peninsula. low 70s closer to san francisco and to the north bay 80 near santa rosa and low to mid-80s out toward the tri-valley for the afternoon. >> and that's your latest forecast. erica? >> all right, dylan, thanks. and you should pay special attention to this story, dylan. if you look at your calendar, we know it's the middle of march. many of us still dealing with bitterly cold weather, as dylan pointed out, even the possibility of snow on st. patrick's day, but it turns out it's not all bad news. janet shamlian found out that florida's tourism industry is red hot. >> reporter: it's as if winter has been on steroids. for tens of millions, the bitter cold, snow and ice have been unrelenting.
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one storm on top of another. >> no snow. no more of that stuff. >> reporter: it's been a mean season, and it's got many in the cold zone dreaming of this, the sand, the surf, and temperatures warmer than they are at home. travel agents have been swamped with calls from winter-weary americans. >> business has been amazing. the more snow, the more people want to go. >> reporter: jim and sue nelson booked a trip to ft. lauderdale. sick of pennsylvania's never-ending winter. >> i feel like i've been living in a cave, and it's time to get out and see the sun again. >> reporter: the nelsons are here for a welcome week away from shoveling snow. >> morning temperatures have been zero, minus 2, minus 5, i think as far down as minus 10. >> having mother nature as a marketing partner is about as good as it gets. >> reporter: cities catering to beach-lovers have increased their advertising budget, hoping to take advantage of those fed up and ready to head out. ft. lauderdale has a billboard in new york's times square, and the it's so miami social media
5:16 am
campaign is aimed at attracting more visitors to south florida, a blitz that has paid off. >> for the first couple months, we are seeing growth of upwards of 18%. >> reporter: in ft. lauderdale, 40 hotels are sold out this weekend, well ahead of spring break. >> we just continue to see sellouts from northerners really coming down to just escape it all. >> reporter: tish and 11-month-old hugo fled snowy columbus. >> it's been great for us all, especially him. >> reporter: the prescription for winter fatigue, an escape from a mean season with spring just days away. janet shamlian, nbc news, daytona beach. >> dylan has been to every cold spot, every storm. >> i think it's time for dylan to go somewhere warm. >> i pitched trying to cover that story, but i didn't get it. >> from hawaii! from hawaii she tried to pitch covering that story. >> but the only reason that didn't work is because it's dark there when we're live, right? >> that's true. >> miami, it's light. i'm going to start a petition. >> i have one other reason,
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they're two separate places, but that's a smaller detail, minor. >> or just wait here until june. >> i'm waiting. >> there you go. still to come, on a much more serious note this morning, a dad trying to protect his daughter winds up shooting a teen in their home, and there's a big twist in this case. we'll tell you all about that, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we're back on a saturday morning, march 15th. the eyes of march, a day we all should apparently be aware of, but do you know why? >> dylan is in the orange room with an explanation for us all. you always get the smart stories. >> i like the smart stories, and this one i toldly understand. it's the ides of march, but let me explain why it's called ides of march. ides means middle and march means, wait for it, march. so this basically means the middle of march. up until 44 bc, it didn't mean
5:20 am
that much, but of course, march 15th was a bad day for julius caesar. that's the day he was assassinated, and it wasn't really until 1601 when shakespeare coined the phrase "beware of the ides of march," that's when they said that because march 15th was obviously his assassination, so that's how it became popular. even though yesterday was march 14th, it was trending on twitter, #idesofmarch. "international day of the betrayers and the betrayed. beware, be careful, be vigilant." "if your name is julius caesar, you probably should stay inside for the next few days." and "it is said that emperor caesar would have outran his assassins had not atin pies." and that's the mathematical constant, 3.14. i could go into that. >> a whole different story. >> is there going to be a test on this? >> i am testing you. i want to know the entire mathematical constant for pi.
5:21 am
>> when's recess? >> it's next. >> dylan went through the whole thing, and after that, i looked down, today's march 15th? you're too smart! >> all right, still to come, we have an update on the teenage runner who isn't slowing down in the face of a devastating ms diagnosis. we're going to talk with her [ animals shouting ] aaaahhhh. [ animals shouting ] why can't everyone just be more tea? [ tires screech ] excuse us. [ bicycle bell rings ] watch it! nice. whoa! one step at a time. [ tires screech, crash ] kermit, how do you cope with all these animals? just be more tea, with lipton. hey! ow! aaaaahhhh. that's better. [ female announcer ] lipton. be more tea. [ male announcer ] disney's muppets most wanted march 21st. [ female announcer ] olay presents the new regenerist luminous collection. renews surface cells to even skin tone. in just two weeks, see pearlescent, luminous skin. new regenerist luminous.
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still to come on "today," they left the shelter system determined to make their lives better, and now one couple certainly is, paying it forward. and later, a big matchup with a lot on the line as the u.s. gets ready to take on russia in the paralympic sled hockey gold medal game. but first, these messages. when your allergies hit it's more than itchy eyes and sneezing it's annoying sinus pressure and tough nasal congestion that makes it harder to breathe. that's why you need claritin-d. it combines the leading non-drowsy antihistamine with a decongestant that's powerful and fast-acting all in one pill. so you get more complete relief of your allergy symptoms. when your allergies hit you with nasal congestion
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good saturday morning to you. looking live at a very clear view of the bay bridge this morning. let's see what's in store for our forecast. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. meteorologist rob mayeda has what to expect. >> the weather looks nice this morning. clear skies out there, kris, 40s and low frills around the north bay. kind of a chilly start, the clear skies and high pressure a sign that we'll see a warm afternoon, too, as you can see here mainly clear skies, no fog or high clouds in the way. and the forecast hour by hour all the way through the afternoon and even the coast looks mostly clear. a few low clouds trying to creep in as we head towards tomorrow morning. the temperatures near 80 in san jose. mid to upper 70s around the peninsula, san francisco seeing those highs in the low 70s this
5:27 am
afternoon. as we take you to the north bay near 80 in santa rosa, livermore, 80 degrees, 82 in pleasanton and dublin with the st. patrick's day parade festivities going on this weekend we should see highs in the tri-valley in the low 80s. kris? the family of sierra lamar is getting ready to mark a somber milestone. tomorrow marks the second anniversary of her disappeara e disappearance. she disappeared before school on the morning of march 16th, 2012, last night her family and supporters gathered to raise support to keep the search going. >> missing sierra and not knowing what happened to her, yeah, those are probably the hardest things. >> i live on the same street where she caught the bus stop and so as i take my kids to school every day, we pass by the bus stop. >> sierra was last seen leaving that bus stop on her way to school. last month a grand jury indicted
5:28 am
a suspect on kidnapping and murder charges after her dna was found in his car. her body has yet to be found. searchers will be out looking again today just as they have every saturday since she disappeared. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay" we'll have an exclusive live interview with her mother. voss are gearing up for a cleanup of the homeless camp in the south bay unless city officials can put a stop to it. the organization of homeless outreach plans to clean up the camp nope as the jungle. it sits right behind san jose's happy hollows zoo. they've brought in two huge dumpsters to collect garbage but nearby businesses want the homeless out. the city of san jose agrees. they say they have plans in place for the homeless and are urging the volunteers not to go into the jungle this weekend. coming up this morning on, today in the bay," it is a
5:29 am
national nutrition month and we'll talk about quick and easy snack recipes for kid that will keep them happy and healthy. that and all the day's news coming up at 7:00. but here's more of the "today" show.
