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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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south bay. we'll be live at the starting line, next. and it is going to be a hot day for everybody taking part in that race and for you, as well. hazy conditions, not even at the peak of this warm up just yet. that will take place tomorrow and heat relief getting into the end of the week and forecast in moments. it doesn't look like we'll get any relief during this closure. the morning commute tied up throughout the south bay and this connector from two major freeways and how to get around that and actually what's going on. let's take a live look outside. golden gate bridge this morning. get ready as the temperatures increase a little touch of summer on this tuesday, may 13th. this is "today in the bay." and a very good tuesday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. san jose. back out live.
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temperatures expected to be in the 90s in the south bay this morning, but meteorologist christina loren is feeling peachy about it. >> i just know what is going to happen and tomorrow will be the peak of it and then that heat will break. happy to report today, temperatures ten degrees warmer, but not just yet reaching that peak warmth. that takes place tomorrow and that's when we could see 105 degrees. for today, 20 to 25 degrees above average and 94 degrees along the peninsula and 86 degrees in san francisco and trying to set an example here. light colors and that's what you want to do for today. as you know, those dark colors attract the sunlight. 94 degrees for the north bay and 89 for the east bay and 95 degrees in the tri-valley. we will tell you who could see 105 degrees as we get into tomorrow and when that heat will break. right now back to you and the rest of the top stories of the day. we continue talk about the
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temperatures as they continue to soar. the best cyclists to pedal into town on the bicycle race. "today in the bay" bob redell live in san jose where in just a few hours officials will deal with the heat concerns out there. hey, you're already on the bebike. . >> safety first. style fifth, i think. we're here in lake cunningham the starting area for stage three of the eight stage of the amgen tour of california. this is considered to be the most grueling stage because not do you have one huge mountain climb, but two. starting off around 10:45 this morning and 8 1/2 miles for this stage today with a climb, hey, aaron, slow down just a little bit. with a climb up mt. hamilton that will involve 22 switchbacks. go down the back side into livermore and thaen they'll get
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across the tri-valley up the corridor to mt. diablo which would be a grueling ten-mile climb and we're talking about climbs of thousands of feet when you add it altogether. expected to take four hours and with those temps that christina was talking about. high 80s tri-valley, livermore, low to mid-90s. these riders are going to be drinking a lot of water. >> tell aaron to just stop. tell aaron to stop the car. >> no, my goal is to have a heart attack within the next, five, four, three -- this is on level ground. can you imagine. >> i don't think they smoke cigars. i think that's the difference. >> you are doing a great job. >> state street the festival here lake cunningham park starts at 9:00 and the actual stage itself, 10:45. just over 120 of the world's
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best riders, again, competing in the ninth year of the amgen tour of california. this again the most grueling. you have to wonder what that will do for your driving about time. mike inouye. >> take a breath there, oh, my goodness. going through the south bay. bob is talking about the amgen tour. a few years ago a closure for the golden gate bridge and people are still in shock from that. this will not affect the bulk of your commute. bob is over here in mt. hamilton where the race will really take effect. the switchbacks there are the big issue. bob shows how tough it is to get on that flat section there while you're doing your report. good job, bob. the traffic then for the race itself going through mines and tesla. these are surface streets through livermore and getting up towards 580. this is this area right here. not affecting 680 or highway 84.
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well clear of your commute but cross right there underneath 580. that will take you back up and then towards mt. diablo. the mt. diablo state park area. a lot of folks for the end of the stage and a lot of surface street traffic. go to and find out because there are a lot of restrictions with regard to where you can park and how you have to be right on that race track. that should stay clear of 680 and definitely for the bulk of the morning commute. more of a mid-day thing. send it back to you. >> thank you very much. as we reported the tour of california starts at lake cunningham right in front of raging waters. celebration of the bicycle race and the water park will offer free parking and a free festival, including water attractions today. there are also photo opportunities and a live viewing of the race in the park, tiki gardens. we continue to follow breaking news in west virginia where one person is dead after
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an overnight mining accident, that's according to our local nbc station in that area. happening in boone county, there you see on the western side of the state. we understand ambulances are at the mine right now. several of the minors' families have gathered at the entrance of the mine. they're waiting for answers about what happened. a picture of the entrance to the mine here. we're told emergency rescue teams have been on the ground at the mine for hours now, but we're not sure if they're in the mine. we' we're still waiting for a response from the state department of health. they received 253 violations last year, including many dealing with workers' safety. since that review, a different company has taken over that mine. new this morning, an oakland family desperately trying to find a missing 7-year-old girl who was last seen near her home. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live in oakland. christie, why has an amber alert not been issued? >> that's a good question.
