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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 8, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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violence is going on in the nfl, it's that now they're talking about it. >> is that healthy? >> yes. >> reporter: and even though rice has been fired from his team and suspended from the nfl indefinitely, the video, which spread quickly over the internet, has become a talking point for football fans. fans like mike johnson who runs playground dads and has four daughters. >> it's a really tough pill to swallow. especially as a dad of four daughters. to say, you know, hey, girls, let's take a whole afternoon and partake in a league that doesn't really care about you guys as young women. >> reporter: next door says incidents like the ray rice video often lead to more victims calling in. >> their abusive partners will tell them that, i'm going to ray-rice you, i'm going to ray-mcdonald you.
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>> reporter: they are ready to take those calls. in a statement that's drawing skepticism the nfl said it had requested that elevator video from law enforcement but did not get it. nfl officials say they did not see that video before today. 30 minutes ago, baltimore ravens head coach john harbaugh talked to the media. among the notable things said, today was the first time harbaugh had seen the video and the changed things. he added he had "nothing but good will and hope for ray." his brother 49ers head coach jim harbaugh answered questions. today ray rice's situation could impact his team as well. niners star player ray mcdonald was arrested eight days ago on suspicion of domestic violence. today 49ers head coach jim harbaugh was asked if mcdonald could face the same fate as ray rice. >> we've been very clear on how we're approaching the situation. what's determining facts, what
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facts will determine and information will determine and the principals. >> ray rice, have you seen the video? >> i've answered your question. >> despite mcdonald's arrest the team allowed him to play yesterday against dallas. he had three tackles in that game. our coverage of the story continues at 5:30 on "nightly news with brian williams." will ray rice ever play again in the nfl? what would he have to do to get back on the field? new details on a wild and terrifying encounter. a 6-year-old boy released today from the hospital and is now recovering at home after a mountain lion attacked him. the attack happened yesterday in the cupertino foothills. this is an exclusive photo of the boy as a paramedic treats him. tonight fish and wildlife teams are looking for the animal who attacked the boy in the hills near pachetti winery.
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>> reporter: this is an exclusive photo taken of a 6-year-old boy just minutes after he was attacked by a mountain lion in the cupertino foothills yesterday. the boy has puncture wounds on his neck and back. the boy was treated here at santa clara valley medical center and released this morning. now for the second day three hound dogs tried to track down the mountain lion that did this to him. >> today we did get multiple strikes from the dogs. >> reporter: the attack happened on a trail more than a mile from this spot near pachetti winery in cupertino. the boy was walking with his parents, two siblings, and another family of five. he was just ten feet in front of the group when the mountain lion attacked. experts say that's rare. >> just because it's so isolated, it is so rare. i don't think we could
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legitimately scientifically connect the dots between drought and why this animal attacked this child. there's only been 16 or 17 mountain lion attacks in california's 100 years of record-keeping. >> reporter: while the dogs take a break, live traps will try to catch the big cat alive. wardens believe the mountain lion is still in the area and tracks reveal the animal followed the group down the trail after the attack. fish and wildlife teams say they will continue searching for the animal even overnight. if they find the mountain lion outside the live trap they plan to shoot and kill and it test it for rabies. researchers with the santa cruise puma project are tracking mountain lions in the bay area to learn about their habits. since 2008 they've put gps tracking collars on at least 50 big cats. this one was found in mountain view. at this time they say there are no mountain lions with collars in the cupertino area where yesterday's attack took place. new at 5:00, the shadow of measure "b" continues to loom
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over san jose's mayoral race. candidate dave cortezi referenced it as he slammed crime levels in the city. san jose ace 25th homicide was a woman stabbed to death and left in the parking lot of an evergreen church last month. that's where dave cortezi held a new conference today. he blames the recent defection of officers largely on measure "b," the pension reform issue, saying the city is stuck with it at least a couple of years reserve what we can do is sit down and figure out ways collaboratively with police departments, personnel, poa, and other personnel at the city to create a competitive package once again, and it's probably going to have to be done on the wayside. >> he agrees violent crime is down over the last year but it's up from where gas a decade ago. surprise in an east bay courtroom. late today a police officer pleaded no contest to beating a woman with a baseball bat.
