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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 25, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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ess. -- captions by vitac -- i got out of bed and took off running and i fell because i was off my balance. when i fell, something went bam, hit me right in the head right there. >> that man is one of hundreds hurt in the biggest earthquake to hit the bay area in 25 years. 208 people treated for injuries, 17 of whom were hurt so badly they had to spend the night at the hospital. this morning, more than 100 people have been banned from returning home because their damaged houses are too unstable. many more have a lot of work ahead of them in the days to come. a very good morninged to yo but tbs 4: -- good morning to you, it's 4:00 i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. downtown napa, it was not the
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epicenter of the 6.0 quake, but it did see the most damage. 33 businesses condemned, some with gaping holes in the walls. the quake was centered between napa and american canyon west of both cities. we start our live team coverage this morning with bob redell in downtown napa. bob, has the cleanup stage begun so far? >> reporter: not here, not in the immediate downtown area. good morning. out of safety and concern for the possibility of aftershocks, the city of napa has effectively shut down the few blocks in this area. the area that least showed the most significant damage. they've taped off the area and recently started installing a chain link fencing to keep people out of here. they have security guards out here. we've seen the napa county sheriff's department, this is out of safety if case there was another aftershock because these historic structures are not safe. you can see why, they're at risk of collapsing. there haven't been anything significant overnight. now, the city has already red
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tagged 33 buildings. that means that no one can go inside or occupy those structures. many are historic. made of brick and stone. the city did have a 2009 deadline for historical buildings downtown to be retrofitted for an earthquake revenue 18 historic structures, 12 were up to code. in other words they met that 2009 deadline, but six had not been retrofitted. three of those right here on brown street. they suffered severe damage during yesterday's quake. raising an obvious question for the city's manager. >> could the city taken action against those building owners and why didn't they? >> we are in the process of doing that. we've given notice. informing people that they're about to enter a building that posed a hazard, and we are going through the process to, if needed, go to court. >> reporter: throughout napa, there are still some customers, pg&e customers without power,
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but the utility tells us they've had 98% of customers restored. they have 1300 without power still. they hope to have them restored later this morning. you have people of who do not have gas. and we're showing this video, mobile home park that caught fire yesterday. those fires started by ruptures in the gas lines. what pg&e will be doing, courtesy checks later in the day, later in the morning, going through neighborhoods that were affected by this to make sure the gas lines are either turned off properly or turned back on. because you can imagine there's a lot of pilot lights that would need to be relit. now, advisory from the city regarding the water. if you had any water main issues, if your water was out yesterday, and it hasn't been turned back on, they are asking you tofbl use -- obviously to use bottled water. boil that tap water for at least one full minute before using it
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for drinking or cooking. they have also got water stations set up. the city set them up. there's one on toll street, one southwest of main and one on linda vista avenue. they're saying that all tap water remains safe for bathing and other household uses, if you're going to ingest it, boil it for one minute. back out here live where you can see fat sad fell, crushing a car below. again, not a clean up in this section of downtown perhaps out of safety because you can imagine, these structures are not stable. especially in you go a couple blocks down where you have a facade, image we've seen a lot over the past 24 hours. it's tilting out there. of course, the concern being aftershocks. reporting live here in napa, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it's so important, thank you very much, bob. >> bob mentioned, aftershocks, there have been plenty. let's check in with christina loren with a look at that the. >> 85 plus aftershocks.
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some strong. i can tell you at this point, the frequency and the power of those aftershocks really starting to decrease. and we're actually looking really good this morning. we are winding down. 1.8 was the last one, that was at 1:27, definitely becoming less frequent. the strongest aftershock we had was after the initial quake at 5:47. as we head throughout the day today, fair game for the aftershocks. we have a 29% chance of a 5.0 or greater in the next seven days. we do want to keep that in mind. we're not going to let our guard down just yet. continue to decrease in frequency over the next three seven days. i can tell you, it's one of the incidents that reminds you, we live in earthquake country. you have to have that plan in place. coming up, i'm going to talk about the sheer power of this earthquake and compare it to tons of tnt. stay tuned. we're going to dive into the power, it might blow your mind.
