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tv   Today  NBC  June 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. danger zone. millions of americans in the path of a potentially deadly storm. those storms bringing the threat of tornadoes, flash floods and lightning. dylan is tracking it all. facing justice. a key suspect in the benghazi terror attack behind bars in the u.s. a day after pleading not guilty. his transfer reigniting the debate over the decision to try him in the civilian court no accident. new developments in the death of a little boy left in the car for hours. how a computer search by boit's father could mark a turning point in the murder case against him. world cup fever. host country, brazil, eeking out a win in its match against chile.
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world cup excitement hitting a new high around the globe. a do or die with belgium is just about 48 hours away. natalie live in brazil with all of the action for us today. sunday, june 29th, 2014. this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt alongside jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. there is a lot more to go in the world cup but anybody that watched chile felt like it was the game. brazil, the home country, the tension and the crowd. it comes down to a shootout. >> specially because you know there will be no more ties, one team will win and one will lose. that is what we love and hate
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about sports all in one. >> i feel like a shootout is kind of -- these guys have played their hearts out. i feel like somehow we are on. >> or we would probably still be watching the game. >> it's fun walking through new york city, because you you hear the roar of the crowd in the park. somebody has scored. >> we are going to check with natalie a little bit later on about the excitement. >> looking forward to that. an update on the oscar pistorius murder trial. the olympic sprinter expected back in court tomorrow. this happens after a month-long psychiatric evaluation that could mark a turning point in this case. we'll bring you up to speed on that. later on, i had the chance to sit down with "begin again" stars, two of them are stepping out of their comfort zone in this movie. we do begin with this morning's top stories.
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those storms expected later today in the midwest and northern plains. dylan has been tracking that along with the deluge that continues in minnesota. good morning. >> it has been brutal. they cannot catch a break. st. paul yesterday as more heavy rain came down. the water just piling up on the streets and with the mississippi flooding, we are going to continue to see any more rain just make matters worse and unfortunately, more rain is on the way. they are also cleaning up in affair, oklahoma. they saw some strong storms yesterday. it is the straight line wind gusts that have produced some of this damage, not so much tornadoes but you could he soo the toppled trees on to buildings and, again, in that area, we are still looking at more strong storms. we don't have any confirmed tornadoes from yesterday. it is still early. they will go out and assess the damage. you can see we do have some areas where we are keeping an eye on the rain. right through kansas right now, that's area one. also, down near memphis, tennessee, where we have extremely heavy rain.
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starting first in kansas, we did have some tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings with these storms. now, it is just producing heavy rain and a lot of cloud to ground lightning. closer to arkansas and western tennessee, we have heavier rain and flood warnings and watches in effect right through memphis because of the heavy downpours. right through iowa and into parts of northern missouri, including eastern nebraska and northeastern kansas, that's where we are going to see a strong risk of storms today. we could see several tornadoes and damaging wind gusts, straight line wind gusts that topple the hail lines. once again, it is going to be a very busiafter noon the man hirnd the 2012 attack in benghazi appeared in federal court where he entered a not guilty plea on a terror-related charge. he is suspected of helping to plan the 2012 attack that killed
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u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning, lester. >> this benghazi attack has been a political flash point from how the administration first characterized it to what they did or didn't have in place in terms of security. the question of what to do with the suspect. some republicans wanted him sent directly to guantanamo bay. the president deciding to try him in american courts. what's the risk in going this fast? >> they don't have a good case. i think there is a fair amount of confidence that if they brought the case, they have intelligence and evidence, it could be difficult given the difficulty of securing the scene, how long it took to arrest him. they are obviously confident enough to go forward at trial, based on video, eyewitness accounts. they have been interrogating him for two weeks on a navy ship before they gave him his right to replamain silent.
