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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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behind-th behind-the-scenes home of your san francisco 49ers. it's going to be a lot of fun. plus how should you dress? and it's the hottest ticket in town. we are going to take you live inside the new restaurant inside levi stadium. that's all in just a few minutes. first we want to send it back to you to the studio for the top stories of the morning. >> in the meantime, we have breaking news. an american fighter pilot is missing in the pacific ocean after two fh-18 hornets crashed this morning. one pilot was found and is being treated. several ships and helicopters are out looking for the second
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pilot. the fighter pilots were patrolling the western pacific ocean as soon as they won't down. >> san jose police on the scene of an apartment homicide. the victim was found at the intersection of ocean road and commercial street. we find stephanie chuang live at the scene. you said there's a pretty active police investigation there? >> there is, at many as 17 patrol cars. it's pretty dark so a little hard to see. you see this is north 15. a lot of officers walking around. they came here, found a woman lying on a sidewalk unresponsive. she later died here at the scene and determined that she had
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suffered from blunt force tram a. so very few details we understand that there are some mote pops that so the crime scene team will continue to investigate here live in san jose. >> stephanie, thank you very much. a judge rules that oscar pistorius is guilty of nenl killing of his girl friend. that comes after he's cleared of premeditated murder. >> we heard a bit of what the
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judge had to say yesterday but today is she announced what it is that she is guilty of. and oscar pistorius could spend up 15 years in jail. oscar stood silently before the judge as the verdict was read. reeva steenkamp's father sat forward as the judge read the decision. >> 105 of 1997, the accused is found not guilty and is discharged. in stead he is. >> pistorius wept as he found out he was not guilty as murder. the judge ruled that the lawyers
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failed to prove that he planned to kill his girl friend. pistorius could spend up to 15 years in prison. however, it is up to the judge's discretion and the judge can suspend the sentence all together. so the wait for oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp's family over. >> state officials make another push to reopen the beach to the public. state lawmakers just passed a
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bill that would start negotiations to reopen the beach but it still needs the governor's signature. state senator jerry hil, who authored the bill will save has until the end of the day to collect thousands of signatures if you want that initiative on the ballot. draper still needs 4,000 signatures. a spokesperson told the paper they're confident that he'll be reaching that goal. we'll have to see. and now the first regular season 49ers game at levi stadium is still days away. we can give you a look at things
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before they open up. laura, what can fans expect to see there this weekend? >> i am a lucky lady to be inside levi stadium. it took so much to put this huge place up. took just sofr two years to complete. pi all accounts construction moved at a very rapid pace. ground first broke at levi stadium on april 19, 2012. a few months later crews installed the first steel beams. it started to take shape on october of 2013 when the first seats went in. and it's ready, set grill. the tradition of the tailgate party is still the same but one chef is trying to change that.
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bourbon steak and pub will the chef said he used the three pieces of equipment he always used and then he magnified them, rotisserie that can hold 1,100 pounds of meat. he added it not just the meat that will get roasted. we let a few teams with. >> there will even be a liquid nitrogen program. and folks will get goodies to take from the game.
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we're such foodies here in the bay area. and a special trip that's meeting in on this. christina lore i don't know up bright and early this morning. it a gorgeous early this morning. >> it is. it's funny, though. they're watering the field out there and for us, we're feeling the humidity. >> especially my hair! >> i know. pardon our hair this morning. now, we're really invested in letting you, the fans, know just what weather will do at the new levi stadium. we're going to talk about wind, rain and heat. as you know, there's no roof out there. i'm going to start with what will happen today. it will impact your lifestyle. as we get into your afternoon,
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triple digits, this is the peak of this warming trend. we're not talking about much fog in san francisco after about 9:00 a.m. it going to burn off so quickly. it's another spare the air day, one of the hottest days of the entire sum rn and now we're just about 11 days away from the kickoff of fall. we do have a chance for rain. we're going to talk about that coming up. 102 degrees from the tri-valley. and as we get into your weekend, the ate is going to brac temperature -- is bring to bring the temperature down 5 to 10 degrees. we're going to start by letting you know what the wind does here at levi stadium, how that impacts the football and fans.