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♪ and good morning, once again, on this saturday morning, march 15th, 2014. a nice crowd out there on the plaza, enjoying the warmer temperatures, which are going to continue to increase throughout the day here in new york city. we're happy and we're embracing those, and frankly, i'm ignoring the forecast for the next few days. so, dylan, while i may be listening, i'm not actually downloading it into my brain. coming up this hour, you may remember hearing about the high school track star who, despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, is not only turning heads in every competition, but setting some personal records, seeming to get faster with every race. well, lucky us, she's taken a break from the track and she is going to talk with us this morning about how she's overcome these obstacles in her way. and later, some other inspiring american athletes
5:31 am
getting ready to take on russia in another showdown on the ice. the gold medal up for grabs in the paralympic game of sled hockey. we'll talk to some of the team usa players about what's at stake. plus, does president obama wear mom jeans? well, plenty of people say yes. so, why is it such a big deal and why is the president calling in to defend himself to ryan seacrest? ah, the method to that madness. >> the bicycle jeans weren't that bad. the one where he's winding up, those were -- >> those were mom jeans? >> i didn't want to get audited, so i didn't actually say mom jeans. we'll meet an inspiring couple who met under the worst of circumstances, turned their lives around and are now helping others like them. >> such a great story. looking forward to that one. we do begin, though, this half hour with a serious story out of texas, where police say a man shot and killed a teenage boy he found in his daughter's bedroom in the middle of the night. here's charles hadlock. >> reporter: the family of 17-year-old johran mccormick
5:32 am
cannot understand how or why he died. >> he didn't have no weapons. he's not that type of kid. no play guns, no water guns, no bb guns, no nothing. >> reporter: mccormick was shot and killed while secretly visiting a 16-year-old girl in this home north of houston. the girl's father told investigators that he heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom around 2:30 in the morning. when he went to investigate, he found mccormick and his daughter in her room. police say she initially denied knowing the boy. the father called 911. but before police arrived, the man told investigators the boy appeared to reach for something. >> there was some type of altercation, and the father shot the male one time. >> he didn't have to shoot him. he didn't have to shoot him in the head. >> reporter: it turns out, mccormick and the girl were friends. police say she let mccormick into the house and sneaked him into her bedroom. >> he is not a stranger. we don't know that the father knew him or not. >> reporter: the father was taken to a local hospital
5:33 am
suffering from what police say was a panic attack following the shooting. no charges have been filed. the sheriff's department says the case will be presented to a grand jury. >> if his life's just going to be taken away by something like this, it hurts. it hurts. >> reporter: now, instead of enjoying spring break, mccormick's family is planning his funeral. for "today," charles hadlock, nbc news. we're going to head outside now to dylan for another check of the weather. hey, dylan. >> hey, good morning, guys! can you even hear me? we've got some crowd out here! i don't even know if it's worth talking at this point, because they are out of control this morning here on the plaza. such an awesome sight to see. must be spring break, right? we are looking at the chance of a couple showers in some areas today, but in chicago, we're actually not going to see the clouds move in until much later on today. 37 to 43 degrees for the parade today. good thing it's today and not
5:34 am
tomorrow. chicago goes from 43 today down to 24 tomorrow, cleveland 39 today, 25 tomorrow. in boston, we should get up to 50 today. that's going to feel awesome, but 31 degrees tomorrow. in new york city, 55 degrees later on this afternoon. so, a gorgeous day here in new york. back behind this cold front. but we do have an area of concern that's down across eastern texas, through louisiana and the gulf coast states. we could end up with some severe storms later today, so something to keep in mind. we could have some damaging wind gusts, some heavy downpours and also the chance of some isolated tornadoes. that slight risk moves into the panhandle of florida on sunday, and we could see more of an icy mix across parts of missouri and over into especially the higher elevations back near roanoke, virginia. so, we will keep an eye on that storm, but it's mostly rain, about 3 to 4 inches of rain down across the southeast. let's give it and out the window this morning mostly clear skies and chilly temperatures down into the low 40s around the north bay. you can see we got clear skies around california into the bay area. not much in the way of low
5:35 am
clouds out near the coast either. pretty nice forecast today, close to 80 in san jose. upper 70s around the peninsula. san francisco in the low 70s but have to watch out for the pollen today with the breezy conditions at times. that's the unpleasant part of the forecast but 70s and 80s this weekend. >> and let's take you down to delaware for "today's top spot." it's greenberg's train and toy show in wilmington, delaware. for more than 30 years, greenberg has been one of the largest traveling train and toy shows in the northeast. there's so much to see and do, including 250 tables of trains, workshops and demonstrations. kids also can ride the roaming railroad down in delaware, so something to check out. now it's official, it's your 17th birthday, and you have made it on tv. going way down the list here, get on tv at the "today" show at the bottom of the list. so, we can check that off. erica? >> a complete list. great way to start a birthday.
5:36 am
dylan, thanks. just ahead, the story of a couple who met under the worst of circumstances. they're now making a better life for themselves and for others as well. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. ♪ all the goodness of milk, all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. and then there's juicy chicken. the difference is best foods. best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken
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[ gasps ] i just washed this floor. if i didn't see it i wouldn't believe it. [ carmel ] it did my heart good to see you cleaning. [ regina ] yeah, your generation has all the good stuff. [ daughter ] oh, yeah. we're back with the inspiring story of two people who were determined to make a better life for themselves. they met in a shelter and were able to eventually move out, and now they've made it their mission to help others do the same. we'll talk to them in just a moment, but first, their story from nbc's janet shamlian. >> lunch is now being served. >> reporter: it's lunch hour at a shelter in alexandria, virginia. >> okay, and you want salad in a bowl. >> yes. >> reporter: while many volunteer here, no one has the experience of the couple serving today. >> hi, sir, how are you? >> hi. >> reporter: resurrection and devon, behind the counter, used to be in front of it, hungry and homeless. >> i know when the first person came up to the counter, i kind of remembered. i went back to me being on that side, me being that person who
5:40 am
needed food. >> reporter: it happened after resurrection lost her massage therapy studio in the recession and her house to foreclosure. even with a business background, she had trouble navigating the world of social services. >> what would you like? >> reporter: a struggle that convinced her, when back on her feet, she'd help others do the same. when people leave shelters like this one, most hope never to return. they want to leave homelessness behind, but clearly, resurrection and devon aren't most people. it was an unusual courtship. they met at a shelter. >> they played chess together, and you know, they were sort of inseparable. >> reporter: and they have been ever since. when devon got a full-time job, they moved in together. and last august, in the shadow of the jefferson memorial, they married. with resurrection still in her wedding dress, the couple celebrated by handing out meals to the homeless. why did you do that on your wedding day? >> we really wanted to sort of
5:41 am
give back and also pay tribute to how we met. so, we have donations -- >> reporter: but it was just the start. >> those are house-warming gifts. >> reporter: helping people leave shelters has become a full-time passion. the lives changed are now more than their own. >> she's been there, so she's the first person i called andship went to work immediately, helped out. >> reporter: resurrection helped shinora keep a roof over her head when times got tough. >> this really was something i felt was a part of my calling. so, to help people really to overcome, not maintain their poverty or maintain their situation, but to actually overcome it i think is really special and something that's needed. >> reporter: a young couple remembering where they came from and leading by example. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news, alexandria, virginia. >> resurrection and devon, good morning to both of you. thanks for being here. thanks for sharing your story. >> good morning. >> thank you for having me.
