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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 3, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and that breaking news is in san francisco. our looking at live pictures of a gas leak in the lower pack heights neighborhood. our chopper above the scene right now. an hour ago a truck hit a one inch gas line causing the leak. gas could be smelled in the area and just minutes ago pg&e capped that leak. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker. more details in the fort hood shooting. we're getting a look at the man.
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he never saw any combat in the iraq war. he was examined by a doctor last month was and shown to have no violent tendencies. in the wake of the deadly attack, we're learning more about ivan lopez who killed three and injured 16 in a shooting rampage. >> he was under going a variety of treatment and diagnosis for conditions such as depression, sleep disturbance. >> he was evaluated just last month by an army psychologist that told his superiors he showed now violence to himself or others, but that's exactly what happened yesterday. nine victims are still in the hospital right now. >> this is obviously a fairly
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high velocity weapon that can inflict a fairly large amount of evidence on patients. we saw that last night. >> as soldiers and civilians return today, there is a overwhelming sense of pain and loss. >> they're our neighbors. they go to church with us. when something bad happens, we experience it. >> an experience they're dealing with here for the second time in five years. in 2009, a self proclaimed terrorist nadal hasan attacked and he has been sentenced to death for that. >> in 2009 i was here and now it happened again. >> overwhelming for a community struggling to understand how and why it happened again. >> military sources say that lopez had a clean record since he enlisted in 2008, and they don't believe he was a member of
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any fringe or extremist organization. his wife was interviewed overnight and is said to be cooperating with the investigation. thanks, jay. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage on the ft. hood shooting. you can also go to for the latest. we're learning new details this morning about san jose's 11th homicide of the year. a man driving home from work was shot and killed in his car. now police are looking for witnesses. the body was found in east san jose near tully road, just east of 101. the victim's family say his wife made that discovery? >> yes, his family told us they can't think of any reason why anyone would want to shoot him. they say he is not the kind of hang out, she described as a family man.
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he recently rearranged his work schedule to help take care of his new baby, and it was his wife that found him in the car shot to death. >> we have a big loss. it shouldn't have happened. it's very sad. somebody took a big part of our family away. for somebody that had nothing to do with what was probably going on here at night. >> hector says he is waiting for answers. his nephew was shot overnight returning home from work to san jose. his wife realized he was late and went looking. >> his wife came outside and found the car, but not him. and she bent over and she was the first too find him. she is described as a machinist that works in belmont, a father to a sixth month old, a family man that was dropped off and then moved the car to avoid
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getting a ticket. >> it appeared that he was probably shot while driving and veered off down the street at a slow rate of speed, and hit the car in front of him. >> neighbors say they heard three to five shots. they say crime here, tagging, car breakings are not unusual. the family believes he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> you should be ashamed of yourself and you left a son without a father now, that's not fair. >> we're back here live, and the san jose police took surveillance take from the camera of this home that is pointed at the intersection in is the 11th homicide of the year here in san jose, and even though it is known for gang activity, they say there is no reason to believe it's gang related. live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you christie. the number of confirmed
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deaths in the washington state mud slide rose to 30 this morning. the medical examiners office said that 67-year-old gloria haha hadlstead died of multiple blunt force traumas. dozens of after socks continue to shake chile this morning. the largest was 7.6 and it hit late last night. the quake that trigged a new tsunami alert and evacuation orders. among those told to leave was the chilean president who travelled to the area to visit the damage from the 8.2 quake. they're happening off of the coast of iquique.
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>> new at 11, the atlas 5 rocket launched into space just hours ago, but with this morning's lift up, some questions about this morning's future and our country's ties with russia and the space program. chase cain joining us now. >> they are, that annoyancement came late yesterday. the only exception for now is the international space station. but the plan to sever ties becomes because of the annexation of crimea to russia. and rift off of the united launch -- >> this morning's launch will carry a military weather
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satellite into orbit, but just days ago that asked if using russian rockets poses a national security risk. chuck hagel says he has serious concerns and agrees that the u.s. needs to look at this issue. musk is the head of tesla motors and of space x. they say they're in the long-term security interest of the u.s. to build the rocket engines and he would love for spacex to build them. but it is intensifying as they are suspending ties with the russian government with everything but the space station. a spokesperson say the choice sheer to fully fund the plan to bring space launches back to america. the u.s. pays russia about $70
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million every time an american ast astronaut goes in space on a russian rocket. thank you, chase. an investigation from the associated press has uncovered a secret cuban twitter created by the u.s. government to undermine their government. the product was launched in 2009 and created by the u.s. agency for international development. the goal was to get users to organize it demonstrations in political unrest in cuba. it lasted more than two years and had at least 40,000 users before it abruptly ended in 2012. two of five suspects
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arrested after the death of a 16-year-old boy. a home less man stabbed the 16-year-old to death, but it has been determined as self-defense. the provocative act doctrine is being used now to charge diaz's friends for the murder. >> they didn't murder him. those are his friends. why would they want harm on him? >> friends of diaz and those arrested deny their classmates are in a gaung. a man on a bike caught opening an electrical box and riding off. neighbors are making sure he
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knows he was caught on camera with a sign saying we caught you if is believed he did it to return later and steal the copper. sarah palin makes an appearance on "the tonight show." >> i need to be at opening day. complaining about the inconvenience of having a baby. a major controversy this morning as two radio hosts weigh in on paternity leave in baseball. oh my goodness. big changes coming to your forecast. weather whiplash. cloudy and mild today, light rain tomorrow, and then we quickly climb into the 80s and 90s are possible. more to go over when your news at 11:00 comes back.
