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tv   Today  NBC  May 2, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and hel, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. and you know what? happy may day. it's may 1st. >> thank god. >> it is -- we had torrential rains for the last 24 hours around here. a lot of people had it a lot worse than we did, but we're coming through. and i don't know why we have derby hats on today, but -- >> it's a few days away. but the kentucky derby's knocking on the door. ♪ so we decided to wear our hats. >> and mint juleps. >> and mint juleps.
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>> and we have a lovely, lovely lady. emmy and tony winning actress swoosie kurtz is with us today. "ambush makeovers." >> "ambush" is always a lot of fun. >> honored later on. >> you're coming. >> tj martell is the organization. great group. >> so much money for different kinds of cancers. >> so the kentucky derby is on saturday, but the festivities kick off early. the weather says zero percent chance of rain. >> that's a blessing. >> these hats -- >> we want to thank christine moore. >> she made them. >> at >> she did something that no other hatmaker has ever done. it really fits. >> not all the way, but -- >> slightly. i know. >> is that as far down as it -- >> that's about as far as it goes. but here's the thing. i hate -- >> mine covers the whole -- >> i hate to bring up "veep" again, but just one last time. i never -- i promise i won't bring it up again until next week. >> don't make promises you can't keep. >> watch the one where she has hat head.
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i hate when people talk about something you haven't seen it. it's so genius and brilliant. >> such a funny show. >> anyway, the new york times predicts this interesting horse, a surprise front-runner, the horse's name is california chrome. do not forget that name. california chrome. it was bought at auction for only $8,000. >> yeah. >> so low. >> a lot go for -- >> in the millions, yeah. >> his trainer is this guy. >> look how cute he is. he's 77-year-old art sherman, who's never had his horse in the derby before. so it's very exciting. >> the last time he participated in the derby, 50 years ago. >> he was an exerciser, right? >> oh, my god. and by the way, horses from california don't win. >> only three in all of history. >> we know so much because we're so smart. >> it's right in front of us. we just thought this was a real can-do kind of story. i hope it's true. i hope they -- that horse has been -- has won its last four races. >> i think it has a good chance. >> and by three or four lengths. so they're saying this is a phenom. >> i always pick horses -- >> by the name.
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yep, yep, yep. california chrome, not a loving term. come here, california chrome. i like a name that just means joy, like bambino. anyway, coverage begins saturday at noon eastern on nbc sports network. at 4:00 p.m. on nbc. >> if you want a little extra fun, guess who's doing the fashion. there's a fashion correspondent, two of them together. johnny weir and tara lipinski. >> they're great. they're ying and yang and fric and frac. >> wacky duo. >> we love these top whatever lists that different people come up with. this is a magazine hoda and i hadn't heard of before called "fhm." >> do the guys know what that is? >> "fhm" mkz magaziagazine. some kind of british -- >> for him magazine. >> yeah. >> the 100 sexiest women in the world voted on the british and u.s. here are the top three men, for those three of you that are watching us. rihanna is number 3. >> yep. number 2, we have never heard of her, she is a 26-year-old british soap star named michelle
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keegan. and she's gorgeous. >> yes. and number one, which may surprise some, but jennifer lawrence. >> she's gorgeous. >> she was number 20 last year. and number 1 this year. and what's fun about her is she seems like she's a girl's girl and a guy's girl. >> she doesn't take herself seriously. she takes her work seriously but not herself. which is great. >> you remember she tripped a couple of times and she laughed about it. >> the one time i wish we didn't catch her on tape or on film, after she won the oscar, she went to the afterparty at madon madonna's after party and was so drunk that she just threw up. >> yes. >> now, that's not the funniest part. >> the funniest part was what happened after. >> miley cyrus walks by and says something like, get it together, girl. >> my god. >> now, i always say who is number, like, 100? like somebody -- your press person calls you, good news and bad news. you made fm magazine -- "fhm"
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top 100 most sexy women, sexiest women in the world. well, what's the bad news? you're number 100. but you made the list. milli mcintosh, she's a socialite, who used to be on a uk reality show called "made in chelsea." so this is what's weird. who didn't make the list? i always say how do you go from being the most beautiful women in the world one year and the next year not even on the list? >> gwyneth paltrow didn't make the list, but she made "people's" most beautiful. this is sort of a guy's sexy magazine thing. >> but who's sexier than gisele bundchen? right, guys? >> she didn't make it. >> let me hear it. oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> she got moderate. didn't get a lot of -- >> she's been the highest paid model in the world, "forbes" magazine said she made $42 million last year. somebody thinks she's the sexiest woman in the world. >> sexy is so funny. very subjective. >> it is in the eye and other parts of the beholder. >> do you guys have weird secret habits? >> not that we're going to share.
