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tv   Today  NBC  August 6, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. >> we're happy to be alive. it's booze day tuesday, august 5th. we're exhausted. hoda's birthday is killing me. turning 60 was easier than turning 50 for hoda. >> one of the things i always wanted to do, they asked me what my bucket list was. i was like, i don't know. anyway, one of the things i
2:08 am
always wanted to do was sing backup. the issue is i can't sing. >> that's not true. you can sing. you just can't sing harmony. >> anyway, so kath gave me a little lesson. in the earlier hour, 8:30, we got a chance to sing backup with kenny loggins. my mic was actually turned on. >> yes. >> but anyway, let's take a look. we didn't actually get to see it. >> no, we were doing it. ♪ foot loose, foot loose kick off your sunday shoes ♪ ♪ jack get back, come on before we crack ♪ >> hoda! >> oh, my god. it was so much fun. >> we got the crowd going and everything. if you can't move to a song like "footloose," you need an i.v.
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>> when you want to do something and suddenly you step up to a mic and they go, stand by, you're about to sing. i've sang in my apartment, in the makeup room, to you, but never like that. >> and kenny is such a great sport. >> he's going to join us again. >> it's not called the blue sky riders. it's blue sky riders. it's like his third incarnation musically. if you've never been to a kenny loggins concert, stop it. he's one of the greatest performers you'll ever see. 66 years old now and singing better than ever. love him. >> he was great. >> you were amazing. >> it was so much fun. >> please tell me sky diving is not on your bucket list. >> no, it ain't, girl. we have a friend who's here. >> and he's wearing underwear. that's important. because today is national underwear day. >> it is. all right. we just want to the give a shoutout to ben goldman. he's here. i met ben -- >> look at him. >> i met ben goldman in central park.
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he met matt. he was in studio 1a when he was 10 years old. he had stage three brain cancer. he came out of it better than ever. he saw me in the park, handed me a note. can you believe this kid is 18? >> no, i thought he was with morgan stanley or something. >> i work for fox connecticut news in hartford. when i saw you running, i said, i have to meet hoda kotb. i watched where why you were running, wrote a note, and now i'm in studio 1a. >> in other words, you're a stalker. >> you got that right. exactly. >> i saved your letter because it was so beautiful. i put it in my little phone thing. >> it's a miracle you found it. >> i save certain things. >> you don't want to show that phone number again. you know what happened the first time. >> this kid is going to be huge. he's like al michaels. look. that's al michaels right there. >> all right. thanks. so it is national underwear day. >> are you wearing any? >> i always do.
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unless i forget some. >> are spanx enough? >> the only time i have not worn them is when i go to the gym in the morning and look in the bag and say, oh, my gosh, i forgot them. that's happened before. >> do you know how many pairs the average woman wears? >> how many? >> you can read it. it's right there. 21. >> how many do you own, roughly? >> i don't know. i don't count often enough to know. >> stop with the percentages. how many do you have? >> i guess maybe six. no, i got granny panties. >> i'm like you. i have the ones i wear every day. i always wear hanky pankys because they're great with clothes. >> everybody loves them. >> and it doesn't matter your size. >> it depends on how bloated i feel, you know. i like the kind that come up around the tummy. >> sometimes i love those too. >> so 18% of you -- of us wear sexy underwear. oh, i'm not even going to say that.
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>> and 80% of women -- >> you're sick, amanda. you're perverted. >> but 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. >> including me right now. >> people always talk about that. anyway -- >> i saw this in the paper the other day. if you're offended by this, you may hold me accountable. >> but let's do our disclaimer. >> we're apologizing ahead of time. >> what you're going to see are peaches. they're fruit. >> allegedly. >> no, they're fruit. so don't freak out. >> it's a fruit seller in china. watch. >> she put underwear on peaches. she calls them peaches panties. >> i think it's genius. and you can actually send someone a box of nine peaches in panties for around $65. that's just brilliant marketing. >> here's what he says. the creator claims they're sweet, tasty, sexy, and funny and there's nothing tacky about them. >> not at all now that you know it's a peach. >> people are about to write in. >> they're peaches! >> stop writing us. >> some are more peachy than others.
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and this is the interesting thing. you can customize your peaches. you can take custom orders. >> anyway, you can go on our website. this is one of those cute baby pictures we like to show you. north west. there's never a bad photo. kanye is working on his new album. that's what she looks like. >> she's a little girl now. she's a toddler. >> gorgeous, gorgeous. >> precious, yes. >> so here's something clever. you know how people are always taking great pictures of their babies and go on photo shoots and swaddle them? this guy decided instead of putting the baby in those positions, he put dogs or puppies. so these are some of the ones they took. so there's one all swaddled. and here's another one. the feet. >> that was me at 3:00 this morning.