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the crime happened on a residential street in richmond near a home owned by a deceased relative of officer gregory thompson. he worked in walnut creek. the property apparently had been burglarized before. thompson was off duty and parked nearby when police arrived. they found a mask and a bat in his car. thompson pleaded no contest to felony assault, felony vandalism, and being armed in the commission of a felony. the victim will recover from her injuries. investigators say her car had run out of gas and she was looking for help when she was attacked. in san francisco, a 71-year-old man critically hurt after getting hit by a muni rain. he'd apparently been using a walker, which was lying next to the train when police conducted their investigation. it happened just after 5:00 a.m. in the bay view district near third and carroll. muni set up a bus bridge to get morning commuters past that accident scene. we are following developing news out of washington, d.c. tonight. the president announced that on wednesday he will outline a plan
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for dealing with isis. isis militants have taken over large areas of iraq and syria and they have executed hundreds of people, including two american journalists. some lawmakers call them the biggest threat since anyone someone and say it's about time president obama takes more aggressive action. >> going to systematically degrade their capabilities, we're going to shrink the territory that they control. and ultimately we're going to defeat them. >> president obama said his plan does not include putting american troops on the ground. instead it will focus on u.s. air strikes and teaming up with other countries to take down the isis extremists. white issue of same-sex marriage has landed in a san francisco courtroom again, only this time judges are trying to decide about same-sex marriage in three other states. hawaii, idaho, nevada. each state has a gay marriage ban in place. michelle roberts is at the ninth circuit court of appeals for that hearing and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: judges heard
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arguments for two hours this afternoon. no decision was made. no matter what happens with the decision, it won't affect california law as far as marriage goes. but that didn't stop local supporters and opponents from coming out saying they want to be part of history. today a three-judge panel at the ninth circuit court listened to arguments on marriage equality cases from idaho, nevada, and hawaii. for alan, karen, they said i do in california but now live in nevada, a state that doesn't recognize their marriage. >> in order to have inheritance rights, in order to have the ability to go to school and be seen as an equal family instead of a domestic partnership, registered with the secretary of state in the state of nevada. >> reporter: karen is a plaintiff in the case against nevada's same-sex marriage ban. she says she's fighting for her
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two kids. >> that we're not good enough, that our relationship is somehow less than anyone else's. and our children hear that message, and that's simply not okay with me. >> reporter: in court today, supporters of the gay marriage ban argue that overturning them would have a significant impact on children. attorney monty stewart representing the state of idaho says upholding the ban would reduce the number of fatherless families. >> the man-woman meaning at the core of the marriage institution generates and sustains the child's bonding right. >> reporter: one of the judges on the panel struck down the california ban on gay marriage. the two other judges on the panel have also supported gay rights in the past. leaving some to wonder if they can be fair. new video to show you now of a fire burning in yosemite national park.
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smoke from the fire was first spotted yesterday afternoon. this video was shot on a go pro by hikers on half dome just before trails to half bowl were closed. all the hikers you see here were evacuated because the flames were so close. the fire has grown overnight and is now estimated at about 2,600 acres. while several trails are now closed, no roads are affected. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking conditions at the yosemite fire. winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour the next 24 hours. moisture in the atmosphere, humidity 40% to 50%. the thing firefighters will be watching, much hotter weather ahead by wednesday's forecast. we're tracking heat for the bay area. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. on the eve of the fourth anniversaries of the san bruno explosion and fire, the mayor of san bruno is saying it was no accident. i'm mark matthews. we'll tell you why coming up next on nbc bay area news. plus, he's back.
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the piece of art that brought former governor arnold schwarzenegger back to the state capitol. at 6:00, an oasis popping up in the middle of the drought. >> eureka, free water. >> the strange natural phenomenon happening ever since the napa earthquake. >> mother nature's no joke. does what it wants. >> new at 6:00. ...we need to break up.
