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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 14, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, a bay area high school scare is over. police lift a lockdown at kennedy high school in richmond after a shooting near campus. a student was shot in the leg in a drive-by this morning. as he recovers, officers are trying to track down the shooter. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker at 11:00. we have more on that story coming up. but let's begin now with a story that's impacting everyone across the bay area. that would be this microclimate weather alert. taking a look at some different hot spots here. san francisco, palo alto, and san jose, where we will be flirting with 100-degree temperatures. we'll have team coverage in place this morning, looking at this bay area heat wave.
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starting with bob redell in morgan hill showing us how crews are ready to pounce, but also christina loren watching these temps climb, climb, climb. it is hot outside. >> it is so hot out there, peggy. look at this. i don't have to tell you the temperature. you can tell by looking at this picture over the east bay hills. the sun is beating down and it is going to be the hottest day of 2014 so far, before all is said and done. you can see a completely clear sky here over san bruno. and i want to show you san francisco. we're getting that warming offshore wind. our camera here is actually bouncing a little bit. and that is courtesy of our warming agent. offshore flow, as that wind moves from land to sea, as it's pumping along the way, it actually warms up, negating that marine influence. these are your current temperatures right now. we have five additional hours of warming to go. 87 right now in livermore. i want to show you the various stages of san francisco, when it comes to that heat. as you get closer and closer to the ocean, it's cooler. temperatures are in the 70s right at the immediate coast.
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but as you head inland, 82 degrees. we could see records. here in the city of san francisco, we're talking about 105-degree heat in gilroy. i'll tell you when this is going to break coming up in a little bit. when the temps rise, the fear of fires go up as well. no one feeling that more than the men and women at cal fire. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in morgan hill. you just spoke to the battalion chief. this has got to be first and foremost a concern for the fire department. >> reporter: it is. good morning, peggy. mentally, cal fire tell us they are preparing for a much longer, much busier fire season. the district down here tells us they haven't seen conditions this dry since the 1970s drought. and now that we've got this heat wave that's the it hitting us earlier than usual, they're seeing a lot of fires in their district which covers santa
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meda. on tuesday, normally this time in may, they might, might respond to one fire, but yesterday was seven. >> for us, it shows a trend that the fires are starting and things are starting to get more krif. >> reporter: and more active earlier. >> yes. >> which is nush. >> exactly. typically, last year at this time, you know, we might have had maybe one fire. >> reporter: and keep in mind, yesterday was cooler than today. so who knows what will happen before sundown. whatever it is, cal fire is convinced is it is ready. this is the view from inside their command dispatch center here in morgan hill, where firefighters are monitoring their computers this morning, and their phones for any fire calls. normally, fire cal doesn't go full peak staffing for the fire season until mid- to late june, but because of the drought, they have declared fire season two mondays ago and are fully
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staffed with 15 rigs and 140 personnel. that's up from the normal dozen rigs and 80 people they have off-season. now, a couple of things you should keep in mind. yes, they're concerned right now during this heat wave, but when the temperatures cool down on friday and saturday, that's when they get even more concerned. and here's why. even though the temps are down, these conditions, they're still very dry, and the humidity has not had a chance to go back up. as is the fact on those transition days, they've got a coastal breeze. they don't want that. so friday and saturday will be some days they're really looking out for. >> it looks so dry out there, bob. thank you so much. with temperatures rising, people across the bay area are finding ways to beat the heat. one way to stay cool, hit the beach. take a look at what it looks like at san francisco's ocean beach this morning. plenty of people taking a run there along the water, also in shorts. we caught up with one mom who says it is just too nice to stay indoors. >> this is fantastic. it's -- we were at the beach
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yesterday after school and we declared today a beach day on our calendar and this morning, we woke up and the moon was setting and it was this fantastic color, orangey yellow. it was just great. so i said, go get your jacket and let's go down to the beach. >> and did you see those whales there in the water as well? also pretty exciting. one thing to be careful of, though, if you do go to the beach, the rip currents, which can be very dangerous, a bit of a reminder there. it's not just people who are looking the to cool down. take a look at the animals, they need a break from the heat as well. special treats were given today at the oakland zoo. blo bloodsickles were made for the tigers and fruitsickles for the camels. the nbc bay area weather team will be following this latest heat wave for you on the air and online. you can always get up to date weather reports on and some breaking news to bring you now.