5:42 am
>> resurrection, three years ago, you were at a pretty low point in your life, you end up in a shelter. i'm thinking the idea of finding love there was probably the last thing on your mind. >> absolutely. certainly did not go to a shelter to look for a man. >> but you spotted devon, and was it just a match made in heaven right away? >> it was. i felt a need to go to this particular shelter, and quite honestly, when he looked at me, it was kind of one of those "avatar" moments, i like to describe it, and i just felt like he was looking through me. so, it was very beautiful, magical, as he would say. >> and devon, you made a beautiful bride and groom, and the jefferson memorial. and then handing out the food, was that something that the two of you had talked about that you wanted to do to celebrate your wedding? >> yes, it's something we discussed and something we thought would be a great idea and something different, and we went on ahead and did it. >> and what was the feeling of doing that, of, you know, finding this new place, this wonderful, new place in your
5:43 am
life and remembering those who haven't quite reached where you're at? >> it was a great feeling. it was a beautiful day. my wife looked gorgeous. >> aww. >> yeah, we went out, we helped the homeless. we fed them. >> and there was a guy in particular that we have in one of our pictures that was really, really inspired and happy that we came out. >> resurrection, as you know, sometimes, you know, the homeless can be invisible in our society. >> yes. >> you are quite visible with what you've done. what do you want people to know about, you know, folks like yourselves who ended up in places like that? >> well, you know, my husband is a veteran, a military veteran. i was an entrepreneur. and what we like to tell people is that homelessness, one, can happen to anyone. it's unfortunate, but homelessness, every homeless person has their own story. people become homeless for different reasons. and so, we just want to encourage people to make them visible, to remember that they are still people and they're just without a home. so, if we can help them to
5:44 am
overcome their adversity, then they'll be tax-paying citizens. many of them are because they're working. so, if we can help them to just get back on their feet and lend that helping hand, then i think we'll make the world a better place. >> that is a very inspiring and important message. thanks again for sharing it with us. >> absolutely. >> congratulations to the two of you and best of luck. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we're back right after this. ♪ and you said no phones. the vacation you've been looking for is here. come and take it, universal orlando. but we're not staying in the kitchen. just start the slow cooker, add meat
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5:47 am
♪ an american girl when you see this high school track athlete in question, you would never guess she has a debilitating disease. kayla montgomery continues to defy expectations, running faster and faster, despite having multiple sclerosis. >> kayla and her coach are here for the national track competition. good morning. great to have you here. >> great to have you guys here. kayla, you're doing great so far in this competition. >> yes. >> overnight, you actually moved up in the 5000 meters. so, last night we went to bed, you were number 11 in the nation. this morning you're number 8 and just set a personal best. >> yeah. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm really excited. i hit my goal, all i could ever ask for. >> multiple schlerosis causes muscle weakness.
5:48 am
you were diagnosed with it three years ago. what made you decide that you could continue to run and you wanted to continue to run? >> i didn't want to be -- i guess i didn't want people to think i was different. i wanted to try to maintain as much, i guess, normality in my life as i could. i kept running. >> you've kept running and you've gotten faster and faster. walk us through it. what's it like for you? when you start to run, as i understand, you can feel your legs. we see you collapse at the end of your races. what happens in that period between start and finish? >> when i overheat, the connections in my brain don't send as accurately as i should and i lose feeling from the waist down. as i start to heat up in my race, so probably a mile or so in i start to lose feeling. >> but you keep going. >> yeah. >> how? >> i don't really focus on it. i just kind of ignore it and just focus on finishing my race and everything else. >> well, clearly, endurance is endurance, but coach, and kayla, i'll ask you both, and i don't
5:49 am
mean to be insensitive with this question, but because you have no feeling, is there potentially some advantage against competitors? >> i guess there could be, but the way i see it, there really isn't as much of an advantage. sure, i can't feel the pain in the legs that other runners can, but i feel pain everywhere else, and i can't tell how fast my legs are moving or what my pace is, so i have to work in other ways to figure out my pace. >> coach, it sounds to me like her advantage is mental, emotional and mental here. >> absolutely. she has to overcome quite a bit, and she's the toughest competitor i've ever had up here. >> and that obviously takes you a long way. you are going on a running scholarship in the fall. very exciting. what's next for you? what's your hope for your dream? >> i guess keep running and improving, and hopefully, keep running forever. >> all right, you're doing great. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. >> kayla and coach cromwell
5:50 am
joining us this morning. we want to head to dylan now in the orange room with "today's plaza fan," or fans, in this case, of the day. good morning, erica! we have debbie hayes here. her mom ran away for a little bit, but she's from the sweet town of hershey, pennsylvania. >> hello! >> all decked out for st. patrick's day. take it away. >> still to come on "today," "30 days to a better you." the common mistakes people make when they try to eat healthy. but first, this is "today" on nbc. good morning nelly! woah.
5:51 am
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♪ we want to take a moment to congratulate lester on a big recognition he received this week, the first amendment award from the radio television digital news association for all the work that he's done to help protect first amendment freedoms. we should point out, lester, this is for your body of work, for the incredible career huffs and the work you've done, not just for one story. >> thank you. it was very nice. it's always nice to be honored
5:53 am
by your colleagues for what you do, and of course, everybody's a part of it, but i was humbled. it was fun. went down to washington, d.c., big, fancy dinner, got to get dressed up. i was there with a distinguished group of honorees, bill plant from cbs news who got his lifetime achievement award, so, it was great company and a great time. thank you for mentioning it. >> well, yeah. one of the things i know you said in your acceptance speech, you talked about some of the best advice you'd been given by a mentor. >> jerry neckman was a legendary radio guy here in new york, but he hired me in san francisco as a 20-year-old kid. and you know, he said the highest calling in this business is being a reporter. and i always remember that. you know, we sit here and we're anchor and this and that, but at the heart, what we do is report, and that is the highest calling. i always tell young people, you know, being an anchor's prestigious, but the most interesting times i've had on this job have been out on the field. >> sure. >> doing stories. i wanted to share that. a lot of scholarship winners from the rt and ba were there, so i wanted to make sure we had a good message for them. >> it's great.
5:54 am
i think we all feel pretty special to sit alongside you all the time, but even more so now. >> oh, well, you guys deserve an award for sitting with me. >> yeah, when do we get that award anyway? >> putting up with my obnoxious behavior. a quick note for some of you, you may be leaving us for your local programming, but for those of you sticking around, oh, are you in for a treat. how about some bad jeans? why president obama [ male announcer ] walgreens understands being at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i should've looked some more." ♪ that's why walgreens makes it easy to save even more on your medicare part d prescriptions. ♪ just stop on by and leave all the legwork to us. switch to walgreens today where you could save with copays as low as zero dollars on select medicare part d plans. at the corner of happy and healthy. everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back.
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good morning to you waking up in the dark. a little rough start this morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. it takes about a week, don't you think? >> it takes longer. but if you are waking up this morning the weather outside might wake you up. it's 43 degrees. that will get you woken up in the north bay this morning. 49 in the east bay. san jose near 50 degrees. one thing to watch out for rough surf heading towards the coast. a storm that's not going to bring us rain but will fan waves our way. high surf advisory on sunday. could see the breakers up to 18 feet by the end of the weekend and if you are heading out to the coast, there will be a lot of folks doing that.
5:57 am
sunny skies. temperatures around santa cruz in the upper 70s. and watch out for the rough surf. san jose near 80 that's nice. but what's not so nice are the pollen count levels really at their peak so far in the winter and early start to spring coming up in another week or so. you can see that will be the issue with the breezy conditions this weekend. 70s around the peninsula. low 70s around san francisco and low 80s in the tri-valley. and dublin hosting the st. patrick's day weekend. it looks good around the tri-valley. back to you, kris. the family of sierra lamar is getting ready to mark a somber milestone. tomorrow marks the second anniversary of her disappearance. the 15-year-old girl disappeared before school on the morning of march 16th, 2012. last night her family and supporters gathered to raise money to keep the search for her going. they refuse to give up. >> missing sierra, of course, and just not knowing what
5:58 am
happened to her, yeah. those are probably the hardest things. >> i live on the same street where she caught the bus stop, and so as i take my kids to school every day, we pass by the bus stop. >> sierra lamar was last seen leaving for the bus stop on her way to school last month a grand jury indicted anthony torres on kidnapping and murder charges. her dna was found in his car. her body, however, has not been found. searchers will be out looking again today just as they have every saturday since she disappeared. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," we'll have an exclusive interview with her mother marlene. volunteers are gearing up for a cleanup of the nation's biggest homeless camp unless the city can put a stop to it. the homeless outreach plans to clean up the camp known as the jungle that sits behind san jose's happy hollow zoo.