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>> asked its readers about any habit they thought was weird. one reader asked this. do other people rehearse their orders at restaurants and is it normal? do you go in your head, when the waiter comes, i'm going to say a hamburger, french fries and coke. hamburger, french fries and coke. and then the guy goes, you go, hamburger, french fries and coke. >> tell me the story you told me today about being on the plane. you didn't even realize -- >> i didn't realize i had a bad habit. some people say about the sound people make when they chew something. i'm a gum chewer and when i chew it, i get involved. i like to get in there and really -- so i was on the plane, with my headphones on reading a book and i guess chomping away like nobody's -- >> beat the band. >> this woman next to me tapped me on the should, and i took out my ear phone and she said, could you please -- it's really irritating me. and i remember, i -- first of all -- >> you weren't even aware. >> how would i know? my music's so loud. i'm enjoying myself. i'm chomping.
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i'm reading. but i had no idea. i felt terrible afterward. and i did stop. and i felt bad. >> you threw it out. >> i felt look i was scolded. like you're a kid in school. >> did she do it in a nice way? >> no, she didn't. she just said it's really irritating me. what about you? >> you pointed out something to me the other day, that i, after i take out a piece of gum, i fold it. >> perfectly. >> i fold the wrapper and throw it away. >> she folds it in a tiny square. i was like watching. trident with the little -- folding, folding, folding. without even thinking. it's even apparent here. it's apparent here with cards. it's apparent everywhere. >> i know. >> you like order. >> okay. so do you have any -- we would love for you to contact us on facebook and let us know what some of your weird habits are. >> all right. oh, my god. it's my playlist day. i forgot. >> trying to run out of time. >> how could i forget. >> run out the clock. ♪ da, da, da, da, da, da, da,
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da, da, da ♪ >> i picked one so early that i forgot. it's a great song. it is country but rap combined into music magic. >> that sounds horrible. >> let's hear what it is. >> florida georgia line, you guys. "it's just what we do." ♪ we cook it down back road ♪ georgia clay mud ♪ great night >> do something different than the one -- two chords. >> in a honky-tonk. you're with your girls. here it goes. ♪ bunch of hillbillies >> i couldn't learn all the words. >> get to the -- >> here. ♪ just a little crazy tonight ♪ baby, that's all right it's just what we do ♪
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a little rap and a little -- >> it's no "somewhere" from "west side story" -- >> what's better than a little rap and a little country? music magic. >> okeydokey. okay or not okay. okay or not okay. >> wasn't it -- >> no, i did not -- it's fine, but -- >> florida georgia line. >> i like them sometimes. but not that song so much. okay. >> okay. >> is it okay or not okay, hoda, to wear google glasses. by the way, they're saying it's over between mariah carey and nick cannon. they say it. >> what did we have to say about the google glasses? >> am i crazy or does this sound like an accident waiting to happen, hoda? one more thing to obstruct your vision and distract your attention from the real world around you. >> here's what i have to say about this. i guess it's okay. but why, oh why do you always need to be connected? >> so you' not really saying okay, okay? >> i guess it's okay i said. >> no, but -- >> okay? >> no, it's not okay. >> okay.
