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tv   Today  NBC  May 31, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, every. it is try day friday, may 30th. we're delighted that you're here with us. and we're going to have a fun show today. >> we are. we're not going to tell you why. we have two new additions to our staff. we have adopted these two beautiful -- >> beta fish or siamese fighting fish. that's why we have them separated. we don't want them to hurt one another. >> is this one yours? yours isn't even moving. yours is practicing dead. look at mine.
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mine is very mobile. >> what should we name them? >> we should name them. well, we have choices. they should be named maybe laverne and shirley? wilma and betty. pebbles and bam-bam. >> which one is yours. >> you do pebbles. >> mine looks crazier. >> oh, beta and gigabyte. >> you don't even know about computers. >> i like bite. bite me. >> yours is gigabyte. yours is gigabyte. >> giga and byte. >> giga and byte. >> we're not going to leave them in the studio. our producers are going to take them home and feed them. >> did you know this, interesting -- >> shocking. >> one in six happy marriages began and hoda can tell you this for sure as a one night stand. >> you know what, it seems unlikely, but sometimes one night stands flourish.
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look at the odds of marriage, who knows? anyway, voucher cloud, a coupon site, found that one in six marriages that started that way stood the test of time and they looked at 2,000 women and asked if they were happily married. a quarter of them said they were in an unhappy marriage. >> how long have they been married? that's the question you got to ask. if it is within two years, they're happy. that's what other research says. that after two years, the sexual aspect of -- >> goes a little south. >> i shouldn't say goes south, because that's what happens. but it goes into the sunset. yeah. you better have more than lust, hoda, i told you that a long time. >> i do. i have someone who i know who had a one night stand who is in a very happy marriage with, you know, handful of children. i won't say how many because i feel like she'll know i'm talking about her. >> your girlfriend -- >> no, don't. but they say the most common issue for unhappy marriages are money problems. >> money problems, yeah. >> interesting. interesting question for you guys to answer. okay.
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so here's a question. what's better, money or a honey? dear prudence, a column, asked, this woman said, look, she doesn't like her job, she's very unhappy, but she's with a guy she really likes a lot. couple of months. then suddenly -- she gets a dream job far away. the question is, should she leave this potential blossoming relationship to go to this small town and get her dream job or stay in this crummy job she hates to be near the guy who might be the one? >> or might not. >> or might not. remember, the guy is -- she's in her 30s. it is not like she's just out of college a saying should i be with this guy or run off to another job. she's in her 30s and has been in relationships that did not work. what would you tell her if you were her friend? >> i would tell her similar to -- everybody wants something different. some people want success. and even if it is at the expense of a relationship. i've always felt like if you
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didn't have a relationship, some kind of relationship to go home to that meant more than your material success, you were ultimately not going to be happy at all. i would always say follow your heart and love will keep you happier than a fat bank account. >> but if you're in a job you can't stand and the relationship -- so now you're, like, i stayed here for this. >> if you're offered a dream job once, you'll get offered it again. if you're good. >> you say stay and check out the relationship. >> i say stay and look for a better job locally and see if the relationship and give it a particular -- don't say, five years, i'll give this five years. not that age. >> i say chase -- go for the job. you're not sure about the guy. you just are dating him. you just started the relationship. don't be so dumb. >> i'm not saying -- >> you missed what i said. maybe i didn't say it so clearly.
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show me -- she knows which matters most to her. >> she doesn't know. she's confused. she says what do i do? she doesn't know. she's asking you, because -- i think -- >> my dad said find something you love to do and find out a way to get paid for it. >> what she loves to do is the small town. >> and maybe the guy will follow her. once you do have a husband and children and every year when i -- in my career, i take the temperature of my family every year. i never signed anything more than a one-year contract, until recently. >> good for you. >> hoda made me do it. but, anyway, i thought if my family is not happy, i'm not going to be happy no matter how great a dream job. >> this girl is dating a guy for a couple of months, no family. >> she does have family and friends there. that's what it said in the original letter. should we say what she recommends? what do you think? >> emily says make a pro/con list. add it up and see what your heart says. >> well, duh. or flip a coin.