5:59 am
the homeless advocate group has brought in two huge dumpsters to collect garbage, but nearby businesses don't want them to clean up the area, they want the homeless to leave the area altogether. the city of san jose agrees. they say they have plans in place for the homeless and are urging the volunteers not to go into the jungle. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" it is national nutrition week, so we've brought in a former disney chef that will give us quick and easy snack recipes for kids to keep them healthy and happy.
6:00 am
good morning. it's saturday, march 15th, 2014. here's a look at today's top stories. deliberate action. breaking news from malaysia's prime minister. he says communications on board the plane were deliberately disabled and the last signal from the jet came seven hours after takeoff. this morning the search to find the plane is moving from the south china sea to two other corridors that cover a huge area of land and sea. now police are taking a closer look at the plane's crew and also the passengers to find out who was at the controls, who was responsible. we're live with the latest on where the search for the plane is now and why. cold war on ice. incredible paraathletes preparing to take part in a
6:01 am
decades-old rivalry with a matchup in sochi, russia, today for the paralympic sport of sled hockey. we'll hear from some of team usa's best players about the sport and taking on russia. and girl power. an incredibly brave group of girl scouts can add a new badge to their smocks for crime-fighting. this morning, they're telling us how they helped catch a pair of alleged shoplifters in action. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. there have been a lot of breaking developments overnight in the investigation into that missing 777. >> it has now been eight days since the jet vanished. this morning there are new developments that we learned just a few hours ago in a hastily gathered news conference. malaysia's prime minister now saying they now know for a fact someone on the plane is responsible for the disappearance, but even with that discovery and that announcement, there remain a number of unanswered questions. our team is covering the story both from washington and malaysia. we begin with kerry sanders, who has the very latest on this investigation. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, erica. malaysia's prime minister says flight 370's disappearance was a
6:02 am
deliberate act. and while there's been guesses as to where the plane went down, the prime minister now says the search area is beginning to narrow. while teams are still looking at the bay of bengal, officials have now shared a map that reveals a keen interest down here to the south. that's in the indian ocean. together, all these areas of the search area is vast, larger than the continental united states. and remember, with water, this is a three-dimensional search, as the waters in the indian ocean are in some cases 2 1/2 miles deep. earlier this morning, malaysia's prime minister said the disappearance of flight 370 was no accident. >> these movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane. >> reporter: working with limited verifiable information, malaysia's prime minister says it's too early to call this a
6:03 am
hijacking. investigators reached the conclusion this could not simply be a catastrophic aircraft failure after reviewing the limited hard facts they do have. the last known contacts with flight 370 were timed pings from the jet's so-called acars system, but those animated pings every hour for five hours were empty. they had no flight data, as they're supposed to. 14 minutes after that first empty ping, the jet's transponder mysteriously stopped emitting a pulsing signal. the jet was south of vietnam. military radar tapes showed the plane making two deliberate turns, first a u-turn heading back over malaysia, the second a right turn, heading up the straight of malacca. but what's desperately needed is hard evidence of where the plane went down. experts say with the vast search area, it's as likely a fisherman will uncover the next clue. >> it's just going to take time, and i suspect what's going to happen first is someone's going to come across floating
6:04 am
wreckage. i think that will probably happen before anything else happens. >> reporter: while it may be that haphazard, there is no lack of technology in use. the u.s. navy has deployed antisubmarine p-3 and p-8 aircraft that can electronically see floating debris if, eight days later, anything would still be on the surface. >> they use night vision, they use infrared. really, all they need is their radar, and they will pick it up. >> reporter: because the malaysian government says it believes this was a deliberate act, officials are again looking at who the passengers and crew were. but nbc news has learned it doesn't stop there. investigators want to know who else had access to the plane on the ground before it took off and if any of those people are now missing. if you're wondering, as officials are, did someone stow away in the cargo hold, while the cargo hold is pressurized on a 777, it's not climate controlled down there, which means it would be a real challenge to stay warm enough, because at more than 30,000 feet
6:05 am
up in the air, the temperature is 47 degrees below zero. erica? >> wow. all right, kerry sanders, thank you. >> and kerry mentions the focus now on the passengers and the crew. let's talk about the investigation on the ground in malaysia, specifically into the two men who were in control of the plane, at least at the start. malaysian police spent a few hours this morning at the pilot's home. keir simmons is in kuala lumpur with the latest. keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, there, lester. good morning. that's right, there are reports this morning that police searched zaharie shah's house, the pilot of the plane. we were there to see them arrive, and then a few hours later, they left. so, who are these two pilots? well, zaharie shah is in his 50s. he is highly experienced. he's logged 18,000 flight hours, whereas fariq hamid, who is the co-pilot, he's 27, he's relatively new with 2,800 flight hours. now, we've been talking at the
6:06 am
same time to the president of the cabin crew union here, and he outlines what would be possible if passengers were involved, if this was some kind of a hijack. he says in the first hour of the flight, there is a moment at which the cabin crew served drinks to the pilot and the co-pilot. there are safeguards in place for that process, but at the same time, perhaps, perhaps that's the opportunity whereby this could turn into a hijacking. there are so many questions here, lester. who was flying the plane? where were they flying it to? what motive did they have? and today, they dramatically canceled the second news conference here, where we might have been able to ask some questions. so, we only have now what the prime minister had to say in that read statement. but just a note of caution, lester. this is, amongst other things, a police investigation now, so they may have reason to hold back information to benefit the inquiry, lester. >> keir simmons for us this morning in malaysia. thank you. >> earlier this morning, i spoke
6:07 am
with former ntsb investigator greg feith about this investigation, and i asked him if it's possible we may never know what happened to that plane. >> we may never know the absolute background, what was the fueling fire, if you will, for this person to take or commandeer the aircraft and do something with it. we may find where the airplane crashed with floating debris. we may never find the wreckage, and we may definitely never find all the answers if we don't have a cockpit voice recorder and a flight data recorder. >> and that was a portion of my conversation with greg feith earlier today. let's turn to jenna right now for a look at the rest of the morning's top stories. jenna, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning. hi, everyone. we begin this morning in ukraine, where tensions are at an all-time high ahead of a crucial vote tomorrow. will crimea decide to break away from ukraine and join russia? richard engel is in ukraine this morning and joins us now with more. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jenna. preparations are under way for this weekend's referendum, when the people of crimea will decide
6:08 am
whether they want to stay with ukraine or break away and join up with russia, but the results may already be a foregone conclusion, because russian troops, thousands of them here in crimea, and pro-russia militias already control crimea. they control the airport, the parliament, the roads, the trains. the question now is, what will happen in eastern ukraine? there is also a large russian-speaking, pro-russian population in eastern ukraine, and over the last two days, there have been violent clashes in that area. and ominously, russia has said it will do whatever is necessary to protect russian speakers in eastern ukraine. that's the same rationale that russia gave before intervening here. jenna? >> richard engel. richard, thank you. after nearly 40 years on the run, one of the u.s. army's 15 most wanted fugitives is behind bars. u.s. marshals arrested james robert jones in south florida. they say he was living in
6:09 am