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ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. tomorrow marks four years since the day that deadly san bruno pipeline exploded. san bruno's mayor took the opportunity again to blast pg&e. in his words, for failing to take responsibility for that disaster. mark matthews is in the crestmore neighborhood of san bruno that was flattened by that explosion and fire. the utility company has settled claims with some of the homeowners. what did the mayor mean by not accepting responsibility? >> reporter: the mayor says pg&e
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has constantly referred to what happened here as an accident. and the company has done just that. the mayor says it was no accident, it was the consequence of deliberate decisions that the utility made for more than a decade. the explosion and fire in san bruno killed eight, hurt dozens, destroyed 38 homes. and led to revelations that pacific gas and electric had repeatedly violated pipeline safety laws. >> both the cpu judges and the attorney have concluded the explosion on line 132 was the result of deliberate and intentional misconduct by pg&e over several decades. >> reporter: a pair of independent audits found pg&e had diverted over $100 million from gas safety and operations over a 15-year span and spent the money for other things, including stockholder profits and executive bonuses. >> it is time for pg&e to do the right thing, stop calling this an accident, and accept the
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level of penalty as proposed. >> reporter: today a spokesman for pg&e responded by, once again, calling the explosion an accident. >> this was a very tragic accident. and it's something that we've been dedicating ourselves to earning the trust of everybody in the community -- >> reporter: the utility has been spending heavily on television advertising showcasing its employees who stress their commitment to the community. san bruno's mayor cited the ads today, saying it has never been about the utility's workers. >> they're doing their job. they're doing a great job. but unfortunately, a lot of that has to do with decisions made higher up years ago. >> reporter: the mayor and state senator jerry hill are both saying that the bulk of that $1.4 billion fine should be spent on pipeline safety and offsetting rate hikes. we will get into the battle over the dollars coming up at 6:00.
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in the north bay, the city and county of napa has opened up an assisted center two weeks after the 6.0 earthquake near the corner of first street and silverado trail in napa. including building permits, mental health, family resources, and food assistance. the earthquake august 24th damaged more than 1,000 buildings and 100 water lines. the center will be open monday through friday until there is no longer a need. lessons from california. that was the title of the symposium in which governor brown praised the state as a world leader in addressing climate change. the governor applauded california's history of reducing carbon emissions and pollution and stressed that climate change must be a global issue. >> what we do in california affects what they do elsewhere. california is a pioneer. the automobile emissions standards that the united states now enforces were started in california. >> governor brown credited the leadership of former governors
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ronald reagan and arnold schwarzenegger for raising climate change awareness during their tenure. as you saw, governor schwartz naiger was in the capitol for the unveiling of his official gubernatorial portrait. the life-like portrait was painted by an austrian artist well known for his realistic portraits, including celebrities like andy warhol, john f. kennedy, and mohammad ali. governor schwarzenegger's portrait will be on display on the third floor of the state capitol. anticipation continues to build. the world is awaiting apple's big announcement tomorrow. it's expected that at 10:00 a.m., apple will unveil the new iphone 6. the announcement hill take place at the flint center for the performing arts in cupertino. ebay said it's seen a 30% increase in people selling old iphones on its website this week as consumers get ready to buy the newest addition of apple's smartphone. >> what consumer in this room
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might want that new phone? who's interested in technology? >> jeff? >> jeff ranieri. >> good guess. but you know, i just got the 5 recently. it's an old problem, now here comes the new one. we'll have to see. take a look, and you can see today's temperatures certainly very cool across the bay area. no matter where you are. didn't matter if you were up against the immediate coastline. alamo coming in with 73 degrees today. stanford 73. pleasanton also 72. and downtown san francisco at 65. we had a lot of colder air aloft combining with that strong onshore flow. you can see on the sky camera network, even though we have fog at the immediate coastline, there is a window in san francisco of sunshine. i know you're cherishing it this afternoon. 66 right now. looking good in downtown. across the east shore, 70 right now. we'll take you throughout the tri-valley, typically our hottest location this time of the year when we can have 90s. right now just 72. and for the south bay right now
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67. and very cool by our standards for this time of the night. if you're heading out this evening you are going to need some sort of light jacket. so here it is. 24-hour temperature change showing numbers down 5 to 11 degrees from this time yesterday. again, some cooler air aloft and another culprit of that colder air was the fog at the immediate coastline. yes, i do think that fog's going to stay with us through tomorrow with that onshore flow. it's going to bring back typical low cloud cover again for the morning hours. at 7:00, 8:00, into the north bay, the peninsula, then a little bit of patchy areas of low cloud cover for the east bay. doesn't look like much for the south bay. throughout the day we'll get sunny skies returning with a little bit of high cloud cover that's going to linger. let's see what it means on that microclimate forecast. throughout tuesday, numbers are going to warm up but not exactly a hot summer day coming our way. you can see 79 expected in san jose. a little bit warmer for saratoga
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with 85. for the peninsula it's going to stay on the cooler side in pacifica, 67 there. palo alto 78. all of san francisco expected to stay in the 60s at this point. let's take you to the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley. you can see napa going to break into the 80s for tomorrow. sals lito 69. east bay, walnut creek, 83. pleasanton expecting 84 degrees. looking ahead throughout this week, don't get too used to cool weather. by wednesday temperatures are going to surge 10 to 20 degrees and we're going to get 90s back here into the mix with that area of high pressure offshore. and now as we take a look at the upcoming weekend forecast, even though it's monday. saturday and sunday sunday sounds great. south bay, averaging 87 on saturday. san francisco 74. and for the tri-valley, there's your heat up to the low 90s. definitely staying in the forecast as we head throughout this upcoming saturday and sunday. and we still have some areas of flash flood watches in southern
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california. some of that severe weather likely to stay in place the next 24 hours. still ahead, nothing amusing about this. the track of a giant roller coaster goes up in flames. where it happened and why no one was ever in danger. a public figure gets private. the revelation california's secretary of state revealed today about her personal life.
