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tv   Today  NBC  August 20, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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in the bay." >> thanks for joining us. back at 7:25. >> get all of the news on have a great day. tense standoff. holding two children and two adults hostage in chicago right now. this after four her others rele from the home. mounting history, storms in arizona overnight after a deluge. and will they are won't
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they. jenna bush hager took the challenge. we have that today, august 20th, 2014. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer alongside tamron hall and natalie morales alongside al roker. we have to start with an horrific story this morning. these images we are seeing we are not going to be showing of the execution of an american journalist. this is an extremely disturbing story. journalist james foley was held for nearly two years after he was kidnapped in syria. his family saying that foley gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering there. andrea mitchell is nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent.
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andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. isis terrorists say they killed american journalist james foley in retribution for america's recent air strikes against isis in iraq. and they are now threatening another slaying unless president obama backs down. james foley seen here just prior to his gruesome execution by isis, the radical islamist group. foley has been missing for two years. believed held with other western hostages near raquah in northern syria. an experienced journalist, most recently with "global post," foley was abducted on thanksgiving day 2012 in northern syria. six weeks after he went missing, his family spoke for the first time publically about his kidnapping on "today." >> you know, after 40 days without information, we felt it was important to make people aware and remind them that jim is an objective journalist and innocent journalist doing his job. >> reporter: foley had previously been held captive for 44 days by pro-gadhafi forces in
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libya in 2011. after his release, he was passionate about the need to cover wars despite the danger, as he told "the boston globe." >> i believe that for my journalism it is important. you know, without the photos and videos and firsthand experience, you can't really tell the world how bad it might be. >> reporter: isis an offshoot of al qaeda did release four french journalists in april and other westerners reportedly after their government or go-betweens paid ransom. although they have denied it. the video also purportedly shows another american journalist steven sotloff. whom isis says they will kill next if the u.s. continues its air strikes in iraq. late tuesday, foley's mother diane issued a family statement saying we thank jim for all the joy he gave us. he was an extraordinary son, brother, journalist and person. and she wrote, we implore the kidnappers to spare the lives of
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the remaining hostages. like jim, they are innocents. friends who have been working actively to save foley explored rescue missions, but they were told by the government that any u.s. operation would likely result in the death of all the hostages. and unlike european governments, the u.s. refuses to pay ransom to terrorists. matt. >> all right. andrea mitchell. thank you very much. richard engel is nbc's chief foreign correspondent. richard, andrea just mentioned that there had been talks of rescue missions. it was deemed too dangerous. what were the logistical issues? >> reporter: well, it would be a logistical nightmare as soon as you cross the border gate behind me. you cross into a dangerous war zone. it is the border between turkey and syria. the u.s. has no friendly place to operate inside syria. there are no bases. you could not launch a rescue operation by road. you can't launch one by sea. you would have to come in by air, presumably by helicopter. and also assuming that the militants expect this is a possibility.
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as soon as they heard any helicopter approach, they could kill any hostage they have. >> richard, we know that the isis militants are holding another american journalist hostage. do we have any idea of how many others they might be holding from other countries? >> reporter: we don't know the exact number because a lot of families don't want to talk about their missing relatives. some people may have been killed and are still missing and unaccounted for. some may be held by the regime. but it is fair to say there are between 30 and 40 western hostages. most of them journalists. some aid workers as well. mostly all of them crossing from turkey into syria. and over the last several years, there were many different groups in syria that were taking hostages, but isis has been collecting them. they have been buying them from other groups. they have been trading them and sometimes they have just been stealing them off militants. now, almost all of the foreign hostages are being held by this very dangerous group.
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>> richard engel on the border of turkey and syria on an horrific story and barbaric act. richard, thank you. now to a tense standoff at a home in suburban chicago. two children are among the hostages held by suspects in a botched burglary and shootout with police. police are trying to end this situation. nbc's john yang is here. >> reporter: police say they are using sirens to try to keep the two suspects awake and alert as they continue the negotiations. this all began midday yesterday. as you say a botched burglary attempt. two officers wounded. non-life threatening wounds. both home. the burglars, the suspects took eight people hostage. two adults and six children. overnight, four of the children released. the last one at 10:30 tuesday night.
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they were 11-year-olds and 2-year-old and two 1-year-olds. the oldest of the children has been helping them a lot. >> the 11-year-old who was released last night around 8:30 has been very helpful to negotiators in determining what is inside. as you know from the inception, we were highly dependent on the suspects. now we have credible information as the victims have come out of the house. >> reporter: now some of the neighbors have been evacuated and two nearby schools closed today. all this as talks go on through a bull horn and open window and on telephone as police try to bring this to a peaceful conclusion. tamron. >> john yang, thank you. attorney general eric holder heads to missouri today among the violence triggered by the death of michael brown could be eased.
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we have nbc's craig melvin in ferguson. >> reporter: matt, good morning. no tear gas was used last night or no molotov cocktails thrown. 47 people were arrested. most of the folks arrested for failing to disperse. today, the michael brown case will move off the streets and into the courthouse. 24 hours ago, these were the images associated with ferguson, missouri. overnight, relative calm. cars moving freely in the area where military-style vehicles stood at the ready the night before. law enforcement officers donning helmets and shields and riot gear. the police presence smaller. the air is free of smoke and tear gas. isolated pockets of tension diffused quickly. >> groups were smaller and they were out earlier. >> reporter: the quiet night
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came after a shooting earlier in the day. a 23-year-old robbery suspect armed with a knife and acting erratically was confronted by st. louis police. officers opened fire when the suspect moved toward them killing him. keeping the peace in ferguson has been no easy task. we rode along with captain ron johnson of the highway patrol. he took us to a convenience store that was robbed twice by looters. >> the same type of criminal element. >> reporter: if the officer is charged tomorrow and an indictment, would the streets be empty of following night? >> if charges are brought tomorrow, our peaceful people would be out here. the criminal element is going to be out here as long as they know they can create havoc and cause issues. >> reporter: again, in just a few hours here in ferguson, attorney general eric holder
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will be on the ground and meeting with federal investigators. that as county prosecutors start the grand jury proceedings. darren wilson, the officer that shot and killed the 18-year-old, he has been offered an opportunity to speak before the grand jury. don't know at this point if that will happen. matt. >> thank you, craig melvin. we spoke to kevin allbrand. he is representing the officer who shot michael brown. i started by asking about the vigorous prosecution in the case and if officer wilson feels there has been a rush to judgment. >> i'm very disappointed with governor nixon's remarks in the case. asking for vigorous prosecution. we are all for vigorous investigation, but to cause vigorous prosecution is irresponsible and a rush to judgment before all the facts are in.
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>> sergeant kevin allbland. the clean up is underway in arizona following devastating flash floods. up to 8 inches of rain caught thousands off guard leading to evacuation as and rescues. we have jacob rascon with the latest. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. this is a monsoon season like any we have not seen. lifting a mobile home from the foundation and tossing it 50 feet into a tree among the damage. in a few hours, a few inches of rain turned the desert in rivers of water. tossing trailers like toys in a bathtub. >> oh, no. >> reporter: the horses desperate for higher ground. homes nearly swept away. this one held by two trees.
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giving rescuers enough time to pull two women to safety. a minivan swept off the road. the driver barely escapes. >> two feet of running. i climbed out the passenger window. >> reporter: shirley, his wife of 60 years, is trapped inside. >> he was saying good-bye to me. i was floating away. it was scary. >> the helicopter right now. >> reporter: with the raging waters threatening to swallow the car, rescuers rush in pulling shirley to safety in time. >> i thank that fireman so much for saving me because i could not have gotten out by myself. >> reporter: a total of 14 of the dramatic rescues. everybody made it out alive. nobody inside this home during the storm as most of arizona braces for another round of heavy storms today and tomorrow. tamron. jacob, thank you. how terrifying. that lady. they are lucky. more storms coming today.
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>> the ground is already saturated. any little bit will cause problems. >> parts of the west, we have water. other areas we have wildfires. a busy fire season is an understatement. the wildfire threatening hundreds of homes in southern california. the wave fire east of bakerfield has grown to 3300 acres. some residents are being asked to evacuate. meantime, firefighters are getting a better handle on a wildfire burning near yosemite national park. residents in oakhurst, california are allowed back in their homes. governor rick perry is being charged with two counts of abuse of power. we have nbc's janet shamlian covering the story in austin, texas. >> reporter: good morning, natalie.
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it was a political and to appear on stage, he tweeted out a photo of himself having ice cream. perry had been testing the 2016 presidential waters. he is heading to new hampshire later this week. natalie. >> janet in austin, texas. thank you. the obama administration says it plans to change the way travelers can ask to be removed from its no fly list. this after a federal judge said there was no meaningful way to challenge the air travel ban. justice department says the u.s. will make changes in the next six months, but offered few details. as of late last summer, there were 48,000 people on the no fly list.
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a patient who may have been exposed to the ebola virus is tested in the california hospital and kept in isolation. doctors at the sacramento hospital took a blood sample and sent it to the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. it could take several days for the results to come back. a motorcyclist who had trouble on the russian highway. take a look. this is captured on dash cam video. you see the rider pull into the left lane and crash into the back of the car. he flipped and he sticks that landing right on the roof of the moving car. don't know how this is possible. we do want to point out this is not verified. obviously getting a lot of attention on the internet. the landing, by the way, getting a perfect ten. that is crazy. >> that stunt. >> it looks like a movie set. >> don't try that. feel 60 in h is it just al?
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>> meanwhile, does it feel 60 ? in here or is it just al? ooh. >> and >> and so it begins. thank you very much.begins. thank you very much. >> happy birt >> happy birthday.hd al. >> thank you. >> the gauntlet has been thrown down.. nice people outside have been making it's nice nice side. it is nice to be on this side. >> we have we have dangerous weather to o ta talk about for millions literally over the n literally over the next several days.ex we have this big dome of upper ridge the big dome of upper ridge of building in. and high pressure building in and we have dangerous temperatures tha be set issing are will be setting up.we have watche we have heat advisories and hea into illinois. as temperatures warnings in illinois.ook at memphis. memphis today, 97. 97. that's 6 degrees above normal. st. louis, st. louis, add you add the humidity to it and will fee it will feel above 100 degrees. it will continue on into s. it will continue on into thursday and friday as wel thursday and on into friday as well.l. we're going to have your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. we're going to have your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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happy wednesday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is beautiful san francisco, plenty of low clouds here. and they span all the way inland this morning. a full deck of clouds all across the board at this point. as we get into this afternoon, we're going to keep that going for much of the day right at the immediate coast you can see drizzle out there this morning as well. highs are going to be perfect for this time of year. 77 degrees on the peninsula, for example, 79 south away 74 today on the east shore. and that's your latest weather.
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>> al, thanks very much. you heard of the ice bucket challenge? >> yeah. >> i'm thinking about doing that. >> it is starting to catch on. willie is here with the challenge issued here on the show. come with me into the oran room here. last week jenna bush hager our dear friend was doused with water out on the plaza. she issued a challenge to her mother and father who just so happen to be the former president and first lady of the united states. let's watch. >> the question is, is my mother going to ruin the hair? mom, get ready. tomorrow morning. >> do you think she'll do it? >> she has had this helmet since 1981. >> the helmet hair. put that on hold for a second. jenna is on vacation right now with her mother and father. let's get the answer. did the president deliver?
7:19 am
>> to you all that challenge me, i do not think it's presidential for me to be splashed with ice water, so i'm simply going to write you a check. >> that check is for me. i ruined my hair style. >> i challenge my friend bill clinton to the als challenge. yesterday was bill's birthday and my gift to bill is a bucket of cold water. >> the president and mrs. bush deliver. laura bush dumping the water on president bush. and we have jenna bush hager on the phone from maine on vacation. first of all, how did the helmet hair comment go over with your mom? >> i didn't mean that. i meant a beautiful coif. but we have had several donations made already. and finally, and i think it was actually the golfer who challenged -- >> rory mcilroy. >> that's what really got him, i think. >> so it wasn't you, jenna.
7:20 am
>> i put the peer pressure on a lot, but i would say my dad loves golf. i think it was probably rory. >> how did the challenge go down? because they put some thought into this, obviously, your mother and father. >> yes. well, the challenge went down without me here. so it actually shows that when i don't put on a lot of pressure, they do the things i want them to do. >> reverse psychological. >> right? you know, my dad was all for it. my mom had to keep that hair looking as pretty as it has since 1984 so she wrote a check. >> a lot of money has raised and you take another shot at your mother's hair. unbelievable. jenna, thanks so much and thank your mother and father for doing this. president bush has challenged president clinton. president obama has been challenged by bieber and lebron james. he says he's not going to do it
7:21 am
but will make a donation to the als association. >> that screeching sound you heard was jenna throwing it into full reverse on her mom. willie, thanks very much. coming up, all eyes on mo'ne davis, the superstar of the little league world series as she returns to the mound today. we'll hear from her. plus an emotional trial in texas. a father accused of gunning down the drunk driver who hit and killed his two sons. we're live at the courthouse. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up on "trending," is this the worst commercial ever or marketing genius? >> we'll find out. and big surprises for al as he turns the big 6-0. and he's going to share the biggest lessons he's learned in
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frau-d. i think we're on the same page. we're totally on the same page. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. fraud protection. get it at good morning. 7:26. i'm sam brock. following breaking news in hayward, where a pedestrian death is causing a major backup on the nimitz freeway. the pedestrian found on interstate 880 around 5:00 this morning near industrial parkway overpass. the officers say the man was on the overpass and fell on the roadway, getting hit by a car. mike inouye has been tracking this story all morning long. mike, the southbound lanes just reopened. what does the backup look like? >> tremendous backup. over our shoulder, look at this, choppers overhead, travel south through hayward, traffic crawling still. as you're approaching 92, san mateo bridge, past industrial parkway. and this is going to mean a lot of cars heading into union city
7:27 am
and fremont. there's the live shot. map jams up starting in san leandro past the san mateo bridge. north bound, suspecter lathe slowing likely. good news, this is not heavily impacted your drive over from 92, approaching the area. headed into the backup, use the dumbarton bridge head north into hayward but that's a suggestion. continued recovery there. another crash in the south bade, west 237, 101, that's an issue as you head into sunnyvale, extra slowing. one lane blocked. rest of the south bay typical. bay bridge, no surprise. christina, you have a pleasant view on the weather front. >> nice to bring really good news to the table. it's a tough news day. 65 degrees in oakland. 60 to kick off wednesday in san jose. we're starting out mild in san martin at 63 degrees with a full deck of low clouds all across the board. fog and drizzle this morning along the peninsula and in san francisco.