2:14 am
all of the sudden louie was in bed with us. >> this is like a baby. >> i'm sorry. i feel that way. i do. now that cody is 6'4" and won't get in a blanky like that. i miss it. he won't suck his thumb or anything. >> so we want to ask your opinion on this next story. katie, this young girl got katy perry tickets. the mom said she was acting up and was fed up. she said, i'm going to take those tickets and sell them on ebay or whatever it was. she posted this thing on facebook for all to see that her 18-year-old is a spoiled brat, she didn't deserve the tickets. the tickets sold in 90 minutes. here's the question. >> did she put a picture of her daughter too? >> there was a picture on her facebook page. so was what appropriate or not? >> there's got to be a back story to this.
2:15 am
it seems to me -- you brought this up. i want to give credit to hoda about this. say what you were thinking. >> i just said maybe the girl was just being a real pain in the neck and the mother says, look, i'm telling you right now, one more word and i'm going to put these tickets and sell them on facebook. and the mother pushed the button. maybe that's how it happened. >> you know, any time -- it seems harsh, but she's not beating her. don't beat your children. and you have to be very, very careful because those things live forever. if you're a loving parent -- i bet she wants it back now, even though she did get $90 for the tickets. >> here's another reason to love taylor swift. she visits often kidin the hospital. she visited this young child who's going through -- at boston's childrens hospital. taylor showed up and gave him a little impromptu concert.
2:16 am
let's take a look. ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> perfect! ♪ >> what did he say? i couldn't hear. >> so cute. >> so that's getting major, major hits on facebook. >> that video was posted to jordan's page on facebook. i love when artists do things like that. >> i do too. a lot of people do it quietly. that was something someone shot a with phone. just want everyone to know a movie my daughter cassidy was in this past year that really surprised at box office. i think it was in the top ten for two months or something. made over $60 million domestically. really worthwhile. it's called "god's not dead." out on dvd now. >> so if your to-do list never, ever gets done, join the club. we're going to show you how to avoid getting overwhelmed. >> and these overwhelmingly handsome men, we love them.
2:17 am
you do too. answering your relationship questions. >> they're right there. >> oh, there's a young one! >> and by the way, we're also going to add a woman to the panel. it's going to get -- we're going freaky. >> we're going to talk about it after this. >> our guys tell all. and we've got a surprise guest.
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it's one of the things that
2:19 am
and we've got a surprise guest. it's one of the things that most of us complain about. there's just so much to do and not enough time to get it all done. >> a lot of women feel like they're constantly being pulled in all directions. if that's you, we're about to help you find some balance. >> bridget is a washington post columnist and the author of
2:20 am
"overwhelmed: work, love, and play when no one has time." >> and meredith is the editor and chief of "redbook." >> ladies, welcome. >> hello, ladies. >> it's a common theme, isn't it? >> is it about prioritizing? sometimes you open your eyes in the morning and you're like, oh, my god, i have a million things. i haven't even started my day yet. >> haven't brushed your teeth and you want to get back in bed. >> that is a part of it. there is an awful lot to do all the time. some of it is just the era that we're living in. we overwork. we work among the most hours of any advanced economy. we overdo, overparent, helicopter, hover. we spend our most amount of time with our children, so we have very little leisure time. we don't value leisure time. vacation is seen as something that's for wimps. >> people are afraid to take vacations sometimes given the economy. they end up packing their days and their holidays.
2:21 am
>> it's true. what people forget is that actually taking time off is not only better for you physically, but mentally. chronic stress can give you heart disease. it can give you all sorts of illnesses. you owe it to yourself and to your body to take time off. >> but then people don't. they might take a vacation, but they take all of their social media stuff with them. >> or their work stuff. >> they're just in a different place doing the same amount of work. before e-mails, returning a thousand e-mails, what did people do? >> right. >> how did they get it done? >> well, i think that goes back to the very original point that you made. what's important. i think that's one of the things of all of this flood of information and technology, you're always feeling behind and that you can never catch up. >> letting somebody down. >> i know people are probably nodding their heads. so a to-do list. let me write all the things i have to do and i'll check them off and alleviate some stress. no?
