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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 1, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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before 5:00 pacific time. tsunami warnings in effect for chile, peru and ecuador. as we get more information on this breaking news story, we'll bring it to you during the newscast. our local headlines, the weather slamming the bay area. we want to take you outside. a live look at the oakland coliseum. it's soupy. just into the newsroom, the a's game scheduled to start around 7:00 has been postponed because of the rain. the first rainout in oakland since may of 1998. a wet, messy night for those trying to get home right now. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge and the long, slow drive home. multiple reports this evening. >> our crews are fanned out across the bay area.
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we begin with jeff raneri. >> we'll continue to see the rain in the forecast for the next six to ten hours. you can see the live radar now. the heaviest is moving over at this point. some of the worst of it across the east bay. right now on interstate 80 and 880 across oakland. rainfall rates, 1.25. the a's game postponed due to the rainfall and also for dublin. anyone thinking about heading over the bay bridge or golden gate bridge where heavy rainfall, will want to think twice. the next location down here across san jose where it really picked up over the past 30 to 40 minutes in coverage and expect it to stay heavy for the next 45 minutes. we want to take you to the east bay, the neck zone that will get heavy rainfall and some rain moving over towards alamo
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through about 6:13 through tonight. more details and also more on some storm reports later on. >> pretty crazy. thank you, jeff. this is a hard day to get around. look at this video that just came into the newsroom. it's 580 and oakland and messy out there. that's not the only trouble spot in the bay area. marianne favro is where the storm prevented some people from getting home this afternoon, hello. >> hello, diane. a tree fell on some power lines and that forced the road in the foothills to close and that meant dozens of people could not get home this afternoon. some in san jose, on mount hamilton sleet on highway 17. today's weather deliver aid lot of surprises, especially for about a dozen people living in the foothills above coopertino. it caused live wires to fall. it was closed for more than 90
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minutes while crews cleaned up. >> i can't get to my house. >> i'm an ex marine and i know how to adapt, so i'll be fine. >> reporter: this nine-year-old is worried about her homework. >> i don't really like it because i want to get home to do important things. >> reporter: and while the sheets of rain made the drive over highway 17 more intense, it's certainly a welcome sight for the south bay. lexington reservoir is 29% capacity but despite a slight change in this view, experts say this storm will do very little to change the big picture. >> for us, we still need somewhere in the neighborhood of eight inches to get the local reservoir supplies back. >> reporter: no major impact to the drought but definitely an impact to our drive, but as this man learned, pizza al fresco is
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not so bad and she learned a new lesson about the importance of improvising to get your homework done. despite all of this rain, however, stevens creek reservoir that you see behind me is still only at 12.5% of capacity. reporting live in the foothills, marianne favro. >> thank you. from the south bay to the east bay near oakland. this is 880 and we haven't had many rainy evenings, our usual rush how shall sluggish and dangerous. let's bring in mike who is tracking these trouble spots, mike? >> good evening, raj. we're looking over here. you showed the horrible drive southbound past the coliseum. it is soupy despite the early morning commute. because the spring break which kicked in for the livermore valley, we see the slower drive. we're looking at a san mateo bridge. look at the traffic eastbound and slippery conditions called
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out. chp lit up signs warning about the possibility of slick roadways. we'll talk about the flow across the bay. the rain having hammered the east bay for the last half hour, 45 minutes. 880 jam. we're looking at a slower drive, as well, across the bay but not as bad for east 92. now on this map the blue is puddling and ponding and the green is where there is a lot of wet roads, not damp but wet. we're watching for effects of that. the south bay getting hit, as well. the blue kicking in. puddling and ponding reported and flooding again this morning and evening. highway 17 around hamilton seems to be a trouble spot but 87 with issues is not having flooding reports right now. the last storm we had a problem as taylor but so far 87 okay. watch it, folks, back to you. >> we'll watch it, thank you, mike. it wasn't just rain today, lightning and some hail.
