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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 7, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm sam brock. coming up next on today in the bay, breaking news this morning. after an urgent 24-hour search, a missing 6-year-old with autism is back and with his family. and a bombshell from the president. no immigration reform until after the election. and then on the president's terms. and levi stadium faces another test with the 49ers home opener just a week away. this is "today in the bay." and we begin this beautiful surnd morning with a live picture of san francisco early.
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7:00 to be precise. good sunday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock along with anthony slaughter. what's the day look like for us? >> we are tracking a hurricane in the pacific right now. hurricane norbert is a category one. it continues to weaken, but we already have flash flood watches posted for southern california. that includes san diego all the way to las vegas, the deserts of arizona and up towards utah. this thing will not impact us, unfortunately just a few high thin clouds. if you have family members or friends or doing traveling there will be heavy rain falling over the next 24 to 48 hours. at home just cloudy skies for the most part. that will retreat by 11:00. temperatures though, today, sam, not as hot. we'll see temperatures in the tri valley, wre with got close
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to 90s. same for the south bay. a good mix of upper 70s to low 80s. a lot happening across the bay. we'll talk about those events coming up. breaking news to tell you about this morning in the south bay. a missing 6-year-old autistic boy has been found following a frantic search. the san jose police department confirms the 6-year-old has been reunited with his family just after 4:00 this morning. police received a call from the family living in a homeless encampment. the man relaid the 6-year-old stumbled into his encampment. they contacted police and provided food and shelter until officers could arrive. he was given medical attention on scene and then transported to a local area hospital as a precaution.
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breaking news out of a costly fire. crews spent the day slowly disassembling the building brick by brick after a fire wiped out a retail store. no word yet on when mission street between 22nd and 23rd streets will be back and open to traffic. a san jose man accused of beating an elderly man is in custody. he turned himself into authorities. he was wanted for felon assault after he attacked an elderly victim in a restroom on labor day. the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries. we now have the identify of a woman killed in a crash yesterday morning in san jose. the chp says she died after being struck by a car. she and another passenger got out of their honda after it crashed into a retaining wall.
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the other vehicle knocked her over the wall. the chp does not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in this crash. president obama announced this weekend he will be delaying on immigration reform until after the november elections. the president says taking action before that time period would politicize the issue. and after the announcement some republicans accused the president of playing political games. larry gerston says president obama's decision could help him in some states but might hurt in others. >> it may help in states where the democratic senators are on the bubble. in this sense, it could be a wash. we don't know. no doubt the president and his people have done polling on thi this. >> the white house sources
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maintain the president will act on immigration reform by the end of the yoor. the president is responding to critics in an exclusive nbc interview. the new moderator questions president obama about his plans for immigration reform. >> no. >> you're concerned the the public wouldn't support it. >> what i'm saying is that i'm going to act because it's the right thing for the country. but it's going to be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration. what we have done with children, and why it's necessary. >> certainly one of the most controversial issues in america right now. today also marks chuck todd's debut as moderator of "meet the press." immediately following this newscast and it will feature the exclusive interview with
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president obama. he will have the latest developments on isis, the ebola outbreak and upcoming midterm elections. the latest american stricken with ebola is now being treateded in the midwest. american doctor arrived friday at the nebraska medical center in omaha. the boston based physician is now the third american to contrac contract ebola. with a staff of 35, the nebraska facility is called the largest of its kind. he will receive round the clock treatment. >> we're going to very aggressively support this patient and hope for the best. >> the doctors say he's currently in stable condition. the hospital sent out a letter ensuring it poses no risk to those staying there. make no mistake about it.
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there was still football at levi stadium this weekend. tens of thousands of soccer fans took in a highly anticipated showdown. it drew 75,000 fans to the stadium. from the crowds to the resurfaced fields. it's the next big performance text for santa clara's venue. all eyes were not just on the traffic flow, which has been much belined. last night is also a test for the new turf since the nineers replaced the original 1.4 special bermuda blend after it fell apart during the preseason game. it's the same type of turf used at candle stick for years. >> as a player, making sure the ball bounces right. that's it. >> good early reviews there. weave heard conflicting reports about how much time it took fans to leave.
