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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 4, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. happy 4th. i'm scott mcgrew. >> happy 4th to you too. i'm kris sanchez. it is the fourth of july. and celebrations will be heard all across the bay area today. but officers is and firefighters want to make sure that you're leaving the fireworks to the pros. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang joins us live in san mateo. and stephanie, they've shut down some parks because of the fear of some illegal fireworks. >> reporter: good morning to you both and happy fourth of july. this is the first time the city of san mateo is doing this, but taking no chances with the drought and of course the concerns over all the dry fuel. here, this is one of the parks closed tonight. look at the hillside to see how dry it's been. the city trying to send a
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crystal clear message. tonight, no one is allowed here, period. the crunch of the grass has it proven the dry year has it ready to fuel fires quickly. crews trimmed the tall grass last month and they're shutting down ryder and steel point, set to close at 6:00 tonight, to keep away anyone who wants to set off illegal fireworks. >> the park rangers have seen a major uptick in the use of illegal fireworks. it made sense for the safety of the community to close them early. >> reporter: the reaction from parkgoers was mostly supportive, though others balked at the city closing parks instead of opening them. >> for some people who don't want to go out to the firework events center at different areas, who want to chill out and sit up here and view the fireworks from a different vantage point. >> reporter: you think they should be able to come out here
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tonight? >> absolutely. >> it's a trade-off, maybe you don't get to see the fireworks from an elevated perspective, but if it saves a fire and potentially hurting people, i think it's worth it. >> reporter: in antioch wednesday night, contra costra county firefighters put out a small brush fire, a fire likely set off by someone ignites illegal fireworks. and in san jose, firefighters say they had to put out a couple of fires they believe were sparked by illegal fireworks. for cara gregorich, the support behind closing the parks is personal and deeply rooted from childhood. >> my dad was a captain for the stockton fire department. so it was a big safety issue, and we could never have them in our backyard or anything. i'm all for it, really. >> reporter: back here live at steel point and ryder parks in san mateo close at 6:00 tonight and police will be out here to enforce the closures. meantime, in the south bay, san jose fire department will be increasing staffing levels today
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through sunday, with more patrols and more engines from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. live in san mateo, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thanks, stephanie. well, great news for san jose. tonight will be the first time in years that san jose has had a fireworks show. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san jose, he got a behind the scenes sneak peek at all the pyrotechnic. and we always want to know, how long will the show last? >> it's going to be a good 20 minutes. good morning and happy 4th, kris and scott. they're talking about over 800 fireworks will be going off, launched from these in the back of the discovery museum. and of course, this is for the show that will be at discovery meadow. that's where you want to go if you want to see this show starting at 9:30 tonight. san jose hasn't had a big fireworks show since 2008. in the six years and the years leading up to it, the city sponsored it, but the organization of san jose. you guys had a conversation a couple of years ago.
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>> couple years ago. >> reporter: and it went like what? >> we used to bring our kids here every year, a great show, free to the public, and our kids grew up watching this show. and it's the tenth largest in the country. and we said, how come there's no fireworks? can rotary do it? and rotary did it? >> and you were going to try to do it last year. >> it's hard. there's a lot of momentum to stop and then you get to start over again, it's money too. i think we've got it now. >> reporter: what are you expecting tonight as far as the crowd and what the show is going to be like. i know you're not part of the actual putting the fireworks -- but you're a big part. >> we're hoping that they're -- and we don't know. we think 5,000, we think 50,000, we think 100,000. we have no idea. but you can't do this in your backyard. >> reporter: no, wukn't. that's one reason you are doing it, because of the drought. >> because of the drought. the county and the city got behind the support financially, because of the drought, you can't do it in your backyard. a spectacular, spectacular show.
