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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 28, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, breaking news. santa clara county sheriff's investigators are looking into how a burned body ended up on the side of the road. a call came a few hours ago for a body found in the area of uvis road and oak glen avenue, right near the chestbroke reservoir. sheriff's office and forensics team are now at the scene investigating. we'll bring that to you as soon as it comes into our newsroom. i'm vicky nguyen in for kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we're learning new details about troublesome tweets from a bay area teacher. she reportedly wrote that she wanted to stab kids and that her
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trigger finger is itchy. nbc's damian trujillo at newark memorial hospital. damian, these posts leaving a lot of parents very, very angry. >> reporter: they really are. and you know what, so far, this morning, no comment to us from the district on this issue. we do understand that the teacher in question, kris la hodgeses, was reprimanded for those tweets, but she remains a teacher here at the high school here, newark memorial high school in the city of newark if tweets were actually posted before the end of the school year. some parents found the posts insulting. one post allegedly also insinuated hodges wants to dump hot coffee on some of her students. hodges told the newspaper she realizes she acted unprofessionally, but that she is a popular teacher with the students. well, that popularity might be waning as word of the twitter posts spread to the parents this morning. >> i have a student here. he was expelled when he was a freshman for saying something to a teacher. they kicked him out of school.
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so now this is going on with this teacher, and i don't feel that it's acceptable, okay? i feel that she should receive the same punishment he did. get expelled from the district. >> reporter: the district, again, is not talking this morning about the posts, but parents sure have a lot to say. one even said she will start a campaign to get the teacher fired. and that parent actually just found out about these twitter posts this morning. we're live in the city of newark, i'm damian trujillo. >> keep us updated, thank you. just into our newsroom, the d.a. has dropped charges against the bay area mother accused of attacking a boy she thought was a bully to her daughter. delia garcia bratcher was arrested in may after investigators say she went to olivette elementary in santa rosa and grabbed a 12-year-old boy by the throat. she's been back in court several times. in each instances, prosecutors asked for more time to consider the case against her.
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today, though, they decided they didn't have enough evidence to pursue a trial. >> i was just really scared, because i didn't know what was going to happen and i'm really glad this is over and done with and i'm done with this. i'm just happy. >> garcia-bratcher says she's learned her lesson. the next time, she will just contact the school about any bullies instead of confronting them herself. we're following developing news out of new york. that is where actress and comedian joan rivers is in the hospital. she was rushed there this morning after she stopped breathing while having throat surgery. she was undergoing a minor endoscopic procedure at a clinic in new york city. rivers, now 81 years old, is in critical condition, but we're being told her condition has stabilized. rivers became a household name after several high-profile appearances on "the tonight show," starring johnny carson. she has since become a film director and writer and she was nominated for a grammy for her comedy album. and now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area. downtown san jose may feel safer
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this morning. police took down a violent gang who targeted innocent people. they dubbed the gang the crew, spanish slang for snot-nosed kid. police gave them the moniker because the suspects are between 11 and 17 years old. officers say those teens would walk up to unsuspecting people in the downtown area and punch and rob the victims. >> come from behind or the side, just vicious, vicious blows. and once they're down on the ground, the assault continues. one individual is continuing the assault, whether it's hands or feet, and the others are rummaging through his pockets and removing all the personal items from the victim. >> police suggest people walk in groups and do keep a vigilant eye, so you don't become a victim, in case there are more gang members out there. tragedy in the black rock desert. a woman died this morning at the burning man festival. the event's promoter tells us the woman was run over by a bus. that bus was carrying passengers at the time.