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cheryl hurd has the latest for us in berkeley, cheryl? >> reporter: well, you know, my day started in pacificia and ended up here in burkely and as you can see, it's pouring down rain, but earlier today people came from everywhere to look at this tree that exploded when lightning struck yesterday. across the bay, you can see people were enjoying this much-needed rain. from the rainstorm in pacificia to hail in napa, crazy weather has hit the bay area. >> we're glad it's here. absolutely. we definitely needed it. it's not stopping us from enjoying everything the city has to offer. >> reporter: the rain is good for those who enjoy the waves and for many, it's unusual to see ice come from the sky. so strange viewers sent us video and pictures and in the east bay, a neighborhood is recovering after a tree was struck by lightning. >> all of a sudden, we see this
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huge flash, right, amis? how loud was the boom? >> super loud. >> reporter: it gave the kids a chance to gather pieces of the tree and gave one day a chance to study up on science. >> according to one website, it's 50,000 degrees when it hits and causes it toconsistent with happened. >> reporter: people are walking by and chatting and saying they are enjoying the rain but say they can do without the lightning. i can agree with that. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd. >> thank you. it's bigger than just this round of rain. a lot of people closely watching the sierra for the snow pack survey today and what it means for our drought. what happens in the mountains has a direct impact here in the bay area. anthony slaughter joins us with the results. different than last month, anthony. >> different since january, in fact. you'll notice when we look at the graphic. i want to point out what we
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usually see on average and what we usually see is the spike from about march through the middle of march and then we start to decline as we head into april. you know what? january 1st we had 8% of where we should be for this time of year and we we stand now, remarkable when you consider we had only a few storms since january but they have been strong storms. strong enough to actually get us to where we should be for this time of year, however, you'll notice on the chart, we usually decline this time of year. now we're seeing our sierra snow pack increase. if we can continue on this trend of rainy weather through the next month or so, i think we're actually going to make up our deficit. we'll track it, of course, closely, for now, we'll send it back to you. >> good week to ski. the coverage of the spring storm continues online at you'll find a slide show of pictures from viewers of this wild weather. if you want to share pictures, you can do so through our website or tweet us. breaking news tonight,
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criminal charges filed against pg and e. federal prosecutors charged the utility with a dozen felony counts in connection with the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. eight killed and 38 homes destroyed in the plablast four years ago. they claim the utility relied on u roan use information. pg and e's chairman released this statement, sam bruno is a tragic accident. we took accountability and are deeply sorry. we work hard to do the right thing for victims, family and we will continue to do so. he's a very, very rich man and tonight we know his identity. the winner of the 425 million dollar powerball stepped forward. sort of. our business and tech reporter scott budman will talk about the latest person to strike it rich and what are the details, scott? >> reporter: raj, he struck it rich with a single lottery
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ticket bought here. the man stepped forward. he's ray busten. we don't know too much about him but it seems like he has something of a sense of humor. he didn't want his face shown, so he sent us to picture and how is this for a profile. a face? no, but that is a mighty big check. here at the chevron, they sold a lot of tickets since the big win was announced but didn't have a winner until this afternoon. they say they know him here and are very happy for him. >> it's wonderful. i'm so glad, like, you know, he's actually one of our regulars and i'm really glad to know he'll get his 425. that's great news. i'm actually very, very happy for him. >> he says he waited to come forward until he had financial representation. he also says he plans to start a charitable foundation focussing on children's health. now the people that run the
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chevron are glad to hear that and happy for him. they actually made out pretty well themselves. they got a million dollar check for selling the winning ticket. reporting live, scott budman. >> a lot of money. thank you, scott. >> and then some. still ahead at 6:00, millions of dollars, speaking of money, on the way for one local city. we'll tell you about the startup company. >> we expose how hard it is for parents to get daycare safety records. now, see the action the state is taking.