7:28 am
want to show you hillsburg, gorgeous start in wine country, throughout the afternoon, high temperatures. hard to beat 77 degrees on the peninsula this time of year. 79 for the south away 74 degrees on the east shore. a's day game, beautiful conditions. for that first pitch 12:35 around 69 degrees for the first pitch. we'll hold on to more of the same throughout the weekend, just bringing in more humidity. >> got to love the nice weather. thank you. we'll keep an eye on the mess at 880. what? you expect me to stay up there all day? [ car alarm chirps ] just like you, i love everything the golden state of california has to offer. so i stay golden by managing my energy use. energy upgrade california taught me how.
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♪ >> all right. 7:30 on a wednesday morning, the 20th day of august, 2014. because it is al's 60th birthday here, we have ordered up beautiful sunrises. let's start in washington where the sun is saying happy birthday, al. and let's go to st. louis where the sun is saying many happy returns. >> oh, thank you, st. louis. >> let's wrap things up in chicago where the sun is saying 60? really, al? >> the bears. >> happy birthday, buddy. >> thank you. thank you. >> let's take a look at what's making headlines. protests in ferguson, missouri relatively calm overnight. police did arrest more than 45 demonstrators for failure to disburse. attorney general eric holder
7:31 am
will be in ferguson and is promising a full, fair, and independent investigation of michael brown's death. >> this is a tough story. the family of james foley, the american journalist executed by isis militants released a personal statement overnight. they say they have never been prouder of him and he gave his life to expose the suffering of the syrian people. gas prices falling. the national average down to $3.44, 14 cent drop in the last month. coming up, the controversy that flared up. birds being scorched as they pass overhead. can anything be done about it? . let's begin with a murder trial that has a lot of people asking what would they do? a father accused of killing the drunk driver who hit and killed two of his children. nbc's halley jackson has the latest >> reporter: that father accused of murder pleaded not guilty.
7:32 am
but some in his texas pop town and beyond are wondering if he did kill the man who killed his sons a vigilante justice. back in court the prosecution will try to convince jurors that he took the law into his own hands by shooting and killing the drunk driver who killed his two sons. >> we are here to support him. we just ask for prayers to make it through this day >> reporter: he denies he kills jose. he said he was trying to save his kids and never went after bonda. in his opening statement, prosecutor brian rock hrach said he did a stupid thing by drinking and driving but he did not deserve a public execution. his wife explains how it broke their family apart. some believe the prosecution has an uphill battle. while witnesses claim they he
7:33 am
yelled who the blank killed my sons? no weapon has been found. tests show no gunshot residue. one tweeted i pray this texas jury finds loving father of two killed sons david barajas not guilty. the family wore buttons showing the two boys as angels. the judge asked they be taken off in the courtroom, saying everyone in here has lost somebody they loved. two families devastated by one violent night. both grieving, both ultimately hoping for justice. among its other arguments, the the prosecution plans to present evidence barajas left the crash scene and returned and approached the car as if he was hiding something. the trial is expected to begin next week. thank you so much. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning. >> good morning. >> obviously this is
7:34 am
heartbreaking on every point. let's look at the legal couple blessity of it. you have no murder weapon. barajas said he did not fire a gun, he did not shoot that man and kill him. how does the prosecution make its case? >> they have clear evidence of motive. the father saw his two young sons get hit and killed by a drunk driver. but motive is not enough. they to the floor any hard evidence linking him to the crime. also missing is gunshot residue on his hands which you would expect. >> you have blood on the car that matched the defendant according to authorities. and there's matching ammunition. is there some point you believe that the defense may bring up mental distress, the horror of losing your two children in this way? could that play a role later? >> that's what you would expect, right? some kind of temporary insanity defense, which would be a strong defense. the problem with that is you have to admit that you committed the crime before you get to an
7:35 am
insanity defense. he is flat out denying he had anything to do with it. >> you heard reaction from people in the court, what you're hearing on social media. >> jury nullification is the jury saying we understand the law. we understand vigilanteism is illegal but we're going to give him a pass in the interest of justice. that is not acceptable under the law. but it does happen. and this might be a case for it. >> lisa bloom, thank you very much. this case, your heart. what do you do? >> let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> guys, thanks so much. let's show you what's happening. we have heavy starting to fire up along a warm front back through the plains states. just to the north of omaha, we have heavy thunderstorms going on. so we could have more showers and thunderstorms this morning. things clear up. look at the heat and humidity. 92 for a high. here's what's causing it.
7:36 am
warm front to the north. it has low pressure dragged along with it. more storms coming up. and you get cooler air from the plains. the combination makes for by the next 24 inches, two to four inches locally in some areas from the dakotas into s 7:36. happy wednesday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we are tracking a little bit of drizzle on the radar at this hour, impacting marin county south through san francisco and down the peninsula. you might have to use windshield wipers. throughout the day today, the weather story, clearing and comfy finish with temperatures in 70s and sunshine coming your way for today. 74 degrees on the east shore. not much warmer in the south bay, 79. 66 in the city by the bay. >> and that is your latest weather. pay attention to the monitor. we have a unique way to kick off
7:37 am
your birthday. the farmers in atkins, iowa, have dedicated their corn maze to mr. roker. they created this back in june. so soon hundreds of people are going to literally be running through your head trying to get out. >> that explains a lot. >> and if you've ever been inside al roker's head, you want to get out. and karen sent along this birthday message. >> happy 60th the birthday, al, from all of us at blooms bury farm in atkins, iowa, home of the al roker corn maze. we hope you have a wonderful day. you're our favorite weatherman. >> thank you very much. that's amazing. there is a kernel of truth to that. >> we should send you out of there and see if you can get out of there. >> can i get out of my own head? it's like being john malkovich in corn. that is amazing.
7:38 am
thank you so much. >> really well done. my goodness. i wonder how long it took to make that. >> you know what? set fire to it and have popcorn for days. >> popcorn heaven for your birthday. well, coming up on "trending," can they actually be cool? matthew mcconaughey showed his love of fanny packs. matt, would you do a fanny pack? and up next, the $2 billion blunder. the solar plant in california that is causing a real problem for birds. right after this. this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it.
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♪ we're back at 7:4 with an unexpected problem being created by a masses ive southerly power plant in the mojave desert.
7:43 am
>> solar energy isle is brated within the green movement but this latest cutting edge technology and southerly power plant has some environmentalists raising red flags with new fears the concentrated rays of light are igniting some birds midair. it's an engineering marvel in the mojave, producing enough energy for 140,000 homes. near the california border, seen here from the website, with rays cinging birds and having them drop from the sky. >> rising out of the california desert is a project that's a modern of marvel age. >> reporter: this 2013 video shows 300,000 garage sized
7:44 am
mirrors reflect the rays. it may act as a mega-trap for wildlife, with light that attracts bugs, that attract birds. >> like a kid might use magazine mying glass on the sidewalk to super heat an ant. when birds fly near the tower, they can experience temperatures of up to 900 degrees fahrenheit rr the same problem does not exist at traditional solar plants where the heat is less concentrated. how many birds have died remains unclear. they reported 321 bird deaths in the first six months of this year. but an environmental expert estimates the number is higher, up to 28,000 a year. federal wildlife officials want to know how big the problem is. in a statement to nbc news, nrg, one of the owners, says it takes this issue very seriously, adding the company has gone to great lengths to investigate and minimize wildlife impacts.
7:45 am
still with major companies looking to build more in the same region, wildlife experts are urging caution. >> we should have enough data from the one project that is operating to see exactly what the impacts are, how many birds we're talking about and if there's anything we can do about it. >> a lot of times the solar power fields feel like they're in the middle of nowhere but environmentalists are worried they're building built along wildlife parks where other birds and species may be threatened. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. coming up on "trending" little league superstars. mo'ne davis goes from the field to the cover of "sports illustrated." plus, the coach behind one of the most heart-warming coaching speeches you will ever hear. ge guess what, he's going to join us live. first, these messages. woman bea? happiness.
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7:50 am
back now at 7:49. al's birthday is special around here, but we wanted to take it global. willie, what's going on? >> a lot going on here. a lot of people excited about al roker's birthday. one of the favorite part of the third hour is al's journey from the take table over to the monitor. sometimes he's canoeing, sometimes just taking on the viewers and creeping them out a bit. one of the viral moments of the year, rokering. al roker notices jeff is sitting in his seat. trended worldwide. and inspired a lot of this. women, children, even dogs. took up rokering. and today to make it a little extra special, we took photographs with the birthday
7:51 am
balloon. tamron wearing a party hat there. and this from our affiliate in little rock. matt and mallory wishing you the best as well. and this was hard to pick from so many, but here's one on facebook from charles. he said i don't think you realize how many people you touch with your grace and good humor. have a terrific birthday. your people demand it. amen to that. >> people. >> yeah. got lots of surprises coming your way. zblifs afra >> i was afraid of that. >> how do you feel? >> queasy. very honored and blessed. >> thank you so much. coming up, more celebrations of all things al. including one big surprise you don't want to miss. plus what really goes on behind the palace walls. plus what really goes on behin[ woman ] the cadillac summer collection is here. ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good wednesday morning 7:56 i'm sam brock. following major delays on the nimitz freeway where a pedestrian death is causing quite a backup on instate 880. there are images from our helicopter from earlier this morning. the pedestrian was found around 5:00 this morning at the industrial parkway overpass. a man was on the overpass and fell off on to the roadway and struck by a car. lanes reopened 30 minutes ago but it does not mean congestion has been alleviated. let's find out exactly what's going on with mike inouye. >> horrible commute spot anyway. now more problems for that area in general. we'll start with the new addition to the slowdown, westbound 92, away from 880 and towards the peninsula. we have a stall there trying to push it off the bridge -- off of the roadway to the turnout. that's causing a big slowdown. look at the map, out of the
7:57 am
area, impacted by the jam sam was talking at south 880 and stril industrial. union city and fremont, slower drive across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges and peninsula build for highway 101. better news, crash for 237 at 101 is cleared but build for the northbound directions throughout the south bay and approaching the bay bridge. typical backup, very nice view of the weather map. >> you know, a good looking day shaping up. you see the schools back in session on the roads. little ones headed back to school, temperatures are going to be about perfect. here in august, this time of year, we see highs in the mid-80s in the south bay, today 79 degrees. it's all courtesy of that onshore flow. low clouds to start, building ocean breeze later on, full sunshine. highs 77 on the peninsula. 79 south bay. 74 on the east shore. sam, over to you. >> thank you. another local news update in a
7:58 am
half hour. (gnome) instead of hanging out on the couch, you could be hanging ten. what are you waiting for? (announcer) get up to 40% off labor day hotels at travelocity.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, in a league of his own. >> you guys are going to bring back something that no other team can provide but you guys. that's pride. okay? pride. >> meet the man behind the post game speech at the little league world series that's touching the hearts of millions. then getting the royal treatment. elizabeth hurley's new show imagining life inside the walls of buckingham palace. and 60 rocks with roker. >> if you can't laugh at yourself, trust me, there are plenty who will. >> al shares the lessons he's learned along the way as we get ready for some birthday surprises to celebrate his
8:01 am
milestone. today, august 20th, 2014. ♪ >> happy birthdays, al roker, from vancouver, canada! we love you! >> i'm celebrating my birthday with al. >> we drove to see al on his birthday! happy birthday, al! >> happy birthday to al! >> and we're back now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 20th day of august 2014. you may have heard a rumor or two that it's also al roker's 60th birthday. how about that? >> oh, my gosh. all of these amazing signs. >> that is very, very sweet. i thank you all.
8:02 am
that is awfully nice. what an incredible waste of poster board. so thank you so much. >> not a waste at all. you know who loves a party? never misses one? apparently never misseses a nice warm croissant either. who's that? >> oh, my gosh! it's meredith vieira. >> with a couple of balloons as well. come on out here. we've got surprise visitors from all over. from near and far. it's going to take her about 30 minutes to get here. >> we didn't have a path cleared for her. >> yeah. >> it's like a macy's display. >> there she is running to you. and this is just the beginning of the surprises for you. >> and look how she comes with a security detail. >> graceful.