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i think the president wants more of a public showing. unusual to bring him to washington, d.c. and try him here as opposed to say virginia, the eastern district of virginia. nevertheless, they are moving forward. i this i that politics has something to do with that. >> hillary clinton has certainly been a controversial figure related to the benghazi attack. you spoke to her husband about whether she will return in 2016 and what his role would or wouldn't be in terms of making that decision. let me play that and i have some questions for you. >> you are just a bit player as to whether secretary clinton runs? >> that's what i am. i am a foot soldier in an army. i will do what i am instructed to do. now, look, you reach our age and you look at it differently. we have had wonderful lives. we have been incredibly blessed. we're looking forward to being
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grandparents. i'm for it. it has to be her decision. >> he says he is a foot soldier. you heard him say he is for it. is he beyond her? do you think he is pushing her in that direction? >> i think he as somebody who follows politics so closely sees' very clear path for her as the nominee and perhaps as the president as well. i think he will always play an interesting role. he became something of a side show in her last run. he is a critical adviser. he is also at a point in his life and even his political career where he may let it rip even a little bit more than he did last time. that could make him unwieldy at the least to say if she is running. >> thanks, david. turning to the new developments in the case of a georgia toddler left for hours in a hot car. police are revealing more information about why they think his death was not an accident.
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this as the boy was remembered at an emotional funeral. gabe gu tee rez hat the latest. >> reporter: justin ross harris cried as he called in to the funeral for his 20-month-old son, cooper. no cameras were allowed inside the church in alabama. he told mourners, thank you for everything. i'm sorry i can't be there. he couldn't be there because he is being held without bond in georgia. police released key search warrants in the case. during an interview with justin, investigators wrote, he stated that he recently researched through the internet, child death inside vehicles and what temperatures it needs to be for that to occur. >> this is a very significant development. if justin hair rest searched on the internet for child deaths in cars shortly before his own child died in the car, it looks like first-degree murder. >> the dwirnts not say when harris allegedly ran the search but investigators are trying to piece together a dime line of
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june 18th. >> jurors love this kind of evidence. they love a computer search. it is about as close as we can get to reading somebody's mind as to what they were thinking in the days and weeks prior to a death. >> reporter: according to police documents, harris took his son to breakfast here in suburban atlanta that morning before driving to his office nearby. police say he briefly went to his vehicle during lunch. after leaving work, harris suddenly pulled over into a parking lot telling investigators he forgot to drop off his son at daycare excellently leaving him in a sweltering car for seven hours. >> this is really sad to see something like that happening. >> harris has pleaded not guilty and his wife is standing by him. at the funeral, she said she wasn't angry with her husband, calling him a wonderful father. for today, gabe gutierrez, nbc news. let's get caught up on some of the other stories. jenna has those for us gunfire strikes new orleans
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popular bourbon street injuring seven people. the circumstances are unclear. police have not given any details about the suspect. six of the victims are in stable condition and one in critical condition. we go now to eastern arizona where hundreds of firefighters are on the ground trying to get a handle on a massive wild fire burning in the white mountains. the san juan fire has charred some 5,000 acres so far. fire crews, fire officials say crews are focusing their efforts on the southwest section of the blaze, near the area of vernon. they say it could take up to two weeks to fully contain the fire. an off-duty firefighter in ohio is in critical condition after being struck by lightning while waiting for the start of a major league soccer match. the game between columbus and s.c. dallas was delayed saturday night because of severe thunderstorms. it was later postponed until this afternoon. fire officials say the off-duty firefighter went into cardiac arrest after being struck a week after she was arrested and charged with
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assisting her sister and teenage nephew, u.s. women's soccer star, hope solo, returned to the field on saturday. she rejoined her squad against their match against sky blue fc in seattle. she did stay on the bench and was eligible to play as a substitute. the game ended 0-0. she pleaded not guilty to domestic charges and apologized on social media for her actions finally, after being postponed six times because of wind, nasa launched what looked like a flying saucer over the pacific on saturday. >> it is launched. it is launched. >> the spacecraft lifted off from the u.s. navy's missile facility in kauai, hawaii. the goal to test landing sec nolgs for a future human mission to mars. once it made it to more than 30 miles above the earth, a parachute was supposed to open. that's the parachute, the