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a mountain view police officer is under arrest, accused of possessing child pornography. 6-year-old officer kevin nguyen is on paid administrative leave during this investigation. detectives arrested the seven-year veteran of the mountain view police officer yesterday. we'll have more on this story during our next newscast coming up at 5:00 this afternoon. we're also learning new details about a shooting that put a bay area school on lockdown. that student is now recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at kennedy high in richmond. christie, officers are saying this started out as a fight. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. we did have a chance to speak with students this morning. they were rattled. they actually say that they heard some of the gunshots before class started this morning. parents upset too. they came running down here to make sure their kids were okay. what police are telling us is that a 14-year-old student was shot, hit in the leg after some sort of large altercation. a district official called it a big fight near a park that is across and down the street from
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kennedy high school. but that student who was hit was able to make it to the school for help and was taken to children's hospital. according to police, a school resource officer got word of a fight down the street, on cutting boulevard this morning about 8:30. then it quickly turned into reports of a shooting. again, that student who was hit was able to make it to the school principal's office for help. the campus was immediately put on lockdown as a precaution. witnesses say the people involved in that fight ran away while families and students try to make sense here of what happened. >> everybody's crazy, because they just came out of nowhere. it was like lockdown. >> reporter: and you heard the gunshots in class? >> yeah, a little bit. a little. >> reporter: how many did you hear? >> a few, but everybody was screaming, so -- >> so we're going to keep him out until monday, maybe it will blow over, come back, get his homework he'll miss. i can keep him safe. i'm not saying they didn't, they did, but i can keep him safe
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too. >> there are a lot of people in the area, not just students, so it's going to take a little bit of time for our detectives to get everybody, you know, kor r raled and interviewed. >> the west contra costra unified school district sent counselors here to help students who might need to talk about this and also administrators to the school. they say that the school is very safe and everyone did what they were supposed to do in this situation. also, they say that a nearby temporary campus, coronado elementary was trailer on lockdown, but classes for both of the schools have resumed at this hour. i spoke with police. they told me that they are trying to work on a suspect description and information that might help lead to an arrest. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> so frightening for those students, for sure. also new at 11:00, one person is under arrest, following a raid at the hell's
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angel's motorcycle headquarters in san francisco. this morning, officers served a search warrant at the building in the dog patch neighborhood. the raid oenl involved a san francisco police gang task force. streets in the neighborhood were shut down for a few hours during that raid. thousands of people near san diego are breathing a sigh of relief this morning. evacuation orders are no longer in place as crews there have stopped a fast-move firing from burning dangerously close to hope. the fire started yesterday longer in san diego county. it scorched, so far, more than 1,500 acres. unseasonably warm temperatures, rugged terrain, and the usual southern california wind pushed those flames towards neighborhoods with very expensive homes. these are live pictures, as we take you here now, you can see the smoke, the whirling ash there, and boy, a blazing fire there is still under way. of course, those embers coming from that burning fire create small spot fires. in some cases, flames crept within yards of homes before firefighters were able to put water on them. the fire is 25% contained, but as you can see from these live
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pictures, still very much underway in san diego. and now to developing news in turkey, where an explosion and a fire at a coal mine killed nearly 240 people. rescuers are working to reach more than 200 workers who are still trapped underground. nbc's richard engel has more now from istanbul. >> reporter: turkey has a terrible record of mine safety. still, officials in this country say this is likely the worst mining accident in turkey's street. the government has declared three days of national mourning. a massive rescue operation is underway this morning at a coal mine in soma, turkey, about 150 miles south of istanbul after an explosion triggered a fire, which trapped hundreds of workers more than a mile underground. officials say the explosion may have been caused by a faulty electrical transformer. the blast happened during a shift change, so there is some uncertainty over the exact number of workers still inside. the crowds gathered outside the mine, while rescue teams pumped
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oxygen inside. those lucky enough to get out alive had inhaled smoke and coal dust. the turkish prime minister said that some of the miners had been pulled out. as for others, she said, the rescue continues. for families and friends at the local hospital, fear and frustration grow as they wait for answers. my elder brother is inside the hospital, said this man. he was working from 8:00 until 4:00, but we didn't hear from him. now we are waiting. this mine is very deep, and it is still on fire, which means the shaft has filled with toxic fumes, so the chances of many more people coming out alive are slim. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. and still to come this morning, it may look like a hoax, but apparently it is all too real. we'll tell you how a bounce house wound up in the air with two little boys inside. plus, an unexpected and some unwelcome sights in palo alto. why these cameras are being installed without any warning in some neighborhoods, all
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throughout the city.