2:22 am
>> that's sabotaging yourself. one of the most important things to do is remember your working memory can only hold seven pieces of information at a time. >> that's on a good day. >> write everything down, do a brain dump. but when you come to figure out what you're going to do, choose one thing that's most important and do that first. let everything else slide. >> what do you do when you have the boss calling you saying, where is that whatever i expected an hour ago? we have to answer to so many people. i didn't know the statistic you just said that we're spending more time with our children? >> yes, working mothers spend more time with their kids than stay-at-home mothers did in the '60s and '70s. >> interesting. the brain dump is interesting. we're trying to think of solutions. give us some -- what's an idea? if you're feeling overwhelmed with your kids and life, what are things people can do to alleviate that a little bit? >> well, to go back to the vacation thing for a moment, i feel like that's part of it. whether you can only take a three-day weekend or you have your summer off, you're a mom, you can take a couple of weeks just to be with your kids, plan
2:23 am
it in advance. 90% of people say they've had a great vacation because they've planned it a month in advance. and if you're working, you know, obviously ask for the time off, but then ten days before you go, remind everyone in your office that you're going to be gone. so no one is jumping at you. >> does anybody do voicemail anymore besides me? >> you should do an out-of-office alert because it builds you a little cushion of time. >> i also find if you follow that be here now, wherever you are you're here, you're less stressed because you're not spending all your time -- you know how you are. don't tell me about the next three things i have to do. just right now. suddenly you don't feel so overburdened with everything that's coming later. >> another thing that's important is to recognize you don't have to earn it. a lot of times women in particular throughout history have felt like they need to earn time off. they don't deserve it. and you need to flip that. you deserve it and need to give yourself permission. >> by the way, your voicemail is full. >> i know.
2:24 am
it's been full for two weeks. >> ladies, thanks. bobbi thomas shares is her very personal journey through ivf. >> and rick, chuck, and bob are here to answer your relationship questions. who's going to be in the fourth chair? it's a surprise. we're back now with our guys berocca has guarana and caffeine to support mental sharpness. oh yeah! early morning meeting? no problem. [applause] plus, berocca has b-vitamins to support physical energy. some assembly required? awww. cherished memory. [awwwwww] i'm bringing down the house! [applause. laughs] two things. one package. beroccaaaaaaaa! ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing.
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we're back now with our guys tell all. our handsome hunks try to clear up any confusion when it comes to what your man is thinking. >> first up, rick younger, who's married with a son. next is comedian mr. chuck nice. last but not least, divorced bachelor --
2:28 am
>> so sad. >> who's currently on tour with his band. now he's got a band. >> and today we have a little surprise for the men. we're adding the first ever female to the panel. her name is bobbi palmer. she's a dating coach for women over 40 and the ceo and founder of she's very smart. we're going to see who's smarter. you three or bobbi. >> okay. let's begin. we're going across the street for our first question. >> hi. i'm michelle rogers from texas. gentlemen, my question is, under what scenario you most comfortable with meeting a woman? internet, grocery store, library, walking around with friends, being single, or at a bar? >> good question. >> as a married man, i no longer look for women, but back in the day the church was a good place to find someone. you can find anything you want in church.
2:29 am
>> you know, it's funny because i was just a little bit off of church. i was going with strip clubs. you know, because the women are very friendly there for some reason. >> but at church you can preapprove. ricky is a nice boy. >> i like barbecues. picnics. they're friendly engagements with a lot of people around. >> now let's hear the smart person. >> you can meet men everywhere and anywhere. keep your eyes up, smile, and you will meet men every single place you go in your life. >> it's who you are, not where you are. >> being the kind of person you want to be with, right? >> let's let that marinate.
2:30 am
>> what is going on? >> be the change you want to see. i had to ruin it, huh? >> okay. we have another question. here's a viewer e-mail. paula said, is it possible to teach a man how to be thoughtful and romantic? my husband says it's too hard for him to act like that. really? >> that's a horrible generality. everyone in general is thoughtful and romantic. >> not everyone. >> that's not true. >> i think you can teach a guy these things, but you have to have patience, and you may die before he actually learns. >> you know what? we're a little bit -- positive reinforcement. when he does something that's right, really let him know it's right. >> and that you appreciate it. >> just like you give a puppy a treat when it doesn't poop on the floor. you give him a treat for not pooping on the floor. >> let's listen to bobbi. >> i love it. so you have to let him know what that looks like to you, right? guys can't read our minds.