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pinkish blush. that's okay. the saucer still landed. the $150 million test flight is not a failure. it is a learning experience. as way my decision to chop my hair off, the floral broesh i wore to my freshman dance and my stint with acid-wash jeans. >> very good but it made its way down. that's called gravity. >> kind of like you get a trophy for everything as a kid. >> first or last, everybody gets a trophy. >> let's see if dylan is going to get a trophy for the rest of the national forecast. >> some areas, yes. in the northeast, it is fantastic. take a look at some awesome video we have. this was a vine video from the space station above a storm in houston. watch the lightning strikes here. just beautiful stuff. i love flying over a storm minus the turbulence. they are a little above the turbulence at that point. really, just such a nice show. those storms have cleared out of
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texas. now, we are watching kansas and areas like eastern arkansas and western tennessee. want to point out this area off the coast of the carolinas. this could become a tropical system. it would be named arthur. then, it would move out to looking outside right now, we're seeing temperatures mostly in the 50s. clear skies, including in san francisco, where it should be a nice, warm afternoon. up to 75 today. 86 around san jose. other temperatures in the bay area, 90s in saratoga. in the pride parade, should see the temperatures fairly warm. numbers climbing to the mid 70s today. and you'll also find hot temperatures inland, around santa rosa and pleasanton as the temperatures soar to the mid 90s for the afternoon. ecast. lester. now, backo what we were talking about at the beginning of the program. the celebrations went long into the night into bra sgril when the home country beat chile in a penalty kick shootout at the
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world cup. this morning, the u.s. is gearing up for its do or die match against belgium, just two days away. natalie morales has made her way to rio de janeiro. good morning. are are good morning to you, lester. you know, i'm half brazilian. i have to show a little brazil love as well. a lot of pride in the team here. as you said, those parties went on well into the night, even early into this morning, they are still wrapping up. what a game yesterday. the celebrations, incredible here as brazil won in a stunning win against chile in the round of 16. >> brazil is known for playing the so-called beautiful game but the team's round of 16 match against chile was anything but for the home squad. a careless turnover in the first half saw chile even the score one goal a piece. it stayed that way through extra periods leading to a nail biting penalty shootout. with the entire nation on the edge of its seat --
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>> brazil has done it! >> reporter: just mirren muches, the difference between agony and jubilation with chile missing its final shot. brazil lives on. americans getting swept up in the emotion too. >> this is the most amazing experience i have ever been to in my life. >> reporter: the celebrations going on into the night here with brazilians breathing a huge sigh of relief. >> for the u.s., all business this weekend as they prepare for their own do or die match against belgium tuesday. >> when you move on and you lose, you go home. we want more. there is no feeling of satisfaction at the moment. >> reporter: they have earned the reputation for doing things the hard way. again, it won't go easy. belgium's red devils are coming out of the group stage with three solid winses. to get by them, the u.s. will have to fair better on offense. >> can we do it? yes, we can. >> reporter: they also hope to have key striker, jozy altidore
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back in the mix after suffering a hamstring mix. through it all, they have defied the odds and defied the toughest group in a tournament that has seen its fair share of tough moments. if the u.s. wins that game on tuesday in salvador, they would move on to the quarterfinals. the last time the team got that far was back in 2002. lester, a lot of hope still riding on this team. a lot of people expecting that they can do it. >> so much fun. natalie thanks very much. cobi jones knows a thing or two about what the u.s. is going for. he has played for the u.s. in three world cups making more international appearances for the team than any other player. good morning. >> good morning. great to have you with us. we really appreciate your expertise on this one. natalie said of this match we are going into against belgium, this is a tough team. we saw the u.s. struggle against germany. as you are looking at this match, what do you think the strengths are for the u.s.
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heading in? >> one of the things that the u.s. has right now is that togetherness, the bond that they actually got out the group of death. that's the most important of all of this. no one really expected them to get out of it. they are one of the underdogs. i think the bond of them coming together, making that feat, that big accomplishment has really put them at another level. now, they are at the knockout stage. it is just one game at a time. now, they can focus solely on belgium. >> a lot said too about this attitude and great energy they have as a team but they are going up against a very tough team in belgium. what do you think the biggest challenges are for them in that match? >> there is a lot of talent on this belgium squad. it is kind of the golden generation of the belgium team. a lot of players playing at the top level throughout europe. the u.s., i still think they have a very good chance. they have to pay attention to some of the stars on that team.