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>> sounds fantastic. we're going to throw it back to sam in the studio. >> wind and humidity. you're dealing with a lot of conditions to keep that hair straight. let's go to anthony. >> you can see at the bay bridge the visibility really starting to decrease there. this will be an area that we watch as we head through the morning because we are going to be expecting some fog developing here. you can see second lanes moving without a problem. and really on have any accidents to report at this hour. this is one area that typically slows. you can see coming through livermore and 580. once you get over to 880 in
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hayward, things looking pretty good. it's friday. we'll keep you posted if any accidents do pop up. >> peninsula police are keeping a strong eye out for distracted driver this morning. safety expert estimate distracted drivers cause nearly 1.4 million crashes a year. that includes texting, eating or putting on make one. >> train troubles. a wheel problem affects. >> back here at levi stadium, we
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it's a sound that brings back a flood of memories. if you went to candlestick, you know the sound of that horn. but don't worry, it made the trek to levi stadium. a guest will sound the horn but
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no word on how they will pick. >> maybe we should blair our own trumpets for being out here this morning. it's such a great morning. one thing people will notice here, the eats, the food. there's items like pulled pork sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, a little mac and cheese. a look at some of your more original fare you'll find at the stadium. bob? >> yeah, good morning to you, laura. would you ever expect to see this at a football stadium? you have steamed buns here, courtesy of executive sous chef. did you ever expect to be working in a venue like this?
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>> i didn't. when i heard the call for the types of foods, i said i have to be part of this, part of the stadium. >> this is our navy bean and kale curry with basmati rice. >> and we have our taste tester lisa meek. how is it? >> she gives it a thumbs up. >> when i think of nfl football fans, i still am stuck on hot dogs and beer. the reapgs so far from the few vents you've had here? >> we have the rotisserie chicken going. >> and this right here. >> this is some of our
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rotisserie chicken sandwich and then our rotisserie mac and cheese. >> reporter: you look look you've been eating some of it. >> a skinny chef, watch out for them. crunch time is saturday. we like to breeze through sunday, not have anything last minute. so sunday is okay but saturday, that's the rush time. >> reporter: and then you start right up again monday for the nest monday. mainly i'm focused on on what's going on in these kitchens but i have a chance to catch the game now and then. >> united club, they have more
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of your quote, unquote, typical fare. pizza slices, do you know how many they plan to be serving? 13,000. >> and don't say you're not going to sample a little something in there, too, my friend. >> 49ers kicker phil dawsons says he's only been able to kick on the field four or five times because of all the turf trouble they've had. dawson says the wind blows through the open northwest corner of levi stadium and says he starts guessing right around game time. >> it's just going to take some time to figure that out.
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>> reporter: when asked if the sun was a problem, dawson said he played in cleveland for a while where the sun hardly came out at all. right now it's a very pleasant home. chr christina, you took note of not on the wind but the sun that comes through here. >> yeah. we're out here live at levi stadium. we're talking about how the weather impacts the field. we had a chance to come out here and really do some research to find out exactly what happens when that wind picks up between 1:00 and 2:00. in other words, when we do get the wind, it's going to provide relief for fans sitting in the
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hot sun because it's a cool ocean breeze. the stadium is next to the practice facility. they understand how the weather here works in santa claira. that are really happy to be done with. we're going at that touk about a whol other type of roasted buns today because, my friends, it is going to be hot. by the way, oakland, we're not forgetting about the raiders. we know your home opener is sunday as well. the hot spot. 1 0 degrees in the tri-valley area today. this could very well be our last summer sizzle. we kick off fall on the 27th of this month and we're tracking a chance for rain.
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let's dive into that forecast and show you what we're expecting as we head throughout the rest of the weekend. temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler, dropping those numbers on the mid 80s. temperatures will be down to the mid 90s by sunday and it will be a little bit hot for the east shore residents today. falling back to the 70s. now let's show you san francisco and san jose because there will be pretty good temperature separation. if you want heat relief, you head to the beach. what you'll notice is at the end of this five-day forecast, those -- let me show you what could bring us our first rain of the season. we're keeping our fingers and
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our toes crossed. as you know, we need the rain. let find out what anthony slaughter is watching back at the studio. it friday lights. >> it is. in fact i've been scouring and i haven't found anything. so we'll take you on a tour right now. you can see on the south bay coming in from 101. traffic moving without a problem there. across the board things are looking good this morning. you can see all the green on the map. given, that denotes traffic flow smoothly. the thing about us here on the at mont pass, weir sarting to but deneets a 55 mile-an-hour speed. we'll be here keep an eye on the traffic. back to you now.