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we have calls into oakland police and they're trying to figure out if these circumstances fit the criteria for calling for an amber alert, but they haven't said exactly what the circumstances are. but it is really disturbing. we're talking about nearly 12 hours since the 7-year-old girl was last seen near her home here in east oakland. oakland police were parked out front and 7-year-old kianna was last seen yesterday around 6:00 p.m. brown hair and brown eyes and last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes. oakland police did release this information to us overnight. earlier two patrol cars were parked at the home. but, of course, there are many questions like you said. one of them, of course, what was she doing when she was last seen, was there a car involved? that is one of the things that they're talking about this morning and would help fit the criteria for an amber alert. oakland police missing persons says they're still trying to
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determine if this case is eligible. we do have calls to them this morning, but, again, they're asking for the public's help in finding this 7-year-old girl. >> let's hope she's find safe, thanks, christie. flourished in the city of san jose some say a little too much. today the city council will meet discussing the medical marijuana stores within city limits. "today in the bay" peggy bunker is here with the proposed changes. >> pot shots are netting hefty tax dollars for santa clara county. with the presence of pot shops comes a whole host of other issues. local schools have doubled since 2011 and today the city council will discuss a clamping down on those dispensaries. first came on the scene in 1996 after state law allowed eed medicinal use of the drug. told police to focus on
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significant drug trafficking rather than marijuana. the pot shops flourished. 80 shops operate within san jose city limits and they are the exception. every city in santa clara county has banned them. san jose does not want to ban the shops noting they bring in $5.6 million in business tax revenues. heefrz here's what they're proposi proposing. also pot must be grown on site and there needs to be a 1,000-foot buffer between the shops and dicare schools, parks, library and churches. they also need to be 500 feet from drug rehabs and also homes. council members say the proposed changes would actually protect the right to buy marijuana rather than banning it outright like many san jose neighbors have already done. as i already mentioned marijuana related suspensions at schools have doubled since 2011. they hope the regulations would keep pot away from teenagers and
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kids. the council meets today at 1:30. back to you. >> peggy, thank you. let's check in with christina right now and everybody is talking about the temperatures creeping up this week. >> a spring scorcher out there today. happy tuesday to you bay area. you really want to stick around for mike inouye's report. he has a couple things that could slow you down. stick around for that. also, want to make sure your ac is ready to go as we're getting into that time of year where we get the hot stretches of weather. ten degrees warmer than yesterday. as we head through tomorrow, we will peak. we're talking about maybe 105 degrees down in gilroy. that's what we are watching for. better chance of down south in hollister and keep you updated on that. for today, this is what you can count on. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s and we have a full moon on the way tonight and because it's so clear out there and because we don't have any off shore flow, you will be able to see it. just glorious already and
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commroco completely full as we head through tonight. all your inland valleys and everywhere except for the immediate coast and you can see why temps are hot today. 95 degrees in the south bay and 94 along the peninsula and 95 degrees in the east bay and 86 in san francisco and 95 degrees out in wine country. we'll tell you just how much warmer for tomorrow coming up. right now let's check that drive traffic tuesday, mike? >> we're expecting a lot of traffic especially for the south bay. right now a major problem and this ramp is closed as you can tell from this sign. you can't tell from this shot. southbound 101 that connects your close and continues to close all day today. maybe 5:00 p.m. and north first street that is a good surface street and 87 north will get you around the backup and these are already, definitely tough freeways during the morning commute. that will be a big issue if you could avoid that interchange and maybe take 280 south to 101 and continue south from there.