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and then whatever -- then think about that your gut says after the results of the coin flip. >> do you feel relief or fear? >> fear on either one. >> change is scary. change can be great. >> you should go for the job in that case. unless it was a six-month relationship that had potential. otherwise, you know what -- >> then you find out if the relationship can last if you take the job and you find out what it is really made of. >> good point. >> we probably confused her. >> further. >> is this how you do your friday funny? >> no. these are straws with mustaches on them. it is try day friday slurpee mustache straws. >> too bad somebody didn't give me water, except for the fishbowl. >> i like your mustache better. look at kath's. >> a million ways to die in the west. 99 cents each. sold at participating 7/eleven stores. >> time for friday funny.
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i like this one. from facebook fan karen lynn. one day an older woman moved into her retirement home. first night she went to dinner an sat down, little group tables that they have there. she said hello to everybody around the table, when she met the man sitting across from her, she was just shocked. she couldn't stop staring at him. the man finally started feeling uncomfortable. so he asked, lady, why are you looking at me that way? well, the woman answered, you look exactly like my fourth husband. oh, really, said the man. how many husbands have you had? the woman replied, three. >> it was better than that. >> i liked that one. i thought it was darn good. >> i'm going to stop putting effort into them. people do not appreciate me. >> i like when you're dramatic. >> no, you do not. next week, dull as dirt, i promise.
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time for our fan friday. every friday we have been showing you things you guys share with us on facebook, on twitter. okay. on monday we asked about the question, when you ask a guy, does this make me look fat and how it scares men, leive lukas shared with how her husband gets around it. >> he replies, that's not your color. >> i like that. >> we talked about the women only parking spots in seoul, korea. >> they're larger and closer to the door. >> what are you saying? >> i say it is the best idea on the universe. you know what our facebook page said -- >> they agreed. >> 78%. >> oftentimes you do the shopping, stuff, kids. >> busy. we did ask you why you chose specific names for your pets. cassie sent in a picture of her dogs murphy and marley and said she calls them m&m for short, because they melted our hearts from day one. >> that's sweet. >> and finally, mark had the four pound dog names cujo. she said her husband recommended
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the name as a joke because in the thriller, the vicious dog wreaks havoc on the town. since she didn't know the story, she thought the name was adorable, cute. >> if you have something you want to share with us, go to our facebook page and we may air it. >> maybe not. hoda did say she named blake after blake shelton. everybody knows that. and now you going to sleep with blake, your desire your whole life. and mine is bambino means baby boy in italian. >> i like that. >> lola is frank's mother's name. but she was already named lola when we got her. >> okay. >> and louie cassidy named. i can't think of the other dogs. >> you always leave them out. time for our johnson's baby of the week. our first johnson's baby of the week is arya page hammond born in morehead city, north carolina. she likes making silly faces. >> next, camden taylor parker.
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born in chattanooga, tennessee. parents marina and brian offer this advice to new parents, the bags under your eyes from all the late nights are well worth all of the cuddles. so true. >> next baby of the week is adelyn jeanne smith, born with a full head of hair, from manahauken, new jersey. the mom tells other new parents, it is okay not to have it all together. >> doing good, mom. our final johnson's baby of the week is mylah haley bazile, born in alan, texas, on april 29th. joins a big family, six other siblings between the ages of 8 and 22. >> lots of baby-sitters. >> congratulations to everybody. if you want to submit your baby, go to >> we got a big, big show. if your kids have been begging you to get a pet, we got what you need to consider from costs to care. >> and puppy love at first sight.
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it's been one year since they've seen each other. >> a service dog and its trainer.