2:31 am
>> so true. >> the number one thing men say about women is we expect them to read our minds. if you want him to be more thoughtful and romantic, let him know clearly what that means. >> all right. we're going to take a break. >> be the kind of person you want to be with. >> kenny loggins and blue sky riders are with us. ♪
2:32 am
you can't sing that song you can't sing that song
2:33 am
you can't sing that song without getting like this. >> woo! >> come on. >> guys, bobbi's got a voice. >> y'all don't know it, but i'm pregnant right now. >> just putting it out there. ♪ and if you feel like i feel baby, come on ♪ ♪ come on, woo, let's get it on ♪
2:34 am
>> the guys tell all. let's get it on, people. hold on. i have to take off my panties so i can throw them. >> all right. bobbi lost her virginity to that song. >> thanks for asking. >> you're welcome. >> we're going to go across the street for a question, gang. >> hi. i'm suzy from indiana. i'm 50 and i was curious to know, what is it a man is looking for in a woman or his wife? >> what is a man looking for in a woman or his wife? >> i hope he's found it in his wife! i'm just saying. if you still looking for something in your wife, you may have made a mistake. >> well, for me personally, i was looking for somebody who was a teammate, a team player. and i feel i found that. whenever i have an aspiration or a goal and i tell my wife about it, she wants to know what should we do to make it happen. >> i want someone i can laugh with. someone who appreciates some of the things i appreciate but has their own life as well. >> but it hasn't worked out. >> really haven't done a great job. >> bobbi, what do you think? >> well, she said specifically after 50. i think that especially the gentlemen who are older are
2:35 am
really looking -- it's kind of like what you said. really looking for a teammate, really looking for a partner. we're not building lives, we're living great lives we've already created. >> but you build things together. >> a home, a family. >> you've got to get a prenup. >> a guy wants to relax with his woman. he wants to feel at peace, safe. >> like a woman wants with her man. >> michelle davis, viewer e-mail. she says, how come guys can't be upfront about their feelings? they beat around the bush about everybody. say what you mean and mean what you say. >> be the person you want to be with. >> i think guys tell the truth as a general rule. we're pretty easy people to figure out. >> what it is is that we tell the truth, but a lot of times people don't want to hear the truth unless it's the truth they want to hear. so we say stuff y'all don't like.
2:36 am
wait, why don't you tell us what you want? i just told you. you just didn't like what i said. >> but we're also less verbal naturally, number one. here's the thing. >> not this group particularly. >> no. i say, don't worry about what he's saying. worry about what he's doing. if a man is treating you like he loves you, if he's treating you with respect, if he's treating you like he cares for you, then he does. because a lot of dudes know that you want to hear that so they say it, then they do whatever the heck they want to do. >> that's actually -- for you -- >> amazing. >> that's fantastic. >> i've heard it said like this. you got to learn a person's love language. a lot of times a person shares with you in the way they feel loved. >> right. >> sometimes it may not be the same. >> it's like we say, like a grown-up, when he steps up, shows up, and is grown up, then he's a good man for you. if you want him to talk about his feelings, ladies, zip it. stop talking. let him talk. you have to let a man process. they actually think before they talk. he's a good man for you. if you want him to talk about his feelings, ladies, zip it.
2:37 am
stop talking. let him talk. you have to let a man process. they actually think before they talk. it's crazy. >> i love it. >> okay. kids, thanks so much. >> if they want to submit a question for our panel, what do they do? >> go to >> and our girl bobbi thomas shares her emotional journey after this. who's singing? >> go ahead, baby. ♪
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ago our good friend bobbi thomas shared her struggles with infertility. >> tens of thousands of babies are conceived through ivf every year. when she and her husband michael struggled with getting pregnant, they turned to a doctor who started them on their journey. take a look. >> hi. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> ivf is invitro fertilization. women take injection hormones so we can super ovulate the ovaries. we want those ovaries to act as if they're going to ovulate multiple eggs. >> it's a challenging time.
2:42 am
you're trying to figure out how to internalize and deal with the process itself. then also loving the skin i'm in and not feeling, i feel fat or i feel like a failure or all the other things that go through your head. i'm nervous and really excited at the same time. it's been a few weeks of shots and things haven't been so fun. but i'm also nervous about not having viable eggs. so it is early in the morning, and i am waiting for my monitoring appointment, which happens every other day. i have to get some blood taken. i also get an ultrasound so they can see how many follicles are growing and what the progress is. i can't believe i'm actually getting these two needles. >> how did it go last night with
2:43 am
the shots? >> it makes me nauseous. i woke up this morning. is that normal? >> yeah. your lining looks great. >> it's a vaginal ultrasound with a needle attached to it that's applied to suction. the needle is placed into the ovaries, fluid is drained, and the eggs come with the fluid. >> they were able to get more eggs than last time. so the next step is to see, you know, whether they are able to fertilize. and if so, we just hope that they are good quality. because that's the most important part. >> oh, wow. >> and bobbie is here with her doctor. she's an infertility specialist here in new york city. that's emotional anyway. then it's about somebody you love.