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levi stadium will host several major events in the coming weeks. the 49ers home opener against the chicago bears next sunday. but they are not the only athletes debuting on the new field. the pac 12 champion will be played there december 5th and wrestle mania 31 comes to levi on march 31st. super bowl 50 will be played on february 7th, 2016, hopefully featuring the san francisco 49ers. if you're headed to levi stadium, we have you covered. visit and search stadium guide. there you can find information on parking lots, traffic patterns and how to avoid it. much more ahead, san jose has struggled to keep the best officers in town. is a remedy on the horizon? some think it could solve a growing problem. and apple is looking to your wrist for their next big hit. the latest rumors on the tech
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giant's smart watch that could be announced in just a few days. we'll be right back. ♪ go! go! wow! go power...oats! go! made from oats cheerios! cheerios! go, go, go! go power oats! go! cheerios! go power! go...power! yayyyy!
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welcome back on your sunday morning. 7:11 as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. typical gorgeous show going on there. let's check out the rest of the bay. this is downtown san jose. a little hazy, but supposed to be nice there as well. some are calling it a drastic measure. the embattleded san jose police department is proposing a new plan to retain the most qualified officers. this comes out as numbers released a a few days ago indicate the the department still faces an uphill climb. here's robert honda with more.
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>> the san jose police department is attacking its staffing problem in different directions. the number of officers that dropped by the hundreds mainly after bitter pension fight with the city. the mayor chuck reid and mayoral candidate endorsed an officer retention program proposed by the police chief. the program offers long time cops a chance to retire but stay on the the job. >> we've certainly seen this is something popular with officers. we expect that to this be true here. >> the police union says similar plans have caused other cities major problems. >> and so to concentrate the efforts on political double dipping stunt twop months before the election, they need to concentrate upon what is it going to take for us to recruit and retain new officers.
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new police academy numbers show 19 recruits in a class of 60. >> starting next year we'll see historic low staffing numbers in san jose. >> we're hiring through more academies. as long as we can build the department and hold the bleeding, that's what is most important. >> reporter: the efforts to solve the staffing problem will face major tests when they find out how many academy graduates stay on the force as well as if or when the officer retention program proposal goes before the full city council. in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> we have much more to come in on "today in the bay." why 49ers say technology gives them a home field advantage. inside the inner workings because of what you can do on the small screen and what they can show you on the big screen. and we're waking up to fog and clouds this morning. very indicative of what we're used to seeing. but we have a chance for more
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cloud cover, rain and flash flooding across the state of california. we're going to talk about it coming up after this. ♪ ♪
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welcome on a wonderful sunday morning when there is all sorts of activity in the bay area. this now is a live picture from oakland in the east bay. as folks rising and getting up there. we'll also check out what's going on in the peninsula. this from palo alto. a little bit hazy. we'll get more from anthony slaughter momentarily. apple is certainly hoping so after many people abandoned their watches for smart phones, apple is now betting on watches making a comeback. and it be ruffly the size of a postage stamp.
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also software to allow users to move content between apple devices and it will support mobile payments. it's the site of the gleaming new levi stadium you don't normally see. where everything comes together to enhance the experience. we have an up close look at what's going on there. we go on a tour of how all of this operates and comes togethe together. >> welcome to the nerve center inside levi stadium, where 400 miles of cable winds through the facility, aiming to make your experience in the stands more high-tech. >> in longer can we tell fans, come to the venue and be unplugged for six hours. that doesn't work. >> what does work where 1,200 wi-fi access points. one for every 100 seats in the stadium.
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along with the app that lets you watch highlights and order food from your seat. all from a team that expects you to go mobile at the game. >> if i come to an event, i want to use my device to check my fantasy score, to check e-mails at work because wii in the valley and we're a bunch of workaholics, we should be connected. >> reporter: downstairs, the broadcast nerve center, connecting to the giant screens up above. this gives them a home field advantage when it comes to what they show. >> if a call is missed and we can show it, we're going to show it. we're going to show it as quickly as possible. if it's against us, why would we show it? >> reporter: with big screens and small screens, the niners know you're connected and they want you to feel at home in silicon valley.
