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tv   Today  NBC  August 25, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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laura, as many as 40 people were living in our old studio probably -- >> yeah, probably. there wasn't a lot of room under there. hay un tirador en la fuerza ar a worst earthquake in years. the quake injuring more than 200 people. hunldss of buildings damaged, some off the verge of collapsing. live in napa. threat in the sky after forcing an american airlines plane to make an emergency land white gold a top threat at a video executive on that flight. why was he being targeted? all in the family, beyonce, jay-z and their daughter, blue
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ivy steal the show with an emotional moment at the vmss. >> i thank god for this moment, love y'all so much. today is monday, august 25th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer with tamron hall, willie geist, and dylan dreyer. alice -- al is in los angeles and savannah on maternity leave. >> we have breaking news as you mentioned. >> the top story, fort lee army basin virginia on lockdown among
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reports of an active shooter. jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. >> reporter: there was report of active shooting incident at fort lee, virginia, near richmond. it was in or in the vicinity of command headquarters. u.s. military officials can't give the details of what may or may not have happened. according to u.s. army officials, the lockdown has now been lifted. now, it is not unusual at any report of any gunfire on a military base that the entire base would be immediately be put on lockdown, and it h remarks kens back to fort hood, texas,
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when hasan opened fire and killed 17 u.s. soldiers there. since then, everybody has been on hair trigger alert any time there's report of an active shooting incident. that's what happened here. we still don't have the details. the alert was lifted, indicating that perhaps it was an over abundance of caution, at least that's what military officials here hope has happened, matt. >> thanks so much. another major story, a powerful, damaging earthquake that rocked wine country. the damage is still being assessed even as a state of emergency is declared. joe frier is in napa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me is a wine tasting room, offers a glimpse at the damage in napa, especially downtown. the state says at least 100 buildings have been red tagged. that means it is too dangerous to go inside. total damage from this quake
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could reach $1 billion. >> it felt like the house got bombed. >> reporter: while much of the region slept, security cameras caught the early morning wakeup call. a 6.0 quake lasting 10 to 20 seconds seeming much longer to those who lived through it. >> and it shook back and forth. it rocked you violently. >> reporter: the quake was felt across a 200-mile span. the epicenter near napa, wine country where fragile bottles didn't stand a chance. >> get back in business. >> reporter: the earthquake ruptured numerous gas and water mains. dozens of homes were damaged by violent shaking is while eight others were ravaged by fire. >> i didn't think it would be this hard. >> reporter: this man returned home to survey the damage. >> what else can i do? what else is there i can do? it's fortunate we weren't here. >> reporter: 130 patients were
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treated at hospitals mostly for cuts and bruises. >> we saw people who had furniture come down on them, a mirror came down off the wall, a gentleman had a gash in his head. >> reporter: one more serious injury, a boy crushed by a fire place coming down. before it issued an alert. california is still developing the system for future quakes. knowing what happened here in napa was not the big one. in the past 24 hours there have been dozens of smaller aftershocks, but at this point odds are very slim that this 6.0 quake was a precursor to a larger one. so far no fatalities tied to this earthquake. >> all right, that early warning place even to give you a few seconds can make a difference. a bomb threat posted on twitter forced an american
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airlines flight to be diverted and the motive appears to have been a top sony executive traveling on board that plane. tom costello has the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: the fbi now investigating whether the same group that claimed responsibility for a weekend outage of sony playstation network is responsible for a bomb threat for a plane carrying the president of sony online entertainment. >> this was a shock situation. but handled very well. >> reporter: tense moments sunday after an american airlines flight from dallas headed to san diego with 179 passengers and six crew members was diverted to phoenix after a bomb threat was posted on twitter. a hacker or group of hackers going by the name lizard squad tweeted american airlines about reports of an explosive on board the flight saying we have been receiving reports that j.smedley's plane has an explosives on board. check into this.
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on board was john smedley. the president of sony online entertainment. he tweeted my plane was diverted, justice will find these guys. earlier the group claimed responsibility for hacking the sony playstation network that knocked out service over the weekend. it's since been restored. sony said although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed. the plane landed safely without incident. american airlines releasing a statement saying only the flight was diverted due to a security-related issue. the fbi confirmed the incident saying the investigation is still ongoing. >> cyber security is something you read about in the paper, read about it, go oh, no big deal. when it's you and your family, and you don't know what's going on and there's a threat, it's not funny. >> reporter: sony's network has been hacked before. the biggest attack back in 2011. the group lizard squad says it
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has also targeted the service of world of war craft videodisk owe game makers. and threatened to attack microsoft's xbox live network. back to you. >> thank you very much, tom. more than two weeks after the deadly shooting of michael brown, the 18-year-old is being laid to rest this morning. his father calling for a day of silence to bury his son in peace. craig melvin is at the church where the service is set to begin in less than an hour. good morning toy. >> reporter: good morning to you. that service beginning in a moment. you can see folks filing into the church in northern sluz behind me. a number of celebrities expected to attend, a number of national politicians as wealth, including three officials from the white house. over the weekend no clashes between police and protesters. instead, there was a peace rally, that rally led by the parents of michael brown, and also the parents of trayvon martin. i sat down with all four of them
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for an exclusive interview moments after the brown family left the funeral home, viewing their son's body for the last time. >> like a nightmare. unbelievable. >> it is pain. we hurt. >> reporter: two families tied together by tragedy. michael brown, shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri, august 9th. trayvon martin shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in 2012. both deaths triggered protests and national conversation. >> couldn't understand it then, we still don't understand it now, why our son was taken away from us. there's no certain way that you prepare to bury your child. >> does it get easier? >> no, it doesn't get easier. but what we have done is found ways to divert the negative energy into something positive.
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>> reporter: michael brown senior says what he'll miss most are his talks with his son. >> talked to me every day, and having a conversation with me, bothers me, seeing how you feel, what's going on in the day. seeing him in a casket today made it reality. >> i looked at him. i talked to him. touched him. >> what's going to be the hardest part? >> walking away. walking away from that kid. >> reporter: matt, i asked the browns about how much confidence they have in the local prosecutors who are in charge of the case, they told me none. the governor indicated he is not appointing a special prosecutor.
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mccullough says he is not stepping aside. the funeral will be in about an hour here. >> craig melvin on the story, thank you very much. now to the unexpected release of an american journalist held by an al qaeda linked group in syria, the move days after the murder of another american hostage, james foley, at the hands of isis militants. keir a simmons has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: some good news at last, american captive freed by a terrorist group is expected to be reunited with his family shortly, but there's a desperate race to help the other american and western hostages held by isis. free after a terrifying ordeal, american writer peter curtain, unexpectedly released after two years as hostage. he was held by al qaeda gee addists in syria, isis, a more ruthless group.
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it is feared they're holding 20 westerners, including american steven sobbing lof. u.s. and british intelligence are closing in. the man with the british accent in the gruesome video of james foley's death has been identified. u.k. security services tell nbc news. >> they applied voice analysis to it. they have done facial recognition which they can do, even when someone is masked. >> reporter: two different names are visible, suggesting more than one killer, and there's the question, who filmed james foley's murder. and why do a small amount of westerners support isis, there are 70 american recruits. this weekend i met with british extremists prepared to defend isis. >> there are a lot of people that feel that the united states has a duty to protect themselves and defend against america. >> killing a journalist isn't
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protecting yourself. >> who is to blame for the death of james foley? i believe it is foreign policy. >> the man that put the knife in his neck, shorty. the thing you have to ask is why was this particular man chosen. it seems like he was chosen because he was an american citizen. >> reporter: it is so disturbing, so sickening to hear a group exercise first amendment rights by talking like that, but i did say to them, you do not represent even a fraction of muslims around the world. >> chuck todd, nbc's political director, chief white house correspondent and now meet the press moderator. they identified the militant responsible for james foley's death. in the past several days, we have seen the administration indicate it is open to u.s. air strikes. does it appear the president is leaning toward expanding u.s. air strikes?
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>> they made decision to expand air strikes, the question is where, what kind of targeting and what legal authority. the tricky business for the administration is he had authority to deal with air strikes in iraq. you have long authority that they were given in 2001 and 2002 for both going after al qaeda and iraq. when you cross the border into syria, there are larger legal questions. do they have to go to congress, what exactly, do they need permission of the syrian government. they have the permission of the iraqi government to come in. do they need permission of the syrian government. that part of it is tricky. they're trying to decide, the targets in syria, how important are they and should it trigger debate in congress. >> to add to the trickiness, the optics, we know that. the president criticized, some say he is disengaged on vacation. james cameron ended his vacation earlier, british prime minister. does this matter or is it just
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politics as usual in that town? >> it is politics as usual. in this case, this is stuff they should have seen coming, this is not new to them. now you have backtracking. you have david axelrod, long time adviser saying now maybe they were hard on bush when they beat him up for that. the president wanted his down time. he guards his down time, wishes he could keep it. it is a job that follows him 24/7 i think it is somewhat politics, but you know what, it is something they should have been more aware of. >> being moderator of "meet the press," it never ends. the big announcement came down that you were tapped for this. you start september 7th. >> i have a little more time. >> what do you look forward to, when you look at polling numbers of unhappiness the american people have with congress, what are you looking to bring to the conversation? >> the job of all of us in political reporting is to demystify washington for the
7:16 am
american public and also try to translate the american public frustration for out of touch washington people. so i think that part of the challenge, i think that's part of when things are going well in the political journalism world it is because we're playing that role of being the translater, interpreter between america and washington. hopefully i can do my best to get that going. >> certainly you will. congratulations. thank you very much. let's head to willie for the other top stories, including a volcano that's a major cause for concern. good morning. >> we will have more on the volcano in a minute. schools near the gold rush town of weaverville closed because of a fast moving wildfire threatening more than 600 homes. hundreds of residents evacuated. fire officials say the steep terrain, gusty winds, and dry conditions are making it tough to fight. officials are keeping a close eye on a volcano in
7:17 am
iceland with fears an eruption could have major impact on air travel. four years after another eruption brought planes to a stand still. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. there were more small tremors around iceland's biggest volcano this morning. but no sign yet of an eruption. the country is on yellow alert, which means an eruption is highly likely. it is about 200 miles from here, started to rumble and shake a week ago. at the airport, it is business as usual. no flights effected, although we spoke to passengers on the way to new york that said they were glad to get out now before an eruption, given what happened in 2010. as you mention, that's when an ash cloud from another volcano closed air space over europe for six days. officials say technology and procedures changed since and repeat of that is not likely. >> kelly, thanks very much. meanwhile, a 24-year-old
7:18 am
arrested after climbing a tower on the brooklyn bridge sunday is due in court today. new york police say the man walked on the top of the bridge, taking photographs. he was taken into custody after coming down on his own. the incident came one month after two german artists raised security concerns by scaling the bridge's towers and replacing the american flag with white flags. a claim british actor richard attenborough died. among his famous works, began deand jurassic park. his career spanned 60 years. he was 90 years old. a frightening scene over the weekend when a boat goes airborne in a race in missouri. the accident caught on camera. it happened during lake of the ozarks shootout. watch as it launched into the air, flips twice, before coming to a wreck.
7:19 am
both men were thrown from the boat. you can see as you watched the video, the driver is okay, the throttle man in serious but told now stable condition. that's good news. wind interference blamed for this crash. hard to believe they walk away. >> thrown or do they eject in a situation. >> they said they were ejected. i think they were thrown out against their will. back out to los angeles, al has the rest of his forecast. >> thanks so much. let's start in the west. phoenix, 100 degrees. denver getting to 80. we have showers around boise, idaho. look for 79 temperature. medicine ford, oregon, baking. high surf advisories in california in about 15 minutes. we're going to tell you what's going on there. let's go to the east coast, show you tropical storm cristobal. 60 miles per hour winds, moving north at 3 miles per hour. we were worried about it
7:20 am
effecting the east coast, but it looks like it will split the east coast and bermuda. kaug one storm by wednesday. the most it does is cause dangerous rip currents and surf from nantucket to charleston. we will get to your local forecast and everything you need to know about your weather coming up in the next 30 seconds. i love this part. so what do you think? i think it's everything we wanted. great. discover for yourself why more people find their perfect car at carmax. carmax. start here. 7:20, good monday morning to you, i'm christina loren. looking live at your satellite imagery. we have an area of low pressure
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that's bringing in a strong onshore flow. the clouds are being cut off around the inner bay. and as a result, those are going to be your warm spots. everywhere else, overcast spot, nice pleasant finish, temperatures will be just about at average or a little bit below all across the board. 80 in the south bay, 77 on the peninsula, the east shore's at 74. ly have your forecast in moments. thank you very much. as we mentioned before, the superstars of music were out in force last night for the mtv vmas. dylan is covering for carson in the orange room. what do you have? >> tamron, i know you watched it twice, but did you catch the end of the vmas? this stole the show. it was beyonce. it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. it wasn't somebody twerking on stage. it was an awesome performance. the last 20 minutes of the show and beyonce went on for 20 minutes. but it wasn't just her. she had to share the spotlight with her daughter blue ivy.
7:22 am
check out this. she is a diva in the making. she's got the hands going. she is ready to go. then she joined beyonce on stage for a special moment. you don't see this much showing all that emotion. it got kelly clark son going. the said i'm a new mom and totally crying at your baby tribute. we've got al roker out there right now. he is going to have a whole update for us on everything that happened last night. we want to know which star you think stole the show on the red carpet. go to and vote on who you think wore it best. coming up what is next for mo'ne davis? the little girl who stole the show in some ways of the little league world series. she's with us live along with her teammates on the plaza. and seth meyers opens up to al about a big year. a wedding, late night, and the emmy awards.
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but first this is "today" on nbc.