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>> we look forward to that, thank you christina. because of the quake, all in the unified school district are closed today, as for private schools. justin sienna high school and st. john's lutheran school are not holding class today. we recommend that you check with your preschool provider to see if those are open. napa valley college and sonoma state university plan to hold classes as normal. in about two hours, a hospital spokesperson will release new information about people who were injured so badly they had to spend the night in hospital beds. total of 17 people spent the night at queen of the valley hospital in napa being treated for injuries related to yesterday's quake. more than 200 people were treated for concussions, cuts, broken bones, and other injuries. >> i fell off my bed and hit my head on the shelf. that's where i cut my forehead hope and -- open and my eye. bruises and you know --
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>> the most kbhon thing were cut feet. people walking on broken glass. we saw a lot of folks who had furniture come down on them. mirror came off the wall. one gentleman had a big gash in his head. he told me it was an entertainment center that tipped over and hit him in the head. dressers came down on people. those were the most common things we saw, if it wasn't, they were bleeding from the feet. >> 13-year-old boy was air lifted to uc davis medical center. he was critically injured when pieces of a fireplace fell on him. another two dozen people were treated in the vallejo area. melted shells are cooling this morning. the homes were burned beyond recognition after the earthquake. crews think the fire started when a gas line ruptured. when they got there, two homes were already on fire. because of a broken water main. crews would not get water to put out the fire. by the time they were able to extinguish the flames, four homes were destroyed, and a few other rs badly damaged -- others
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badly damaged. how the community is carrying on this morning, we'll is have a live update. 24 hours later and people are bracing for more aftershocks. and the damage they could bring. >> in vallejo, all eyes on georgia street where a number of buildings could still crumble. kris sanchez joins uses with more on that story, kris. >> reporter: one aftershock laura and sam could send this toppling. the one with the yellow facade. fine from the outside, but behind is where the damage is. some of the bricks fell from the rooftop down three stories and into the building below. it is now red tagged and evacuated. now from the aftermath to the moment that the earthquake hit, we have video from a convenience store in american canyon at moment that that shaking started. you see the store shelves rocking, smacking bottles and sending product all over the place. the mayor, leon garcia says that overall the damage in his city
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is not severe, but the infrastructure is good, water, sewer lines, they're in tact. but still, people are waiting for the other shoe to drop. >> i noticed that some of the buildings have severe damage. just to want make sure that if something happens in the middle of the night, i'm not thinking it's another earthquake. >> reporter: back here in vallejo, this is georgia street by daylight where i am right now. there's the building that was evacuated because of structural concerns, now some folks are out of their homes because inside that building are eight apartments in addition to the store front that is on the ground level. in all, more than 40 buildings sustained damage heerl in the downtown area -- here in the downtown area. of course that is theal lay it continue to -- tamly that -- tamlies that will -- tallies will that continue to want grow. it will remain courted off, that part of vallejo where there are lots of store fronts. it'll remain courtered off until the foreseeable future until the
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all clear. coming up, we'll hear more from folks who really felt the brunt of the earthquake. we'll tell you what they felt and what the damages are as well. in vallejo, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris, appreciate it. the quake was felt up and down the bay. the shaking and rumbling was caught on one san francisco family's baby monitor. aww, at video was sent to us bay lady. baby matthew almost two years old, moving as the ground starts to shake. it lasted about 20 seconds, but you can see it was still strong in san francisco. our team says everyone is okay. and here's some surveillance video. this is pet food express in napa. you can see shelves jolting back and forth. today, pet food express will collect donations for the napa county animal shelter. >> you can find many more videos and pictures on our website, just click on the upper left
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hand corner to bring up a slide show. it's at a live look at fremont this morning, traffic is light right now, but you can expect things to pick up pretty soon. 18 different school districts are headed back to class this morning nap includes newark unified, also returning this morning, four community colleges, including aloney college on fremont and west valley junior college in saratoga. if you're traveling in the south bay, allow extra time. san jose state is also back in session. san francisco resumes its classes today. for a look at your back to school forecast, let's check in with christina loren who's going to put on a different hat, how's the weather? >> it's going to be nice throughout. 61 degrees. some people still without power this morning. and the good news is, we'll have the natural ac clicking all day long. we're starting out nice and mild. 62 arongt pence last. you're at 63 to kick off the
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day. 63 degrees for san francisco throughout the day today, we're going to climb into the low 80s, even the hot spots. then we will crank up that heat towards the end of the week. your full forecast is in moments, right now back to you sam and laura. coming up next on "today in the bay," the teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri, will be layed to rest today. how the white house is paying its respect. also tonight's emmy awards will include a special tribute to the late robin williams. why this tribute may be unlike any other you've seen. and assessing all of the damage from the napa earthquake, including the control tower at the napa airport. we'll be right back.