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for 25 years, canine partners for life has been dedicated to training service dogs and home companion dogs to assist individuals suffering from a whole wide range of disabilities. >> the families who foster and train these dogs often develop a deep connection that continues long after the dog has been placed with a lifetime companion. lindsey myers is one of those trainers and here is her story. >> when i first saw dale, it was love at first sight. here was this gorgeous little puppy with silky black fur and adorable face. when i found out that his
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original trainer was unable to continue caring for him, it took me all of two seconds to offer to take him. i spent most of my life either working or volunteering at local animal shelters and i wanted to get even more involved. my kids were definitely excited about having a service dog in training at the house. and it wasn't long before he became a member of the family. dale even came to work with me every day. we were so proud of dale, he's such a sweet, beautiful boy. but after two years of loving, raising and training dale, it was time for him to meet his new life partner, april. april has multiple sclerosis, and is also challenged by a cardiac condition and connective tissue condition. dale's most helpful skills around the house, picking things up from the floor, helping april carry things, opening and closing doors and turning lights off and on. he's even able to alert april to various medical issues such as fainting, tremors and weakness. he makes her work as a musician and violin teacher possible. he even sits we april's side as
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she performs in the symphony orchestra. while we know dale is where he should be, we can't help but miss him. we think of him very often. we made a lot of new friends during the time we were raising dale and almost two years later people still ask about him. we haven't seen dale in a year, but he definitely still has a big place in our hearts. >> love this story. >> oh, my gosh. >> april is here with her husband john and their service dog dale. hi, guys, how are you? >> wow. what a difference this dog has made in your life, huh? >> yeah. >> tell us about him. >> before dale came along there were a lot of things i was afraid to do, even just being home alone was scary. and that's all different now because i'm never by myself anymore. he's always looking out for me. >> gave you confidence, in addition to being there for you for all the medical reasons. so great how he can sense when something is going wrong with you. how does he react? >> usually his biggest alert is that he just stops. and once he stops, there is not
2:23 am
a whole lot i can do to move him. he basically says you're going to sit down and wait until you're okay. >> and we're not supposed to pet him. tell us why that is. so natural to want to pet a sweet dog like that. >> petting -- even just talking can distract them. and when they're distracted, they can't do their job. with his alerts, he could not be paying attention to my blood pressure. and miss an alert. >> would you mind just unharnessing your cute dog. because -- >> this must make you feel better knowing that dale is with her and she can more secure she's getting the care she needs. >> makes you feel better about her being home alone. >> we're going to do a little reunion here. lindsey is here with her kids d.j. and hannah. come on out. you took great care of dale and now it is your turn to say hi. let's see if he -- let's see how this -- >> go say hi. >> hi. >> oh, my gosh.
2:24 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> i wonder if he remembers. >> wow. >> so happy. >> wow. >> isn't that precious? >> oh, my gosh. >> that is unbelievable. have a seat, you guys. >> he's all tangled up. >> that's all right. hold on. >> he's so happy. >> you did an awfully good job with this dog. >> you sure did. they don't forget, do they? >> he was easy, for sure. >> how does it feel seeing him again? >> it is crazy. it is crazy. it is. >> look at him. >> it must be tough to foster a dog and to know that the purpose is for you guys to send him back out into the world, even though you know it is to a great, great, great cause. >> we miss him. we miss him. but seeing the work he's doing and -- he has his own facebook page and following him on facebook has been rewarding. >> oh, my gosh.
2:25 am
>> and are you -- do you have another dog now at your home you're doing the same thing for? >> we have a retired service dog who lives with us and we foster. we're not doing one from puppy to this stage, but we -- >> i'm not allowed to pet you, honey. >> you guys are doing great work. if you want to do exactly what this family is doing, go to our website and figure out how. thank you so much. how beautiful. thank you for coming. >> thank you, dale, for all you do. >> oh! >> coming up, bobbie is here with the latest must haves. >> all after this. do you have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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we're back with more of "today." and -- that is bobbie's dog. she was animated by the "my talking pet" app. which is just one of the pet picks that bobbie thomas has for us today. >> my talking pet, 99 cents, upload a picture of your pet and we have two samples this week. one of blake and one of bambino. >> yeah, okay. >> i want to hoda on your copy. >> that's creepy. >> you can even adjust the pitch. >> okay. >> we have to tune in for yappy hour. >> made from beer, dogs love it. it is a way that -- >> they have a link that you can get these great squeaky toys.