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you're watching "today in the bay." a very good monday morning to you, 7:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. recovery efforts are under way after yesterday's strong earthquake. this morning, 24 hours after the napa quake, more than 100 people are banned from returning home because their houses are considered just too unstable. 208 people were treated for injuries. 17 of whom were hurt so badly they had to spend the night at the hospital. yesterday, 6.0 earthquake ruptured gas lines in the north bay. downtown napa was the mardest hit area. it was not the epicenter of the quake, but it did see the most damage as you take a look from the live pictures at some of the historic buildings that crumbled. 33 businesses are condemned with
7:27 am
some gaping holes in the wall. it was centered between napa and american canyon just west of both cities. now the good news, almost all of the power has been restored. 70,000 customers had their power knocked out initially after the quake struck. now just 150 customers are in the dark, they hope to have everything back to normal a little later this morning. right now i want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren, good day ahead? >> beautiful day coming your way. that's the general trend, comfortable conditions later on. temperatures are only going to reach into the mid-80s. even in the hot spots across the bay area, today will be the coolest of the week. 80 degrees for the south bay, 77 today on the peninsula. you hit about 74 degrees on the east shore and 65 meanwhile for san francisco. i want to show you the gradual warming trend republican kicking in as we head towards the midsection of the week. wednesday into thursday. upper 80s ant way to the south bay. meanwhile stretch of 70s in san francisco. here's mike and the drive. all right, over here over my
7:28 am
shoulder, out of dublin, we're talking about a slow drive there because there's jammed up on 680. things are continuing to clear though into sunol after earlier crash and disabled rig, and another crash in the back of it. all cleared out of the roadway. highway 848 still jammed coming through livermore and pleasan n pleasanton. northbound routes continuing to build. watch for extra slowing, san jose state, west valley college back in session today. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with a local news update in a half hour. i'll see you then. ♪ ♪
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♪ it's 7:30 now on a monday morning. we're back with one of the moments from last night's vmas that kind of got some attention. nicki minaj battling a near-wardrobe malfunction while she performed "bang bang." of course arianna grande will be on our plaza this week. al's going to have the highlights coming up in a couple of minutes. meantime let's look at what's making headlines. a strong earthquake hit the region of napa for the first time in 25 years.
7:31 am
about 100 buildings have been deemed unlivable and thousands remain without power. funeral services are being held this morning for michael brown, the 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer out in ferguson, missouri. his father spoke at a rally on sunday asking for a day of silence as he lays his son to rest. and the american heart association is out with new policy guidelines on e-cigarettes. the group says e-cigarettes may be used as a last resort. will your favorite shows walk away with hardware? we'll get you ready for the 66th primetime emmy awards including al's chat with host seth meyers. >> which means al's a busy man. as we mentioned he was at the vmas last night. >> i got to tell you. the biggest surprise of this whole thing was that there really weren't a lot of
7:32 am
surprises. everyone seemed to be on their best behavior at the newly renovated forum. it was a night of throwbacks, wardrobe malfunctions, and shoutouts. >> i created television! can't nobody else do that. matt lauer. >> reporter: and, oh, yeah, music. ♪ stay with me >> the vma goes to miley cyrus! >> reporter: while her tongue and twerking stole the show last year, this time around miley cyrus shun the spotlight sending a young homeless man to accept her award and shine a light on the issue. >> i'm accepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 million homeless youth who are scared for their lives right now. >> reporter: rapper common also striking a somber cord. >> i want us to take a moment of silence for mike brown.
7:33 am
>> reporter: on the red carpet, spirits were high. can we hang? >> we can hang and do a little something something. i got a green room i can bring you to. >> reporter: what are you looking forward most to? >> i think this interview right here right now. yeah. >> you're the man. >> reporter: i'm the man. ♪ >> reporter: back inside, big winner of the night beyonce whose nearly 20-minute performance brought down the house and just about busting the internet. the only thing that could top the performance, husband jay z on stage with beautiful blue ivy presenting beyonce with the michael jackson video vanguard award. putting those separation rumors to rest. >> i love y'all so much. boo boo, i love you. my beloved, i love you. >> you know, everybody on the
7:34 am
red carpet was waiting for this beyonce performance. they were all really excited about it. and she did not disappoint. >> the last 20 minutes of the show, really? wow. >> but blue ivy stole something. she was waving to her people. like, my people. >> by the way, speaking of those big names, arianna grande on the plaza this friday. we'll have more on miley cyrus' guest at those awards coming up on "trending." al, back to you for a check of the weather. >> all right. we'll show you what's going on. we've got a hurricane in the pacific that could be affecting southern california. hurricane marie. 145 miles southwest of baja. as it moves away, the circulation of this thing going to bring dangerous riptides, surf as well. but you know surfers in southern california are waiting for this.
7:35 am
as we also look closer to home, you can see the radar from green bay all the way down to kansas city and topeka, strong storms firing up. one inch or more of rain coming out of that. the heat continues in texas with temperatures well above 100. a gorgeous day in the east. but temperatures will start warming up over the next 24 hours. that's what's going on 7:35, good monday morning to you, i'm christina loren. taking a live look at a beautiful start over ocean beach. plenty of low clouds here. same cloudy sky over pleasanton. enough of the low clouds here to keep your temperatures below average this afternoon. we'll hit 79 degrees on the north bay. 74 degrees for the east shore. 77 degrees for the peninsula and 80 degrees right here in beautiful san jose. out in the tri-valley, just 81 degrees. a nice warm finish coming your way. getting into the rest of the week, we're going to heated you up.
7:36 am
>> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by chico's. find your fall fashion must haves at chico's and >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up, one of the most talked about teams in the country. these are the taney little league all stars including mo'ne davis. and the end of an era in las vegas as sin city's busiest slot machine finally gives up its jackpot. wait until you hear how much.
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buy three johnson & johnson first aid products and get a free bag. we're back now at 7:41. the little league world series wrapped up last night with the team from south korea defeating the u.s. champs from chicago. this is a tournament that will also be remembered for a certain pitcher with an impressive arm, monet'ne davis. we'll speak to her and her teammates in a moment. but first katy tur is in williamsport. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. it was a valiant effort. jackie robinson west gave it their all. and even though they lost, they still have a lot to be proud of. the windy city's boys of summer came out swinging. but in the end, america's champions couldn't keep a lid on the bats from south korea.
7:42 am
losing the little league world series 8-4. >> it's something they will share for the rest of their life. >> great job for chicago. great job for baseball. they showed what baseball looks like at the age of 12. >> reporter: despite the lost, they walk aid way winners. the boys were a bright spot on the south side of chicago which turned out to cheer on their every pitch, play, and at bat. they even impressed chicago mayor rahm emanuel who tweeted, thank you for inspiring our city with your positive attitude, spirit, and success. you young men will forever be champions of chicago. a wild ride from day one. the 2014 tournament was record breaking. from jackie robinson west making history as the first all-african-american team to make it to the finals to philly's 13-year-old mo'ne davis. >> complete game for mo'ne da s
7:43 am
davis! >> who wasn't just the first girl to throw a shutout on the field, she was the youngest athlete ever to appear on the cover of "sports illustrated." >> girl power. >> reporter: and while her team didn't make it all the way ultimately losing to chicago, you'd never know it from the heroes welcome waiting for them when they got back to philly. >> the philadelphia champion taney dragons! >> reporter: from start to finish, a lot of good baseball out here. president obama called them to congratulate them and tell them how well they represented the city of chicago. >> thank you very much. mo'ne davis is with us now along with her taney teammates, manager alex rice, and coach lee land. good morning to all of you and congratulations to all of you.
7:44 am
did you have fun? did you get to see the championship game yesterday? no? you didn't have the tv on? were you surprised when you heard north korea beat chicago? no? they were that good? were you surprised when you heard chicago beat las vegas? yeah. all right. this has been some year. i know there must have been disappointment after you got knocked out. but out of 7,000 u.s. teams, you guys came in third. how does that feel, mo'ne? >> feels amazing. i mean, teams from the city and to make it to the little league world series and to be one of the 16 top teams in the world. so it's amazing. >> what is the biggest memory, what's the best memory you'll take away from the last couple weeks? >> probably playing on the beautiful field in front of thousands of people. >> it really is like a dream, isn't it? >> yes. >> all right. mo'ne, when you heard and i don't know how you heard, when
7:45 am
did you get the news and how did you get the news that you were going to be on the cover of "sports illustrated" magazine? >> well, i had just did an interview. i didn't know i was going to be on the cover. but i guess it's really cool. i've been reading it since i was younger. to be on the cover now is very cool. >> most importantly did you like the pick which you are? that would be a bummer if you didn't. >> yeah, i liked the picture. >> i want to show you a couple other pictures. i am the proud father of a little leaguer. my son is a pitcher for his team. but my daughter romy is 10. second year in little league. first year she was the only girl on the team. now another girl is on her team. i want to know what you think. based on your story this year, do you think there will be more girls in little league across the world next year? >> i think there will be. there should be. >> do you have younger friends
7:46 am
who you think will play because of what happened with you? >> i don't know. probably. >> yeah? coach, they're going to walk away and go in different directions over the course of their lives and make other memories, what do you want them to take away from these last couple of weeks? >>. >> i mean, every coach or dad wants their last year of youth baseball to be something they'll hold onto forever. i think we accomplished that this summer. we've been together for two months, the 12 of us, and all the families on the road. it was just an amazing summer. i just hope they can remember it for their lives. >> you've captured a lot of attention. raise your hands if you're ready for school. raise your hands if you're ready for math. yes. the lipper is ready. did you do your summer reading? no? okay. you got a lot of work to do. guys, ladies, thank you so much and congratulations. >> thank you. >> what a pleasure to meet you.
7:47 am
coming up, there are selfies and then there are selfies. the story behind one of the scariest ever taken. look at that guy. up next, dylan has more on the vmas including the fashion wait, are you running full adobe photoshop on a tablet? yep. but it's not just a tablet, it's really a laptop. it's a surface pro 3, with a touchscreen. well it can't be as fast as my mac. sure, it can. and it is. but you probably can't plug anything into it. i have a usb mini display port. plug away. and this is my favorite -- it's the kickstand. so you're saying it does more than my mac? well technically, you said it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:52 am
talking about. look at katy perry and rapper riff raff. dressed head to toe in denim bringing it back to when britney and justin. britney tweeted out just when i thought the denim dress had reteared, you bring it back. and j. lo voted number one on as best dressed. willie, you're onto something there. >> if you like that dress, you'll see me wearing it on halloween. >> thank you. coming up, hos with psoriatic arthritis, i had intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions
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you're watching "today in the bay." a very good morning to you, it is 7:56, we now know the name of the boy hurt in yesterday's strong earthquake in south napa. uc davis says nicholas dylan is in serious condition this morning. he was hurt when a chimney fell on him at his home. in the meantime, queen of the valley medical center has 17 people recovering. 33 buildings have been condemned and stores have been stressed. all the people who have to stay home and businesses that have to stay closed, economic losses alone could top $1 billion. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren as we start our workweek. >> we have a good one coming your way, everybody at home. beautiful, beautiful start to the day. we have some low clouds, you'll see here, they extend through napa county, getting cut off here at the santa cruz mountains. for us, warm spots here in the south bay. but that ocean breeze will build
7:57 am
and transport that cool air all the way through your inland valley spots. this is what we're looking at as far as your highs go. 80 degrees for the south bay today. 77 degrees on the peninsula. 74 for the east shore, san francisco, mid-60s to low 70s, depending on what side you're on. oceanside's stocked in with fog. 79 degrees for the north bay. comfortable conditions out there. as that clean up effort is under way. as we get into the rest of the week, temperatures will climb, but not by much. upper 80s for the south bay wednesday into thursday. here's mike and the drive. slower drive still for westbound 580 through the dublin area. the arrow is, that's a jam right there in dublin. slowing into livermore as it ripples back into the pass. this is the opposite trend we tend to see at this time. it's because traffic through 680 in sunol has been backed up. 84, earlier crash has cleared, but that's an added complication. south bay kicking in for the northbound. and west valley college also back in session. >> that's right.
7:58 am
all right. we'll be back in half an hour, hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, should the school day start later. inside the push to let kids sleep in for better grades. plus, from late night to prime time, al goes one-on-one with funny man, seth meyers, as he gets set to host tonight's emmy awards. >> what's your goal? for this whole extravaganza? >> i think if you can avoid a train wreck, people are pretty happy. >> and don't look down. the skyscraper shot that's being called the world's scariest selfie. "today," monday, august 25th, 2014. ♪
8:01 am
good morning from ohio! >> we drove over 2,000 miles to see "today." >> from london to new york city. we love "today"! woo! ♪ >> hi, kids, have a great first day of school. >> all the way from colorado! >> getting married in 33 days! woo! >> aww! >> we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 25th day of august, 2014. we've got a really nice crowd. gathered in rockefeller plaza. i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall and dylan dreyer. savannah on maternity leave. al on the west coast gearing up for tonight's emmy awards. anybody here afraid of heights? no, not at all? look at this selfie again. taken in tokyo. watch this. would you do this? >> not -- >> keep going. watch. >> ever. >> that would be okay?