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looking at that, one of the things they have to pay attention to is when the guys come off the bench for belgium, they have always done a good job of scoring a goal or assisting. around that 65th to 70th minute mark when the changes happen, the u.s. has to be very attentive. >> a lot of attention and questions surrounding striker, jozy altidore. at this point, if he is back with the team on tuesday, how could that make a difference for team usa? >> well, i would be very surprised if jozy altidore makes it aback with the team. having a hamstring pull is usually a 4-6 week situation. if he makes it back, he gives a different aspect that the u.s. doesn't have when he is not there. he has the strength, the power, the ability to play with is had back to goal and hold up the ball and allow the rest of the team to get into play. that helps players like clint dempsey and michael bradley. >> we'll be looking forward to it. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. we are not done with the world cup yet. still to come, a soccer trivia challenge.
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we are going to make sure you sound like an expert when you watch the american men take on belgium on tuesday. we're here to help you. that's right after this. my advice for healthy looking radiant skin. a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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aveeno®. [chains dragging] [eerie music playing] [crickets chirping] [owl hoots] announcer: if you don't fix them, sparks from dragging tow chains can cause a wildfire. and that could be scary. bye, smokey! only you can prevent wildfires. if you still haven't caught the world cup bug, not too late. >> as your co-workers and friends and family watch tuesday's knockout match, we don't want you to feel left out of the conversation. jenna is in the orange room with world cup 101 for all of us.
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>> here we go. let's say you're watching the world cup, at a party, bar, restaurant, friend's house, anywhere really and have no idea what anyone is talking about. consider this your cheat sheet. here we go. let's get all librarian on you. okay. what? 32 teams started, 16 are left. we call that, bam, round of 16. the usa is included in that 16. there is the round of 16, we already told you 12 times, but here is number 13. who are the u.s. team, who are they going to be playing? they're playing belgium! that takes place on tuesday at 4:00 p.m. now to the players. here are the ones you should now. striker, clint dempsey, big deal. kyle beckerman. tim howard, the goalie, lots of talent. for starters, you'll be watching a match, not a game. it is baseball you're watching,
6:22 am
actually not baseball you're watching it is what they call the field. so much information here. equalizer is the goal that ties up the match. and the 12th man is not a 12th player, but all the fans rooting for a certain team. got it? good. go usa. back to you guys. >> will you tell me what stoppage time is, please? >> yes. that is collected time throughout the game, injuries, water breaks, whatever it is, and that time is added on at the end of the game. we just don't know what it is until basically the end of the 90 minutes. until basically the end of the 90 minutes. >> we're at break time now. thit's not the "limit yoursh hard earned cash back" card . it's not the "confused by rotating categories" card. it's the no-category-gaming, no-look-passing, clear-the-lane-i'm- going-up-strong, backboard-breaking, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every single day. i'll ask again... what's in your wallet?
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a lot more ahead. a key ruling expected in the oscar pistorius murder trial this week. could the case continue or come to an abrupt halt? adam levine and his co-stars of the new movie "begin again" about stepping out of their comfort zone. but first, these messages.
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good morning, everybody. the time is 6:26 on a sunday morning. look at that blue sky overhead in san francisco. blue skies and rainbow flags. good morning. rob mayeda is here with a check of your sunday forecast. >> the forecast looks sunny right now. san francisco, by the way, we'll see temperatures climb up to mid 70s this afternoon. 86 in san jose. but further inland around the tri-valley, we'll be up to 95 for the afternoon. so the temperatures climbing up. and for the pride parade early afternoon, we'll see the
6:27 am
temperatures climbing the to the mid 70s later on. 86 in san jose. and to the north bay, highs in the near 90 range for santa rosa. highs this afternoon up to 95 degrees in livermore. garvin? >> rob, thank you very much. speaking of the parade, there's a buzz in san francisco. one of the largest parades of the year is just a few hours away. we'll take you down to see what the scene is like in san francisco. right now all is quiet on market street. in less than four hours the streets will be filled with community groups and local organizations. an estimated 1.5 million people are expected for the 44th annual pride parade. the theme is color our world with pride. it will wrap up a weekend of festivals. people are being asked to take alternative transportation to the city. they are running a special schedule to accommodate the crowds of participants.