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scott budman, today in the bay. >> i'm sure that wets your appetite. that game is coming up this afternoon against dallas. the niners takes on the cowboys. recovery appears complete for the largest creature in the pacific ocean. blue whales were close to extinction a few decades ago. now there are more than 2,000 such beauties from mexico to alaska. that's basically 97% of the population before they were hunted to near extinction. the man who authored the paper calls it a great conservation success. 7:19 right now on your sunday morning. we're checking in with anthony slaughter who has a look at your forecast. when will folks in california feel the the effects of norbert? >> we're already starting to see showers near san diego. flash flood watches posteded through tomorrow evening and into tuesday morning, all the way from las vegas into denver. this thing will really get
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ripped apart along the baja of california. into southern california. and as it does, the rainfall associated with it is really going to come down. the reason we have the flash flood watches posted for southern california up through las vegas, extending all the way to salt lake city is because, well, you heard it. we were so dry. we haven't had any rain. and because there's no vegetation on the hillsides and the the fires that burned in the area earlier this season really going to make it troublesome nor the rain as it comes down. we're only expecting one to three inches. because the conditions are not favorable for all of this rain right now, we're going to see those hillsides become muddy and debris flows become an issue. we may see a few high, thin clouds across the bay later tonight and tomorrow. now i want to highlight areas you can see in san jose. not a bunch of thick fog like half-moon bay and san francisco. but this is really what's going
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to have an effect on our weather as we head through the next couple of hours. you can see in san francisco right now, we're already starting to clear out. yesterday at this time, we were still socked in with fog. and it didn't really clear out until 11:00. today in the south bay, we're cloudy. expect the same thing to happen once again this afternoon. like we saw yesterday. skies will clear. now if you're visiting here, this is very typical. we usually wake up to clouds and fog each and every morning. this afternoon, temperatures are really going to be nice. 81 in the south bay. pen liinsula is 86. and the tri-valley. back to the 80s for today in san francisco. a little breezy at times. temperatures back to 71 degrees. astros in town taking on the oakland as. temperatures around 75 around 3:00. falling back to the lower 70s towards 5:00. and the moon festival happening. san francisco moon district.
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the second day of that. temperature there is really nice. around 74 at noon and fog and drizzle will start to move back in around 4:00. otherwise, picture perfect conditions. we are counting down to fall. and september is all about the month of transition. when we start month, our sun rises at 6:40. by the end of the month, around 7:05. overall, we lose an hour and ten minutes of dale. each enevery day, take advantage of that forecast. temperatures will start to go down and daylight hours will start to shrink as well. this is what we look at with the data over the next 24 to really about 48 days out. the thing about it here. september and october, really the months when we start to pick up rain. napa usually gets three-tenths of an inch in september. really between now and a month from now, we're going to be
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tracking some sort of rainfall, and that's just on the climate scale. san jose, a quarter of an inch. less in san francisco. and hopefully we'll see some in the next seven days. >> consider us all educated on the weather patterns, rain patterns in the bay area. up next, some claim it will be 100 times faster than regular internet speeds you're experiencing. that's from a new internet service coming to the bay area. are the predictions even really close? we take a look in this morning's reality check next.
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on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. welcome back. fed up with your internet speed? help is on the way, at least in cupertino. that's where at&t recently
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announced a service that at&t claims will be 100 times faster than the current connection. is that claim true? in this morning's reality check, we go bhinehind the numbers. >> as we become more and more connected to the worldwide web, company are vying for our business with the fastest internet speed. >> the most advanced tv and internet speed we've ever offered. everyone was quick to jump on the news. including us. this morning the mayor of cupertino and at&t will announce the arrival of giga power. it's a service 100 times faster. >> will speeds really be 100 times faster? we looked into the claim. they track internet speeds. the company clocks the average
7:27 am
internet speed in america as 10 megabits per second. making the promise of 1,000 megabits 100 times faster. for example, the average internet speed in san jose is a little more than 18 megabits a second, making giga power only 55 times faster. in fremont, the speed is 10, right in line with the company's claim. in san francisco, it's faster. nearly 13. santa clara is actually slower than the national average. the reality is at&t's new service will be 100 times faster for some users. what's true for america is not necessarily true for you. or for your community. >> and we should note there are
7:28 am
other factors to dictate speed as well. what time you're trying to access the network. who the service provider is. they have no hard fast claim to hang your head on. much more still to come on today in the bay on this sunday. up next the latest development in the search for a private u.s. plane that went down in jamaica after veering too far off the course. >> i love california so much. i would love to -- i try to get there whenever i can. >> of course, meredith vieira reveals the one place she likes to go in the bay area as she sits down with laura garcia-cannon to talk about her new show. that interview is up next. looking for one of these?
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and a wonderful sunday morning to you as we take a live look right now outside in fremont, and the tesla factory.