2:30 am
>> she's going to town. >> it's made from -- >> sniffing butt bacon. >> dogs love it. >> and andrea is here. these are literally puppy purses. they're safe and, you know what i love, it is three in one, a harness, and in new york city, if you're walking on the street, you can pick them up quickly. it is a leash, you can walk them. and put them over your shoulder. >> it is like a harness the other way. >> so thank you. so awesome. >> fun home accessories for your new addition after your local news. >> oh, my gosh!
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we're back with more of "today." if you're a pet owner, considering which animal to adopt, we have the essentials you really need to know. >> from cost to care, to knowing whether the pet is a good fit for your family, dr. brett lavitsky is a veterinarian, here to help you figure it all out. >> okay, dr. brett. >> a lot of people love to get dogs. they're a great warm addition to the family. what should people know before they step out and do it? >> they need the time to take care of them. dogs are a bit more needy with their time considerations. and they're very social and very active. they need exercise, regardless of their age. so even older ones need to get out and take the nice long walk. >> okay. and in terms of cost, people don't realize how much a dog costs. >> i know. >> especially hoda's. >> pet sitters, you know? >> the annual cost depending on the size, we have a couple of options here, can range from
2:34 am
anywhere from $500 to $1,000 plus, just for supplies, food, and that's not even talking about -- >> veterinarian -- >> they come to see dr. brett, it is going to cost them. >> a little bit more. >> what do you have for us here? >> we have some of the essentials you would need. and especially here in the city, i can't stress enough getting a good leash, collar, harness if your dog pulls, every dog owner before they bring the dog home needs some food bowls, water bowls, and then just some things to make their life fun at home. everybody likes to have fun. >> squeaky toys. >> yes, squeaky toys are a big hit. >> all righty, thank you, guys. >> all right. >> okay. >> now, we're in the hamster zone here, right? >> yes, this is our -- this is daylight and that's one thing pet owners need to know is that hamsters are nocturnal animals. they want to interact with you an play at night. >> is it a good starter pet for your child? for your family?
2:35 am
>> not unless you want your kid up all night. >> i think that's -- >> think it through, hoda. >> go to bed, all right? >> they won't get on your schedule no matter what? >> no. >> even if you're on daytime with a blackout? >> no, not at all. >> why does anyone want one? >> everyone has hamsters. you don't stay up with them. you go to bed. >> what if he wants to play with you? >> in the evening time. that's your transition period before you go to bed. >> where is he? >> it doesn't matter. we have to move on to the guinea pig. >> this one we can find. >> this is roxy. she's a beautiful guinea pig. guinea pigs are fantastic for families, especially if they have children. they're very social. you wouldn't think that a guinea pig is social, but look at her, she's very interactive. what people need to know about guinea pigs, it is not a set it and forget it pet. they need a lot of interaction. >> they do? >> they do. >> they definitely do. if you have them out in your apartment, they're going to find things to chew.
2:36 am
so be careful. >> how long do they live? >> anywhere from five to seven years. >> come over here, honey. come on. hoda wants to do that. >> i just want to see the cute face. >> she's adorable. >> what is this? >> a turtle. >> this is lolita and billy bob. and turtles are going to be a little more of a commitment, let's say, because they can live anywhere from 25 to 100 years. >> yeah. >> longer than us. >> who takes them when you outlive your turtle? or the turtle outlives you? >> have a good will and testament. >> what do they eat? >> insects, worms, you need to supply them with fruits and vegetables. and the thing about turtles and lizards also is they can carry salmonella, so maybe not best pet for small kids. >> good to know. >> the fact you have two, do they need mates? do they need friendship or -- >> they actually can be very social with each other. they may not jump up when you get home from work, but they -- >> i mean, you have two.