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well, the fate of pot clubs in the south bay is lingering in the air this morning. the san jose city council postponed a vote to shut down some of those clubs until at least next week. at a packed city council meeting last night, council members and the mayor heard from numerous club owners while city leaders are hearing new rules that require pot clubs to stay at least 1,000 feet away from day care facilities and schools. >> don't have the manpower for that and it's just not safe to have it all on site like that. to just have people know that, hey, there's a lot of medicine being cultivated here. everyone's going to know that it's there. and that's dangerous. >> one day your children come
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home and say, mommy, i smell weed in the class. what happened, honey? the teacher didn't do anything. >> well, the city council is also considering cutting the number of dispensaries to just 20. right now, there are about 80 to 100 pot shops in the city of san jose. and right now, we want to take you back to those live pictures near san diego. we told you just a moment ago that we are hearing reports that this fire is about 25% contained. this after firefighters there in san diego county were able to hold the flames back from some very expensive homes, but as we take a look at these pictures right now, you can see the wind and also the very dry conditions there, boy, pushing these flames, it would appear, due to the strong wind gusts. you see it just sweeping up the side of the hillside there. intersections blocked off, police on sight. about 1,500 acres are burn right now in san diego county and these pictures really tell the story. you can see very active flames there. we'll continue to monitor that situation and get an update on
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exactly which area this is pinpointing and bring that to you shortly. city leaders are also responding to complaints of a pesk problem at south san jose parks. numerous people have asked the city to do something about ground squirrels. they say they just overrun the park. san jose had abol rodent control come to the park to wipe out the squirrels using a technique known as the elimbnator. this knocks the rodents out before killing them with carbon dioxide and it is approved by the international society for killing lab rodents. however, that's just not good enough for one woman who tried to save the squirrels with her two bare hands. >> during the gassing, all of a sudden, they felt dirt flying behind them and she was down on all fours trying to uncover the holes they had just gassed. >> they have budgets to go into the hills and kill the squirrels? >> the city says the squirrels have created aen unsafe condition for park visitors, but
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jerry says the exterminators mostly focus on holes in the hills where people don't go. the exterminator said this is the biggest infestation in a small area he has ever seen. this morning we're learning why mysterious cameras were placed all over the palo alto. the city officials say they were not part of a plan to spy on resident who is live in palo alto, but to determine how many bicyclists and pedestrians go through city streets. according to the "mercury news," some residents were both bothered that the city didn't tell them about the plan or the cameras. the city says all the videos will be destroyed once the project is finished. . and two young boys are covering this morning after an unbelievable freak accident. a strong gust of wind sent one of those bounce houses flying into the sky in new york. take a look at this photo here from monday afternoon. as many as three children were inside the inflatable bounce house. a 5 and 6-year-old boy suffered major injuries after they fell out of it, 15 to 20 feet to the ground. police say the man who owned the
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bounce house properly staked entitle the ground, but the wind there just was too strong. >> the first thing i thought was, that was them falling through the sky. all i saw was arms and legs going. the girl suffered minor injuries. police are telling this a terrible accident. no charges will be filed. and take a look at this picture here. a shark spotted in the waters off of manhattan beach. the shark was just a few feet from shore. you can see the video there. oddly enough, people who live in the area of manhattan beach say they think this shark is quite a welcome sight. they're hoping that tourists will now stay away from this popular surf spot after this sighting. a lot of surfers there, christina. they want to keep their beach, their beach. >> they do. locals only. temperatures are looking good out there, whether you're a fish out of water or a land lover. stod, it's going to be hot no matter where you're headed. we're at 84 degrees right now, currently, in mountain view, where you typically see a high this time of year of about 76