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this happened just after midnight in the central camp area. the woman has not been identified. burning man organizers say they are working with the sheriff's office and will provide more information when it becomes available. the last death at burning man came in 2003, when another woman was hit and killed by a trailer being pulled by a bus. turning now to the south napa earthquake. each day after sunday's quake seems to uncover some more damage or more problems. >> we're on day four now, and nbc bay area's nannette miranda is live in napa. nannette, one street has a new headache. >> reporter: yeah. you would think that after four days, residents here have been through enough. but take a look at this video we shot just a couple of hours ago. a new sinkhole has popped up in napa on kensington circle near scenic drive. it's a neighborhood called brown's valley. the gaping hole popped up just this morning. as with other sinkholes in the area, this could have been caused by a water main break, which was likely caused by the earthquake. police roped off the areas, so
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cars wouldn't drive over it. the resident who reported it noticed something was wrong when she got up. >> we tried to turn the water on, it wasn't working, we came outside to look around, because the area got hit pretty hard, and the road, you could see the road had shifted. >> reporter: it's unclear how long this neighborhood will have no water. you can imagine that repair crews have been busy since the earthquake. nearby areas went without water for three days. meanwhile, some people are telling me that their electricity is back on. so if you're short on cash, take a look over here at this food bank. they are giving food out and helping out quake victims. the community action of napa valley food bank is busy today. volunteers are bagging groceries, not only for low-income families who visit regularly, but also for victims of sunday's earthquake. and they were ready for the rush with enough food, thanks to extra donations, sparked by the disaster. >> a number of the community
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members that haven't been affected dropping off food. we have had calls and deliveries from other food banks, allowing us to have additional food supply. >> reporter: kelly greenmeyer is thankful for people's generosity. the earthquake victim was able to fill her car's trunk with groceries from the food bank today. she couldn't afford to replace the food she lostw when the earthquake cut off her electricity. >> the earthquake messed up our refrigerator and we lost everything in the freezer and everything that was in the refrigerator. you know, if you can't keep it cold, then, what are you supposed to do? >> reporter: area charities were also helped by the california department of education, which shipped more than two tons of usda foods, specifically for napa's earthquake victims. >> i'm grateful for this place. >> reporter: well, the only thing missing from this food bank is eggs.
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several grocery stores are apparently also short on eggs. there must have been some sort of a run after the earthquake on eggs to create this shortage. >> nannette, thank you. a san diego couple leaned on their friends and family to pull off their dream wedding in napa this past weekend. their venue, churchill manor, was damaged by the 6.0 quake, so they had to move the event outside. the employees were unable to work, but no workers, no worries. wedding guests set up the tables and chairs for the ceremony. they also stepped in when the caterer couldn't provide food. >> none of those things really matter. like, getting married is really about us, you know, and our family. >> diy all day. as for the wedding cake, that was purchased last-minute at a costco, but talk about memories. for complete coverage of the quake, head to there you'll find an interactive map showing where the red tagged homes are, where the water main breaks are, and also debris drop-off sites. and we just got a text saying that the city is asking
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residents to use the third street debris and disposal site only. check us out on twitter and facebook as well. two boys face burglary and animal cruelty charges after police say they ditched school and went on a crime spree. it happened in san jose's almaden valley, where one police officer says one of the teens beat a dog to death with a golf club. the 13 and 14-year-olds broken into at least four homes in the neighborhood around their school, leland high. they were caught on a couple of surveillance cameras, wandering through backyards and hopping fences. when eric mckenzie and his family came home, they found two dogs locked outside, a third badly beaten. >> sparky was a really sweet dog that we got at the humane society about seven years ago. he was 11 years old and just a gentle, gentle dog. we called him little gentleman. my daughter, unfortunately, found him upstairs. he was laying on his side
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whimpering and pretty much unresponsive. >> police say the boys did not take anything from the home, but continued to break into homes until one homeowner caught them and held them until police got there. happening today, a stretch of 280 is shutting down for safety upgrades. starting at 2:00 this afternoon, caltrans will close the northbound lanes of interstate 280 at the 101/280 interchange into downtown san francisco. let's show you the area we're talking about. northbound traffic on 280 will be detoured on to highway 101. the road will stay closed through the holiday weekend, so that crews can replace two bridge hinges. caltrans says everything should be back open by 5:00 tuesday morning. southbound 280 is not affected and it will remain open during this closure. well, still to come, promising news this morning for kids with peanut allergies. plus, wedding bells for brangelina. the details behind their surprise marriage, next. and the humidity's rising. taking a live look here from high atop mt. hamilton.