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>> what is that? >> i love our cartoons. >> i love watching those little cartoons. >> coming up, we brought in two women from the rain, gave them brand new looks. >> don't miss the big reveal of our "ambush makeover." >> plus award-winning actress swoosie kurtz is with us. >> that's not her. >> she's coming up. we're going to catch up with her. >> there she is. how cute is she? >> adorable. what's my advice for healthy looking, radiant skin? a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer has an active naturals® total soy formula... one of nature's most effective skin tone correctors. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. and for stubborn spots, there's new aveeno® targeted tone corrector, with vitamin a added for faster results. [ jennifer aniston ] aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty... and still saved enough to go to texas-- to a real dude ranch! hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low prices. so we got our 4-star hotels for half price. next up, hollywood! ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day. swoosie kurtz is an emmy and tony award-winning actress appearing in hit tv shows like the 1990s drama "sisters" and a decade later "pushing daisies." >> great show. these days swoosie stars in the hit comedy "mike & molly" playing joyce lynn, the mother of molly, played by melissa mccarthy. and off camera, swoosie lives with and cares for her own mother, 98-year-old margo. >> 98 1/2, right? >> .5. >> .5, exactly. >> welcome. and right off the bat, say hello to your mom. she watches everything you do, right? >> hi, mommy. i love you.
2:20 am
>> isn't that sweet? >> you're the sweetest. we should point out, your book is called "part swan, part goose: an uncommon memoir of womanhood, work and family." >> it's delightful to welcome you again. it's been a long time since i've seen you. the book is not your typical celebrity walk down memory lane with me. it's much more layered than that. tell us how. >> i wasn't really interested in doing a celebrity tell-all. i mean, the book definitely covers my life and my career, but it's really kind of a book with a purpose because i've been on this amazing journey the last seven years caring for my mom. we're joined at the heart. we've always been in each other's lives. and she lives with me. and i really wanted to -- this to be a valentine to my parents and a love letter, kind of a love story about a family. but this journey i've been on with her is amazing and has brought -- i mean, among the many other gifts she's given me is something i never thought i had in me, which was the caregiver, the nurturer.
2:21 am
>> you see what's so great, because a lot of people feel as much as they love their parents, they feel the burden in it. and it seems like you see the joy in it. >> she was always there for me. there is no -- there was no choice. i mean, i -- 1,000 years with her would not be enough. >> you had a magical childhood. you were not abused in any way. tell us about your dad, frank, before we go on to your mom. because so much of the love between -- that you experienced as a child was because of the love of your mother and father. >> oh, they gave me everything. they gave me the world. >> your dad was quite the hero in many different fronts. >> he was a total overachiever. he was the most decorated air force pilot of world war ii. and he was on three olympic diving teams. >> wow. and he gave you your name. >> yes. >> tell us about your name. >> well, the swoose, which is actually on the cover of the book, was a b-17 airplane he flew in the war. and these two adults who raised me somehow thought this was a proper name for a child. i can't explain it. so they named me swoosie after
2:22 am
the plane because he had done so many missions in it and it was -- i'm very proud of the legacy. i hated it when i was a kid. i wanted to be mary or jane or you know, fit in. >> you want to fit in and then stand out when you're older. >> exactly. especially in showbiz. >> some of this book is told in your mother's voice too, isn't it? >> yes there are excerpts from my mother's book "called my rival in disguise," which she wrote when she was pregnant with me. and it was about her courtship with my dad, their meeting, their love affair and her book ends with my birth. and 's also being released along with my book. so it's a dream come true. >> if you could narrow it down to one gift your mother gave you, one, just one, what would it be? >> people always ask her, what is your secret? her doctor asked her recently, you know, years ago when she was 94. what is your secret? she said, i love life. and she has given me the gift of
2:23 am
an upbeat enthusiasm, both of my parents. always -- always positive, always looking at what you have, not at what you don't have. and they both just gave me this incredible foundation, my whole life of self-esteem and confidence, who i am today is so much -- >> hoda and i can relate on that. we're just so grateful, all of us to have had mothers like that in our lives. >> thank god. >> this is a perfect mother's day gift, you all. it is funny too, not just -- >> there is a lot of laughs. a lot of laughs. >> swoosie, thank you so much. thanks for coming to see us. we appreciate it. >> all righty. reclaiming your beauty after breast cancer. >> three remarkable women tell their story. you're going to really love them. coming up after this. ♪ relax into child's pose.
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now to our series "love your selfie" and a look at women who battled cancer and their path to feeling beautiful again. >> after hearing the words "you have breast cancer," your first concern is getting better. but it's what happens to you physically that can be very, very difficult. sometimes a smile, a laugh and a little self-indulgence can go a long way. >> my name is madeleine. i'm 61 years of age. i was diagnosed with breast cancer. i had a lumpectomy done. >> i will be 49 tomorrow. i was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago, eight years ago, and this past christmas. i'm a triple negative breast cancer which is a harder breast cancer. it was my choice to do a bilateral mastectomy.