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degrees. hazy sun over san jose, although we're getting a little bit more mixing in our atmosphere. the wind has increased a touch, and that's actually improved our air quality. you can see that haze, though, vividly over san bruno. another spare the air day. i want to show you what it looks like right now over the east bay hills. yep, no longer green. and we're going to continue to dry out as we head throughout the next couple of weeks. no rain in the forecast, temperatures are going to be hot. for today, tomorrow, even on friday, and then that heat will break over the weekend. 97 for today. a hot day shaping up for wine country. 96 in the peninsula and 97 in the south bay and overall, yesterday was hot, we're running 2 to 3 degrees warmer at this hour than yesterday. we're expecting temperatures to peak at about 105 degrees in gilroy for today. 102 degrees in morgan hill. los gatos, 100 degrees if as we head through tomorrow, what we will notice is that coastal fog is going to try to push over the local mountainside. not quite going to make it. that means we'll see hot inland
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conditions, but a nice sharp drop-off in your coastal temps tomorrow. getting into your friday, gradual cooling continues. fog rrns to the coast, and by this weekend, we'll be back in the 70s and 80s. let me give you a little preview. remember, your seven-day forecast all scrolling at the bottom of your screen. for the next five days, we steady cool you off, gradually at first, and then it really starts to kick in, as we get into this weekend. peggy, look at that. friday -- we're there! just a couple more days and we'll be at that weekend. hold on! if you can make it through, we have a really nice weekend shaping up. back to you. >> i have a new air-conditioner in my house, i've never been more grateful. thank you, christina. you might spot the best soccer players on the peninsula over the next few weeks.
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well, welcome back, everyone. time now, 11:22. take a live look outside this morning from our camera inside at&t shot. the giants in action about an hour from now. a day game against the braves. as you already know, of course, it will be hot, if you're going to head to the ballpark. atlanta did shut out the g-men 5-0 last night. here's the chance to take that back. across the way in oakland, the as are there also this morning, wrapping up a series against the white sox. the as blasted chicago 11-zip yesterday, evening that out quite a bit. the road to the world cup in brazil heads straight through the bay area. right now, 30 players, including the san jose earthquakes, also own clarence goodson, they are competing for 23 spots on the team. the workout are private, but later this month, the u.s. will be hosting their first exhibition game at candlestick park. the world cup kicks off on june 16th. huge event there.
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it's official, the fireworks in downtown san jose are back. for the first time in six years, this show will light up the night sky. the rotary club teamed up with the city and santa clara county to make sure this would happen. they raised $100,000 to fund the fire woks show. as an added bonus, city leaders believe the show will cut down on having illegal fireworks in the area. it is back to the drawing board for the warriors. there are two top attends for head coach are reportedly off the park. stan van gundy has reportedly reached a deal with the detroit pistons to become head coach and team president. meanwhile, the team's other top coaching candidate, steve kur, is seriously thinking about signing with the new york knicks. with van gundy and kur out, the warriors now have to look elsewhere for their new coach. the team will reportedly interview former coach in memphis, lionel hollands, coming up later this week. talk about a role reversal, a cat coming to the rescue of a california boy. it is a video you cannot see
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enough of. this is cat versus dog. cat wins this one. we'll show it to you, coming up.
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welcome back. 11:27 right now. we're dog people, two dogs. you have three dogs. that's right. but this is a cat lover's moment. a 4-year-old bakersville boy attacked by the neighbor's dog, saved by the family cat. watch this. you see the dog sniffs around the back of the car. the little boy there innocently riding his strike, just grabs his leg and pulls him off. look at the cat, tackles the dog, knocks him off, chases him around the car, that dog is gone. the dog crawled back to the side. but it's amazing how he just attacked this boy doing absolutely nothing. mom was in the front yard at the same time. she said the mom came around and bit her as well. the boy was taken to the hospital and got 10 stitches. the dog is in quarantine. his fate probably a little bit undecided there. but the family cat saving the the day. >> thank you, everyone, for joining us. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. check out and stay cool!
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