8:02 am
>> she says i'm not afraid of heights, but there is no way i'm doing that. >> she didn't even say give me a price. i love this kid over here. he has a sign that says "i can outtalk al roker." his mother is like, amen, he can. >> i definitely can! >> and he's still talking. >> i've known al for 22 years. he can run a pretty good talk fest. i'll tell you that. >> love that. we have a lot to get to, beginning with a check of the morning's top stories from willie, who is in for natalie this morning. hey, willie. >> good morning, guys. good morning, everyone. more than two weeks after he was fatally shot by a police officer on the streets of ferguson, missouri, 18-year-old michael brown will be laid to rest today. craig melvin is at the church in missouri, where his funeral is being held. >> craig, good morning. >> willie, good morning to you. this church in north st. louis already starting to fill to capacity. you can take a look behind me here. the funeral set to start any moment now. folks have been lined up for the
8:03 am
better part of an hour and a half. the main sanctuary is almost already filled. we're told they have some additional space, about 4,000 seats here all together. they expect the church to be filled to capacity. you've seen a number of notables walk in, as well. spike lee is inside. tom jordan, famous radio deejay inside. the white house has representatives, as well. and really, the mood here in ferguson, missouri, has shifted dramatically over the past two days. violent clashes we saw so much of over the past week or two, those are gone, replaced now by grief, replaced by sadness. michael brown senior saying at a rally yesterday, he does not want any protesting at all today. he wants this community to remain solemn and somber as a way to remember his son. >> very sad day in ferguson, missouri. craig, thanks so much. northern california is cleaning up this morning after the worst earthquake hit the area in 25 years.
8:04 am
sunday's quake injured more than 200 people, causing extensive damage. nbc's joe fryer is in napa. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. as you can see, behind me, there is a lot of damage, especially here in downtown napa. this is a wine tasting room housed inside a historic building. at least 100 buildings have been red tagged. that means it's too dangerous for anyone to go inside. total damage from this quake could top $1 billion. the quake hit at 3:20 sunday morning. it lasted 10 to 20 seconds, but felt longer to many. dozens of homes were damaged by the shaking, eight homes damaged by fire. about hundred 200 people treated for injuries, most cut and bruises. a few serious injuries, but so far no fatalities tied to this earthquake. willie? >> cleanup ahead. joe fryer. thanks, joe. an all-clear issued after a shooting incident this morning at ft. lee army base in virginia. after an active shooter was reported. officials say the incident
8:05 am
turned out to be an attempted suicide. they're saying a female soldier entered a building, brandishing a gun which she then pointed at herself and fired. ft. lee is about 25 miles south of richmond, virginia, and 130 miles from washington, d.c. new trouble this morning for joran van der sloot, the prime suspect in the 2005 unsolved disappearance in the american teenager, natalie holloway. he has been sent to peru after officials said he threatened to kill the warden of a prison near the capital of lima. van der sloot is serving a 28-year term for the murder of a peruvian woman four years ago. he married his pregnant peruvian girlfriend in prison last month. a threatening tweet apparently was behind the security threat that forced an american airlines flight from dallas to san diego to divert to phoenix sunday. among the 179 passengers was john smedley, the president of sony online entertainment. a hacker or group of hackers
8:06 am
called lizard squat tweeted about reports of a threat onboard. here's a move we have not seen before in sports, i don't think. australian hockey player, rick del basso helped his thunder team beat melbourne and look at the celebration. kind of a break dancing move, sliding on his head before slipping over into a somersault. check it out one more time. high marks for originality. and as a matter of fact, you'll be interested to know the exact same move al roker uses after he finishes a particularly excellent weather cast. al, let's send it to you. >> would that give you the most extreme case of brain freeze, willie? >> good point. >> that's crazy stuff. look at this guy. ho, yo! don't try that at home. all right. let's look at today's pick city of the day, happens to be phoenix, arizona. 12 news, heat through wednesday, sunny and hot. thunderstorms on tuesday. let's show what else is
8:07 am
happening for today. a long line of thunderstorms stretching from the great lakes back into the central plains. some of those showers and thunderstorms may affect chicago later on today. but as we can see, lots of sunshine and lots of heat in the mid section of the country. and it's starting to build into the ohio river valley by wednesday, makes its way into the northeast in england against spectacular weather in the west. in seattle today, sunny skies, temperatur . good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. the time now, 8:07. your temperatures are really comfortable out there right now and we're going to stay on the warm side today. not talking about any oppressive heat just yet. 64 degrees in oakland. 61 in san jose. we'll get to about 80 degrees in the south bay once we lose the cloud cover. you're going to have to wait until about lunch time in san francisco, 65 degrees there. 79 for the north bay and we're going to warm you up through the midsection of the week.
8:08 am
that's your latest weather. may, hmatt, do you like french toast? >> i love french toast. why? >> you should get tamron to make her new recipe, french toast almo almondine. >> i think you e-mailed her that recipe last week. >> i got an e-mail from tamron saying success. >> al is my cooking coach. so he sends the e-mails to me and i follow his guidance. >> adding to your repertoire. now two things you can make. >> exactly. and only two of my guests got sick. all right, thank you, sir. up next on trending, would you do that? we talked about it. would you really? no. you are pretty daring there. it is called the world's scariest selfie. all right, plus, are your kids getting enough sleep? we know the answer to that. the new call to delay the start of the school day to deal with an epidemic facing today's teens. and what does seth myers
8:09 am
have planned for tonight's emmy awards? al goes one-on-one with the host of television's big night. but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ if she hand breaded chicken your mom would make that was delivered right to her door. and if she had a pressure cooker in her kitchen. and if she knew the combination to the vault in kentucky where they keep colonel sanders' secret recipe. yep! this is the kind of chicken she would make,
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♪ live in the same communities that we serve. people here know that our operations have an impact locally. we're using more natural gas vehicles than ever before. the trucks are reliable, that's good for business. but they also reduce emissions, and that's good for everyone. it makes me feel very good about the future of our company.
8:14 am
♪ we're back now with what's trending today. one of the trending topics today the mtv video music awards known
8:15 am
for a outrageous show. but one of the poignant moments came from miley cyrus. after winning video of the year, she allowed a homeless man to accept that award on her behalf. >> i've survived in shelters all over the city. i've cleaned your hotel rooms. i've been an extra in your movies. i've been an extra in your life. though i may have been invisible to you on the streets i have a lot of the same dreams that brought many of you here tonight. a dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream we dream together in reality. thank you so much for your time. >> a nice moment. and this morning a lot of people are asking just who was that guy? his name is jesse. he's a 22-year-old from oregon. until recently he was living on the streets in hollywood. the pair met on tuesday when miley visited a homeless charity. and the pop star says this isn't a stunt. this is just the beginning of an
8:16 am
effort to fight homelessness. some people, though, are skeptical this morning. >> so are they skeptical whether it was a stunt for her or his story? >> i don't think they're skeptical of his story. i think they're skeptical that maybe this is an effort to repair an image. >> well, if you are one of the millions of visitors to vegas every year, willie and dylan have this year, hoping to beat the odds, we've got an inspirational story for you this morning. have you heard of the lion share? have you heard of that? >> very stingy slot machine. >> that is correct. it's known for being the stingiest slot machine in vegas. after more than a decade, it has finally given up its bounty. a pair of grandparents from new hampshire beating the machine hitting a jackpot of $2.4 million. >> well, like any good american,
8:17 am
i'm going to give a by chunk of it to uncle sam. then after that is done, we've been blessed in our lives. i don't know that our lifestyle will change much, but i've got two children and five grandchildren. and they will certainly benefit from it. >> so the couple put in a hundred dollars. and just five minutes later they were surprised to see the little green lions on the machine light up. >> been holding onto it for about 20 years. it's about time. baseball teams invite kids to join them on the field before the first pitch. it's a nice gesture that almost backfired on sunday. little girl darts out on the field just as nationals star pitcher stephen strasburg heats up to throw a heater. she had been talking to the shortstop and was running back to the dugout. ran in front of the pitcher. the catcher got his attention to stop it. that's dad chasing after her.
8:18 am
overheard saying, get over here young lady, as she darts across the major league baseball field. >> does that count as a balk? >> not in warm-ups. >> now to what's being called the world's scariest selfie. three students getting the access of a lifetime atop of one of hong kong's tallest s skyscrape skyscrapers. the daredevil perched more than 1100 feet in the air and they also found time of course to snack on some bananas while enjoying the view. i would be throwing up bananas. >> can anybody go up to the top of that thing? >> that's what i was wondering. >> is that an attraction? and if so, we've got to go there. >> you see the wind up there. >> you could hear the wind. >> i just want to see the little girl run past them now. and that's "what's trending" today. up next, al's conversation with emmy host seth meyers.
8:19 am
we are as we've been mentioning all morning, the 66th primetime emmy awards are tonight. al caught up with this year's host. hey, al. >> hey, guys. the honor is going to host seth meyers. he's been on a wild ride over the past year. and he's promising to pull out all the stops tonight at l.a.'s nokia theater. this has been a pretty big 12 months for you. okay, you got married.
8:20 am
>> i did. >> you got "late night." >> yep. >> and now you're hosting the emmys. >> yeah. it's kind of over after this. come october, it's going to be a sad situation with me. nothing ahead of me on the calendar. i guess i could have kids. >> there you go. >> when you've got nothing else, just have a kid. this is kind of the holy grail of comedy of hosting in a sense. was there ever any thought about saying no? >> not really. these opportunities don't come around that often. it's flattering to be offered. >> what's your goal for this whole extravaganza? >> i think if you can avoid a train wreck people are pretty happy. people talk more about the emmys the two months leading up to the emmys than they do the day after. so you just want hopefully a week after nobody will be talking about it anymore. >> you're basically looking to do the least amount of damage.
8:21 am
>> right. i think you want to score and you have a very -- you know, the funny thing people ask about hosting. you have only a few small wind does to make an impact. >> are you doing any song and dance? >> i can't sing and i can't dance. but there will -- i'm hoping at least -- there will be something a little musical in the show. but i promise to be far away in the wings when that happens. >> that means you won't be part of that. >> that's my guarantee to you. >> no twerking? >> no twerking. nobody wants that. >> who are you rooting for? >> poehler. jon hamm's never won an emmy. nothing makes me happier than seeing old "snl" friends get the goal. >> there is a poignancy this year because of the loss of robin williams. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, i only met him once. he couldn't have been more of a lovely person. the stories of how wonderful he was in the week after he passed
8:22 am
were moving. the emmys always have a place for in memoirium. >> do you have a ritual, superstition, good luck thing? >> not really. i was a boston red sox fan for a long time. when they finally won the world series, i realized no superstitions mattered. i said just try to focus. >> so i won't say good luck. i'll say have a great show. >> thank you very much. i will take that. >> and, guys, the poignancy tonight, last year robin williams was paying tribute to his mentor jonathan winters in the in memorium and this year it will be billy crystal's turn to pay tribute to his good friend. >> it will be an unforgettable moment during the show. thank you, al. who is walking away with the trophies? we'll preview the emmy race
8:23 am
coming up. and catch the show tonight at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific here on nbc. if you're the parent of a teenager, chances are you've had to drag them out of bed on occasion, but at what point should that become cause for concern? a new study out this morning is drawing some attention to the poor sleep habits of american teens. we have the chair of the medical center here in new york. doctor, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> how about this? i'll read you this. an epidemic of poor, insufficient sleep in teenagers. that doesn't sound good. >> all of us are aware that teenagers sleep later, are hard to wake nup the morning. what's surprising is that can have really adverse consequences in their daytime routine such as school performance. >> yeah. poor academic performance. increased risk of obesity, more likelihood of being involved in motor vehicle crashes. the reason they're not getting sleep, a lot of the usual suspects on the list.
8:24 am
>> right. but also adolescents are different from adults. >> you talk about adjustment. one of the headlines coming out of this study is there is a growing call for school start times to be pushed back later. what do you think about this? is that one of the major problems? >> well, yes. the american academy of pediatrics has looked at the research and indicates kids sleep later but then they have to wake up early. and they don't get the amount of sleep they need which is about eight and a half to nine and a half hours. so one of the possible solutions is to start school later. >> in fairness to schools and school districts across the country, they don't just randomly pick a start time. there are a lot of factors that go into that. >> absolutely. so it's going to take conversations with families and communities to say how do we engage in having the safest environment for our kids? >> and also when it comes back to parents and getting your kids
8:25 am
the sleep they need, curb the electronic devices, try to get them off social media before they get to bed. and caffeine is a big problem as well. >> absolutely. all of those things. number of things to get our kids healthy. >> and if teens are not getting enough sleep during the week, can they catch up on the weekend? >> they can, but it doesn't make up all of the loss. so it's a good idea for sleep hygiene. >> get the amount you need every night. thanks so much. nice to see you. and coming up, could you survive a month without e-mail, text, or the internet? we're going to find out how jill martin is doing in our 30-day detox challenge. but first a look at these messages, your local news, and of course that all-important weather forecast.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. overnight, crews worked to restore power to all but 150 customers immediately after the quake there were 70,000 customers without power. most of the remaining outages are in napa and st. helena. pg&e says crews responded to 700 calls by people who thought they smelled gas. never can be too careful. let's check on the morning commute with mike. >> well, it's slow across the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. very slow for the tri-valley. unusually slow. a big backup west 580.
8:27 am
recovering south 680 through pleasanton and sunol. holding steady for the south bay and slower towards cupertino. a crash clearing from that interchange but no lanes blocked right now. the rest of the bay and the peninsula is moving smooth. highway 84, there's a stall sedan in your far left lane which may be an issue as you make a left turn over to university avenue. thank you for the update. thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back in another half hour with another local news update. have a great monday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a monday morning. 25th day of august. man, this month is almost gone. 2014. out on the plaza with a nice crowd, we're beginning with beautiful weather. we'll end with an arianna grande concert later in the week which is cool. >> that's hot. so it's a great day as mentioned in new york. it should be an incredible night in laepos angeles as the stars e out for the emmys here on nbc.
8:31 am
we'll break down the night's stiffest competitions including the packed drama category. >> that's a tough one. plus we have star power here in the studio as well. adrien brody will be here to tell us about his magical new mi miniseries. >> it's magical. >> i'm sorry? >> i was just saying it's houdini. >> get me out of this situation. first, mr. roker gearing up for is the emmys. tell us about the weather out there. >> matt knows about a straight jacket or two. anyway. our weather has been spectacular. let's show you what's happening around the rest of the country. we do have rip currents stretching from the northeast all the way into the carolinas. wet weather, lower mississippi river valley. out west here going to be gorgeous. 75 in los angeles. perfect day. the heat continues to build in the southwest texas into the central plains. tomorrow that heat makes its way to the east. cleveland tomorrow 87 degrees for a high.