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great alternate throughout the day. watching for this effect, but so far a light volume there as well as the rest of the bay. watching that build. 880 through oakland and no problems connecting from alameda to oakland. we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. it is 5:12. google offering to take over a project from the city of mountain aview. the owner of the controversial sriracha plant in california responds to texas lawmakers trying to lure him out of california. got a story for nbc investigative unit? call the type line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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ualcome back, everyone. investigators looking for people who left behind a boat in an suv
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full of pot. the pot was found yesterday morning. the suv was stuck in the sand. that's -- there's the picture of the boat we want to show you this morning. investigators say the boat is likely from mexico and it's pics use. fast with very large fuel tanks. with two motors the boat could have reached the bay area from mexico overnight. more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana was found onboard. investigators think the drug dealers ran off after they couldn't get the suv off the beach. governor brown will release his latest budget plan today despite the state making far more tax money than expected about $2 billion more. brown is expected to ask lawmakers to remain thrifty. the state's general fund is expected to reach a record high, exceeding $107 billion. that's a big turn around from just a few years ago when california furloughed workers and issued ious to make grounds
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meet. save extra money, not spend it. speaking of money for a quick check of the markets, let's check in with jackie deangel deangeles. >> good morning to you, scott. the futures are higher after we saw a very strong performance for stocks on monday. the market was led by recently beaten down sectors. the biotech stocks and the internet stocks that really moved a lot. the dow and s&p a 500 closing at record highs and the nasdaq having its best day in more than three months yesterday. today we're going to look for data on retail sales and import prices and that could drive the markets forward. the dow rising 112 points to finish at 16,695 and the nasdaq adding 71 points. back to you, scott. >> all right, jackie at cnbc, thank you very much. let's hope the markets are hot this morning and make some money.
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>> what a beautiful start to the day. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, kind of an optimist, but we have hot conditions to get through for today and tomorrow but, hey, if you want to hit the beach and you have the day off, exquisite conditions for that. right now temperatures are pretty comfortable out there and mostly upper 40s to low 50s and we get into your day. this is what you can expect. clear, mild start and sunrise right at 6:00 a.m. straight up. and then we get into that rapid warming trend because offshore flow and all that sun coming in right off the bat means temperatures are very hot today. your sun will set about 8:07 and temperatures today will end up 20 to 25 degrees above average. 94 for the peninsula and let's check your drive for traffic tuesday. couple hold ups already, here's mike inouye. >> westbound 580 through dublin
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and nice, easy flow of traffic and we do see more traffic than we saw yesterday because christina said we call it traffic tuesday because we typically have the heaviest commute of the week. the camera is over here but you see the build and the slowing already developing and also for 84 coming through this area. folks, you heard of the amgen tour of california that also travels through this portion of the bay area and taking greenville and and towards tassajara and we're looking at a smooth flow around the rest of the bay and no big surprises as far as traffic slow on the freeways itself but one problem for a connector north 880 to southbound 101 that connector is closed until 5:00 p.m. and emergency repair work and you cannot make this connector. it's already slowing down here as folks slow down and see what these cones are and everything. take it back down to southbound 101 as your alternate and prepare for big delays here.
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san mateo bridge and a clear view and a clear drive just picking up a little volume and bay bridge toll plaza, no problem. look at that beautiful sunrise, send it back to you. >> that is really nice, thanks so much, mike. the widow of the man who was driving the porsche that crashed and killed paul walker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the car company. christina roda says design flaws caused both men to die in the november crash. her husband was only driving 55 miles per hour and investigators say he was going at least 80. a trained race car driver who co-toned a team with walker. the lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of money. the maker of the sriracha says he has no plans to move out of california. city leaders have tentatively declared that plant a public
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nuisance. the owner of the company, david tran, told reporters yesterday he has no plans to move out of southern california, however, we're also told two texas lawmakers have talked about the idea that he'd consider expanding into the lone star state. >> i could use some sriracha. city council set to discuss a law requiring new hotels and commercial buildings to come outfitted with electric vehicle chargers. the city requires new houses to come with the chargers. under the new proposal 10% of parking spaces at hotels and newer complexes will have to have a charger built right in. mountainview city council will allow google to take over work on a -- along the creek. they said it was too expensive and opted for a cheaper
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crossing. the pathway expected to make it easier for bicyclists and pedestrians to cross charleston road into that area. the 49ers rookie cashing in even though he wasn't drafted. we'll tell you about it next.