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happening now, commuter shuttles using muni shuts. this stems from the recent approval of a plan to allow
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those shuttles, commonly known as google buses to pay a dollar to stop at the bus zones. they say the city should have studied the environmental impact. they filed an appeal with the board asking it to take a closer look how the buses impact pedestrian safety and muni's on time schedule. >> for the agency to do an environmental impact review, to immediately move the buses out of the residential streets, out of the most dangerous intersections and incorporate the use of the white zone. >> if the board upholds the appeal, the city would have to go back and do a study. if it rejects the appeal, the plan would take effect this summer. caught in the act, take a look carefully. this sis a man that allegedly grabbed her in pleasanton hill and almost i ken kill to an
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attack that happened yesterday. >> reporter: extra pleasant hill police patrols out after a 17-year-old girl was grabbed inappropriately yesterday on her way to school. >> that's disturbing. >> reporter: she was walking just before 7:30 a.m. when it happened. then this morning at about the same time, someone grabbed the buttocks of a 16-year-old girl headed to college park high school. >> she immediately turned around and scared the person away, and took a snapshot. smart thing to do. every student has a camera right now, so if someone is doing something they shouldn't, it's a great way to help us make sure we get the person whose done something. >> reporter: the suspect in this case is described as hispanic in his 40s last seen wearing a blah wind breaker over a gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. >> i hope they catch them. it's a tight knit community, so
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i'm sure everybody is on the lookout and the police will do their job in finding him. >> reporter: with two incidents in that many days, they can't help but worry. >> i have two boys and a little girl that don't walk to school. they are not going to, and they are not going to walk home. >> very concerning. i have a 16-year-old and she has a boyfriend that walks with her to school, so that's reassuring. >> that was kimberly tere reporting. a disturbing trend. police are investigating three separate cases of sexual assault near schools in oakland and all the victims are girls. the latest happened last week at an elementary school following attacks at world academy in march and at think college now. police say in last friday's attack, a man lured a six-year-old girl away from school and attacked her. the girl returned to school and told an adult who called police. no arrests have been made in any of the cases. tonight rescuers are still searching for a snowboarder in the sierra.
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25-year-old abraham finklestein was snowboarding with his dad. his dad was tired and went back to the car to wait. abraham never showed up. researchers have been searching since. he is fit and has back country experience and has all the gear he needs to brave the cold weather. >> speaking of the cold weather. been found alove. the man that disappeared two days ago while running in the foothills. a snowstorm and heavy winds hampered the search but there he is alive and well. he was wearing on running shorts and a wind breaker at the time. root says he kept warm for two nights by curling up into a ball under a bush. he's recovering at the hospital with that smile on his face. a happy man. let's bring in jeff raneri. the a's game postponed.
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>> it is. the strongest part of the system is moving in. there is a little clearing but instability in the atmosphere tonight. we'll take you to the areas of concern now and it's mainly across the santa clara valley where we're finding heavy rain. near a half inch per hour. likely isolated ponding on the roadways. maybe a few flooding issues as we continue through the next 30 to 40 minutes if you're headed out. back here across the east bay, another heavy zone of rainfall you're dealing with as the core of the storm system gets closer. this is producing higher rainfall rates over an inch per hour right here on 6 80 from concord. if you live in lafayette, you're getting slammed with heavy rainfall. that should stay put at least for the next 30 to 40 minutes, impacting walnut creek, alamo and danville. no doubt under some of the worst of it now but will keep instability throughout tonight. live look at the sky camera network again shows everyone with wet lenses here in the
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south bay, peninsula, east bay, san francisco. very slick roads tonight and you'll see as we head throughout tomorrow, a sneak peak at that forecast, we will have some sun after some morning showers we do expect a little calm in the forecast but temperatures are going to stay cold. you need those jackets tomorrow and again, the umbrellas as you start. numbers in the upper 50s for the north bay. low 60s for the east bay and south bay we'll average 6 3 for tomorrow as well. the next 12 hours, scattered thunderstorms in the forecast, the possibility of hail, gusty winds and lightning through tomorrow overnight some lingering isolated thunderstorms possible. then for wednesday morning a few of those straggling showers in the forecast before the sun moves in. the latest again on this 8.2 earthquake in south america under tsunami warning, chile, peru, nicaragua and what we're also noting, the latest shows two aftershocks, a 6.2 within
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the past hour and a half. so the interesting thing to note, also, is the epicenter is offshore, so that's maybe why again, we're avoiding major video coming in of large scale damage. of course, we'll track this and have more and as we wind things up, we're continuing to monitor hawaii. that is the place where we could see some wave action if they are going to get any by 6:24 tomorrow morning. so we're watching out for hawaii. >> thank you, jeff. this story will be developing through the next several hours. next here at 6:00, how much will it hurt the party? the ripple effects for the democrats in the wake of leland yee fbi sting. >> what this man is accused of doing on the peninsula that has police tracking him down. if you're so tough, crack this thick slice of
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medium cheddar with your bare hand. i didn't say tough, i said hungry. if you're so hungry, eat this thick slice of medium cheddar with your bare mouth. tillamook cheese slices, tastes better because it's made better. take a look at this, surveillance video of a bank robber at wells fargo on laurel