8:03 am
>> just like when she was here. >> what an entrance. >> they said for your birthday to bring out the big, big, big balloo balloons. so i did. >> so where are they? >> that's not nice. happy birthday, sweetheart. >> i know you're busy getting ready for the new show. >> what show? >> the meredith vieira show. >> are you serious? >> we built a whole studio for you. >> you're going to stick around and help us celebrate? >> i sure am. >> that's terrific. >> nice to see you. meanwhile, let's check inside with natalie. she has the top stories. >> good morning once again. one day after shocking the world with that videotape execution, isis militants are threatening to kill a second american journalist kidnapped in syria. be in's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is at a border crossing between syria and turkey with reaction there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. for two years james foley had
8:04 am
been missing since he crossed this border between turkey and syria. now it seems he will not be coming back. militants from isis say they executed him and released that brutal video of him being beheaded. the militants said his murder was retribution for u.s. air strikes against the same group operating in northern iraq and say unless washington stops carrying out the air strikes, it will execute yet another american reporter. the foley family issued a statement. james' mother says we thank jim for all the joy he gave us. he was an extraordinary son, brother, journalist and person. and we implore the kidnappers to spare the lives of the remaining hostages. like jim, they are all innocents, she wrote. it's unclear exactly how many other foreign hostages the militants from isis still have
8:05 am
in syria, but it could be somewhere between 30 to 40. most of them journalists and aid workers. natalie? >> all right. richard engel along the turkey/syria border. thank you. children were among the hostages held overnight by gunmen suspected of wounding two police officers in a chicago suburb. police in harvey, illinois, announced the day long standoff has ended without further violence. children and two women being held were released unharmed. two suspects are in custody. the drama began tuesday after police were called to the scene of a house robbery. attorney general eric holder is meeting in ferguson today and he's promising a thorough investigation into the deadly police shooting of an unarmed teenager michael brown. ferguson was mostly calm overnight but police did move in on protesters after they said bottles of urine were thrown at them. 47 people were arrested. a u.s. distributor is recalling bottles of corona beer because they may contain small
8:06 am
pieces of glass. the recall covers 12 ounce clear glass bottles in certain six packs along with 12 and 18 packs. a spokesperson said the glass shards were traced to the company that provides bottles to the brewery in mexico. let's get another check of the weather with the birthday boy mr. al roker. >> i got a nice gift from this young lady. what's your name? >> skylar. >> you sang me a song and recorded it. >> yeah. i wrote a song to the tune of "happy." >> well, thank you. that's very nice. the ferrell fair song. i appreciate that. here's a young man who can tell me -- you're 71. how are the 60s? 8:06. good morning. happy birthday, al, of course. taking a live look here. sunol, still plenty of low clouds. and this is overlooking the santa clara valley from high atop mt. hamilton. that bowl of soup, all those
8:07 am
thick, low clouds, going to keep us nice and comfortable in your inland valley spots, in particular later on today. look at these numbers. 79 degrees in the south bay today. 75 in the north bay. 77 on the peninsula. and 66 degrees in san francisco. holding steady, temperature wise, just a bump up as we head throughout tomorrow. >> and that's your latest weather. it's like old times. meredith going, where do i go? >> it's bill clinton's birthday today too. >> yesterday. >> just like old times! >> that was yesterday. >> all right, fine. okay. coming up next on "trending," we'll get meredith up to speed and then the worst commercial ever or is it advertising genius? the ad for a mall that will get your attention. plus looking at elizabeth hurley's new show. >> oh, we love meredith so much. and fun and surprises for al on
8:08 am
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8:12 am
totally. with frames starting at $38, you don't have to choose just one. walmart. 8:11. we're back with "what's trending" today. courtesy of a special guest, meredith vieira joining us for this segment. >> by the way, bill, happy be birthday. >> a day late. >> narrowing down a list for the super bowl half-time show. making the cut, coldplay, rihanna, and katy perry. one of the best gigs in show business. but would you pay for the honor? this morning "the wall street journal" reporting the nfl is asking artists to pay to play. the league reportedly wants some of the money the artist will make on tour after playing that game. and the paper says performers are not thrilled about the idea. >> really? >> yes. >> this morning the nfl tells us
8:13 am
our only goal with the pepsi super bowl half-time show is to put on the best show for the millions of fans who watch. by the way, you can watch the super bowl february 1st on nbc. i love all the plugs. it's worth a lot of cash for the artist. they sell itunes records. >> these artists sell anyway. they're big acts anyway. >> i still don't think they should have to pay for the right to be on the super bowl at all. the super bowl is making money off the fact rihanna is on. >> and you can watch it the day after and tell us when it's over. >> you all have to see this next video. it is an ad for a mall in missouri being called the worst mall commercial of all time. or is it the best? take a look. ♪ back to school ♪ denim
8:14 am
♪ hair cut ♪ backpack get your backpack ♪ boots and pants ♪ get yourself an outfit ♪ denim >> a lot of people asking is this real or not. this video has already got 2 million views. so i think it's worked. >> we're talking about it here. >> they should have to pay to perform. i thought it was adorable, actually. >> i've seen worse than that. >> much worse. >> we've been talking a lot about mo'ne davis. the is the star attraction at the little league world series expected to be back on the mound for her team today throwing that 70 mile-an-hour pitch. katy tur is in pennsylvania this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
8:15 am
willie. it's not the only thing. there's already been a handful of tear jerkingly wonderful moments. but mo'ne is the bell of the ball. a girl with a mind of victory and an arm like a cannon. she's barely a teenager, but mo'ne davis is now a national superstar. from little league to the cover of "sports illustrated." her specialty? >> hitting homers. and striking boys out. >> reporter: with a fastball clocking in at 70 miles per hour. >> complete game for mo'ne davis. >> reporter: making her the first girl to do that. >> i never thought at the age of 13 i would be a role model. >> reporter: mo'ne's story, just one of the fan favorites coming out of the little league world series this year. along with jackie robinson west. an all african-american team out of chicago.
8:16 am
the second team to make the tournament from little league's urban initiative. >> what's going on now is history. everything we do from here on out is history. >> game over. >> reporter: the south siders eliminated the powerhouse rhode island team monday. but an uplifting moment when the coach reminded his team what it was about. >> you had the whole place jumping. you want to know why? they like fighters. they like sportsmen. they like guys that don't quit. they like guys who will play the game the right way. >> reporter: from guys with heart to the girls bringing the heat, the little league world series has never been more inspiring. >> don't let anyone stop you from doing what you like. just keep dreaming. go for it. >> reporter: the dragons play again tonight and mo'ne is expected to pitch. should be an exciting one. >> katy, thank you very much. more now on that heart felt
8:17 am
post-game speech that's gone viral courtesy of coach dave melile after he spoke to his team after a loss. >> there's no disappointment, okay, in your effort, okay, in the whole tournament or whole season. it's been an incredible journey. you guys are going to bring back something, okay, that no other team can provide but you guys. and that's pride. okay? pride. >> coach dave and his son john join us from williamsport, pennsylvania. good morning to you. nice to see you. >> good morning, matt. thanks for having us. >> i got three kids. two of them. a boy and a girl play little league. i watched this speech and i had tears in my eyes. was this preplanned? had you always thought what you wanted to say to this team after they lost or did this come spontaneously? >> it came spontaneously.
8:18 am
it was the -- it was our last game of the year. i certainly wanted the boys to leave that field as proud as could be. when i was doing that speech, i didn't know it was micced. you know, we spent the whole summer together for two months. i've lived with these boys for three weeks without them seeing their parents. so it came out of my heart. i wanted them to know that that score said 8-7 but actually it was a victory. and i just wanted to make sure when they left this field they were very proud and everybody was proud back home, their parents, i certainly was proud. they made my summer a summer that i'll always remember. that's what came out. >> matt said he was crying. we were all crying. i wonder how did you keep your composure. the boys are looking at you with those doe eyes for hope, and they were just in tears understanding your words though. >> yeah, i really don't know how i didn't cry. i guess basically the tears were
8:19 am
already being shed and i said to them that -- and i really meant it -- the only time i'm going to cry is when this whole thing is over and i didn't cry, but i certainly was crying inside. because if you know the boys that i had and i'm standing here representing them and representing little league baseball because they gave 100% effort, they played the game like i said before with respect of the umpires, respect of their teammates. that's what little league baseball promotes. i think my team exemplifies that. and they'll understand later how important their play was on this field. not about the victory, but the victory of sportsmanship that they displayed on this field. believe me, when i left the camera, i've been shedding tears knowing my time with them is very limited now. it'll be something -- yeah. >> coach, i got a great idea. you should open up a school and coach coaches.
8:20 am
we need more coaches like you. >> and parents. >> we really do. well done. great season as well. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. up next, al we're back now with our special series, 60 rocks with roker as al reaches a major milestone. 60. >> hard to believe, but i got to tell you. i have no reservations about turning 60. it's better than the alternative. happy to be healthy and very blessed. >> and according to our recent survey, you're not alone, al. you know that.
8:21 am
75% said turning 60 was no big deal. while 72% feel younger than their actual age. and 60% say they have greater self-confidence now than they did before. >> birthdays have a way of making you reflect. so we asked al to share his six biggest lessons he's learned during his six decades. take a look. >> my people! >> we love you, al! >> as you get older, you just know inherently that time is going to be compressed. i want to fill that time up with as much positive and as much good as possible. you think you got the answers, you're wrong, but you feel a little more confident about learning.
8:22 am
the thing that's most important to you has got to be your family. and whatever you do, that's got to be kind of your guiding principl they know that i love them, that they matter the most to me above all else, and that even if i'm not there, they are still present and i'm still present. when it comes to our health and especially guys, you put that on the back burner. you wouldn't reschedule your kids' pediatrician appointment. why would you cheat yourself on that workout or that doctor's appointment? i try not to use the word diet. it's just, this is how you eat. is it easy? no. every day is a battle. new york city traffic. this is the only way to travel.
8:23 am
what keeps me going and fighting is that i know what i felt like before. and it wasn't good. i think you need to have something that relaxes you and takes you away from what you normally do. i like providing meals for my family. to physically make something and put it on a plate and here you go. it's nice. leila's sitting in the kitchen and she's maybe talking about what her day was like, nicky coming back from tae kwon do or i'm home late and the wife says you couldn't call? thank you so much. if you can't laugh at yourself,
8:24 am
trust me, there are plenty of people who will. i don't think anybody is going to just ever go denzel washington, why did he shave his head? and i'm comfortable with that. aren't i fantastic? my dad retired at 55. and the reason he retired was he wasn't enjoying what he was doing anymore. i love what i do. all of us who work in this business and particularly on this program, i think, have the greatest jobs going. and if you enjoy what you do and you can physically do it, i feel i'm better at it today than i was ten years ago. so why would i retire?
8:25 am
if you're not learning and you're not learning new things, you're dead. and i think if you continue to use that muscle that is the brain, that it only gets better. i never thought i'd run a marathon. the training for a marathon is really about a lot of discovery. because you learn how far you can push yourself or how far you can push past those limits. i really do believe 60 today is different than what our parents' 60 was. i feel like i'm going faster than ever. i think 50 you're hitting your stride. all things being equal, at 60 you're cruising. and if god willing your health stays good, you just keep moving until the parts wear out. >> words to live by. >> that marathon was one of the highlights of my life.
8:26 am
having you share it with me. >> seeing your family at the finish line was so amazing. >> thinking about my parents good wednesday morning. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. new details surrounding the hit-and-run death of a 2-year-old girl in san francisco. the girl's aunt is now under arrest for leaving her niece alone in a crosswalk. 2-year-old meana gregory was killed late friday night on mission street. officers say the girl's aunt, 25-year-old lorsha gauge walked the toddler halfway across the street against the red light. that's when the girl was hilled by a hit-and-run driver. police are still looking for that driver. in the meantime, there has been a major accident this morning on 880 that was causing all kinds of problems for drivers. lanes have since been reopened, but other traffic headaches still at play. let's check in with mike for the very latest. >> very slow.
8:27 am
san leandro down into union city, that portion very slow. as you're approaching mission and the truck scales, things are really bogging down, into the south bay, where we'll catch up with the map there, there's a crash southbound 880 around montague expressway, and that's causing the jam and more traffic through milpitas. a smoother drive northbound. although we have a smoother commute, still shaping up for the south bay. there's a crash in the san mateo hills. watch that for 92 and slow over towards the bay bridge as well. >> in the meantime, we will have another local news update for you in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ something strange in the neighborhood ♪ we're back now on the 20th of august 2014. yes, it is al roker's 60th birthday. we just tried to fill the plaza with all kinds of surprises. some of you who know al probably know that we share a favorite movie. that movie is, al? >> "the ghostbusters." >> look who is behind us. who is this man? >> it's the stay puft marshmallow man.
8:31 am
>> yes. that man gets destroyed how? >> they roast him. >> they cross the streams. >> exactly right. this guy's a sailor. he's in town. >> i knew it. we've got a lot of surprises for al coming up starting with the mayor of new york city bill de blasio. >> wow. >> how are you? >> mr. mayor, how are you? >> mr. mayor. >> i want you to know he doesn't look a day over 59. >> thank you so much. i work hard at it. >> you're doing great. al, the people of this city love you. all of america loves you, but we love you because you're a native new yorker. so we have a proclamation here. and this is the home that al grew up in in queens. so born and bred new yorker who's gone to the highest
8:32 am
heights and still has his feet on the ground. and so on behalf of all 8.4 million new yorkers, i am declaring today al roker appreciation day in the city of new york. >> oh, my gosh. thank you, mr. mayor. thank you so much. >> well deserved. >> i never thought this would happen. >> you're an icon now. you just have to live with it. >> we'll try. thank you so much. >> where were you hiding back there? >> this is part of my security plan. we take it with us wherever we go. >> great. mr. mayor, thank you so much. pleasure to see you. now, mr. roker, how about your birthday forecast? >> all right. it's looking very old. for today, risk of strong storms in the plains. beautiful day in the pacific northwest. sunny and 74 in l.a..