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welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful sunrise over the bay area. nice start to our morning at 5:23. we'll check in with christina and get a look at the day's highs. usc linebacker was not drafted by an nfl team but still could make $1 million. breslin the first college football player to receive a payout on a loss of value insurance policy. he was the potential first round pick two years ago. he took out insurance just in case and now it could pay off.
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breslin signed as a free agent with the 49ers over the weekend. he is from walnut creek. isn't that interesting? >> i didn't even know that was a thing. the second most popular jersey in the nfl right now belongs to the 249th pick in the draft. >> michael sam's rams jersey, the number two seller among rookies, according to the nfl. on saturday sam became the first openly gay player when the rams picked him up in the seventh round. >> the first belongs to johnny manziel. more jerseys have been purchased since march than those of any football player. coming in third overall, jadeveon clowney and two others include first-round qbs teddy bridgewater and blake borles. browns jersey, i like johnny manziel just fine.
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>> better be a breathable jersey if you're wearing one today. >> it is going to be hot out there. good tuesday morning to you bay area. want to get you up and moving because, yeah, today is going to be a hot one and as mike inouye likes to point out people get frustrated on the roadways whenever we get this hot. temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s and headed to the mid-90s before the day is done. 95 for the east bay and 95 degrees in the north bay as well. we're going to climb even more so into tomorrow by about five, even ten degrees in some cases. stick around, we will take you through that forecast. coming up right now, let's check your drive. traffic tuesday with mike inouye. >> shaping up to be a heavy commute. a lot of lights past the coliseum and no slowing lights past the coliseum. waiting in the cash lanes just a couple cars each. we'll look at the maps and talk about the entire east bay approach. you see it's not a big deal like
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concord and walnut creek and all areas moving smoothly, but coming in towards the area, 580 slows out of the altamont pass. northbound 880 to southbound 101 closed all day for emergency repair work. folks will reroute and northbound send more traffic towards 101 and the interchange and make a tougher drive along the guadeloupe parkway and surface streets will likely be flooded, as well. look at the north bay with live shot and picking up the volume through san rafael. no surprise. back to you. the berkeley graduate who beheaded an exotic bird during a drunken escapade said he's very sorry. he was sentenced to probation and community service. already spent six months in a prison boot camp and do his community service at an animal shelter. security video at the flamingo hotel caught him and two other men leaving the hotel's wildlife area holding the body and head
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of an exotic bird, which had been on display. >> just evil. 5:26 right now. late-night fire in the south bay. what investigators are saying this morning. the san jose police officer accused of raping a woman he was supposed to be helping returns to court today.
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oakland police trying to decide to issue an amber alert after a 7-year-old girl disappears. christie smith is talking to police. she'll have a live update next. a ramp connecting 880 to 101 closed this morning for emergency repair work. the latest details and how it could affect your commute, next. we'll track how it does affect your commute because it is starting to build. this traffic tuesday has a heavier volume of traffic, as well. and a major race coming to the bay area and they'll be roasting, as well, right, christina? >> yeah, that's right. i like that new word you invented, mike. a heat advisory for most of the bay area and very warm conditions and records possible
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even at the immediate coast. we'll tell you how hot for where you live in just moments. let's take a live look outside on this fine tuesday, may 13, this is "today in the bay." good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. a live look at san francisco as the sun comes up. record-setting temperatures expected in a number of cities in the bay area today. we'll certainly check with meteorologist christina loren in a few minutes. in the meantime, police in oakland asking for your help finding a missing 7-year-old girl. she was last spotted near her home not too far from the coliseum. "today in the bay" christie smith joins us live in oakland with details on why an amber alert hasn't been issued. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. i just got off the phone with the missing person's unit at the oakland police department.
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they are still trying to taerm whether this case is eligible to call for an amber alert but they're not saying what the circumstances of her becoming missing are in the first place. we are moving in on 12 hours since a 7-year-old girl was last seen here in oakland on 73rd avenue. and police are asking for the public's help in finding her. she is four feet tall, 50 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes. oakland police are parked out front this morning and they released this information overnight with very few details on the circumstances of how she went missing in the first place or if she was seen with anyone. but they do say that she is at risk, obviously, because of her young age. again, last seen at 6:00 p.m. near her home here on 73rd. of course, everyone is hoping she comes home safe. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much.
