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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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arm, twisting until she let go of the bag of money and took the bag of money and fled on the muni 24 line. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a black woman in her 40s to 50s last seen wearing a black shirt and orange skirt. >> there are a number of schools around here, and the kids are always selling cookies and candy. all of us in the neighborhood try to help them and support them, because they are great kids and there are good causes. it's sad someone would take advantage of that. >> reporter: police say the girl is okay and they also tell us this evening all of their officers are keeping an eye out for the suspect. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. happening now, the most drastic move yet to deal with our deepening drought. state water leaders are debating the fines that you could pay if you don't dial back on the amount of water you're using. nbc bay area jody hernandez is live in sacramento just outside that meeting. some people worry this could put
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them out of a job. >> reporter: they absolutely do, jessica. pressure washer contractors, window washers, painters, and others all potentially have a lot on the line. now state water regulators are up on the second floor of this building as we speak, set to vote on some first of their kind water restrictions that would impact everyone in the state. >> everyone in the state is going to be encouraged to step up and at least not waste water. >> reporter: the state water resources control board is set to take unprecedented steps to get folks to conserve. with the drought showing no signs of ending soon, the board is considering mandatory statewide water restrictions and stiff fines for water wasters. >> for heaven's sakes, when communities across the state are experiencing such hardship, the very least we can all do is not to waste water by overwatering our lawns and letting hoses run
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when there are easy simple ways to not do it. >> reporter: if approved, starting next month, overwatering your landscaping, hose washing your car without a shut off nozzle and washing off driveways and sidewalks could land you a fine up to $500 a day, and if your fountain doesn't use recirculating water, that, too, could cost you. >> it's just not reasonable. it's not rational. >> reporter: power washer contractors fear the new rules could put them out of business. he has been power washing in the bay area for 26 years. he's worried his livelihood will go down the drain. >> if i can't get access to water, i can't pressure wash. i can't put food on the table for my children if this goes into effect. >> the state cannot be in a situation where if this goes two or three or four years, we're dealing with massive numbers of cities running out of water. >> reporter: again, water
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regulators are inside this building debating the measures as we speak. if they approve them, they'll go into effect and are likely to go into effect in just a couple of weeks on august 1st and they will remain in effect for at least nine months. reporting live at the state capitol, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you, jodi. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we've been talking about this monsoonal moisture lately, but this doesn't mean anything in terms of the drought. >> most certainly. it really is just a little bit here to help our short-term fire danger. right now the bulk of the moisture continues across the soierra sierra. the bay area remains completely dry. in fact, the hot weather we have had recently is just exacerbating the drought. what you want to take a look at is the key at the top of the screen, that dark red, the exception level is the worst level of drought possible and you can see contra costa in the red color, alameda county, santa clara, santa cruz, san mateo,
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and san francisco counties, as well. in fact, 33% of california remains under that exceptional drought. it is not expected to get better until the rainy season begins. with that said, the last major rain was on april the 25th and we are counting the days until that rainy season begins. right now, 77 days until that would happen. we'll have more coming up in the full forecast. >> okay, see you in a little bit, jeff. not one, but two jolts rocking the south bay this afternoon. a pair of earthquakes hitting gilroy at 1:00 in the afternoon and a minute later at 1:10. the first measured 3.2, the second 3.3. neighbors chimed in on our facebook page telling us although both jolts were strong, no damage. another headline grabbing night in the immigration crisis, the flood of undocumented immigrants continues to spark tempers across the nation. these protesters and supporters clashed today in arizona. some were trying to block buses
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of children coming into the country, others were trying to welcome the immigrants. this battle just isn't at the bortd border, but here in the bay area. you can see the group, they rallied at san francisco's city hall this afternoon, urging of board of supervisors to vote yes on a resolution helping the immigrants, calling for more resources to help the undocumented minors. according to one estimate, about 250 unaccompanied kids arrive here in the bay area every month. nonprofit organizations say they just cannot keep up with that pace. now at the front lines of this crisis is an award winning journalist who is also an undocumented immigrant. jose antonio vargas, who grew up in mountainview, was detained this morning in mcallen, texas. late today, he was released. joining us in san jose with the details and the story. >> reporter: i'm here at our
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lady of guadalupe church where vargas supporters just wrapped up a press conference a few minutes ago and while they are relieved he has been released, they are extremely concerned about the thousands of others who have not been released. journalist jose antonio vargas grew up in the bay area and graduated from mountain view high school. today border patrol agents detained him as he was trying to fly out of an airport in texas. the group he founded released this photo of him. a few hours later he released this statement, i've been released by border patrol. i want to thank everyone who stands by me and the undocumented of south texas and across the country. our daily lives are filled with fear in simple acts such as getting on an airplane to go home to our family. we spoke to his aunt in san jose, who had just talked to vargas on the phone. >> reporter: talked to him at all? >> yes, a few minutes ago, like, 30 minutes ago.