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welcome back. a 63-year-old woman has been killed by a shark on australia's east coast. she was on a morning swim. she was about 2,000 feet away when she disappeared. despite and air and boat search, she was never found. tense moments for passengers and crews on a delta airlines plane after it made an energy landing because of a technical problem. officials decided to divert it because jfk's airport as a much longer runway. no one on board was hurt. if you use instagram you
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were probably not happy yesterday. >> users say they could only see pictures from five days ago. currently they have about 200 million users that share about 60 million photos a ga. mic microsoft as a helper now, like siri. she can give you the weather forecast and remind you to leave early for a meeting if there is traffic or to buy your mom a birthday gift. >> she has a lot on her list. controversy erupting on social media. some new york sports radio guys criticized a baseball players decision to take three days off
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for paternity leave. >> here they are talking about the decision made by the second baseman daniel murphy. listen. >> 24 hours. you stay there, baby is good, you have a good support system for the mom and baby, you get back to your team and you play baseball. that's my take on it. what -- nothing you can do anyway. >> have a c-section before the season starts, i need to be at opening day. this is what makes our day, this is going to give my child every opportunity to be a success in life, i can afford any college i want because i'm a baseball player. >> have a c-section before the begins. they say they can understand missing one day, but assumes the birth and mother are well, why you should take a day off.
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>> this is also, by the way, the mets we're talking about. he is the second baseman. daniel murphy is the father to a boy named noah now. >> most of us have seened this selfie taken by david ortiz at the white house with the president. turns out it was a real home run for sam sung if says it helped ortiz capture the selfie and they promoted it. ortiz says they didn't pay him for taking the photo, but the slugger did get a new endorsement deal with samsung. so -- >> getting some attention there, that's for sure. sarah palin made a surprise guest appearance on "the tonight show" last night. >> i hear you breathing on the
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other end of the phone. >> that's weird, i hear it too. >> maybe nsa is spying on us. anyway, i should go, i need to pick up more vodka from store. if only i had a neighbor that could bring me a new bottle. >> alaska is not that far from russia. >> maybe i should invade. >> i wouldn't if i were you. you may be able to take down a bear, but you're no match for a mama grizzly. >> the skit also featured a
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redition of "happy." well, president putin did not seem to know how to play whatever that is. >> i think she should be an actress, she is so good in these skits. >> she is beautiful as well. san jose looking lovely at this hour. a few puffy clouds overhead. and they'll be coming in quickly. another storm system, believe it or not, is getting it's act together and starting to roll closer and closer to the bay area. the clouds are increasing at the coast. it's not going to bring a lot of rainfall our way, but enough to get the ground slick and to possibly slow your morning tomorrow. today is comfortable. we're looking pretty comfortable
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for the mid 60s. clouds increase today, holding off on the showers until about 6:00 a.m. and at that point they will mostly be concentrated at the north bay. between 6:00 and 9:00 most of that activity pushing south, and by 1:00 more widespread activity, but it leaves as quickly as it comes in. so the high pressure starts to build in and the warm up is on as a result. saturday and opportunity, two very different forecasts for you. sunday will be nice and warm. you can hit the beach, and through monday, we could be talking about some temperature records. 84 on monday in san jose. that could translate to 90 in places like gilroy. so a little something for everyone, but yeah, weather whiplash in the next couple days. >> thanks. new backlash against toronto's
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may mayor. >> his excuse for not wanting to name a street after nelson mandela. we'll tell you about it next.
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welcome back, 11:23 right now. attendance is down at sea world's 11 theme parks. just over three million people visited in the first three months of this year. that is a 13% drop from the same time last year. sea world has been under fire for their treatment of killer wheals. the documentary "black fish" exposed the conditions. this is london, it is being created by a combination of dust
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blown in from the sahara desert. the pollution levels should clear up by tomorrow. >> once again, something rob ford did upset city council members. >> item carries 40 to 1 >> a single vote against plans to name a street after south african icon nelson mandela. that vote from the mayor rob ford. 20 minutes later he was the sole no vote against congratulating canada's olympians. he said he voted the wrong way and he was asked to change his vote on both matters, and they would not.
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>> i don't think he likes polina edmunds, either.
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shoes ice skating star polina polina edmunds is about to meat the president. she posted this of her and jason brown on a bus to washington dc. >> they're at the white house now and in about an hour the president and first lady will congratulate them on representing the u.s. in sochi. >> that is so cool. good for them. i can't wait to see how she develops. >> she he will be back many times. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday, our next newscast is at 5:00. have a great day.
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