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you can see mostly clear, but when i show you the surface, san jose, vividly make out that haze. we've got some humidity coming our way. it's going to intensify for tomorrow and we might get a little bit of shower activity over your holiday weekend. lots to go over when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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chilling audio from an emergency call recorded moments before a veteran crew member for the show "cops" was killed in a shoot-out. >> we've got a "cops" cameraman here. he's not conscious. he's slightly breathing. >> 38-year-old bryce deon was part of the crew ride along with police in omaha. they were responding to a call
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for a robbery at a nearby wendy's. this video was just released. it was taken by deon. it shows what happened seconds before the shoot-out. police say deon got caught in the cross fire between the suspect and police. he was accidentally shot and killed by an officer. >> personally, i will live with this forever. and if i'd have known this would happen, of course i wouldn't have done it. >> the suspect also died in the gunfire. his weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. deon is believed to be the first member of the "cops" production staff killed in the 25-year history of the tv show. he was recently in san jose filming an episode of "cops" featuring the sjpd. within the next few days, a grand jury could indict workers of a preschool who are accused of duct taping a kid to a nap mat. the incident happened back in june, but the mother of the boy just filed a lawsuit yesterday. in addition to taping her son to the mat, the lawsuit also alleges the heart-to-heart
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montessori academy left the child alone and withheld water from other children in an effort to save money ton diapers. >> i was angry, i was shocked. i felt an extreme amount of guilt about how i could have chosen a place that would do this to my child. >> the day care is still open, but with, as you would imagine, fewer children. it has not commented on the allegations and it does say it plans to cooperate with the investigation. ufc football star josh shaw has been suspended from all team activities indefinitely after he admitted to making up a story about how he hurt both his ankles over the weekend. shaw claimed he sprained his ankles after jumping off a second-story balcony to save his young nephew from drowning in a pool. yesterday, shaw admitted the entire thing was a law. ufc's head coach says, quote, we
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are extremely disappointed in josh. he let us down. as i have said, nothing in his background led us to doubt him. so how did saw really break his ankles or sprain them? police are investigating whether shaw was the man seen shimmying down the side of a building after an apparent break-in at his girlfriend's apartment. b.a.r.t. police will unveil a new safety app this morning. this comes after riders have been asking for a safe and discreet way to communicate with b.a.r.t. when they are on a train or in a station. the free app allows riders to report crimes or suspicious activities while on b.a.r.t. riders will be able to upload photos and location information. the app will also offer a silent photo and flash-free feature. what to do about burned out trees from the rim fire? do you remove them or let them be? environmental aalists want the s to stay. they say they create a vital
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habitat for animals. supporters of the logging industry say logging would pay for replanting the forest. the decision is expected to be finalized today. the rim fire burned over 400 square miles of the stanisla national forest. scientists may have found its way around a deadly allergy that affects more than 3 million americans. they think they found the way to remove the allergen from peanuts. researchers in north carolina made the breakthrough. it is especially good news for children who are allergic to peanuts. peanut allergy rates have tripled in children in the past decade. it's estimated the two kids in every classroom have some sort of food allergy in the united states. apple may unveil its long-awaited iwatch on september 9th, the same day it is expected to launch the new iphone 6. reports say the smart watch will feature apple's health kit, which tracks user's health and fitness goals. rival samsung unveiled a new smart watch today. the gear s.