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>> we love carl! >> carl did it! >> reporter: we know in the years past, discovery meadow was jam packed. if it is going to be jam packed tonight, arrive early and bta is doing some special. >> bta is using one for the 49ers stadium. they want to be able to move a lot of people quickly. they've got trains set up and with uses set up. you can take public transit tonight and it will be great. >> reporter: thanks, carl. happy 4th and thanks for putting on the show. the show is back after six years. it's going to be here at discovery meadow over there towards the meadow. there's more members of the rotary club right there. and again, they're going to start around 9:30. as you heard carl said, there are going to be 5,000, 50,000. it's a friday, it is a holiday. the weather's nice. a good bet there's going to be a lot of people coming here. it is free and open to the public. you want to drive early to get that patch of grass so you can look up at the stars. about a 20-minute show. it is beautiful. >> i was calculating, if you were in second grade right now,
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you didn't even san jose had a fireworks show. >> my kids are 5 and 7 and they've never seen the fireworks. >> bob, you're not going tonight. you're going to resist. >> reporter: the funny thing is when you had this six years ago, mentally, i was at the age of second grade. >> bob redell out there with all the hammering and getting ready. in the meantime, who does not like a good fireworks show? well, dogs. >> many pet owners rushed to animal care centers yesterday, hoping to get their hands on sedatives for their dogs and cats. campbell reid animal hospitals says the phones have been ringing off the hook. and this year, they actually ran out of tranquilizers. dr. david reid says that the loud bangs and the booming fireworks are terrifying to dogs because of their acute hearing. >> some of them will actually jump fences, run away from home. and they just -- they're just frightened beyond belief from it. >> every shelter in the country reports that tomorrow will likely be its busiest day of the year with people lining up to
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get their lost pup back. last year, the san jose animal care center alone accepted 140 lost dogs. sedatives do work, but fido would probably prefer to just have you stay home. >> mine has already been dosed and probably needs another one. the ceo of fireworks organizer expects more than 200,000 people to crowd around pier 39 in san francisco to watch the fireworks over the bay. >> events start this afternoon and end with tonight's fireworks. now, tonight, if you're going into the city from the south bay or the peninsula, for fireworks or anything else, do remember lots of roads are going to be closed for the event, and several bus lines will have to be rerouted. plus, 280 northbound closed for construction north of the 101 interchange. well, if you still don't know how to spend the holiday, you can go to our website and we'll give you even more choices. a list of events,
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you can click on the fourth of july events guide on our home page. most of the people forced out by that raging fire in napa county are back at home in time for the holiday. that fire was started on tuesday, it's now 55% contained. it is a tough fight for firefighters, though, because of the steep hillsides and the unstable land. but they did make progress yesterday, as the temperatures cooled and the winds died down a bit. the fire hads devourhas devoure0 acres, but they don't think it's going to spread much more. yesterday, evacuation orders were lifted, letting some folks to return home. but for one couple, going home will never be the same again. the bennett's home was one of two that burned in the fire. gary bennett built that house 35 years ago. he and his wife affectionately called it their little house on the prairie. they are at home when the fire started tuesday afternoon. >> got my wife out there at 2:00.
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a couple of the fire crews came in, engine 1498. whoo, man! 35 years of history, you know? i don't like it. >> bennett says he owes a lot to that engine company and wants to thank them for saving him and his wife. buses carrying undocumented immigrants are expected to arrive in southern california from texas anytime now. and already, dozens of protesters have made it another explosive day. it's all happening in murrieta, about 45 minutes south of riverside. for the second time this week, homeland security will try to deliver busloads of undocumented families from central america to a holding facility there. they're coming from a similar but overcrowded facility in texas. last time the buses were blocked by protesters. there are two groups, one who doesn't want families and children held in the facility. they want them deported right away, which is what the other side wants too. some protesters are there to
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protest against immigration. our own damian trujillo is in murietta this morning. he will have live reports during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscast tonight. the chp is launching an internal investigation after a video surfaced of an officer beating a woman on the side of a freeway. this video was posted on youtube wednesday. it shows an officer grabbing a woman who walked on to a median between freeway lanes and an on-ramp in los angeles. the woman appears to resist, but then the officer throws her to the ground and starts punching her, it looks like, in the face. the chp has not released any information about the incident, but a spokesperson did release a statement yesterday. it says, in part, every time there is a use of force by our officers, there is a review conducted to determine whether the use of force was appropriate. it goes on to say, since there is an ongoing investigation, it would be premature to comment on this specific video segment without reviewing the entire incident. jurors in bryan stow's civil
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case will take the holiday weekend off before returning for deliberations yesterday. they were unable to reach a verdict monday. a judge told them to keep trying. among other questions, the jury is being asked to determine if the dodgers and former owner, frank mccourt, were negligent, and whether that negligence played a role in stow's brutal beating. his family says the team and mccourt did not do enough to provide security or proper lighting at dodger stadium when stow was attacked back in 2011. still to come, hurricane arthur blows through the east coast, but why forecasters say the worst is over. plus, it is a fourth of july tradition. the hot dog eating contest. but was san jose's joey chestnut able to keep his title? and if that's not appetizing enough for you, we've got some delicious temperatures out there. it's hard to beat, mid-60s to low 70s across the bay area. but it's what's to come tonight that everybody wants to know about. will i be able to see the fireworks this year? i've got that answer and i'll
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let you know when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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developing on the east coast this morning, hurricane arthur on its way back out to sea, after slamming into north carolina's barrier islands overnight. the storm reached category 2 status and left behind damage and debris. sara daloff has a look from kill devil hills, north carolina. >> reporter: it's a fourth of july never to be forgotten on north carolina's outer banks. hurricane arthur blowing in with winds and accompanied by sheets of rain.