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yeah, we spoke. because he would be worried that we are worrying about him, so he called me and told me, i'm out, so don't worry. >> reporter: in 2012, vargas was on the cover of "time" magazine, highlighting immigration reform. he's an undocumented immigrant from the philippines, who's lived here in the u.s. without papers since he was 12. he worked for the "san francisco chronicle." again, we talked to three different families who say while they are certainly relieved he's been released, their own children are still being deta detained at the borders. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. you can find out more about vargas and his past visit on our class action show, revealing interview. go to our website and click on the top story box. apple and ibm announcing a new partnership. apple's ceo tim cook spoke
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exclusively to cnbc about that deal. >> we fit together like a puzzle, and so this is profound. it is landmark, it's historic. we've come from 30 years ago being competitors, to today being incredibly complementary. >> now ibm says it will create more than 100 apps for iphones and ipads and will sell apple's tablet to business clients worldwide. the new apps are expected to come out this fall. a warning tonight about a scam spreading across the bay area. scammers posing as government agents prompting many folks to write a check no questions asked. our investigative unit has been working on this case for a couple of months. tonight, investigative reporter steven stock uncovers details that could startle you. steven? >> reporter: we've discovered one of the fastest growing scams is actually using the irs and the threat that you may go to jail to help these scammers rake in millions of dollars.
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tonight we talk to the people who oversee the irs. they described the largest scam of its kind ever. wp the last ten months alone, these organized crime groups have scammed tens of thousands of people out of millions of dollars. all with just one phone call. >> part of the scheme would involve the person pretending to be the internal revenue service actually having some digits of your social security number and they tell you those digits, and when that matches, a lot of times people are then inclined to believe it actually is the irs. >> when, in fact, it's not. get this, californians have been targeted the most. coming up at 11:00, we'll break down the numbers for you and take you inside this scam to show you exactly how it works. we'll also hear advice on how you can keep from becoming the next victim. that's all tonight at 11:00 on
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nbc bay area. see you then. >> see you then, stephen. if you have a tip for stephen or anyone in our investigative unit, call our tip line or send an e-mail. still to come here at 5:00, could it really happen, splitting up california? the move by a legendary silicon valley venture capitalist today that could pave the way for six californias. also -- >> i'm robert handa live in santa clara where the 49ers are about to unveil its new parking plan. started with a simple request from her sons, now hundreds of less fortunate children are going to school. a little better prepared. we'll show you in tonight's bay area proud. then at 6:00, it's a flashy way to get your attention while you drive. >> i don't know about that. too much distraction out there. >> why some brightlights in one bay area city has a lot of people concerned about safety on the road. that's new at 6:00.
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18 days left until the first game here at levi's stadium. tonight the biggest obstacle will be addressed. in a couple of hours, the 49ers and city of santa clara will unveil the new stadium parking plan and they'll do it before the city council. nbc bay area's robert handa shows us the strategy to get fans in and out without a traffic nightmare. robert? >> reporter: that's right. we are at one of the stadium parking lots about a half mile away. you're about to hear from one season ticket holder who already knows he's parking right here. why? because it's all part of the game plan. >> we're actually assigned to the large tailgating parking lot called blue lot one. >> reporter: he's a long-time season ticket holder who can already show us his route to levi stadium on game day. he was given a designated parking lot and a corresponding route after a two-year study by
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49er and santa clara traffic engineers. the team asked about various issues, such as if you wanted to tailgate and where he would be coming from. >> coming to the stadium from the north, they gave you a parking lot on the north side of the stadium. >> reporter: the designated lots and routes and other strategies will be presented to the city council tonight. the team says it is confident and realistic about its plan. >> let's be honest, there's going to be traffic, there's 20,000 cars that are coming down here, and we won't know that all these plans are accurate until, you know, everybody comes. >> reporter: the 49ers are also planning to unveil a app to coordinate the information. coming up at 6:00, how mass transit will employ a similar strategy, as well as how the team will deal with unexpected traffic problems. live in santa clara, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> next month that stadium opens, thank you, robert. while the calendar says summer, you wouldn't know it by looking at store shelves.