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users can make calls without having to have their phones nearby. and we do have breaking news coming out of san francisco. police investigating a deadly crash involving a garbage truck. it happened this morning near gerald avenue in the bay view. we're hearing the person hit and killed by the truck is a city employee. you can check our website, for the latest information on this breaking news story. let's turn now to weather and bring in meteorologist kr christina loren who has a look at the forecast. >> hey, vicky, hi, there, scott. a good-looking day shaping up. but it's going to be on the warm side later on today. mid-60s right now, in san francisco, we're just a degree away from the city here in san jose. you're at 72. that's room temperature down in santa cruz. you've got to keep in mind, we have some rough seas out there, courtesy of tropical storm marie, which is weakening right now. by the time it makes its way up towards our latitude, may actually get some showers over
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the weekend. ocean beach still socked in with fog. we are clearing rapidly over the san francisco bay. this is a live look at emeryville. you can see to the top of the bay bridge and beyond. and really, you'll notice just how fast those clouds cleared. i was tracking this all morning long. at this point, the only cloud cover we have left, the only onshore flow we're getting, right at the immediate coast. everything around the bay will be clear, before we hit noon. 70 degrees in pacifica for today. that is a warm day in pacifica. it's going to be even warmer, though, in your inland valley spots, up to about 92 degrees in pleasanton, in the heat of the day. as we head across the bay area, right now mostly in the upper 60s to low 70s, temperatures are going to be much cooler at the coast for today. so call up your fair weathered friends in san francisco, if you're looking for the cooler weather, 70 there. meanwhile, 85 here in the south bay and 81 degrees on the peninsula. so this is what i'm talking about. the remnants of marie are going sneak to the north as we head through the next couple of days, potentially bringing us some
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showers by sunday. right now, that looks like the best chance. but overall, what you will notice as we head through the next few days, all the way through sunday, that humidity creeping up. it's going to feel more and more sticky, each day that goes by. and by sunday, we'll peak. by monday, labor day, a reward for all your hard labor, we'll lose that humidity and keep the warm temperatures and you'll get a nice day for the unofficial end of summertime. back to you, scott and vicky. >> all right. thank you, much. well, it is official, wedding bells for brangelina. >> this morning, we have learned brad pitt and angelina jolie tied the knot. according to a spokesperson, mr. and mrs. pitt exchanged vows on saturday in france. it was a private ceremony. the couple reportedly got their marriage license from a california judge. well, a fake pregnancy. why zookeepers say a giant panda made it seem like she was having a baby. >> stay with us.
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you can take me out to the ball game. a live look this morning at the home of the giants, at&t park. the g-men make to look it three straight over the colorado rockies. first pitch today in a little bit more than an hour, 12:45. line drive! left field! it is out of here! and this one is over. >> gone, baby, gone. stay hot, buster posey. posey put the team on his back last night, blasting that two-run walk-off home run to lift the giants over the rockies, 4-2. the win kept the giants within five games of the dodgers and earned bruce bochy his 500th win
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as a manager. >> i just feel blessed. a few more gray hairs s on this one, but it's a number and i appreciate it very much to be able to do what i love to do for this long. >> it was also an historic night for pitcher tim hudson. he notched his 2,000th career strikeout. so i've heard of crazy things that women apparently do when they're pregnant. i may have experienced some of this. eating chips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> that's me. i did do that. >> apparently the animal kingdom has pulled some shenanigans. we're learning of a panda faking a pregnancy for more treats. >> zookeepers in china say she was showing signs of pregnancy, but after several signs, they learned she was not pregnant. biologists say pandas know learning pregnant means more food, treats, and around-the-clock clear. they say these fake pregnancies are actually a pretty common thing. >> who knew?! all right. well, still to come, an
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update on the woolliest sheep, she gets a makeover. what she looks like now with a new haircut.
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all right, vicky, you weren't here, but earlier this week, we introduced people to sean, a very woolly sheep in australia. well, sean just got shorn. >> say that five times fast. take a look, sean's new owner shaved 52, yes, 5-2, pounds of fleece off the sheep. but, get this, it turns out sean wasn't the woolliest sheep in the world. the world record is 60 pounds of fleece, and that belongs to a sheep named shrek. the farmers who found sean wandering around tasmania earlier this week say while the record would have been nice, they want to make sure sean is comfortable and healthy. look at that! >> that's astonishing. i want more of sean. sean's like this big. >> that's the ultimate weight loss plan right there. >> we'll see you.
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[upbeat music] hey, guys! four days till vacation week. where are we all going? nowhere. we don't get next week off. we gotta load out the sets, take 'em to storage. then at night, i gotta drive around newark lookin' for my runaway daughter. ah... oh, what happened to your hand? oh, i was trying out my spray tan for my trip to st. bartleby's next week. oh, miss lemon, how could you do that to your beautiful hands? with your flat, manly milking thumbs and your long, graceful knuckle hair-- thank you, kenneth. ah-choo! are you sick? 'cause i am not getting sick before my trip. the place i go to has private beaches, soft serve ice cream machines, and, after the french custom, people wear dark socks to the beach. it's the one thing i do for myself every year, and i am going. look, i even bought a new swimsuit.


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