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street. the man demanded money and told the teller he had a gun, though no gun was seen. the teller gave money and triggered the silent alarm. he left with several thousand dollars. he's in his 30s and wearing a blue shirt. >> we want to continue coverage to the leland yee case. the senator returned with another search warrant. last week they raided yee's senate office. today, for this target was the legislative office building across the street. after last week's raid capitol authorities notified the fbi that lee had a second office. in san francisco, this is a picture of keith jackson. he appear in a federal court today. he's been behind bars since last wednesday's raid. the judge indicated jackson could be released on bond as early as thursday. well, state senator leland y
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yee's arrest, may spun ripples beyond the issues. >> what happens next politicly? >> this is like a bad movie, these charges seriously are the most dramatic in memory in the past, you know, elected officials accused of moral offenses and misuse of funds and bribery that kind of stuff. that's serious to be sure. but in yee's case, the allegations include gun trafficking from other countries to the united states. my goodness, this by a senator yee who is a big gun control advocate. >> absolutely. we've seen three state democrats charged and in one case convicted. what does it say about the way the senate does business, democratic majority and senate president protemp? >> the answers you have to unfold. whether perceived or real, the democratic leadership has a
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serious image problem. that's unfortunate for senate daryl steinberg who is the most effective legislative leader. that's why they acted last friday to suspend all three legislators from the senate until their legal issues are resolved. >> you mentioned like a bad movie. what happens, court of public opinion, is this enough? >> that's the big question. we're going to learn soon enough. this is election year. we know that. that's a critical factor until now, 2/3rds majority allowed democrats to pass the most important bills. so really, they -- something they haven't really enjoyed since 1883 but now republicans have that golden opportunity to pierce that threshold. they will complain about the danger and say most likely that more republicans will provide a
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check on the chamber out of control and so with that, we wait and see and we may see some major republican victories in the fall that no one might have expected. >> lots of changes coming. thanks a lot, larry. up next, continue to follow the breaking news out of chile. the latest details next. and is it just the cost of doing business? the top ceo explains why her company let dangerous cars on the roads for so long, plus. >> this is our job. we're not doing it and we need to now do it. >> lawmakers demand change after we expose the lack of oversight of state daycares. i'm investigative reporter steven stock. coming up, we investigate how the system fails parents and children and what folks in sack moan t men toe want to do about it. >> i'm marianne favro. coming up, find out how the storm prevented more than a dozen people from getting home today.
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want to give you an update on the breaking news we're following in south america off the coast in chile. an amazing earthquake that triggered tsunami warnings for several countries and evacuations. scientists are trying to determine if there is a tsunami threat in hawaii. we learned if tsunami waves reach the hawaii islands, it wouldn't happen until 3:30 in the morning at the earliest.
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for chile, peru and ecuador, it's 10:30 p.m. in chile. this will be a long night in terms of assessing the damage. within the last hour, the usgs upgraded this quake to an 8.2. initially it was an 8.0. this is is region rocked by numerous quakes. >> to the storm pushing through the bay area this evening. here is a look at a time lapse video from 9:00 this morning until noon and you can see just the dramatic changes that took place in the sky above san francisco during that time. the second day of wild weather and it is not over yet. >> let's go back outside. a live look at the guadalupe river. you can see how quickly the water is moving after all the rain that's been felt in the south bay. now jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist is tracking the path of the storm. mike here watching the impact in the evening commute. let's get to marianne favro who joins us from the hills.
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a lot of people displaced by the weather now. >> reporter: they certainly were, raj. earlier this afternoon, the storm caused a tree branch to come crashing down on power lines and forced the road to close which meant more than a dozen people could not get to their homes. the road home was temporarily blocked for about a dozen people living in the foothills above coopertino today. a tree branch took out power lines forcing a section of the road to close for more than 90 minutes. >> kind of anowing when the trees come down because the roads are blocked. she was anxious to get home. >> i have to finish my homework, and i have to get home for that. >> reporter: throughout the south bay, the weather kept people on their toes. sunshine brightened san jose while there was snow on mount hamilton and rain pummeled windshields on highway 17. while the thirsty south bay
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needs rain. experts at the water december strict say this storm will do little to change the big picture. >> unfortunately with the current levels in the reservoir and snow pack and current conditions in the delta, this rain will help a very small amount, but probably won't have an overall benefit to us. >> but the storm did have an impact of a different kind on these people waiting to get home. they learned to go with the flow having lunch al fresco on the back of a motorcycle and doing homework in the back of a car. water district leaders tell me that they are hoping by the end of this week the ten reservoirs in santa clara county will receive at least an inch and a half of rain. reporting live near coopertino, marianne favro. >> good shot of the homework in the back of the car. thanks. yesterday we had lightning. today it was hail. this was the hailstorm that we capture from one of the viewers in napa.