8:33 am
steamy and dangerous heat will be building. so we want you to make sure to check on the elderly, your pets, and well, happy birthday to america's favorite weatherman. sunol right now, nice and clear. what a pretty day we have in store for you out in the tri-valley and right here in the santa clara valley. conditions are going to be cooler than average. we're going to get more of the same of what you experienced yesterday, a repeat performance. overcast start to the day makes way to a pleasant, pleasant afternoon. temperatures mostly in the 70s. look at these numbers. 79 degrees in the south bay. 78 for the peninsula. the east shore is at 75. we'll bump those numbers up just a touch as we get into your thursday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> a lot of people wanted to wish you a happy birthday. not just the mayor of new york city. but here's a message from a guy that couldn't be here.
8:34 am
>> 60 years ago your mommy went to the hospital to play bingo. happy birthday, al. that's fantastic. what a nice man, beautiful family. the audience loves you. the crew loves you. everybody loves you. and i adore you. happy birthday. >> right back to you, willard. my second dad. >> willard scott, the mayor, the stay puft marshmallow man, you have no idea how long it took for meredith to blow this up. more surprises in a moment. elizabeth hurley joins the royal family. sort of. we'll go behind her show of the modern monarchy. but first this is "today" on a special day on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:37 am
8:36. we're back. we're going to have more of the roker bar mitzvah in just a second. but right now the british royal family, probably the most famous and photographed family on the planet. but what goes on behind those palace walls? >> there's a fictional drama that imagines the answer. and before katy tur traveled to williamsport, she got a behind the scenes look at the show. >> reporter: they're the royals but not as we know them. now elizabeth hurley is playing a queen on "the royals." >> in case you've forgotten, we are not a normal family. >> reporter: imagining what goes on behind those guilded gates. we met up with the cast in london where it's filmed. what kind of queen are you
8:38 am
playing in this show? >> bears little resemblance to her majesty queen of england. but you never know. because the beauty of this show is that we go behind closed doors. >> reporter: it's a little wild, huh? >> you know, this is. this is an extreme sort of sexy adventure into royalty. our first-born son died right at the top of the show. so we have a beautiful state funeral. and the royal family are in grief, the nation's in grief. and now his younger brother has become the heir to the throne. and he's fabulous played by william mosley, terrific boy. his character prince liam is wild. >> reporter: hurley brings her real life son damien to the set. but she doesn't want him knowing the details. >> i don't want him to read the script or to watch it. it's quite out there. for me this is, like, sex drugs
8:39 am
and rock and roll. >> reporter: hurley's on-screen son prince liam has an american girlfriend that hurley's character doesn't quite like. is it very like the american girl to come in and throw all the status quo into chaos? >> and the queen's not happy she's invaded their zone and what the queen has lined up for the prince. >> reporter: so what does she have lined up for the prince? >> she has a diamond heiress lined up. >> reporter: are you guys going to -- >> kiss? >> reporter: yeah. >> right now? >> reporter: in the show. we'll just have to wait and see. but hurley says the show will be unmissable. >> you want to see drama and heightened stuff. if that's your bag, you might get lucky. >> reporter: for "today," katy tur, nbc news, london. >> bizarre on the kiss question.
8:40 am
we got it. next, more birthday surprises for our man in the morning. like this. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back now with more of our special tribute to al as he turns 60. if you know my friend al roker, you know that one thing he loves -- well, he loves his family, he loves his job, but then he loves barbecue. what better way to celebrate than with one of his favorite restaurants. the executive chef at the restaurant here in this city. you smell so good. you smell like barbecue. >> thank you. >> you prepared something special. >> i did. so al, happy birthday. i know how much you love barbecue. this is your birthday barbecue
8:43 am
extravaganza. and we brought lots and lots. before we get started with the food, i have two gifts for you. in honor of your birthday, all three hill country barbecue markets are going to have the al roker birthday barbecue special in all the restaurants. brooklyn, d.c., and new york city. and this is your souvenir. >> oh, my gosh. wow. look at that. >> that's cool. we're going to talk more about the food in a second, but i notice you have a lot. so there's more than enough to invite some other guests, right? >> there is. >> so can we bring in three very special guests who want to wish you a happy birthday? bring in courtney, leila, and nicky. your lovely children. >> thank you so much. hi sweetheart. >> now, does somebody have
8:44 am
something for dad? >> yes. i actually have something. since you are getting older and you do look better but you can't fight the inevitable, so i got you a life alert. >> so if i fall and i can't get up. >> yes. >> for the elderly people. >> the elderly people. they're now my people. >> yes. >> my beautiful girl. love my beautiful girl. >> we're going to do a little sampling. talk about the menu here. >> all right. before i talk about the menu, it's very important. i want you to be a member of the family. this is your very own pit shirt with your own pit name rocking roker. you know i'm peaches. >> yes, you are. i will wear this with pride. >> great. when you're at home cooking. >> yes. >> we've got our gang over there sampling. >> we've got toast of smoke brisket which i know you love. pork ribs.
8:45 am
cool as a cucumber salad. corn pudding. peanut butter and jelly cupcakes in the mini size. and you can't be a southern restaurant or barbecue restaurant without good old fashioned banana pedding withpu nilla restaurants. >> the beef ribs are crazy as well. >> next time i'm going to bring you beef ribs. >> well, what do you think? nicky, how's that? you like it? courtney? yeah? >> my daughter is a chef. >> oh, that's great. >> so she appreciates good food. >> nicky, what is your favorite thing that dad grills at home? >> a lamb burger. >> mary had a little lamb. not so fast. >> thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. and everybody should come to
8:46 am
hill country to eat al roker's birthday barbecue special. >> we've had the main courses. it's time for a little dessert. and look who's bringing that in. meredith vieira. >> that's fantastic. wow. >> that's amazing. >> this is a grill. look how cute. >> indiana jones. i love bacon. >> come on around here. tamron and willie as well. >> look at that. wow. >> nice job, meredith. >> thank you. >> by the way, we've got some drinks right there. will you do the honors? >> absolutely. >> here you go. >> by the way, al, this cake is from none other than the cake boss. >> my man. >> buddy valastro.
8:47 am
he made this cake for you. >> god bless him. we love buddy and his family. >> you have one? >> here we go. >> so we would like to propose a special birthday toast. al, i don't know that there are a lot of people that can put up pictures of themselves at 40 and then 60 and say i am better, i am healthier, i am an inspiration to millions of people around the country and around the world. and we want to say to you you are a dear friend and a wonderful pal. and we love you. >> thank you. i am truly, truly blessed. good friends and great family. thank you so much, guys. and to be able to work with both is a blessing. >> we're back in a moment. it's al's birthday, have you heard? this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier.
8:49 am
okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ we're back with a look at legendary radio city music hall. that's just down the block from us on the plaza. right now that is home to nbc's hit show "america's got talent". >> the competition is red hot as the top 48 acts compete for a chance at the $1 million prize. don't forget you have until noon attorney vote for your favorite performers from last night's show. google agt and watch for the results don't at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc.
8:50 am
meantime, did you ever make a sandcastle as a kid? well, they never looked like this. kristen dahlgren spent time with a man who is taking sand art to a whole new level. >> reporter: in the soft light of early dawn over san francisco -- >> so maybe back that way -- andres and wife amber are already at the beach. >> it's about the exploration. with the beach i have seen that it is an exploration of scale. >> reporter: they measure, they mark. finally, with rakes and string, they begin to create. >> i call myself an earth scape artist. >> reporter: their canvas the sapped left by a receding tide and dewy morning it. >> has to get wet. then it goes out and that's what i work on. >> reporter: as he exposes the wetter sand underneath, lines and circle take shape.
8:51 am
>> the sound that it makes as it goes through the sand. >> reporter: guided only by note card sketches and instinct. >> i start with an idea. and then i see what the beach looks like and then i decide what i'm going to do. the beach is changing all the time >> reporter: the same motion that left him this wide beach will soon take it back. >> i usually give myself about two hours. and that's the time when the tide is at its lowest, that's when i'm working. it's a race against the tide. >> reporter: from the beach, it's hard to see the big picture. >> it's always a surprise actually what it will look like. >> reporter: the designs are meant to be seen from above, way above. >> the results are breathtaking. lines and circles that weave into geometric patterns. why do you do it? >> all of this comes from the joy that it brings me. i have so much happiness. it's the reward in and of
8:52 am
itself. >> reporter: the designs fade as the sand dries and the tides come in. but that's part of the art. >> i love getting the idea out, doing it, having my team on the beach. and then allowing nature to take it back. >> for those passing by on the cliffs above they can seem other worldly. >> i was thinking it was eye lee yes or nos like the crop circles. >> reporter: for others, capturing moments written in the sand and returning to the sea, but always leaving a clean slate for him to start again. >> i get to be here doing this. all my care is washed away when i'm doing this. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren. here's the swatch la. so it's time to do a little cutting of the cake from buddy.
8:53 am
i think you should start at the top. >> cut through the bacon, my friend. >> wow. that is amazing. >> be brave. >> we don't have plates. >> oh! >> the first piece for the birthday boy. >> dig in! >> you should just eat it like that. >> come on, nicky. you can afford the calories. >> you know that was a mojito? >> on wednesdays, it's mojito day. >> that's my kind of day. >> hey, listen, let's get to some other birthdays right now. willard scott has some people who are older than you, al. >> unbelievable! >> we're down farm in the summertime in old virginia. we're having fun with our birthday boy. imogene hitt is 106 years old.
8:54 am
virginia beach, virginia. local girl. we love her. how about alexander mccauley. mcmac. 100 years old today. he is from silver spring, maryland. we'll tell you a story at the drop of a hat. george vasiloff, 100 years old from lewistown, pennsylvania. he likes two things, coffee and playing golf. but not drinking coffee while playing golf. elise morton moseley, 100 years old today. and she is from columbia, som maryland. we wish her happy birthday. she loves to read the "washington post" every single day. how about that? well, that's all for now. we've had fun. don't go away. there's more. >> my boy, buddy velastro.
8:55 am
it looks good and it tastes great. >> what's coming up the next hour, guys? >> more al. more surprises. >> a surprise guest. >> a couple of big surprise guests. >> yeah. >> the party is going to continue. life alert. >> what? >> life alert. >> happy birthday, buddy. >> thank you. thank you.
8:56 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the giants could protest last night's controversial loss. the team was down 2-0 in the fifth when it started pouring rain. the cubs' ground crew messed up, not getting the tarp on properly. the field was too wet, so the umps called the game. we know they're not our losers. >> they certainly aren't.
8:57 am
and no one likes a soggy field. taking a live look at tiburon, mostly cloudy conditions. i want to show you the same cloudy sky over pleasant hill. onshore flow means gorgeous temperatures for today. in san francisco, 66 degrees. 79 in the south bay. 78 degrees on the peninsula and 75 degrees in the north bay. a bump up tomorrow by 3 to 5 degrees, but cool you right back off friday into saturday.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on wednesday morning,ugust 20, 2014. the stay puft marshmallow man. >> he's a little steep. >> he like the rest of us is celebrating al roker on his 60th birthday. how you feeling, man? >> i feel great. i'm very blessed and humbled that people even took the time. >> the surprises aren't over yet. it just gets better. it just gets better. >> i can only imagine.
9:01 am
>> i would venture to say we saved the best for this hour. >> king between this hour and those signs out there -- how does it feel when you read those signs from little kids, from kids older than you that say they love you so much? >> what's sad is there are few that are older than me. it's a nice thing. you do something for a period of time and you don't know what it means. but when people come out and celebrate a stranger -- >> you're not a stranger. you're their friend. >> as mayor de blasio said as he issued today as al roker appreciation day, he said you're an icon not only as a new yorker born and bred but also somebody who has taught us all so much about what it means to truly live. you're my example. >> i was blessed with two great parents. i'm just trying to live up to them. >> what's also interesting in
9:02 am
addition to this cake being amazing, the change from the drinks we drank? they're over there. i love that your children gave you a life alert. >> yeah. my mother had a saying. i hope one day yours do to you what you've done to me. and then i have my daughters and my son who have this kind of fun little sense of humor. >> nice. >> the life alert was a window into your relationship. >> well, you're kids are going to want to see this. we're going to look back. you've had so many great moments. to narrow down the best of al roker was almost impossible. but just over the past year. >> this is what's happening in your neck of the woods. got to go!