2:44 am
it's really such a process for women. >> yes, well, i am so fortunate. i am so loved. i have to say the biggest reason i wanted to really talk about this is because it's hard enough, as you see, to go through, but to make something a secret -- i found myself whispering here in the hallways and so many women were going through it. i have to say, she is my biggest girl crush. you really need to find a support system around you and a doctor like this who just can help you get through it. >> it isn't just clinical but also caring for you. >> someone who cares for you. it's really important. i would joke around, i've broken two skirts, the zippers on the sides, and i'm in nursing bras before i come out here and i'm on television. you know -- >> and you're in the style and beauty business. people can be cruel. >> but i take it in a different way. i'm so flattered somebody's interested in what's going on
2:45 am
with me because i don't think somebody intentionally has been like, hey, is that a burrito or a baby bump? finally, you know, when you just tell people what's going on, there's a spring of sisters online. thank you for all e-mailing your well wishes. >> well, doctor, how is bobbie doing? what's happening? >> i've seen a complete sort of transformation and acceptance that this is what's happening. she is going through this process with grace. she's resilient. and she's trusting, and i think it just really makes the process so much easier to go through. >> no guarantee that this is going to end up with a baby. >> she says the word process. what i've learned so much is we see celebrities on tv with babies at 46. the reality is, that's not normal. and talking to her, it's not a one and done. ivf is not a solution. you go through a process, one round, you can spend $20,000. i have insurance.
2:46 am
i'm really lucky. most people don't. they mortgage their house, and there are no guarantees. mine didn't work the first time. >> we're going to keep following you through this process. helps your husband michael is so supportive. >> he is. >> thank you. >> and there's more information online about when you should talk to your doctor and all that. >> we really appreciate it. thanks for coming. >> i'll be on facebook talking about it too. >> okay, good. still to come, kenny loggins and blue sky riders. after this.
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we're back with our special series as we celebrate hoda's birthday week. the last of the boomer generation turning 50 this year. >> in case you missed it earlier, kathie lee and i got to do a little back-up singing with kenny loggins. he's here with his band mates, blue sky riders, who have one album out and another on the way. >> you guys have such great reviews with this first cd. now you're eight songs into the new one. >> yeah, we've written about seven songs. we're trying to use kick
2:51 am
starter. we are using kick starter to generate funding to make the new album. also to create a community. we've found our audience through kick starter. they found us. >> people love being involved in the process, don't they? >> it's so fun. >> i heard if somebody gives $10,000 to the project, you'll come and do a house concert? >> well, not exactly. no, no. >> timeout. what is it? >> well, let's say it's 25 or 30? >> i think it's 25. >> all right. okay. >> tell me about the magic of this band. it's new. it's exciting an interesting. >> well, this is gary from nashville, tennessee. garry's written 14 number-one songs. he's in the songwriter hall of fame.
2:52 am
>> congrats. >> thanks. >> and georgia has sung all over the world with everybody. now you sort of fell in love and you're like -- >> we fell in love. >> you've fallen in love enough. >> it's really fun. we all have our own little separate careers. some littler than others. we bring it all together, and it's a really wonderful harmony. >> it's been so amazing. i've been alone my whole career. suddenly these two guys at my side. it's just so great. >> you're having a ball in the middle. >> she's the middleman. >> the weird thing is, the cool thing is every night we're on stage, it just feels so good. the fans doing this whole kick starter thing, they're so much a part of it. >> they're invested. >> you're going to be somewhere tonight. >> city winery. >> okay. don't go anywhere. guess who's going to sing for us? they are! and we're not involved. you'll probably enjoy it this time. this is "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
♪ can't get enough of it.
2:54 am
can't get enough of it. all right, everybody. that was a real joy. hoda -- >> is it over? >> yes. you had a great time, didn't you? >> it was such a blast. a big thank you to kenny loggins for doing that. >> now we're going to leave you with the newest song from kenny loggins and blue sky riders. it's called "what went right." have an awesome booze day tuesday. we'll see you for wines day wednesday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:55 am
can't get enough of it.
2:56 am
can't get enough of it. all right, everybody. that was a real joy. hoda -- >> is it over? >> yes. you had a great time, didn't you? >> it was such a blast. a big thank you to kenny loggins for doing that. >> now we're going to leave you with the newest song from kenny
2:57 am
loggins and blue sky riders. it's called "what went right." have an awesome booze day tuesday. we'll see you for wines day wednesday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm here to help. through this get together. ♪


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