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let's bring in jeff ranieri with a look at this. it seems like a classic winter storm. >> you have the characteristics and cold air that helps the hail get created as you get the air shooting up into the upper levels, it freezes on contact and that's why we have hail reports today. the heaviest rain is over the bay area and moving off towards the east. eventually clearing for tonight but again, after a very bumpy day you can see in the storm reports here, several reports of hail across the bay area also a few isolated flooding issues. for those hail reports most recently in contra costa county and concord where they had bee bee sized hail around 4:4 again this afternoon. as we get a look at the radar now, what you'll find is two zones of heavier pockets of rainfall. you're really getting hit hard down here in san jose. moving off towards east san jose but downtown is at a good clip here if you're headed anywhere near there, be careful because the water is building up in the
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roadways and some of the worst weather right now here from concord to walnut creek and danville this will likely continue throughout the next 45 minutes or so and gradually, the rain will be lessoning up for us. we'll have more details and the storm timeline coming up in about 20 minutes, you guys. >> sounds good. thank you, jeff. the other story playing out on the road, a live look at the bay bridge approach that is. it's slow going and wet roads. let's check in with mike who is watching the hot spots for us, hello, mike. >> hello. look at this crazy map. remember, the weather simulated traffic i tied together. this is the radar what is going on above the road way. the rain is falling down and this is how it translates. look at the blue puddling and ponding like jeff was talking about. we'll zoom in and talk about the slower drive southbound 101. no major reports of flooding but watch the roadways as puddles are big and watch the slippery transition ramps. a slow drive for 880 and 87
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holding steady for the commute. a slower drive through palo alto and wet roads continuing southbound through the area out of san mateo and back to the maps, the overview of the east bay as well. jeff talked about this getting another 45 minutes of rain, guys, that's a trouble spot. back to you. >> thanks, mike. when you're away from your tv, you can go online and you can see our interactive micro climate weather coverage. a public apology. mary barra was on capitol hill today apologizing for her company and talking about next steps. >> it's a tragic situation but if we can learn from it, we can make a better process, that is our goal. we hired lucas to do that and he has -- there are no holes guard in the investigation he does and we'll hold ourself accountable. >> a lawmaker spend the day peppering her about gm using faulty ignition switches for almost a decade. she apologized to the loved ones of the 13 who lost their lives
6:36 pm
because of the problem. she says she's still investigating why it took gm ten years to issue a recall. the recall grown to 2.6 million cars and trucks. more than 7 million americans signed up for health insurance. president obama today defended the new health care law at the white house saying it improved the system. the president acknowledged problems with the initial rollout but said history will not look kindly on the opponents wondering why so many want people not to have health insurance. >> under this law, the share of americans with insurance is up, and the growth of health care costs is down. and that's good for our middle class, and that's good for our fiscal future. >> what may not be known for weeks is how many of those who signed up for plans did not previously have health insurance. coming up here at 6:00, could it be a new late-night star. what a bay area car salesman is doing on national tv with jimmy fallon. stay with us.
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a big financial wind fall for san francisco. 14% hotel tax by the summer. the fast-growing website let's people rent out their homes or a couch to travelers. the company will correct taxes like san francisco hotels collect them. they operate in 32 cities worldwide but san francisco joins portland as the first two cities to collect hotel taxes. the online vacation rental service is valued at $10 million. a south bay truck salesman looking to land a famous client.
6:40 pm
"tonight show" jimmy fallon is buying a pickup truck and chose a way to buy it from. >> put one hand on the truck and leave it there for as long as they can. whoever holds it there the longest without taking it off, i'm going to buy it from that person. >> that's like torture, seriously. among the ten sales people taking part, this guy luca counsel, fallon is live-streaming this competition on you tube. there it is. people are tweeting their support for luke at hashtag santa clara luke. >> is that livid owe? >> i think so. >> i think luke is sleeping. >> keep the hand there. >> luke, can you hear us? [ laughter ] >> that's crazy. drive around that truck in new york city. i want to see that. >> that will be good. >> how are we looking outside? >> a truck would be a good thing
6:41 pm
to be in right now. the live camera, rain drops and we'll talk about the storm moving over and how long it will last coming up in a few. i'm geraud moncure. suddenly the warriors room for error in the west is just a came and a half. early highlights from dallas are coming up and the sharks in need of bite after back to back losses. a preview of tonight's game is on the way in sports.