9:03 am
>> there you go. >> careful! >> stay there. i'll cuddle you. >> if you have a problem no one else can help, maybe you can hire the a-team. >> i pity the fool! >> set your watches. this where it all went down hill. ♪ >> you can never get away from me. you know, it's a sad state of affairs when i'm the voice of reason. i like to think that sometimes i come out and who knows what's going to happen. ♪
9:04 am
>> do you remember half of that stuff? >> no. that's the best part about it. i get home and the family's all like, what did you do today? i'm like, i don't know. i don't remember. >> we talk to some of the famous faces. some wanted to wish you a happy birthday as well. >> like a fine wine, you get better with age, my friend. happy birthday. >> congratulations and here's to the next 60. cheers. >> hey, al, it's heidi. you make 60 look hot. >> al roker, i hear it's your 60th birthday. i have a forecast for you. the weather's looking cloudy. with a chance of elderly man. >> i just wanted to say happy
9:05 am
birthday, al. >> i wanted to wish you had happy 60th birthday. i just celebrated by 46th so i'm way younger than you. ♪ happy birthday al ♪ happy birthday pal >> some of our favorites. >> wow. >> we had the stay puft man on the plaza because "ghostbusters" is your famous film. we have a special caller on the line. could you please identify yourself with a line from "ghostbusters." >> she's toast. >> dan aykroyd? >> dan aykroyd. >> hey, man. thanks for calling. that's so great to hear your voice. >> you are not only a great "ghostbusters" fan, you are my "blues brother" brother from another mother.
9:06 am
you got behind jake and elwood in the early days and you're welcome to dance with me on stage any time. i know you got the movings. >> i learned them at the feet of the master. >> dan's on set in europe and wanted to be part of your celebration. was nice enough to call in. >> that's terrific. dan, we are all a-twitter here because of the re-release of "gho "ghostbusters" on august 29th. can you believe it's been 30 years? >> well, can you believe it's your birthday and 30 years ago is when that came out. i'm going to get a scraping of your dna and paste it on myself because you are looking good. >> thank you, my friend. >> dan, while we've got you here, can you tell us anything about a possible "ghostbusters" sequel? >> well, we've got this guy from "bridesmaids" interested in doing it with a predominantly female cast. i think it's a great idea. now we've got to get a script.
9:07 am
so we're going to put them to work in hollywood. but this re-release on the 26th is going to be neat because you'll see stay puft on the screen again with great sound and remastered digital and audio. it's going to be quite the experience. now what i have is i've got grand kids of the original viewers of "ghostbusters" coming to my crystal head vodka signings. i meet them all the time. they come with ectos and there are usually 20 or 30 there. and they bring the next generation. so it's really powerful. just so gratifying to me and the team that made it. >> we really appreciate it. thank you so much. >> have a great one. >> they're re-releasing it in theaters august 26th. >> we should go see it. >> absolutely. >> i love the female girl ghost busters. girls fight ghosts?
9:08 am
i love it. we have some things for you. what is your favorite food of all time? number one food group? >> bacon! >> so therefore, let's bring out some bacon. starting off with bacon chocolate bars. have you had this? apparently there's bacon bits in the bar. it's delicious. it's flavorful. >> there ought to be a hint of bacon in everything. >> that's what al proposes all the time. >> this is present number one. it will continue on. >> there's lots more bacon throughout the hour. and more guests. >> guests bring bacon? >> don't push it. >> only al visualizes guests pushing bacon.
9:09 am
all right. something else we're chatting about today that maybe you -- have you done the ice bucket challenge yet? >> i've escape sod far. >> oh. >> you guys were away last week. so you missed it. >> meanwhile, jenna bush hager while we were gone got soaked on the plaza dpp you challenge jenna? and she took it like a champion that she is. no screams of mommy. so of course jenna decided to take on her parents and issue the challenge to her parents. at the time she referred to her mother's hair in a very unique and interesting way. let's thereon it. i guess we do have her when she issued the challenge toer had parents. >> the question is, is my mother going to ruin the hair? mom, get ready. tomorrow morning. >> do you think she'll do it? >> she has had this helmet since 1981. >> wow.
9:10 am
>> so did her parents take her up on the challenge? here's the answer. >> to all who challenged me, i do not think it's presidential for me to be splashed with ice water, so i'm simply going to write you a check. >> that check is for me. i don't want to ruin my hair style. >> now it's my privilege to challenge my friend bill clinton to the als challenge. yesterday was bill's birthday and my gift to bill is a bucket of cold water. >> it's been elevated to the presidential level now. president clinton is next. we know president obama's been challenged by lebron, justin bieber. maybe if it catches on. >> we'll see now. >> $22 million? >> last year in the same period in 2013, $1.9 million. >> this is global, the world got
9:11 am
involved. >> we should point out why do we have lemonade. we're celebrating your birthday, but it's also national lemonade day. >> who knew? >> on this national lemonade day and in appreciation of al roker, take us to the weather. >> life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. there you go. pucker up. all right. here we go. coming on over. hello, children. i saw you do the weather once. could we put the weather in the thing? there you go. unfortunately we're still seeing more showers and thunderstorms popping up throughout parts of arizona. they've already had flash flooding. we're going to continue to watch that. now, we've also got dangerous heat in the southeast into the plains states. we've got excessive heat advisories, heat watches, and heat warnings for the city of st. louis. this massive dome of hot air for
9:12 am
today, st. louis 95. austin, texas, 100 degrees. that's 4 degrees above normal. factor in the humidity and it actually feels like -- oh! it feels like there's a big al roker on the map. oldtown, it's 83. old port, it's 85. old patty, i remember old patty. 88. old joe at 93. you know what? that's what's going on around the country. here's wha definitely more comfortable here than old patty today. san francisco showing you mostly cloudy conditions, same cloudy skies from high atop mt. hamilton. here we're overlooking the santa clara valley, where those low clouds still up the valley like a bowl of soup. and here in san jose, you can see we're getting a little bit of that burn off, but courtesy of those low clouds, temperatures are going to be just perfect for today. 78 on the peninsula, 79 for the
9:13 am
south bay. as we get into the next couple of days, we'll boost those numbers for thursday and boost that humidity friday into your weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> you told your jokes over there, your kids were stoned faced. >> just a regular day at the roker house. >> so fun to have you guys with us. thanks for sharing in the celebration. >> you have to stick around because we have a huge surprise. >> big, big. >> bigger than big. >> hope you're not overselling this. >> we are not. >> you hi. we need this to tow my science project. ah, a do it all tundra, good timing. our annual clearance event only happens once a year. we built a shuttle. a shuttle? yeah, carbon fiber wings, it works. better get an a. you mean, he better get an a. that's what i said. agree to disagree. no during toyota's anual clearance event, get 0% apr financing on a 2014 tundra. offer ends september 2nd. for great deals on other toyotas, visit this is gonna be great for my shuttle. my shuttle. toyota, let's go places.
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9:16 am
. al, i'm so excited for you right now. i can hardly contain myself. it's al's 60th birthday. there's a guest that's been trying to get on the show for a long time. >> it all began with a simple hand shake. take a look. >> how you doing! come on! they won't let you!
9:17 am
yeah! yes! >> joe biden doing our "today's take" would be absolutely awesome. you will love the bacon waffle, vice president. >> some day, al. just keep asking. it will happen. >> mr. vice president, we're begging you. come on down. come on up to new york city and co-host. this fabulous program. would love to have you. >> apparently we have begged enough. because with us now from washington is vice president joe biden. >> oh, my god. it's mr. vice president! >> good morning. >> hey, al. happy birthday, man. >> thank you, sir. >> happy birthday from all the
9:18 am
bidens. >> this is such an honor. >> age is not a number. it's an attitude, pal. i've adopted satchel hayes. his 47th birthday when sports writers went into the locker room and said what it's like pitching in the big leagues at age 47. he said let me tell you how i look at it. how old would you be if you don't know how old you are? i'm 42, you're 37. let's get that straight. happy birthday, buddy. >> thank you so much. it's an honor to have you on our show. look, i have been with you on a couple of stories and you make the ever-ready bunny seem politic a slacker. you are constantly on the move. what's your secret? >> my dad used to have an expression. he said the lucky person gets up in the morning, puts both feet
9:19 am
on the floor, knows what he's about to do and thinks it still matters. i think it still matters. i'm more excited today about the prospects for our country than i was as a 29-year-old kid. and i mean it. there's not many people any network would do this for. and there's a reason for it, al. the reason why people like you so much is they trust you. everybody i know, they trust you. the viewers trust you. and that's a commodity that you cannot -- you bank in. and you banked it. that's why everybody loves you, buddy. before i come on and be a co-host, i want to appoint you to head up noaa. and then we'll work that out after i'm out of this job or whatever job i'm in next. >> is there something you want to tell us? >> absolutely, man. look, if i were running the administration in the next one,
9:20 am
i'd have you in it. i mean, what the hell. >> wow. i think that's a reason for you to run right there. >> i figure i had to do something to get you to say that. [ laughter ] besides, i don't have the talent to do what you do. i have trouble sitting across from natalie all day. >> hey, now! >> she seems so damn good she'd intimidate me. >> oh, my gosh. so this means, mr. vice president, we extend the offer once again to get you in studio with us. because you're so good at what you do. >> that's right. and if that's not enough, we've got willie and tamron. >> apparently not interested in that. >> but willie's got talent.
9:21 am
it's a different deal with me, you know. i don't know how i'd do on that show. i promise i'll come and try it some day. >> great. >> we would love that. >> you just made this man's life. >> life. >> thank you so much. >> and please give our love to dr. biden as well. >> by the way, the whole family sends our best. my best to your family. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> how about that? it happened. >> didn't we say it was going to be big? >> that was big. big. huge. >> you didn't believe us. asking if we were going to oversell it. we didn't. >> you brought it. >> and that trust he talks about is so true. coming up next, i get you all the news you need before you walk out the door. >> when you thought it couldn't get bigger than the vice president of the united states? guess who's here.
9:22 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
a very good morning to you. it is 9:26. i am laura garcia-cannon. doctors in sacramento will do more tests today on a patient who may have been exposed to the ebola virus. center for disease control will be testing blood samples from the patient at kaiser permanente in sacramento. doctors have not said yet when the patient checked into the hospital or how the person believes he or she came in contact with the virus. searchers will scour a forest for a man who has not been seen for more than a week. gregory monk has left for a hiking trip ten days ago and has not returned. the 46-year-old who teaches in fremont was hiking in kings canyon when he disappeared. monk's wife says he's an avid outdoorsman who's made trips to
9:27 am
the backcountry for more than 20 years. the wine harvest kicked off this morning in livermore. clergy members will gather at a local vineyard and winery to bless the first grapes off the vines. winemakers are hoping the that blessing will help the harvest. and are expected to feel a little bit of the pain of the drought. a look at weather and traffic right after this break. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, all beds are on sale. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35.
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you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale! with 50% off the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. 9:28. welcome back. taking a live look at pacifica. still socked in with those low clouds, but we're going to see a really comfortable day, courtesy of that strong onshore flow. i want to show you clouds still holding tight over pleasanton as well. temperatures in the tri-valley, only reaching into the low 80s for today. and here in san jose, what a treat coming your way, 79 degrees is the high. we'll hit about 66 degrees in places like san francisco and it's looking really comfortable in the east shore. oakland a's have a day game. 12:35, first pitch. 69 degrees then. you'll round out the day at about 74 degrees. temperatures are going to stay nice and comfortable, all across the board. we are going to boost up that humidity by tomorrow. let's check your drive.
9:29 am
here's mike. >> all right, christina. we're starting in the south bay. over my shoulder, we see a sizable slowdown for both 101 as well as the top of your screen. just off of 280 off of 680, also very slow through that corridor. the rest of san jose looking really good, and recovery for 237 over the last half hour, hour, i should say, an earlier crash cleared in sunnyville. a smooth drive around the rest of the bay. clearing once you get towards the high-rise. better news, and oakland plays at 12:25. expect mid-day traffic around the coliseum. back to you. >> thanks so much and thank you for joining us as well. another local news update coming up in half an hour. have a great morning.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ happy birthday to al roker ♪ happy birthday to al roker ♪ happy birthday to you >> cool. that's a high school bear voices group from illinois wishing you a happy birthday. >> they're very good. nice. >> so we've got your second bacon-themed gift now. these are bacon-themed cupcakes from prohibition bakerhere. they've got bacon, bittersweet chocolate, and toffee. >> dive in. >> a couple things we want to talk about is what happened in the year you were born, 1954?
9:31 am
>> that was the year after the earth cooled. >> wanted you to pull the, back in my day. >> can you guess how much gas a ford car -- and a house -- would have cost in 1954? >> a gallon of gas i would say 23 cents. >> very good. 21 cents. i'm giving him correct on that. how about a ford automobile? >> i'll go $1500. >> between there and $2400. and a house? >> i'd say about $12,000. >> 22 grand. >> see back then, it depends on how much you had to pay for the logs to put the house together. nobody home.
9:32 am
i keep my feathers numbered for just an emergency. pay attention while i talk to you, boy. >> we only have 30 minutes. >> it's his birthday. let him do it. >> another question. what was the year's most popular tv show? >> i have to go with "gun smoke." "i love lucy." >> yes. >> that's easy. >> okay. what game was invented in 1954 originally called the yacht game because they played it on their yacht? >> monopoly. >> the yacht game? >> yahtzee. >> back in 1954 we only had two kinds of weather. partly sunny and sunny. later on we came up with cloudy.
9:33 am
for today we've got a risk of strong storms in the northern plains. out west looking terrific. although we could use a little rain for our friends who have to deal with these forest fires out there. the heat is on in the plains and into the south with temperatures into the 90s. heat indexes will be above 100. that will continue right through tomorrow. up and down the west coast plenty of sunshine. portland, 72. rain moves into the 9:33. happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. spectacular finish to the day. once we get rid of all this low cloud cover, we still have some fog in pacifica. pleasanton still showing you that cloudy sky. and here in san jose, the sun is now breaking through those clouds. we're still going to see a nice, comfortable day. and about 79 to 80 degrees for your south bay cities. 78 degrees along the peninsula. 74 for the east shore. and san francisco today, 66 degrees. more of the same as we get into your weekend. we'll just see more humidity.