8:32 am
88 in washington, d.c. boston, you're going see a high of 85. more wet weather making its way into the southwest and in southern california we've got a hurricane off the pacific coast. rip currents will be a big problem. and high surf advisories, in 8:32. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. happy to report some good news. it's going to be a really nice day. strong onshore flow extending into the tri-valley. it's mostly clear at this point down in the south bay. we will be one of the warm spots as a result. clearing already taking place here. gradually clearing at the immediate coast and around the inner bay with a nice, warm finish. 66 degrees in san francisco. 77 degrees on the peninsula and 80 in san jose. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> announcer: the emmys on "today" is brought to you by the
8:33 am
agile all new audi q-3. stray the course. >> thanks very much. now a look at tonight's 66th primetime emmy awards. who's going to walk away with those sought-after trophies? he there's going to be the poignant moment when billy crystal gets on stage and pays tribute to robin williams. >> that's the one sure thing we know. billy crystal and robin williams had a close relationship. they worked together in comic relief specials. they acted together in a movie. there's going to be the first words billy crystal will give about the situation. >> what strikes me about the categories, we're going to talk shows here but further on star power. huge. let's start out with category for best drama series. breaking bad, downton abbey, game of thrones, house of cards,
8:34 am
mad men. who goes away with it? >> the last time to award the mad men show. or will they go with true detective as a form of gainsmanship almost. and this is the only chance to reward this cast for their work. a lot wonder whether those two will be the combatants. >> listen to these names. claire danes, robin wright, liz lizzy caplan, kerry washington, and margulies. >> many believe because the good wife wasn't nominated, julian margulies might be able to walk away with it this time. but robin wright was phenomenal. entertainment weekly we're always looking out for great female roles. it's clear she had such a complex layered role.
8:35 am
so i think she'd be the leader for me. >> all right. outstanding lead actor in a drama series, bryan cranston, kevin spacey, jon hamm, jeff daniel daniels, woody harrelson, matthew mcconaughey. >> i think it's going towards breaking bad but matthew maccon hay is probably in the lead in that cast. when you like at bryan cranston, he's been rewarded before. this would be the last time to reward his portrayal of walter white. a lot of people loved that last arc in the season. he's the one to beat, but a lot believe matthew mcconaughey deserves a win. >> if he gets the win, he can put the trophy in his fanny pack. let's lighten it up. best comedy series, louie, modern family, orange is the new black, silicon valley, big bang theory, and veep.
8:36 am
>> if modern family walked away with it this year, it would tie frazier with five in the comedy series pitch would be a record. but veep has been surging with the popularity. julia louis-dreyfus was on a cover of ours recently. that's another one i think you have to watch come tonight. >> best actress in a comedy series. lena dunham, melissa mccarthy, eddie falco, amy poehler, or julia louis-dreyfus for veep. >> julia louis-dreyfus is the front runner. her portrayal of the politician in veep has everyone cracking up. i mentioned it's a fan favorite in our entertainment weekly. orange is the new black released its new seen on streaming precisely when the emmy deciders were working. >> matt leblanc, don cheadle,
8:37 am
william macy, jim parsons. >> jim parsons has been cleaning up in this category. he's on the largest show on tv right now in the big bang theory. but i think this is a battle of mass versus critically acclaimed. louis c.k., he covered deep scenes in addition to comedy. >> best reality competition program. we've got a local favorite here in "the voice." what do you think is going to happen in that category? >> the amazing race has won 10 out of 12 opportunities here. but "the voice" was the first and only singing competition to unseat it. i think they have a good chance. >> i like when you give us the inside track of what's happening. thank you. and you can catch the 66th primetime emmy awards live at 8:00 eastern/5:00 pacific here on nbc. and al and carson will be live from los angeles tomorrow on "today" with all the winners, the fashions, the afterparties, and a lot more. up next, could you do it? we'll check in on our 30-day
8:38 am
detox challenge and see if jill martin can handle vacation without e-mail or the internet. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back now. 8:40 with our 30-day detox challenge to give up a bad habit or vice. "today" contributor jill martin has led the charge with going without e-mail, text, or the internet. >> so how is she doing? and our viewers detoxing along with us. take a look. >> so i'm on vacation. every year i take my vacation at the end of august. and this year i'm on a cruise. i'm going on a european tour. i'm with my best friend who will be shooting all this. say hi. >> hi! >> obviously i have no iphone and no wi-fi. i have a situation. they handed us the menu and it's
8:41 am
on an ipad. i feel guilty ordering from it. i don't normally send postcard so i'm doing it now. i would match rurt have a friend send me this than an e-mail. i'm here in berlin. i'm with my best friend sherri. and sherri has something about how this is going. >> i travel with jill extensively. we've known each other wince serp 5. this is the first time i've seen her so relaxed, so present, so focused. she's not working 24/7. it's been delightful. >> it's monday, august 18th. my husband's out of town on business. i'm on the honor system this week. all i want is to drink a coke and i easily could. no one would know. can mommy have pop, kenkennedy? >> yeah. >> yeah? but i can't lie. i'm anxious for this to be over.
8:42 am
i looked down at my garbage can and you can see what used to be filled with coke bottles is now filled with gatorade bottles. >> i wanted to let you know since the last update i kicked things into high gear and i can proudly say that i've gone almost full whole weeks without saying one negative thing about the way that i look. my family went on a long weekend trip and i forgot my makeup. i didn't stress over it. went to the beach. wore my bathing suit without woes. i've had a lot of support from the local community. newspaper covered the story. i hope this will last beyond the detox and my daughter and my son for that matter will both see only the confident mother and grow up with that same confidence. >> morning, everyone. just giving you my three-week check in. so far so good. once again, i have withstood some really strong temptations but with the trip coming to new york, i can't even deal. my anxiety levels are off the
8:43 am
chart. my girlfriends are talking about going shopping, buying new shoes and that's just what i need to add to my 398 pairs in my closet. but so far so strong. i have my will power. i'm going to pull through this. >> by default it's no longer in your awarness. and we find 30 days is the average amount of time when you have replaced this behavior perhaps with something different or more positive, after 30 days we will see that people often stick to this new habit. >> a lot of stars on that calendar. let's check in with how we're doing. your bout was to give up sweets for 30 days. how are you doing? >> i'm out of the challenge. i cashed out. i should have narrowed it down to ice cream or cookies. we do cooking segments. we did s'mores the first day of the detox. >> that's cruel. >> i was at 200 bucks.
8:44 am
>> so you're not even attempting anymore. >> i can't lie to myself. dylan? >> i'm not in it, but i just came back from vacation and went to a creamery. and i had the best ice cream cone ever. just to rub that in. >> in a related story. >> thanks for share ppg. >> you? you gave up what? >> bread. bread, pizza, pasta. i've given up those things but there are all these cookies and crackers. i'm still getting in on those. >> you haven't had one cheat? >> i think crackers are bread based. >> i gave ice cream. i was set back one day early. then saturday i opened the freezer to get ice and a pint of haagen-dazs ice cream hit me in the head. so i had another fallback. i'll be back on track though.
8:45 am
>> love that. so we'll see. maybe i'll launch back in. >> no. you're done. you're out. >> all right. up next, someone who's not done with us. guess who's paying a visit to studio 1a? oscar winner adrien brody is here. his new series -- >> how are you? >> adrien will join us. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
back now at 8:47 with a look at the life of one of the greatest magicians of all time. adrien brody stars at harry houdini on history. take a look. >> put an ad in the paper and tell people you're going to do something crazy and a thousand people will show up. throw in a chance of me getting
8:48 am
killed, and you have to beat them back with a stick. it was the wrong moment to start thinking. if i started to think, i might forget who i was. the great houdini. >> and adrien brody is with us. good to see you. so i was watching and multitasking. the minute that clip starts and i stopped doing everything and spent the rest of my afternoon with you watching this. it's tremendous. congratulations. >> thank you. it's exciting. >> it is exciting. what drew you to this project? you're such an intriguing person on so many levels. i wondered what was it about harry houdini that caught you? >> i had a real fascination with magic at a very young age. and he is one of the people that
8:49 am
inspired me on a pretty profound level for a young person. i didn't understand the complexity of his life at that time. but what he symbolizes still resonated with me as a boy. >> when you say what he symbolized, what is that? >> you know, he is -- first of all, in doing the research i understand him better. he's the epitome of the american dream. he is someone who's not only escaped the confines of the physical shackles, but the shackles that keep down the impoverished people. >> he's an underdog. >> he was an eastern european immigrant. he overcame all these things and he escaped that. he represented that to people that is possible. and that's a very heroic thing beyond the other aspects of the amazing stunts he performed.
8:50 am
what he represented i think resonated especially at that time, at the turn of the century there was -- we still have a lot of poverty, but there was a w k working class that identified with him. >> and looking for the one way to escape that poverty. we can use the word escape in this way. and he did just that. and what i thought was amazing as well about this miniseries is it dug into his life and what motivated him and the challenges. not to give too much away, there was a scene where he looks down in the audience and no one is there and he's got to step his game up. what was that like pushing the limits? >> he's very driven. he's probably more driven than anybody i've met or knew without the exception of roman polanski. but he was such a driven human being. and he was an inventor.
8:51 am
he created all of these things. he understood marketing more than anybody. at that time in history this man was making an announcement and what they reference in that clip was he's making an announcement and everyone would show up to check him out. then he developed all these new fans and awareness. say i'm going to jump off a bridge and there he was. >> seei inin ining twitter an a stuff today -- >> oh, yeah. he would be a sensation. he still is. it's him and charlie chaplin and that's about it. >> you pointed out you were a magician as a kid and someone told me you were willing to try a trick for me. are you ready? >> my goodness. you know what? someone handed me a pencil so that i could do one of my childhood magic tricks. >> let's see it. >> we live in a new world today.
8:52 am
nobody has a pencil. >> here we go. drum roll. >> you ready to be my trusty assistant? >> will i lose a limb? >> not if you're careful dean what i tell you. you have to told this very tightly. angle it so people can see it. i will -- >> matt lauer is trying to copy. so make sure this is legit. >> this is an ordinary dollar bill and ordinary pencil. i will now attempt to break this pencil with a dollar bill. >> have you done this? >> i haven't done this since i was 11. don't move. i'm not as accurate. >> here we go. >> okay. okay. you have to focus. >> focus. come on. >> really. it has to be -- ready? focus, focus, focus. >> we're all getting sucked in.
8:53 am
>> we're getting sucked in. tries o try one more time. oh. this is "today" on nbc. go, adrien.
8:54 am
hey there fellow californians. i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, (roar) especially during a drought. learn to save water and money at tamron's going to be up all night trying to figure that one out. >> dylan too. >> we've got some birthday wishes. hey, willard. >> here we are down on the farm.
8:55 am
steven spielberg, see the scene behind me, he used that for "war of the worlds." lillian moss 102 years old today. she is from rutherford, new jersey. she loves to play the piano and sing. everybody is crazy about her. desmond allen is 100 years old today. and he is from ticonderoga, new york. he's been married for 75 years. how about that? happy birthday. can't beat that. this is erlene boysaw from birmingham, alabama. loves to cook. one of the greatest cooks in town. arthur grewe, 106 years old from bellevue, iowa. now back to new york. >> all right. thank you.
8:56 am
tamron insists we show this one more time. ai adrien brody. >> i think if you slow it up you can find out. >> it's not his finger. >> not yet. >> it wasn't his finger. >> okay. this is going to take -- we're go i think to put a crack team of researchers on this. by thursday or friday of this we a very good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. assessing the damage and rebuilding the damage caused to homes and schools and a number of roadways due to the earthquake. there will be an update from the 6.0 quake and the latest on who are still being treated at the queen of the valley hospital. in the meantime, a look at the
8:57 am
forecast. really comfortable weather out there. there's going to be a lengthy clean-up process. part of the reason for the weather is the strong onshore flow as the ocean breeze builds for us. temperatures are going to be comfortable. 77 on the peninsula and 66 degrees in san francisco. no rush, andy.
8:58 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a monday morning. august 25th, 2014. i'm willie geist along with tamron hall. natalie is off. al is in los angeles for tonight's big emmy awards. he's up early. going to be up late. but al can hang. >> he can hang with the best of them. so we have a vma hangover. and then tomorrow, is it an emmy hangover? when it's two days in a row where you stay up late like this to party, what is it? >> it's like college. >> two all nighters for al. >> party time.