2:28 am
>> my name is francine. i'm 29 years old. and i was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> every year you go for your mammogram and you cross your fingers. >> the woman that did the sonogram knew right away. like her face kind of gave it away. >> you knew? >> yeah. >> they said the word chemo and you thought -- >> i thought, like, sickness. >> there was a point when the -- for the very, very first time you got a look at yourself. what was your initial reaction when you did? >> initial reaction was shock. it's a loss. it's a part of you that's there one day and gone the next. that was difficult. and it is terrifying. it really is. you don't look like yourself. >> my husband calls them battle scars. those scars were my life. i never felt ugly. i never felt like i need to hide these scars.
2:29 am
they're just a part of me. >> i was so young and hoping to have children. and then i'd rook at myself when i was losing my hair and just everything that happens, i just aged. terrible. it wasn't easy. sorry. >> when other women look at this photograph that's on the "today" show, what are you hoping they'll take from looking at you? >> i want them to see how strong i am, and how i'm not scared to be who i am, even though what happened to me, i'm still me.
2:30 am
because those scars are like battle wounds and they're good scars because you made it through and you're here to show them. >> every day i get up and look in the mirror and you see less and less of yourself. all you have to do is look deeper, and that's what i'm trying to do. look deeper inside yourself and find the inner beauty and iner peace and make peace with myself. and i think i have today. >> i hope they see that it is not the end. it's the beginning. i want them to see me as a person, as a person who overcame it, and best of all as a survivor. >> three beautiful, incredible -- >> that is so moving. >> aren't they incredible? >> you just never met them and you love every one of them so much. god bless them. >> we love you guys. >> okay. do you have trouble saying no to your kids? >> how to set limits and show love, do it all at the same
2:31 am
time. >> plus mother's day pet gifts and ambush makeovers. >> we have a lot to talk about. >> we do. kleenex. let me get some kleenex.
2:32 am
2:33 am
now, we're back on this thirsty thursday, ready to reveal our plaza "ambush makeovers" for two very lucky ladies. >> they were swept off the rainy, drizzly plaza and into our nice and dry makeup room and given brand-new looks by our crack makeover team. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- >> you know him, you love him -- ♪ louis licari, la, la, la, la, la ♪ and he loves it. and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author, the beautiful miss jill martin. >> hi, kids. >> it was drizzly, not terrible this morning. >> we were lucky. we thought we were between the rain. and there were so many people to pick from today. >> did they come especially for you two? >> i would like to think that. my ego thinks that.
2:34 am
>> our first lucky lady is joyce sanks, 58 years old, from walla walla, washington. i've always wanted to say that. she told us her daily beauty routine consists of throwing her hair into a ponytail because she doesn't really know how to manage it. so she is so thrilled at a chance for a drastic new look. let's take a listen to her new story. >> well, today is all about daughters wanting this for their mothers. and, courtney, i know this is so important to you. >> it is. my mom is 59. and i think it's time for her to get a little updated look. >> and i know -- >> yeah. >> i know you're excited too. >> i am. i'm in a rut. it's time to make a change and i want to see what people have -- what their ideas are for me. i'll do it. >> on this rainy day, we're going to make you glam. >> please, please do. >> all right. lovely daughter courtney has her blindfold on. please keep it on, hon, for a second. >> she's so excited for you. either that or she's praying. >> here is the before picture of joyce sanks from walla walla, washington.
2:35 am
and here she comes. come on out. ♪ oh, my god. wow. >> wow! >> courtney, are you ready? >> get ready. take off your blindfold. >> wow! oh, my god. >> walla walla, washington, wow. >> it's really you. >> oh. >> you look fantastic. >> oh, yes. >> bouncy. >> bouncy and behaving hair. >> and behaving. >> yeah. >> look right here at camera 12. tell us -- >> we gave her bouncy, behaving hair. this is a haircut by igor. her hair -- she has a small face, her hair was too long, it was overwhelming her. we kept her hair on the longest side, and just made it free flowing. >> beautiful. >> and the hair color was faded. so i made it a little darker and again, look what it does to her skin color. >> beautiful. and what do you think, courtney? >> i think -- she's so petite. i -- wow.