6:28 am
today's pride parade is one o f the largest, not just in san francisco, but in the country. it starts at 10:30 this morning on market street and biel. it goes up to 8th street where a festival will take place. many streets surrounding the parade are now closed to the public. whether you're going to the parade or want to avoid the traffic, we have all the information you need to get around on our website, chefs and bartenders are celebrating this morning. governor jerry brown repealing regulations for california kitchens. those rules would have forced restaurant employees to use gloves or utensils while handling food. it would have gone into effect on july 1st. the no-hands bill was intended to prevent diseases from spreading. chefs and bartenders fought the regulation saying it was unneeded and would create unnecessary waste of disposable gloves. restaurants in 41 other states have to use them, as they are included in food safety regulations.
6:29 am
coming up at 7:00 on today in the bay, football fever is hitting the bay area as soccer's popularity grows during the world cup. many bay area fans took the time to get out and support the the local soccer club last night on the peninsula. why some say it's here to stay. that plus all your morning's top stories coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay." for now, let's head back to the "today show."
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♪ happy birthday to my husband, tom. >> hi, honey. hi, kids. i'm on the "today" show. >> three generations at the "today" show. >> happy anniversary. i'm here in new york with the girls. >> i want to say hi to my friends in ohio. >> it's my birthday. >> hi! ♪ we're back on this sunday morning, june 29th, 2014. we have a really great crowd outside on a beautiful morning here in new york city. our thanks to them for waking up with us this morning. you as well. great to have you here. we have a lot coming up. first, a look at this morning's top headlines, another round of severe weather is expected later today across a large part of the country.
6:31 am
these storms could bring tornadoes and dangerous lightning. dylan will have more on that coming up. seven people recovering this morning after a late night shooting in new orleans, happened in the middle of bourbon street. no word on who the shooter may be. and check out this video, a big launch for nasa on saturday, using a high tech flying saucer to test a new parachute that could one day be used on a mission to mars. the parachute didn't quite work as advertised, as jenna told us. >> learning. >> a learning experience. they learned to get a better parachute. >> better parachute, exactly. a backup. still to come, we're going to take a look at what is being done to fix a major problem in baltimore, one many cities can relate to. where many families live in a food death this ey don't have access to fresh foods. mario armstrong will show us the new way to print up your favorite photos, even though it is heavily edited ones from your social media account. my conversation with adam levine, keira nightly and mark
6:32 am
ruffalo. they're starting in a new movie "begin again," a delightful little film. this movie was a first for one of the a-listers. >> did you cry? >> no, i'm not a big movie -- a little bit. what did i just -- three answers there? >> we're not sure which one. >> we'll see lester cry right now. also, a quick programming note, we have an exclusive clip from tuesday night's "america's got talent" featuring saul gonzalez. he's a former marine whose voice takes everyone by surprise. take a listen. ♪ no sunshine when she's gone ♪ ♪ ain't no sunshine when she's gone ♪ ♪ she's always gone too long ♪ ♪ anytime she goes away ♪ >> isn't life bet we are music
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in it? you can catch "america's got talent" on tuesday at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. >> looking forward to hearing more of that on tuesday. we begin this half hour with the latest on the oscar pistorius trial. court will be back in session tomorrow after a month's delay. that is the time that pistorius has been undergoing a air str e psychiatric evaluation. this could mark a major turning point in the trial. with more, here is duncan golestani. >> reporter: for past five weeks, oscar pistorius has been out of the spotlight, instead attending this psychiatric hospital as an outpatient. during the trial, the paralympian has been inconsolable, sobbing, wretching and covering his face. but the medical assessment was about his state of mind when he shot reeva steenkamp on valentine's day last year. so what are the possible outcomes? if pistorius is found to have been mentally incapacitated, the
6:34 am
trial could end with him being committed to an institution. but if his mental capacity was just diminished, the trial would resume with a decision taken into account during sentencing if he's found guilty. finally, what the prosecution is hoping for, a conclusion pistorius was mentally sound. that last petition could undermine the defense case which claimed pistorius, a double amputee was living in a state of extreme fear, believing he would be a victim of crime. in court, but not on camera, he said the shooting was an accident, that he thought reeva was an intruder when he fired through the bathroom door. >> before i knew it, i'd fired four shots at the door. >> reporter: but the prosecution claims pistorius killed her after an argument and he was a jealous and angry boyfriend. >> why would you be scared? >> reporter: on the stand, he struggled against the state's prosecutor. >> you shot and killed her. why don't you take responsible ty for that? >> i do, my lady.