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more inspections and better accountabili accountability, that's what lawmakers are calling for in california's daycare centers. >> the investigation exposed a decade's old inspection system that leaves parents in the dark when it comes to information about daycares. >> steven stock joins us now
6:44 pm
with more on the new proposed law based on your story you did about two months ago. >> we teamed with the center for investigative reporting to expose california's failing grades on daycare inspections. that prompted state lawmakers to now demand change. they have proposed two different laws with sweeping improvements to the system. and our investigative unit is taking its own action to make these records available for you online. >> these are our most vulnerable members of our society, and we're saying we don't care. >> freshman representative ian isn't married and don't have kids, but that's not stopping him from leading the charge to change state law about how california oversees and regulates the daycares. he's pushing for more inspections more often. >> this is our job, we are not doing it and we need to now do it. >> how will your proposed bill
6:45 pm
affect the inspection and safety of children in daycares right now? >> what my bill does is puts somebody in these facilities once a year, which is unannounced. so you'll have a frequency of inspections, which will further constitute better compliance with the law because they know we're going to be coming. >> if we can see your license and inspection. >> last month we went undercover to show daycares not compiling to show safety inspection reports to anyone who asks. >> so you don't have anything that we can like, look at? >> no. >> we teamed with the center for investigative reporting and found an inspection system so outdated that records are available only in paper form at regional and state offices not online. >> unfortunately, the way that our system works, we don't have an easy way. we don't even have a difficult way at the moment. we don't have a way of taking the information that's in this system and putting it up online.
6:46 pm
>> pat with the department of social services oversees nearly 48 thousand daycares where 1.1 million children go every day. he told us the current system does not allow even her department to analyze the data. >> it didn't conceive of this idea being able toing a gate data up and get statewide reports and be able to say, you know, where is the facility with the worst? >> i'm embarrassed and frustrated. >> garcia introduced yet another bill that would require california's department of social services to bite the bullet and make these records accessible on the web to everyone. >> at the end of the day, we have a responsibility to our community so for me it felt like common sense that we should have as much information as possible for parents to make an informed decision. i went wow, we got to do this. >> jean fuller is sponsoring garcia's bill. >> all it will cost is the
6:47 pm
amount of time it takes to skim in. i think that whatever that cost is, it will be less than the terrible human consequences that can happen if we don't do this. >> we aren't waiting for the state law to get passed. we teamed up with the center for investigative reporting to do what california has yet to do. take all bay area daycare inspection records,ing a gate them and put them online. our team began scanning in all the inspection records of nearly 150 daycare centers and family daycare homes in napa county. and coming soon we'll be adding to the database and to the records that parents and the public can read online on our websites. >> i think the government got lazy. we let budget cuts be an excuse. we let that be a crutch to where we have a complaint-based system that isn't proactive. we need to be proactive. >> now legislative staff members who drafted one of these bills in sacramento told me that they
6:48 pm
copied part of the language in the bill directly from our initial story. garcia's bill is scheduled for a hearing next month. our team is currently working to put the records online. you can follow our entire project on our websites, just go to or cir and we'll stay on this story. >> very good information. if you have a tip for steven stock or anybody else, call us at 888-996-tips. all right. right now we're going to go back out and check on the weather with jeff ranieri. it's crazy and what is happening now, jeff? >> very active. the good thing to look at from this perspective if you do traveling throughout the next two to three hours. the heaviest zone of rainfall moved inland. what is behind it?
6:49 pm
not a lot. instability and we may see activity continue throughout about 11:00 p.m. throughout tonight. as we take you in closer, what you'll notice is the cut offline from san francisco off towards the east. that's where we're finding some of the heaviest rainfall especially here in the corridor from martinez to concord it will stay heavy at least throughout the next 30 minutes or so and that pushes off and will begin to clear out at least for a few breaks through tonight. then also here across san jose, a tough past hour for you. we're seeing a lot less yellow, so these wide spread areas of green, more moderate in nature. you can see across eastern san jose we're looking at heavy rainfall that will be continuing. all right. let's go ahead and get you outside of the sky camera network. it's wet, dark and cloudy across the entire bay area. notice the temperatures as the storm rolled across. it helped to lower us more than yesterday currently 48 in the south bay. you need the heavy jackets tonight, folks.