2:36 am
>> another walla walla wow. >> that dress is hot. >> adriana papel. but look at this body on her. >> yep. >> we took off her sweats and saw this. and what's great about navy now, it's kind of the new black if you want to get a new color. and we love lace. another trend for -- >> big round of applause for joyce. >> good job, everybody. >> go join your daughter, thank you. >> our second lady is stacy, 46 from la grand, oregon. her daughter begged us to bring her mom's look out of the '80s and into the new millennium. so we grabbed her off the plaza and went to work. let's listen to her story. >> daughters and mommy. and when i saw you outside, you told me the '80s called and they want your mom's hair back. >> yeah. her hair -- >> elaborate. >> her hair has been exactly the same since i was a little girl. she talks about changing it. she's just too afraid to do it. and it's time. >> what do you think? >> i'm ready.
2:37 am
>> are you scared? >> no. i'm just so excited, i can't hardly stand it. >> that's good. >> she's here with her daughters tay and boo and tay's boyfriend mike. one last look before at stacy and let's bring out the new stacy. >> wow. >> wow! >> right on that t please, stacy. yes, yes. >> okay, everybody. take off your blindfolds. >> whoa. >> oh, my gosh. >> pretty crazy. you want to look? >> i'm afraid to. >> go around. >> holy crap. oh, my god. >> you look awesome. >> you look amazing. let's hear about it, louis. >> gone is her hair band days of the early mtv years, and what we have is a very glamorous new look. made her hair color warmer,
2:38 am
again, we kept her curly hair curly, but just a little polish and kept it long. cute. and, of course, the whole trick here is headstart on summer is warm up the skin color. >> looks adorable. ladies, what do you -- don't forget mike. what do you think, girls? >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> i don't know how to spot her in the crowd now without the hair. >> you'll get used to it. i love the outfit. she looks fantastic. >> we still wanted to keep it fun because you have such a fun personality. this is from london times. and soma intimates has great pieces to smooth out any dress. and i just want to show, we kept one '80s thing. look at her nail polish. that's the only '80s thing left. >> you remind me of bette midler. you're adorable. >> thank you. >> let's bring joyce out. come on out. >> good job. >> this is awesome.
2:39 am
>> from social media to after school activities, why setting limits now is going to help your kids later, everybody. >> how to make your mom's life easier with gadgets just in time for mother's day, that's coming up right after this. >> good job. i'd say i clean the toilet 6 or 7 times a day. like clockwork, every 20 minutes i clean the toilet. sometimes i get up in the middle of the night and clean the toilet. now every time you go, lysol cleans for you. new lysol no mess max gives you max cleaning with every flush. while its fragrance gels release 4 weeks of max freshness. that's what i like to hear. someone cleaning the toilet for me. lysol. start healthing. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways? it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today.
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as parents, we're always looking for great advice, the best advice to raise a thriving child, but there are many different experts with many different opinions. >> dr. robin berman decided to talk to everybody from teachers to therapists to coaches to role models to find out what is at the heart of great parenting. >> she's taken that information and put it into a terrific new book called "permission to parent: how to raise your
2:43 am
child," and this is the part i love, limits. >> welcome, welcome. >> what a thrill to be here. thank you so much. >> what a great idea, to find the most important people in your child's life and get the best advice from them. >> absolutely. because there's so much great data. if we look at the kids who turned out great, we say what are the common denominators. what did you do? what are the secrets? >> tell us. >> when you scream the word limits, that's where we're having a little trouble these days. children went from being seen and not heard, which is never a good thing, and then the pendulum went the other way. >> to controlling the whole thing. >> controlling the universe. >> yes. >> kids are the center of the universe, and parents are terrified to say no. out of hurting their kids' feelings. this book is the new middle. let's hybrid both of these extremes and find a graceful place in the middle. >> what should parents do who have difficulties saying no do you think? lay it down? lay down the law? >> they should realize that setting a limit is a way of loving your child. >> they don't realize that. >> it's actually a form of love. it's not like scream at them, hit them, yell at them.