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back to school supplies, they are gone and most already taken. >> not just big businesses planning ahead, it's the time of year one woman kick starts her ever growing charity. garvin thomas joins us with her story. garvin? >> linda hall says a school teacher recently told her about students in her class whose family couldn't afford backpacks, so the kids came to school with their supplies in plastic grocery bags. the story not only brought linda to tears, but as you'll see in tonight's bay area proud, affirmed her work needs to go on. >> you guys have any gently used backpacks at home? >> reporter: linda has a dream of dealing a nonprofit with a sophisticated website and deep pocketed corporate sponsors, one with warehouse space and a marketing budget. >> do you have any gently used backpacks at home? >> reporter: linda hopes for all of that one day. today, though, she just wants a few more old backpacks. well, more than just a few. >> i got to figure out how to
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get 275 more backpacks. lots of binder paper. >> reporter: linda has set a goal for herself this year of 500 used backpacks filled with school supplies to give to homeless and low income santa cruz county kids. it's a far cry from her first donation of just two backpacks 11 years ago. they belonged to her boys joy and tim, who were pleading for new backpacks, even though theirs were barely worn. >> i'm like, guys, your backpacks are fine, mom doesn't have a lot of money. well, can't we donate them? >> reporter: the boys won that battle and linda donated their old packs filled with new supplies to the local homeless shelter. >> i went to see the lady i saw there and said, hey, could you use some backpacks? she was thrilled. absolutely thrilled. so, this is where we keep all the backpacks. >> reporter: the lady was thrilled and linda was hooked. her goals have increased every
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year since, as have the number of places she donates to and the hours it takes to do it all. >> amount of time it takes me is way less than the impact it has on them. i mean, that's what's most important. >> reporter: linda knows the impact because the kids and their family write letters telling her about it. >> your time, efforts, and generosity will not be forgotten and appreciative recipient. yeah! this makes it all worth it, you know, i don't care how much time it takes me. more backpacks! >> super cute. >> what i love about her is, there are other organizations that do this, but often they are big organizations and this is just one woman who stumbled into a need that she knew was in her community and she filled it and she has dreams to grow it bigger and bigger, but, you know, it's one of these stories about an individual spots a need, fills the need, and how rewarding it is for everybody involved.
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>> people don't realize how significant that backpack is for the child. it gives them an identity and sense of place in school. >> they fit in. when she told the story about the kids with the plastic grocery bags, you immediately knew how difficult that must have been for them. >> thank you, garvin. we're helping local nonprofits build stronger communities, at least we're trying. you can apply for the program 21st century solutions on our website. we're offering grants of up to $50,000 to new and innovative programs. applications are due in just a few weeks on august 8th, that's at all right. let's check in with our meteorologist jeff ranieri. we've been talking about this monsoonal moisture. seemed there was less of it today. >> most certainly, jessica and raj. we do have some of it offshore missing the bay area. we could use rain drops, but not going to happen tonight. you can see severe weather here across the sierra. over 500 lightning strikes over the past three hours. closer fix on this, some of these storms are dying down, but
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a bit is going to hold out the next two to three hours. if you're headed that way, watch out for quickly changing conditions and, again, the possibility of isolated thunderstorms even in the overnight hours. sky camera network today and the big headlines for the bay area, less humid, there's a lot more sunshine and temperatures are not nearly as hot. you can see that right now on that sky camera network currently averaging 79 in the south bay, looking great right now, cool breeze along the east shore and 76 and after 100 in the tri-valley yesterday, slight humidity right now and 84 degrees. i want to take you into some of the best weather, and that's in the north bay. right now, 75 across san rafael and blue skies. let's get you into the forecast. this morning it started off cloudy. didn't matter if you were at the immediate coastline or inland, everyone dealt with the cloud cover. tomorrow morning again at 7:00 a.m., a lot of white on the map, indication of the cloud cover. it's going to hold on through about 11:00 in the morning, then