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5:31. new this morning, investigators trying to figure out what sparked an overnight fire at a home in san jose. someone called 911 just after 11:00 last night and reported seeing smoke coming from a home near valle vista elementary school. a police officer accused of raping a woman while he was on duty is expected back in court today. jeffrey graves pleaded not guilty to one count of rape. prosecutors say graves drove the alleged victim to a san jose courtroom after she got into a fight with her husband in september, but returned later and raped her. the woman did not record the incident until a month later when she was pulled over on suspicion of driving drunk. a former united airlines worker and his wife will find out their punishment today for stealing luggage in the midst of the chaos of the asiana airlines
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crash. investigators say sean and his wife stole bags belonging to people flying into sfo. one of their victims was a richmond couple who was returning from vacation when the asiana flight crashed at sfo. the couple's flight was diverted and their luggage made it to the bay area and investigators say they took it. they returned most of the clothes inside to a nordstrom that one in pleasanton for $5,000. the couple pleaded no contest and face up to a year in jail each. 5:33. in just a few hours the streets of san jose will be clouded with cycli cyclists. but this year competitors face some other foe, that south bay heat wave we're talking about. >> mike was calling it a road race and a roast. bob redell, along the race route and what are these riders in for? >> you know, they're talking about temps in the low to
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mid-90s, especially as they get into livermore and going over mt. hamilton and the race does have a car or cars i should say and they are expected to drink twice the amount of water in a stage like this as they exert themselves in the heat. and speaking of exerting themselves, this is the most exertion i put in all day, all week. follow me along. this is going it be in the start in a few hours of stage three right over here at lake cunningham here in the east side of san jose. stage three of a 720-mile, eight-stage race. the amgen tour of california. this stage is considered to be the most difficult. it is over 108 miles and you've got two major climbs. you have the one over mt. hamilton, 22 switchbacks and come down through livermore and in livermore, as we know, the hottest part of the bay area. by the time coming over liv livermore, high noon. they will be in that heat and
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still have to face mt. diablo which is more than a ten-mile climb. when you add up these climbs that they're going through today. we're talking about an elevation change of thousands of feet. so, they call this the queen stage. again, consider to be one of the most grueling and give on the fact that we're in this heat wave and the fact that we're going through livermore and tri-valley which is the area that they'll get the highest temps today expected to make this even more grueling. you're probably wondering, hey, bob, why aren't you in that helicopter? >> we weren't wondering that. >> no, you were. you were. just so easy, that's why. >> maybe you need a more streamlined outfit. >> well, you'll be happy to know that this bicycle right here is exactly not like the ones they'll be riding. okay, hey, stage three. the festival part here at lake
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cunningham starts at 9:00. stage itself 10:45. and they don't expect this to have a tremendous impact on the commute. given the time of the day. but definitely on the local roads you can go to their website and get the specifics. all right. >> that is not a green screen. bob is really on the east side of san jose riding his bike. >> maybe people can come out and start bringing water and something to drink. >> cheers. >> we need some cow bells. >> i prefer cpr. >> you better slow it down. because you know what, we'll check back with you many more times. >> we can always use more cow bells. >> no kidding, you have to drink a lot of water and hydrate out there today, christina. >> hopefully a medic watching at the very least this morning. good morning to you. really hot out there and the kind of heat you do not want to