2:44 am
let's throw all that away. shame them, all of those old behaviors. >> shame a little. shame is a healthy thing. anyway, go ahead. >> shame ultimately actually becomes sometimes internalized self-hatred. you should be ashamed of yourself, you're really trying to raise a child who feels super great inside. and if you shame them and if you -- you know, you're the voice in their heads forever on automatic replay. people who i interviewed who are 70 and 80 years old can still hear my mother saying -- >> how we talk to our kids. it's really important. >> the tone. it is the tone. >> it's the tone and the words. >> people are so exhausted today. they're working several jobs, they're not getting any sleep, sometimes they're a single parent. and just to say moderate your tone and make sure that you -- they don't have the time. they don't have the energy. and sometimes they don't have the will. they feel guilt and shame. so they put their child with a social device, some sort of social media thing. or -- >> the tv or --
2:45 am
>> in front of the tv. let other people raise their child. >> or things raise them. >> this is one job you cannot farm out. you cannot farm out parenting. you are -- it is a forever love story. right? you never forget your parents. good and bad, right? if we're going to farm it out to an electronic device, we're missing the connections. >> people go the other extreme they try to overparent. they try to -- >> they hover. >> they fix everything. they don't want your child to feel the fall, so they scoop them up before they do and never experience -- >> you are speaking my language. you are speaking my language. because you're not creating resiliency. so we're creating a bunch of fragile entitled children. >> who are not prepared for the real world when they get out into it. >> who are not prepared for the real world. and then they become very resentful because they're so dependent on their parents. they're looking for mommy and daddy to fix everything. and a good parent, we work ourselves out of a job. you know? >> that's right. they leave the nest. if you do -- you give them the tools to do it on their own. but if you're constantly rushing in to fix everything, we can't do that.
2:46 am
and what's exciting today, my most exciting kind of med school neuroscience fact is that good parenting changes the structure of the developing brain. >> yeah, i believe that. we've got to be more concerned about their characters than their resumes. >> thank you. >> you're so welcome. you're doing a great job in this book. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> the dishes you can make for your family tonight that will help other families in need. >> it's a great idea. and never miss an important call again. >> oh, really? >> the cool tech gadgets that are perfect for your mom. right after this. look at carly. she's so cute.
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most moms love to get flowers and be taken out to brunch for mother's day. but if you really want to impress her, try making her daily routine a little bit easier. >> we have some great gadgets and apps that will do just that, even if she is technically challenged like somebody here. >> moi.
2:51 am
>> digital lifestyle expert carley knobloch is here with great gift ideas. hi, carly. >> hi. >> happy mother's day. >> we don't want to overwhelm mom. we want to make life easier. okay. so mom's purse is usually full of stuff and the phone is at the bottom, right? so she sometimes doesn't get a call. you can call me. my purse is in the bottom of this -- my phone is in the bottom of the purse. >> i'm calling you now. >> give me a call. >> i'm calling. >> okay. so what happens is -- this is the trellie. you pair it to your phone and you put it on your purse. and then when i get a call, we're going to -- >> there it goes. >> what? >> it lights up and i know i can start rooting around and find my phone -- and indeed. >> there it is. >> that is adorable. $29. >> why don't you keep your phone in the pocket that it's made for? >> you could do that. and yet you don't. >> sometimes you can't hear it. you're in places. then you can see the light. >> it flashes and you have a missed call so you know to go back and find it. >> what else? >> refrigerator magnets got extremely cool. because now they can record video messages. >> i can't handle it. >> this is adorable, from native union, called the play. it can hold three minutes of
2:52 am
messages. >> and you put it on your fridge. >> yes. and then the kids can send messages back and forth. there you go. there's me. in the orange room. >> genius. >> that is so cute. >> $24. okay. mom always seems to have a fully charged phone. this is the key from blue lounge. imagine having a charging cable always on your key chain. >> how is that possible? >> there is -- just the cable, now you got this end goes into your android phone, one for old iphones and new iphones and usb port. >> my head hurts. >> you plug it in -- >> your computer. >> i don't have a computer. >> your typewriter. >> i don't have a typewriter. >> okay. i'm not going to say lost cause. i'm going to say challenging. this is a lovely gift. it's $3.99. it's an app called morning. and it's like mom's grand central station dashboard for her whole day. it's fully customizable. got the time, weather, stock prices, her tasks, calendar.