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one of california's icon i guess roller coasters was partially destroyed by fire. flames collapsed one part of the colossus coaster at magic mountain this afternoon. the coaster is made of wood and was shut down last month so the park can convert it into a modernized wood and steel coaster so nobody was riding it
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at the time. it took rifrts roughly 30 minutes to put on the the flames and there's no word what started it. no one was hurt. colossus was the tallest and fastest roller coaster when it opened in 1978. the death of robin williams has prompted a long-time state lead tore break her silence about her battle with depression. secretary of state deborah bowen told the "los angeles times" she suffered from depression for decades and that it sometimes keeps her away from her office. she told the paper she was currently struggling through a difficult episode. she recently moved into a rundown trailer another outskirts of sacramento. she says he and her husband owe thousands in unpaid taxes. she hopes speaking out will help dispel the stigma around depression. home depot announces the credit cards of its customers have been compromised. the store says the hacking could affect transactions made as far back as april. however, it says there's no evidence debit pin numbers were stolen. the paraphernalia could be the
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biggest since target was hacked last year. the internet has come up with another way for you to spend your money and it involves twitter. this new test program rolled out for some users. in the example seen here a band tweets it has a new t-shirt and the "buy" button enables you to purchase one. a tap gives you added product details followed by a prompt to enter your payment info. twitter says it's a way for sellers to turn their relationship their build with their followers into sales. one of the more recognizable airlines is getting a makeover. southwest unveiled its they say more modern look today. colors stay the same but they're bolder. a heart will be added to the belly of each plane. southwest says it will take about six years to paint all its planes because of the size of its fleet. brotherly love. why prince harry jokingly says he can't wait to see prince william suffer. understands
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>>. why many techies who embrace democrats may be giving the republicans a second look. prince george is going to be a wig brother. prince william and the duchess are expecting their second child. kensington palace announced the news and said the queen and both families are very excited. kate was scheduled to accompany prince william to an event today but the palace reported kate was being treated for accuse morning sickness. the same illness she had with her first baby.
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>> she's doing okay, thanks. it's been a tricky few days, a week or so. but obviously we're imminently thrilled, it's great news. early days. we're hoping things settle down and she feels better. >> yeah, it's very good news. i can't wait to see my brother suffer more. with any luck it will be a girl and he'll suffer any greater. i'd love to see him try and cope with that. >> it burps prince harry down, this new baby will become fourth in line to the throne behind prince george who just celebrated his first birthday this past summer. >> harry takes everything in stride. perfectly fine with whatever happens. >> a great sense of humor. >> congratulations. we -- sorry. >> i'm wearing yellow because we're going to have a warmup. >> homage to weather, wearing yellow to celebrate. you can see a sneak peek at that weekend forecast, the south bay expecting some 80s, and we'll see temperatures in the 90s for the tri-valley as well.
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on our broadcast tonight, shock waves as the world sees new security footage of an nfl star brutally knocking out a woman who is now his wife. tonight, he's been fired as the league deals with a huge problem. unprecedented outbreak, a dangerous virus spreading in at least a dozen states. over 1,000 kids now receiving treatment for severe breathing problems. doctors say they have never seen anything quite like it. state of emergency, history-making rain hits the american southwest. high-water rescues as some roads turn into rivers. and great expectations. tonight, we will hear from prince william about the announcement that george is about to get a sibling. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world


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