9:34 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> announcer: "today's" health is brought to you by pro-namel toothpaste. protect your teeth against everyday acid. >> let's talk about this morning. the link between antibiotics and an an antipersprents. >> we have a professor from lsu. basically they are like experts. they are the real deal. they don't play doctors on tv. good to see you both. let's start request is the study about baby.
9:35 am
saying it puts them on a path to obesity. >> yes. this is where they exposed mice to low dose penicillin. the good bacteria destroyed and a new set of bacteria presents itself. that changes the metabolism of the mice. it puts them at risk for obesity. now you extrapolate it to humans, we're concerns if you're given antibiotics, might not only be creating bacteria for a superbug, but the child may be at risk for obesity. >> how do i know when not to use it? >> you need them when you have a bacterial infection. but this is a new area of research. we share our body with all these bacteria. there's good bacteria and bad bacteria. women know if you get out of balance, you can get yeast
9:36 am
infections, asthma, allergies. so it's very critical that you have the correct amount. if your child doesn't have a really high fever, just has sniffles and a cold, they probably have a virus. so you need to talk to your doctor. >> all right. the fda just released an at-home colon cancer test. colon guard. do you think it's a good idea? >> we've always checked stools for samples. this new test is a dna test. the difference in the test, one's $20 looking for blood in the stool. the other is $600. you have to ask yourself and there are some false positives that make people upset. but basically you need to screen. a third of the people don't screen. when you're 50 years old, you need to get a come nlonoscopy c.
9:37 am
>> you can do it at home. that's another good thing about it. >> i got to ask you about this last one. deodorant can sometimes make you smell worse? it's a belgian study. >> it's a small study. followed for 28 days. they noticed certain deodorants contained aluminum that blocked the pores and created a funky bacteria. >> is that a medical term funky bacteria? >> you coined it. >> but continue to use it. >> somebody will tell you how you smell. >> easy, now. >> we need to start a band called the funky bacteria. >> doctors, thank you so much. up next, how to look younger or more mature with body language. al gives a lesson as he marks the big 6-0 i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices,
9:38 am
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[ male announcer ] clinically tested with vitamin c, it corrects uneven tone and reduces dark spots. even those just below the surface. and see more even, more radiant skin in just 2 weeks. amazing. [ male announcer ] so impressive, 85% saw the difference. so forget about spots and get on with life! [ male announcer ] anti-sun damage daily moisturizer. from garnier. we are celebrating al's 60th birthday. we know al is young at a heart. how can you do the same? >> here is some body language tricks. we've got janine driver, she's the president of the body language institute. good to see you. >> nice to see you. happy birthday. >> thank you so up many. first of all, nobody wants to seem older unless you're 12. let's go with younger tips. you say clapping your hands makes you seem younger.
9:43 am
>> when you clap, you're ready to act. it's the missell in sales. hey, what are you selling? if you don't sell to that person, shame on you. that means they're doing it. >> jimmy fallon does that a lot. >> right here he's like here we go. clap, clap, clap. it's connected to a coach like a football coach, youth, vitality, strength. let's go, go, go. so when you clap, it says i'm young. >> thumbs out too. >> if you have your hands in the pocket and your thumbs are sticking up. stand up. this is a favorite move i think of yours. put your hands in your pockets. this is creating an arrow to your private parts saying look what i have to offer. >> that makes me feel younger. >> vitality, youth.
9:44 am
it says, listen, i am so confident at 60 i still have it. >> nobody wants it though. >> you have a very nice tie. >> thank you. >> the finger forward position. like you're sitting. >> very male dominated. i don't know if you can do it. i know you have a bum knee there. even in a dress. we see oprah do this. ellen degeneres does this. it creates an arrow pointing to our naughty bits. >> wow. okay. >> time to lose the glasses, al? >> i've had these since sixth grade. >> if people aren't taking you seriously and you're in your 20s, throw the glasses on. >> take your glasses off a second. let's see. >> look how young he looks. >> they say 60 is the new 59. >> there you go. >> too bad you can't see
9:45 am
anything. >> that's right. i couldn't see the prompter. i see it's time to go. save on school supplies by jazzing up the stuff you've already got. after these messages. whi, how's it going?. whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here. oats go! wow! go power oats! go! go power! yayyyy! ♪
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don't settle for anything less. i'll keep asking. what's in your wallet? i'll keep asking. want for dinner? hot pockets! chef boyardee! bacon mac n' cheese. now that was amazing. get a smarter start to school with all your dinner favorites. unbeatable prices guaranteed by savings catcher. save money. live better. walmart. >> within the next couple of weeks all kids are going to be back in school. some of you are already. before you run out to buy the new lunchbox, you may be able to repurpose what you already have. >> good morning, britt. >> looking great by the way. >> thank you. you're red i did for school? >> we are. >> we're starting with lunch. it's an alternative to the handwritten note. we've got
9:50 am
good afternoon. president obama is about to make a statement from martha's convenient yard where he's on a working vacation. he's expected to talk about the horrific killing of american journalist james foley by the terrorist group isis. a gruesome video of the murder posted on line. in the video, an isis militant speaking english with what appears to be a british accent threats to kill another american journalist being held by isis unless the u.s. stops military action in iraq. our white house correspondent kristen welker is traveling with the president in massachusetts. what more can you tell us? >> we've just learn that president obama has called the family of james foley to offer his condolences. he will likely talk about that.
9:51 am
we also expect him to condemn the killing in the strongest terms possible. his national security team working overnight to authenticate that video which shows the execution of mr. foley. the spokesperson says the video is authenticated and she says the administration is appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent american. president obama also expected to use this opportunity to argue that this under scores just how broad a threat isis poses to the region and the fact that he believes the u.s. air strikes are necessary and they are working. also troubling to this administration the fact that in a second video, isis threatens the life of a second american journalist if proposal doesn't -- president obama doesn't stop those air strikes. of course, fs longstanding u.s. policy for the united states not to negotiate with terrorists. just a little bit background how we got there. on august 8th, those air strike began. president obama ordering them saying they were necessary for a
9:52 am
humanitarian mission and also to protect u.s. interests. cynthia. here is the president. >> good afternoon, everybody. today the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of jim foley by the terrorist group isil. jim was a journalist, a son, a brother, and a friend. he reported from difficult and dangerous places, bearing witness to the lives of people a world away. he was taken hostage nearly two years ago in syria and he was couragiously reporting at the time on the conflict there. jim was taken from us in an act of violence that shock the conscious of the entire world. he was 40 years old. one of five siblings, the son of a mom and dad who worked tirelessly for his release. earlier today i spoke to the foleys and told them that we were all heartbroken at their
9:53 am
loss and join them in honoring jim and all that he did. jim foley's life stands in stark contrast to his killers. let's be clear about isil. they have rampaged across cities and villages, killing innocent unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. they abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rape and slavery. they have murdered muslims, both sunni and shia by the thousands. they target christians and religious minorities. driving them from their homes, murdering them when they can. for no other reason than they practice a different religion. they declare their ambition to commit genocide against an ancient people.
9:54 am
so isil speaks for no religion. their victims are overwhelmingly muslim and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. no just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. isil has no ideology of any value to human beings. their ideology is bankrupt. they may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the united states or the west, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision. in the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior. people like this ultimately fail. they fail because the future is won by those who build and not destroy and the world is shaped by people like jim foley and the
9:55 am
overwhelming majority of humanity who are appalled by those who killed him. the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what's necessary to see that justice is done, and we act against isil standing alongside others. the people of iraq who with our support are taking the fight to isil must continue to come together to expel these terrorists from their communities. the people of syria, whose story jim foley told, do not deserve to live under the shadow of a tyrant or terrorists. they have our support in their pursuit of a future rooted in dignity. from governments and people's across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to
9:56 am
extract this cancer so it does not spread. it has to be a clear rejection of these kind of anilistic ie deyolings. a group like isil has no place in the 21st century. friends and allies around the world, we share a common security and set of values that are rooted in the opposite of what we saw yesterday, and we will continue to confront this hateful terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope and si vility. that's what jim foley stood for. a man who lived his work, who kraj -- krajsly told the story of his fellow human beings, who was liked and loved by friends and family. today, the american people will all say a prayer for those who love jim. all of us feel the ache of his absence. all of us mourn his loss.
9:57 am
we keep in our prayers those other americans who are separated from their families. we will do everything that we can to protect our people, and the timeless values that we stand for. may god gless and keep jim's memory and may god bless the united states of america. >> president obama addressing the execution, beheading yesterday of american journalist james foley by the terrorist group isis, saying that isis, no just god would stand for what they did yesterday. let's now go to nbc in iraq where u.s. air strike are continuing. he's in erbil. bill, how will this news affect u.s. operations there, if at all? >> reporter: well, interesting that the president said we will continue to confront isil and overnight there were 11 more air strikes on isil or isis positions near the mosul dam.
9:58 am
that campaign is continuing. overall reaction worldwide has been one of revulsion and also you heard the president say it, governments pointing to the threat, the rauki -- iraqi government appealing for more help in its fight against isil, the british government echoing the president's work saying this is a direct threat to the west. they are trying to identify the killer, he has a british accent. there are 4u7b british -- 400 british nationals fighting for this group. that really is the threat. there are americans as well. there may be a dozen americans. the fear is those will come back to the west and act against the west. >> bill, thanks. we'll have updates throughout the day on nbc and brian williams will have
9:59 am
complete coverage ton on nbc nightly news. for now, i'm cynthia mcfadden, nbc ♪ ♪
10:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. we're so happy you're here with us today. it's a really happy day because it's a little house on the prairie reunion. we have the cast. >> people are busting and just to know the level of busting that's happening here, there happened to be some fans on the plaza, one woman named her son landon after michael landon. >> there he is. >> and they're freaking. they met some of the cast and they're going to see the big interview later. we're glad you guys are here. >> michael landon jr. is going
10:01 am
to be with us as well. >> very sweet. >> if you love "veep". >> who doesn't if you've ever seen it. >> matt walsh, that plays like -- into the communications director, tall bald red-haired guy. >> the imaginary dog. >> so good. >> good news and bad news, hoda woman. >> what's the good news some. >> the good news is that prince harry and his girlfriend cressida have split. that's bad news for her. good news for all those girls on "how to marry a prince". >> that reality show. >> they think they're going to marry the real prince anyway. >> here's what you pointed out which is the best point, most people look -- this is the whole thing by the way the reality show where girls think that guy is dwell prince harry. >> yeah. >> but he's not. >> so maybe the twist at the end -- >> third time rocket scientist. >> maybe the twist, harry walks out. >> you know what, he seems like the kind of guy for a chuckle and giggle --
10:02 am
>> would do it. >> austin powers said it more vulgarly, he would do it for the stupid fun of it. >> he made a good point. we're not so invested in that relationship. >> i made that point in the dressing room, hoda. >> i attributed it to you. >> it's true. we don't really -- >> i never saw them as a couple. never heard a lot about them. i think because they're both so young and i -- you get the sense from prince harry that he wants to sew some wild oats if you know what i mean. >> for some reason, i keep picturing when he was naked and -- >> yeah. >> remember? >> yeah. >> you -- >> you were already in love with him when that happened, you were over the moon. >> all right. so we have some news about george clooney and his fiancee. they did show a picture of the engagement ring. "people" magazine showed it. 7 carats. >> diamond cut. >> that's a rock. >> apparently he helped design it which is really, really -- she's lovely. so elegant. >> before the proposal he apparently traveled to dubai to meet amal's family.