2:53 am
fully customizable so she can see everything she needs to get going. >> oh, my gosh, it's got stocks on it? >> wow. that's cool. >> that will come in handy for me, never. >> this is one i'm particularly excited about. this is a warehouse club on your phone so you don't have to go to those big stores to get your bulk items, discount prices, free shipping to your door on most items. some you pay for shipping, but most for free. >> that's genius. >> you figure you save in gas and headaches and time. everything. >> genius. >> love it. and this to me is the ultimate mother's day gift. >> what is it? >> this is amazon fire tv. streaming media, your hulu, your netflix, games, music, and also cool features like voice search. so hang on. community. thinking, thinking. >> oh, my gosh. >> did you say community? >> i sure did. >> wow. >> great features. who has time to type? >> how much is this thing? >> this is $99. >> i need to get that for my mom. she'd love it.
2:54 am
>> that would be perfect for your mom. >> my mother would look at it and go oh, thanks. leave it in the wrapper. carley, thank you. great, great. >> happy mother's day. for six additional tech ideas you didn't see here, go to and click connect. >> all right. feed your family while feeding america. easy recipes that taste good and do good. >> we like that. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
we're back in today's kitchen cooking for a good cause. did you know that one in six americans do not have enough food to lead a healthy life? >> today, you can do your part to change that. the hunger relief charity feeding america has launched a program on pinterest called pin a meal, give a meal. here's how it works. go to our "today" show pinterest food board and for every pin and
2:57 am
repin of the three recipes you see today, land o lakes will donate $1 to feeding america. >> that's fantastic. >> ree drummond, bridget edwards and maria lichty are three popular food bloggers who partnered with land o lakes to create the recipes. hi, ladies. i already had a little taste of this. this is delicious. the primavera. >> we're going to test drive all of them. we'll start right here. >> okay. >> i'm excited to be here with bridget and maria. we're buddies on the site. as food bloggers, food is fundamental to what we do obviously. so we're really excited about the pin a meal, give a meal program. one of the meals you can pin to go toward a donation to feeding america is my pasta primavera which starts with butter olive oil and sea salt. i make a creamy parmesan sauce, garlic. it is just bubbling away here. >> ham, peas and goodies. >> ham, frozen peas, just right out of the freezer and basil. >> whip that up. >> stir that together a little bit. put in the pasta. >> big old blob.
2:58 am
>> and then toss it around and dinner is served. and the recipes that can be pinned for pin a meal, give a meal are not just dinner, we have some sweets. >> let's have a little of that. >> come down to the dessert portion. >> hi. what is this? >> i have a strawberry layer cake with amaretto and swiss meringue buttercream. the cake is just filled with strawberries and vanilla and butter. and then frosting with amaretto. how can you go wrong? >> can we just cut a little -- >> i want to taste the primavera, please. >> wait, let's portion -- >> thank you. >> do you believe in big pieces? >> me too. i do. look what's happening here. look. >> perfect. >> look how beautiful. >> one little tiny bite. >> careful. >> oh, my gosh. this primavera. >> mm. >> oh, my god. >> love it. >> back here, hey. >> hello. welcome to the scones section. raspberry almond scones today. scones are some of my favorite breakfast treats.
2:59 am
>> how do you make the >> so i have juicy plump raspberries in the inside and then here i just whisked together a simple almond glaze and i'm just going to go ahead and drizzle that over the top. >> we love the word drizzle. >> drizzle, drizzle. >> i like this. >> so wait, the recipe for the scones on our website too? >> yes. >> is it easy to make one of those? >> oh, so easy. >> really? >> and it's such a great treat for spring and summer. and mother's day is coming up. great for mother's day brunch. >> did you know each other before? >> yes. >> and as food bloggers, we have a pinterest addiction as it is. so it's wonderful because something we do anyway we can turn into donations of meals. >> thank you so much for everything you guys have been doing. please, for more information on how you can pin one of these recipes and donate to feeding america go to >> tomorrow, a special before and after show you're not going to want to miss. like why your relationship is so different before and after marriage. imagine that. >> plus, how to dress ten pounds thinner. >> and room makeovers.
3:00 am
have an awesome, >> i'm here to help. through this get together.


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