2:37 am
>> they do like the company. >> they like company. >> lizards are -- how long do they live? >> where is the lizard? >> where is our friend in here? this little gecko, he's hiding. he's out somewhere. >> he's off doing a geico commercial. >> he can live about 25 years, believe it or not. >> how long? >> 25 years. >> got to get to our cats. >> these kitties. >> look at that little kitty. >> this is buddha and oliver. and what we should point out is these guys were both -- both strays at one point. buddha is up for adoption. if you want to -- >> oh, my gosh. >> precious. i'm allergic to cats unfortunately but i think they're beautiful. >> a lot less care than dogs. >> a lot more independent, so they don't require as much attention. but they love to interact and play. so you can't leave them for days at a time. they do like to spend time with you. >> okay. you need to have a litter box, obviously. >> absolutely. >> what other things should you have? >> here we have some things to enrich their lives.
2:38 am
in other words, play with them. you can go ahead and oliver might raise -- >> these are a little kinky. >> oliver is not at all -- >> oliver is a very relaxed cat. that's why he's perfect. >> perfect. >> thank you very much. >> get ready for the fur to fly. >> about to put our knowledge of pets pop culture to the test after this. low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone i hit new york... and texas! see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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back now and ready to find out how much we know about some famous furry friends in pop culture. >> here to put us to the test is tim stack. >> you're a game show host. >> i'm a game show host too. i have many side jobs. >> okay. >> ready.
2:42 am
gargamel, true or false, gargamel is the cat's name in the smurfs. >> that is definitely false. >> correct. hoda knows her smurfs. the name is azriel. gargamel is the creepy guy who wears robes and is a monk maybe, or like an old lady. that series ran from 1981 to 1989, nbc. next question. which of these films about an animal won an oscar? a, marley and me, b, babe -- kathie? >> babe. >> yes, correct. >> did you know that? >> yes. >> james cromwell played the former in that. >> okay. >> i'm giving information! >> fine, whatever! what was the name of arnold's fish on different strokes, a, willy, b --
2:43 am
>> it was c, abraham. >> yes. hoda, who knew? >> i'm a different strokes person. i know that. >> different strokes, moved in with the drummonds, gary coleman. >> gosh, no one cares. number four, in the sitcom b.j. and the bear, what kind of animal was bear? a, a bear, b, a chimpanzee, c, a bird. kathie? >> bear. >> are you allowed to answer? >> yes. the correct answer is bird. >> i would like to go with the real correct answer, which is a chimpanzee. >> that is correct. >> you don't get a point for that. >> b.j. and the bear was a sitcom about a trucker who -- he drove around with a chimpanzee. turner and hooch was a movie with tom hanks in 1989. what kind of dog was hooch? a french mastiff, a bulldog, or a bernese mountain dog.
2:44 am
>> bernese mountain dog. >> bulldog. >> french mastiff. >> he was a french mastiff, yes. >> i know my stuff. >> he witnessed a murder and tom hanks helped him. >> what was the dog's name on "frazier". >> good luck with that. >> eddie. >> you are correct, yes. >> that was a good show. >> what do you mean? b.j. and the bear was good. >> b.j. and the bear. >> he was the dog -- >> all right. >> what was the name of the pet alligator -- i don't even know what the score is because i'm being yelled at so much. what was the name of the pet alligator on "miami vice". >> a, max, b, elvis, c, elio. >> b, elvis. >> right. >> before we go on, what is the
2:45 am
score? >> 3-3. >> you're tied. >> good game. >> she's coughing. >> go, go. can't breathe. my turn. go. >> please, please. >> thank god. now we're ready. >> like drew carey on the price is right. what is katy perry's cat's name -- >> kitty cat? >> no. >> the answer is kitty purry. >> that is correct. >> kitty purry had a cameo in "i kissed a girl" video. 4-3. >> and go. >> what is garfield's favorite meal. fish sticks -- >> lasagna. >> yes, it is. lasagna. he loves lasagna. >> everybody is cheering for you over there. >> everybody likes me more than you. >> tied.