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tesla, of course, has been in the news the last few days. we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes. we'll also check out what's going on in san francisco. that's a live picture right there of the bay bridge. you'll see just below it flashing lights. there was a 10k this morning that has now been wrapped up. good sunday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock alongside anthony slaughter who joins us with a look at your micro climate forecast. what do we have in store for the weekend? >> much like what we saw yesterday. morning fog will give off sunshine at 11:00. our sunrise now is just right around 6:46. and i was updating the graphic from last week. had to take off six minutes. each and every day, september, yes, the month of transition where days are getting shorter. we'll see plenty of sunshine later on this afternoon. the hills not as green in that picture. down in southern california, yes, showers and thunderstorms beginning to spread on the radar. areas of fog develop for us this evening as our sunset around 7:30. you'll notice the highs are very
7:32 am
comfortable. not as hot. 71 in san francisco. the east shore, 74 where oakland is playing the astros. south bay, plenty of sun. hurricane norbert, southern california. we'll talk about that coming up in a bit. >> and abundant sunshine. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. we begin now with breaking news this morning in the south bay. a missing 6-year-old autistic boy has been found following a frantic search. he was missing since yesterday morning. the san hoi say police department confirms that sergio has been reunited with his family just after 4:00 this morning police received a call from the man living in a homeless encampment in the area of lewis and monterey road. the man relaid the 6-year-old child stumbled into the encampment where folks were staying. they contacted police and provided food and shelter until officers could arrive and take custody of the boy. he was taken to the hospital as
7:33 am
a precaution. but this is good news to bring you this morning. following up on a costly fire. a busy street in the mission is still closed as crews demolish the building. they spent the day disassembling the building brick by brick after the fire completely wiped out a retail store. fire, smoke and water damageded several neighboring businesses. no word yet on when mission street between 22nd and 23rd will be reopened the to traffic. rescue crews combing the jamaican coastline on saturday said they could no longer see debris that was spotted from a small plane that crashed on friday with a new york couple on board. jamaican officials said possible wreckage from the plane was spotted friday evening by a military aircraft flying off of jamaica's northeast coast, drifting roughly 25 miles off the town of port antonio. at a news conference, jamaica's coast guard commander said pieces of floating debris could no longer be seen and showed us aerial photos where the debris was originally spotted. >> these pictures were taken.
7:34 am
these were marked by flares, and we are trying to recover this. >> the prayers are with the family there. the plane carrying real estate developer lawrence glazer and his wife jane took off on friday and was in route to florida when it lost radio contact before crashing off of the jamaican coast. according to the u.s. coast guard, three other people were reportedly also on board that plane. the 49ers are on the road opening the nfl season in dallas this afternoon. make no mistake about it, there was still football, or futbol at levi stadium this weekend. tens of thousands of soccer fans took in a highly anticipated match between mexico and chile. it drew 70,000 fans to levi stadiums. the next big performance text for santa clara's newest venue. and alls were not just on the stadium's traffic flow, which was much aligned in recent events. also a test for the new turf f
7:35 am
since the niners replaced the original special bermuda blend variety after it fell apart during the opening preseason games. the new grass is the same type of turf used as candle stick for years. >> as a player making sure the ball bounces right. that's basically it. >> as for that momentous soccer match, the game ended in a scoreless tie, 0-0. and we've heard conflicting reports about how much time it took fans to leave their respective parking lots. if you're headed to levi stadium for next weekend's home opener, we have you covered. visit you'll find information on parking lots, traffic and how to avoid it. a lot of people are very excited. a familiar face is returning to nbc tomorrow. meredith vieira bring iing her t and charm today time tv. she says it's less of a studio and more of a home.