9:01 am
>> we'll get you to weigh in on some of these. we were watching the vmas last night. tamron watched it like six times. >> i watched a repeat because i had to see blue ivy again. so cute. >> you could have dvr'd it. >> no she stayed up and watched it. >> no they did a repeat. >> i know. as soon as it ended it went right back in. but this beginning was a little spooky there with the kabuki kind of look there. but when they ended up with blue ivy, how amazing was that? >> she accepted the michael jackson video vanguard award. she was then joined by jay z and blue ivy. how cute is blue ivy? and we were talking about this earlier, there's a moment where blue ivy is sitting on jay's lap while her mom is performing and she was just jamming. >> show knows the songs. she was dancing to "flawless." at one point you'll see here baby blue starts doing her hand
9:02 am
motions like the video. and even jay z is surprised. he has that proud parent thing and he watched the camera to catch her again. he had that parent moment. it was so cute. >> he feels her bouncing on his knee and goes with it. >> hey, guys. there was a big thing also. nicki minaj did that song "anaconda," they had to change it up. because during the dress rehearsal the night before, one of her dancers was actually bitten by a snake. >> is that true? i saw that and i wasn't sure if that was a rumor. >> it's true. so they got rid of the snakes. cut them out. >> well, they kept everything else. >> yes, they did. yes, they did. >> lucy came down for the beginning of the show and we got through arianna grande. then the opening bar of "anaconda," all right, upstairs sweetie. >> run, run. yeah, it's a very sexy show
9:03 am
throughout. i mean, there were -- >> it was a very cheeky show. >> that's the word i was looking for. >> come on. >> it was very cheeky. >> no buts about it. >> but they performed your song "bang bang." that was one of the highlights for me from home. i was like, yes, they're doing al's song. >> the dress came undone. do you think that was intentional? >> i don't think she could get changed in time. it was a pretty quick change. >> so you think she didn't have time to zip the front of her dress? >> i don't know. she was clutching that thing for dear life. >> yeah. they said she had a wardrobe malfunction. occasionally a zipper will break. i've had it happen many times. but not on stage with millions of people watching. but zippers do break and it looks like -- but here's the one thing someone pointed out. everyone else has a stick mic. she has one of those janet jackson ear mics. so some people thought it may have been planned. i don't think it was planned. i think that's one of those moments the zipper gives. >> that was the mic she had from the "anaconda." and i have a feeling they were
9:04 am
trying to change -- she was trying to change very rapidly and it just didn't work. earlier on the red carpet i ran into jessi j. she's obviously a big fan of our show -- >> she's a fan of yours. >> no, i think of our show because she had seen us talking about "bang bang." take a listen. >> hello. >> you are the man. >> i'm the man. >> i saw your video like a thousand times. >> so you saw me dancing to "bang bang." ♪ bang bang into the room >> gosh, she can sing. >> even that right there. just that one note. >> and by the way, i was the oldest person on the red carpet. >> that's not true. >> oh, my gosh. every other interviewer was like 26 years old. >> no. was madonna there? that was a joke. >> i don't know. my man snoop was there. >> oh, boy. >> he asked you to the, quote, green room. did you go to the green room with him? >> i did not go to the green
9:05 am
room because i had to get up this morning. >> you were offered a chance. >> i was. but i thought no good could come of that. i appreciated the offer. >> that green room is good for bedtime. it mellows you out a bit. >> lucy, daddy's got some secrets apparently. >> no, no. >> that's why willie was trying to get lucy back up to bed. >> go on, girl. so let me ask you, al. some of the red carpet fashions were very interesting. katy perry and rapper riff raff, they arrived in this matching denim getup. apparently it was a throwback from britney spears and justin timberlake back when they were a couple at the american music awards 2001. what did this look like in person? because that's what i was wondering the whole time. >> you know what? at first i was, is this what i'm seeing? really? wow. it was a bold move. i'm not quite sure. and i think people generally agree that justin and britney maybe wore it better. >> have you ever dressed like
9:06 am
debra? do you coordinate with your wives? >> no. i'm not allowed. >> i could think of nothing worse. >> al said he's tried. >> when we've gone out to certain events, i'll maybe wear a tie that's an accent to a color in her gown but that's about it. i have threatened to get matching hawaiian shirts for everybody in the family. they literally threw my phone out the window. i was actually ordering them from l.l. bean and they grabbed the phone and the kids were like stomping on it. but i thought it would be so much fun. like "the goldbergs." >> he trolls his own children to try to get them mad. >> just to see their reaction. it was a fun show. i can't wait for the emmys tonight to see all the red carpet fashion and fun you'll have there too. >> and carson is going to be joining me tomorrow morning from here. it's going to be a long night. this is my marathon. i'll do the red carpet.
9:07 am
i've got the one-on-one interviews with the winners and then i go out to the parties. >> stay hydrated. lots of water. avoid sugar. sugar makes you crash. >> no, no sugar. lot of water. >> lots of water. >> all right, al. we'll check in with you for your forecast in a couple minutes. some other stories making news today. this is a crazy one. yesterday an american airlines flight from dallas to san diego was diverted to phoenix after a bomb threat that may have targeted the sony executive on the plane. a group of hackers going by the lizard squad tweeted at american airlines saying we've been receiving reports that j smedley's plane has explosives on board. please look into this. that's the tweet. that is john smedley. he's the president of sony online entertainment. he was one of the 179 passengers on board. he tweeted yes my plane was diverted. not going to discuss more than that. justice will find these guys.
9:08 am
thankfully the plane landed without incident. the fbi says the investigation is still ongoing. by the way lizard squad claimed responsibility for hacking the sony playstation network over the weekend. you can see the theme here. going after sony. >> why are they upset? did something happen? >> they haven't said explicitly why. but when you put these pieces together, obviously they're going after sony. >> crazy. another story over the weekend that's continuing to develop, the worst quake in california in 25 years hit early yesterday morning. the epicenter six miles out of napa. in fact, it was the 6.0 magnitude and lasted 10 to 20 seconds. was felt across a 200-mile span. dozens of homes were damaged by the violent shaking you see captured in videos released. a lot of gas and water mains were ruptured. 200 people treated at hospitals. most for cuts and bruises. when i woke up yesterday morning i saw there was a quake and it was down played for a little bit
9:09 am
of the early reporting. and then i went back in and you start to see the images once daylight arrived. and this video is terrible. ten seconds before the quake, an experimental early warning system at uc berkeley did issue an alert. it was the first time it was used. dylan, we were talking about it with her earlier today. but this is ground breaking in addition to -- this technology is revolutionary in the way that it can inform people and alert people. >> and it looked like it worked in this case. in this isolated case. now they're hoping it's something they can use. even if you can get ten seconds. get somewhere safe. get your kids somewhere safe. that's a big deal. the damage was bad in napa, but luckily the injuries were not terribly severe. >> our thoughts are with those families where homes and businesses were destroyed. >> germ story. germ story of the day. >> where's matt lauer? >> oh, boy. here we go.
9:10 am
cheerios in the car seat. that's always ugly. >> i love getting in parents' cars. i'm like, oh, look. cheerio. i don't mind if i do. >> ours are goldfish. sometimes they're soggy somehow. there's this study out there because there's always a study about germs you'll find. it found children's car seats have twice as many germs than the average toilet. so get rid of the car seats. burn them and get rid of your children as well. >> that's terrible. >> scientists took swabs from car seats discovered an average of bacteria and fungi in a small sample. a toilet found half that number. car seats are dirty. news flash. >> i'm always fascinated with the fact that car seats are cloth. why don't they make them -- >> you want to make leather seats? >> no. highchairs, the ones i remember, maybe they've changed. i'm not often around babies. remember they had vinyl. why don't they make the car seats kind of like a vinyl,
9:11 am
easier to wash. because when they're cloth you then have you take it off and then wash it. if it's cloth you can just wipe it down. >> maybe it's a comfort thing. kids spend a lot of time in those. i don't know. >> here's your choice. germs on your tushie or a clean seat. >> here's the deal, they have germs on their tushie already. you're not going to change that with a material. >> i thought i had a million-dollar idea. >> al, what's going on with the weather? >> i'm concerned for lucy and george because they just heard daddy say burn the car seats and get rid of the kids. >> well, they're not in car seats anymore so they're okay. >> but the get rid of the kids part. >> this guy means business. when we interrupt his vma awards, he holds a grudge. that's what happens. >> i'm just saying. anyway, let's take a look and show you. we've got a lot of heat to talk about. this is dangerous heat affecting millions from the south all the way into the northeast by the time this thing is over. so for today we have heat advisories, excessive heat
9:12 am
watches and warnings from arkansas all the way into illinois, iowa, and indiana. look at this. oklahoma is going to be -- oklahoma city, 100. dallas, 101. memphis, 96. louisville, 91. birmingham, 90. then for tomorrow, it makes its way to the east. detroit, 86 degrees. pittsburgh, 87. lexington, 89. then on wednesday as we make our way to the east, whoa. boston, look at this. get ready. almost 90 degrees. that's 11 degrees above normal. new york, 87. d.c., 92. pittsburgh is going to be 87. we also were worried about cristobal over the weekend, tropical storm cristobal. now 150 miles east/northeast of the bahamas. now 60 mile-per-hour winds. moving north at 3. going to pick that up and move it between the eastern seaboard and bermuda and then out to sea. however, it could be causing dangerous rip currents and high surf from nantucket all the way to charleston.
9:13 am
so over the next few days, be very careful going into is the water because of rip currents and high surf. that's what's going on around the country. here 9:13. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a good-looking day courtesy of onshore flow. the clouds moved inland. as a result, we'll see the comfortable sea breeze pushing in and for us that will translate to a cooler than normal day for the bay area. beautiful day ahead. 83 for the south bay. peninsula, 77. 66 in san francisco. as we head towards the end of the week, temperatures will climb but no 90s in the south bay all the way across the board. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by new nexium 24 hour for frequent heartburn. now available without a prescription. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right. thanks so much. you have an update. >> i have an update regarding
9:14 am
plastic car seats to avoid the germ problem. maria says plastic seats make kids sweat. it's like wearing polyester. someone else dashing my dreams of millions. >> it's swampy down there for the kids. >> enjoy your cheerios. coming up, we're going to find out who we think will be tonight's big winners at the emmys. we made our picks. in today's usa today in partnership with them. best drama, comedy, actor, actress. we'll compare our choices to those that usa today made. >> put it all out on the table. >> and we'll see how we do tomorrow morning. >> but up next, this should put you in a good mood for a monday morning. cut your workout time in half and you still get the same benefits. some health rules you can break after this. after this. introducing nexium 24hr
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honey bunches of oats. yay! apthai shrimp salad,bos now with crisp greens,w juicy shrimp, and sliced almonds. all tossed with a chili lime vinaigrette. better lunch choices never tasted so good. under 600 calorie lunch combos starting at just $6.99 only at applebee's. or they'll be ready for pick-up when you order online. >> announcer: "today's" health brought to you by sensodyne complete protection toothpaste. the number one dentist recomm d recommended brand for sensitive teeth. we've heard all of these. get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. >> we've got news for you. some of the tried and true health hrules, broken. thank you so much for joining us, doctor. >> hello. >> let's launch into this first one. eating at night may cause weight
9:18 am
gain. that's what we've all heard. >> right. and a lot of people say don't eat after 8:00, don't eat after 7:00. people think their digestion slows down. the truth is there's no signs to back that up. whether you gain weight or not is based on how many calories you take in and how many you burn. one caveat to this is we tend to snack on unhealthy foods late at night. i've never craved carrots at 11:00 p.m. if you do that, cut yourself off. but in terms of metabolism, doesn't matter what time of day. >> there goes the tub of ice cream before bed. the next one, 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. that's been drilled in our heads. >> now research suggests a high intensity workout for maybe just a few minutes can give the same
9:19 am
cardiovascular benefit. that is good news for those of us that have a hard time getting the 30 minutes. very high intensity. a high sprint on the treadmill, jumping jacks. but do it for a minute or two minutes, take a rest. and maybe continue for ten minutes three times a week. we're not talking about weight loss. if you're doing the exercise to lose weight, then yes the longer you do it the better. but just for your heart's protective effect, short intensity workouts are great. >> seven to eight hours of sleep at night. not true? >> well, i'm a big believer in sleep. i've said this all the time. try to get the seven to eight hours. if you skip a few nights of that, you can make it up. you can make it up if it's just a couple nights a week. but the way you do it is important. i'm not saying sleep in the next day. go to bed earlier. >> are you okay with a nap in the middle of the day?
9:20 am
>> only 30 minutes. any more than that it affects your sleep at night. >> i thought it was 45. i've been sleeping too much. >> wake up. >> let's get another one in here. limit your egg intake if you have high cholesterol. >> eggs have been vilified for decades because of the cholesterol. we're now learning there are different types of the bad cholesterol. it seems eggs may actually raise not just the ldl that's bad for you but the type that may not be harmful. they also are a great source of protein. they have things great for your neurological development. overall, egg not so bad. i will say for diabetes they may be dangerous. general healthy population an egg a day not a big problem. >> good stuff. good information. thank you so much. coming up, we've got all the news you need before you walk out the door. >> and later on, which of your favorite shows will be tonight's [ jeremy ] i get to spend all day, every day, visiting with dentists,
9:21 am
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9:24 am
taking a look at the headlines. does school start too early and rob kids of valuable sleeping time? the american academy of pediatrics is now recommending later school start times for teenagers at least until 8:30 a.m. the influential group says teens should be getting eight and a half to nine and a half hours of sleep on a school night and says the lack of sleep can lead to poor health, bad grades, depression, and car crashes. guardians of the galaxy brought in an estimated $17.6 million. teenager mutant ninja turtles was in second and if i stay came in third. we've got an incredible example of brain freeze to bring you. this australian hockey player celebrated a goal by going skates up, head down finishing it off with a somersault before
9:25 am
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9:26 am
fiber one. new fiber one streusel. a good monday morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. recovery efforts are still under way in the north bay after yesterday's strong earthquake. this morning, 24 hours and change after the napa quake, more than 100 people are still banned from returning home because their damaged houses are too unstable. 208 people in total were treated for injuries, 17 of whom were hurt badly enough that they had to spend the night at the hospital. yesterday's quake ruptured gas lines and water mains throughout the north bay. downtown napa was the hardest hit area. it was not the epicenter of the quake but did see the most damage. 33 businesses are condemned. some with gaping holes in their walls. the quake was centered between napa and american canyon just
9:27 am
west of both cities. the good news this morning, almost all of the power has been restored. at some point, there were 30,000 plus some people without power. 70,000, i should say, had their power knocked out after that quake. now just 150 customers are in the dark. they hope to have everything back to normal later this morning. when we come back, a look at your weather and traffic. stay with us. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale! with 50% off the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
9:28 am
welcome back. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. strong onshore flow area for the bay area. even though we have no clouds, we're getting the cool westerly flow as the ocean breeze builds and temperatures in the low 80s in the south bay. we bump it up to 83 by tomorrow and then up to 87 as we head through wednesday and thursday. by friday and into the weekend, mike, could be tracking some showers. over to you. some folks would like the weekend even though they are just starting on the monday commute.