deerfield beach under the alias bruce walter keith. jones escaped from the military prison in kansas back in 1977, where he was serving time for premeditated murder. the man who police say led them on a dramatic car chase across northern colorado earlier this week is facing some very serious charges. a judge told ryan stone charges will be filed against him this week. his arrest warrant says he would potentially face attempted murder, assault, kidnapping and aggravated motor vehicle theft. he is accused of stealing an suv with a 4-year-old boy inside and leading cops on a 100-mile-per-hour pursuit, all the while carjacking two other cars and hitting a state trooper. the texas man thought to be the u.s. navy sailor in the iconic photo seen here has died. the daughter of blaine mcduffey said the 86-year-old passed away sunday at a nursing home in dallas. this picture was taken on august 14th, 1945, just as news of
6:10 am
japan's surrender in world war ii reached new york's times square. and finally this morning, the odds of an adult male having to visit the er due to a pogo stick injury are 1 in 115,300, but that's actually -- >> that's higher than i would have thought. >> i thought you guys were wondering what those odds were, so i just told you. well, it seems unlikely that would happen, until you compare it to winning the mega millions jackpot. the jackpot now estimated at $400 million has been rolling since january 3rd. still no winners. what did you say? you want to know what the odds are of winning that jackpot? >> yeah. >> 1 in about 259 million. so, just to recap, there are better odds of lester going to the er today because of a pogo stick injury than him winning the mega millions jackpot. >> i wasn't paying attention, did somebody get hurt by a pogo -- >> it's going to happen during the break, actually. >> you guys, today's the ides of march. i don't know if anybody knew that. >> just to be clear, we do have
6:11 am
a chance at winning, right? >> what is it, you've got to be in it to win it? there you go. >> there you go. we're going to go buy some tickets. dylan's going to give us the forecast. do you want the ides of march explanation again? >> just stay off the pogo stick and you'll be fine. >> i'll be good to go. let's talk about the heavy rain in the south today. we have all this gulf moisture coming in from the south. combine that with this area of low pressure and we are going to see a lot of heavy rain, even the threat of severe thunderstorms this weekend, from texas right over into the panhandle of florida. we are looking for the best chance of hail, damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes, from central texas today right over into new orleans and stretching up north into louisiana. and then tomorrow, that threat does start to spread east a little bit and we could see the risk of isolated tornadoes back through the panhandle of florida. that's an area we do have to keep an eye on, but we're also looking at the potential of possible flooding, because look at all this rain we're going to see. wor we're looking at 3 to 4 inches in some areas here. look west of little rock, arkansas, that's where we could end up with about 5 inches of
6:12 am
rain. so, we will keep an eye on >> and that is your latest forecast. lester? >> all right, dylan, thanks. there's a big matchup happening in just a few hours on the ice in sochi, russia. it's a rivalry for the ages, a fight for gold between the united states and russia in the paralympic sport of sled hockey. kristen dahlgren is following the action this morning. kristen, good morning. >> good morning, lester. so excited about this one. some could argue that there are few rivalries in sport that match that of usa versus russia
6:13 am
in hockey, and this year, team usa has something to prove after failing to medal in men's hockey in the olympics. add that to athletes who have overcome incredible odds off the ice, and today's paralympic matchup might just be history in the making. there are few moments of national pride like 1980's miracle on ice. paralympic rico roman, who lost his leg in an ied attack in iraq has his way -- >> i want to do something that wins that gold. >> scores! >> reporter: this is his moment. >> i feel like i'm still representing my country, just in a different way. >> reporter: roman is joined by three other combat veterans on the u.s. sled hockey team, as well as men like goalie steve cass, who lost his leg to cancer. >> having that dream follow me along my hockey career is something you really can't put into words. >> reporter: for them all, it has been a journey filled with tragedy and hard work, and many say sled hockey saved them. it isn't easy.
6:14 am
instead of skates, players sit in a sled. they carry two sticks, one side to hit the puck, ice picks on the other side for speed. it could be exhausting and rough. and in today's match, there is a lot on the line. >> vladimir putin has been extremely bullish with what he expects from russian athletes in the olympics. >> canada has won! >> reporter: just weeks ago on the same sochi ice, team usa fell short in the olympics, out of medal contention. since then, conflict has erupted in the ukraine and tensions have risen between russia and the u.s. the u.s. withdrew its delegation to the paralympics opening ceremony, but for roman, who once won the purple heart, there is just one goal, another golden moment. >> i want to be there and contribute, maybe be the winning goal, who knows? >> so, the two teams have met earlier this week in a preliminary game. russia won that one, so this team has a lot to prove.
6:15 am
clearly, though, they are already an inspiration to all of us. >> all right. kristen, thanks so much. you can watch the gold medal game between the usa and russia on nbc today. check your local listings for the exact time. we want to introduce you now to a group of girl scouts in katy, texas, who are living up to their motto of making the world a better place. ron allen has the story of some eagle eyed girls in green who can also now call themselves crime-fighters. >> reporter: the day began innocently enough. haley matthews and her fellow girl scouts selling cookies with their moms at a local grocery store. but then, always vigilant, they saw a shopper pushing a cart that seemed a bit suspicious. >> he was stealing a lot of stuff. >> reporter: nothing in the cart was bagged. the man was rolling it toward the front door. haley's mom had spotted the guy earlier. >> he had just pushed his cart back into the corner, just kind of like he was hiding from us. >> reporter: the girls knew they
6:16 am
had to do something. the scouting motto, decades old, in the back of their minds. "a girl scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. willingness to serve is not enough. you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency." >> we caught a bad guy. >> reporter: quickly, the girl scouts alerted a manager, who called police, who caught two shoplifters red-handed with a cart full of loot. >> wine, high-end appliances, a lot of stuff. >> reporter: total value, $2, 0 $2,000. at the store, the manager gave haley and her fellow scouts was very sweet. >> she bought $100 worth of cookies. >> reporter: cookies and a unique merit badge, their photo on display, a warning for all would-be thieves to see. a day selling cookies that became a chance to serve their community fighting crime. for "today," ron allen, nbc news.
6:17 am
>> you were that kind of girl scout, right? >> i couldn't even sell cookies. do you know how easy it is to sell cookies? and i couldn't even do that. >> there were a bunch of them camped off the train when i got home. girl scout cookies! >> they know when it's that time of year. >> i'm already in 20 bucks or so -- >> because they don't buy one box. they buy like 25 boxes because of the guilt! >> it's true. and lester keeps 25 boxes in his office and tries to pawn them off on us. >> you actually eat them. i just give them out. still to come, president obama setting the record straight on his fashion sense and his so-called mom jeans. that's after these messages. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate® optic white toothpaste. unlike the leading whitening toothpaste colgate® optic white goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten teeth. it whitens over three shades. that's more than the leading express whitening strip. so the only accessory you need to look fabulous
6:18 am
is your smile. colgate® optic white whitens more than the leading express whitening strips. and try the new collection for whiter teeth in one day! in the history of mankind. has one march. meant. so. much. your quicken loans college basketball bracket picks could change your life...forever. ♪ the quicken loans billion dollar bracket challenge with yahoo sports. pick a perfect bracket. win a billion dollars. enter today at
6:19 am
always a big moment, throwing out the first pitch. president obama, of course, there at a major league game a few years ago, but the focus after that wasn't really on the pitch, it was really about his fashion choice, which raised a few eyebrows back then and is continuing to do so. the commander in chief actually talking about those jeans to ryan seacrest. >> he did. the president -- i thought we were going to hear it. sorry. >> lester is still processing. >> yeah. the president is adamant that you do not call them mom jeans. kristen welker is outside at the warehouse. kristen, good morning. i just wanted to give you a big build-up, kristen. >> reporter: that's okay. i'll take it. good morning, qulerst and erica.