7:36 am
>> the amazing, the beautiful, meredith vieira. >> meredith vieira is back. monday the veteran journalist and talk show host stars in a show of her very own. so she wanted it to be a true reflection of herself. >> this set is designed to look like my family room, and i really wanted it to be a true reflection. >> the idea behind meredith vieira's new show is you're just hanging out with an old friend. >> hanging with your friends and might be sharing a story that could be a sad one. it could be a happy one. but you're sharing. you're connecting. you might be playing a game. you might have music on. and it's going to be a lot of humor and heart and information. >> television isn't new to the veteran broadcaster. you know her from who wants to be a millionaire and of course on the "today show." >> i'm matt lauer and i couldn't be happier than to welcome the
7:37 am
woman sitting next to me to our family and to our team, meredith vieira is here. >> where she sat alongside matt lauer before retiring to spend time with her family. that didn't last long. >> why do you want to do this? >> i don't know. i don't know. my family wanted me out. just go do it. it will be fine. i mised the connection to the people. i guess i wasn't done. and i wanted to do a show that reflected me. i didn't want to have my name on it. but that's the way it goes. and my sensibilities. and just try it. why not? >> vera says she wouldn't mind taking the show on the road one day. she's not a stranger to the bay area. >> well, i love california so much. i would love to -- i try to get there whenever i can. >> you have any favorite spots in the bay area? >> i really love is it tiberon? >> sam. >> sam. shout out for sam. >> many times. the people are great. >> we're really excited for your show. especially on nbc bay area.
7:38 am
3:00. you'll be in our living rooms every day. maybe a big dinner. >> i'm terrible. i'll share a drink with you, though. >> i'm sure laura will holder to that. very exciteded to have meredith back on nbc. much more still ahead on today in the bay. a dramatic finish in oakland that may jump start the as in their push for playoff.
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welcome back. 7:40 on your sunday morning as we take a live gander at at&t park. that was the start of a giant 10k race. you see some folks still making their way along the outfield there. the as attempting to move the forward on their march to make the playoff. speaking of those as. they have not only lost their grip on first place in the al west. but making the playoffs, once viewed as essentially a formality has become
7:41 am
increasingly shaky as each loss comes and goes. yesterday's game may be what the doctor ordered against the astros. doubling off the center field wall. tying the game at three to set the stage. through the infield past the diving shortstop for a dramatic score and a much needed win as the as walk off 4-3, a game they really had to have. pies aside. and the tigers jumped up early. he chimes in two with that booming double. then aias and buster posey continuing on what has been a solid season for posey. that's the gridiron in college. a grudge game, of course.
7:42 am
and a lot of missed opportunities. missed field goals. 413 yards of offense they generated. despite all that, he had a chance to win or at least tie in the last 30 seconds. but he gets sacked and loses the football. much more ahead on "today in the bay". we all gripe all the time about taxes in this state. do some companies have a bigger beef? like for example, tesla. coming up next, political analyst larry gerston sits down to talk politics in the wake of big news. that tesla spurred california for the latest factory. stay with us. good morning. i'm mike inouye. there's a lot to do in the bay. i call hometown for the first one. mountain view. the city where i was raised raises the roof for the 43rd art and wine festival. fully cracking latin sound in
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what's been dubbed salsa sunday. as for winers, a new wine tasting event. our parent company will be there. so you won't miss games and the the community stage will hold. houn tan view's got talent competition. i was not invited to participate. moving o where my family had a farm. up there, mike and sally run a bed and breakfast. the apple arkansorchard is wher can go today. you probably want to call to make sure they have enough for you to pick. visit them online. and keeping it about me, i've taken russian language classes. that's not entirely necessary to get in. the 2014 russian american fair is promised to be a colorful
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artistic event. enjoy delicious food. plan ahead. check out the vodka tasting too. and onto monday. this farmer will be running you through your commute right back here. i think that's today in the bay.
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welcome back. the decision by tesla to build a battery factory has ruffled feathers and reinforced the reputation as a high tax state. with big businesses, can california be accommodating? that's the question we post to larry gerston who joins us. larry, this is a perceived big blow to california. losing out on that gigafactory. can we blame the tax structure?
7:47 am
>> nobody likes paying taxes. but taxes fund government. government supplies us with the things we need. roads and whatnot. so the question boils down to the fundamental question. who should pay what? and how and why? that's where the finger pointing begins. take it from him. take it from her. take it from anybody but me. so in california we've seen three trends over the past two decades. first, higher income taxes for the wealthy to a reduced alliance on and we have a lot more services and a lot less manufacturing these days. and three, fewer corporate taxes, largely because of massive tax credit. now the last category is the one no one wants to talk about. it shows the shift from tax incorporations to taxing people. but money is going to come from somewhere. and that shift is so
7:48 am
predominant. >> you would argue less taxes on corporations. isn't that the reason we lost out on tesla? they wanted too much money. >> 1.3 million. but there are real examples beyond tesla, which was flirting with the state until recently. two tax breaks passed by the legislature. $420 million to aerospace companies. that's three-quarters of a billion dollars that will not flow into states. >> and you had a conversation with me about this this week. the fact for some states using massive tax credits to lure companies to their states. in some cases it backfires. that's less money coming to the surface.