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>> bart commuters won't be seeing relief from crowded trains any time soon. crews are still fixing cars with defective wheels. bart discovered 20 cars that had defective wheels. those trains were taken out of service, making the rest of the cars more crowded. >> a live look again at levi stadium, waving to technical staff there. we'll be back after the break.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> we bring you back to a live look at levi stadium, helping you get geared up for sunday's opening. the whole team is out there. we'll check in with christina and laura momentarily. tonight it's a battle more the nl west. you can see the game on our airwaves. coverage begins at 7:00. tomorrow catch the notre dame game. after the game, tune in to watch our 49ers special followed by nbc bay area news. sunday we hear there's some sort of football game going on. levi stadium making its debut. our coverage begins at 4:00. following our game, check out the second installment of the
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faithful. be a packed weekend for you. overnight the apple iphone 6 went on sale. mania perhaps. scott mcgrew, this was not without a few hiccups. >> that's right. initially the web was down. if if you online now, you should be able to preorder the iphone 6. a phone without contract will run you a bit more than $6 hoon. order it now and ups delivers is at 10:00 a.m. september 19th. which means if you want an iphone the very first day, you do not need to stand in line. just go online now and buy yourself one. easy enough. >> sounds like a good plan. i think i'm going to put that into practice. laura garcia-cannon at levi stadium checking out things for
5:28 am
herself. i see you've been tweeting this morning, which leads me to believe that the wifi is up and running. >> you know me, my friend. i'm always tweeting or texting or facebooking out there. it's working just fine. let me tell you that. we have a lot more to come from levi stadium this morning, including why one of the key figures to making the 49ers such a successful franchise will not present for levi stadium's home opener.
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a little immigrant says the
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49ers helped her when she first arrived in the u.s. plus meteorologist christina loren will help us get ready for game day, whether you're at home barbecuing or inside the stadium to watch the game, you're going to want to hear her forecast. first back to you in the studio for a look at the day's top stories. >> san jose police are on the scene of an apparent homicide. police say the victim was found at the victim of oakland road and commercial street, near the casino matrix in san jose. stephanie chuang joins us with the latest. do they have any suspects at this point ? >> sam, no suspects but they do have two persons of interest in custody. again, two people in custody as persons of interest. no suspects. we just also saw about five minutes agriculture a mobile
5:32 am
command unit on scene. around 2:20 this morning is when san jose police got the 911 call about a body lying on the sidewalk at north 15th street at commercial. when they got here, they found a woman who appears to be in her 40s, possibly hispanic, lying face down, clothes on. because of the darkness and because of her position cannot tell if there are stab wounds or gunshot wounds, only that there was blunt force trauma, there was blood visible. she was pronounced dead at the scene. they say they have witnesses who have been cooperative. >> we do have people taken done to the station. some of suspects, some are witnesses. >> the lieutenant saying they are not looking for a specific
5:33 am
outstanding person in this homicide. as for the scene, the homicide investigators could be here until 9:10 in the morning. then the coroner's office has to also come and remove the body and of course after that stuff happens, we'll find out more about what exactly happened to this woman. but a very active scene and you're expected -- if you're coming to this area, expect it will be shut down for many hours to come. >> stephanie, thank you. we'll find out more about the traffic implications of that later with anthony. thank you very much. millions of dollars are being made available for victims of the south napa earthquake for napa and solano counties. homeowners without earthquake insurance can receive at much as $30,000 in cash and can also apply for low interest rate loans from the federal government. business owners can apply for loans of up to $2 million. >> we are hearing new accounts of the frightening moments just
5:34 am
after that quake struck from newly released 911 audio. it details the confusion and panic when that quake struck at 6:30 in the morning. >> are there flames? >> i don't know. i just need someone to come here. >> what's going on there? >> i don't know. i don't know. there was an explosion in my house. >> do you see anything on fire? >> no, i don't but -- >> we had an earthquake. is nen injured there? >> no. >> no one is injured. i'll be right back with you. >> okay, okay. >> the panic so real. one death is now tied to that earthquake. more than 200 people were injured and more than 200 homes have been red tagged since.