10:03 am
what's funny, i don't know if this is true, i read it on some website. >> must be. >> "the daily mail" said it, i don't know if this is right, she turned him down twice when he asked her out and then said yes on the third dapte? >> i think she's smart. everybody knows she's intelligent but i think she's also smart. that's savy. i mean who says no to george clooney and that had to intrigue him like what? >> what? >> everybody says yes to me. >> i'm george clooney. >> she goes, i don't care which made him go my mother always said that. make them chase you until -- >> chase you. >> until you catch them is what she used to say. >> yes. i like that. >> i said to hoda, you would have gone out with him, you would have said yes. >> what time and what do you want me to wear is what you would have said. >> immediately. so would everyone else, except for amal, the smart one. >> maybe she just doesn't want -- she's seen, you know, maybe she's just not interested in celebrity. we're so used to anybody in this world that's not interested in
10:04 am
celebrity. that seems to be all people interested. i don't mean talent, i mean celebrity. >> tori, true tori, that new kind of document -- >> docuseries. >> about her life and divorce. it's been very painful watching it. >> yeah. >> and if you watched last night's episode the couple is in therapy and her husband dean reveals some new details about the day he had a breakdown. let's take a watch. >> oh, boy. >> we're sitting here in the room where i had my breakdown and i remember looking at that crack that day while we were waiting for the emts. i was thinking, i've got a window of opportunity here while i'm waiting for them to kick that out and just dive out it. and i sit here today, looking at it. and i know i will not take my life. >> you have to understand that was not something i thought
10:05 am
needed to be addressed or talked about because it was so [ bleep ] scary. so scary. do you know like that -- >> are you okay? are you okay? >> yeah. i'm just -- i'm like -- it wasn't my story to tell. it's your story to tell. >> that's what i love about you. >> i just want to make sure that you are completely comfortable because it's something you don't have to talk about. >> wow. >> i'm so uncomfortable watching that. >> yeah. >> it's so painful to watch them be this public about it. i mean we've all been through very, very difficult times in our lives. i can't even imagine if there had been cameras. >> right. >> i just -- i just -- i want them to heal and i -- you know, i remember one time tori hosted for -- for you one time while you were out and she came, i invited her to lunch. i was not a fan of tori's
10:06 am
before. i wasn't not a fan. i just wasn't -- >> wasn't familiar. >> yeah. but i, you know, i didn't know her and i liked her on the show and i said what are you doing for lunch. would you like to come to my house in connecticut and have lunch. she ended up spending all afternoon. i really fell in love with her. she was so sweet. she was so candid. she was loveable. and i basically said to her, i said, you know what, tori, i don't know what your issues are with your mom, but what you should start doing, start texting your mother pictures of the children. that's it. you don't have to put any words with it. just she'll know it. she gets to see her grandchildren and things will start to heal. it starts with a little thing like that. but if she had cameras on at the time it seems manipulative. you don't know if it's for show or for real. >> yeah. >> i don't like to watch train wrecks. they make me so sad. >> the thing, you know, the thing i took away from it, uncomfortable as it was to watch, he looks horrible like he
10:07 am
looks -- >> he's a very handsome guy. >> at first i thought he's kind of a jerk and he cheated. yeah. when you watch this guy, i mean i'm not -- look all my sympathy goes to her, you watch him, you see a broken guy, clearly. >> a phase of a broken guy who has addiction issues he's admitted to. they're not separated by the way. they're trying to work through this. what a terrible thing and it also does -- it's a window into him that i didn't know before. >> yeah. >> what difference it will make if i know or don't know, who cares if i know. >> i just hope they're not doing it just because they need the money. i do think that she could privately go to her mom, we know candy, and say mom, we are really hurting and would you please help us out so we can turn these cameras off. i hate it when anybody has to do something just for the money. >> i bet partly it's money and partly must be something else. >> i don't know. god bless you guys. okay. >> all right. the cast from one of the most most popular tv shows of all time "little house on the
10:08 am
prairie". >> they're all back here together for the first time in more than two decades. we're going to catch up with them and find out what's going on right after this. recipe since 1940. it's a very special process. we dip it and shake it seven times. we hand bread it seven times. we rock it seven times. now you may be wondering-why all of the sevens? because it's a lucky number? jack pot. ♪
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yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. ♪ >> that sure does bring back some memories. that is the opening of the hit nbc show, "little house on the prairie." >> oh, it is hard to -- >> it's hard to believe 40 years have passed since the pilot aired and thanks to reruns the
10:12 am
show's fan base has continued to grow across the globe. >> "little house on the prairie" aired for nine seasons and made the ingals family a household name along with their friends and neighbors and enemies in the town of walnut grove. >> each week viewers were transported to a time when life was simple and family meant everything. you can capture that feeling all over again with the first two seasons now digitally remastered in hd by the way. >> and blu-ray and they're all falling apart already. >> already. >> sobbing. >> started it. >> hanging on to one another. please, people, you're professionals. hold it together. together with us for the first time in over 20 years the entire cast, melissa gilbert, karen grassley, melissa anderson. >> go slow. weigh want to look at everybody. >> lindsey greenbush. >> dean butler, allison angram. >> matthew laborteaux and michael landon jr. >> good to see you. >> what was it like watching that clip?
10:13 am
>> i got tears in my eyes. >> yeah. >> first of all i'm sitting here with these three daughters. really for the first time since michael's funeral. >> wow. >> and then to see them come running and this one falling down. just kills me. i'm not really that sentimental. >> you don't even really like a lot of people. >> just kidding. >> so let's go down the line. melissa, right after she started you started. >> yeah. well i'm a clear and incredibly co-dependent. it's a very emotional experience because we were all together for so long and it was such an intense experience and we were a family there. to see it all again and to see it the way it was originally -- the way it was meant to be seen. >> you were 9 when you started?
10:14 am
>> i was 9 when i started and 19 when it ended. >> how old were you when it started? >> 11. >> you guys grew up there. did that feel like childhood home when you look back at it? >> it did. i mean the set to me was like a warm blanket, you know. paramount studios at that time really felt -- i remember going in after lunch and the warm lights on you and i don't know, there was a setting up of a scene and it was very comforting, was a great word. >> did you get so sick of playing the blind girl after a while or did you love it? >> yes, i did. >> i just wanted the truth. >> i did. i heard every joke. >> i bet. >> i'm sure, you're such good actors a lot of people thought that might be the truth. >> i did. i got letters from many blind people, you know, saying that how nice of the writers to write it in. >> dean, dean! >> they listened. >> oh, they listened to us. >> sure. >> sorry.
10:15 am
sorry. sorry. >> send the letter to dean. >> you know what, he's such a sweet guy. he did not mean that in any negative -- >> nothing derogatory. >> you know. >> could it be? i'm sorry. >> lindsey, what do you get asked the most about the show? >> probably if it was me or my twin sister that fell down the hill in the beginning. >> who was it? >> my twin sister sydney. >> one of them running, one of them falling and the other one continuing on or something. >> yeah. >> yes, it was. >> could run. >> it was -- it was. so my sister did it first and she fell and then they wanted her to do it again and she said no. >> how old were you guys then? >> 3. >> oh, my gosh. >> good for her standing up to power even then. >> even then. >> it wasn't staged. >> you know, >> it just happened and it was so adoreble. >> there were -- >> mike said, keep that. >> also, i fell too. there were -- there were wire flowers put in. >> there were?
10:16 am
>> yes. >> to make it look beautiful. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think we did trip over the wire flowers. >> they would cut your toes. >> all michael landon's fault that happened. >> he's a prankster indeed. >> so is this one. really. >> him too. >> so maybe it's the time right now we should ask, everybody said that they -- that he was like the father to everybody on the set. did you sometimes think, well how come my dad -- my father is so late at the set and not home with me? >> the great thing about the series is the hours that my father set. >> yeah. >> it doesn't happen anymore but he was home for dinner. >> he was? >> yes. >> unheard of. >> unheard of. >> wow. >> it can be done. >> our set wrapped so everybody could be home, the crew, everybody could be home for dinner at 6:00 at night. >> and the two hunks there, three in the back obviously, but the two are backstage pass people were dieing to meet both of you, heart throbs in the back there. what kind of reaction do you get? >> fermented nicely, by the way.
10:17 am
>> you have. >> fermented. >> what do you miss the most about it? >> i just think it was a magical experience to be part of something that has touched people in their hearts for so pane years. >> it really has. >> and watching, i mean none of us would be here today without michael. >> yeah. >> without having brought this thing to life. for me as an observer of it to come in, i came in the sixth season, we're here to celebrate seasons one and two, but watching it all develop, watching this one grow up. >> to head of sag. hello. >> running the world. >> yeah. >> we're going to take a tiny break. >> then we're going to get to you, missy. >> your segment is all next. >> yeah. >> get ready. we're going to come back. >> bring it. >> after the break. >> don't you worry. she's going to have a smack down happening here. >> we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] when your kids aren't muddling through allergies,
10:18 am
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10:21 am
♪ we're back now with the cast of "little house on the prairie." reunited for the first time in more than 20 years. and it is now time, everyone, that you've been waiting for. allison is in the back. >> i am. >> known as nellie. >> nellie. >> the mean -- >> i know. >> now did people, i read this, don't know if it's true, did people, strangers, walk up to you and instantly dislike you, harm you. >> still.
10:22 am
>> still. >> it's quite difficult. i was pelted with a cup of orange soda, ironically in the santa claus lane hollywood christmas parade. >> that made worldwide news. >> and they kind of now it's all the villains, people love the villains. people go i loved hating you. >> did you like playing that kind of a role, the mean girl? >> god, i loved it. >> it's much more fun, right? >> and you were talking about the remastering. i want to see the dvds because i want to see high def when her fist goes into my face. >> oh, so do i. >> so do i. >> i really want to see that. >> have you all seen the new -- >> i haven't. >> pieces of it. >> supposed to be fantastic. >> it is more beautiful, it is more beautiful now than it was when it was new. >> so sweepingly beautiful -- >> look at matthew sitting back there. >> matthew told us trivia just in between i didn't know. share please what you were sharing with us. >> i think die hard fans that watched the show religiously
10:23 am
would know i played michael landon as a flashbook youth. they did one show where charles' father was sick and he was reminiscing about his childhood i played him, young charles. >> how old were you at the time. >> i guess i was about 9ish, maybe 10 and then the next season they had an episode where ma met pa just wonderful and i actually just rewatched it, my god daughter piper is addicted to the show. >> you're kidding. >> i still see them all the time and i just watched that episode again and then i was asked to play albert the adopted brother. >> "star wars" is doing it all over again. did you guys even think for a minute, hey, let's get us all back together and have a little fun on the prarry? >> look at allison. >> she can't wait to get her claws. >> there's so many of us missing now. it would be strange for us to do. >> no more tears. >> i'm not crying. >> you're going to set her off. >> you cry and then i cry and then we're done. >> it's fantastic that people are still interested and that the show -- >> whole generation.
10:24 am
>> holds on. i wish michael could see what it means still. >> we should go back to you, michael. what's it mean to you in your personal life to have your beloved father at the time, so beloved now? >> "little house" is by far the favorite of my father's work and it -- the fact that like we're saying, is still affecting new generations to come is pretty special. >> well, you guys we can't thank you enough. what fun was it having you. thank you so much. >> our pleasure. it's all going to be available, it is available. >> get it. >> we're going to play who knew after your local news. sorry we ran out of time. >> we didn't. it was perfect. mouths are the same. that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth. one to clean your whole mouth. one for those hard to reach places. one to protect kids mouths from cavities. even one to freshen breath on-the-go. with over 100 years of innovation in oral care... there's a listerine® product for every mouth in your house.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm kris sanchez. searchers will scour a central california forest for a santa cruz man who has not been seen for more than a week. authorities say gregory muck left for a hiking trip ten days
10:27 am
ago and hasn't returned. the 46-year-old who teaches in fremont was hiking east of fresno when he disappeared. muck's wife says he is an avid outdoorsman who has made trips into the backcountry for more
10:28 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina loren. and we still have some fog out there this morning, but it will gradually clear and we have a really comfortable day shaping up, courtesy of that strong
10:29 am
onshore flow. take a look at your temperatures for today. hard to beat. 79 degrees late august, in the south bay. but that's the high today. 77 for the peninsula. what about 66 degrees out in san francisco. 70 for the east shore. 78 degrees in the north bay, and 83, the hot spots in the tri-valley. as we get into this weekend, some changes. we'll detail that for you today at 11:00. first, let's detail your drive. here's mike inouye. >> traffic pretty much just cleared out from the entire freeway, north 101 at 680. that's because it was backed up at tully. all lanes have cleared over the last few minutes and we have now a restoration of a flow, approaching, just jammed up from capital expressway. approaching the airport, an earlier crash that's also cleared from the portion of the south bay. the rest of your bay moves smoother. a late burst of traffic, just like we have for the first few days of this week. that might be a pattern, at least for the beginning of the school year. back to you.
10:30 am
>> thanks, mike. >> the wine harvest kicks off in livermore, but the wine makers are worried about the impact the drought might have on those grapes. that story and all the day's news coming up at 11:00. welcome back to more of "today" on wines day wednesday. we're ready to play our trivia game we call who knew. this saturday millions will tune in to watch the kentucky derby. we're going to test your knowledge of the history and culture of the prestigious horse race. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who gets the answers right. and to those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. all right. >> okay. >> here to help me in studio is nbc sports host caroline mano. hey, girl. >> hey. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. thanks for having me. >> let's play. >> this gentleman from missouri. the kentucky derby is one of three races which make up the triple crown, right. what are the other two? the preakness stakes and santa
10:31 am
anita derby, the traverse stakes and belmont stakes, the preakness stakes and belmont stakes or the frtraverse and saa anita stakes. >> the preakness stakes and belmont stakes. >> oh, yes. we have our first winner. tell us about that. >> that's right. the gentlemen knows his horse trivia. those are the two correct answers. a shot at triple crown really only comes once a year for horses. it's run by 3-year-olds, you get one chance at it, only 11 in history and 50 have come close, just missed out on one race. >> go ahead, kathie lee. >> what was hysterical after the gentleman won the money his wife took it from him. >> which is not the name of a horse expected to run in this year's kentucky derby. california chrome, wicked strong? >> c. >> enjoy the cd. >> look. she looks so happy. >> to get that.
10:32 am
the correct answer is aristides. >> won the first kentucky derby in 1875. the other three have a chance, the one at the top, california, chrome is the favorite going in. >> okay. all right. back to kathie lee. >> beautiful lady from california. what year marked the last time a horse won the triple crown? 1962, 1978, 2001, 2008? >> '62. >> nope. >> i won a cd. >> she wanted it. she so wanted it. >> she looks like kathie a little bit. >> the correct answer here is 1978. >> yes. and the reason why is because horses don't run as much as they used to, so what you'll see now, what you didn't used to see, if a horse doesn't win the kentucky derby they might take the preakness off and show up at the belmont stakes. a horse that wins the kentucky derby has a tougher road. he will be facing horses who maybe didn't run in the preakness if that makes sense. seven out of those 11 horses really won the triple crown in the '30s and '40s.