7:49 am
because it was too costly. so look, we have to realize that there's a question here as to whether there's any justification at all. those say if they can't get them here, tesla, they will take their businesses and jobs to states where they can get breaks. that's what tesla did oning $1.3 billion in tax breaks. >> that's what nevada gave them? >> if the legislature goes along. they give tax breaks with the claim they will actually produce more employment. there is no data showing the tax break results in more revenues. there are a lot of studies showing they ultimately cost more than projected.
7:50 am
some combined, they force the states to look for other revenues. corporate taxes accounted for 12.3% of all state revenues. today they account for 8.6% of all the revenue. >> what is the bottom line? who should shoulder the burden? what do we draw from this? >> the solution is so much harder than the question. it's always the case. taxes and politics. they're intertwined as peanut butter and jelly. they go together. as the tax structure changes, the point is political consequences.
7:51 am
>> now you got everybody hungry. >> any time is good for pb&j. >> thank you for lending us your insight, as always. we'll see what happens with other companies. appreciate it. coming up next on "today in the bay", the food truck craze is not just for humans anymore. how our four-legged friends are benefitting from portable service. we'll have more. waking up to clouds and fog across the bay area. we'll talk about when we'll see the sun and we've got norbert to talk about. flash flood watches posted for southern california. we'll break it all down for you coming up after this.
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welcome back. 7:53 is the time right now. tropical storm norbert has been downgraded to a tropical storm with winds at 60 miles an hour.
7:54 am
flash flood watches extend all the way up to utah. and the thing about this is we're not expecting a lot of rain. just one to three inches. but because we have seen such an incredible drought, there's not a lot of vegetation to hold the ground. and flash flooding because we don't have a lot of vegetation because of the drought happening. estimated rainfall, las vegas is really going to get hit hard with this. five inches expected there. only expect one to three. as this thing moves out, unfortunately for us, we're only going to see a few high, thin clouds. no rain here across the bay area. over to the tri-valley, still socked in with fog. gilroy starting to see sunshine right now. let's step outside and show you what it looks like. eventually this will burn off by
7:55 am
11:00. in san francisco, starting to see the first glimpse of the sunrise. pretty majestic. just a couple of degrees cooler from where it was yesterday. east shore at 74. not going to be overly hot. and we talk about the countdown to fall. 17 days away. and that's when our days and nights will become equal length. the first rain usually comes before september 30th. they will likely see a few showers on the scale and hopefully that will reflect what we see on the smaller scale. napa, you typically get three-tenths of an inch. really about an inch and a half. even in san francisco, you don't see a whole lot in september. close to an inch there.
7:56 am
and in october, three quarters of an inch. next month the stats look a little more promising. over the next several days, though, no rain in the forecast. just a few, high, thin clouds. the coastline will stay fogged in each and every morning. 70s and 60s in san francisco. as i mentioned, we'll be tracking hopefully some rain in the coming days. still have a month to before substantial rainfall. there's a storm system lining up off the coastline. that could prove to give us substantial rainfall. most likely in the north bay. >> anthony, we know we need it. food trucks are a big business.
7:57 am
and not just for the human variety. trucks offering canine cuisine are popping up in chicago, new york and san diego, and they're not just serving your run of the mill food. >> bacon cheese burger frozen yogurt. peanut butter maple crunch. turkey maple bacon. >> some trucks are offering dogs a place to nap, play, and take doggy selfies. the primary emphasis is own canine cuisine. >> everything has peanut butter and syrup. >> we could indulge ourselves. instead, we have sunday night football in america. and a special edition of nbc bay area news. and then xfintiy sports sunday.
7:58 am
and we'll be back, of course, at 11:00 tonight. meet the press with chuck to todd debuting is up next.
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8:00 am
press," an exclusive interview with president obama on the isis threat. >> the next phase. >> why he's delaying action on immigration. >> when i take executive action, i want to make sure it's sustainable. >> on the political fight. >> give me a loyal opposition that has some common sense. >> and struggling with the theatrics of the presidency. >> if it's not something that always comes naturally to me. >> plus, who needs washington. cities around the country are making significant change. i'll ask three mayors what they are doing right and what washington needs to learn. and


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