9:29 am
look how slow it is for the 580. still jammed up. it's the red area off the dublin interchange. the earlier crashes have cleared but it's still slow out of livermore and altamont pass. northbound 87 into downtown and 85 from cupertino up towards sunnyvale and a slow drive in your usual spots including the toll bay plaza. >> mike, we're almost at the weekend. positive thinking. the power of that. another local news update in 25 minutes. we'll see you then.
9:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today" on a monday morning. beautiful monday morning. august 25th, 2014, here in new york city. i'm willie here with tamron. al is in los angeles partying with the beautiful people. >> handsome man. >> there he is. >> and natalie has the week off. we'll check in with al in a moment. where do you come in on the e-reader versus hard book? >> i'm all e-reader all the time. i get all my books and magazines on my e-reader. easier to carry. >> i still go real book. i have some books on the ipad. >> real book. >> on vacation, i like that book. >> but you want to take a couple of books with you for the week.
9:31 am
and you guys don't have a purse. at least i have that. i spoke too soon but i find it more convenient. >> this new study has found that readers -- using an e-read er gives you a shorter memory. half read a kindle half read paper copy. the e-readers remembered significantly less. >> why don't we test this when you return. >> yeah. i'd be happy to. i love being able to turn the page. and the other great thing is battery never runs out on a book. >> yeah, but you turn the page like this. >> not the same thing. >> with the e-reader you get things like the bookmark, you can highlight. >> yeah because there are no pencils left anymore.
9:32 am
>> uh-oh. this is you two now. >> you don't highlight with a pencil. you highlight with a highlighter. >> you can give somebody else the book after you've read it so you can share it. >> your germs. >> oh, my. what? >> i was just channelling matt lauer. i don't have those issues. >> let's get the weather. let's get out of this mess. >> okay. >> we're go i think to test the e-reader thing. but what's your weather? >> what's my weather? we've got lots of sunshine along the eastern seaboard but rip currents as well as we watch cristobal move out into the atlantic. wet weather from the great lakes into the southwest. fantastic day on the west coast as well. for tomorrow the sunshine will continue. but rip currents as our hurricane moves out in the pacific, back into the great lakes. again the heat continues. that will start to move its way east from the central plains into the mid-atlantic states. 91 in cincinnati tomorrow. 84 in boston. and rip currents again will
9:33 am
continue tomorrow from 9:32. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. happy monday to you. really getting spoiled as the onshore flow continues and the cool ocean air moving inland. it will make to a beautiful, pleasant finish with temperatures just a little below average for this afternoon. that means 77 on the peninsula. 74 for the south bay and 66 in san francisco. warming you up as we head deeper into your work week. about 88 degrees at the peak on thursday. >> that's the latest weather. actually my biggest problem, audio books, i try listening and i keep falling asleep. >> i don't like audio books either. do you? >> on car rides. >> i do the same thing over and over. when you're driving that's even worse. >> we don't recommend that. >> that can be a problem, mr. roker. thank you. in a few hours all of hollywood's biggest stars will
9:34 am
be making their way down the red carpet for the 66th primetime emmy awards. >> we want to keep with the tradition and share our picks. ann, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> how about this? part of the life section this morning. usa today's pick. see how we chose and how you chose. we'll start with best actor. i went with mcconaughey. al likes bryan cranston. and tamron you also went true detective but with woody harrelson. >> yes. and usa today says -- >> bryan cranston. it's got to go to bryan yet again. his work was just a masterpiece in breaking bad. even though it seems like such a long time ago that finale aired back in september, we still have to recognize him. >> and it's a sendoff for that
9:35 am
series. >> and he's outstanding. it's hard to lose with this pick of anyone in there. >> let's go to best actress in a drama. >> i love olivia pope and kerry washington. natalie is voting for robin wright. >> al eni both went with robin wright. three of us. she's just down right evil now. >> she has that lady macbeth thing down. we're going to rock the boat. usa today says julianna margulies. >> she's outstanding too, but that's surprising. >> good wife was snubbed from the best drama category as a show so we think her nuanced solid performance might just land it for her. >> she's very good. let's get into comedy now. best actor in a comedy. i went with ricky gervais in derek. al went with louis c.k. >> and i had matt leblanc. and natalie, don cheadle.
9:36 am
>> we're going with jim parsons again. mass appeal. hugely popular. he's just fantastic on the big bang theory. everyone loves the show. so we're looking for him to take it home. it would be his fourth time. >> yeah. he's really good. best actress in a comedy. you like julia louis-dreyfus. i went with amy poehler. i'm rooting for her. >> it's hard not to root for her. >> and al also went for julia louis-dreyfus. >> we went for her as well. she's on a roll. she's hilarious in veep. >> let's do these quick now. best drama. i went true detective. al went house of cards. >> i went game of thrones. natalie did breaking bad. usa today says -- >> breaking bad. but i love you did game of
9:37 am
thrones. >> i won't ride on all of them. i'm going to put money on this. >> all of us with orange is the new black for comedy. unanimous. what does usa today say? >> modern family yet again. we're going for the popular vote. sorry. >> we're trying to be different. >> you can't just go with tradition. >> it's such a funny show. >> that's a great show, but orange is the new black is like -- >> this reminds us how good tv is right now. all these shows. >> it's going to be a great night no matter who wins. >> i love and envy your job. thank you. reminder, you can watch tonight's emmys tonight here on nbc. coming up next, tamron it's not a s'more or a peach. it's a smeach.
9:38 am
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9:41 am
♪ ♪ ♪
9:42 am
we're going to talk about that in a second. if you have no idea what to do with all that extra summer fruit in your kitchen riepgt now, we have sweet ideas for you. >> claire thomas is the author of "the kitchy kitchen." she's a genius for what she's about to do. smeach. talk to me about it. >> it's like it's a s'more and peach cobbler had a baby. >> how did you come up with this? leftover peaches? >> exactly. i just thought let's try this. >> what's the approach here? >> first thing's first. i'm going to add cayenne pepper to the brown sugar. >> what does it do? just a pop? >> i love spice.
9:43 am
so if you don't like spice, you can always omit that. >> i love that sweet and spicy blend. >> sweet and spicy is one of my favorite combinations. then brown sugar goes right on top of the peaches. you just stir it up to lightly coat. what happens is that whether you're putting this over the fire or in the oven, the brown sugar actually gets nice and caramelized. so it gets gooey and sticky. >> then you stick it on a skewer. >> exactly. you wet these because why? >> so the skewers don't get burnt in the oven. we're broiling these. >> how long? >> you kind of go by look. just do a couple. and there they are. nice and ready. >> oh, my gosh. those look delicious. >> they look beautiful. there you go. pop it on top. then put them in the gram cracker. >> i just do this. you just kind of scooch them just like that. >> i love it.
9:44 am
>> and you have a speech. that's it. it's gooey, it's crunchy. it's delicious. >> i'm going to try it. >> yeah, please. >> what are we doing with the pineapple? >> this is my favorite summer snack. once again playing off the sweet and spicy combination. we have a mixture of chili salt and then pineapple. and i love the salt with the pineapple. it brings out the natural sweetness. this is a great thing to do with a bunch of fruit as well. you can do mango, watermelon, papaya. >> i'm going to go rogue on this. i wonder if you soaked the pineapple in vodka, you have a nice adult treat. >> that would be fantastic. >> you cut it up and sprinkle on top. >> let's get to our favorite thing today. >> so pig candy is one of my favorite snacks. i use it as a bar snack. it's fantastic with beer.
9:45 am
essentially i just coat the bacon in brown sugar and cayenne pepper. and you bake it until it's nice and caramelized and golden brown. i have to have a try. >> you could not believe watching at home how good this is. just go make this right now. stop what you're doing right now and make this. thank you so much. the recipes are at >> my girl crush now. my gosh. up next -- >> i'm sorry. >> can you hear that it's the collective sigh from kids everywhere because it's back to school time? we have good ideas to make the transition easier for you right after this. introducing dance-all-you-want bladder leak protection from the experts in feminine protection. new always discreet underwear, for sensitive bladders. only always discreet underwear has soft, dual leakguard barriers, to help stop leaks where they happen most. plus a discreet fit that hugs your curves. you barely feel it. new always discreet. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal.
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what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, apthai shrimp salad,bos now with crisp greens,w juicy shrimp, and sliced almonds. all tossed with a chili lime vinaigrette. better lunch choices never tasted so good. under 600 calorie lunch combos starting at just $6.99 only at applebee's. or they'll be ready for pick-up when you order online. ifyou may be muddlingble withrough allergies.nger... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™.
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this is our team right here. and nothing is gonna break this team up. ♪ [ male announcer ] honey maid grahamfuls. everyday wholesome snacks, for every wholesome family. honey maid. this is wholesome. everyday wholesome snacks, for every wholesome family. make sure the second hug the feels just as good.ou. huggies gentle absorb liner... draws more mess away than pampers swaddlers. i'll take care of you. i promise. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit.
9:49 am
mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. ♪onuts? you're cute. ♪ ding special k protein cereal helps you stay satisfied. willpower. what will you gain? how ya doin'? mmmmmmm. okay, bye bye. ♪ ding help satisfy your hunger ... ...with special k protein bars and shakes willpower. what will you gain? look around. you're probably going to see a lot of happy parents and some not so thrilled kids because school is back in session for much of the country. >> and the transition can be hectic for kids and parents. to make it easier is meredith
9:50 am
sinclair. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you brought some friends with you. >> yes. i have my friend bella here that's sound asleep. >> you have to close your eyes. you're sound asleep. >> so busy school morning, it can be full of nagging your kids to stay on task. right? the first idea that we have is to let -- there's the alarm. to let their music help them is signal what to do. we made a fun play list for kids and interspersed that with specific songs to help them know. when you hear happy, it's time to go. when you hear express yourself, it's time to get dressed. so you make a play list and then their music cues them. let's say you hear the song daylight, what do you know what to do? get your coat on, get your backpack ready and you're not yelling a hundred times. >> i love that. >> better maroon 5 yelling at them than you. >> now bella is in the car with
9:51 am
her mom. the car pool survivor kit. one for kids in the back seat that keeps everything contained. i love using the soft shower caddies you can find. you put fun things in there for them to do that encourages conversation with their parents. i always have one of these in the front seat of my car. there's a lot of waiting in car pool lines for the kids after school. some dark chocolate. got a little emergency kit. just fun things. wet naps because there's always a mess. >> that's good. >> bella has a joke book. do you have a good joke for us? let's see what she's got. >> there's the school bell. she's got to get inside. >> you want to tell your joke? [ inaudible ]
9:52 am
>> it popped the question. >> one of the best parts of school is getting your locker. and decorating your locker. it has been kicked up. locker decorating. this is all from locker looks. what's great about this is your child can design their locker andst all using strong magnets. no adhesives. so she will put her stuff in the locker. there's even a chandelier in there to light it up for her. oh, yeah. >> quickly go to the homework table at home. what do you suggest there? >> my key point is to make a workstation that is for their kids. so everything is there. you use soup cans, some tape, spray painted them i wouldn't mind this in my living space. and this is a cute one that you can fill up. and you can move it if you want to move to a different place for
9:53 am
homework. >> and the kitchen. >> i love this. it's chalk board paper with chalk board pens. remind them what they have after school, encouraging notes in the morning. and here's fun snacks to make. animal on a log. >> great stuff. >> and apples here. and then a fun snack tray as well. >> thank you b so much. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
coming up next, regis. regis is here joining kathie lee for a stroll down memory lane. >> plus they'll catch up with anna clumsky. >> and you add animals to the mix. >> and don't forget the emmys
9:56 am
and a good monday morning to you. it's 9:56. i'm sam brock. we now know the name of the boy hurt in yesterday's strong earthquake in south napa. we're going to tell you that right now, actually. according to uc davis medical center, it's 13-year-old nicolas
9:57 am
dylan. he was hurt when a chimney fell on him at his house. meanwhile, 17 others are at the queen of the valley medical center right now still recovering from their injuries. 33 buildings have been condemned in all and stores have been trashed. experts say that because of all of those people who have to stay at home and all of the businesses that have had to stay closed, economic losses alone could topple $1 billion. 9:57 right now on your monday. let's check out what is going on with the weather front with christina loren. temperatures in the low 80s in the south bay. you can probably get by without your ac. 77 in the peninsula and 74 on the east shore and 65 in san francisco and as we head through the next couple of days, some changes to tell you about. below average for the first part of the week. midweek, near 90 even here in the south bay and then we get more clouds, maybe even a shower over the course of the weekend.
9:58 am
first, here's mike and your drive. a lot of folks don't like monday because it starts the work week but west 580 is still very slow through livermore. look at the speeds. around dublin, still very crowded there. all of the folks making their way out of the altamont. slowing from livermore in towards pleasanton. we had a series of crashes and a disabled big rig that set things off in the sunol area. getting towards the bay bridge, it's been a more pleasant commute. typical pattern there. not so bad out of the maze. towards san francisco, it's a smooth drive. the giants play tonight. sam, back to you. >> thank you, mike. the development in the south napa quake changing by the hour. we'll give you more in 30 minutes and then, of course, at 11:00 we'll be back.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> no, he regis. >> hoda. >> what are her name is, she's off again. big strong, just an egyptian woman out there. who knows where she could? she could be in the middle east? we don't know. where is she? >> she went on a little prebirthday celebration are her mom and her sister and two best friends down in the caribbean somewhere. she wants it to be unknown. she's secretive hoda now.