6:20 am
with the enrollment deadline for his health care law looming at the end of the month, president obama has been going to great lengths to get young people to sign up, and this week, yes, his mom jeans became a part of the conversation. ♪ president obama's so-called mom jeans have long captured the public's attention and amusement, making rare appearances when he exercises or throws out the first pitch. and on friday, the president talked about his attire during a radio interview with ryan seacrest. >> i've been unfairly maligned about my jeans. >> okay, let's clear the air. >> the truth is, generally, i look very sharp in jeans. there was -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: but the look has also opened him up to some political mockery. >> people are looking at putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. they look at our president as one who wears mom jeans. >> reporter: joking aside, the president's conversation with seacrest had a point, urging
6:21 am
young people to sign up for health care. >> you never know what kind of curveballs life throws at you. >> reporter: and on tuesday, the president dodged some curveballs of his own when he appeared on "between two ferns," the online show hosted by comedian zach galifianakis. >> what should we do about north ikea? north -- >> why don't we move on? >> reporter: an appearance also aimed at drumming up health care enrollment. >> i wouldn't be with you here today if i didn't have something to plug. >> reporter: his predecessors also enjoyed dressing down, and at times, trying to appeal to the younger set. former president bill clinton took his sax to "arsenio hall." and president george w. bush got down with ricky martin. but for this president, young people have always been key. and of course, young people helped president obama get elected back in 2008. and 2012, you can probably expect to see more of those mom jeans, so. back to you guys. >> something to look forward to.
6:22 am
kristen, thanks. we're helping you save money with big discounts on items you might not normally think would be on sale in march. we'll tell you about it. first, this is "today" on nbc. i'm going to go back to sleep now.
6:23 am
6:24 am
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good morning to you. you're looking live at oakland and the clock tower there in the distance would say 6:26 if only we could see it. thank you very much for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda with the perfect forecast whatever on tap today. >> this is a view to emeryville from the bay bridge and light winds and low clouds. the dry air is in place. 43 in the north bay this morning with mostly sunny skies expected as we head throughout the afternoon today. we'll see the temperatures climb close to 80 in san jose. 75 degrees around the peninsula, san francisco low 70s. the thing to watch out continues to be the pollen which continues to be really quite high around the south bay. the levels will be from moderate
6:27 am
to high at times as we go through the weekend and into the north bay you'll see the temperatures close to 80 in santa rosa and around the tri-valley temperatures around the low 80s for dublin for the st. patrick's day parade, looks nice. sunshine through the weekend. kris? the family of sierra lamar is getting ready to mark a somber milestone, tomorrow, the second anniversary of her disappearance. the 15-year-old girl disappeared before school on the morning of march 16th, 2012. last night her family and supporters gathered together to raise money to keep the searches for her going. they refuse to give up. >> missing sierra, of course, and just not knowing what happened to her, yeah. those are probably the hardest things. >> i live on the same street where she caught the bus stop. and so as i take my kids to school every day, we pass by the bus stop. >> sierra was last seen leaving for the bus stop on her way to school last month a jury
6:28 am
indicted anthony torres on kidnapping and murder charges after her dna was found in his car but her body was never been found. searchers will be out looking today just as they have every saturday since she disappeared. coming up at 7:00 we'll have a live exclusive interview with her mother marlene. volunteers are gearing up for this weekend's cleanup of one of america's biggest homeless camps which is here in the south bay unless that is city officials can put a stop to it. the organization of homeless outreach plans to clean up the camp known as the jungle that sits behind san jose's happy hollow zoo. the homeless advocacy group brought in two huge dumpsters to collect garbage but nearby businesses say they don't want the trash cleaned up. they want the area cleaned out. the city of san jose agrees. they say they have plans in place for the homeless and they are urging those volunteers not to go into the jungle this weekend. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" it is national nutrition month. we're going to speak with a
6:29 am
former disney chef for some quick and easy ideas that are also healthy for your kids. we also have the very latest on the missing jetliner out of malaysia and reports that it might have been hijacked. all of that and the rest of the day's news coming up right here at 7:00.
6:30 am
♪ hey, kids, look at mom! >> it's my birthday and i'm on the "today" show! >> it's my birthday, too! >> it's mine, too! >> yay! >> we overslept yesterday -- >> so, we're here today! >> i'd like to tell everybody at the "today" show that i love this woman. >> hey, reno! >> hi, mom! [ cheering ] >> there's really no contest. i think we can say every single day we have the best fans on this plaza. >> and spring break doesn't hurt. >> spring break doesn't hurt at all. >> a lot of spring breakers out here. happy to have them. >> that we are.
6:31 am
and it's nice to have all of you at home with us as well. welcome back. some of our friends out here on the plaza have been taking plenty of pictures this morning. we like to show them off a little bit, too, so you can see some of those as well. still to come in this half hour of "today," imagine yourself in this scenario. you're cruising on a luxury yacht, you eat only the finest foods, you're treated like a king, maybe a queen everywhere you go, and the best part of this dream is that it's all free, and it's not too good to be true. you can actually apply for what some might say is a dream job. >> i thought this was a dream job. >> this is a dream job, but i don't know, maybe we can get a part-time job with that? >> all i know is with this dream job, we're still wearing coats. >> tell dylan about that. then, we'll talk about a tearful good-bye for cher and the stylist who helped her create some of her most famous looks. we're going to get into that when we get into "hollywood headlines. also ahead, when it comes to major sales, you might think of black friday, maybe the week before the super bowl is the perfect time to buy a new tv, but sales for a new big-screen
6:32 am
could be best right now. we'll explain. and we're halfway through our series "30 days to a better you" -- >> ides of your series. >> can't get enough of the ides of march. it's like everywhere. this morning we're going to have to make sure that the healthy option you pick is really the best option you pick when it comes to food. that salad you think might be good for you can be loaded with hundreds of extra calories. nutritionist joy bauer will be here to help us make smarter choices. >> i like this, looking forward to that. first, though, we want to get a final check of the weather from dylan, and you have a bit of good news to report today. it's going to be fantastic today! well, i guess the clouds move back in. >> that's all right. >> but it will get up to about 55 degrees. that will feel really good. 45 degrees is still really nice at this point, but we are talking about st. patrick's day, and we have lots of parades going on. today's parade happens in chicago, and it will turn cloudy there as well. temperatures about 37 to 43 degrees. but in boston, the parade is tomorrow, and it should be
6:33 am
pretty nice, sunny, a little windy. gusts could be up to around 30 miles an hour, temperature 30 to 34. windchill 13, though, so bundle up for that one. monday it's st. patrick's day in new york city. cloudy with a small chance of snow showers. that storm looks like it is going to stay further south, but it will be chilly, about 27 to 32 degrees. and today we are looking at a chance of some strong storms down across the gulf coast states. we could see some hail, even some isolated tornadoes and lots of rain, perhaps up to 3 to 4 inches of rain across parts of texas into arkansas and into the southeast as we go into the next 48 hours. tomorrow that slight risk, though, moves out of louisiana and into the panhandle of florida. so, we will have to keep an eye on that area for severe storms on sunday and more of an icy mix. on the northern edge of that storm, we could end up with a couple inches of snow back through parts of missouri and also t we're expecting mostly sunny skies today. no storms impacting our weather here, but offshore strong storms
6:34 am
building surf for your weekend and a high surf advisory tomorrow, use caution as you head out to the coast. the weather will be gorgeous in santa cruz to the upper 70s but watch out for the sneaker waves. close to 80 in san jose. and mid to upper 70s in the peninsula and low 70s closer to san francisco and in the tri- valley temperatures for the weekend in the low to mid-80s both today and tomorrow. forecast. sprinkling a little bit, but that's not going last. >> i just felt that drop. okay. won't worry about it. >> march showers brings spring flowers at some point, right? dylan, thanks. you could possibly have one of the best jobs ever. it's an opportunity to take an all-expenses-paid vacation to one of the most luxurious places in the world. >> that would definitely be worth doing, research, right? it's an actual job. you'll be treated to gourmet food, high-end travel, first-class entertainment all the way, and all of it for free. the vacation does involve a teeny bit of work. ron mott has the details.