6:35 am
>> it will always come down to oscar's testimony. they took his evidence apart and in my opinion the court will -- >> reporter: for "today," duncan golestani, nbc news, london. dylan is out on the plaza now with a final check of your sunday weather. >> good morning, guys. what a great crowd we have out here this morning. and it is a warm morning in new york city. warm across most of the country. especially in the southwest. that's spreading into texas and into the plains. we will be in the 90s up to the triple digits awi s s as we go s afternoon. just the pacific northwest in the 60s today. we have to keep an eye out for some very strong storms. iowa, eastern nebraska, northeastern kansas, northern missouri, that's where we could see some tornadoes, also some damaging straight line winds and large hail. and tomorrow, we are still looking at a chance of some pretty strong storms from texas up to wisconsin and including areas like the western great lakes and michigan and
6:36 am
northwestern indiana. that area could end up with, again, damaging wind gusts and also the hail and more flooding possible in an area that is already seeing a lot for now we're seeing clear skies and cool temperatures for the moment. mid to upper 50s in the bay area. as we head towards the afternoon today, we'll see highs in the mid 80s around san jose and 90s. look at san francisco, mid 70s this afternoon. and for the north bay, we'll see highs near 93 at napa. 95 at livermore. and near 100 for monday. temperatures cool down as we head to the middle part of the week. today's top spot. it is the 25th annual spokane hoop fest. there will be basketball games everywhere you look, with almost 7,000 teams and 500 courts for this one.
6:37 am
check out the slam dunk contest, high school elite championship, long range shootoff and the youth free throw challenge. i'm so awful at basketball. that's an event i would watch. you do not want me participating in it. lester and erica? dylan, thanks. this morning we're shining a light again on baltimore. we're looking at a serious problem for a lot of people, food deserts. >> these are areas where people can't get healthy food. it limits their choices. it is a trend the city is working hard to reverse. >> reporter: for the kelly family, healthy meals are a daily challenge. you've been in this neighborhood for about six years. how have things changed in terms of your access? >> well, a lot of stores around the area are closed now. >> reporter: now the closest place to buy fresh produce is a 15-minute walk away. their daughter loves broccoli,
6:38 am
but there is nowhere to buy it near their home. most parents would be ecstatic, my daughter wants broccoli. that's an easy vegetable to find, but not in your neighborhood. >> you would think they would have broccoli, but, they don't. >> reporter: the kellies are not alone. across the city, nearly 20% of the population lives in a food desert. >> in baltimore, the issue of living in a food desert is this you can't get access to healthy affordable food. we eat what is convenient to us. >> reporter: three-quarters of small baltimore grocery stores like corner stores don't sell fruit. two-thirds don't carry vegetables. >> we know that where you live impacts your health. if you take it even further, we know that where you live in relationship to the kind of food source you have impacts your health. >> reporter: studies show a link between access to healthy food and diseases like obesity and diabetes. but change is coming to
6:39 am
baltimore. one stop at a time. >> i sit and wait and look forward to the -- it is fresh and better for the body. >> reporter: the mobile farmers market makes its way through the city, stocked with local produce grown at an urban farm. what is the demand like? have you seen it grow? >> yes, yes. demand is really high. last year we served over 2,000 people. >> reporter: also serving baltimore, the apples and oranges market. michelle and her husband opened the husband last year. >> we realized that this was never going to make any money, but what we wanted to do was to be able to be here for the community. >> reporter: it is far from your typical corner store. no sodas or big bags of chips. the focus is on healthy foods and reasonable prices. >> just the best market that has been here since, you know, since i've been born. >> reporter: this city is also doing its part to bridge the gap. working to bring in more options across the city.