2:46 am
>> last one. >> okay. what is the name of the 1992 charles grodin bonnie hunt comedy about a -- >> beethoven. my favorite movie ever, beethoven. >> really? >> fantastic. >> how did you sfwhin >> because i am superior to you in every way. >> jerry is bringing in your prize. >> oh, good. >> thank you. >> coming up -- >> i don't want it. >> wait, what? >> i was going to give one to blake. >> can't eat that big of a thing. he can't. >> all kinds of decor to make the newest member of your family to feel at home.
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if you own a dog or cat, you know the water bowls, crates and litter boxes can start to take over your living space and leave you looking very cluttered. >> here with stylish decor and accessories fun and functional
2:51 am
is stephanie cisco, associate home editor for "real simple" magazine. >> hello. >> so fun. >> absolutely. >> we'll start down here. tracy is a production manager, here with her dog quincy. it is the mat we're talking about here. >> the mat is amazing. super absorbant and makes cleanup a breeze. any kibble spills you can toss it in the trash. >> how cute is quincy? >> we picked modern pet bowls to go with that more modern decor. here we picked something more traditional. go with either a -- this is drinking fountain. cats and dogs prefer moveable water. that's what they're inclined toward. so this keeps the water flowing throughout the day. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. >> and then -- >> we have catherine with gamut. >> we like anything dual purpose. this keeps the pet bowls elevated and helps aid in
2:52 am
digestion for your pet and also stores extra pet bowls or pet bowls, pet food and stuff underneath. >> beautiful ones like that, that sit up be my dogs will not touch them. >> no kidding? >> lola is huge. no. it is so funny. they get hungry enough, i bet they would. >> we got a wash room here for cats. >> some products like litter boxes aren't the prettiest items in your home. this hides the litter box within the unit. so you can incorporate it into your decor and there is an easy open door on the front. >> you were looking at this, weren't you? >> it helps prevent odor from escaping. >> i like that. >> have to have a bigger house for something like that. >> absolutely. >> this is great for the crate. when i crate blake sometimes and i put a sheet over it, but this looks so much better. >> different sizes, different patterns. you can roll up two sides of this one so if your pet is
2:53 am
inside, blake can enjoy the view or give him more of a cabana feel and close it up. >> okay. >> sweet. >> and if you want a piece of furniture, yes, to set aside your sofa, it also functions as a storage piece for extra -- >> cozy up on the couch. >> yes. >> adorable. >> these are good storage bins. that's where you put everything. >> accessories all over the place. easy to toss that and your dog or cat knows where to go -- >> nicole is here with frankie, by the way. >> what cat and dog doesn't want their own shag rug? frankie is on this rug that is really comfortable for your pet. your cats especially like to knead on the cozy fibers and it is machine washable. for dogs, can stuff it with a pillow or cushion to make it more cozy. >> and heidi is here. she works with us on the "today" show. >> she has her cat pablo in the tepee. >> went in here as his own
2:54 am
little hideaway and creates a talking point. >> is that what happened in there? >> just cozy, huh? >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> so cute. >> these are all great. >> thank you very, very much. >> time for the big, big moment of the spotlight. >> you sent us video and we're going to play them for you. first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:55 am
2:56 am
2:57 am
couldn't do a show about pets without showing off some of your furry friends. >> we asked you to post videos to our facebook page. >> here is a look at some of the
2:58 am
ones we loved. >> hey! hungry? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> give me a kiss. give me a kiss.
2:59 am
>> hello. >> oh, my gosh! >> what was your favorite thing that blake does? >> i love when he wakes up in the morning and he rolls over like give me a rub before we go out for a walk. he looks at me like this, this first and then we go outside. what about bam? >> i have three dogs, but -- >> one that matters. >> you know what, just that he goes -- if i've been out of the room for five seconds or five days, goes ape the minute i come back. follows me everywhere. he's seen me do things that no human being has ever seen. and he loves me anyway. >> all right. coming up next week, susan sarandon. ricky gervais. laura dern. dean cain. the matriarch of the kardashian family, kris jenner. and allison sweeney. and a performance by pharrell. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> see you on monday.
3:00 am
>> big stars coming up. here to help. and i will get through this together. ♪


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