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take for granted and, also, in combination with that heat, we have bad air quality for today. another spare the air alert has been issued, our second consecutive. as we head throughout the morning. this is actually the coolest point of the day, but we're still in the 60s to kick off the day easily making our way to the mid-90s. as we get into the hottest part of the day. 3:30 and 4:00. heat advisory issued for just about everywhere with the exclusion of the immediate coastline. what you want to keep in mind is, drink lots of water for today. a dry heat and you're not sweating as much as you normally would if we had quite a bit of humidity out there and take frequent breaks and remember your pets. just keep in mind those that those guys have a winter coat on they can't take off. if you're headed out doors this is what you can count on. sunrise straight up at 6:00 a.m. rapid warming by mid-day and we're talking about 85 degrees at lunchtime as those bicyclists make their way through livermore
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and it's going to be hot for them and going uphill. we'll keep tabs for you on that. sunset 8:07 tonight. still very mild, even when the sun drops off and temperatures today near records and we'll tell you if your city is fair game for that. count on the mid-90s in just about all of your inland valleys and 86 degrees in san francisco and 95 today in the north bay. we'll have more on those records and when this heat will break. coming up, let's check your drive, traffic tuesday. >> traffic tuesday, christina. folks, what that means the heaviest commute around the bay tuesday. what we typically see and this is going to make it much worth in the south bay. that is blocking your connector 880 to southbound 101. where is that on the map? let's zoom into the area to the top of your screen and that is the connector that is closed. southbound 101 that is northbound 880 that is commute direction and typically slows down approaching 101 and folks know that area north of 87. take 87 north or first street on
5:39 am
the surface street to get you around that closure and that will be an issue until possibly 5:00 p.m. when they reopen that connector. emergency pothole repair work going on and that is a big issue for the surrounding area. the peninsula moves smoothly and likely unaffected by this and only in the south bay for that connector. and now at the dublin interchange and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we have the build starting for the cash lanes and no problems coming out of the east shore freeway. the build will kick in in the next 15 minutes. >> thanks, mike. 5:39. u.s. planes are flying over nigeria looking for 200 girls kidnapped by terrorists. we'll have the latest details in a live report. another shot at regulating pot clubs. the new rules up for consideration today.
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this morning u.s. surveillance planes now flying over nigeria to help for the search in 200 kidnapped girls. tracie potts live in washington this morning where questions remain if nigeria's government will negotiate with a terrorist group to kidnap those girls. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. the u.s. doesn't negotiate with kidnappers or anything like that and they're helping with the search, but we're not in charge. nigeria is and it's a completely different story as to whether or not they're going to accept these kidnappers' demands in a new video they're asking that prisoners be released in exchange for the girls. we also, for the first time, saw the girls in that video. it looks like at least some of them may still be in the country and may still be alive. the united states has about 50 people we're told on the ground fraught the state department, from the pentagon trying to help out with this communication experts, medical experts and, yes, fbi hostage negotiators.
5:43 am
but this is the most amazing thing we've heard so far this morning. some of the families have yet to see that video because there is no electricity in the village wheres they are. they are having to travel to the capital of nigeria. some are already there to watch that video to try to identify their daughter. >> tracie, we saw some videos of unmanned drones. what we have over in nigeria today are manned aircraft, but drones are a possibility. >> that is absolutely correct. i'm glad you clarified that. the planes that are manned, surveillance planes and what they're using are commercial types of satellite images that they're sharing with the nigerian. the drones, to our knowledge, have not yet been flown over or used in nigeria, but some u.s. officials are saying they're talking aabout that as a possibility. >> tracie potts live in washington, thank you. closer to home san jose will address the issue of pot clubs within city limits.