10:33 am
hasn't been that way in a while. >> nice lady from dallas. the mint jewel lip has beservedt churchill downs for a century. which is not an ingredient in the mint julep. fresh mint, simple syrup, bourbon and rum. >> trick question. fresh mint. >> oh, wow. >> the cd. i wanted the cd. >> that's how badly she wanted the cd. that's love. the correct answer, kathie lee and i could have figured this out, rum. >> i like her style. she wants to get after it at the derby and that's okay. a lot of bur bin a little mint and sugar water and that makes up the julep and why it's so popular at the derby. >> everybody loves it. we have time for another. >> they are strong. sweet gentleman from kansas city. true or false, legendary thoroughbred seabiscuit won the kentucky derby. >> true. >> oh. >> i got the cd. >> another happy happy contestant. he did not. boy, with all the name
10:34 am
recognition you would think he would have. >> a movie made about him in 2003 still one of america's favorite horses during the great depression. he was undersized, became a champion and america loved him during that time but he did not win the triple crown. >> thank you. we're going to show you how to choose the right frames for your face and from the hit comedy "veep" the funny matt walsh is here. love it. but first, these messages. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪ they have more time to travel back in time. try new children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs.
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10:38 am
actor and comedian matt walsh has a gift tore making people laugh appearing in the funniest tv shows and movies like "the daily show," old school and the hangover. >> now playing mike, the vice president's director of communications on the hbo series "veep" but sometimes he has a little trouble communicating. take a look. >> but i have to take this call. >> no. >> may i take that call, please. >> don't take that call. >> oh! trying to help you, you stupid cow. >> what did you just say? >> i -- my -- where i grew up, my dad called my mom a cow all the time. it's not bad. it's homey and friendly. i love you, baby. you're a cow. >> i love you baby. you're a cow. >> you need a good laugh. just put on "veep" in the morning and watch it all day long. you will wet your spanx. i'm sorry, you will. >> oh.
10:39 am
>> never wet my spanx. >> no, you have not. >> i look forward to. >> you also had an invisible dog. >> do they make manx. >> yes. >> we're sipping something you brought us as a gift. >> i was offered a cocktail of soda, vodka soda. sort of light. morning. >> we wouldn't know. >> tell us about your character. >> as if you don't know. >> i love your character. >> hoda turned us on to this show. >> thank you for promoting "veep." mike mcclinton is the secretary for the vice president, he is a bit of a dinosaur, where you can know the head of the "new york times" and "wall street journal" and shut the story down because of those relationships. >> things have changed. >> social media, it's 24/7 he's trying to catch up and he's in over his head would be my description of mike mcclintock. >> the way you get along and the timing is sick. >> remember the pig roast. >> oh, my god. >> you brought up the pig roast.
10:40 am
>> isn't that awful when you haven't seen something and somebody else starts talking about it. >> reference things nobody knows what we're saying. >> exactly. >> that chemistry that bounces around among the group, did that happen on day one or did it take work? >> we actually spent a lot of time rehearsing script. every season we'll spend four or five weeks throughout the season rehearsing script, improvising new lines and such, so by the time we get to filming it it's pretty tight. >> that's good. >> it's been tight. >> ultimately you save time as opposed to -- it seems like. >> yeah. we're not finding it on the day. we're not finding it on the day. we've ran it a few times. >> that's smart. >> do you break up on the set? some of the lines are so funny. >> the hardest scenes for me is when we're doing limousine scenes, driving to the capitol or something. >> there are a lot of them. >> a lot of limousine scenes, three on one bench, three on another, cameraman, cramped, somebody off camera is always trying to make you laugh. those are the hard ones to not laugh during. >> did you think it was going to be such a big hit? >> no. >> julias has won two emmys, a
10:41 am
golden globe. >> i think three. >> i think she has three emmys. somebody google that, please. don't we have an intern. >> when you started in communications. >> mike doesn't know how to google. >> did you know -- me and mike, the only two people who -- >> you don't google. >> i have googled. i'm not interested. >> currently googling. not curious about anything at all in the world. >> that's honest. >> yes. it's honest. it's honest. >> i'm slightly not curious. >> yeah. >> we're so excited for you. >> do we have to go? >> i know. it's a bummer. >> i'll finish this and be out. >> okay. can i finish this or am i getting roped? getting booted. >> sit with us. >> okay. >> catch "veep" sunday nights on hbo. if you're taking a long plane ride or something, end up going to l.a., i'm going to watch "veep" the whole way. >> wherever it is. >> yeah. only half hour from here to l.a. >> okay. >> we hear there's a little monkey business behind the scenes here. wait until you hear what we're
10:42 am
talking about. >> hip to be square or round or oval. how to choose the right glasses for the shape of your face, right after this. we are the solis family. and this is our chex commercial. there's lots of choices and each of us has a favorite. like chocolate, honey nut and cinnamon. there's no artificial colors or flavors. that's good. and it's gluten free. so we're jumping for joy cause it's full of what we love, free of what we don't. and that makes for one very happy family. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. they have more time to travel back in time. try new children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs. children's zyrtec® is clinically proven to relieve kids' allergy symptoms for a full 24 hours. new children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs. [ male announcer ] new l'oreal age perfect cell renewal. surface skin renewal is accelerated. millions of new cells surface every day.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
for cleaner, healthier mouths go beyond brushing alone. listerine®. power to your mouth ™.
10:45 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:46 am
in today's style glasses are the season's hottest fashion accessory and whether you wear them for fun or function, you want them to look great. >> about the shape of your face and here to find the frames that are a perfect fit is susan swimmer, fashion featured editor for "more" magazine. >> i'm excited about glasses frames. >> why are you? >> a couple reasons. it is a fashion statement, but more people are wearing glasses today. >> they are? >> yes. because actually contact lens wearers report that they're wearing their glasses about 30% of the time. we have a longer allergy season. >> yeah. >> contact lens wearing is tough. a longer -- >> people are working longer. >> and we're over air
10:47 am
conditioning, over heated. >> susan swimmer. >> let's start with the shape face. the first is an oval face. >> oval face. >> if your face looks like this. >> you want to create -- you want to introduce a little an gu hairty to your face. a square or rectangular shaped glass is going to work better on your face. it's going to add angles. here's the trick. >> what is it? >> the glasses frames should not be wider than your widest point. some people have trouble understanding. >> the jackie o. thing which was the big lenses. >> it's not best. i love a full sun glass. >> it is more protective of your eye. >> and it also hides tired eyes. you have an oval face. >> i do. >> yeah. >> i think people don't know what shape their face is. i don't know. >> you can get help. lenscrafters has 900 stores and a website where they will help you figure out what shape your face is. >> these are the type of glasses. >> creating angles. that's the takeaway. you have a little more of a round face, between a round and oval. >> that's just jowls.
10:48 am
when you take my hair away i am more of an oval. >> oh, look at that. >> tri-oval. >> i know my face. >> and you're so -- you're so -- >> those are fabulous on you. >> oh, take them. >> okay. >> we're done. >> okay. next. >> next one is square. >> square. you have a square face you want to create a little pore softness. so you want rounder styles. >> okay. >> also keep in mind, the size of your face will impact the size of the frame. so if you are petite, petite, you don't want this gigantic frame on your face. especially for glasses. so i actually -- i have an oval face. >> let's see. >> yeah. i don't like on you. >> i'm sorry. >> i know. you're right. they make me look like -- >> i don't know. >> space age or something. >> put watch these. >> let's see. >> yes. >> much better. >> okay. >> see. >> it works. >> okay. >> oval, soft. >> square. square you want to soften.
10:49 am
>> and also i want to point out, we've got these pinks and blushes and nude colors which is a big trend in eyewear. >> a lot to choose from. >> pretty colors. >> round faces. >> a round face, again you're going to want to create a little more an gu hairty. >> you don't want to do the tiny thing. >> like aviator things. >> right. it's going to accentuate. >> these are actually lovely. it's a square shape but because it's got the clear. >> those look crazy. >> yeah. >> those look totally crazy. >> don't they. >> we're just honest with you. >> those are good on you. >> okay. >> look how smart you look. >> i feel smart. >> she's so smart. >> i want to say when buying glasses, they're now -- glasses, they're doing layers of color. >> i love that. >> that's pretty. >> this is a dark frame. see the interior. some people when they put on glasses, they are annoyed by the dark interior line for the peripheral vision. >> oh, dear. >> man down. and so doing -- they're doing the lighter interior.
10:50 am
>> i love those on you. >> i would love these on you. >> okay. >> you look great in green. >> not my favorite. okay. >> next. last one. heart shaped face. okay. so if you're heart shape, lovely and sweet as it is, face is larger up top. >> so you want to -- >> actually a beautiful shape of a face. >> it is. reese witherspoon. >> my daughter is heart face. >> think about balancing. you don't want a frame that's going to be too big up top. you don't want a heavy top line because then it creates that horizontal line. >> okay. >> i don't have a heart shape. >> yeah. >> but -- >> they disappear more. >> also cat eye, a soft. >> i like cat eye. >> i was around when cats were invented. it's -- they bring me back to -- >> today's cat eyes. >> let's try those on as we say good-bye to you. >> good-bye susan swimmer. >> all right. >> that's your real name. it's a jungle out there and apparently it is here too. >> things are about to get wild.
10:51 am
this is "today" on nbc. ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
oh, my god. in our call of the wild we're taking you through a trip deep into the rain forest to check out some incredible animals. >> rain forests make up less than 2% of the earth but home to world's plants and creatures. corbin is back with us with some of them. >> welcome back. >> wait a second. >> korbin'. >> they don't have those in the wild. >> eating marshmallows. >> this is a treat for him we're trying to keep him occupied. >> tell us about this little guy. >> this is a squirrel monkey, one of the smallest primates. >> is he full grown? >> he's full grown. these guys can be found in the rain forest of central and south america. >> he likes marshmallows? >> he does. he does. he's excited too. he would not find those in the rain forest obviously, but they would for raj in troops up to
10:54 am
500 individuals. >> wow. >> yeah. >> nothing to do, size has nothing to do with intelligence? >> they're very intelligent. they have the largest brain to body mass ratio from monkey to species. >> it's okay. >> does he like blue lollipops? >> i think that's for me. >> okay. >> he's adorable. >> thank you. >> i'm excited. >> this is going to be good. birds, i hear you love birds. >> i don't know. i love them. i don't know if they love me. >> they love her hair. >> blue fronted amazon parrot. >> does he speak? >> he does. actually we are going to try. ready? >> ready. >> just say hi, hoda. >> say hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> can you say hi? >> look. >> you're doing a great job. >> he doesn't talk. >> hi. >> very important. >> that is not nice. >> he doesn't speak. >> he might be intimidated by your hair. no. i'm being serious. they live in the trees. i'm being serious. >> does it look like a nest.
10:55 am
>> they actually live in nest cavities. >> i think it looks good. >> how do they communicate if they don't talk? >> they communicate, they actually have different dialects per flock. they live in the family group. each flock has a slightly different dialect. >> bye. >> bye. >> are you sure you don't want it? okay. >> we have a lot of animals. >> this is one of my favorite animals. over here. >> what is this? >> thank you. >> here's the bottle. kathie lee. >> it looks like a rabbit and deer. >> it's okay. >> a padagonian caven. they're a rodent. >> having a hard time trying to find the bottle. >> why? it's here. >> put it in your mouth. >> isn't that amazing. >> there you go. >> yes. >> he's 9 weeks old. >> oh, my gosh. >> he will get from 20, 35 pounds. they get large. >> i can't believe this. >> don't you love to watch any
10:56 am
little animal have a bottle. >> scientists are studying them. one of the only animals that are monogamo monogamous. >> he wants more. >> he wants to lick what's down there. >> they're monogamous. stay with life partners. humans. >> animals are not monogamous. >> come on. get it in there. >> there you go. >> hey. >> you're putting it ups his nose. we're going to bring out the last. >> kathie lee. >> get him a bottle. >> because we just had a rodent on, he might bite. that's why we're sticking over here. thanks for leaving. >> thank you very much. this is an albino burmese python. i would let you touch it but we just had a rodent. >> we're good. >> found in southeast asia. in the forest. >> missing a lot of them but never seen them that color. >> is that a normal. >> yes. a lot of people don't realize they are born in the wild but lack the camouflage, bird of prey picks them up. >> he's vulnerable. >> he is full grown. >> he's not. they can get bigger. >> up to 20 feet, weigh over 200
10:57 am
pounds. >> what do they eat? >> monkeys, pigs and deer. >> get the monkey out of here. >> corbin, you rock. that is some kind of creepy. >> nice to see you. >> took care of yourself. tomorrow a big show. >> tony emmy award-winning actress with us. >> ambush makeovers. >> have an awesome wines day wednesday. tomorrow is thirsty thursday. >> someone get the sneak. get the snake.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, a man's death on a major bay area freeway could become a homicide investigation. mystery surrounds what led to his fall from the overpass. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. the man fell off the industrial parkway overpass on to southbound interstate 880 in hayward early this morning. he was then hit by a truck and died. the death caused traffic to be backed up for miles during the morning commute. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang has new details on the investigation, live in hayward. and stephanie, is there a criminal investigation underway here? >> reporter: it's a possibility. and that's what police here in hayward are taking a look at here. good morning,


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