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it will start to burn off. i think we'll have the most sunshine here for the south bay tomorrow, parts of the peninsula and also the east bay, but still hanging on to high clouds up into the north bay. now let's take a look at the weather pattern. we've had the monsoonal rain the past two days. it's at its peak strength right now. as we head into tomorrow, we're mainly going to see the isolated chance of thunderstorms again remain across the sierra, missing us. then as we look ahead towards the forecast, onshore wind coming back and cooler temperatures. probably seeing that on the scrolling seven-day forecast on the bottom of your screen, thursday and friday, things begin to stabilize as we get numbers near average. let's take you into the forecast as we head throughout wednesday. mid way part of the work week, sunny here in san jose, 81 degrees for your high. interior, santa clara valley, 87 in saratoga, hot spot near campbell. for the peninsula, 66, mostly cloudy, sunny skies in palo
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alto. onshore flow keeps it in the mid 60s across portions of the marina. very, very comfortable in napa with 85 degrees. walnut creek, some chamber of commerce weather, 83 and mainly sunny. for thetri-valley, no more triple digits, 85 degrees in pleasanton. you can see the trend as we head throughout the next five days. continues to be very excellent in san jose. double 7s for thursday and friday. sunny skies through the weekend and san francisco primarily staying in the 60s. coming up at 6:00 p.m., further look at the forecast and what any kind of rain prospects could be in the next month or so. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, it came crashing down. what investigators say triggered a bridge to collapse over a california freeway. how the push to carve up california into six different states is moving forward.
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rocket attacks and air strikes lit up the skies again in the middle east, this after a truce agreement failed. egypt tried to negotiate a peace deal, israel accepted that deal but hamas rejected it, saying it was one-sided. this is the eighth day of this ongoing violence in the gaza strip. less than ten minutes from now, brian williams and "nightly news" will show how children are paying the price. a subway derailed in moscow, killing more than 20 people. russian officials are quick to dismiss terrorism as the cause. the accident may have been caused by a problem in one of the cars or a sunken rail bed. nearly 150 people were also injured in the derailment. the moscow metro is the world's busiest with as many as 9 million people using it on week
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days. closer to home, this is what's left of a bridge under construction in southern california. a tractor trailer rolled over on the 215 and into the structure on riverside county around 10:00 this morning. the impact caused part of the bridge to collapse and luckily no one was hurt there. mountain view police are looking for a man accused of groping a woman near a popular downtown park. the woman was walking home near pioneer park when a man grabbed her from behind and groped her near castro street. the suspect is described as a hispanic male around 25 years old and average size. might get the golden state into six golden states. the man who wants to split california into six states has gathered enough signatures to put the idea up for a photo. silicon valley venture capitalist submitted signatures today, saying 1.3 million voters signed his petition. california doesn't get the representation it deserves in washington, so he wants it
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divided into six states. a large portion of the bay area would be in a new state called silicon valley. the deadline has passed for the initiative to be on this year's ballot, so if approved, voters will cast their ballots in november of 2016. up next, team germany returning home after winning the world cup. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed.
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a hero's welcome in berlin. the champs are back home. the german national soccer team back in the spotlight.
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here's their airplane coming in for landing. they earned it. tens of thousands of fans were waiting for their arrival. look at the scene down on the streets. germany's last minute extra time goal put the world cup in their hand for the first time since 1990. getting off the plane and through the streets of berlin, it was quite a party. it's the fourth time germany has claimed the world cup. >> lots of excitement. jeff, change in the weather here. >> yes, monsoonal moisture, been humid, but we are starting to see that cloud cover slowly push out. you can see here on the view of downtown san jose, but again, a lot of blue sky still this afternoon as we get a look at the radar, heaviest storms over lake tahoe. what does that mean in our forecast? we're looking pretty good the next three days. north bay, east bay, tri-valley expecting a mix of 70s to 80s. 78 expected thursday in the north bay, warmer by this upcoming weekend and no 100s, guys. >> nice res piet.
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on our broadcast tonight, no end in sight. the back and forth bombardment continues for an eighth day, as hamas rejects a cease-fire and israel's prime minister threatens to unleash a major show of force. going to extremes. violent storms, record cold in july, wildfires in the west, as nearly every part of the country is dealing with some sort of extremes. the price you pay. it's about to get more expensive to buy airline tickets. this time, thanks to congress and the tsa. and a spoonful of medicine. it can mean very different things. and tonight that has prompted doctors to issue a new warning to parents. "nightly news" begins now.


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