6:40 am
>> we have an army of people working on this issue in baltimore city. every neighborhood is unique. every neighborhood has a different solution. >> reporter: a joint effort hoping to turn this city of food deserts into an oasis. there is a major problem in baltimore. in a number of cities across the country. they're hoping as they make changes, hopefully other cities will learn from them. one of the other things they have been doing is encouraging local restaurants and carry out places where a lot of people will get easily their food in the neighborhood to offer healthier options and they really have seen it working. so they're hoping that will help. >> mom had it right, eat your vegetables. >> so true. up next, an easy way to print your favorite photos from your phone anytime and anywhere. mario will tell us how right after these messages. so, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game? i think i'm getting the hang of it. [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes!
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for the things you already buy, everyday. what's your 20? this is one way to prevent your kids from watching shows that aren't appropriate for their age. but not very practical. use parental controls and the tv parental ratings guidelines to determine what shows to block. the more you know. this morning in mario's top three, finding a live concert no matter where you are, printing photos from your phone. mario armstrong is here with that and more. and you're going to do the talking here, right? >> i'll pitch in. >> first thing is the google developers conference. we hear a lot about apple's big conferences and what comes out of them. >> yep. >> but google made big announcements this week. what are we looking at in the future? >> yeah. this is an interesting week for google. basically android, their operating system, they want it
6:44 am
to be everywhere. so what we really are seeing is android will be on your tv sets now. you're also -- they did android auto, which is one that really surprised a lot of folks. so android auto means what you see on the phone will be on the car's display. that -- 40 automobile manufacturers already on board, ford, nissan and bunch of others. also, list ware. smart watches and wearables with android fit and all of that is out. a lot of watches are coming out with lg, a lot of people are excited about motorola. android is looking to be the company that can really be in all these areas of your life, tv, your automobiles, to what you wear, all based off of the one operating system. which means it should work smoothly across all these devices. >> right. i'm a little worried about all that stuff in the car, a distraction. >> all voice activated, which is really great. you'll be be able to respond to a text while in the car. we'll see how that plays out.
6:45 am
>> safety first. moving on, you love this particular app, you're a deejay, right? >> yes. >> big music guy. this is called band in sound. >> bands in town. it is a website, also an app on apple and android. i'm pulling it up now. you see a whole listing of different artists. i can click on any one of them. billy joel, wednesday, he's playing in new york. i can click on that. see who else is attending, i can see the venue, all of this right from that. even buy tickets and it is free. >> buy tickets on it? >> i can buy the tickets from it. >> this is great. >> there is an august show. if you're traveling and going around and don't know is playing in the area, i can click on tonight. i clicked on tonight. it is pulling up -- it knows my phone is in new york, it is tracking my location. one republic is playing at -- >> this is based on what you have in terms of your music, can you put in preferred bands? >> that is an awesome question. it will scan what you have in
6:46 am
your play list, your itunes and you can pick artists. if you want to track pharrell, i want to know that, it will do that. >> he did a surprise concert the other night. >> he did. >> number three, i think probably most of us are guilty of this. we have hundreds of photos in our phones, don't do anything with them. >> no, we don't. >> you have a portable printer. >> we don't do anything. we share them digitally, but this is taking a little flashback. this is the instat, made by fuji film. a small device, you see it, it fits in the palm of my hand, operates off batteries, and it prints beautifully small images, credit card, mini polaroids. a whole display of them. i went out on the plaza, shot a whole bunch of people. >> this is cool. it is not cheap. it is 200 bucks. >> this is 200 bucks. it is not inexpensive. but it is really a lot of fun. it is great for cookouts, birthday parties, when you want that instant gratification and print the photo right from your phone, wirelessly, it is pretty awesome. >> throwback polaroid. i'm in.
6:47 am
always good to see you. >> i don't think you to fan a polaro polaroid. >> bring that to the next concert. >> we can print it out right there. >> all together, but not from the car. we're going to send it over to dylan now in the orange room. we have our fan of the day. >> oh, yeah. this morning we have pam golden from vorhees, new jersey, on a trip with some of her girlfriends. >> here to come today, adam levine, keira knightley and mark ruffalo sit down with lester and give him the scoop on their new movie "begin again." but first, these messages.