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>> it intensified a lot more than anyone thought it was going to and paused a little bit. >> reporter: the category 2 storm battered beach houses overnight and into the early morning hours, rattling some of the estimated 250,000 visitors to the area. hatteras island was under a mandatory evacuation order. ocracoke was voluntary. many opted to stay in and ride . in the morning, homeowners were up early to survey the damage. flooded roads in manteo, missing shingles and debris in other areas. north carolina's governor described the damage as minimal and praised people for heeding warnings to stay inside and out of the water, where dangerous rip currents were a recipe for disaster. >> we are glad that the public took our warnings and because of that, i think we've reduced the negative impact of hurricane arthur. >> reporter: residents and vacationers slowly emerging to enjoy a soggy fourth of july
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post hurricane arthur. >> people are back on the beaches, but the water remains off-limits. officials say the rip current conditions are still too dangerous, even if you're an experienced swimmer. in kill devil hills, north carolina, i'm sara daloff, back to you. before you light up your barbecue this fourth of july weekend, you might want to double check your chicken. foster farms is recalling boneless, skinless chicken breasts this morning because they may be contaminated with salmonella. the chicken breasts are not being sold in stores anymore. check your freezer. the breasts were processed at the fresno plant and sold at costco stores, food max, and safeway stores here in california. and a reminder, parts of interstate 280 in san francisco are shut down this morning. northbound lanes are shut down from the 101 interchange to near at&t park. the east coast of 280 will be closed until monday morning so that crews can repair joints that make the freeway safer
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during an earthquake. the giants are off town, so no problem there, but the closure will affect your plan ifs you are headed into the city for some other reason, like maybe the fireworks. since northbound 280 is closed, caltrans suggests that you use highway 101 instead. >> google has begun to sensor web results in europe, including some news stories. the mountain view company is struggling to comply with the recent european union order to remove some search results. the company says it received about a thousand requests a day, asking it to make some results disappear. the trouble is, some of those are news stories, they're factually true, but under a new concept of the right to be forgotten, the people who were written about can ask that google not link to the articles. the "daily mail" compares google's actions to book burning. america's finest felon might actually not have a modeling contract ahead. you might remember the sultry mug shot that gained national
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attention. the convicted felon has been charged for carrying a handgun during an arrest last month in stockton. investigators found him with the gun during a warrant search. he now faces up to ten years in jail. the only thing he could be model rg those orange jumpsuits. los altos today will celebrate its independence if styrofoam food containers. starting today, restaurants will have to find something else to package food in and stores will be banned from selling products made out of styrofoam, including foam chests. the ban also applies to farmers and festivals. more than a dozen cities in santa clara county, rather, have banned styrofoam, most recently, mountain view, which enacted its own ban on tuesday. well, being the fourth of july, you've got fireworks, you've got barbecuing, and hot dogs. and a giant spider, and hot dog eating. >> well, for the eighth straight year, san jose's joey, the jaws, chestnut, is once again the champ. the competition was tied on a windy and wet kony island.