10:01 am
>> sure, she's in the caribbean though if you want to see her. you are a great team with her. >> thank you. reg and i if you have been living on another planet, we spent 15 years ago together at another network at another time. we've stayed friends and that means the world to me. you are coming to my house on saturday night. we can't get rid of each other. >> maybe i should just take a drink. i've been to your dinners before. >> all righty. now, who do we have on the show today? >> we have anna clumsky. >> you remember her back in the 90s? >> yes. she was a little girl. here she is. >> you still watch the seinfeld things at night, every night. >> that was the best show ever made, i think.
10:02 am
>> she's here with us and also the stars of hardcore pawn. >> what's that all about? >> it's hardcore. you brought in a little something. >> oh, i did. absolutely. wait till you see the money i get for what i brought in for this pawn guy. >> and we're also going to perform someplacer tattoo removal right here in the studio. >> gee, i've got a lot of tattoos here from my navy days. i'm kidding. i don't have one. but i would like to see -- >> i've seen you. i know you don't have any tattoos. >> there are so many people are trying to get rid of them. >> do you see melani griffith, she had that big antonio one here. my daughter turns 21 tomorrow. >> no kidding? that little girl. she's so cute. i talk to her on the phone today. >> the last time you were here
10:03 am
was 2012 and you've brought in a few pictures. >> i got to repeat again, you know, they came in here in 1983 back in l.a., by 85 they were looking around and sure enough, somebody ran down the street and got hoeled of us and this is what she looked like then. and is she cute or not? look at that. >> that's when frank used to call me helmet head. >> and the years went by, and we had good times, and i got just a couple of pictures. >> every time we took a picture, she was really all over me. would not leave me alone. >> well -- >> finally we got married here and i was the king. that's all there is to it and then of course this is the final picture right here. look at here. have you ever seen her happier than that. leaning all over me. >> but here. >> your favorite. we had some great people on the
10:04 am
show. the perrycomo, the great voice. he used to come on the show. >> and you went looking for perry como. >> we got a place down in florida, regis went down all the canals looking for perry. >> perry, it's me, regis, where are you. >> hoda and i talk about the music today. i'm not crazy about what's happening in the music today. you know what we played yesterday, you singing pennies from heaven. >> really. oh, i love this guy. we should hear him every day. >> everybody loves this guy. >> we should open the show with this. sing it, regis. >> regis is a terrific singer, entertainer. >> listen to regis. >> we have a big announcement to make. >> what do you got?
10:05 am
>> all right. here we are. everybody in the world is getting on the musical bandwagon. we just did the show last year. got huge ratings with carrie underwood. everybody knows it's going to be peter pan. sometime between now and before peter pan is going to be on, guess what's going to be on? today show the musical. yes. stop it! >> today show the musical? >> yes. >> written by who? >> me. now, listen -- it's called not today, and tomorrow is not looking good either. so when the producers came to me last january, said we want you to write a musical about the today show, i said what! it's going to be a disaster. they said that's why we want you. i have a little experience in disasters on broadway, so anyway they said will you do it? i said how much time do i get?
10:06 am
18 minutes. >> that's it. >> so i wrote it. david friedman and i wrote the music. it's done, and then i said do we have any talent here? because it's all going to be members of the show. >> does hoda sing? >> trust me. any way, you are going to be surprised. but we have a guest star that we're about to announce. only one person that's not a member of the today show family, one person, who do you think it is, reg? >> i have no idea. >> it's you. >> me? >> regis is going to be our guest star and it's going to be live and it's going to be so much fun. >> live. >> more about that in the future. >> scared of that. >> i love when i send the script over to you, this requires memorization. >> there are songs in there. >> yes, it's a musical. can you do it? >> yes, i can do it. >> are you my guy? >> of course i can. there's no other guy like me,
10:07 am
except for maybe hoda. >> what were you doing with craig ferguson? you were talking about me? >> you were on the drew carey show once. she was very sweet and i thought what a lovely woman. kind of sexy? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, i understand, you noticed that, huh? >> oh, i did. yeah, yeah. she's kind of got that, you know what i mean. >> can i tell her this when i see her? >> yeah. she knows -- yeah. she's bare will and i'm absolutely, and come on. yeah. >> really? >> you can appreciate the sexiness of another human being. >> i can. i've worked with her for 15 years. yeah, i took a look. >> you did not. >> yes, i did. >> there was more sexual tension between you and gelman than between you and me.
10:08 am
let me be honest. you are madly love with your baby joy. your wife of how many years now? >> i better not say. no, it's 44. >> 44 years. i met -- frank and i were friends when you and i started working together. there's baby joy. still looks like she's 20 years old. unbelievable. >> you and frank got married shortly after you were part of the show. >> in '85. got married to frank in '86, the rest is history. until you see not today and tomorrow is not looking good either. that's going to redefine history. >> that's a scary title. apparently there's a video, you know that pharrell song happy, more than 60 residents of a place in new zealand sent their best moves. >> their own version? >> their own version of happy. take a look.
10:09 am
♪ because i'm happy. clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. because i'm happy. because i'm happy, clap along if you feel like that's what you are going to do. ♪ >> people, you know, they say -- ♪ >> they are making fools of themselves. >> grabbing everybody bit of life they can, you know. >> absolutely. >> they are grabbing every bit of life while they still got it. regis and i are going to be there when it's all over. after our musical we're going straight into a rye tiermt home. i know it's time for funny friday. here's my friday funny. every friday i tell a joke. a husband who has six children begins to call his wife mother of six rather than by her first name. so the whief is amoussed at first, she laughs at the
10:10 am
nickname it's kind of cute. a few years later, the wife has grown through it. mother of six, what's for dinner or mother of six where is my shirt, finally while attending a party, he yells mother of six, it's time to go. she yells back, i'll be right with you, father of four. >> you mind if i tell you a real joke. >> real joke. >> two guys are out golfing one day, as one gets ready to take a shot, a funeral procession drives by the golf course, the man suddenly stops what he's doing, puts down his club, takes off his hat, places it over his heart. and the golfing buddy says i've never seen a -- that's the nicest thing i've ever seen you do and the guy says looks back at him and says well that's the least i could do after 20 years of marriage. you understand who is in the thing? the guy took off his hat, and
10:11 am
he's putting it over his heart. what do you want a guy to do when he's playing golf? >> oh, i love you, my regis. we're going to meet the stars of -- >> hardcore pawn. i love those guys. >> we're going to tell you whether you are holding to trash or treasure and you've got something to show them, right? >> absolutely. i've got a lot to show them. >> nobody more hardcore than reg. >> but first we're going to sit so it's everyday sun exposure that causes dark spots, sad but true. [ male announcer ] garnier anti-sun damage. a different daily moisturizer. different, because it helps correct signs of past damage, even dark spots. [ male announcer ] clinically tested with vitamin c, it corrects uneven tone and reduces dark spots. even those just below the surface. and see more even, more radiant skin in just 2 weeks. amazing. [ male announcer ] so impressive, 85% saw the difference. so forget about spots and get on with life! [ male announcer ] anti-sun damage daily moisturizer.
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10:15 am
23 years anna first captured our hearts as -- did i say it right? >> yeah. >> whatever. the loveable character from the hit film "my girl." >> you're still our girl, but now she's playing amy with the fictional vice president selena myers on the red hot hbo show called "veep." >> at the end of this season selena found out finally she was going to become president making amy's job so much harder because, after all, how can you reason with someone when they have a voice mail from beyonce. >> i can't believe it. >> i know. >> how did she get your number? >> i have no idea. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> ma'am, you can't get too distracted by being president because you're still -- i'm not sure that bewrons yea fully understands that. >> oh. she's calling me a single lady.
10:16 am
>> she's here. it's so nice to see you. >> nice to see you guys. >> it literally you were 11 years old when we first met you. we have some gust guests in our audience today that were with me and regis all those years. when you came on at 11-year-old, and look what's happened to you. >> how about it? you guys blessed me. >> it's the magic dust we put on people. >> when you were a little girl, this is what you wanted to do, right? >> yeah. i mean, you know, when you are a little -- i also wanted to be a horse dentist and a zooologist and a choreographer and there are a plethora of things i wanted to do, but, yeah, i guess acting was right. >> and this role we were just saying, it's so beautifully written, reg. i love seinfeld, and julia was amazing on that. everybody in this cast is, like, perfectly cast, and i don't know how you keep a straight face. >> you know, it's -- it is difficult, and, you know, we are fwrafl for the magic of editing sometimes. i'm grateful for the haircut
10:17 am
because i get to, like, you know -- i get to swing the hair in front of my face every once in a while. >> now she's going to become president. >> well, she's running. >> well, no, she's -- >> she won? >> depending on where you're at in the series, i don't want to spoil anything. >> i'm a little behind. >> that's the thing. well, you know, so, yeah -- >> blah, blah, blah. >> does this improve your position in the ranks? >> it adds a lot more pressure, i think, to amy. amy already had a huge amount of pressure on her, but just as campaign manager for selena, and now she's got to secure an actual election for selena as incumbent. i think it would be super devastating if they don't make it because that -- like, that's just the worst. >> i want her to get impeached. >> you know, i'm sure if anyone could do it -- >> it's her. >> give it time. she'll do it for you. >> it's kind of fun to be able to have the language and stuff because it's on cable.
10:18 am
you guys get away with -- >> murder. >> everything. you know? >> it really is true. >> yeah, yeah. >> i always say we use curse words as opposed to just saying them. there's a different between saying curses and using it. we use them very well. >> you do. you do. i didn't know you have your own little -- you are a muppet fan, as you can tell by her blouse. you have a little muppet of your own at home now. >> yes, she just turned a year this past month, and -- >> tell everybody what her favorite song is. >> "pennies from heaven." >> no kidding. >> yes. >> sing a little of it for her. for little girl. >> oh, that guy is wonderful. ♪ ♪ pennies from heaven >> sing it, regis. sing it. >> regis will be happy to sign his cd to penny, right, reg? you still have some of those in the attic. >> attic? >> it's time for regis along with my 16 cd's also. >> well, we'll happily take
10:19 am
them. >> congratulations on your second nomination, emmy nomination, for "veep." if you guys haven't seen it, hoed wra turned me on to it. go across country, watch it and watch, like, seven or six or whatever episodes, and you'll be hooked forever. you can see it on hbo, everybody. okay? >> yeah. >> you know who we have up next -- >> do you have a tattoo? >> i do. i do. it's on the back -- you know, sometimes -- it's on the back. >> what does it look like? >> it's like a paw relief of -- >> i love that. >> it should stand out. >> would you like to take it off? we have a guy coming. >> i considered it, but i, you know, i'll keep it. >> i'll come back after you fwet it. we'll take care of that. one-stop shopping around here. we'll be right back right after this. applebee's lunch combos now include the new
10:20 am
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10:23 am
>> we're back with regis. let's play a little game. >> oh, god. our producer has prepared some photos for us that we have not seen as they flash on the screen, and we're going on tell you the first thing that comes to our mind. >> they want me to go first, for whatever reason. >> absolutely. >> roll 'em. >> that you were the ugliest woman i have err seen in my life. >> that's right. you played me, and i played you. >> yeah. >> i was right on the money with you.
10:24 am
>> okay. >> next. oh, you're wearing the empathy belly when i was first pregnant with cody. >> heats what you looked like. you did it well. >> what do you remember? >> i remember the way you looked. one day i thought -- >> i did not. next. what is that? oh, my gosh. oh, i don't know. it could have been anything. look at the red hair i had, though. is that me? sfwlo no. you're here. you're here with this guy, whoever he is. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> you are loving every minute of it. >> that's when we did the fabio thing, remember? >> oh, fabio, yeah. >> fabio. we did a fake novelllo. >> is that -- >> oh. >> the great -- >> kareem abdul-jabbar. i just went right in. it was perfect. >> and here you are all over me. >> my last day. >> that's the last day? >> uh-huh. here we are all these years later, and guess what, we're going to do a little hard core porn -- i mean pawn. >> what's going on around here?
10:25 am
hoda, come home. donuts? ♪ you're cute. ♪ ding special k protein cereal helps you stay satisfied. willpower. what will you gain? how ya doin'? mmmmmmm. okay, bye bye. ♪ ding help satisfy your hunger ... ...with special k protein bars and shakes willpower. what will you gain? ♪ well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! tell me more, tell me more... ♪♪ twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds.
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10:27 am
all about 75 customers. immediately after the quake, there were 70,000 people without power. most of the remaining outages are in napa and st. helena. crews responded to several hundred calls from people who they thought smelled gas. in the meantime, we're awaiting a news conference from nasa city officials. it's set to begin in about half an hour. we'll bring it to you live as it happens during our 11:00 newscast. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
10:28 am
welcome back now. i'm meteorologist christina
10:29 am
loren. taking a look at san jose, we have a little bit of cloud cover this morning. fading fast. temperatures are going to be warm today. 65 degrees in san francisco. 74 on the east shore and 80 degrees in the south bay. but, hey, not hot. we're going to start throwing that around later on this week as we approach the 90s even here in the south bay. wednesday and thursday, in particular, and then by this weekend we could have some showers on the way. we're going to talk about that today at 11:00. first, let's check your drive. here's mike. >> we'll take you over towards the tri-valley where we continue a slow drive for west 580. things are calming down over the next half hour. slow through the streets of livermore and pleasanton. a smoother drive but slower towards 580 past the coliseum. we may have the sweepers starting early but i don't know about that. no incidents. we have a closure now on old sonoma road. it's been closed from 9:30, in
10:30 am
fact, until 6:00 p.m. because of repair work. laura? >> we'll have the very latest on the south napa earthquake coming up at 11:00 a.m. see you then. we're back with more of "today." hoda has the day off, so regis philbin is in the hot seat today. >> right here. now, have you ever emptied your junk drawer or cleaned out your closet and found items you no longer need but think they may be worth something? >> yeah. well, the stars of true tv's "hard core pawn" say you can make a lot of money by doing a little simple research around your home. les and his two kids run one of the hottest pawn shops in detroit, michigan. >> les and his daughter, ashley, are going to tell us how much some of our stuff -- our stuff, is worth. >> we have audience members, and we have yours. welcome back, you guys. >> thank you. >> and you have been in this business, what, 40 years now. >> at least 40 years. >> you have the art of negotiation down.