5:35 am
>> the countdown to the levi stadium home opener is on. it is the dawn of a new era. almost 70,000 fans will be pouring through the gates, ready to cheer on the niners. there are two other fans that we know are there already getting ready to do that. laura, so many folks getting ready. is it celebratory right now? how do you feel this morning? >> definitely. are you kidding me? we're already in levi stadium. break out the pom-poms, sam. almost according to the mercury news, former owner eddie debartolo will be on a european vacation. they say they had their
5:36 am
celebratory trip planned long befo before. >> and check out the team's locker room. we're talking high ceilings, tall, wood lockers, pretty lush carpet and a state of the art training room. the room is open so coach can look his team in the eye. that's different than the visitors' looker room where the lockers are put in the middle of the room, locker rooms smaller with an office space feel. all designed to make opposing players feel a little uncomfortable. >> i would say mundane finishes, kind of beiges. we want these guys to be calm and underwhelmed, although this is a great locker room and a lot of teams that come in would take
5:37 am
this for their home locker room. >> the stadium project executive said they couldn't make the locker room too unstadium because levi stadium is home to the 2016 super bowl. >> the 49ers locker room is off limits so we can't go in there and get a little sneak peek. because we do investigate. >> yes and that's one of the things i wanted to investigate very thoroughly. we are looking at how the weather impacts the stadium. they decided to go without the roof. >> that's okay because the fans will raise it. >> now that that grass is rooted in, we do have interesting information on how we're going to see rain impact this field. that's what we're going to talk about. let's get to your weather story of the day. that is this heat, oppressive heat. happy to report this is the last
5:38 am
day of it, laura. that's the good news. we'll start to see the heat break steadily over the course of the weekend. because our days are getting shorter, we're still getting some relief overnight. temperatures really comfortable this morning, mostly in the 50s. this is where we're headed. poor air quality today in the south bay. hot and hazy in the peninsula, well above average to the tune of 10 to 15 degrees. 81 in san francisco and the hot spot will be the tri-valley scorching. let's talk about your upcoming weekend. temperatures are going to fall back into the 80s. we're talk persian gulf the 80s for the peninsula as well. in the north bay falling from the uperp 90s to the mid 90s. we actually have a chance for rain in the forecast as we head into next week. that's what i'm going to folk news on in my next report but we
5:39 am
do have to get through some hot weather here. you can see towards the beginning of the game and tailgating, that's when those temps will be the warmest. that's when you really want to seek shade, especially on the visitors' side where you get more sunshine and you want to drink litz of water. that's the key ingredient for let's check on that with anthony slaughter. >> good morning, christina. you can see dublin right now, things are moving. up to about 40 miles an hour now coming through this stretch in livermore. in oakland, the bay bridge toll plaza approach. things already starting to stack up. the metering lights have already turned on. the golden gate bridge, we're
5:40 am
expecting fog this morning. if you're traveling in from the north bay, keep that in mind right now. doesn't look too bad. we could see visibility really start to be affected here. other wise looking pretty good this morning. back to you. >> it a football weekend. we'll be back and forth at lee vi -- levi stadium. >> it's hard to get away from it's never been easier to find a dentist. watch. dentist. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist. we can do the same for you. so don't put it off. call 1-800-dentist.
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this is the team's new auditorium.
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they have seats for the media as well. >> laura, you look plush out there. this could be a regular thing for you are. >> oh, yeah. you saw my pose yesterday, right? this year the league is dealing with much more serious issues. just this week ray rice dropped from the ravens ands s iuspend from the league indefinitely, this after video of rice apparently punching his wife in the face. and what do you think this means for the league, especially for the 49ers in the light of ray mcdonald's arrest? >> it's something that quite clearly now has to be seriously addressed. and even prior to the turn of events of the last few days when that second video was seen, i think the league had realized
5:44 am
that. when roger goodell came out initially and said i didn't get this one right, trying to amend really the penalties applied to perpetrators of domestic violence, i think they were moving in that direction. that second video and the visceral reaction to it thankfully shines a light on a huge problem, not just in this league but in this country. we can only hope that if nothing else, a dialogue ensues where we see a transformative change. it's important that it realizes it and it's at the forefront of it. >> exactly. the conversation blew the door wide open on that. >> you're at levi stadium today to talk a little bit about a new program, "together we make football." >> it's the story of a local
5:45 am
artist here. she and her family fled saigon and used the game of football along with the rest of her five brothers and two sisters, i believe, to assimilate, to find a way to make sense of their strange new home and to find a way to really be american. and it would later become a real passion for her as she became a local artist. she actually has three different pieces hanging at various places in the new stadium here, gorgeous pieces. and she painted a special one of the catch. we have a special guest for her that definitely made her happy. >> oh, that is exciting. what's more american than football. we we love our baseball and apple pie, the works. >> can i just say, i am
5:46 am
something of a hostage here. as an l.a. rams fan, do you know how hard it is for me to be sit hearing loving on the stadium. >> we're going to get a niners jersey on you before the day is done. >> good luck with that. >> the team not forgetting its roots. it put together an entire museum dedicated to the glory days. what can visitors expect to see there? >> reporter: if you ever wondered how you measured up to, say, joe montana, former head coach bill walsh, you can come here inside the museum.