6:48 am
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6:50 am
that is a clip from the new movie "begin again" about a down and out record exec who finds aa new muse. >> the movie stars adam levine, keira knightley and mark ruffalo. i sat down with all three this past week to see what it was like to collaborate on "begin again."
6:51 am
♪ >> you play there talented singer who lacks confidence. when you're handed a script and they ask you to sing, did that somewhat mirror your attitude? >> i think it helped, the fact i'm not a singer and completely terrified and i didn't know what i was doing. playing somebody who doesn't like performing, i think i definitely knew my own terror in the aspect of the character. >> you're actually a very good singer. >> thank you very much. >> what transpired was exactly how i felt about my acting. >> thank you very, very much. this is my girlfriend. >> i was terrified to do it. didn't know what i was doing, and i did it and people were saying things like that to me about my acting. >> were you ever worried how you felt about your singing? >> no, really pleased he didn't -- he went to the studio and recorded everything in ten minutes and really fortunately it wasn't when i had to record anything.
6:52 am
>> adam, this is your first film role. you play a rock star. >> this is great it was the first thing. it was very much rooted in everything i know. ♪ music videos are fantastic. you never have to say anything. the music is playing. ♪ i am in misery there is no dialogue. you can put on a concerned face and i'm concerned. you don't have to say anything. this is first thing i have to speak in front of the camera and pretend. >> i think i'm angry. i think i'm mad at you. it is still good i hate you a little bit. >> really? >> it is something i knew, but it was the perfect first outing for me because i was comfortable being this guy. >> first outing. do you have the acting bug now? >> little bit. >> maybe a little bit. >> are the offers coming in? >> they will be. >> yeah. >> if they're not. >> the bass player, the first
6:53 am
thing i saw when you picked up the bass, he's holding it like he's done this before. >> yeah. >> are you a bass player? >> i was in a garage punk band in the '80s and played bass, yes. >> did you want to sing? >> no, i didn't want to sing. >> never? >> no. >> being modest. has a voice of an angel. >> city of new york is one of the stars of this movie. were you comfortable singing and playing and being out in the streets? >> yeah, i think it was very much part of the spirit of the film. love letter to new york. it was very important to be in amongst it, to capture that energy. a lot of it was rogue film-making where we're jumping out of a van with a couple of us, trying to snatch as much of the city as we can get. very much in the spirit of the film. >> nice people. you can see "begin again" in new york and l.a. right now.
6:54 am
everywhere else starting july 2nd. i liked the movie. >> sweet. >> it is a feel good movie. >> i like a good feel good movie. >> we watched five second of the clip and we were tearing up. i don't even know what it is really about. >> i'll give you three different -- >> we all know what the real answer is. that sensitive lester holt. we'll be back with more in a moment. first, these messages. are kept at theirt peak by freezing.ables because freezing is nature's pause button. but do you know what else it keeps at their peak? the just crafted, just baked meals you'll find in your freezer aisle. take a fresh look at frozen. it's how delicious stays delicious. frozen. how fresh stays fresh. hungry for more? go to
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let's go to david gregory for what's coming up on "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning, lester. another showdown in washington. house speaker john boehner accusing the president of
6:58 am
overstepping his authority, saying now he will sue. with me this morning, the chair of the gop reince priebus and my interview with bill clinton on everything politics, particularly secretary clinton. >> that's going to do it for us on a sunday morning. thank you for being with us. tomorrow on "today," matt lauer's exclusive interview with pippa middleton, the first time she has ever done a television interview. so we'll have that. >> and i'll see you back here tonight. i'll see you back here tonight for "nbc nightly news." have a great day, everybody. thanks for watching.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. i'm garvin thomas. coming up on "today in the bay." the party just about to get started this morning in san francisco. you're looking at a live picture. what you need to know about today's pride parade, and we'll show you some of the other celebrations that took place in the city this weekend. speaking of being outdoors, it is heating up in the bay area. we'll let you know how long you can expect it to last. plus, as soccer's popularity grows during the world cup, many bay area fans say it is here to stay, and they were out to prove it on the peninsula last night. this is "today in the bay." . good sunday morning to you. 7:00 sunday morning looking like out at t


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