6:35 am
>> reporter: if you've got champagne wishes and caviar dreams but long to turn them into a 24/7/365 reality, a unique, around-the-world experience could be yours, if the price is right, and it most certainly is -- free. >> 100% true. >> reporter: a website called is offering a never-done-before $1 million luxury vacation. yachts, jets, culinary masterpieces with just a catch or two. >> it's definitely not just lay back and do nothing. it's really important that the individual doesn't just enjoy the high-end life but has a discerning and critical eye for it. >> reporter: the company footing the bill is accepting applications until the end of april for this "job," where the working conditions are second to none. five-star comfort everywhere you turn with someone else picking up the tab. >> the individual must be
6:36 am
discerning, eloquent and also have experience of the finest things in travel, hotels, restaurants and entertainment. >> reporter: now, if you're like me and are simply more comfortable taking, say, a yellow taxi or ordering food by the number or have survived a middle seat and found it not all that bad, we probably shouldn't apply. that's because the itinerary is set to include hotspots like the fisher island club off the coast of miami, the seven stars cruise train in japan, the champagne bar in las vegas, even a trip to sir richard branson's neck of the woods, necker island. though, a friendly word of advice, be flexible. >> they might on occasion have to make due with a lesser champagne, but i think they'll be prepared to make those sacrifices. >> reporter: a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, atlanta. >> maybe we could just divide up
6:37 am
the duties and sort of share the job. >> sounds good. >> done and done. >> okay, great! up next, what landed chris brown behind bars? we'll have the details and other brown behind bars? life with crohn's diseased other or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night before it even starts? what if i eat the wrong thing? what if? what if i suddenly have to go? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and ucation. ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 5 bags of mulch for just $10 at lowe's spring black friday event. get 5 bags of mulch for just $10
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♪ this morning in "today's hollywood headlines," we're learning angelina jolie will undergo another preventive surgery, and cher is parting ways with her longtime stylist. >> "e!'s" alicia quarles has the entertainment wrap-up. good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you both. >> we'll begin with something that happened in the last few hours or so. >> yes. >> chris brown arrested again? >> again. he's back in jail, a place that is all too familiar. he was arrested in rehab. something happened. the facility's not saying what happened. he's been taken to jail where he's being held until monday when there's going to be a hearing. but you know, he was in rehab for a violation of probation. he's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress syndrome. so, he's back in jail. >> lots going on. >> yes. >> let's move from hollywood to broadway. "rocky." when i heard they were going to turn the film "rocky" into a broadway musical, i'm thinking,
6:40 am
how do you do that? but it's actually working, right? >> it's working. sylvester stallone worked on this for 15 years to bring his 1976 movie to broadway. it opened thursday to rave reviews. adrian, adrian and a 20-minute fight scene at the end that critics are raving about. >> 20 minutes? >> 20-minute fight scene. i actually won't give it away because you'll go see it, hopefully. >> yeah. it's called research. we'd better go over there. >> you'd better because the way it ends, it incorporates the audience, we shall say. andy karl plays rocky balboa and they've done it right. and lester, you're right, a lot of people were saying, what? >> i was like, how do you turn that into a musical, but okay. >> i'm telling you, getting very, very good reviews. >> i'm sensing a weekend "today" field trip. meantime, cher and her longtime stylist breaking up. what happened? >> yes, bob mackey's been everything with her, they did "the carol burnett show" in the 1960s. they were supposed to do a world tour and he said i'm not sure i can do it.
6:41 am
she took to twitter, said she's been crying her eyes out and got hugh durant to design her looks. bob saying he couldn't do it because he's too busy. definitely more to the story. >> yeah, too busy for cher? >> he says she's like my little sister, but this is a hard one. cher says she's heartbroken. she let it all out on twitter. you have to follow her. >> i do, actually. >> let's get an update on angelina jolie. she got the double mastectomy because of the risk of breast cancer. now she's undergoing another surgery, we understand. >> she talks about possibly undergoing another surgery because she's at risk also for ovarian cancer, which is what her mother died of at age 56. so, there are some preventive surgeries that she can undergo, and so, she says that she might do that. she's weighing her options, speaking with doctors and just being very candid and open and she says she doesn't regret opening up and that's why she's doing it again. >> it's inspired and helped a lot of women. >> it has, and my best friend is a two-time ovarian cancer survivor and talks about it openly. so, other women when you talk about it, you have that openness
6:42 am
it takes the veil off and you feel like you're not alone and that's what angelina jolie has done. >> takes the veil away. so important to talk out about those things. finally, taylor swift. >> yes. >> taylor swift is really -- >> cha ching, cha ching. >> yeah, doing really well. the cash register is nonstop. she actually made more money than beyonce and justin timberlake? >> she topped billboard's money makers chart. you have to go to the site to see how they monetize all of this. but it's basically because of her tour. >> okay. >> so, she did the red tour. she had digital downloads. i went to that tour and there are a bunch of teenage girls and those teenage girls buy everything taylor does. so, she has the keds campaign, the diet coke deal, the este lauder deal, so, she's raking it in. >> good to be taylor swift, isn't it some. >> followed by kenny chesney and justin timberlake. it's good to be taylor, though. >> good for her. >> i would take second or third place. >> 15th, i don't know, somewhere. >> alicia quarles, good to see you. >> we have a date, guys, broadway. >> done! >> done. >> hook us up.
6:43 am
>> adrian! >> that will be lester in the audience. you can catch ""e" news" at 7:00/6:00 central. turns out march is a great month for sales on things like tvs and golf clubs, that and a few other things. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents -- awesome. but now you can use them to make pizza night awesome, too. unroll, separate, add sauce, pepperoni, cheese, and fold. behold: weeknight crescent pizza pockets party. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. worst morning ever. [ angelic music plays ] ♪ toaster strudel! best morning ever!
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[ hans ] warm, flaky, gooey. toaster strudel!
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♪ >> we're back on a saturday morning with new series "today's best time to buy," janis lieberman has the sale-savvy details of best items to add to your shopping cart in the month of march. good reason to go shopping. i'll tell you why. we have good news if you're looking for a new tv because march is the month to do it, and here's why. black friday, the days leading up to the super bowl, all big sale peers for tvs. but march? why march?
6:46 am
to find out, well, this is so cool. i went straight to the stores, the only company assembling tvs in the country. why would you assemble tvs in the u.s. when yo can ship overseas? >> the right time to do it. apples to apples it's the same cost. >> reporter: after new tv models announce ed at consumer electronics show in january, the assembly line revs up in february and march. first the workers add the power boards, wires the tv up, and then put on the back cover. next, tvs are tested to make sure they can handle some heat. after checking all of the channels, tvs are packed and ready to head to the stores. >> all of the tvs that you see here, are all going out to walmart in april. >> reporter: while here in winsboro, south carolina we found a cool industry secret. these models get shipped to the
6:47 am
store, the older ones have to go, which is good news for you. this march expect 20% to 40% off older tvs online, the big box chains and even at your local mom and pop electronics store. >> we found in surveys they offer excellent customer service and they're more willing to negotiate than some of the big chains. >> reporter: consumer reports has these buying tips, if you are in store, switch to display setting from sports mode to home mode to get an accurate sense of the picture quality. look for price guarantees in case there is a better deal in the next 30 to 60 days. don't be afraid to pick up last year's model. >> no reason not to pick up a 2013 model with one exception. you'll get great deals on 2013. except looking for ultrahd. with new technology, prices should go down by 40% by the end of the year. >> reporter: do you get the picture? march may be the best time to buy a tv.