5:47 am
this is partly the brain child, this man right here, jesse lovejoy. how are you? >> good morning. how are you? >> you caught different moments and took a photo. what happened? >> we tried to capture our hall of famers in an iconic moment in their careers. joe and bill standing next to each other, which is something that 49er fans saw thousands of times during their career. >> and what moment is this? >> just caught the ball after breaking jim brown's touchdown record on "monday night football." he had just been reinserted into the game, caught this one and broke the record and history was made that night. >> i think history will be surprised with the detail, the texture, the face, even the muscle. i notice veins on bill russell's
5:48 am
hand. >> the idea we wanted to do was to give people a real sense for who these guys were. i think when you make something like this, you bring fans closer to the idea of their idols. >> you're allowed to touch them. you've soon people do some other things or things that you can't talk about or things that surprise you. >> i wouldn't necessarily repeat the behavior because i wouldn't want to encourage it but suffice it to say that people get excited. it's fun to come in and give grary a little hug. >> and mentions -- we p our 26th inductee will go in in november. we're excited about that. >> thank you very much. you guys can come out here to the museum, 11 galleries. we had a little more time, we'd take you down the hallway where they've actually got bill
5:49 am
walsh's office recreated here, some of the items hehad, the desk and what not. >> check out christina loren. she joins me early this morning. really nice morning. >> nice morning. we're getting the best of it right now. everyone that has to come out and prepare today, it's going to be really, really hot. they actually have a portion of the gallery where you can go in and actually call a game as if you were the announcer. >> find your true talent. >> and we will be watching of course, sunday, sunday you can see the bay area in the background. and they decided to go without a roof here at levi stadium. so let's talk about what happens when it rains. because we're optimists.
5:50 am
we do think it will be an unusually rainy season. as we head throughout the season here, this is what they're planning on. the rain, if they do get any significant rainfall, up about an inch for an hour, i can tell you right now that steel drainage is definitely prepared for it, much more advanced than what we had at candlestick. at a lot of nfl stadiums, you can't bring an umbrella in. probably a all right idea to bring a panoncho with you, certainly that can't be used as a weapon. we're always reminding the fans let's keep this place sacred. 59 degrees in the south bay today. santa clara, you're going to be hot later on, temperatures in the upper 80s to low 9 poz p ds. meanwhile, 81% for san francisco, 99 on the north bay
5:51 am
and 102 degrees out in the tri-valley. slightly cooler conditions, falling on the peninsula. in the north bay, wine country, they're taking the grapes right now and temperatures will be in the 90s pap lot of people headed up there. drink lots of water, bring that sunscreen. overall it should be nice as the temperatures fall toward 80s, that's what happens when we get so much sunshine coming in so early. we'll be back to the 70s in the city for sunday and monday. check what happens on wednesday i like to let you know, any single opportunity for
5:52 am
rain, we're going to tell but it. this is the next one, wednesday, 10:30 p.m. we're not just measuring that green precipitation. you see that green and orange located over tahoe? that could provide a quarter to a half an inch of rain if everything works out as planned. >> let take a look at your drive. he were's anthony. >> october 3rd through the 6th, birthday i'll have to remember to take off. all right, let's talk about some traffic. san hope say, this is 101. cars are starting to slow here because there's still construction going on. it's once you get past the 680 interchange. you can see the red there. that's all the slowing that we're seeing. but once you get past
5:53 am
construction, things start to. speed back, back you. >> on your friday morning we'll take you back to levi stadium coming up and we'll check in with scott mcgrew that they pushed back. ...we need to break up. is it the biting?
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scott, you say a big victory
5:56 am
for yahoo!. >> when it comes to the court and national security letters, not only do you really have no choice but to submit, you can't even legally tell anybody you've been ordered to do so. so new documents released by the court don't tell us a lot but that we even get to see those documents about how the government works, that's a big victory. what we learned is not a lot but we do know yahoo! fought those orders and the government threatened to fine yahoo! a quarter million a day if it resisted. we also get the sense from reading these papers that the nsa would demand data and yahoo! would be forced to turn it over, not that the nsa would tap right
5:57 am
into yahoo! as was said by edward snowden, not that it can't do that. >> what's certain is that people will trust the government less as we learn more about this. >> laura, there are pregame activities that will whet our appetite. >> we are getting a look at what's in store. the pregame show will likely expect a special film and a live performance and will give up golden tickets for 501s, their
5:58 am
501 jeans that is. stick around. ♪
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♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it is friday, september the 12th. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sam brock. lots to get to this morning. first, let's talk about the dawn of a new era. the 49ers home opener is sunday. we are now less than 60 hours away from kickoff for those keeping track at home. laura garcia-cannon drew the wonderful task of being out at levi stadium this morning. it felt like it's taken a long time to get to this point but we're here now. >> we are here, it is now, it is going to be a huge weekend. it's so exciting to be out here as well. it was a major construction project that took more than


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