6:50 pm
47 in the north bay and 48 currently in the east bay. we'll take you to the east bay now and you can see what a lot of us are dealing with now. winds gusting to 18 miles per hour. the low cloud deck and again, areas of rain at times. we'll take you to the storm timeline. it's an improved picture. we'll start with this evening and rainfall continuing through not only 7:00 but also through 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00. again, i think we'll get rid of the heavier consistent rain as we head throughout the next hour. then by tomorrow morning, i don't think we'll be able to entirely shake all this wet weather. computers picking up on a little green here, but that will be good enough to signal a few showers to start for the morning commute at 7:00 a.m. and throughout the afternoon hours, we'll get sunshine building in and a much better day. while we need the rainfall, a tough commute and you're probably going to love the commute tomorrow more than
6:51 pm
today. let's take you to the moe crow climate forecast. sunshine through the afternoon but notice temperatures will stay cold. you're going to need layers tomorrow because again, this is the daytime high. we'll struggle to get to 6 tomorrow in san jose. if you're going anywhere near san francisco upper 50s, again, sun by the afternoon, wind picks up and you'll feel it. it will feel like the low 50s. napa valley 58, fremont 62 and a round of low 60s expected across the tri valley. throughout the next six days, dry weather by tomorrow afternoon and also for thursday and on friday, a weaker system will move through and keep the chance of rain in the forecast and check it out by sunday and monday inland, numbers to the 70s and 80s across the bay area. as we finish things out. an update on the earthquake. we've been doing it throughout the show. colombia and panama and there have been right now six aftershocks that have ranged 5.2 to 6.2 and by our kcalculations
6:52 pm
hawaii will be under concern through 6:24 in the morning when they could have wave action from this. >> thank you, jeff. a lot of people are in hawaii for the spring break. >> let's bring in geraud moncure. we're talking about something that hasn't happened for the a's in a long time. >> remarkable. >> you'll have to wait awhile to fix this problem. there is probably no team more ready to play game two of the schedule than the oakland a's. last night's defeat, oakland's tenth straight on opening day. unfortunately for the a's, they have to wait oanother day for redemption. a day, night doubleheader tomorrow. no one however hanging their head after last night's tough finish. >> good opening day. didn't get the win but need to see the fans come out throughout that bad weather and hopefully start getting rhythm and get the
6:53 pm
wheeling rolling. >> it's a long season. i think everybody had a good spring and ready to go, so, you know, take it one day at a time. >> at the tank, sharks in the slide as they host the oilers. team teal in the hunt for the west before back to back losses to winnipeg and colorado. with six remaining, they fall into second in the pacific division. >> we knew when we sat down before the season even started, we looked at the segment and knew it would be the toughest run of games, travel, opponent, the injuries haven't helped but we're through it now. the last six here at home and got to get back at it. >> play-offs around the corner. we have six games to sharpen up and get ready for that. we got to be at our best come play-off time. take one game at a time. >> warriors visiting the mavs
6:54 pm
big d on jackson's 49th. on the run. check this out. you don't see it often. curry throwing down. the lead is six. next warriors position, green on green hooks up maurice for the jam. the lead is eight. team work there but behind dirk nowitzki's points, they trail 63-53. boston red sox, outfielder jonny gomes holding nothing back during today's team visit to the white house for last season's championship. gomes sporting the stars and stripes suit and actually brought one for president obama as well. the president, by the way, according to gomes looked at him straight in the eye and said nice jacket. brandon belt has gone deep. a three-run homer. 4-0. more news coming up after the break.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
in case you weren't aware of the big story today, the weather. >> we need the rain but come income extremes lately. we don't have anything and get heavy rain and you can see the heaviest across the east bay and south bay, the heaviest rain will continue for about the next hour. then we'll see hit and miss areas of rain continuing in the overnight hours and also through tomorrow. rainfall totals impressive over the past two days anywhere from one to two inches across the bay. we've been watching the local rivers and streams. here is a shot out guadalupe. no major flooding concerns tonight but good news for the drought. no doubt. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. good night. let's face it,
6:58 pm
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