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halfway through chestnut was losing, but came from behind to chow down 61 hot dogs. it was a big day for chestnut, who proposed to his girlfriend before the competition. by the way, she said yes. >> oh, yeah. so he wins, he gets a beautiful bride as well. >> and she gets to cook hot dogs for the rest of her life. >> i think he doesn't like them. >> you think? let's check in with christina. good morning. >> good morning. he was eight hot dogs shy of last year's total. >> that's right! >> hey, now, come on, now! we've got a good-looking day shaping up for any sort of barbecuing you might do. as we head throughout the day, it's going to be nice out there. it's really, really comfortable all across the bay area right now. if you've got friends and family in town, this is what it's usually like this time of year. we're actually hitting average high as that cool ocean air moves in. we've got changes coming your way as we get into that holiday weekend. let me start here in tiburon, show you what it looks like. a little bit of cloud cover there, and in pacifica, you're almost entirely clear except for
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that one patch of fog, still held back by the coastal mountains. you can see here in sunol, hot day shaping up. you'll be in the low 90s in your inland valley spots. meanwhile, what's more american than a baseball game, right? the a's have a game at 105, and take a look at all these tailgaters there. this is really great to see. the crowds filling up, and yeah, the a's, the number one team in major league baseball right now. 68 degrees out there at 105, comfortable conditions. if you're going to watch that game, make sure you watch for those flags. they're going to be blowing out towards right center and strong enough wind where you can get some pickup. 84 for the south bay. let's get to tonight, when the fireworks go off, between 9:00 and 9:30, we've got really choice conditions. obviously, your best view is going to be as far inland and up high as you can get. in san jose, 68 degrees. not bad at 9:30. a clear shot there. you might have a little bit of cloud cover from time to time in san francisco and san rafael. that goes for berkeley as well.
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temperatures mainly in the upper 50s and low 60s, and pleasanton, 70 degrees. that's pretty pleasant at 9:00 p.m. tonight. we are going to warm you up as you head through the weekend. cut off those coastlouds and gi you a preview of saturday and sunday. temperatures will be okay on saturday, not too hot, but on sunday, you might want to make those beach plans, you will be in the 70s even at your local beaches. 72 on the east shore, 68 degrees on sunday in san francisco. and then next week, guys, we'll meet back here on monday, 91 degrees, cooling you right back down to 86 in san francisco between monday and tuesday. so two hot days and cooler weather by midweek. back to you two. >> we'll take it, christina. thank you. well, fifa launches a new investigation into brazil's soccer superstar, next.
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after a few days off, the world cup resumed play this morning. germany just beat france. and later, it is host country
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brazil versus colombia. >> so there's a lot of pressure on brazil to win it all for the home crowd, so much so that earlier this week, brazil's coach brought in a psychologist. a brazilian newspaper reports the doctor drew up psychological profiles of each player so that the coach can select today's roster and determine how certain events will affect each of his players. >> that's unnerving. perhaps even more unnerving for brazil is the fact that fifa is investigating superstar namar. he's not happy that he wore beats by dr. dre headphones during a news conference this week. that has because beats by dr. dre is not a sponsor soft world cup, because organizers have an exclusive deal with sony. >> this is not the first time that he has drawn the ire of fifa. earlier in the tournament, the name of a non-world cup sponsor was revealed on the elastic of his underwear when he took off his shirt off the field after a game. he could face fines for both
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incidents. >> i was just glad he was wearing underwear. these outfits are crazy. well, hidden cash takes a family friendly approach, next. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room?
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we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. the hidden cash craze is shifting just a bit this fourth of july. in honor of america's birthday, hidden cash is giving away free ice cream. >> the man behind the movement partnering up with ben & jerry's to give out scoops today only in san francisco, new york, and washington. if you want in on the action, go to the ben & jerry's on the corner of hayton and ashbury from 1:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. hidden cash said he thought it would be a kid-friendly way to celebrate the holiday. >> and scott said, hidden ice cream was a mess. >> a disaster. what a bad idea! thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> happy fourth of july, you can get the latest information all day long and all of the fireworks festivities at >> bye-bye.
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