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this house in the back fell first. i think a gal said we could hear it explode, you know, just went the other way. >> the largest earthquake to strike the bay area in 25 years ruptures gas lines and breaks water pipes. keeping firefighters away while numerous homes burn. >> the shaking caused chimneys to tumble and the ground to split. hundreds were hurt and more may not be allowed to return home, at least for a while. >> now crews spent the daze checking for gas leaks and water main breaks throughout the area. >> one neighborhood, teenagers turned that buckle road into a skate board ramp. pg&e crews tore apart the streets to check for gas lines. neighbors scribe the sounds of the quake. everywhere foundation quakes and sewer lines inside homes. many people say they do not have earthquake insurance, so they're unsure about what is next. >> questions will be asked. more damage video to look at
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now. look at the inside of that mini mart a sea of bottle and cans littering the ground. this is a 1 on accumulate street. the owner is still trying to assess the damage. there was a lot to clean up. check out the damage to the air control tower at the napa county airport. you can see from the chopper, most of the windows just shattered. the quake left the tower inoperable, but the airport remains open. it'll operate with a tower unmanned like it usually does in the night. the faa says it could take weeks have to new windows manufactured and installed. other than the winl does, no structural damage to the tower. and the quake forced a few sunday morning traditions to come to an end yesterday. a lot of folks who had church planned headed o tout find they had nowhere to go. the first united methodist church separated from the building. and debris was scattered all
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around the church. after a stressful morning, many wanted to seek the comfort of the church they had gone to for so many years. now it's unclear whether the church and when the church will be repaired or where services will be held in the meantime. everybody trying to readjust their schedules in light of the tragedy. >> exactly. adjust most certainly as well. it is monday morning, we're on early this morning, early look at the forecast as well. >> yeah, people headed back to work, back to school, definitely going to have the earthquake on the mind, at least for the next several weeks. and yeah, it's always a good time to consider do i have a very viable emergency plan. because it turns out 50% of californians do not have a viable emergency plan in place. so you want to make sure you have nonparishable foods. have plenty of water for you and every member of your family for three days. emergency kit very necessary. and we're going to talk more about is that all morning long, but that was definitely a scary situation yesterday. temperatures this morning in the 60s. we had a gorgeous day coming
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your way. upper 70s on the peninsula, 84 dleez for the -- degrees for the south bay. 69 in san francisco. coming up, we have very interesting imagery to show you. and this is coming us to from uc berkeley out of their lab there. we're going to show you what it looks like, when that earthquake hit yesterday, and how it compares when measured up to dynamite and explosion. stick around, that's in the next report. right now let's check your drive, here's mike. actually, we'll check in with mike later. thanks so much christina. we will continue to update you on what is going nonnapa. including what the roadways look like for your morning commute. first, let's check in with scott mcgrew. he has a look at the other top stories of the morning. >> good morning. michael brown, laura, will be layed to rest. he was of the unarmed black man shot to death in ferguson, missouri. 18-year-old brown died august 9th after some kind of strurkle with -- struggle with the police officer. death sparked outrage in the
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community. spawned two weeks of protests and violence. justice department is conducting an investigation. and the white house is sending three representatives to the funeral. tonight's emmy awards will remember robin williams. billy crystal will do a tribute. in these pictures, they are both baseball fans. entertained fans and play ers in the giant's dugout. you'll recall they teamed up with whoop my goldberg back in 1986 to form the charity group comic relief. everybody expecting an emotional moment tonight not only for the people inside the theater, but everyone watching around the world. you can watch them here on nbc bay area starting at 5:00. the american heart association calling for a crackdown on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. they're asking the fda to subject e-cigarettes to the same regulations as all other nicotine products. the association is calling on