10:31 am
>> i have got it under control. there's no doubt about it. >> you want to be fair to everybody, i'm sure. >> there's no question. >> you want to stay many business. >> what's the worst thing that you said, oh, i'm so sorry, but -- >> well, people have a lot of emotion. they bring -- they bring it in, and i have to be the bearer of bad news to tell them there's not any value. >> it's ugly too. >> makes them angry. >> makes them angry. you see it on wednesday nights on true tv. that's right. >> do you ever tell people it's ugly some. >> i bite my tongue every once in a while. >> i know you are. you are. let's look at some of the things you brought from detroit. >> so the first part of negotiating is know your product. you know, here's a picasso painting that you would think is pick awes wroe. the documentation says picasso. it's actually a fake. >> how do you know? >> well, the first thing you do is you realize that they don't use masking tape on the back of picasso paintings. that's number one. >> oh. >> number two is --
10:32 am
>> he might have when he was poor. >> well, it wasn't him. once you did some investigating on the internet, which is a valuable tool, you see that this is in a museum. it's not the actual thing. >> how much money would you give somebody for that? >> $20. only because -- i knew you would. >> somebody is very disappointed because they think they have a pick awes wroe. >> here, on the other hand, is a time cop certified baseball. it was sent to a grading company. came back as actually authentic. this baseball, if you just saw it in your drawer and realized what it was, it's worth $15,000. >> whoa. >> these companies can analyze that and make sure that it came -- >> the pen strokes, that it actually is signed by him. >> and what about this watch? people have often passed down their time pieces. >> they do, and, you know, one of the things is, again, do your homework. you know, here's a beautiful pocket watch. when you go on the outside and you look at it, it's actually a beautiful piece. it actually isn't as beautiful as you think if you were going
10:33 am
to any department store to buy it currently. this right now is worth about $100. this one is an original 1861 james nardine handmade pocket watch. one of the cousins of the ulysses very famous watch company now. this is worth $14,000. >> whoa. >> it's worth $14,000 because it's on our website from detroit. you can buy it there just in case. just in case you are interested. >> gift for baby joy. >> what did you give the people who brought it in? >> $8,500. there's some negotiating in there too, though. we'll make a deal. >> one of the case things is leave your emotion at the door. this broach was brought to me by my grandmother, and it's really exquiz it. it's a cameo mounted in 14 karat gold. the one thing you have to remember, if i wanted to go and sell it, you have to lee your emotion at the door. if you are attached to it, you'll never want to sell it. >> let's talk to some of our audience members now, please. let's see what did you bring in, sweetie? >> i brought in a joan crawford
10:34 am
hand ker kif we found in my late mother's storage unit just this past weekend, and we're not -- >> how do we know it it's joan crawford's? >> i'm hoping the experts can tell me. >> i took a look at this before the show. this is, in fact, joan crawford's handkerchief. she's from broadway. she was a flapper. this is going to be north of $500. >> wow. that's great. >> congratulations. >> i'm glad we opened the envelope. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> we have another lady. what have you got? >> i have an 1881 silver dollar that also has been formed into a chain, i guess. >> the thing about this is it's from 1881 silver. it's mounted. there's a bevel around it. it is circulated. there's not much wear and tear at all. it's in great condition. it's a fwood thing it was mounted because there was no wear and tear on it, and this one is north of $100. >> okay. great. better than $1. >> hold on to it. >> do we have one more? >> hi, sweetie.
10:35 am
>> this is my engagement ring. it was my husband's great grandmother's is the setting, and the stone inside was his grandmother's earrings that she left. >> on would you want to -- >> go at it. >> that's different. how much can i get for it? >> this is -- this actually is a really well made ring. it was actually carved in the late 1800s. it's hand carved. if you look at the portions of the sides, it was all hand done because, see, no two pieces are alike. the diamond replicate is from the era of the early 1900s. it's a really valuable, valuable ring. it's made of 18 karat gold, and it's a very nice ring. it's beautiful. >> how much do you think it's worth? >> this is worth over $5,000. >> wow. >> keep the husband too. >> exactly. >> good for you. thank you. >> thank you. >> reg, didn't you bring something? >> i got a couple of things. when i came back to new york in 1983, i met a guy walking down
10:36 am
the street, and he said i want to sell this to you, and $500. >> oh, this is exquiz it. >> really? >> in other words, it's swrunk. >> you know, i gave the guy -- >> i don't tell people things are swrunk, but it's great fashion jewelry. >> i gave him $200. >> it's great fashion jewelry. >> you need to come to detroit and get a lesson in negotiating because some of the -- >> you bought it from a guy on the street? >> yes, all right. >> he is a shrewd businessman. >> okay. >> i want to show you this. now, how much is this worth? regis and lou holtz. >> oh, my god. >> who is that done by? >> look how good they look. >> this is the championship we won together. me and lou. i think it was 1993. >> to be an antique, it's got to be over 25 years old. it's late 1980s. >> it's an antique. >> i thought it would be 50 years old. >> 75. >> it has to be 75 years old to be antique, and, you know what,
10:37 am
with the people in that picture, it's fwot to be worth at least $1 million. >> $2 million. >> $1 million. >> still not going to sell it. >> because you're emotionally involved with it. >> thanks very much, you guys. you can catch hard core pawn wednesday nights on true tv. all righty. guess what, we're going remove some of these -- she's very brave, and julie will bring us wild animals for regis right after this. ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo. okay patrick, one more stop.
10:38 am
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10:41 am
>> he is already scared. >> you don't need to -- >> look at this one over here. >> everybody from sea world and bush gardens. what have you brought for us today? >> we have some fantastic animal ambassadors. what is most powerful is making that connection, right, and our animal ambassadors at sea world and bush gardens make that connection. this is called a bush baby. it's actually a very primitive form of primate. he is a jumper. you are wiggling. >> he better not bite me. >> look at the way he is looking at you. >> he has a great little grip. he eats a lot of -- >> ah! i tell you. >> oh, look at him. lake-effect how cute he is. >> he didn't hurt you. >> go get a rabies shot. >> he is found in eastern and
10:42 am
southern africa. they're a primitive form of primate, so they have, like, litters. >> he is a marsupial, isn't he? >> he is a prosimean. >> well, excuse me. >> you hi you know everything. >> because he is a -- >> he lives on the trees, approximate it actually helps him for balance when he is jumping from tree to tree. he says i don't want to go on the tree. how about on regis? >> no. put him on me. >> put him on your shoulder there. >> he hangs on very tightly. he has great little paws. >> reg! >> he grabbed me. he actually grabbed my hand. >> get regis away from me. leave the animal. >> we're going and to go ahead and take this guy off. >> get him out of here. >> reasonable is, i have one for you next. >> hold out your arm. hold it out. >> what is that? >> i'm holding it up. >> he is scared.
10:43 am
he actually is. bird flying. >> are you serious? are you serious? yes. yes. >> god, that's not funny. >> you'll never see me here again, believe me. never. i'll through with nbc. >> oh, my gosh. >> reg, you're making them scared. >> what is that? >> hold out your arm again. we have other birds. >> oh. >> wait until you see this one. >> these are beautiful water birds. all of them are in north america. >> oh, sweet thing. >> they're found in the south and eastern united states as well. >> what about the pretty orange one? >> his name is sophie and rube where i. >> sophie and ruby. i want to fly this one off. whoa! >> how do you like it? that's it, bird.
10:44 am
stay with her. >> because we have such a large bill there. >> hey. >> ah! >> let's hear it for the birds. >> you are going to have something, a gift. give him something quickly. >> oh! there you go. >> oh. >> all right. well -- >> he sentence going to get up. >> this sent fun. >> this is the reason why we need to preserve our wetlands. >> this is the reason all right. julie, thank you. >> where is he from? >> south america. >> they have specialized bills to probe into -- >> fascinating. >> they're wonderful ambassadors. >> he is pooping on my head. i'm convinced of it. >> yes, he is. >> also, laser tattoo removal after the poop gets out of my hair. take the bird. take the bird.
10:45 am
>> i'm leaving right now. >> reg, take the bird, please. >> come on. let's get out of here. >> hey, everybody. look at kathie lee. >> hi, hi. >> hey, look over here. you'll never see this again. what's wrong with you people? >> well, it's naul a day's work. >> oh, my god. everything your mouth does in a day is building up layer, upon layer, upon layer of bacteria. and to destroy those layers? you need listerine®. its unique formula penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer. so for a cleaner, healthier mouth, go with #1 dentist recommended listerine®. power to your mouth. also try listerine® pocket paks to kill bad breath germs on the go.
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. some people laser off the nachlz former lovers, and others just get tired of them. in fact, the american society for dermatoloc surgery says the number of tattoo surgeries have jumped in 50% in one year. wow. what's going on? >> dr. bruce caster is here, director of the cosmetic surgery and laser clinic at mount sinai medical center and director of the skin and laser center here in new york.
10:50 am
wow. >> a beautiful nurse of hers. stephanie. >> stephanie. >> pantolero is having her first laser tattoo removal on her show. hello, doctor. why is all of a sudden everybody saying, ah, i have second -- i have second thoughts now? >> well, you know, sometimes people just get tired of the tattoo, like we said, or they want to change. independent to add a different color or take something off. a lot of different reasons for it. >> how many tattoos do you think you have done over the wreerz? >> thousands. >> thousands. >> thousands already. >> how many have you removed? >> oh, thousands. >> he doesn't do the tattoo, reg. >> oh, he doesn't? >> he removes them. >> thank you very much. >> and you must be stephanie. >> i am. >> and you -- show us what you have, sweetheart. >> you have a little heart. had it how long? >> a couple of years. probably five or six. >> why would you like to remove
10:51 am
them now? >> i would like to remove them because as i am getting older, i realize how it can be negatively conceived. especially a little subconscious when i shake people's hands. >> okay. because you got the heart on your -- >> yeah, i just notice people look down, and i'm want sure what their thought process is. >> when you get to shake a good-looking guy and he sees -- >> in that case i'm okay with it. >> all those greek girls. can't beat 'em. >> is it going to hurt her at all? >> not at all. it's really painless. >> is it expensive? people want to know that. >> no, it's probably depending on the size of the tattoo, between $300 to $1,000 for a treatment. >> peanuts. >> peanuts to you, reg. >> how many treatments does it take usually? >> they're all different. it really varies. depending upon the color, how deep it is. this has been the newest advance in laser technology in tattoos in 20 years. >> i read about it. >> absolutely. we can take away these tattoos
10:52 am
in much fewer treatments. >> that's good news for you. >> it is. it's fwrgreat news. >> how much are you going to take off? >> we're fwog take the whole thing off. >> put our glasses on, everybody. everybody in the whole studio has to, apparently. okay. here we go. basically we're going to start here. it's a little buzzing here. >> do you feel it at all, stephanie? >> i don't feel anything. >> this laser really takes away colors we couldn't even remove before. this is actually great for acne scarring. >> it works so well on acne scars. that's great news for people. >> even people who had tattoos treated with other lasers that leave a spot. now with the laser -- >> the new technology all the time is just so great. i'm so happy for you, stephanie. >> thank you. >> is it gone? >> it's still there. >> no, it's not. >> it's frosted now, and then the body takes away the ink. >> are you sure? >> yeah. >> are you sure, doctor? >> absolutely. >> can you come back tomorrow?
10:53 am
>> don't be sassy, reg. >> i still see them there. >> you see the outline of it, but -- >> it's going to go away now. >> thank you very much. thank you all for coming. thanks, stephanie. you're a brave lady. >> we'll be right back, but, first, this is "today" on -- >> nbc. i'm regis.
10:54 am
10:55 am
rooej, our facebook basically crashed when we asked people to send in questions for you because they love you so much. you are beloved my friend. first one from patsy, how do you stay so good looking? >> oh, patsy. i like to walk around with a bird on my head. did you see that? oh, my god. >> heather, what do you miss most about seeing kathy lee every day? >> every day.
10:56 am
well, i don't know if i can take it every day but i did for 15 years. she's a great, great lady and she and hoda are a fallow team together really. and they belong together and glouk to both of you them. >> is joy ready for you to go back to work? >> yeah. i think she's getting that look in her eyes. are you still here? >> she wasn't too thrilled you were going to be leaving the daily routine? >> how about frank? >> he hasn't noticed. >> what have you been doing in your spare time, reg? >> oh, gosh, rehearsing things like this. i go to the gym a lot. you want to feel that. >> it's iron. you should be an iron man 22. you really should. >> that's all i do. i'm regis. >> he's going to be in our big musical coming up. >> oh, that's right. >> you are going to be huge, huge.
10:57 am
i want to thank reg for being with me today. it's like old times. i love you. the next time i see you guys it's going to be with the great hoda woman. >> she's coming back. >> yes, she's coming back. >> bye-bye, love you. >> is there a door where i can get out of here? tomorrow, summer's number one show keeps getting better. for the first time ever, it's the instant save. your chance to keep the dream alive for the favorite act. america's got talent live.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, breaking news, officials about to give an update on the destructive south napa earthquake. weep bring it to you live. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we'll bring it to you as soon as it starts. in the meantime, we have team coverage of the quake and we'll start with nbc bay area's bob redell. >> reporter: good morning. we're in the city council chambers waiting for the city manager, chief of police, and fire chief are all expected to talk to update us on the situation here with the earthquake that happened just now 24 hours ago. outside the


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