5:44 am
previous attempts to introduce the number were shot down by voters. peggy bunker joins us with a look at the new rules the city council will consider. >> a cash cow business netting hefty dollars for santa clara county, but comes a whole host of other issues. marijuana-related suspensions at local schools doubled since 2011. today the city council will meet to clamp down on the dispensaries. they first came on to the scene in 1996 after state law allowed for medicinal use of the drug. in 2009 after the attorney general told police to focus on significant drug trafficking rather than medical marijuana the pot shops flourished. 80 shops operate within san jose city limits, but they're the exception. every other city in santa clara county have banned them. san jose does not want to ban the shops altogether noting they bring in 5.6 million bucks in business tax revenue but a
5:45 am
dramatic reduction of shops in san jose. here's what they're discussing. pot must be grown on site and also have a 1,000-foot buffer between the shops and day care schools, parks, libraries and churches and be located about 500 feet from drug rehab and homes. council members say the proposed changes would protect the right to buy marijuana rather than banning it outright like many of san jose's neighbors have already done. san jose neighbors spoke back in 1996 when medical marijuana when that initiative came up. those suffering from serious illnesses had access to the drug. they will try to respect voters' wishes while scaling back its availability at the same time. back to you, laura. >> one to watch, thanks a lot, peggy. police in sunnyvale looking for two burglars who got away after fighting with a home owner and pulling a gun. happened just before noon yesterday near the intersection of wolf road. a man confronted two men who
5:46 am
were breaking into his home. one of the men ran off, but the homeowner managed to catch up with the other. they briefly fought until the burglar pulled out a gun. the gun was fired and nobody was hit. the burglars sped away in a mercedes-benz suv a red, newer model with white lettering on the back window. while officials don't know what caused a fire at a san jose landfill they do think it was an accident. crews put water on the fire until 11:00 p.m. dealing with burning word and yard waste that firefighters say just burned like candles. a thick, plume of dark smoke could be seen over the city for most of the day on sunday but experts say the smoke did not significantly affect air quality. >> air quality an issue for the next couple days because of all the heat. christina loren joins us. >> the stagnant air mass overhead. unfortunately, we have a spare the air alert in effect, our second consecutive, probably
5:47 am
seeing another one tomorrow, as well. we have that heat out there, but this morning, you get the best of both worlds. you get the best air quality and the coolest temperatures of the day. so, if you're part of that 6:00 a.m. work crowd and getting ready to leave right now. temperatures are comfortable out there and we don't have any fog to slow you down. very little may gray so far this month and not looking like a lot of june gloom, even as we get into the first week of june. temperatures are looking pretty warm. as we get into the next few weeks. i'm always looking at least 15 days out for you. for today, i want to point out the break down for your air quality. pretty good air quality the north bay and san francisco also good air quality for today. the unhealthy levels of pollution specifically out in the east bay and south bay for this afternoon. right now you get the best air quality because it is where all the cars hit the highway. 94 degrees along the peninsula and our average high for springtime this time of year is 75 degrees.
5:48 am
so about 20 degrees above average here in the south bay for today. close to 90 degrees in oakland this afternoon at 89 degrees. your average 67. 95 in the north bay and 95 degrees out in the tri-valley, as well. this is what you can expect. as you get throughout the day today, heat intensifies. ten degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow hottest day of the year and then a little bit cooler as you get into the end of the week. very hot for tomorrow and staying hot for thursday and mid-80s return in san jose by friday. let's check your traffic tuesday commute, here's mike. >> guys, she said spare the air. try to car pool. this is the south bay, the first burst that hits all these cars and particulate matter and contributing to poorer air quality and hot days like this, looking at the slower drive and kicking in on the maps from tully to 880. i have circled that area not
5:49 am
because of an incident on 101 and an incident to 101. closed until possibly 5:00 p.m. and again that connector right here to there and that will cause more slowing which tends to slow up. so far you're okay. mt. hamilton and that's where we're starting of the amgen tour and that will take you out of the area and won't affect your major commute route until you get mt. diablo state park and cause a lot of surface street traffic. westbound 580, again. here towards greenvale and then diablo and blockhawk through that area. the parking through that area and 680 will likely be affected. no problems towards the bay bridge and an earlier fender bender and we end with a quick look at the toll plaza to show you the volume. all these lanes are blocking up. show you metering lights in two minutes, guys. legendary radio host casey
5:50 am
kasem is missing. 82-year-old kasem has parkinson's and cannot speak and was at a medical facility but on monday one of kasem's daughters said her mother took her from the facility and won't tell anyone where he is. conflicting information he was at an indian reservation in washington state or somewhere out of the country. the estranged wife of donald sterling speaking out about the most recent comments made by the clippers owner. during an interview with savannah guthrie shellie sterling says she feels bad for her husband and feels sad about what he has become compared to what he was before. she also accused the nba of trying to force her out just because she's a woman. >> are you saying the nba is being sexist by trying to push you out? >> would an owner's wife say the same thing and would the owner be asked to leave the nba? or would they just say, well, she's only the wife?