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ads to young people. it is backing e-cigarettes as a last ditch effort to help people quit smoking. it's quietly made that emission, admission rather in may. gave the new policy guidelines out to make it official. e-cigarettes folk you're trying to quit. not so good if you're a kid. >> thanks so much. now to an exclusive investigative unit report. it took just 19 minutes and included more than 100 rounds from a high powered rifle. some believe last year's attack on the substation in south san jose was the work of terrorists. this morning the nbc bay area investigative unit uncovers conflict inside of the santa clara county sheriff's department about decisions made in the hours just following that attack. for the first time, first responders are speaking out. they are accusing command staff of down playing the significance of that attack. failing to quickly respond with sufficient personnel. and sending a misleading letter to a u.s. congresswoman about
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the details of the response. >> did you mislead the congresswoman with this letter? >> no. >> it's so disingenuous, its made to look like the sheriff's office was on top of it, handled it, corporately, nothing could be further from the truth. the support wasn't there. deputies worked their heart out. he was frustrated, needed support. the support wasn't there. >> later this evening, chief investigative reporter tarks you inside the response -- takes you inside the response to the attack. first responders tell us what went wrong and why. the investigative unit will have that exclusive report tonight at 11:00. it is 4:20, calm for early earthquake -- call for an early earthquake warning. strong words from gavin newsome next. plus clo a closer look at the roads that shifted. what you need to know before heading out of your door this morning.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back. just about 4:22 on your monday morning. let's take a live look now at downtown napa. so much activity, of course, going on as a result of this earthquake that struck yesterday. 6.0. affecting people all over the bay area. >> it's amazing. 33 build sogs far in na -- buildings so far in napa have been condemned. 208 people treated for injuries, some still in the hospital this morning. all public schools in the unified school district are closed along with several private schools. numerous gas lines and water pipes burst in that quake. reminder in you think you see, smell, or hear a ruptured gas line, you're urged to call pg&e immediately. at 1-800-743-5002. >> treat it with urgency. roads were damaged causing trouble for drivers. >> more than a little bit. mike inouye has been here
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keeping an eyen to the entire time. mike, what happened and how do things look this morning? >> well the road, entire earth shook, no, that's what happened over here. look at this the, this is like a disaster movie. we don't usually see thee this type of damage. elevation, six to eight inch difference. that huge crack here and around the area as you showed that over in the area as well. they had to have significant repairs going on. they had folks going to the middle lane and they were able to flatten things down. look, those are misaligned, that's how much shift went on. they're continuing to assess this area around there. the assessments will continue and we'll let you nose if we hear about closures that go on. than freeway moving smoothly. also we had the tracks, imagine if those lines were railroad tracks, those would have been a huge problem. inspected tracks along the east bay, sacramentoen to san jose,
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capital corridor service was stopped. it's back this morning no delays or problems reported. inspectors didn't find problems with the tracks or equipment. this is great news for the morning's commute. now out to the maps we're talking about. the roads up in the area, we had closures from time to time. as far south as highway 37. look, there's vallejo and napa up at the top. centered around american canyon. we saw the whole perimeter with reports of signal problems, power outages, they've all been restored, however, downtown napa is where you're going to avoid, between the first and third, and main from clinton. that's down to third. the immediate area around the opera house. that's the one that you want to avoid. the rest of napa sounds like you're okay to get in and out of the area. watch the clean up efforts and respectfully, we need everyone to do their jobs up there. rest of the bay, no issues. live look out there and this is the bay bridge, now remember, we have a new bay bridge because of the earthquake, well the seismic