6:48 am
and consumer reports recommends you stay way from extended warranties, they say most cases you don't need them and your credit card might automatically extend the manufacturer's warranty by a year. >> hd tvs can be expensivexpens >> from best buy, it was 700, now it's 500. people before the super bowl buy tvs, afterwards it dies down. nothing wrong with buying last year's model when it comes to a tv. >> luggage, getting to the travel, summer travel season coming up soon, and this is a good time to get luggage. >> in between travel. christmas is over, then spring break time. kohl's salmon site luggage monday, originally $240. 50 off, 120 to 235. pick up nice luggage for your trip though you're not thinking trips. >> golf clubs. >> interested?
6:49 am
>> i'm not. >> me either. to be honest. >> anything you do, i'm not a golfer. >> i'm not either. but if you were people aren't thinking about golf, they're waiting for weather to warm up now's a good time also to get last year's model. we found this at dick's sporting club. top-flite, $100 off, good through march 27bd. >> take another 50 off i might take up golf. >> mew mid fiers. >> this nose if it's cold, hot, flu season. if you want for dry skin, allergies, set it, use cold or hot. this is from sears, kenmore ultrasonic, save 50 bucks. now it's $100. even in the summer months you can use the humidifier because it's for the skin, lester. >> good for the skin.
6:50 am
great march buys. thanks very much, 30 day is to better you. because something sounds healthy doesn't mean it is. how to tell the difference. first this is "today" on nbc. difference. ♪ [ male announcer ] your heart. it powers your body to walk enough stairs in a lifetime to climb the empire state building 1,000 times. your heart is amazing. take care of it with centrum silver.
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6:52 am
even notice a difference in the way you look. this morning, we're tackling lunchtime foods that sound healthy but are in reality loaded with fat and calories and we're going to help you make those options more figure-friendly. "today" contributor and nutrition expert joy bauer has the skinny for all of us. good morning. >> good morning. so, we're going to uncover this morning yogurt parfaits, turkey wraps and grilled chicken salads. they sound healthy, and a lot of times they are, but sometimes they're calorie bombs. so, we're going to okay. we'll start with yogurt parfaits. so, when you get a yogurt far fate either at a restaurant or pick out a commercial one at one of the delis, typically, it's layers of sweetened yogurt -- so, that's a red flag already because there's a lot of added sugar. >> sugar. >> they skimp on the fruit, unfortunately. then they're going to top it with calorie-dense granola, usually at least a quarter cup. this will clock in at 340 calories, which is not so bad, but we could do so much better. >> and we're not getting much bang for our buck with those calories. there's the fat, the sugar. >> exactly. so, if you make it at home, look
6:53 am
at how big and voluminous this is. store it with a container of nonfat greek yogurt. so, automatically, we'll double the protein, there's more fill factor. also, start with a plain one, because really, from the sweetness from the fruit, you don't need the added sugar, but if you do, just one teaspoon of whatever you like best, honey, maple syrup, sugar. pile on the fruit in your fridge and then swap out the calorie-dense granola for a low-calorie, whole grain cereal. so, this voluminous version, which is delicious, is only 200 calories. so, we've gone from 340 calories to 200 and we've dramatically reduced the sugar and the fat. >> plus the protein. i like it. i'm in. >> exactly. >> okay. >> let's turn to a popular grab-and-go lunchtime, turkey wrap. turkey always sounds healthy. >> and it is a great lean protein choice, but unfortunately, a regular wrap, lester, if you can believe, can run you 840 calories. >> i see cheese in there and, what, some kind of aioli or something in there?
6:54 am
>> so, the full-fat cheese will increase the calories. usually, there's a special sauce, which is not so special, because it's some sort of fatty mayo. and also, the tortilla could be a big problem because it's oversized. forget about it not being whole grain, but they wrap it around and around and tuck it underneath. so, what you're going to do when you take it home is you're going to pick up a tortilla that's only 100 calories per item, is a whole grain home run. get rid of the cheese completely or go with a reduced fat cheese. and then choose a skinny condiment. so, it could be hummus or it could be spicy mustard or hot sauce. and if you love cheese, take one of the spreadable cheeses and put it on the outside of a tortilla, and it's absolutely delicious. we went from 840 calories to a slimming 300 calories. >> awesome. by the way, you may have to start again because dylan came in late. no, i'm kidding. >> review all that. >> all right, joyce, people think they're doing the most amazing thing, they're having a salad. they throw a couple things on and it's golden, but not so much. >> right. so, the grilled chicken part is awesome. it's a great, lean protein.
6:55 am
>> grilled chicken. >> first, look at this anemic iceberg lettuce. you're not getting any nutrition and you can automatically tell from the color and people go crazy on the delicious extras. we have croutons, avocado, dried fruit, nuts. and typically, they're going to put on, if they toss it for you, four tablespoons of dressing. >> wow. >> this monstrosity 850 calories. >> replaced with? >> this is gorgeous. so, look at the color of the lettuce. do a beautiful foundation of colorful vegetables, then one to two lean proteins, so it could be chicken. you could also add on things like egg whites and beans -- >> shrimp, all of it. >> absolutely, even tofu. >> sure. >> give it a shot. then when it comes to the extras, and we love them. i would never completely remove them, but the rule is two tablespoons. think of what you like. a tablespoon of chopped nuts, a tablespoon of the dried fruit or maybe avocado -- >> dressing on the side, always. >> dressing on the side. go for two tablespoons. then in addition, lots of straight balsamic vinegar. >> and what's the final calorie count? >> this final calorie count
6:56 am
455 -- >> nice. >> joy bauer, thanks very much. good advice. tomorrow on "today," we're going to head to the kitchen she disappeared two years ago this weekend but the search for sierra lamar continues. her mother marlene lamar joins us in an exclusive interview this morning. what happened at the san jose dmv office that made the wait even longer than usual? plus, could it have been hijacked? the latest overnight developments in the investigation of that missing malaysian jetliner. and for the first time the prime minister of malaysia speaks to the media. good morning nelly! woah.
6:57 am
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ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. what a way to start the day with a slow creeping sunrise this morning looking live at the bay bridge as the twinkling lights of the bay bridge installation start to go down. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda who says it is a very nice weekend in his forecast. >> for anything outdoors, st. patrick's day weekend under way around the bay area and clear skies in san jose.
7:00 am
dry air and clear skies in place. in san francisco today we should see pretty nice conditions. we're talking low 70s going through the afternoon around san francisco. other locations seeing those highs in the 80s today. mostly sunny skies throughout the day and even along the coast and we'll see some low clouds approaching as we head towards tomorrow morning, but even expecting those sunny skies to get us through tomorrow. the story for the weekend at least to start high pressure holding on, 70s and 80s today. and then we're going to see some windy changes coming up in the seven-day forecast and we'll have a look at that and a closer look at how warm it will get in your neighborhood coming up in a few minutes, kris? >> thank you very much, rob. all of the blue skies and sun shine will be a sharp contrast to a somber milestone in san jose. the family of sierra lamar is bracing for the second anniversary of her disappearance. last night they gathered to raise money to fund the continued search for her. "today in the bay" monty francis has more.


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