5:51 am
>> the nba has said if owners vote to oust sterling, they're also disqualifying anyone that is part of that ownership group from owning the team. you can see the entire interview this morning at 7:00 on "today" show. in the meantime, 5:51. a court ruling against google overnight. what the judge has decided about privacy, coming up next. brandon belt prepares to undergo surgery today for a broken thumb. we're going to tell you how long he's expected to be out. ouch. the great american novel.
5:52 am
so you can happily let life get in the way,... while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel. banking for the life you have... investing for the life you want chase. so you can.
5:53 am
new this morning the highest court in europe ruled against google saying the company has to remove some sensitive
5:54 am
information from internet search results in europe. it means its search results for a person's name show outdated or irrelevant information. that person can demand google no longer linked to it. the court says that the information is simply on the internet is not a good enough reason for google to index it. the lawsuit was brought about by a man from spain who argued google search results revealed details about him that infringed on his privacy. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg faces more fallout this morning from his real estate spending spree in palo alto. suing zuckerberg saying he didn't live up to his side of the deal. bought a piece of property near his palo alto home from the developer and allegedly promised introductions to other wealthy people that might buy homes. the developer said that never happened. he went on to buy four other homes and lots near his property spending more than $43 million.
5:55 am
at 5:54. a live look outside at&t park this morning. the giants back on the field against the braves tonight. first pitch 7:15. yesterday the g-men beat the braves 4-2. when they take the field, they'll have to be without our beloved brandon belt as they have been since the weekend. the first baseman will undergo surgery at stanford medical center after he broke his thumb at the plate. the ball hit belt's hand. today he'll have two pins installed in his left thumb and he's likely going to be out for six weeks. with steve kerr reportedly in final talks to be the new coach of the new york knicks they're pursuing stan van gundy. he has not coached in two years when he was fired from orlando. van gundsy the frontrunner for the warrior's job. a homecoming for van gundy he attended high school in martinez. let's check your weather with christina. good morning. >> good morning to you. want to make sure you're
5:56 am
prepared for the heat we have in store for you today, bay area. as we get into this afternoon, we're going to jump out of the upper 50s and low 60s where we are right now for most spots in the bay area. keep in mind this is the coolest part of the day. mid-40s in the north bay. look at where we're headed up to 95 degrees in the north bay and 86 for san francisco and 95 in the south bay and triple digits on the way for tomorrow. we'll detail that heat for you and tell you more importantly when it will break. that's all coming up throughout the 6:00 hour. right now it's traffic tuesday and picking up out there and here's our own mike inouye. >> the metering lights are already on and i showed you the bay bridge toll plaza and goes past that 880 overcrossing and east shore freeway and a typical build, but not a big problem as we look at the maps. we have th slowing as you approach the toll plaza and starting to see west 80 dip a bit in those speeds coming towards university avenue. the rest of the east bay approach and slower and the tri-valley, of course, you have
5:57 am
slowing from west 580 and south bay north heading up towards the circle where i'm talking about and northbound 880, which is the commute direction to southbound 101 countercommute for the bay shore. that connector is still closed and extended through the evening possibly 5:00 p.m. before they have that connector reopened. use north 87 or 101 as an alternate. we continue to follow breaking news. rescue crews at a west virginia mine after an accident. two minors are dead. what we're now hearing from crews on the scene. and the search continues for a 7-year-old girl missing for almost 12 hours now. what police are telling us, coming up in a live report. plus, the fight for affordable housing. people in one peninsula city fighting to keep their homes from being bull dozed to make room for luxury apartments.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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6:00 am
west virginia. new details as families gather at the gates demanding answers. plus, a 7-year-old girl missing in oakland, but police are not calling for an amber alert. we're live as investigators search her home. melting hot temperatures. where the rubber meets the road. how today's heat advisory could affect the amgen bike race. >> the riders put to the test for today. hot and hazy, spare the air day as we get into tomorrow, hottest day of 2014. then we'll see a little bit of cooling towards the end of the week into the weekend. your full forecast in moments. and some south bay drivers going to get put to the test, as well. local reroutes and i'll give them to you. a closure for the major interchange and two freeways and the ripple for the south bay. i have that coming up. good morning foster city and a live look at the san mateo bridge. it's tuesday, may 13. this is "today in the bay."


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