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concerns over the old span. that's great stuff. no problems reported anywhere south of the vallejo area, back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. so far so good on the bridges. if you have completely lost water service for any period of time after the earthquake. napa city officials advise you to use one of these options. >> if your water looks cloudy, but you do not lose service. let the water run new mexico the sediment clears. officials say water is safe for bathing and other household uses. in the men time, if you did lose all water access, use bottled water for drinking and cooking. boil tap water for one full minute before drinking or cooking. use water for drinking or cooking from one of the water stations set up by the city. 4:25 right now on your monday. still ahead on "today in the bay." sop many angles left to cover, we will take you back to napa where businesses are picking up the pieces and looking to rebuild and move forward. i'm live in napa where doctors are treating more than a
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dozen people injured after yesterday's earthquake. i'll have their conditions coming up in a live report. an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale! with 50% off the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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it had flames coming out of it. there was gas shooting outside of the building and debris on it. it was like a bonfire. i couldn't do anything about it. we had to watch the house burn down. >> four homes burned beyond recognition. are still cooling this morning after yesterday's 6.0 earthquake ruptured gas lines and water mains in the north bay. more than 100 people in napa can't go inside their homes because of damage is too great. rubble too dangerous. more than a dozen others have to spend the night in the hospital to let their bruises and bones heal. good morning, it's 4:30, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. this is what people are waking
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up to this morning. the head lionel in the san francisco chronicle, wake up call. those spilled barrels of wine just one of the ail maizing images of damage that we're still seeing. >> and this was tweeted out by the office of emergency management. . shows dozens of people working through the night, responding to emergencies. the team is made up of members of the red cross, national guard, and chp among others. one of the thing theirselves tracking -- things, they're tracking aftershocks, here's christina loren. >> the aftershocks have been occurring in the general vicinity of that initial quake. we have had a couple out here in the east bay. they've been small and so far for the most part this morning, very light activity. 1.8 was the most recent aftershock at 1:27 this morning. we have had 85 plus, so the area is rocking and rolling, just not settled just yet. we are counting on more activity through the next five to seven
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days. 6.0 is the equivalent of detonating tons of tnt. that's a lot of power. in fact, it's enough to power the average house for 100,000 years. and when you consider the fact that earthquakes actually increase exponentially, when you talk about the four and a five, the four is ten times greater than a five. five it ten -- ten times greater than a six, sorry, i should put it on a graphic. basically like it, ten times greater every time you go up. so we're talking about the difference between one million tons, if it was a 7.0, 38 million tons. and so definitely we have seen a lot of damage. but it could have been worse if this happened during the time of day when people were out and about. we're going to talk about the science of the earthquake and the country that we live in here. in the bay area, a lot to go over this morning. we're back with more coming up in a little bit, now back to you sam and laura.
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>> thanks so much. >> happy someone is brave enough to do that. >> breaking down the numbers. the south napa quake has many buildings, many looking at old buildings that were not retrofitted. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in downtown napa where several buildings are red tagged this morning, good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. 33 buildings red tagged in napa. some of them right here in the immediate downtown area. several blocks where you see the most damage. and this area is effectively shut down. i don't know if you see chain link fencing they put around the old court house, and you can see why if you look at the upper corner. that's a building that suffered a lot of damage. and the reason why they have security down here and deputies from the napa county sheriff's department is because there's a fear of aftershocks. fortunately there hasn't been anything, note overnight, but the fear of become that the these buildings are still unfear and that they could still collapse. many of them to are historical


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